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File: 1384615902658_4093565131_370a3073a4_b.jpg (154.57 KB, 1024x681)

 NED 2 !Mu5DJ1d1S. 9

The never ending debate thread (NED) 2

This thread is for all those discussions that get out of hand so in order to keep things civilized you should continue those debates here, so you don't ruin the threads for everyone else with your bickering.

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 198


>point proven

What point? That I post bullshit? And if I did it unintentionally, you and others are calling me a shit-stirrer for no reason.

Also here in Europe, girls at 16 lose their virginity if not earlier, so what proves that she is still pure? Also I'm not saying she isn't, just that you can't say "you are an asshole, your opinion is bullshit, fuck off" if you have no proff that what I said is not true.

You have? Please, share with me.

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 199

I've meant

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 200

And I hate this "casual"-thing. I hate your fuckin elitism.

If you don't have her EVERY movie in HD, haven't seen her EVERY guest appeareances, haven't read ALL of her blog entries, ALL of her interviews and haven't saved EVERY fuckin set with EVERY picture, then you are not a true fan.

Like why? For example, I saw Adele Exarchopoulos in Les Enfants de Timpelbach, and I really liked her as an actress. Despite her young age. I checked her other movies, nothing interesting, I still saved an image of her and stored her name in my memory. Now she's everywhere because of Blue if the warmest color, and I haven't seen that, but I know she is a great actress, and I say I like her, despite I saw only one movie of her. No interviews, no filmography, nothing.

So now I can't stay here and can't post what I want respecting the rules, because I will be labelled shit-posting casual. What gives anyone the right here to call me that?

Also, for you Mr. Anon, I tell that I am basically the foundation of the #chloe4starwars campaign on twitter. I've made like 2000 posts and still making them in league with dvt, Devotee and the others. Andalso I'm trying to help people on twitter to become less idiotic fans, trying to get them to join the campaign, etc. I've got a retweet from Chloë herself. How many notices do you have?! What have you done "for her"?

 Bean!QMOd.BeanU 201

I just laugh at people who use the word casual seriously. You should do the same, they're faggots.

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 203

File: 1386671268228_love_Chleart.png (86.5 KB, 620x578)

Thank you

 Chloedevotee!A2XExGvB2w 204

You're not a casual, however the most of "Chloenators" they are.

I like your last sentence: What have you done "for her"?
A lot of oldfags never did and never do something for her, only save pictures and write dirty things about her.

I think I am most dedicated than you, but also there are most dedicated fans than me… maybe 2 or 3 in the entire world ;)

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 205

>I think I am most dedicated than you
That's obvious. You like her way more than I do, and we can still get along.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 208



A lot of elitism among chlobros. It's always been that way.

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