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File: 1389053099399_3D560218-C994-43E3-83F3-57B95DCCD7AC.jpg (203.29 KB, 900x1154)

 Meeting Chloe (8942) 5319

I'm almost positive there is a thread for this, I just don't remember the number. Anyway, has anyone met Chloë and could you share your story? Is she nice? Etc…

 meeting Chloe Anonymous (037b) 5320

I don't think it's physically possible to meet her in person, interact with her and not die

 almost WalrusGup (037b) 5321

I almost met her, it was in Toronto around when she was filming Kick-Ass (sadly, I didn't even know that much about her back then), now that I think of how close I came to meeting/seeing her and how close I was to her (relatively), I get this weird feeling of "SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR"

 lance prestonnnnnnnn!!! (7df4) 5322

yeah bro. she lives a block down from me & i catch her leaving with her bro or walking one of a number of dogs they own w/ her mom, from time to time. i've also bumped into her in brentwood a couple times (once @ a spin class i frequent & another @ a cupcake shop called susiecakes). she was with her bro @ soulcycle & some girlfriends in the cupcake shop. it's a pretty small town around here, tbh.

tl;dr - she still gets around relatively unnoticed. acts like you'd expect a 16 yr old to act. couple of my friends know her too. i'm still outside her circle, but she'd def recognize me by now, we just haven't said more than 'hi'.

 Anonymous (c208) 5323


> yeah bro. she lives a block down from me

You are one of those freaks that followed her home it sounds like. Only possible way you would know that.

 lance prestonnnnnnnn!!! (7df4) 5324

oh, for sure bro. & since i live next door to dustin hoffman, i suppose that makes me privileged. gfy :D

 Anonymous (c208) 5325


> since i live next door to dustin hoffman,

Sounds like bullshit to me.

 Anonymous (87b4) 5326

I f you are telling the truth then you should know the first and last letter of her street name.

 Anonymous (c208) 5327


He would be making it up even if he said what color her house was painted. So not sure what the point in that would be.

Bet Chloë lives in one of those gated private communities and he has no idea where she lives just like everyone else.

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