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File: 1375243875948.jpg (716.66 KB, 2111x3000)

  (910c) 5045

How can a human-being be so perfect in terms of genetics?
What do you think the statistical odds of being born with her genes?

 Anonymous (5bd0) 5046

Excuse my grammar, I'm an idiot who doesn't english

 Squiddy (3b25) 5047

Such a random thread… Just sayin'. The answer to your question is…. I don't know. There.

 Anonymous (2f61) 5048

Very low, but there is always a korean chop shop willing to do it for 6000ish US.

 Anonymous (5bd0) 5049

I don't think it's that random.
I was simply remarking on her luck to be born with the best tier genetics across the board.
Most people are lucky to simply have good facial symmetry or to be thin. She has both and then some, it simply isn't fair and i wanted to rant.

I would say right around 1:7,500,000,000


File: 1375257945922_ob.png (198.49 KB, 322x412)

This thread…it can't be serious.

 Anonymous (5bd0) 5051

Tis serious.
Me jelly of her genetics.

 Squiddy (3b25) 5052

He's right. She can always go to the mecca/rome of plastic surgery, South Korea. There's a place with. 3 block radius that houses 300+ surgeons. Or she could just use her dad.

 Squiddy (3b25) 5053

Dammit. *place with a 3 block radius.

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