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File: 1333534797763.jpg (25.2 KB, 431x375)

 I LOVE you=! (0dc5) 4193

I love you,
it'strange yeah im drunk, but you people are awesome, admin is awesome

this is chlomo appreciation thread
i just wanted to say love you all before i fall asleep
you're GREAT!!

 Anonymous (d31f) 4194

File: 1333535373278.jpg (589.64 KB, 836x1250)

 Anonymous (1e3e) 4195

File: 1333536426149.jpg (43 KB, 400x392)

Look at me, what you see?
Living life in luxury, rolling round this world doing this thing.
This is the Promiseland
What you people failed to see was me walking through this desert heat,
Through storms and rain with demons chasing me
To this Promiseland…
Chloe moretz will be mine…

 Anonymous (625a) 4196

File: 1333536682094.gif (1.94 MB, 260x236)

Ma nigga

 Anonymous (1e3e) 4197

File: 1333537234442.jpg (234.72 KB, 600x902)

i wanna drink with mah sexy chloe, lick her whole and make her cum hardest she can
i love mah baby girl

 Anonymous (d31f) 4198

File: 1333537920888.jpg (73.88 KB, 815x471)

 Anonymous (1e3e) 4199

believe me when i say hitgirl would feel better then in heaven next to me,
she would never wanne leave me, she would have all she diseres, my beautiful little chlochlo, my love…

 Anonymous (625a) 4200

File: 1333538267578.jpg (52.49 KB, 198x194)

 Home®!!ZetCxVzZUw 4201


What the fuck?

 Anonymous (625a) 4202

File: 1333546269765.jpg (55.3 KB, 384x360)

 Anonymous (1e3e) 4203

File: 1333560135856.jpg (40.95 KB, 433x391)

>dfw blackout

 Anonymous (31ee) 4204

File: 1333560803627.jpg (102.83 KB, 707x449)


mfw you're having another meltdown

 Anonymous (1e3e) 4205

File: 1333560961298.jpg (241.45 KB, 560x609)

maybe i HAD a meltdown
…but i don't remember shit…

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4206

File: 1333561060849.jpg (153.29 KB, 600x788)

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