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File: 1346869896374.jpg (577.1 KB, 1730x1081)

  (2a15) 4329

>Fox Force Five! Fox, as in we're a bunch of foxy chicks. Force, as in we're a force to be reckoned with. Five, as in there's one… two … three… four… five of us.

>There was a blonde one, Sommerset O'Neal, she was the leader. The Japanese fox was a kung fu master, the black girl was a demolitions expert, French fox's speciality was sex!

>The character I played, Raven McCoy, her background was she grew up with circus performers. According to the show, she was the deadliest woman in the world with a knife.

 Anonymous (42d2) 4330

Tha fuck is wrong with the abdomen of the one in the lower right corner?

 Anonymous (7e17) 4331

File: 1346870294319.jpg (134.02 KB, 1041x600)

 Anonymous (8426) 4332

File: 1346872761813.jpg (241.75 KB, 1730x1081)

1. Who the fuck are those other bitches?
2. Why the fuck are they on my Chloe board?

Here, let me fix this for you

 Anonymous (02a7) 4333

File: 1346873776296.gif (2.75 MB, 303x269)

Being spit on by Chloe >>>>> Sex with these other bitches

 Anonymous (7e17) 4334

File: 1346873975751.jpg (791.53 KB, 1730x1081)


I'll take that one step further

Here's a proper fox force five

 Anonymous (8426) 4335

File: 1346874324250.jpeg (19.5 KB, 400x400)

>10 perfectly baked cupcakes


 Anonymous (7e17) 4336

File: 1346874592177.jpg (37.54 KB, 401x427)


implying I wouldn't catch that in my mouth and use it like mouth wash

 canabel (b81a) 4337

File: 1346874827164.jpg (102.62 KB, 612x612)

that's the best ! lol >>4334

 Anonymous (8426) 4338

implying i wouldn't catch it in my hand and..

 Jack!YODawglXyQ 4339

File: 1346884655723.png (196.35 KB, 296x306)

 Anonymous (e6c8) 4340

File: 1346930875482.jpg (168.84 KB, 552x618)



File: 1346931625946.jpg (153.8 KB, 1337x1600)


>tfw never use Chloes piss as mouthwash

 Anonymous (8426) 4342

File: 1346970500329.jpg (739.22 KB, 1730x1081)

 Anonymous (9803) 4343

File: 1347080224828.jpg (971.86 KB, 3577x5008)

>implying I would spit it out in the sink.

 Anonymous (a129) 4344


I wouldnt spit it out at the end either.

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