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File: 1392744525349_58.jpg (208.44 KB, 1280x1024)

  (7e83) 5386

Go to vote! Everyone! That is conspiration! This candidate was not there about 1 hour ago! Pardon for bad English. Go to work, people !!! The time almost run out!! Chloë will win!!

 Kakahovsky (1faf) 5387

 Kakahovsky (1faf) 5388

Need to do 2000 votes for 5 houts! Go maniacs!!!

 D3nisK (5216) 5389

Yeah i dont get it too :/ Im really disappointed about it She have 900k followers and only 3.4k votes. World is cruel. Peace

 Kakahovsky (1faf) 5390

https://soundcloud.com/seq_dragos-1/survivor-eye-of-the-tiger Work! Work! Work! Work! Work! This world is shit, but you all are the Power!!!

 Kakahovsky (1faf) 5391

Or I'm a fool, and this all is don't necessary to do. And Chloë is nobody? …

 !No.7//JDvE 5392

I've tweeted another vote. I've done several in fact, but there's only so much we can do here. Chloë tweeted early on asking for votes and retweeted a few. This got her in the lead initially. Unfortunately, if Chloë isn't going to keep active with the retweets and asking for votes then this is a losing battle I think. She hasn't mentioned it a single time in several weeks. It sucks, but she's in the top three. Being #1 in fan votes doesn't even necessarily mean a win anyway. According to the rules, they are going to choose the top 6-7 and then use that as guidance to pick a winner.

 Kakahovsky (1faf) 5393

She will win. Or I'm not a ram.

 !No.7//JDvE 5394

File: 1392748798152_jasper-ram-c2a9-christopher-martin-5702.jpg (220.42 KB, 1602x1069)

>Or I'm not a ram.

 Kakahovsky (1faf) 5395

Yup.. )) A stubborn ram

 Kakahovsky (1faf) 5396

File: 1392757583968_59.jpg (244.63 KB, 1281x928)


 Kakahovsky (1faf) 5397

File: 1392757745709_60.jpg (273.71 KB, 1275x923)

 Kakahovsky (1faf) 5398

File: 1392757945824_61.jpg (246.41 KB, 1277x976)

 D3nisK (5216) 5399

Why the F u have every browser :D

 Kakahovsky (1faf) 5400

It is very convenient to use many accounts. Twitter, vk …
Also I was interested in HTML / CSS not long time.

 Kakahovsky (11a3) 5401

I'm not a ram… :(
I'm a clown… {:o)

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