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File: 1365961524635_285321_10151467574457608_1989269022_n.jpg (30.57 KB, 504x336)

  (9ea9) 4891

Why we love the most distant suns?
Those whose warmth never tempers our skins
Those whose light will never lead our way
why throbs to the compass of our beats?

We need to dive into the night of the vast ocean,
Like fishes who peeps the warm night of the earth,
shy, in the bordering troubled of the stirred waters,
peek I say, and receive the twinkling of the stars we adore,
receive the faint glow that sweetens the riverbed of our blood,
cupping hardened souls until barter them in foam

Ah! How to celebrate each flash! How we rejoice with every look!
Breathe of your halite so far, tell me if that is not beautiful.
Aspire to the nothing, to be a fish who watches, to kiss your footprints, or picking the music of your words, tell me, virgin of my soul, tell me if that is not beautiful.
What has to import to a sun instead of shine every night more intense,
Oh! unconscious me, I became from fish to master, and the sun from master to slave.
Who knows how cold it can be the dawning to a early star
which strives to enlighten beings who neither knows, to lips that do not rest.
The mystery of a beautiful fire, which we don't understand, who we don't forgive.
Tell me what sees the sun but the blackness of space,
Tell me that burns in a heart blind to a fish-lovers of a distant sea.

 Anonymous (9811) 4892


 Anonymous (d6c2) 4893


Better that "wat" than nothing

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