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File: 1367609467501_Chloe-J-Mag2.jpg (401.63 KB, 2692x1724)

 Supporting J magazine !a3dKSVA5Rc 19308

Okay bros here's the deal.
There's a new mag that's supposed to come out but it needs funding to do so, which is why they started a kickstarter campaign.

Why should you give a fuck you say? Well, it's because they're betting a lot on Chloë (she's on the cover and she has a big 16 pages article) and it's our duty as fans to make that bet turn out successful (or do the best we can).

They're already released some behind the scenes photos and you can tell we're in for a treat http://www.thecoveteur.com/chloe_moretz

And here's the kickstarter page:

The magazine costs $25 and the more you pledge the more goodies you get. I know for some of you that might be too much but you still can help. We have no chance of raising the money on our own but we can spread the word about it to any Chloë communities we know. We can also tweet this to all of Chloë's famous friends (and even Chloë and trevor themselves).

It's a long shot but it's worth it an anyone can contribute, even if it's with a few tweets at the very least

 Scuba!cLtXGf0VTk 19309

File: 1367610128557_Penguin_hat_7.jpg (31.25 KB, 314x318)


>tfw I don't have an account in the bank.

No problem, I will begin to spread the word in Twitter, but what should I say? Should I use hash tag?
**Nice green bar, it's stealing my view.

 Scuba!cLtXGf0VTk 19310

File: 1367610337756_Oops.jpg (65.89 KB, 551x388)

>**Nice green bar, it's stealing my view.
That is supposed to be hidden, but you get the picture.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19311

I don't know if we should use a hashtag
just tell people that if they're fans of Chloë they should support this magazine on kickstarter
and link them to it

 Scuba!cLtXGf0VTk 19312

File: 1367610751754_Honestly.png (241.25 KB, 430x321)

I think we need a hash tag, should be #supportkickstarter.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19313

that is way too generic
this is about people paying, the link to kickstarter is more important part, not getting some hashtag trending (though that could help yet it's not the point)

 Scuba!cLtXGf0VTk 19314

File: 1367610930780_Penguin_hat_4.jpg (18.42 KB, 297x304)

Okay, if you say so.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19315

I've posted this on some of the FB pages and will take to twitter and IMDB
if there are any russian bros from VK lurking, now would be a good time to help

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 19316

#kickstartJmag ?

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19317

sure, why not?

 Scuba!cLtXGf0VTk 19318

File: 1367611170778_Honestly.png (241.25 KB, 430x321)

So it's official?

 Scuba!cLtXGf0VTk 19319

File: 1367611255126_I_posted_it_again_Lol.jpg (90.75 KB, 410x246)

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19320

yeha, it's official
again this is not about getting a hashtag trending, getting likes on FB and other crap like that

this is about getting people to buy the mag, plain and simple
and they can get that message (and maybe spread it) in a tweet regardless of a hashtag

 Scuba!cLtXGf0VTk 19321

File: 1367611454547_Lets_see.jpg (198.84 KB, 1280x720)

I got, no need to repeat it twice, I'll see what I can do.

 Scuba!cLtXGf0VTk 19322

File: 1367611614582_Like_duh.jpg (63.77 KB, 321x361)

>I got.
*I got it.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19323

I've tweeted trevor, Chloë, jaimie king, kyle newman and mintz plasse
who else could we tweet to?

 Scuba!cLtXGf0VTk 19324

File: 1367612770001_Diggy.jpg (35.42 KB, 446x476)

Just Jared?

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19325

File: 1367612849949_chloe_moretz_08.jpg (5.73 KB, 186x182)

only if we had the guy's personal account
the official account is just for posting articles

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 19326

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19327

feel free to tweet him too

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 19328

I was thinking people with promotional power like Scuba said with Just Jared. Teri has twitter but she doesn't really use it, but there's her agent or publicist whose name I can't remember. She has twitter.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19329

her agent barely used twitter
same thing with teri
still, there's no harm in trying

 ThatHappyGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 19330

File: 1367614237146_shut_up_and_take_my_money.jpg (143.84 KB, 1600x900)

25 sounds reasonable. i'll donate soon. inb4 they take my banking info.

 Anonymous (dbfd) 19331

Seriously? You guys are trying to hard.

Anyway, 20k is nothing if the celebs from the magazine promotes it on their social network.

I just find your efforts a little bit funny. Hell, you tweeted
Bertie might as well go for rich boy cam, too.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 19332

Not a bad idea.

Ernesto would promote it with fury as well.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 19333

File: 1367618870860_HitGirlFinished.gif (628.78 KB, 400x224)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 19334

File: 1367621029611_oh_boy_icon.png (23.52 KB, 100x120)

 Anonymous (77c0) 19335

If you want to donate it's up to the person. You want the swag, and good feeling of donating? Go for it. They tell you exactly what the money will do for them.

Nothing hard about clicking and typing in a cash amount either.

 bDreamer (79b2) 19336

File: 1367623737301_Chloe281.jpg (190.29 KB, 675x900)

I could help if we use dollars in my country, if i had money in some virtual bank and help with my word if… brchan had not finished…
Sorry, for any other thing, i'm here.

 Chlobra Commander!jIhNAR4/e. 19337

File: 1367625800915_Chloe_Moretz-033.jpg (190.29 KB, 675x900)

Done. Would have give more if only they were shipping poster sized shit to Canada

 ineverrun (af65) 19338

Awh shyt my nigga
Is they shippin tha magazine 2 yo address?
Cuz if so
This gone b guud

 ineverrun (af65) 19339

16 pages of Chloë
In my hands
Ima have a heart attac

 Chlobra Commander!jIhNAR4/e. 19340

They have a bunch of bundles. The one that I wanted, they do not ship outside US. I had to choose the postcard size instead of poster. But yeah, they ship to my address… Can't tell my US friends about my Chole addiction ao….

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19341

come on people, make with the tweets

 ineverrun (af65) 19342

File: 1367628018322_shootthattruth.gif (701.43 KB, 500x211)

got damn
all these people meetin
mama Chloë
when she turn 18

she gone do that Chlomo shoot
wit the Chlobros… right? :'(
:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

 Cubia (bb09) 19343

I wonder if the poster from the $200 bundle is of Chloe its very vague on who the poster is of.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19344

File: 1367654163420_poster.jpg (51.86 KB, 647x454)

it's of her

 ineverrun (af65) 19345

100 dollas 4 a poster
fuc them niggas cuz
im hot
they charging top dolla
bro do we still get her
bubbling full of personality
story if we pay 25?

cuz if not somebody
catchin fade 2morroe when
i leave the house

 ineverrun (af65) 19346

File: 1367655913711_WTF.jpg (204.3 KB, 487x650)

fuc that
ill make my own

them niggas is sellin
200 dolla tshirts
& chargin $100 4 a poster

why mama lettin them get away with this?
I wish i still had my old occupation :'(

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19347

File: 1367656056164_131572564158.jpg (24.2 KB, 300x347)

they need FUNDING
that's how funding works
yo mamma, dawg woof woof

 ineverrun (af65) 19348

File: 1367656256519_Penguin_hat_8.jpg (31.07 KB, 313x313)

GG! cheer me up
cuz in my head
im crying Niagara falls

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19349

File: 1367656475596_chloe_moretz_387.jpg (25.86 KB, 218x277)

then pledge your support
get a cool mag and help us fans gain access to some top quality Chloë content

 ineverrun (af65) 19350

File: 1367656757521_shootthattruth.gif (701.43 KB, 500x211)

i got 25 dollas
old occupations
here i come

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19351

I think we should concentrate our fire on one target at a time, this way they might actually get 'hit' by it

Surely cameron cares a lot about her and has the means to make a more generous contribution than a lot of us. I say we start with him

 Anonymous (e633) 19352

We should also be getting the support of the fans from the other celebs they've mentioned (Aubrey Plaza, Ciara, Sara Bareilles and Eve) via twitter. There's a chance one of the celebs might retweet us and that will be a HUGE help with the funding. Also, both Ciara and Sara have over a million followers.


There's also a fan account for Sara Bareilles which she retweets often, so tweeting the fan account would be a good start. https://twitter.com/sarabfans

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19353

thanks for those
tweeted them all
will repeat doing so on a regular basis
hopefully more people will do the same

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19354

>will repeat doing so on a regular basis
if umbrellas taught us anything is that persistence can pay off, so if we all do this changes are some of those might contribute or retweet

 Anonymous (e633) 19355

The point was to get support from the fans of these celebs FOR the celeb herself, not Chloe. Sure, the magazine is revolving around Chloe, but what use is tweeting these celebs telling them to support Chloe when they probably couldn't care less?

We want it to be about them. Sara for example, the tweet should be saying how her fans should support her, and her new album by funding the J magazine. Or if they want to hear what she has to say about her new album buy the mag for only $25.. etc.

You can stick with what you're doing already, but that wasn't what I originally had in mind.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 19356

File: 1367663060323.jpg (65.89 KB, 551x388)

 OMGcee (0fda) 19357

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 19358

File: 1367827852412.jpg (109.23 KB, 472x592)

follow Mayo since he's targeting a lot of fans and people who could help
so go through his tweet history and retweeet all of those

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 19359

Okay so I've noticed 3 things about this J Magazine stuff…

1. On the project owners website he removed all photos of Chloe

2. On the covetuer site that had all the behind the scenes photos…the link is now dead

3. On the kickstarter page, in the project description, all references to Chloe and her photos were removed.

All 3 of these happening together seems rather odd.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 19360


Well if it wasn't dead on it's ass before, it is now.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 19361

With that and Chloe's lack of endorsement I wonder if Chloe's management team didn't want Chloe appearing in the magazine for some reason. Or maybe they thought it was just doomed to fail and wanted her pulled from it just for image safety.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 19362

Maybe they just realized they might have made a mistake by releasing so many of the photos

 Cubia (bb09) 19363

File: 1368074828190.jpg (29.44 KB, 500x333)


Doubt it, gonna go Shawn Spencer here and say from the lack of promotion from Chloe or Trevor or any of those Celebrity site twitter accounts that are all as obsessed with her as any of us. I believe what happened is pretty simple This photo shoot was not as it seems a possible number of scenarios that i could list but the point is i think the running a kickstarter and using Chloe's image to boost its popularity in the end result that apparently not only did not work but possibly even came down to them facing Chloe's Khalessi fury in legal matters.

But that's all speculation

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 19364

> the point is i think the running a kickstarter and using Chloë's image to boost its popularity in the end result that apparently not only did not work
In order for it to work her fans actually had to see it
and he would have got that IF Chloë or at least trevor tweeted it

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 19365

Pure speculation, but maybe, just maybe, Chloe didn't realize that her photos and interview would be used to push a kickstarter..both the editor and photographer are well known and published people in the industry so it's easy to see how these pics could have ended up in any of the high fashion rags. Maybe this is why we saw no support from Chloe or the other Celebs when this dropped. Either way, it's a shame since they seemed to have dedicated so much to Chloe in the issue.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 19366

That sounds plausible
Either way I asked the guy on kickstarter why he removed the pics

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 19367

File: 1368124254563_Clipboard01.jpg (60.65 KB, 630x429)

The guy in charge of the project replied on kickstarter and he's basically telling us to put the twitter spam on hold

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 19368

Kinda what I figured as a possible snag…they jumped the gun with the release of everything too early before even getting the go ahead from the celebrity's management. Seems like a rookie mistake. Hopefully they can patch things up, get the okays they need, have the celebs gather support and get this thing made.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 19369

well, I guess someone heard the complaints and made a video
the bad part is that it has no Chloë

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 19370

I'm hoping someone can help me with some info since I tried contacting the bloke through kickstarter a few days ago and never got a response. Basically I have 2 questions:

1. With all mention of Chloe removed from the kickstarter site, how do we know that she's even still in the magazine? I'll be pissed if I invest my money and just get some crappy homo fashion mag.

2. Assuming that Chloe IS in the magazine. We can all safely assume that J Magazine will not reach it's goal. Will those who invested in the magazine still get what was advertised (i.e. the premiere issue etc…?) Or does James Worthington get to spend it all on hookers and heroin?
If anyone has any info, I'd appreciate it. I'm kinda broke at the moment and don't wanna be spending money on something without knowing what I'm getting.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 19371

the project will not meet it's goal and you will not have to pay for anything

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 19372

That's kind of a bummer. They dun goofd with the marketing of their campaign.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 19373

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 19374

Never had a chance.

 Anonymous (1719) 19375

well……at least transgender quarterly got funded


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