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File: 1362342918242_chloes_old_blog.jpg (85.94 KB, 632x450)

 Chloe Moretz's old blog !a3dKSVA5Rc 16497

Here's the full collection of Chloë's old blog entries which she made on http://www.chloemoretz.com between 2005 and 2009

 Hi! I’m Chloe and this is my first entry Anonymous (b3ef) 16498

>Posted by Chloë on 20 Dec 2005

Hi I am 8 year old Chloe Grace Moretz. I am an acterss. I am probably best known for starring in the Amityville Horror. I have done a lot of indepentdent movies which are fun. One that is coming out soon is The third nail. I will be doing press for that soon. I worked with an actor named Huntly Ritter. He was real fun. He gave me a yo yo when we started filming. We filmed it just before I left for Louisiana to film a starring role with Martin Lawrence in Big Momma’s House 2. He is sooooooo sweet. We had fun. I learned a lot about comedy from him. Kat Dennings played my sister and I love her.

I just got back from Bulgaria where I filmed Zombies. Joe Cardone directed it and he is amazing. We are all hoping it goes into theaters. We think it will probably come out in late 2006. I worked with Lori Heuring, she is like a second mom to me just like Melissa George is. We have sleep overs. it is cool. i had to stop going to regular school because i work a lot . I love home schooling though. I still have school friends since I have been in and out of real school. I want a hello kitty guitar for Christmas. I want to start taking guitar lessons after I get one , that is if Santa brings one! I hope he does. I also want an x box 360 but I don’t think he will bring it. I heard he had troble making them. If yall have any questions for me just ask. I want to get to know my fans. I was sick and had to stay home all day today.

My older brother has the flu and he gave it to me. Thanks Ethan! Well i gotta go and play with my big dogs who just came in for the night. I have a HUGE irish o’doodle named fuller;. I named him after Brad Fuller , the producer on Amityville. He is a great friend. My other dog Bailey is a white standard poodle. I have 2 itty bitty dogs, a tea cup poodle named isabella and a hairless dog named Missy (I got her when I booked Amityville because my character name was Missy, when I got to set I found out they had changed my character name to Chelsea. I couldn’t change Missy’s name because she already knew her name! Oh well, gotta go! thanks Holli for this diary. I love it. I may even talk my mom into letting it be part of my english homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  Hi Yall! It’s me, Chloe again……… Anonymous (b3ef) 16499

>Posted by Chloë on 07 Jan 2006

Guess what? I got my hello kitty guitar! wohoo!!!!!!

I am so excited to start guitar lessons with my new hello kity . It is soooo coool. Guess what ? i got electric drums too. Oh yea, all I need to do now is how to play them. my mom is letting me take lessons with my home school as my music stuff. Guess what? I have my very first basketball game of the year in the morning. My team is all girls. i hope that I will be point guard. We are not really really really good but we are pretty good. i play alot with my bros. I can shoot better on high goals but in my leage they use like 7 foot or 8 foot goals. I hate that. We are all 8 years old though! Go Shockers! that is our team name! Thanks every body for your great comments. I have so much fun reading them. I like them all and now i will start trying to answer them. I had a huge pile of letters to send out headshots with my sig on them. It took like 3 hours. my hands were hurting so bad because i used my cursive.

My mom is crazy about me learning my cursive. I guess it is ok since i am getting better everyday. Thanks Holli for showing my mom how for me to get bakc on. we had a problem getting bck on so that is why you have not heard from me. well I am going to bed now because i need my rest before my big game tomorrrow. I will let you know how it turns out. Oh, I am wearing my cool watch that you made me Elissa . THanks. It is cool. yall all go see Big momas house 2 it opens on January 27th. I have my premieere on the 25th. My dress fitting was amazing. my mom said I look like a cake topper! she’s crazy. I love it though. I picked out the fabric and we all designed it with the sweet lady at “pretty”. Till later yall…Yall rock!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace

p.s. i don’t know how to put teh 2 dots over my e in Chloe but if I could i would. Bye.!!!

  Bummer! We lost our first game…. Anonymous (b3ef) 16500

>Posted by Chloë on 07 Jan 2006

I scored only 2 baskets but we lost 10 to 6. I was the number one “stealer” though. my c oach said i was the top player for ‘turn arounds’. anyway, it was a lot of fun, but i did not like losing. But my mom and coach said , “there always has to be a winner and a loser” I just wish we were not the loser today. I love to steal the ball though. I am good at that because I am fast. I was the fastest girl in the second grade (including the boys) last year. anyway, enough of all that. We will get them next week. The other girls were nice but i took a nasty foul from a girl, she hit my jaw. I am tough my coach said becase I would not cry, I just kept playing. I did take the ball from her though after that.

Thanks for all of your comments. And I will for sure sign autographs and ssend pics to whoever askes me. Send the letter and an envelope with stamp to my agent : abby Bluestone , Innovative Artists, 1505 Tenth St., Santa monica, California. I am not sure of the zip and mom does not know so I will post that later. yall let me know when you get the letter s and pics back. Ok? Oh yea, Elissa, I will be happy to send one to your friend kelly. Just write me. Did you get mine back yet?

I am so excited that so many of yall are writing me from all over thew wworld. THank you. That is soooooo coooool!!!!!

Gotta go for now, my brother has a basketball game now and I have to go watch him cause he watched me!! My mom is going to send Holli some new pics from my time in Bulgaria and some coool pics of me dancing with Ryan Reynolds at the Amityville after party. So look for them soon on the website.

Later yall……….Remember, Rock On and Yall ROCK too!

Chloe Grace xoxoxo

 Hi Yall! Anonymous (b3ef) 16501

>Posted by Chloë on 15 Jan 2006

Sorry that I have not posted lately. It has been a little bit busy . I went to the premiere for Nanny mcphee yesterday . It was sooooo much fun! It was at Universal citywalk. I don’t go over there a lot because I never hava a lot of time, but this was a fun time. It rained really hard though and that was not good. I liked the movie. It was a little slow for me. I like the sets . they were cool. I would say if I was a little younger I would have liked it better though. All the little kids seemed to like it better. It was good though. My mom liked it more than me and my older brother was sooo bored. teh actors did a very good job though. I am going to play with some friends today.

Oh, I almost forgot, I finally got to pick up my dress for my Big Momma’s House 2 premiere. The sweet lady at a dress maker shop named “Pretty” did an amazing job again. It was soooo much fun trying it on for the final fitting. I felt like a princess. My mom said I look like her little cake topper! Silly, I know huh? Well i am gooing to get some dinner with my family. I will try to write more tomorrow. I have to visit my dentist . I love him. He is so cool. He did all of my flipper teeth when i lost teeth on my movies. I love to get my teeth cleaned. Later Yall. Remember to Rock On Yall! Bye………

Chloe Grace xoxo

  Hi Guys, I’m Back! Anonymous (b3ef) 16502

>Posted by Chloë on 21 Jan 2006

Hi Yall! I have had a very busy week. I have been in LA 4 days this week. it is crazy. I got good news yesterday. I went in to disney for voice over for about 4 lines on a pilot i voiced a bit ago. The producers and director and people in charge were all there. They surprise me and my brother and mommy. They told me my pilot had been picked up and re named to My friends Tigger and Pooh. i was sooooo excited. I have only done that an I did a small part on empors new school. My charcter is Furi on that. They gave me anew name on my tigger series. My name is Darby. i have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am really ,r eally excited. Woo hoo!!!!

Also, I had a REALLY AMAZING audition this week. I hope it works out like they said. I also had some bad news. A couple of projects that i was in finals for went in a different dirrcetion. oh well, that’s show biz! I don’t really get sad when I don’t get a role. I do get disappointed though, but i don’t have time to be sad. I am happt for the girls who does get it. I did get to see so many of my friends at one audition though. It was a blast. I saw Sammi again. I love her. She is the sweetest. I wil l try to answer some of your questions. I think that jack was wondering if it is really me on here. Well Jack, yes it is me.

Holli was sooooo sweet to make this journal diary for me and I love it. I am very busy , but my fans are who make it possible for me to do this fun business. If yall did not suppoet me I would not be able to perform for yall. So, thanks for your support. So, I gusess I am saying, yes jack I am REALLY Chloe Grace! also, my favorite actresses are Melissa George, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, and Lori Heuring. I also love nataly Portman. Annnasophia robb is way cool too. I wont to work with her one day. I would also like to work with Dakota Fanning oneday. She rocks too. People compare our work when I am on set and i always say thank you sooooooo much. Becasue i think they are giving me a big huge compliment. also, Elissa, my favorite colors are pink, lime green and blue.

I have not started my guitar lessons yet cause I have been crazy busy with school and auditions and meetings with casting executives. I am always busy but it is soooo fun. I feel soooo blessed. I do not iknow how i would do it if my mom and my brother Trevor did not help me soooo much. My poor mom drives me everywhere. My big brother helps coach me. he is the one who taught me how to cry when i have to. Well, gotta go cause I have a basketball game early in the morning. Yall rock on. I will try to write tomorrow or Sunday. Yall are cool. Sorry if I did not answer your questions. I will try harder next time.


Chloe Grace

 Hi Everybody! More basketball news Anonymous (b3ef) 16503

>Posted by Chloë on 22 Jan 2006

Well, again, we lost our basketball game. Bummer! I scored 2 baskets. We lost by a lot though. I play the position of point guard. It is really fun. we just need a break. it will happen. I do have good news though, my brother Ethan won his game, they killed the other team. Yea Ethan. I will try to answer some of your questions. I have not met Dakota Fanning but I am sure i will in the future. Also, my advice for yall who want to do this business is to keep trying. it is very hard. I get told now more than i ge told yes, but when i get the Yes it is AMAZING! I have been very blessed to work so much and I hope to keep it up. If you are not in Hollywood it can still be done, but it will ve harder. My mom and Dad let my brothers and me go first the new york city and then a year later we came here to LA so we could follow our dreams. You should stay in classes and get a local agent if you can’t come here. They will tape you for auditions and send them to the casting director in LA.

My favorite subjects in school are science and math. I do love to read though and I am having fun learning to write in cursive. I hated that at first but the more i do it the better I get! woohoo!

I have played all day with 2 of my brothers , we have played basketball and walked our big and little dogs. My Irish O’doodle is so big that he actually walks me. He is the cutest dog. He is only 7 months old but he is bigger than me almost. He is huge and is half blonde and half kind of light orange, my mom says he is apricot colored. My other big dog is a stndard poodle who is white and he is the greatest. He is older than me. My 2 little dogs are the best. I have a hairless dog named Missy and a tiny teacup poodle named Isabella. they are soooo fun. I love dogs. I also have a bengal cat named Zoe. She thinks she is a dog. we just got her back , she escaped from my house and was awy for a few days and we found her. She sounds like she talks. My mom thingks she says hello in the mornings. i thingk so but am not sure. oh well, ramndom.

Oh also , yall asked how old Trevor my brother is and he is 19. He looks like me. He is blonde and has really blue eyes. He is my tallest brother. he is 6 feet and 3 inches. He acts too. He is my acting coach. I think i alrady told yall that though. Well, my brothers are playing with my guitar, i hve to go and stop them. untlil later. Rock on yall. yall Rule!


Chloe Grace

 Hi Yall! Chloe’s in the House! Anonymous (b3ef) 16504

>Posted by Chloë on 28 Jan 2006

Hey koolaide! That’s an inside joke between me and my brother Ehan. We say that to each other all the time. We use real thick southern accents when we do. Guess what/ ? We won our basketball game today. Woohoo! It was really cool. I did point guard again and made a basket or 2. I had to sit out almost the whole game though because I missed a practice ths week because i had my Big Momma’s House premiere and that go me in trouble. It was a bummer but I had to do it. My coach lets girls miss practice for “Brownies” but not to be an actress. I wish she would just be happy for me. I think she dois not like it that i act.

Oh well i am not going to stop for basket ball practice because my favorite thing is to act. I love basket ball and ballet and hip hop and guitar and skateboarding. I don’t want to choose. If i had to i would choose acting though. oh well, i am sorry i am complaining. i am very blessed and i knw it. sso whatever! I will try to answer some of your questions. I am sorry if i don’t answere everybodys questions because i read them then ihave to go and sign on in a different area to post , so forgive me. My mom tried to write down the questions that she saw i hope we got them all. well, here goes,

Victoria, that is soooooo cool that i met you in New orleans. were you one of the teen agers on the REALLY good team? Yall were amazing. I had soooo much fun learning to do cheerleading. Flying was amazing. I had to learn that whole routine in 2 weeks. we practiced everyday in Metarie. Is it under water too? It makes me soooo sad,. I love you guys yall were great. I liked they way Pricilla cut the cheer scene. Did you?
Did yall all go see Big Momma’s house 2? It opened yesterday. I thought it was funny. My premeire was soooooo amazing. thanks for all of the sweet comments about my premiere dress. I had soooo much fun. I felt like a princess.

Did yall see the litttle bit of blue tulle sticking out of the bottom? I had them do that. They even made brown ballet shoes to match the dress. It was reall y cool. I did not get to dance at the after party like I did at the Amityville party cause they did not have a band or DJ. It was real low key, but fun, fun, fun. Did yall see all of th e big mommas on the read carpet. That was wild. I had like 10 pic with Martin and Nia with the big mommas. They are all posted on wireimage (my mom told me) but Holli finds the most amazing pictures. I do not know how she finds them. She has to be the best web girl. oh well., I am being random again. ellen, I did go in for Scary Movie 4 , in fact I was in the very final calls. I was very close to booking it but they wanted to hire local (Canada). So, congratulation to Conchita. It looks really funny.

Elissa, you asked if it is hard to be famous. the answer is Yes. I am not famous yet. I hope I will be though. Right now i am just blesssed to be working soooo much. Fame will come. I do get noticed at lot now. It is kinda weird. I will be at a restaurant eating and people will come up to me and ask it it is me. That is sorta weird but fun. I love to sign autographs. it is cool. so Elissa, just keep dreaming and it will happen if you really want it. I will warn ypu though, it is VERY hard. I work REALLY hard.

Lauren, You asked about how it was to work with Miss Pyle on My name is Earl. She was amazing. She taught me a lot about comedy. She is ssoooooo real. we are going to go for lunch one day. I see Melissa George all of the time. She was my mom in amityville. I hope I got all of your questions answered. If not, ask again and I wll try again. Oh Yea, you can contact me at my agents address. Innovative Artists, 1505 Tenth Street, Santa Monica, California. Send them care of Abby Bluestone. Write me and tell me what you tink about Big Mommas House 2 please. again, Yall Rock!


Chloe Grace

  I’m Back… sorry it has been so long! Anonymous (b3ef) 16505

>Posted by Chloë on 05 Feb 2006

Hi Yall!

I have had such a crazy week. My mom and I have been in LA every singele day this last week. but it ‘s all good. I have some cool things in the works. Please think about me and keep me in your prayers because i have a couple of neat projects “in the works”. wow! I had a sleep over last night. We had so much fun, we swam at midnight! We had to keep getting in the hot tub and back in the pool cause it was a little cold. the pool was heated but not a bunch.! I start voicing my Disney Cartoon “My friends Tigger and Pooh” this week. i have 22 weeks of work on this. They sent me 3 scripts this week. oh boy, do I have some work ahead of me.

Did anyone else see my Big Mommas house 2 movies this week? I think we will probly be number 2 at the box office behind the horror movie, but we a re still going strong. I need ALL of my fans to go out and support this movie. Yall please tell all of your friends. It is so funny and i just know they will like it. The critics hated it but all the audience people are loving it. Also, I went to my friend Jimmy Bennett’s premiere for Firewall this week. It was good so go see it when it comes out.

someone asked me who I really want to work with. Well, i have many. One is Reese Witherspoon, I love her! Also, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts. I also want to work with Denzel Washington and Johnny Depp. I love Josh Lucas. He is soooooooo cute and Matthew McConnahey ( i don’t know how to spell his name). Jim Carrey would be amazing to do comedy with. My most favorite thing would be to work in a really heavy drama. I really, really, really want to do a big part in a drama where I could carry the movie. I love to be challenged. I get bored real fast. Mom calls me ADD! Ha ha! I just love to work and be challenged.

I am learning division in math and i love it. It is so cool. I think I may end up really liking math. It is pretty easy. Well, I will go now. Oh yea, my brother Colin turned 17 this week and i will be 9 on Friday February 10th. How cool is that? I am going for Sushi for my birthday and i may have a pool party the next week. I am working on my guitar , but with school and work and auditions I have not had as much time with my Hello Kitty guitar that I need. Maybe soon. I want my own rock band. I am trying to get my older Brother Trevor to start one with me. He does not play but his voice is AMAZING. He is teaching me to sing. I like it. It is cool. But I want to sing and play my guitar.. Maybe a movie for me doing this would be great! Well i love yall. Yall are THE GREATEST fans ever! Rock on Yall! Write me back!


Chloe Grace

 Me again, answereing more questions… Anonymous (b3ef) 16506

>Posted by Chloë on 05 Feb 2006

Hi yall , Again! H a Ha1

I do not have a my space. So many people have made fake ones for me. Just know that I DO NOT have a my space. that is so weird to pretend to be someone else. Yuck! And yes, I do know Isabell conner. She played Jodie in Amityville. She is very sweet. We have not seen each since the premiere though.

also, Victoria, I do remember Camille, she was great!
Also, I did have to train for 2 weeks to learn to do all that cheerleading. It was Awesome. All of the other girls are on a competition cheer team and they were sooooooo sweet to me to allow me to come in and join them. I took modern dance and ballet for 2 years. I have not taken in about a year though because I have worked so much.I pretty much have to learn whatever “craft” i need to do for the movie I am in.

If you saw me in my episode of “my name is Earl” the routine that Missi Pyle and I did when we were dancing on stage before and during our knife throwing routine was soooooooo crazy. Missi and I had about 1 hour to learn the entire routine. That is why it was sooooo funny! I hope I answered all your questions. If not ask me again. I promise to try. Bye, I have to go now and take my friend back to Beverly Hills cause my sleepover is over! Sad!
Later Yall. And Remember as always, Rock On!


Chloe Grace

 Sorry for the 2 posts today yall! Anonymous (b3ef) 16507

>Posted by Chloë on 05 Feb 2006

Hi, Jonah asked why I had 2 posts today and the answer is because i forgot to answer some of the questions that people asked .. I always like to try to answer when yall ask me things. I forgot so I went back and tried to anser them. Oh well, whatever!!!!!! Also, someone just asked if I was a cheerleader and an actress. The answer is no. I had to learn to cheer and dance like a competition cheerleader for the movie. It was soooooooo cool. Bye for now!


Chloe Grace

 Hi Yall! I’m 9 Now! woo hoo!!!!!!!! Anonymous (b3ef) 16508

>Posted by Chloë on 12 Feb 2006

thanks so much for all of the wonderful posts. They are sooooooo sweet. I will try to answer some of your questions. I hope i can rember them. Someone asked if I wear make up at home. the answer is No! I don’t ever wear make up. One time I had to werr it for a tv show. My name is earl made me up like a little beauty queen girl and they put tons of lipstick and blush and eye stuff on me. It was sick! My mom watne4d to go to lunch after we got wrapped on one of the days but i still had that makeup on and i would not go. I am more of a natural girl. I love lip balm though. My lips are kind of big and they het get really dry so I use neutrogena lip balm. It is the best. I also like burts bees.

I got a big bag of goodies from my favorite store Target for my birthday. it was so cool. I also got some money for my very own shop spree. I was sooooooo excited that i was jumping up and down. My family party was last night. It was sooo fun. All my brothers were here and my brothers’ best friend Kelly. Kelly played by hello kitty guitar with me. It was the most fun thing ever. Guess what? my mom got me a cake that was shaped like a giant tub of popcorn and it even has fake popcorn on top of it and around it was real film all rolled around. It had little gold stars around it made outof sugar. i couuld not believe it. We will eat cake for a week because it was so big. I will try to send a picture to Holli of it and me blowing out my candels.

Guess what? My silly brother Colin put majic candels on it and when i blew them out they lit right back up! I was laghing so hard! We had steak and my favorite baked sweet potatoes and some salad,. We did not get to have sushi because my mom will not make it and we were grilling out so no shushi. I will have sushi tomorrow. After I voice my Disney Princess cartoon we will have sushi. My mom promised. So, I will remind her. Ha ha! Oh also, I got a bit envelope from my agency late saturday and it has a lot of letters in it. I will open them today and will answer the mail then. I will let all of you know if I got yours! I am excited to open them. Mom alsways opens everything first, and she reads it then I get to. she is funny about making sure that I don’t read anything i should not, but everybody has been amazing. keep writing me. Yall rock!

bye for now!


Chloe Grace

  Hi Everybody… It’s Me Chloe Grace Again Anonymous (b3ef) 16509

>Posted by Chloë on 27 Feb 2006

Hi Yall!

Sorry I have been gone for sssooooooooo long on this journal. I lost my password and my mom lost it so we were stuck so Holli rescued us again! She’s teh BEST! Wow! I have been busy lately. As yall know I attended the YAA nom. ceremony a couple weeks ago and had fun. I don’t think I ‘ll win becvause I am up against G. Henly from Narnia. But, who cares. I am glad to be nominated. I went to aquamareine premiere yestserday. It was AWESOME! Oh my, I love LOVE that movie. Everyone in it was good. It is sooooo cool . I got to see my friend Josh flitter again. He rocks! We had fun. We got to dunk a guy in the dunk booth. I dunked him like 12 or 15 times. It was sooooo fun! I won a dolphin. Well, I won a toy dolphin. My daddy is going to hang it in my room! This is probably to moooosssssst fuuuuunnnnn premiere that I have been to except my own ones. Except, I had a great time at Zorro! If yall ever get a chance to go to one I would say to go. They are fun.

I am busy doing my Disney cartoon stuff. It is really annimation. Not cartoon. My friends tigger and pooh will be 3d animation they told me. I have a cool new name that is Darby. They changed my name to name me after a producers daughter. She is sooooo cute. She is little. I was excited about my new name. It used to be Addie. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I am having to voice several episodes every week. But , it is quiet right now here in hollywood for me. I am kind of in betwween ages of what they are casting right now. Yall pray for me. I really want another film soon. I heard sony is about to buy my film zombies. I am excited. I hope they do. It is going to be really, really ,really scary. Scarieer than Amityville I think. I am not scary though. The zommbies are soooooo scary. They are creepy cool ! I will keep yall posted. It is raining so hard in LA today. I don’t like rain. Well, I promise to come back sooner . My scheduel will be more open I hope. I have been doing so much extra school lately kto stay ahead becasue of this animation stuff. Yall write me and i will answer questions next time. I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember……Yall Rock!

Chloe Grace xxxxx

  Hi Yall! The sun is shining in LA! Anonymous (b3ef) 16510

>Posted by Chloë on 28 Feb 2006

Wow! It is sooooooo sunny today! We were flooding last night and today it is so beautiful. It is warm and the clouds have almost gone away! I’ve spent my after noon learning my “Tigger ” scripts after I finished shcoool. I will try to ansewer some questions. First, thank you Aaron for the awesome prayer. How sweet that was. I very much appreciate it. You rock! It can be hard for actors when they have to wait for work. I just love it sooooo much. I know I am sooo blessed to even be able to do this business. Maiija, I am in third grade. I am excelling to fourth grade soon. I am doing multiplication and division in math and I love it. My English and grammar is going very well. I love science too! I just finished reading “Lemony Snicket”. It was even better than the film.

Emer, you live in Ireland? You are very luck to have snow. I love snow but don’t see much in LA. Josh, I hope this journal keeps up too, mY mother lets me do this as part of my “english” stuff. I teaches me to write well. I like to writh cursive better though. Tyler,I am glad you like horrors now. Did you see Amityville Horror? It is a great scary movie. The DVD is THE BEST. I think they did a super job with all the extra stuff on it. Zombies will ROCK when it comes out. Joe Cardone was my director and he is amazing! Lori Heuring plays my mom and she is also amazing. We are very c lose friends now! Sc out is great in it too. All of the zombies are children. They were all from Bulgaria. My zombie frined in the movie is named Mary. We become very good friends. The Zombie kids died in a mining accident. It is supposed to be set in Pennsylvania. We filmed it ALL in Bulgaria. Those are the Greatest people in the whole wide world. My favorite person was my driver Emo and his great family,. i am friends with his beautiful daughter. I hope to go back there to film again! Look for this movie, I promise it will scare you good! The shots are beautiful. Let’s hope it hits theater in the next year!

Till later……..Yall Rock!


Chloe Grace

  Hi Yall! Just got back from Shaggy Dog Priemere Anonymous (b3ef) 16511

>Posted by Chloë on 08 Mar 2006

Hi Yall! I can’t write much because my mom is making me go to bed! I just got home from the Disney Shaggy Dog premiere. It waws such a blast. wow! Disney gives the BEST parties. It was so cool. They took pictures of me (and other people who wanted to) like I morfed into a dog. I will send these to Holli tomorrow when my moom can do it. It was soooooooooooo cool. I will write more tomorrow. Go see the movie , I loved it.

Yall Rock!

Chloe Grace xoxoxo

  Wow! me agian… Anonymous (b3ef) 16512

>Posted by Chloë on 22 Mar 2006

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted on here. I am going to try to do betterr and I promise! I went for practice for the YAA’s. I will be a presenter and we had to do a run through. It was fun. I got to see my friends theres. Aaron, thanks for the prayers. They help me and give me strength. You Rock!

My favorite movie is probably “Legally Blonde” I love Reese. She is so cool. It is silly but i like her comedy. I also love Monsters inc. Shrek.

Someone asked what I do at premieres. It really all depends on which premiere it is. For example a Disney premiere is usually way fun! they do neat things there. Fox usually does fun parties too. At Aquamarine they set up a whole carnival with a dunking booth and face paints and cool food. That was amazing. At shaggy dog they had amazing fun stuff too. Zorro was so cool because they had a bungee thing to jump on. It was one of my favorites. It is also cool to walk on the red carpet and do interviews. I love it. I hope I get better with my intetrviews as i do more. I just try to be myself more than anything else. I figure that people would like to know my real personality. Some people think i should be coached what to say but I just talk.

Sorry if I have not returned the fan mail lately. I am going to do another batch this weekend. The disney Tigger and Pooh sereis has occupied a lot of my time lately. I have been busy with that and then my school work. It is hard, but i promise I will respond. Do not give up on me! Also, Elissa, i will for sure be doing your interview sheet tomorrow and mail it out since you need it by April 1st. If i did not answer your question today, always ask me again. I sometimes forget. I usually have my mom write dow n the questions so I can answer but she was busy tonight and I did not ask her. so , sorry. I will do better next time. Thank you everyone for all your sweet thoughts and comments. Yall are the best fans a girl could ever dream of. Also, I am a little under the weather today. i have a sore throat. bummer!
Till later, Remember Yall Rock!

Chloe Grace


  Hi Yall! I feel better today! Anonymous (b3ef) 16513

>Posted by Chloë on 23 Mar 2006

I sure feel better today. I am able to do shcool again. My throat doesn’t hurt so bad now. So, Maija , you asked who I would most like to work with next. Probably I would say Nicole Kidman and Renee Zelwegger. I hope I spelled her name right. I would also like to work with Johnny Depp. He is amazing. I think bill Macy is cool too. My mom and I like his style. I like Sam Jackson too. I want to meet them someday.

Lauren, you asked if i saw Walk the Line. I did and I loved it. I think Reese was so good. She deserved to win. she looked pretty with that dark hair but I like to see her with blonde more. Well, probably. Well, I gotta go now. I will talk to yall later!

Remember …Yall Rock!
Chloe Grace

 Hey yall! I’m back from the YAA’s Anonymous (b3ef) 16514

>Posted by Chloë on 27 Mar 2006

Well, here it is…I did not win! bummer, but it was a Blast! I had so much fun. I had fun presenting, but not the most fun. I just had fun seeing some friends there. Yaz, I did meet Aria the other week. I saw her at the YAA ceremony. We sat together for a while. I met her little siste Daylia. They are so sweet. I am going to try to get together with her (aria) and have a play date. She did not win either. Bummer! I kind of knw the girl from Narnia would win, . I love that book. I also read Lemony Snicket series fo unfortunate evnets.

Guess what? My mom and i both got sick right after the YAA. We had a fever and sore throat again. After a day were both well now. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Yall are teh BEST fans. Yall Rock! Gotta go now. I will be back later.

Chloe Grace

 Wow! Long time no write! Sorry! Anonymous (b3ef) 16515

>Posted by Chloë on 25 Apr 2006

Hey yall! I am sooooooo sorry that i have not been here to post much lately. I had that terribeol cold and was up and down so much. I would feel better then I would get sick again. My tigger and Pooh series had to be put on hold for a couple of weeks because my voice jsut got so hoarse. I am very happy to report that I am very well now. I am also back out taking meetings and auditioning. That is my most favori8te thing to do. I love to take meetings. Auditions are fun too cauwse I get to show them my acting skills but meetings just let me be me. You know, the “real” Chloe Grace”! It is all fun. I had a kind of slow pilot season because we did not really do pilots. We did maybe one but that was not really my big interest then ( or reaally now) I do like to do those cool guest star roles though. They are so fun because I work for like 8 days and and all done~!

Movies are the best though cause I usually get to go away for several months at a time to film. My film family gets like my real family. It is the coolest thing. I wish everybody could have thqt chance. I know I am so blessed. I thank God everyday for these chances. I still have to work soo so so hard to get parts but when I do, I just scream like crazy. It makes me feel so happy. It is even beetter than birthdays. I cannot wait till it happens again. I have been to producers and directors on 2 very big projects in the last week and they were amazing. I so much want these roles. duh, I mean just about every actress my age does . I just hope I win at least one of them. If I don’t then I will just wait for the next one. I had some really good other meetings too that were so fun. Guess what? My mom and I had a really fun lunch yesterday with Melissa George. She played my mom in Amityville Horror. She is the sweetest lady I know. She is kind of like my other mommy. we have sleep overs at her house and have fun. We even eat donuts sometimes and drink a lot of milk! She is so cool. I want so bad to work with her again.

Oh my, I have been so swamped with homework and school work lately. First, i had spring break. I did not go anywhere but I did not do school so I got a little behind then I had a lot of meetings and auditions so my mom made me work extra, extra, extra hard on school work. i am glad she does though. I am getting to be a whiz with division. I am working on long division right now and it is so fun. I love to write and to read. I just read a little book called Stone Fox and it was so good and so sad. It is just a little bitty book but it is awesome. I want to make it into a movie and i want to act in it. The only problem is that I would have to change the main character from a boy to a girl. I guess i could dress up like a boy and play it. Hmm, that might be fun but really weird. Anyways, it was good and i recomend you to read it.

Well, I just finished my lunch and my mom is making me do more math. Gotta go! Remember, YALL ROCK! I will write more now that Holli changed my password and i can get onto my diary more easily. I should be all caught up and even ahead in school by Friday so start asking me questions and I will be able to start answering them again. Also, I will definitely get back to my fan mail nesxt week. and Elissa, I am soooooo sorry but I did not get to do your survey by april 1 cause I got so swamped in school. Is it too late? if not , i will def. do it for you! In fact, I will do it anyway and you can turn it in if your teacher will take it.

Chloe Grace

  I’m Back…again! Anonymous (b3ef) 16516

>Posted by Chloë on 14 Jun 2006

Guess what? I finished school this week! Woohoo!!!!! I am so happy. I have been swimming and playing tennis for the past few days. It is really sunny now and i am having so much fun. I am sorry I have not been able to come here lately but i will have more3 time now that I finally finished school. I am now officially a fourth grader. Yes! My brothers don’t finsh school till friday so I feel sorry for them. I have been busy with auditions. I think yall already heard that i booked a new film. It is called Jack and the Beanstalk. I play a cool warriar princess who is so awesome! It is going to be so much fun. I learned today that it will not start filming till September.

We were supposed to start in July but it got pushed back. It will be fun in September though. I can ‘t wait. I have been busy with my Disney project “My friends tigger and pooh”. We did a straight to video DVD a couple weeks ago that will go along with the tv show. Yall all need to write to me and I will start answereing questions again. I am so happy to finally have time. School got kind of hard. My math got really hard. I had fun doing it though. I learned about exponents and simplifying math expressions. We did coordinate planes and graphing on them. It was cool. I had to memorize all of the capitals of the states too. That was hard. Oh well, I gotta go now. Write me and I promise to write back!

Remember , Yall Rock!
love, Chloe Grace

  Hi Yall!…Greetings from Sunny Southern Cal! Anonymous (b3ef) 16517

>Posted by Chloë on 20 Jun 2006

Hey, Hey Hey Yall! School is out and i am still just chillin with my brothers, friends and dogs. It is so much fun! I have to tell yall, my family moved a couple months ago to a new house and I am not able to find the fan mail that I was going to send out. I am sooooo sorry. If i have something from you I would like it if you would re send it to me. My mom and I have searched everywhere and we cannot find it anywhere. We had it in a box and we don’t know where the box is! Forgive me. I promise I will send it out soon. Elissa, I am sorry but your survey was in there too. I would do it agian for you if you like. Just let me know.

some of you asked about my movie jack and the Beanstalk. They have not chosen the boy to play Jack yet. It will be soon. I read with several potential boys but I am not sure which one they will choose. I would have a hard time picking. It is a great role. The film will probably be my most fun one yet. I cannot wait. I wish it was already September!!!!! gotta go now. Remember…Yall Rock and are the best fans ever!

Chloe Grace

 Hi Yall! Anonymous (b3ef) 16518

>Posted by Chloë on 23 Jun 2006

I had a fun day today. I had a fun audition. It has been a slow summer so far since my Jack and the Beanstalk movie got pushed to september. I am so ready to work again. I did more voice work for my Tigger and Pooh series. It is looking great. They finally got som prelim animation back and i got to see it. It was soooo cool! It kind of freaked me out seeing this cartoon character girl with my voice coming out of it! Whoa. I liked it though. Disney says they are very excited about this new series. I will get to go to Disneyland and Disneyworld and be in a parade. I can’t wait. Hopefullly it will be soon! I went to Disneyland with my brother last week. we had a blast. It was too hot though. Well, I gotta go. I can’t wait to write back to yall. somebody needs to post a comment to me….hello???? Just kidding. Remember…Yall rock!

Chloe Grace

  So glad to hear from Yall again… Anonymous (b3ef) 16519

>Posted by Chloë on 26 Jun 2006

Wow! I am so overwhelmed (I hope I spelled that correctly) at the video that Josh made. Thank you so much. I want to keep a copy of it. You must have worked so hard on it. Thanks, thanks, thanks! Also, I would like to say thank you to all of yall who come to this site faithfully. Yall truely do Rock! I have the BEST fans in the whole world. Aaron, thanks so much for the prayers, keep them coming! And Elissa, ihope y0ou can redo the survey. I cannot remember what is on it or i would do it. All of you guys are great. My audition went really well on Friday. I had a fun weekend. I went to my friends house and we swam and then went to see “Garfield”. It was a cute movie but was kind of juvenile! I took my dogs with their dogs on a nature walk. We had a blast. Well, gotta go. remember…Yall Rock!

Chloe Grace

  Me Again…..WOW! I’ve been busy.. Anonymous (b3ef) 16520

>Posted by Chloë on 07 Jul 2006

sorry I have not posted in a week or so but I have been crazy busy. I have had so many auditions lately. I have gotten a bunch of call backs too! The Lord is blessing me so much. I saw another video. It was awesome like the one Josh made for me. Lauren, is that the one that you said you were making? It was sooooooo good! My mom found it. somebody emailed it to her???!!! I don’t know about other actresses, but i do know that my fans are THE BEST! Did everybody have a great fourth of July? I know many of you are not from America so you do not do our independence day stuff. We shoot fireworks and eat hotdogs and stuff. I had a blast! I went with friends to see the city fireworks and my family had a campfire later and roasted marshmelows.

They were so good, we made smores too. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers cause I have some cool callbacks next week. Aaron , as usual, thank you so much for the ongoing prayers! You rock! Heather, I will be happy to send back a autographed pic, just send me a letter with your address. Also, I think you asked if I am a “real life” cheerleader. The answer is no. I trained for 2 weeks to do that role in BMH2. It was so much fun. The squad in the movie is a real championship team. I had to learn the stunting and dancing. It was truly a blast, but it was kind of difficult. I love learning new things. Well, I will sign off now. Keep the questions coming and I will write back soon! Remember, YALL ROCK!

Chloe Grace

  Hi Yall! Chloe is in the house!! Haha! Anonymous (b3ef) 16521

>Posted by Chloë on 16 Jul 2006

Hope everybody is well! I have had such a busy month and now it is slowing down. Thanks for all of the well wishes . Yall are still the greatest fans a girl could ever want! Yall rock!!!!! Holli updated this site and i LOVE it so much, Holli, YOU ROCK! Oh yea, holli said I will be on the sci fi chanel tonight. If any of you watch it, let me know. I had fun working with Christine Taylor on that. She is sooooo sweet and soooooo beautiful. The movie is really weird and I have only seen my part cause my mom won’t let me see it. She said it is too dirty and a littlle gory. Gory does not bother me cause I have seen them do it and it is all so fake. Oh well, let me know if you see it.

Also, Holli is starting a question of the week. Please write her if you have questions and i will answer them every week. Also, you can continue to ask me things here too if you want to but with the other thing i will be sure not to miss your questions. Well, gotta go play with my friends. I will write later. Ooh, also Please pray for my kitty. She got out and i can’t find her. Her name is Rene Zelwegger and she ran away today. She is not really a kitty. She is a full grown cat. We adopted her and her babies from the animal shelter so she would not die. I am very sad but I know she will return to me. She has babies. She is really sweet and I love her. I will let you know if she returns. Thanks for caring!

Remember…..Yall Rock!
Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  Hi Everybody…My Cat Rene is still missing… Anonymous (b3ef) 16522

>Posted by Chloë on 17 Jul 2006

I am a little sad today because my cat Rene zellwegger is still missing. Her kittys are sad too. They are acting really depressed. I just went to buy them new flea collars. It so hot today in LA. I had to swim for a long time just to get cool. I practiced my cannon balls! It was so much fun! To all who asked if I have recieved your fan letters … the answere in no. I am sorry. Remember, I told yall when I moved a few months ago I accidently lost my fan mail. I am , again, very sorry. Please resend them and I will definitely send out responses. Just send it to my agent and they will send them out to me. I will answer the question of the week to day also. I think I am supposed to do that in the qotw area, so look there! I should have said “look there please!” Sorry!!!!!!! Well, I gotta go. I will answer the question then my mom and i are going back out to look for my cat. Keep us in your prayers please! Also, thank you to so many of you who complimented me on Big Mommas house 2. Yall are soooooo sweet. I had a blast doing it. Remember, as always, Yall Rock!

Chloe Grace

 OOps…I will answer the QOTW here… Anonymous (b3ef) 16523

>Posted by Chloë on 17 Jul 2006

I tried to post my answer to the question of the week there but it would not work so here it is. This is a difficult question because I have never really though a lot about my life and songs! My favorite song is “You are beautiful” by James blunt. That does not speak for me though. I just like his sound. Ha ha! I love Faith Hills song, “Mississippi Girl”. I bet you wonder how I spelled Mississippi correctly , right? My mom taught me to spell that word in first grade by teaching me to do it this way… She said to say.. M, I , crooked letter, crooked letter, I , crooked letter, crooked letter, I , hump back, hump back, I . See, it works!

Oh well, I thought yall might like that little bit of trivia about me. Back to the question of what song represents me? I can definitely identify with this song because Faith sings about not being changed by a little bit of fame. I feel the same way. I have friends who ask me how I can continue to do the same things now that i did before I started acting. I tell them that I have not changed at all. I just have more people who “know my name” so I have more “friends” who I may not see face to face. I love it though. I feel very blessed to have this experience. I will tell yall again, Yall are the BEST fans and “friends” a girl could ever ask for. I guess I would change the name of that song to really apply to me to: “Georgia Girl”! Thanks for the question. I will have my mom ask Holli where I should post this next week. Wow! that was fun. Keep the questions coming. I cannot wait to see what next week brings.

Chloe Grace

 Hi Everybody! Anonymous (b3ef) 16524

>Posted by Chloë on 06 Aug 2006

Hey, hey , hey….it’s me again. Well, its oficial…summer is pretty much over for me. I started back school last week and I have been so busy with that. I love fourth grade stuff but I am not so crazy about starting back all of the “work”! ha ha! I remember by multiplication and long division. I had pre testing and did really well on it so I don’t have to do so much review. That is one good thing! I have not received any fanmail new requests from when I lost the mail, so if you have not heard from me please resend it! I love to hear from yall. It is so much fun!

My mom told me that Holli started back to school too. Holli, I feel ya! I am supposed to start filming Jack and the Beanstalk next month and I am so ready! I am also pretty busy with Tigger and Pooh right now. The scripts are getting so funny. I have a big episode lined up for next session. I cannot wait for that to finally air. I think the young, young kids will love it. It is well written. I would love to help them write an episode. It is just so cute. Well, I have got to go and eat dinner right now. Keep praying for me and i will pray for yall. Remember…Yall Rock and are the best fans on earth!

Chloe Grace

 what up Yall? It’s me Chloe! Anonymous (b3ef) 16525

>Posted by Chloë on 21 Aug 2006

So sorry for lack of updates. I have been soooooooo busy! School and auditioning and work have all been keeping me busy. Good busy, but busy. I am so sorry to my fans who were expectying me at the kidz helping kidz gala. I was out of town unexpectedly. I left on friday and did not get to return until Saturday night, so I missed the event. I was looking forward to signing autographs and meeting fans. Hopefully I will be free to go next year. I had a very exciting weekend though that I will tell yall about in a later journal entry. I hope everybody is enjoying this last little bit of summer. I have to thank all of yall again for your sweet responses on here . Yall are still the most loyal and fun fans any girl (or boy) could dream of having! Thanks for your continued prayers and good wishes. Keep them coming. I have a lot of “things” right now that I would love for yall to be keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

someone asked if my cat Renee Zellwegger ever came back and the answer is no, unfortunately she did not./ Her beautiful kittens are growing up without her. They are so sweet and so friendly to humans. I just love them. My dogs are finally used to them. Maybe oneday Renee Zellweger will return. We leave cat food out for her still just in case she is “hanging around” the house but does not want to come in. Well, gotta go. Remember….YALL ROCK!

Chloe Grace

 Anonymous (b3ef) 16526

>Posted by Chloë on 21 Aug 2006

Um, I jsut told yall that I was sorry for missing the kidz helping kidz event and I said I had to fly back late Saturday. Sorry, I actually flew back late Sunday afternoon so that is why I could not go saturday night. My bad!

Chloe Grace (correcting my own self!!!!!!) bye……

 Me again…Hi Yall! Anonymous (b3ef) 16527

>Posted by Chloë on 24 Aug 2006

Hi everybody. Polly you asked me how I pronounce my last name. It is basically more and etz. Moretz. It was originally Moritz when my ancestors immigrated to America and the group who settled in North Carolina changed it to Moretz. I don’t know why but they just did. anyway, that is a bit of trivia that yall didn’t know. That would have ben a cool question of the week. Thanks for asking. Yall, I have a little bit of kind of sad news today. I told yall that I was flown out of town last week unexpectedly for an audition. I was taken to Vancouver, Canada for a second screen test for the upcoming film Case 39 with Renee Zelwegger. Yea, I read two times with Renee. It was so awesome. They filmed it just like the real film.

Unfortunately, I did not get the part. They chose a different girl who looks nothing like I do. She did a very good job I am sure, because I acted my heart out. I was a little bit sad today when I learned that I did not book it. I am ok now. I know that God has something else in store for me and I will wait until he reveals it to me. I tried so hard and it just came down to what kind of look that they wanted for this film. I wish good luck to everyone on the film. I have to say that Renee Zellweger won me over. She is the most beautiful actress. She made me so comfortable. I could not have spent a better day than the one I spent with her last Saturday. She is so gracious. She is so real acting. Please support her in her projects. Believe me, she deserves all that comes to her. She is Awesome. She ROCKS!

Don’t feel sorry for me though. I will be fine. I will just continue auditioning and soon I will have another role. I cannot wait to film Jack and the Beanstalk when it happens. I do appreciate all of my fans suppoort an loyalty. Yall all make it easier. Oh well, sorry for the “sad” news but I am sure that my next news will be much better. Remember, Yall Rock and are the best fans ever. thanks for reading my journal and responding with such great support.

Chloe Grace

 Guess who’s Here? Yup…Chloe Grace Anonymous (b3ef) 16528

>Posted by Chloë on 28 Aug 2006

Hey, hey , hey yall! Thanks for taking your time to write in. I’ll answer a couple of your questions. Yaz, I do have a good bit of natural curl in my hair. I wash it , then condition it, then my mom usually blows it dry. If I do all of this it comes out pretty straight. If I wash it and let it dry naturally , then I have loose natural curls. Before I go to an event that is our routine. After my natural curls dry we just take a little curling iron and curl the ends so they don’t look so dry. I love to wear it that way. If I don’t have something I have to do I usually just let it dry naturally and brush it and go! Thanks for asking. Also, Lauren, I got my mom to help me try to download the video you made me but we couldn’t. I will ask my brother to help me later tonight. I sure hope I can do it. I love, love , love those videos that my fans make. It is so fun for me to watch them.

Also, you asked if i am Christian. The answer is yes. I am. I love Jesus and I just love people in general. I would like for everyone to jsut love each other and stop fighting. It doesn’t matter what your religion is. The whole world is meant to just love each other and get along. That what I think my religion means to me. Just plain old love. I always think how it would feel if I was the other person when something makes me angry. Everybody tells me that I am pretty easy going and I like that. Actually, I have not met many people that I don’t really like. I love to meet new people all of the time. I met a cool girl on the airplane on my way back from Canada. She was so fun. She was a grown up but not an old one. She taught me to make origami. She made me a cute little crane. I will keep it as a memory of my time in Canada to read with Renee! Well, I gotta go. Remember….Yall Rock!!!!!
Chloe Grace

P.S. Write back Yall! Please!

 Hi Everybody… Anonymous (b3ef) 16529

>Posted by Chloë on 18 Sep 2006

YO, yo, yo…I’m back! Ha ha! Sorry no write in so long but Ive been busy. School is so hard this year. I have more work than ever but it is fun. thanks so much you all of yall who wrote me after my last entry. I love to get feedback. Since my whirlwind experience with Case 39 everything has been kind of quiet in hollywood for me. I am still working on “My friends Tigger and pooh”. In fact, we will wrap the first season in 3 more episodes. I can’t believe we have almost done an entire season. It has been so much fun. I hope we get a second season. It looks good so hopefully we will.

I am supposed to go to the premiere of “Open Season” next week so look for pictures. I am excited becasue I have not had the time to go to any premieres lately. I really cannot wait. I hope my schedule stays open so I can acutually go. The last event i was supposed to go to was the Kids helping kidz event but i had to fly to Vancouver , Canada at eh last minute for the second screen test for Paramount. Hopefullly will not miss this event. But if I do, I guess that will still be a good thing because it will mean I am working or auditioning or something like that! whatever! I am rambling today I know. My brain is tired becasue I have done so much school. I would like to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers that you expressed to me. I love it. Yall are the greatest fans. Yall Rock!

Chloe Grace

  Happy October Yall! Anonymous (b3ef) 16530

>Posted by Chloë on 01 Oct 2006

Wow! Can yall believe tthat it’s already October? I love the fall. Here in California it is beginning to get a little cool. we have had so many fires blazing that the air where I live is so not healthy to breathe. It is very hard to run in P.E. They say it is actually dangerous for our lungs to breathe the air deeply. I have had to do less hard things since the air has so much ash. But today I woke up andd it is cloudy and cool. I love it. I am going to the pumpkin patch today. It will be so fun. I cannot wait. I am getting a giagantic pumpkin and we will carve it when halloween gets closer. My brother is working at a really cool haunted house this year. He is so excited. I cannot wait to see him there. I am def. going!
Oh yea, did yall see the awesome pictures that Holli found of when I went to the Open Season premeire on Monday? She Rocks!

I have to tell yall that this movie is AMAZING! You just have to see it. I think I even liked it better than cars. The animation was so good. Marting Lawrence is amazing. He is so funny. I did not get to talk to him at the event because I never made it over to him. I have to tell you about the premiere. It was so much fun. It was held outside! Can you believe it? It was in a ginourmous outdoor amphitheater. They gave us huge blankets with Open Season photos on it. I also every single one of the characters in stuffed animal form. It was nippy that night so I had to wrap up in the blanket. I have to say, this may have been the most fun premiere yet. Well, the “Zorro” premiere was really more fun. I wish that everyone could have the opportunity to experience these premieres.

I feel very blessed to be having these opportunities. When I am a bigger person in this business I want to have some of my movie premieres so people not in the business can come and enjoy the “behind the scenes” of these events. Oh well, we will see. I know I can make that happen some day. Ohe well, if anybody has any questions for me write back. and please keep praying for me and my career and my family. Yall are the greatest fans. Also, you can still send fan mail to : Chloe Grace Moretz, c/o Innovative Artists, 1505 Tenth Street, Santa Monica, California. I will be happy to sign a picture and send it out! Just send me an envelope. Padded ones work best to keep the pic from getting bent.
gotta go now! Remember….Yall Rock!

Chloe Grace

 Hey yall! Chloe’s in the house… Anonymous (b3ef) 16531

>Posted by Chloë on 10 Oct 2006

Hey everybody. What up? I love all the comments. Yall Rock! I love to hear from everybody. Wow…I hope I answer everyone. If not, write back and I will promise to get it next time, but I will try now. First, guess what? I DID get to go to the pumpkin patch. It was awesome. I loved it. I got a ginormous pumpkin. It is so orange and big. I can’t wait to carve it with my brothers. We got some corn stalks and a hay bail and made a pretty scene at our door. I jus tlove the Fall. It is my second favorite season right after summer. Well, I love winter too . I have been busy. On thursday I will wrap the first season of My Friends Tigger and Pooh. I am sad . It has been so much fun. I hope we get picked up for a second season. I think we will because the animation looks great. I was so excited today when my mom showed me this week copy of The Hollywood Reporter. The whole front cover is a picture of My Friends Tigger and Poooh. It was soooooo cool. I am the little red head named Darby. It is exciting. yall keep it iin your prayers that it does well please!

Ok, here goes…Polly it is definitely ok to send an envelope and I will send back a pic and autograph. Rachel, I am so sorry but I have not gotten any mail in quite a while. I asked my mom to call my agency and see where it is. They may be holding it to send in a batch. Please send another letter. I will let yall know if they agency is hold ing my mail. And the site you made is so pretty. I love it. Thanks so much to you and Dani. Elissa, I sent you a long letter last year after you and your friend sent me that cool story and all of the pictures.Did you not get it? I did not get to send the questionaire back though cause it got lost with all of my other fan mail. I would love to do it if you just resend it.

Thanks so much for your understanding, I hope you got my lettter cause it was long. I sent 2 pics with my signature on them, one for you and one for your friend. Let me know if you got them. Sarah… thanks for asking about my cat Renee Zellweger, but unfortunately she never came back. I fear that she was injured by a coyote. I pray she is well and with someone else. Thank you so much for remembering her. That is so cool about Renee’s song. I love her. She is so precious. I wish I had gotten to work with her on Case 39 but I have no doubt that we will work together on something else. We had great chemistry and we look so much alike. It was cool and a little weird! and here is a BIG SHOUT OUT ot Allissa…HOLLA! My advice to you if you want to act is to keep on keeping on. My mom and I have a thing that we say….we say “it is a journey, it is a marathon and not a sprint”. I have to just remember that everytime I audition. You just do your best and forget it. If you book great and if not, then just go on to the next one. Sometimes it is hard though. When you get really close and don’t get the part it makes you sad for a little bit and then you just realize that God has something different and much better in store for you.

Believe me, it works that way. I have been told that I was the “number one” for the part so many times and for one reason or another they go in a different direction and it was nothing I could have done to change it. Just stay strong and focused and NEVER let anyone tell you that you cannot do it. If you really want it you will get it! Never, never, never give up! If you need any more encouragement just holla at me and I am there for you. Good luck! Last. Lauren, I did not get to open that video. It never worked. Could you please send me the linK? I really, really want to see it. I can’t wait!
Well everybody , I have to go and go to bed now. It is getting late and I am 30 minutes past my bedtime. Till next time, remember..Yall Rock and are the BEST fans a girl could ever want!

Chloe Grace

 Hi Guys! sorry no posts lately… Anonymous (b3ef) 16532

>Posted by Chloë on 30 Oct 2006

I am back to talk and I have missed our little chats!!!!!! I have to make this post a little short because I have to go to bed early tonight for school tomorrow. I had the most wonderful week! I know Holli already told yall I booked a role on Desperate Housewives. I filmed this week and it was great fun! My scenes are with Eva Longoria. She is a doll. So sweet to me. She is een mor beautiful in person than of tv. she is sooooooo tiny. I love her. I also had a scene with Juliette goglia. It was fun too. We are new friends. I like her so much. wE are often times usp for the same roles so it was fun to both get to book the same show and work together. Juliette is reccurring and my role is supposed to reccur also! so it’s all good! I also book another great film in a meaty supporting role that starts filming next week.

My team is working on the contract now so I do not know the specifics yet. I have 2 really great emotional scenes along with a few others that I am excited about. Keep me in your prayers. Aaron , I will definitely keep you in my prayers for your role. I cannot answer everyobdyt tonight cause it is late but don’t worry. I will come back online tomorrow and answer everybody’s questions. I still have not received any fan mail so send it in and I will get it back out before the christmas rush of mail. Oh yea, Lauren C. thanks so much for the 4 awesome videos. They were so sweet . I have shown them to everybody. You are really too sweet. Any time you want to do more for me feel free because I really love them. They make my day. I will do a video for all of yall. I just have to learn how to do it. Well, night night and don’t let the bed bugs bite! LOL!

Chloe Grace

 Woo Hoo!…I’m filming again…. Anonymous (b3ef) 16533

>Posted by Chloë on 12 Nov 2006

Hi Yall! I started filming this week on my new film It is so much fun. I am filming in ginormous corn field. It really really rocks! I cannot really say the name of the film yet but I will be able to soon. Just let me say, it is a fun script but it is also a scary one! I don’t know what it is but I keep getting these scary scripts. I am so ready for “Jack and the Beanstalk” to get their stuff together so we can start filming that! I am ready to do a fun family film. Desperate Housewives was fun but I love, love, love doing films. Yall are the coolest fans. I love reading your messages to me. I wish I could see your pictures too. I have a couple of premieres that I am supposed to attend in the next couple of weeks so I will have some new pics for yall to see.

My mom and I have so much fun throwing together outfits. It is so much more fun to raid all of our closets to put things together rather than going out to the store and just buying a “already put together” outfit. I love to play around with fashion. do any of yall like to do that? I even help my brothers. It is so cool. I call my style eclectic!!!!! I like eclectic. Our whole entire house is soooooooooo eclectic. It is cool cause my mom puts all kinds of different things together and it looks so fun. You really coulldn’t reproduce it because nothing was made to go together. That is kind of our approach to fashion. Oh well, I am rambling aren’t i? It’s fun. I’m so glad Holli gave me this cool journal to talk to yall with. I am asking for a password journal for Christmas this year. I can put in my password and my brothers can’t snoop in it. Isn’t that cool? I also want a rock tumbler and a metal detector. I want to go to the beach and look for metal. Isn’t that cool? I hope I get one.

Oh Lauren Cl..I still don’t have the fan mail. Thanks for the gifts but I have not gotten them yet. I am going to have my mom bug my agency and see if they have a huge box of fan mail lying around somewhere. They must cause I have not received any in about a year. Keep dreaming about your acting and it will happern. Just don’t give up! Molly..thnx for the good wishes, and yes I am having fun filming. Emer…thanks too for the well wishes. I think my episode of Desperate Housewives airs on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Maybe the 26 of Nov? I will let yall know an exact date when I find out . Rachel…No I still have not gotten the mail, sorry. Please send again. Lauren..hi again, I forgot to tell you that your daughter is adorable in her video! I showed all my friends. Nicole..sorry I have gotten no mail, send again! Katya, yes Desperate Housewives was a blast and Juliette was great! Maija..Jack aND THE Beanstalk is in “turnaround” which means they are searching for new and better funding and will go into production when it all gets finalized.

As I said earlier, I hope it is sooner than later! Thnx for asking. Keep it in your prayers please. Polly..I will tell yall when DH is airing so we can all watch! by the way, is it cold in London now? I want to go there so badly. I have never been. Soon I hope to be able to go. I know Julia Winters. We speak over the internet occasionally and she seems to be a lovely girl. I want to meet her in person when I go to London. Are you a fan of hers? Tiana…thnx for the awesome video! so cool! Austin…glad to hear that you r acctually 11 and not 1! ha ha! Hope the acting thing works out for you too. It is so much fun. I used to live in NYC also. I lived there for a year before i moved to California. It was awesome. Do you like NYC or London better?

Shawntee..I am so sorry but I have not gotten the poem and letter yet. Send another if possible. I think I will talk with my mom about getting a P.O. Box for fan mail so it does not have to get tied up at my agency. I will let yall know if we are going to do that! Well, I have written so long that my little fingers are tired. I have been learning typing so I am getting better though. Bye for now. And always remember YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace

 Hi Everybody! Happy late Turkey Day!!!!!! Anonymous (b3ef) 16534

>Posted by Chloë on 30 Nov 2006

Well, did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? I did. It was awesoome! I know some of you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving since many of yall live in Europe. when I was filming in Bulgaria this time last year they did not celebrate Thanksgiving. We gave our hotel our recipes though and they made a special thanksgiving feast for all of us who were filming. It was so so so cool. My holiday rocked. My mom and dad and alll my bro’s all pitched in to cook our big feast! It was wild. We cooked for 2 whole days. By the end of the first night of cooking and baking we were all listening to Christmas Music and we all just started dancing in the kitchen together. It was awesome. Oh, I helped my mom make a Pumpkin/applesauce pie. I have never had a better pie. We got the recipe from food network on Paula Dean’s show.

Do yall know who Paula Dean is? she jus plain Rocks! She is so southern. I love her accent. I used to have a southern accent but not anymore. I can do it if I need to but I had to lose it so my acting is neutral. I have gotten to use that southern accent a couple of times in my projects lately. My name is Earl episode called for a strong southern accent so I just whipped it out! It was fun. Guess what? My family has a tradition that we begin decorating our house for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving. We went out and bought a Christmas tree and it looks great. We did have a tiny problem, well actually a BIG problem after we got it up. My cat Zoe jumped in it and toppled the whole thing over. so many of our ornaments were smashed. I was so sad. My 2 special ornaments that my mom got for me when I was born also got smashed. I almost cried but I didn’t I just said well, at least we were not hurt. My dad had to put the tree upright and we cleaned up all the broken glass ornaments. Oh well, it looks good again, a little bear, but good.

Oh, i finish filming my film tomorrow. The whole thing wraps tomorrow. I am happy but I am sad too. Everytime a project ends it is sad because I will miss my costars and the director and producer. I will go now because my school is about to begin. ugh! Back to long division. At leaset I finished my report on Native Americans. It was long but fun. I am now very upset about how the native Americans were treated back in the 1600′s and 1700′s and early 1800′s. If you don’t know about this you should really read about it. It is so sad. I cried when I found out what the Spanish did to them and then what the Americans did to them . It isn’t fair. Oh well, sorry to end on a sad note but I just finished the project and it is fresh on my mind. Oh yea, wait for more pictures becaues I am going to a real fun premiere on Saturday!

Remember…..Yall Rock! I LOVE< LOVE Chloe Grace

 Holla! Chloe Grace is in the house!!! Anonymous (b3ef) 16535

>Posted by Chloë on 07 Dec 2006

Wow! thanks so much for all of your comments. I love to read yall’s comments. I had so much fun at the Unaccompanied Minors (yea, I hope I spelled it all correct!) premiere last week. You should all go see the movie . It was cute and kind of gets you feeliing all Christmasy! So many of yall said you liked my outfit I was wearing. Thank you so much. It is probably my favorite one yet. My mom and I had fun with that one. I just love to wear hats (as yall can probably tell). I so much want to design my own line of clothes. I think one day I will do that. It makes me happy to find things in my closet that I can use and reuse and mix with a few new pieces. Holli is going to add a fashion segment soon so maybe we can have some fun with that. Cause you know, I’m gone get my fash – ON! Holla!

I have so much school work today. Oh well, at least I am getting smarter when I work hard. Do yall like school? I do but sometimes I get tired of writing. My mom homeschools me and she is “psycho” about writing. She wants me to learn to write so well. I am getting better but i should be like a professional by now because she makes me write soooooooo much. she tells me that someday I will thank her for that “talent” when I am older. Let’s hope so! I am learning spanish too. My brother is fluent in Spanish and he is privately tutoring me now in Spanish. I like it but I want to learn French. IT IS such a pretty language. Wish me luck though cause I am not doing so well with spanish. He wants me to speak spanish all the time when we work and I think that is way too hard. Oh well, this is getting boring. right? yea. Oh yea, I am going to another premiere this weekend. I am excited. I have a couple of meetings this week too so it is a busy week.

Do yall all have your holiday decorations up yet? We are all decked out! I have 2 cute snowmen right by my gate. My bro’s hate them but I love them. I am going to put sunglasses on them! My really tall brother Trevor puts the lights in our trees every year cause he is soooooo tall. Well, he really does it because he just loves Christmas. My mom is playing Christmas music in the car pretty much full time now and I am a little tired of it. She says, “well, I only have a few weeks to enjoy it so I’m playing it”. My brothers and I joke about it every year. Oh no, Mom has pulled out the Christmas tunes. Look out! Well, I gotta go now and do more school. Write me back and I’ll write soon. also, I have not gotten any letters yet and I know some of yall said that you sent them. what’s up with that? Hopefully they will arrive. Remember…Yall Rock!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace

 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays yall! Anonymous (b3ef) 16536

>Posted by Chloë on 13 Dec 2006

Wow! I guess yall all know that I had the pleasure of attending the Charlottes Web premiere this past Sunday. I had a wonderful time. I do definitely recommend this film to everybody. It is very sweet and Wilbur the pig will steal your heart! Dakota was very good in it too but the CG was incredible. The spider is downright scary looking. I am not really very fond of spiders anyway so I was just a little creeped out by it at times. Anyway, I had fun. Some of you have asked if I have met Dakota and the answer is yes. We met during a time that we were both working on animation projects. We were in the studio at the same time and spent a bit of time together. She is very sweet and easy to talk to. I did not speak with her at the CW premiere because she was so busy with the press and fans. She is very approachable (spelling?) though.

Rachel, I love your site. It is very pretty. Thank you so much for supporting me. Katya, I just read a little book called “Swimmer” and the little girl in it is named Katya. Do you pronounce it “Katcha” or “Kat-ya”? Just wondering. It is a little book that teaches me all about the life cycle of the Chinook salmon. I learned so much from it. do you guys read very much? I am reading a Danielle Steel book titled “Safe Harbor” . It is so good. My mom was reading it so I picked it up and I am enjoying it. I am also reading the third Harry Potter book. I am getting addicted to those books. I wish I could be in one of those films but I am def. not British. Bummer. Oh well. Well, I gotta go and do my school now. Mom let me type in my journal today as part of my school work in language arts. I like that! Remember…Yall Rock! I love, love, love my fans!

Chloe Grace

Oh p.s…Someone asked if I like to be called Chloe or Chloe Grace and the answer is that I actually prefer Chloe Grace but only my family and close friends really call me that on a routine basis. So, I will probably have to get used to just being called Chloe. I do wish I knew how to put the dots over my “e” though but I can’t figure out how to do that on my Mac computer. My dad can do it on his pc but I can’t figure it out on my Mac. Anyone know how? I would love to know.


 Christmas has come and gone…awwh! Anonymous (b3ef) 16537

>Posted by Chloë on 31 Dec 2006

Well, I surely hope everbody had a great holiday. I know I did. I had all of my brothers home for a few days and we had a great time. I was busy till right before Christmas and then I finally got dow n time! I have 3 projects that I am “close on” and i hope to get some good news after the holidays. Either way, I am ready to start back and book some great things next year. It is new year eve here in California right now. It is about 12:37 p.m. My family is goingh out for a celebration dinner tonight. We go really reallly really early so that we don’t get caught out is the “drunk people” traffic. My mom is “insane” about that. She is so afraid that we may be hit by a drunk driver. I actually am kinda scare of that too. I don’t think people shoudl do that. It is just wrong. People need to think about what is best for everybody not just themselves.

Well, on a lighter note…what did yall get for Christmas? I got a “betty” razor scooter. It looks like a fake vespa. It is so much fun. I love it. I have driven it around my driveway everyday. I also got a pottery wheel and a mall maddness game. My brother got a gas powered remote controlled car. he has been playing with it non stop but it broke the other day. We already had to take it to the shop. Poor guy. He is bummed out. I hope everbody got what they wanted. I was watching Oprah last night on tv and she repeated her Christmas special from last year when she went to Africa to help the little children there affected by aids. It was so so so so sad. I cried and my mom cried. I am now convinced that I want to help these children. They have lost their parents to Aids and now much take care of themselves. That is so unfair. I do not understand this cruel world. I am still very sad over this. I must find a way to become involved in this. I asked my mom to adopt some of these children but we already have 5 of our own kids. She said she would like to . I know we will find a way to become involved. We had a ministry in Jaimica a few years ago. When we lived in Georgia we traveled to jamaica several times per year and helped the poor people of that country. we have many jamaican friends now.

We have several families that we helped to get what they need to live. I now want to go to africa to help out there. I want to do like Oprah. I just don’t have the money I need so I will begin to raise it somehow. I want to do some fundraisers. She gave them all backpack and a toy . FOr many it was the only toy they have ever recieved and will probably every recieve. I think this is wrong. I think we should continue her tradition. I want these children to have a great Christmas every year. That will be my mission. Yep, I am going to try to call Oprah next week . I doubt seh will talk to me since i am jsut a little kid but I will try. I hope she knows that I don’t give up easily. I absoultely positively HAVE to help. If yall want to help me please write me. We can do this together. Well, Gotta go. I bet some of you have already had your new years celebrations. I have to go get ready for mine. Remember Yall Rock! I will write back tomorrow. I promise I will answere all of your questions then. Soryy I couldn’t now. I just got so caught up telling yall about my plan to help the African children. Love and Peace for a great new year!
Chloë Grace

p.s. Thanks Callie, look! it worked I learned to make my dots on my mac! woo hoooooooooooo!

 Hey yall…I’m finally back ! Anonymous (b3ef) 16538

>Posted by Chloë on 19 Jan 2007

So Sorry that I have not been here to write and talk with yall lately. I have been so, so, so busy. I know that is not a real good excuse but I am sorry. I lvoe to write to all of you and i love even more to read your comments. School has been really hard lately. My mom is really working me hard. Math is getting hard and I am wroking on so many reports this year. I am doing a report on early European settlers in California right now. It is hard but it is interesting. I am also researching the history of air travel. I love reading about Orville and Wilbur Wright. It is fascinating. My 15 year old brothre is hoping to take flying lessons this summer. He wants to be a pilot when he grows up. He just turned 15 yesterday. He and my Dad have the same birthdya. We had a cake and it was fun. My mom was sick so we were not able to go out for dinner or to cook. We will celebrat e this weekend though.

I have read all of your comments and I will write them down tomorrow so I can answere everyone of yall individualy. I don’t want you to think I am ignoring you it’s just that it is late and I am going to do it as part of my languahge arts tomorrow. That will be cool. My mom lets me do that. I think that is cool! I do want to say taht I am overwhelmed at the response to my wanting to call Oprah to help her kids. I am working out a plan with my mom and I will post the details early next week. I think we can all make a huge difference if we work together. I would like to get some suggestions from yall after I tell you a few of my suggestions and we can get this thing going.

Oh yea, I am happy to tell yall that I booked a new film. I will be working with Jessica Alba in a new film called “The Eye”. I will be filming for a week in Albuqurque , New Mexico. I am so excited. I will play a little girl with cancer. It is not a huge lead role but it is a very important part of the script and I have several really good scenes. I will tell yall more about it when they let me. I am very excited about this role. It is very different from anything I have done in the past. I will be working in a bald cap the whole time! Cool huh? Well, gotta go. Please write back and I will also write again tomorrow and address each of your questions individually.

Chloë Grace

 Brrr..It’s cooooold here in Albuquerque Anonymous (b3ef) 16539

>Posted by Chloë on 04 Feb 2007

Hi Yall! I’m here in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Yea for me cause I think i spelled it right! It is sooooooo cold here. I was bummed when i got here and found out that if just misssed the snow. I have the day off today so my Mom and I are taking a day trip over to Santa Fe. We want some silver stuff. The people here are so nice. I have a really cool studio teacher and she has shown us around. I had to come in on Feb.1st.

My brother Colin turned 18 on Friday so I had to miss his birthday. We gave him his present before we left though. Wow, I am sorry I didnt get to answer yall’s questions yet but they called and brought me to alb. several days early. I did rehearsals with Jessica Alba on Friday. She is so sooooooo sweet. She is tiny. I just love her. She is a new friend. We rehearsed for a while. I also go to meet Parker Posey. She is such a favorite of mine. My whole family loves the movie “waiting for gufman”. It is a quirky little film by Chris Guest. We just love Parker in that. I was like…”wow, it’s parker posey”. I had a little fan moment there. It was cool. Anhyway, back to business. I have been discussing the african children with my mom and I may try to do some sort of auction or something with some of my clothes I wear to premieres and stuff. We are checking into this possibility. We are also thinking about maybe writing a book with 100% of the proceeds going to a charity that supports theses kids.

I am still working on getting in touch with Oprah. When I finish this film shoot I will have more time. I just want to do so much and I don’t have enuff time. With school and acting it is really hectic. I don’t want to just like show up at a charity event and just like get my picture taken and say I am “helping” that way. I mean, that is fine but it is not enuff for me. I want to actually roll up my sleeves and do something. We’ll do it. I know we will. what do yall think? I hope my mom takes some pics of me with Jessica and Parker and I can show them to you (with their permision though!). Well gtw.

Chloë Grace

 I’m double digits now…. Anonymous (b3ef) 16540

>Posted by Chloë on 28 Feb 200

Heeyyyyyyyyyy everybody! It’s me Chloë G. and I’m back to play! Well, since I last spoke to yall I have turned double digits! Yay! I love, love, love the birthday project! Thanks Holli for putting it together and thanks to all of you who sent in wishes for me. It was an awesome project. Yall Rock!!!!!!!!!!!
I had so much fun in Albuquerque filming “The Eye”. It was such a fun time. Jessica Alba Rocks! Parker Posey is soooooooooooo soooooooooooo soooooooooooo sweet! I love her. The film is really going to be good. I love my directors. They are the cutest and sweetest French guys. I didn’t get to ski in ABQ because I was filming and my mom was afraid I might get hurt but I sure wanted to learn. bummer. oh well, next time maybe. Oh, I had the sweetest teachers there. They were so much fun. I can’t wait to go back and film something else there. Kathleen and Leslie if you are reading….holla! I miss that great mexican food there!

Well, enough bout my trip to abq! I got back and have been busy with everything else. As yall probably already have seen I got to go to the Astronaut farmer premiere right after returning home. It was fun. The movie is great and i would recommend it to everybody. I love Billy Bob. I went to Santa Fe while I was there and got some cool Indian silver jewelry. The guy who made it for me is named Eric and he made a bunch of stuff for Billy Bob too when he was there filming Astronoaut farmer. The people were cool. On my birthday I got to take a really cool hot air balloon ride. We went up 800 feet. It was so amazing. My brother and I wanted to go even higher but it was not safe so we couldn’t. bummer!

My mom and I are still working on trying to put together some kind of clothing auction. She is speaking with some other actresses and we may try to do a joint thing to raise money for the African kids. It is really hard to get something started. We may contact “clothes off our backs” and try to do something with them. I will keep yall posted as things move along. Guess what? my brother colin adopted a little dog from the pound who was about to be put down. It was so sad. He is so sweet. I am so proud of my brother for saving his life. His name is Henry the 8th! I love him. My series “my friends tigger and pooh” is gearing up to premiere in May 2007. It will first air on May 12, 2007. I can’t wait. It is such a cute series for little children. I went in to the studio to record some demos for it this week. Keep a look out for it as it will air on Playhouse Disney. Well, I better go. I just finished school for the day and now have to study a new script that my manager just sent to me. Remember…..You are the BEST fans ever!

Chloë Grace

 Really, Really long time…no talk! Anonymous (b3ef) 16541

>Posted by Chloë on 07 Jun 2007

Well, the last time I wrote to everybody i had just turned double digits!!!!!!!! Guess what? I am still double digits and I am almost finished with 4th grade! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! :) i have until wednesday next week and then I am free for the summer. How cool is that? I have some friends who live in Georgia and they are already finished with school . We have a different schedule iin California. I have learned so much this year though. I love long division but I am not the best at it. I will get better though. I learned about Pink Flamingos yesterday . They are so cool. Did you know they are pink because they eat only pink shrimp and the algae they eat makes them pink? How cool is that? I am putting the finishing touches on my third California state report complete with a map of my state today. has anybody on here ever read Matlida? I have just finished it and it is my new favorite book! I love it. I jsut feel so sad for her and the way they treated her. Poor Matilda.

I have been so busy with school lately and auditions and work that it has been too difficult for me to journal. I did get a new post office box and have begun to get some fanmail. I have returned a bunch to yall and I have a pile to answer now. I will hopefully get to it next week or the week after that because my mom will make me finish my school work first. Guess what? Jack and the Beanstalk is finally going to start filming ….I think! I am hopefully going to be able to start that soon. it is such a cool script. Yall will love it. Also, did I tell yall about Lucky and Plumpton? I will start that film in September . We film in Connecticut. I am so excited because I will get to work with my friend Jimmy Bennett again! We worked together in Amityville Horror and this time we will get to be in a fun kid movie. The script rocks and I really look forward to filming it. I will keep everybody posted with more details as I have them. Well, I gotta go and do more school work. Wish me luck! I will talk to yall real soon. Always remember…Yall Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloë Grace

 Busy, busy, busy…. Anonymous (b3ef) 16542

>Posted by Chloë on 29 Jul 2007

Hi Everybody! I’m back to blog!!!!! I have had such a busy summer. It has been so much fun. I am working a ton and having a blast. Probably the best part of this summer is that I got to take a little vaca to Georgia to visit my Grandmother and my Aunt Sissy and her family. We had so much fun. And Guess what? I went fishing in a really cool river at my cousin’s cabin and I CAUGHT MY FIRST FISH!!!!!!!!! My other cousin (Andy) helped me. I din’t want to touch it. My mom said it might pee on me! Ewww! Finally I did touch it. It was some kind of a little bass and we threw it back. My friend JT said if I caught one as big as my hand that he would fry it up for me :) Unfortunately that did not happen. We took big floats and floated around the river. It was so cooll. I also had an encouter with a HUGE rattle snake. That was not so fun though. He was just huge and lying on the rocks taking a sun bath. I screamed and ran away. JT was scared too (He is my cousins husband). We smoked a trout and I ate so much. I want to smoke one at home now. IT tasted soooooo good! Anyway, we are back now in LA and workin hard.

Guess what? I just started filming “Jack and the Beanstalk” . I play Jillian who is the femal lead. My costar and male lead of the movie is Colin Ford. He plays the title character “Jack” . WE are having a ball! He is fun to work with and my mom says our “Chemistry” on screen is good. The director Gary is amazing. He is so sweet and he lets me bring so much of what I want to bring to the character of Jillian. SHe is a tough girl who is spunky. It is a great role for me. I have waited soooooooooo long for this project to come out of “turnaround” and I can tell you that it is worth the wait! I will send a pic of me to Holli to post very soon. The sets are totally amazing! they rock! The Giant worked on set Friday and he is great. MY brother Trevor is onset with me to coach me when I need it. We work so well together. He had a few auditions this week so he had to leave a few times but I made it!

I am also working on a television show called “Dirty Sexy Money”. Funny name huh? I play the daughter of Peter Krause (From 6 feet under). He is soooooo nice. the lady who plays my mom is named Zoe! I love her. I don’t know a lot about the show . My character is seen in a scene here and there, so it is not a “HUGE” role but is is an important role. Maybe they will write my character some good stuff as the show goes on. I am just so excited to be working on a show with so many wonderful actors, Donald Sutherland and Jill Clayburgh and Wiliam Baldwin. The little boy who plays one of the Darling family is named Will and he is adorable. Yall will love him. He is sooo cute. I just come in and out on that set. It is pretty cool. I work on my films and have an occasional role on that. Perfect! I have a table read for DSM today in fact. I have been swimming a lot this summer too. I jsut found out that my movie “Lucky and Plumpton” is now going to move from a September ‘ 07 start date to early Spring ’08. That kind of bums me but spring in connecticut will be fun too. At least I will be free to do something new in the Fall. Pray for me that I get a cool fall project. I love to stay busy and I would love to be doing a film in the fall.
Well, enough about me. Do yall have any questions for me? Ask and I will answer. Until next time…… Remember….YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloë Grace xoxoxxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxo

 Hi Everybody…It’s just me checking in! Anonymous (b3ef) 16543

>Posted by Chloë on 01 Oct 2007

Again, I’ve been away from my journal for a little while. I have been really busy though and I guess that is a good thing! I have missed talking with everybody though. As many of you already know my new show Dirty Sexy Money premiered last week. It went well I heard. I was not in the first episode becasue I was not in the pilot. Elle Fanning played my character Kiki George! I’ll be in the next few episodes though. I am filming yet anotehr one this week. Well, actually I am finishing another episode this week that I started filming last week. It is fun and I am beginiing to meet all of the cast and getting more comfortable with them. I already know Peter Krause and Zoe but I got to meet some of the others like Donald Sutherland and Jill Clayburgh, and Samaire Armstrong (I love, love, love her!) and Seth Gabel (he’s sooooooo cute!) and I met William Baldwin. They are all very nice. I just love Peter and Zoe becasue they kind of make sure everything goes well for me. The are my set “mom and dad”.

I have had a fun couple of months. Two of my brothers had birtdays, Brandon turned 26 and Trevor turned 21. We had a party and it was so much fun. We had a cool dinner outside at a cool restaurant and then they went to a club with their friends. I have some great new news. I booked the Title role (lead) in a new film that is set to shoot next summer. It is a live action version of Snow White. Guess what? I play Snow White. How cool is that? I am soooooooo happy about it. It will be my first real lead number one role. I feel very blessed. The same people that are producing my film “Jack and the beanstalk” are doing Snow White. Ther are writing the script for me now. I wiill keep yall posted!

Also, I went to a charity event at the Santa Monica Pier yesterday for “The Childrens Place”. It was a shoe drive for the charity named “Soles for Souls”. We all donated shoes and I was asked to decorate a tee shirt that will be auctioned off for charity. I had so much fun. Mine has a cute cupcake on it and I wrote on it: “Darling$ love cupcake$ ! Cute huh? I did that becasue the family in the show i am on are named the Darlings. They are a really rich family and they are crazy/ We all joke about “the darlings” so I made my shirt say that. Cupcakes are my favorite so I mixed the two together and came up with that! I will keep everyone posted as to where and when it will be available for auction but all of the money goes to that sole for souls charity so please support it. Well, gotta go now. I promise to write back sooner this time. As always., send me your questions and I will try to answer. Remember…..Yall Rock!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 What up Yall?????????? Anonymous (b3ef) 16544

>Posted by Chloë on 30 Nov 2007

Hey, hey hey…Chloe Grace is BACK in the HOUSE!!!!! LOL! I have been away for too long from my journal. I miss being able to write but I have been swamped lately. Wow, where do I start? Well halloween has come and gone. I had a blast. I went to my friend’s party and I dressed as Marie Antoinette. I had a HUGE wig and my brother even put a fake bird in it! It was soooooooooo fun! The party was the BEST ever! I also got to go trick or treating with my best buds. I went trick or treating as a Fairy. I just didn’t want t lug that huge wig around for one more night! Well, Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my American friends. I had a great Turkey Day. We deep fried a huge turkey. It was the yummiest thing! We just finished the last of the left overs a few days ago. I am now getting ready to get in the Christmas mood. We put up our Christmas tree. It is pretty. I don’t like as much as usual though because this year we had to get a fake tree since we are going skiing for Christmas. my mom didn’t want to come home to a dead tree and maybe a fire!

Oh well, it is pretty all the same. I can’t wait for Santa Clause to come. I want a PS 3 this year. I hope I get it. The best present will be skiing. I don’t really remember how to ski because it has been a few years since I last tried but I’m sure I will pick it up pretty fast. I am athletic. Oh, speaking of athletic, I have not told yall yet that I am playing on a Soccer team. It is great. I play forward and mid field and fullback sometimes. I am beginner (never ever played before) but I have picked it up pretty well. I love my team but we have not won any games. We tied one. I still love it though. The girls are all soooooo nice on my team. We have a game tomorrow (if we don’t get rained out!) I hope we get to play. I love it.

Also, I am starting back with learning to play the guitar. I got my hello kitty giutar a couple of christmases ago and I never really learned t play it. Well, my resolution is to really learn to play it now. I am having fun with it. As for my acting, I have been quite busy there too. Have any of you seen my new show Dirty Sexy Money? I am having fun on that. Peter Krause is so great. Donald Sutherland is soooo cool too. He is such a nice guy. Zoe McClellan is my cool mom. She is the best! I actually had a great role in episode 107 about the Darling wedding. My role is very small but still fun. Watch it this wednesday because it is the Christmas episode and I have one or two cute scenes. I have to say, I love this show. The writers Rock! I also went in recently and did some additional recording for my cool role in “The Eye” (the movie I shot with Jessica Alba last February in Albuquerque, New Mexico).

That film looks soooo good and scary! I am not scary in it. I play a sweet little girl with brain cancer. I wore a bald cap everyday and it was very challenging. My heart just goes out to all kids and adults who have to really go through that in real life. They are all so brave. I cannot imagine how hard it must be. It taught me how it would feel to be suddenly stripped of my hair. I felt different. After a few days I got used to it though. Like I said, I have such respect for people who have to deal with that in a real life situation. I tried to play it in a positive way and I think you guys will like what you see! Jessica was AMAZING in this film.. I comes out February 1st 2008. Everybody go see it!

Well, gotta go. I will definitely come back sooner next time! Remember…………YALL ROCK!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 Happy New Year…It’s 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anonymous (b3ef) 16545

>Posted by Chloë on 15 Jan 2008

Hi everybody! Wow, it doesn’t seem like a year since I last posted but it is now 2008! Well, it hasn’t been a year but we jumped from ’07 to ’08. Cool huh? Did everybody have a great holiday? I had one of the best times of my life over Christmas Break. My family went to Telluride, Colorado to snow ski. I had not snow skied since I was 4 years old. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it but it all came back in a hurry. By day 3 I was flying down the Blue runs with the whole family. Telluride is the most magical place on earth! We got so much snow while we were there. I can’t wait to go back next year. We had dinner on the very top of the mountain on Christmas Eve and watched the all of the ski instructors and ski patrol come down the mountain with lighted torches. It was so beautiful. I didn’t try snow boarding this year because I wanted to brush up on skiing. I may try to board next year but I may not. I just love the thrill of skiing. We got back to LA and it was of course much warmer here. I have to say, I don’t miss having to bundle up just to walk outside. I do love wearing my flip flops in the middle of January!

Guess what? I got a PS 3 from Santa! woohoo! I love it. I also got Guitar Hero 3! I have not stopped playing it. My whole family loves it too. I have to kick my brothers out of my room becaue they love my PS 3 too! I had a great holiday just being able to slow down. My tv show “Dirty Sexy Money” is on hiatus right now so I am not as busy as usual but things are beginning to pick up. My film “The Eye” that I filmed last February is coming out in theaters on February 1st. Y’all all need to go see it. It looks good. I bet nobody will recognize me with my little bald head! My premiere is on January 23rd so I am getting my dress together and all of my accessories. That is always so much fun. My mom and I have a ball putting it all togetehr. I went to a really fun charity funciton the other day. It was callled the Boom Boom Room. It was to benefit a children’s charity that is building libraries. I wore some pink hair and everybody loved it! It was fun! They had a “Candy Bar”! How cool is that? I got some really cool stuff for my cousin’s baby. Well, she hasn’t had the baby yet but we found out that it’s a boy so I got him some cool baby boy stuff!

The people were so nice to give me little things for him. I have a great idea, you guys should post some of the stuff that yall got for Christmas or hannuka or kwanza. I would love to hear about it! I have somemore news to share too! I just learned that I booked a new movie that will shoot in Santa Fe starting in February! I’ll tell everybody the name of the movie in a day or so. I am really excited about it though because I get to work with someone that I worked with several years ago who I think is so great! I can’t wait to tell everyone. Just stay tuned for the news! Well, I gotta go now. I have to finish school for the day. My mom gave me a little break and I decided to write you guys! Always remember…. Yall ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloë Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  Holla! Anonymous (b3ef) 16546

>Posted by Chloë on 19 Jan 2008

Hi Everybody! Yes, I am going to be in a movie called Not Forgotten. I start filming in February for the entire month and will finish in about middle of march. Woohoo! The coolest part is that I get to work with Simon Baker again! I love him. He is the first person I ever worked with when I started acting. I had a guest star role on a show that he was the lead on called The Guardian. It was the coolest experience. Anyway, I will play his daughter and Paz Vega plays my stepmom. You know the funniest part is that I will film this in New Mexico and I was in New Mexico exactly a year ago at the same time filming my movie The Eye! How weird is that? It’s really cold there. My mom talked to a person on the film yesterday in New Mexico and they said it is 10 degrees! BRRRRRR! I’m gonna freeze but I can’t wait. Barbara, I have to give you a shout out! Thanks for writing me back on my journal. I appreciate it . It’s sunny today in Cali, as usual! Well I’m going to ride my fusion scooter. Later Yall!
Always Remember…..YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloë Grace

 It’s Premiere Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anonymous (b3ef) 16547

>Posted by Chloë on 31 Jan 2008

Hi Guys! Guess What? My film The Eye premieres tonight. I am soooooooooooooo excited. In a little while I will have to get dressed to go to the red carpet. It’s all so exciting. I can’t wait to see the film. I don’t really like to watch myself though. It makes me nervous. Oh well, it will be cool. I love to go on the carpets but I get a little nervous when I am on a carpet at one of my films. When I go to other movie premieres I don’t have to be nervous. It’s all good though. It has been so crazy busy in the last few days. My mom and I are packing to go off to film Not Forgotten. I hear it is still freezing cold in New Mexico so we had to pull out our heavy coats and turtle necks! I’m really looking forward to it though. The director is so nice. I can’t wait to work for him.

School is getting harder and harder though. I’m writing a report on the history of Mexico before and after the Conquistadores came in. It’s very interesting though. My school uses literature to tie in the history and science and stuff so I learn about so many things at the same time. It gets kind of time consuming but I’m really learning how everything is tied together. I read a book called “The Shark beneath the Reef” and I have to contrast what the character Tomas goes through and how it may have been different for him if the Aztec civilization had not been conquered and changed by the Spanish Conquistadores. I’m just ready to finish it. Math is getting harder too but sometimes it’s fun. It’s not my favorite subject though. I start learning about the solar system next week and I’m looking forward to that. Well I gotta go and get ready. Wish me good things and I’ll wish the same for you

Always remember……………Yall Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 Hello from New Mexico! Anonymous (b3ef) 16548

>Posted by Chloë on 06 Feb 2008

Well, I’m here in Las vegas, New Mexico shooting the film Not Forgotten. Wow, the weather is so strange here. First we had snow, then we had high winds and now we have beautiful blue sky and it’s about 50 degrees. I’m really having fun. The cast is so great. I have met so many new friends. We had our table read last week in Santa Fe and that kind of got the ball rolling. I have not filmed any of my scenes yet but I will start in 2 days. I can’t wait. The director is Dror Soref and he is sooooooooooo nice. I met his wife too and she Rocks! We have a really cool director of photography too. He has great stories to tell. I also got to have my teacher, Kathleen, that I had on The Eye last year in New Mexico. She is loads of fun. She took me and my mom to Sonic.

For those of you that don’t know this place it is a cool chain of drive up fast food places. You order on a speaker at your car and they bring the food right out to your car. It is so fun! We don’t have those in LA. Oh, I almost forgot….Guess what? I booked another film!!!!!! I’m so excited. The name of it is Bolt and it is an animated film. i play a character named Penny . John Travolta will voice the role of the dog, Bolt. I have already done some recording on this project but they called and offered me the role yesterday. Of course I said yes!!!!!!!!!! Well, I better go now. I’m going to go eat some blue corn tortillas! Thats my new favorite food! I’ll write back soon. Always remember…….Yall Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 It’s my birthday, It’s my birthday! woohoooo!!!! Anonymous (b3ef) 16549

>Posted by Chloë on 10 Feb 2008

Oh yea, I’m 11 today! It feels so good. Thanks so much to everybody for wishing me happy birthday! I love hearing from all my cool friends. Yall are awesome! Elissa, of course I remember you. I sent you a letter and a headshot. I hope you got it. That was a long time ago. You sent me some neat letters. Also, Lucia thank you for the cool pic. I love it. And Barbara, thanks again. I’m sorry if I have left anyone out but my memory sometimes fails me! I’ll check back and give a shout out to everybody later! I had so much fun today. As yall probably know I am in New Mexico shooting a film but my Dad and my brother Ethan came out to visiti for my birthday. It was so cool.

They got me a cake and it was so yummy! I got a cute necklace and a computer. I needed a computer to do my school with so I was soooooooooooo excited when I got it! It is sad to be away from my friends on my Birthday but I’ll see everybody when I get home. It is so nice to see that all of you guys are so nice to remember my birthday. I have a long day of filming tomorrow so wish me well. I love to film. I get a little bored when I jsut have to be “on hold” but tomorrow I will pretty much film all day YAY! It is not so cold in New Mexico today. We went out without coats and the sun felt so good. I think it may get cold again later in the week though. I ‘ll keep you posted. Gotta go and study my script now. Always Remember…Yall ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace

 Hi Everybody! Anonymous (b3ef) 16550

>Posted by Chloë on 12 Feb 2008

Hi guys! I’m writing to you as an official 11 year old. Woohoo!!!!!!!!! I was onset again today. It was fun. This movie is really fun for me. Guess whAT? I got another birthday cake last night! It was so special. My friends gave me a cool cake. We had it at dinner last night and it was so fun! It was really warm in New Mexico today. Tomorrow we are supposed to be getting a snow storm though. I hope we do get it.

Well, I hope we finish all of the exteriors so the snow won’t mess up our shoot so then we can film our interiors. If we get all that done I do want the snow. I am going snow skiing this weekend with my family over the Presidents Day holiday so I hope we have some great snow. I love , love, love to ski! Filming in Las Vegas, New Mexico has been quite an experience. It is such a cool little town. The people are so friendly. They have been like a second family to me. I will miss them when we head back to Santa Fe to film. They filmed No Contry for Old Men here in this town and it was a big deal. They even had the premiere for it here. Well, I have to go now because it is bedtime for me! Always remember………….Yall Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 Chloe Grace says Holla!!!!!!!!!!! Anonymous (b3ef) 16551

>Posted by Chloë on 28 Feb 2008

Hi guys, it’s me again. I’m back in Santa Fe (well I have been back for a couple of weeks) and the film shoot is going great. I’m having so much fun! We had a big soccer scene yesterday and I met so many wonderful kids! We had a blast. We literally played soccer all day. I was so tired when we returned to the hotel that I got a shower and went straight to bed. Today was another great day onset. I just love Simon Baker and Paz Vega. They are both such great and dedicated actors. I am watching them closely so that I can learn new things. I have to say that both of them are so talented. I feel so honored to be able to act in a film with them. This is a busy week for me because I am filmiing every single day. I love it though. I have the coolest teacher here too. She is the same teacher that I had when I shot The Eye last year in Albuquerque. She is so much fun and she is teaching me a bunch of stuff! I did a report on the planet Saturn. It was fun. I also did a report on the Spanish Conquistadores.

One of the coolest things is being able to see the southwest and to relate it to all that I have been learning this year about the Indian Culture and the times when the Mayan civilization was untouched by Cortez. This weekend I am going to go to some of the Indian Cliff dwellings here in New Mexico. I am so excited. I studied them a few months ago and now I’m going to get to walk through an actual cliff dwelling. How cool is that? It makes school so much fun when you can actually see what you’ve read on the pages. I think I learn better and easier when I can apply what I am taught. I’ll let yall know how it is next time I write.

Skiing was so wonderful last weekend. Taos was so much fun. I really improved my skill a bunch. My brother and I were flying down those slopes! We didn’t get the snow that we wanted but we really didn’t need it since Taos already had a great base on the mountain. I do have to give a shout out to my new friends in Santa Fe. Hi guys! maybe we can play soccer again sometimes. Thanks for making my trip here extra special. I really felt welcomed by all of you who spent the day with me on the set! Thanks! Helga, I thank you so much for the adorable card that you sent me the link to. It is soooooooooo cute! You are really talented to be able to do that. Well, I gotta go and get some sleep because I have an early set call in the morning. Always remember………………. Yall Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 Hello Everybody! Anonymous (b3ef) 16552

>Posted by Chloë on 01 May 2008

Wow! I have been away from my journal for sooooooooooooooo long! LOL! Sorry bout that guys but I have been really, really busy, in a good way. Well, I filmed my movie, Not Forgotten in Santa Fe New Mexico and Las Vegas, New Mexico throughout the winter. It was a blast. It snowed a lot as I told yall before. I had the great honor of visiting an elementary school there to speak with some of the students. That was a highlight of my trip to Santa Fe. I have to give a shout out to all of the students at Wood Gormley Elementary. You guys Rock! The film is turning out really well. I did a little bit of additional recording for it the other day and got to see some of the footage and it looks great!

Guess what? I have some GREAT news…I booked another film . It is called 500 Days of Summer and it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. It is kind of a romantic comedy and I play a pretty cool 12 year old sister of Joseph’s character. It will be so much fun and we get to shoot it right here in LA. Yay! Also, Dirty Sexy Money is starting back. We start shooting season 2 today actually. I don’t shoot till next week. It was so much fun seeing all of the cast and crew at the table read yesterday. It was Jill Clayburghs birthday and they had cake for her after the table read. She plays Letitia Darling on the show. I got to see Peter Krause and Zoe McClelan again (they play my parents on the show). It was sweet! I’m still busy trying to finish the school year. I have standardized testing next week so I dread that. I just want to get it finished.

We start filming 500 Days of Summer next week too. I have a few rehearsals this week before we start so I am super busy. Well, I gotta go now. Write back and let me know what is going on with you guys. Always remember… Yall Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 Yay! Poker House is going to the LA Film Festival Anonymous (b3ef) 16553

>Posted by Chloë on 08 May 2008

Hi everybody! We just got the great news that my film that I shot in Chicago a year ago is going to be in the competition at the Los Angeles Film Festival. This is very exciting. I love the character that I got to play in it. Her name is Cammie and she was just the sweetest little character. It is a dark type film so I have not seen it but I had a blast filming it . My director Lori Petty is the best and Jennifer Lawrence and Sophie Bairly were great too. Hopefully, the people at the festival will like it too! We premiere on June 20th. Everyone can come to see the film by buying a ticket for it through the LA film festival. I have been very busy for the past week.

My new film , 500 Days of Summer, that I told you guys about is filming now and we have been in rehearsals and I have not stopped. I just filmed episode 1 for season 2 of Dirty Sexy Money and that script is going to ROCK this season. It was so great seeing all of my friends from that show again. they are a very nice group of people. School is winding down too. I have 3 more math lessons then we go into review of all that we have learned this year. I did my standardized testing this week and am finished with that. Yay! It was not so bad but I don’t like testing. My brother got a new German Shepherd puppy and he is the greatest. He is making friends with my dog Fuller and they are so cute togehter. My other brother is about to get a Weimaraner (I don’t know how to spell it!) but the dog is not born yet. I can’t wait to meet it when he gets her. I’m just going to have a menagerie of “brothers dogs”! well, I gotta go and do more school. Always remember…….Yall Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 Well…..here I am!!!!!!!!!!! Anonymous (b3ef) 16554

>Posted by Chloë on 13 Aug 2008

I love that line “well, here I am” that Renee Zelwegger said in the movie Cold Mountain. So I am using it…”Well here I am”! So sorry that it has been so long since I have written but I have been non stop busy,, but in a good way. Where do I start? First, thanks for staying with me and visiting the site even when I have neglected my journal. I have been so blessed this year in booking so many wonderful projects and I have been to so many fun events. I booked an amazing film this summer which I shot in June and July called 500 Days of Summer. It stars Zooey Deschanel and my new friend Joseph Gordon Levitt. He is so great. Well, she is too but I didn’t have any scenes with her.. All my scenes were with Joe.

He is so so talented. I got so much from him that it was so easy to act with him. We had a blast! We made music CD’s for each other and that was great fun! My director on that film was Marc Webb and he is a HUGE music video director. He has worked with some of my favorite groups. He is fun and very easy to work with. The producers on this one are great too. I love them and was sad when it wrapped. I did a few more episodes of Dirty Sexy Money which is always fun. It was great to see everyone again. My Friends Tigger and Pooh has wrapped the second season and we are about to start the 3rd season. I got a first edition of the new Darby doll that will be sold at WalMart stores. It is sooooo cute! She says 20 Darby sayings and it is really weird to hear my voice come out of a doll… Cool, but weird!

I have had a great summer and am about to enter Middle School , Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it. Math will probably be so hard this year and I am sure Science will be crazy. Soccer starts back up in september and that is great. I will miss my soccer season though because I have some HUGE, HUGE News…. I just booked a major LEAD role in a film. It will shoot in London and for a few weeks in Toronto. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited that my mom and I have been jumping up and down for days now. I can’t yet reveal the name of the film but it will be released soon, so stay tuned! I have a lot of stunt training to do which starts this week so I have a really full work load.

This summer I got the opportunity to go back to my homies in Georgia! I visited my memom (who is my grandmother) and my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Russ and my cousin Andy and Megan and her husband JT. The coolest person I got to visit though was my new little baby 2nd cousin named Jay. He is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. He is so sweet and I got to feed him and change his diaper. He is my new little love. I just wish I could see him more. He is so far away. I didn’t get to fish this time because we didn’t got to the river. My cousin Andy rescued a cool new dog named Haven and she is the cutest thing in the world too. I love her. She had been abused and he took her in. She is so brilliant. I want to help stray animals. I got to go to the Teen Choice Awards this year too! It was fun but long. I loved seeing all the people and the energy in the room was pretty cool. I had a ball at the LA Film Festival this year. My film The Poker House did extremely well. IN fact, my friend Jennifer Lawrence won best performance for the entire festival. Lori Petty my director was so cool and I had a blast hanging out with her. I got to see and take photos with Selma Blair who played my mom (we had no scenes together though). She is gorgeous and so so sweet. I have been really busy doing some reshoots on the film Not Forgotten which I did in Santa Fe this winter. It is looking really good and hopefully will get into some good festivals.

My brother Trevor is currently filming a LEAD role in a film called the Invisible Chronicles. It is cool and he is doing a great job. Check Fangoria.com and look on the news for David DeCoteau preview of H.G. Well Invisible Chronicles and you will see Trevor in a couple of stills from the film along with a mini write up. It comes out in theaters in the Fall.

Well, I gotta go because this is way too long! I will keep you guys updated when I can tell the name of my film. I am soooooooooo excited about getting to film in London and getting to live there like a “local” for so long.

Always Remember………….Y’all ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 It’s Official….I’m Hit Girl!!!!!!!! Anonymous (b3ef) 16555

>Posted by Chloë on 18 Aug 2008

Holla! I can now announce to you that I am officially Hit Girl in the upcoming film Kick Ass. I get to play a really cool action character named Hit Girl. I worked really hard to get the role and I am going to have to work even harder now. I started martial arts training this weekend and it is soooooooooooooo much fun. I love it! The film is based on a comic book by the same name. Mark Millar writes the comic for Marvel and Matthew (the director from Stardust) is the director. He is really cool . One of the coolest things about it is that we film in London, England!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooo psyched. I leave for London at the end of this month and will be there pretty much till the end of November.

We leave London for about 2 weeks to film in Toronto and then go straight back to London. How much fun will that be? I have not been to Europe since I filmed Wicked Little Things in Bulgaria. I have to start packing soon. It is going to be a huge suitcase and my mom will have to pack one just for all of my school books. I get to take my favorite studio teacher with me to. She is my homeschool teacher too so I am going to be all set. My brother Trevor will be onset with me too. He coaches me so I will feel so comfortable onset. I am always comfortable onset but this is a really tough role so having him there to help me will be so great.

I filmed another of Dirty Sexy Money this week and had a blast. I got to meet Bella Thorne who plays the daughter of Patrick Darling ( who is played by Billy Baldwin). We had so much fun onset between takes so it was a really fun day. Well, I gotta go now since it is late and I have to record for My Friends Tigger and Pooh tomorrow. I LOVE to do that job. It is so much fun. The people there are the BEST .
Always remember……………….Y’ALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 Cheerio from London……… Anonymous (b3ef) 16556

>Posted by Chloë on 02 Sep 2008

Hello everybody,

I can’t believe it but I am FINALLY here in jolly old England!!!!!!! I arrived on Friday morning after an 11 hour flight. It was soooooooo long and I was soooooooooo jet lagged when I got here. WE had an amazing flight on Air New Zealand. That is the BEST airline. I had such a fun time that I barely slept any on the flight. When we arrived the production picked us up and they took us to a great hotel. We are staying in the Marylbone district of London. It is so beautiful. The people here are fantastic. It was really hot and muggy this weekend but now it is chilly and raining. I am so in love with London. I could see myself living here. I have had high tea everyday that I have been here. It is the most fun thing. I have had cool wardrobe fittings and hair consults and tomorrow we start rehearsals. I got to meet Nic Cage who plays Big Daddy (Hit Girl’s father) and he is the nicest man. I loved talking with he and Matthew Vaughn about all of their ideas for the film.

THis film is going to be soooooooooooooo much FUN! My costume is so great. I do have my work cut out for me though because it is a HUGE role but I am definitely up for it. I love working hard. I will be here for about 3 months. Well, actually, I will be in Toronto for 3 weeks to train martial arts and to do a few days of exterior shots then back to London. The whole thing should wrap here in London around the first week of December. I am over all my jet lag now so I am just out and about everyday. My mom and brother Trevor are here with me. WE are going to see some plays and musicals on the WEst End while we are here so that should be fun. Well, I gotta go now. I will try to keep ya’ll all updated on this film as things happen. Until then, Always remember…YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 S’up Peeps? Anonymous (b3ef) 16557

>Posted by Chloë on 17 Sep 2008

Well, I’m here in Toronto now. We left London a week ago today! Toronto is a beautiful city and I am having fun. It may be the cleanest city I’ve ever been in. We’re in a cute little area where we can walk to everything. It was a bummer though cause we came in on the tail of the Toronto FIlm Festival so we didn’t get to attend any of the screenings or carpets. Almost all of the cast is here now. I had to come early to do a bunch of training. Aaron is here though (he plays Dave/Kick Ass). He’s so cool. I think everybody is going to love love love him as Kick Ass. He is sooooooooo perfect! He just cracks me up. Just wait, you’ll love him. I got to me Chris (Red mist) who is better known as McLovin when we were in London and he is great too.

I am working sooooooooooooo hard here with my training. Get this, they are taking me to the Toronto Circus School everyday for 2 hours or physical conditioning. My trainer is literally working me so hard. But it’s all good. I’m getting in great shape and my flexibility is getting great. The funnest thing is they may let me fly on the flying trapeze in a week or so. That makes me sooooo excited. I can’t imagine doing that but I can’t wait! The key is I have to get my head stunt people to come fly too! They are so gonna fly too, I’m making sure of it! I would LOVE to get Matthew Vaughn ( My director) to fly on the trapeze with me too but I don’t know if I can make that happen. I’m sure going to try so I keep you updated. That one will be a bit tougher though. I bet if Mark Millar (the comic book creator of Kick Ass) comes over from Scotland that I could get him on that Trapeze! He’s so fun. I havn’t gotten my finished Hit Girl costume yet. I’ve had several fittings and it is going to ROCK! Just wait, Hit Girl is so BAAAAADDDDD! She is going to be so cool (probably too cool for me! Haha) but I cannot wait to get in the final costume with full hair and makeup and see what I look like. This film is going to ROCK! The writer (Jane Goldman) is the COOLEST lady I’ve ever met. She wears the coolest clothes and her hair is bright PINK! I love it! She just keeps making the script better and better. The cool part is that so many people are working on this script, Matthew, Jane and Mark and it is sooooooooooooo good. The comic books have almost all sold out (I’ve been told) but I have all 4!

Well, I start shooting on Sunday here in Toronto and Aaron starts shooting on Friday. We will move back to London on October 5th. I have a few night shoots in early October so that will be fun! School is tough but I’m getting through it. Math is still pretty easy since we are still in review. I started school on September 8th. This year my favorite subject is Ancient Civilizations. It is amazing. I have almost finished The Candy Shop Wars which I LOVE and want to make into a movie! My next novel is The Hatchett. I can’t wait to read it. Well, I gotta go do more school and then head off to the Circus to condition. After that I go and learn my stunt fighting! I have this cool stunt trainer named Pong (He stunted with Jackie Chan) and he is AWESOME. He is tough but he is the BEST! I did some cool stunt fighting yesterday so by the end of this training Hit Girl is gonna be AWESOME!
Always remember…….YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 Hit Girl Checking in! LOL!!!!!!!!! Anonymous (b3ef) 16558

>Posted by Chloë on 23 Sep 2008

Wow! Wow! Wow! I know, my mom would kill me cause she would say I need to use a bigger vocabulary but all I can say is WOW! I had my final wardrobe, make up, and hair screen test for Hit Girl and I can’t believe it. It is the way coolest suit I have ever seen! I’m not kidding. Wait till you see it. I can’t say anything about what it looks like but just let me say it is the coooooooooolest Super Hero Girl EVER! You won’t recognize me in it. It feels so fun when I put it on. It’s like I just become Hit Girl and not Chloe. She is going to be sooooooooo kick butt! I wish you guys would be able to see it when it comes out on film but it gonna be rated R so most of yall won’t get to.

Red Mist’s suit is sooooooooo cool too. He looks amazing in it. It is just so weird. We were at the “big reveal” together and we just looked at each other and couldn’t believe how cool all of this is. I still can’t believe Mark and Matthew and Jane wrote me such a cool role. Mindy is really fun too but Hit Girl is the BEST! Wait till you see the car in the film. It is the coolest thing too. I can’t tell you anything about it other than it is fast and pretty darn awesome. There I go again using the same words over and over. Mom won’t like that when she reads this. She makes me use my thesaurus to find new words to use when I’m writing my papers.

I shot a couple of scenes over the weekend in Hamilton, Canada. It was at a highschool and I met some cool kids at the school. I met one girl with this really cool tatoo of a cupcake on the back of her neck. I loved it so much I had to get a picture of it! My nickname at home is cupcake (well one of my nickname is) so I just had to save the memory. The lady who made all our great costumes is named Sammy and she is really incredible. She draws them up (all by herself) colors them in and then she makes them. How cool is that? Well, Josie actually sews them but Sammy dreams them up. She did Hell Boys costume. She literally thinks of everything all the way down to my socks!!!!!!!!!!

My hair styler on this film is named Fay and I want to just bottle her up and bring her back home to California with me. She has given me the COOLEST hairstyle I have ever had or will probably ever have in a film. She just came up with so many ideas and showed them all to Matthew and Jane and they chose their favorite. I’m sooooooo happy they chose my favorite look and Fay’s favorite look. I have tomorrow off (except for school). I am going to get to go fly on the trapeze at the circus school tomorrow night. Matthew won’t be able to because his back is kind of hurting and I’m sure he is so busy with this film. My brother Trevor is going to go fly with me too. I bet Aaron and Chris would fly with me too if they were back in Toronto but they are still in Hamilton filming for another day or 2.

My training is killing me but it is great. The stunt guys are amazing. I have learned to do so many things it’s ridiculous! I’m gonna come back to LA like Superwoman or something. I can do like 12 chin ups and 30 push ups and 65 crunches. I can do back handsprings and a whole bunch of other stuff that I couldn’t do before this film. I have to soak every night in the epsom salts to make my muscles not be sore. Oh, I almost forgot, guess what tonight is? It is the premiere screening for my film “Jack and the Beanstalk” that I filmed last summer. My costar is Colin Ford (who I love, love, love) he and his mom are the BEST! I’m sad that I couldn’t go to the screening but I couldn’t leave this film. I can’t wait to hear how it went. I also can’t wait to see it! I also had a great time this weekend after I finished filming.

My dad surprised me with a visit here and we drove from Hamilton to Niagra Falls. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It literally felt like it was raining because the mist was so heavy. We took some great pics and I’m gonna send one to Holli to post on the site. I just can’t believe God mad something so spectacular like that! We went in the Hershey’s factory store and bought a giant Reese’s cup and a giant chocolate bar. I sent it back to my Brother Ethan whose favorite candy is Reese cups! I also bought my brother Colin a cool hat that looks like a sock monkey. It is great1 Aaron has one just like it and he’s been wearing it everywhere. I got one that looks like I have a penguin head. Chris has a bunny hat and Jane has one that is a black cat with a pink nose. We’re all gonna wear them throughout this shoot. It is sooooooo fun. I’ve never had so much fun with a group. It’s really cool having all these teens around. They are fun and crazy! I got to see Lyndsy at set for a minute yesterday and she is so cute and super sweet. Well, I’ll go now. Long entry this time peeps but I’m just soooooo excited I had to share with yall! Always remember…..YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxo

 Hit Girl is Back in London, oh yeah… Anonymous (b3ef) 16559

>Posted by Chloë on 15 Oct 2008

I’m back in London town and having a blast! Where do I start? We had a great shoot in Toronto and I have been back in London for about a couple of weeks now. I had so much fun in Canada but London is the BEST!!!!!!!!!! We got a great apartment here and we’re living like the local chaps (that’s British talk). No really, it’s great here. I havnt had a lot of time to see very much this time around since I am working so much. I had a few days to get over my jet lag then I hit it the set. We are filming at the very same studio where they shot Star Wars!!!!!! Can you believe that? It is soooooooooo cool.

I went in the props area and they actually gave me a couple of really cool things. I have a coin from Pirates of the Carribean. I got to touch one of the practice razors that Johnny Depp used in Sweeny Todd. I took a picture with some cool star wars stuff and I got to hold a piece of the fake ice used in the Titanic film when the ship sank. It is so cool. They also gave me one of the fake chocolate bars from Willy Wonka. This film is just like a dream come true for me. I am meeting so many people. I have to tell you, Mr. Nic Cage is the coolest man ever! I love him. I am learning things about acting that I didn’t even think I could learn. He just takes everything that is written in the script and just gives it something really cool and really special. I mean, I just get to act off of what he does and I can’t even believe it. I hope I can be like that one day. He just finds so many ways to make his character just so cool. Just wait, when you see how he is playing Big Daddy you are going to be so amazed.

Everyday that I come to set I learn something new. Sometimes we just joke around in between takes then we kind of use it when we shoot. Our director, Matthew, is so cool he lets us bring our stuff to our characters. He knows exactly how he wants the film to look and it amazes me how he can just tell us so clearly what he wants. He may be one of the best directors I have ever worked with. It is just easy. My role is the hardest one I have ever done because it is so physical and at the same time I have a lot of dramatic scenes. I shot 5 scenes the other day! That is a lot of scenes in one day but Matthew knows exactly how he wants it done so we just get in there and get it done. My stunt team that is training me are great too. The action scenes are SICK! I love it. I have to say, Hit Girl is pretty cool. I’m not at all like her but she is just full out wild! My costume just keeps getting better.

Some days when I get home from set I am so tired I just fall into bed. I have a new respect for all those actors who do these action films because they are tough. It’s all good though. I feel like I don’t want it to end. Right now I am supposed to wrap at the very end of November and the time is flying by. My teacher, Sissie, got here from LA last week so school is going well. I had a cool teach up in Toronto that I want to give a shout out to…Yo Andrea! Well, I gotta go to bed now. I have a day off of filming tomorrow and only have to do school but the next 5 days are straight out filming (after school). I have some cool, cool, cool action stuff in the next few weeks that will blow your mind! Just wait, it’s gonna be great! Well, always remember….Y’ALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

 It’s Winter Now in London……Burrrrrrr! Anonymous (b3ef) 16560

>Posted by Chloë on 27 Oct 2008

Hey Peeps,
It seems like overnight it got freezing cold here in London. I’m wearing my boots and wool coats and scarves. I love it! We don’t have the season changes like this in LA so I’m really enjoying this. It rains a lot but that’s ok because I have a cute umbrella that my mom bought me on Portabello Street. I loooooooovvvvvvveeeee
Portabello Street. It is so fun and funky it kind of reminds me a little bit of the fun parts of Melrose in LA. I am on my 9th week on my film Kick Ass and am still having fun. I’m really , really tired but it is just sooooooooooo much fun! I got a little sad last week though because my “set Daddy” Nic Cage wrapped. It was so sad. We had or last scene together on Monday and he wrapped on Tuesday last week. We exchanged gifts though. How cool is that????????? Nic Cage gave ME a gift. I was so excited! It is soooooooooo beautiful and very special. I will always treasure it. I think I’m definitely going to wear it to one of my premieres.

Guess what? We started filming the MAJOR, MAJOR action parts of the film last week and it is SICK! I am doing the craziest things. I have to wear a harness for some of my scenes and that reminds me of when I was shooting The Amityville Horror and wore a harness for the scenes when I walked on the roof. It’s very hard and pretty uncomfortable but I’m just so glad to be doing all my action stuff. The stunt guys are very cool. They are very patient with me when I’m trying to learn this hard action stuff. Peng and Brad and Max and Jai are great! You really can not even imagine how awesome these guys are! Maybe one day I’ll be able to do some of the stuff they do. They have made the scenes so that I can do them and I am so happy about that. We worked for a few hours on Sunday blocking one of the huge action sequences and I have to tell you, I can’t even believe it. This movie is going to keep everyone on the edge of their seats!

I got to see Mark Millar the other day onset. He is the guy who writes the Kick Ass comic. He is so cool. He has this funny Scottish accent. I can’t do the accent but I wish I could. I do a pretty good British accent but Scottish is just crazy! I still can’t believe what a cool role he wrote for an 11 year old. Everyday, I just get to go to set and !do all this stuff that is like something Angelina Jolie would do in a movie. I have wanted an action movie for a while now but I never thought I woould reallly get one. Chris Mintz Plasse is back in London and I get to see him in make up some. He is a cool guy. I have been working with the stunt team a lot since Nic wrapped and I have not gotten to see a lot of Aaron. I see him in make up some but I miss seeing everybody. We’re working 2 units on this film so sometimes we don’t see too many people in the cast for a few days at a time. It’s pretty cool that they can shoot a whole lot more by doing 2 totally separate units. We even have a different second unit director named Tim and he is so nice.

Matthew of course sets up all of the stuff for both units and it is pretty cool to see how all this works. I have never done a film with this much action so it’s all pretty new to me. I’ll keep you updated as things progress. I had the day off today and I went to Kensington Palace to see the Princess Diana exhibit. It was kinda cool. I love to have tea there. Well, I gotta go now and go to sleep. Tomorrow I do some pretty intense training and have more wardrobe fittings for my stunt suit. I can’t wait till yall can see it! Hit Girl is Cool, ya! Oh, I almost forgot, Halloween is coming up but I’m working on that day. I wanted to have a costume party. Oh well, maybe I’ll just dress up and go to set as something weird, Ha! My bro’s watching The Hills on the computer and I wish I could watch it too but I’m going to bed instead. I’ll watch it tomorrow.
Always Remember………………………..YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 I lost something on my film Kick Ass…MY TEETH! Anonymous (b3ef) 16561

>I lost something on my film Kick Ass…MY TEETH!

Hi everybody. Chloe’s in da house. oh yea. I just got home from another great day on the set of my new film Kick Ass. I’m writing because I am too full of energy to go to sleep. It’s really kinda hard because I go to set all day and do school and shoot a whole bunch of action stuff and then come home and have to get a shower and go to bed. I bet Hit Girl doesn’t have to do that. Anyway, I’m still having a blast. I have been shooting non stop action sequences for the past five days and it ROCKS! I’m shooting and jumping and doing crazy things. I killed a whole bunch of bad guys today , well Hit Girl “killed” them. These guys are so sweet though. They all stay in a big room right next to my dressing room and then they come down to set and I have to kill them off! It’s crazy.

Everyday I’m jumping and rolling and ducking and by the end of the day my suit is sticking to me like it’s glued on. All I want to do is soak in a hot tub after I take that suit off. I tell you, it’s gonna be pretty hard to find another film that is going to be this fun and action packed. I have not met anyone on the film that is not loving it. I do have some interesting news from the set. I lost 2 teeth in the past 5 days. It’s so cool. I lost one of my upper molars and 3 days later I lost another one. I lost the first one when I was on my way to set and I lost the second one while I was sitting in the make up chair becoming Hit Girl. It’s a whole process I go through to actually become Hit Girl. I laughed so hard when my tooth fell out. It was so funny. My hair stylist was doing my hair and I was chewiing my gum and all of a sudden it just fell out. I had to rush and get some water and bite down on some tissue. It was awesome. 2 teeth in one week. I have not gotten the chance to leave them under my pillow for the tooth fairy yet because they are in my mom’s purse. I need to do that tonight or tomorrow because I could use the cash! Ha, ha. No really, I wonder how much 2 teeth will bring me. I’ll let you know when the tooth fairly visits. I was laughing after I lost the second tooth and saying that I should pretend that they got knocked off onset while I was fighting the bad guys. Maybe I should still do that. It wouldn’t be any fun to do that now though because I couldn’t fake the blood. Let me think if anything else really cool has happened. Hmm, just filming, filming and more filming.

Oh yea, one more thing, we got SNOW in London. WEll, not really in London but over at the Elstree studios we got a ton of snow. We drove home last week in a huge snow storm. I love snow so I was so sad when we got back into London and it was only rain. Oh, Halloween just happened too. I was supposed to go to a really cool party at my writers house (Jane Goldman) but I worked all day on Halloween and I couldn’t get a costume together. Bummer, but I’ll be something really cool next year. I tried to go as Hit Girl but I couldn’t take my costume!!!!!!!!! Wednesday is a special day in London when they shoot fire works and have bon fires so that should be fun. Tomorrow is election day back home in the states so all of you readers who are old enough to vote ….GO VOTE! If you are not old enough like me then make your parents and everybody else GO VOTE! I don’t want to say who I want to win but I’m crossing my fingers my man wins. Well, Hit Girl’s gotta go to sleep now. I think I have typed myself to sleep tonight. Always remember…..YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo

 Hit Girl is sad….. Anonymous (b3ef) 16562

>Posted by Chloë on 21 Nov 2008

Aww, I’m home after a long day onset and I’m a little bit sad tonight. I had my last day with the Action Unit on Kick Ass today. We had a great shoot today and I did some really fun scenes. We did a scene that we have been shooting for the entire week tonight and it is so cool. You guys are going to love it. We literally took the entire scene straight out of the comic book. I’m not sure what issue it was in but I’m pretty sure it was issue 3. I met so many new cool people. The scene was a tough one but we did it. The worst part is that I’m gonna miss my stunt guys sooooooooooo much. They are the coolest guys in the world. They gave me a really cool t shirt that only the stunt team got so it’s really special. I’m gonna wear it tomorrow when I have my day off. I one more really cool action day left but today was the last day of the action unit shoot. We have worked with 2 teams, the first unit and the action unit. I cross over between first unit and action unit almost every day. It is crazy.

This has been to most exciting few months of my life on this shoot. I am scheduled to wrap on Tuesday. That makes me sad too but I’m getting homesick for LA so I am happy that I get to return home but sad to leave my new film family. Aaron and I have a fun scene coming up on Monday and then we get to move from Elstree Studios over to Pinewood Studios. I love Elstree because I feel like I know every inch of it now! Pinewood should be cool too. They are filming Prince of Persia over there right now and we will be there too. They have built a big Comic Book Store set there and I am shooting a couple of my scenes over there too. The teenagers arrive sometime this weekend so it’s gonna get really busy around here soon.

Tomorrow I’m going shopping here in London because I have not had a lot of extra time to do that or to see much of this great city. I’m buying some gifts for my castmates and Director and Producers so that will be fun. After that I’m going to a festival they have set up in Hyde Park. It looks so cool. Maybe I’ll get some pictures and HOlli can post them. We’ll see. Well, I better go. I’m about to go to sleep. I wish I could share more about my shoot day but you’ll have to wait a bit longer. I really can’t wait to see this stuff after it is edited. The action is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the next comic book. Oh, one more thing. Guess who I get to meet next week? The man who draws the comic is going to be at Pinewood (I have been told) and I will get to meet him. I don’t know if Mark Millar will be back but I bet he will be. He’s funny and I hope to get to see him again. Till next time…..Always Remember…..YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 I’m still here in London……filming Kick Ass??? Anonymous (b3ef) 16563

>Posted by Chloë on 02 Dec 2008

Yup, I’m still here! I was supposed to be on a plane flying back to LA today but the film got a little bit behind and I am now scheduled to be here until sometime next week. It’s all good though because I am still having a lot of fun.. I had an exciting weekend onset. All of the guys playing the friend of Kick Ass are in town to film and Lindsy is here too (she plays Dave’s girlfriend). I saw a little bit of them but not a whole bunch because I am not in their scenes. It was a huge set this weekend though over at Pinewood. It rained pretty hard and the place got pretty muddy. Eww.

The set looked amazing though. They built a whole New York Street with a comic book store and like a diner. It looked really good. I lived in NYC for a year and I think it looked pretty real. Anyway, they have all gone back to the states now (except for Lindsy because she and Aaron have a couple more scenes to do). I have to go in tomorrow to rehearse one of the big action scenes that we have already shot. We are going to reshoot a few parts of it on Thursday so we just need to rehearse it and get it perfect. It is such a huge scene and a very difficult one so they want to make sure they get it just right. I’ll shoot more on Saturday and then again Monday and Tuesday and then I am supposed to travel home to LA next Wednesday. I hope the schedule holds. I’m ready for some sunshine and warm weather. London is great but LA is calling my name!

Oh, yeah, more news….Guess who I got to meet this weekend? John Romita. He is the illustrator for the Kick Ass comic book. Wow, this was cool. He is so nice and so easy to talk to. He and his wife and son all came to set and we all hung out for a whole day. My brothers and my Dad are all jealous because they love his work and they didn’t get to meet him. His son Vinnie is so nice. I showed him around the set and he watched a bunch of scenes and he even got to be in a scene in the film. I’m not in the scene but I’m so excited for him. I can’t wait to see the drawings that he make of me as Hit Girl. His work is so, so ,so good. It will be fun to see his drawings of me. I have seen one about a month ago but he says there are plenty more to come.

Seeing myself drawn as a comic book character is weird. Well, weird in a good way. I went into a studio today in London to record for a Disney toy for my character Darby in the show My Friends Tigger and Pooh. It was fun and great to get to talk to the peeps at Disney Character Voices all the way from England. I have gone in a couple of times to do this since I have been in London and it has been a great experience. Well, I gotta go now and go to sleep. School is pretty difficult now because I have been doing some milestone lessons (these are things I do about every 4 weeks and they take FOREVER!) Anyway, school will start early in the morning and then I’ll go to set. Later………
Always remember…………YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 Hit Girl is home and happy… Anonymous (b3ef) 16564

>Posted by Chloë on 07 Jan 2009

Yo peeps, sup? Well, I have been so busy since returning to Los Angeles that I have not had a chance to blog, so here goes…..
We wrapped Kick Ass on the 11th of December and I boarded a jet back to LA on December 12th. It was really a sad day for me. I love every minute of my films and I’m always ready to wrap but this one was special. We had a huge wrap party and before it we had a small, intimate cast bon voyage dinner at NOBU in London. I had the BEST yellow tail sushi that I have EVER tasted there. At the end of it they gave us these cute little bento boxes with chocolate deserts. Matthew’s wife was there too. She is a super model. How cool is that? Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet her directly but I saw her at the table. We had such a great time. I can’t wait till I go back to London to finish the film. We still have quite a few shots to pick up. One is a scene with Aaron and I and we are flying around so that will ROCK! I have not spoken with anyone since arriving home for the past 3 weeks but I’m sure I’ll speak with them soon. My mom has emailed back and forth with John Romita and his cute wife Kathy so that’s cool. John drew me a super cool pencil drawing of me in my Hit Girl uniform and signed it and I screamed for like an hour!! My mom is having it framed so that I’ll have it alway and forever. I think in the near future you will be able to see some photos of me as Mindy along Nic Cage as Damon. There are some cool father, daughter pics and I’ve been told they will be released by the people over at Ain’t it Cool News.

I read an article written by a guy named Baz. He writes for a newspaper in London called The Daily Mail. He had some really kind things to say about the film and some really cool things about me too. So, Baz, if you are reading this….thanks a million. Hopefully, I’ll see you in two weeks at Sundance Film Festival. Yep, you heard it right here. I will be attending the Sundance festival in 2 weeks for the premiere of a film I shot last summer called 500 Days of Summer. That was a blast and I cannot wait to reunite with my friends from that one. I have another film that is at the Slamdance festival which is right across the street from the Sundance festival and we have a tight schedule there. 500 Days will premiere at 6:15 p.m. and Not Forgotten will screen at 8:00 that night and I’ll be doing a Q&A afterwards. I love Q&A’s because it is a time where I get to meet the people that are seeing my movies and I can answer any questions that they might have.

Other news….hmm..well, school started back on Monday and I am busting my bum getting my work done. It is good to be back in a routine though. Christmas was terrific. I got a Wii game and a purple Betty razor motor bike and it is THE COOLEST! It looks just like a real vespa. I canot wait till I am 16 and i can get a real Vespa. That will be sick! Well, gotta go now. I’ll keep you guys posted with the Hit Girl and Chloë worlds as they happen. I am hoping to see Aaron Johnson and Mark Strong since they also have films at Sundance. Oh, and the MOST important thing I didn’t mention is that while I am in Utah I will get to ski again and that is one of my favorite sports.
Always Remember…..YALL ROCK!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  Chloë is BACK in da house!!!!!! Anonymous (b3ef) 16565

>Posted by Chloë on 29 Apr 2009

Wow, where to start???????

I know I have been away for a loooooooooong time but it’s been busy for me since getting home from London. I went to Utah in January for the Sundance film festival where my film 500 Days of Summer premiered. That was a blast. It was great to see everybody from the film and I finally go to see it. You guys are gonna LOVE this film. Joe and Zooey are so great in it. It really ROCKS!

Sooooooooo, where do I start? School is busy and I am so ready to finish for the year. I just saw the new layout for this site and I LOVE it! Holli, thank you so much. It is so cool. I mean, HIT GIRL looks so cool! I had almost forgotten how much fun that film was to shoot. I love everyone on that project. Guess what? I’m going back to London this weekend to do some pick up shots and a few reshoots. I can’t wait. It will be fun to get back in my purple outfit! I’ll be wearing my “fringe” again too as Mindy and that is always fun. They glue these bangs on me and then I look soooooo different. It’r really cool though and I love that I get to be so different in this film. Reshoots are gonna ROCK! I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how they progress. I wonder if I’ll need my boots in London this time?

Does anybody know what May is like in London town? I bet it’s rainy but maybe not too rainy. LA is warm and all sunshine right now and that makes me happy but a weather change is always fun. I’ve been very busy auditioning and doing some additional recordings for My Friends Tigger and Pooh but other than that it’s been all school and friends. I went to a fun party for my friends Bat Mitvah last weekend and it was cool to see everybody but I got sick with a cold. I’m recovering well but I’m NEVER sick so this took me by surprise. My nose is so stopped up and my voice sounds funny but at least it is improving. Well, I better go for now. I promise to try to write more often. Until later…Always Remember….
Yall ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  Hit Girl is BACK in London for Kick Ass! Anonymous (b3ef) 16566

>Posted by Chloë on 06 May 2009

Yo Peeps, I’m back for reshoots. I’m still a little bit jet lagged and my feet feel like they are moving when I’m standing still but it’s great to be back. We had a great flight on Air New Zealand. It was so much fun. I forgot how cool that airline is. I only slept like 2 hours but I watched several movies and ate. We got into London on Monday and it was a little gray and cold but today was sunny and beautiful. I don’t actually start filming until next week but I went out to the studio yesterday to see the producers and for a wardrobe fitting. It was great to see Matthew, Tarquin, David and Adam again. I got to put on my Hit Girl Hero costume and it still fits!!!!!!! Yay! I’m a tad bit taller but not a lot so I can just pick up where I left off. We are going to get to do a couple of really cool scenes that we have not shot yet and will do some minor reshooting on one of my BIG Action scenes.

I have not seen any of my cast mates yet though. They will be there next week. We start rehearsals on Monday. I cannot wait! I’ve been working out every night and doing all of my crunches and push ups so that I can make Hit Girl come to life again. It’s soooooooooo much fun to be able to do that character. She requires a lot of me but I LOVE action. It’s going to be really great when you guys get to see her in full action. It’s truly CRAZY! Nic Cage won’t be here for reshoots but Aaron Johnson (Kick Ass), Chris Mintz Plasse (Red Mist) and Mark Strong (Frank) will all be here. We will have a great reunion! I’m going to tour more museums this week. I love the Natural History Museum and my favorite one is The British Museum. I’m currently studying Rome in Ancient Civilizations so I’m pretty sure they will have some pretty great stuff to see that relate to my studies. Wow, I’m so blessed to have this great opportunity to be in London and see all that they have to share with the world.

I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how the reshoots are progressing as they happen. Stay tuned in! and Always Remember…….YA’LL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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