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File: 1374945575003_my_chloe_creation.jpg (157.09 KB, 500x550)

 Chloe 4997

I think Chloe should be respected for who she is. Before she modeled for Aeropostale everyone told me to shut up about her. Now they're saying I never knew her before they did and they loved her before me and stuff. I was the only one in my school who knew about her before every else did. That makes me very upset to hear that because in a way they are disrespecting Chloe by lying and putting her name in that lie!!
P.S. I made my picture myself I hope people appreciate it. It has all the movies in it, but 1 or 2 might not be the real movie she played in because they haven't made a poster for it yet. Or they might not even make the movie.
1.) Dreamworks is for the upcoming Trolls movie.
2.) The Drummer might be a rumor for a movie.
3.)The Rut might also be a rumor.
i might have forgotten some movies or couldn't fit them in.

 Anonymous (bb94) 4998

File: 1374949424249_CMORETZ_MOVIE43_7.jpg (1.07 MB, 3000x2112)

>I was the only one in my school who knew about her before every else did.
Are you a chloe hipster?
Nah I can see how that could be frustrating, well at least you have people to talk to about chloe irl now.

Everyone else who doesn't know chloe you should stick pictures of her into their lockers, execute some sort of school wide transformation to chloedom.

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