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File: 1342056528192.png (412.69 KB, 723x524)

  (b702) 2282


This song makes me think of Chloe. I'm such a sad hopeless man huh?


File: 1342056809975.png (489.84 KB, 458x502)

inb4 Bloohound Gang

 Cubia (1262) 2284

File: 1342057270103.jpg (372.57 KB, 562x722)

I also have a Chloe Theme song i used to listen to this while battling with the boxo people on /b/, its German but the lyrics make me think of Chloe so here is the song with Lyrics.


 Reno Justin (9166) 2285

File: 1342057995090.gif (3.68 MB, 420x200)

We should come up with a Chloe theme song that is inspiring like one that evokes thoughts of epic battle in defense of our Queen! That conjures visions of knights in shining armor, stuff like that.


File: 1342058049737.png (85.89 KB, 211x196)

There are a lot of songs that reminds me of Chloë and I listen to them every day. I'll leave some of them here.




 Mr. Dennings!s4jsf1HzKo 2287

File: 1342058650715.jpg (29.2 KB, 400x300)

>Not making your own Chloë music

New track, Approved by Prufrock


 Cubia (1262) 2288

File: 1342058763555.jpg (212.52 KB, 380x570)


Impossible everyone has different taste in music and trying to pick one would probably cause a unneeded debate over peoples choices.

Sharing music that makes you think of Chloe is nice though.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 2289

This video will stay in my memory forever. It was the video I used to watch over and over again all day more than a year ago. I can't listen to the song without thinking about her.
>inb4 ahahaha faggot

 Reno Justin (9166) 2290

File: 1342059009083.png (583.85 KB, 442x640)

That was I was thinking of the whole medieval knight type of thing. Plus it's fascinating to get a sampling of music that makes people think of Chloe. I see a wide variety and that is cool.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 2291

Not forgetting 'Chloe'.

 Reno Justin (9166) 2292

File: 1342060381727.jpg (168.84 KB, 552x618)

Wicked videos and cool songs. Now if we could just find a Faboost mash-up we'd be golden!

 Anonymous (6a8f) 2293


every time


ITT: No one listens to the songs we are posting.


Chloë used to love this song when she was a kid. This is my #1 Chloë song, anon.


 Anonymous (6a8f) 2296

File: 1342060829580.png (28.9 KB, 500x461)

 Anonymous (dab6) 2297


I will see how some Chloe photos goes with that song

  (dab6) 2298


 Anonymous (6a8f) 2299

OMG it's..it's..beautiful



File: 1342063798136.gif (259.04 KB, 198x153)

My soul is 100% broken now.

 Reno Justin (9166) 2301

File: 1342064959570.jpg (111.79 KB, 453x360)

Well done sir! Man I'm glad I started this thread!

Lady In Red by Chris De Burgh for those of us who are of the older generation.



File: 1342065125558.jpg (70.68 KB, 300x360)

You shouldn't be. This thread gives me the feels.

 Reno Justin (9166) 2303

File: 1342070232504.jpg (216.4 KB, 900x563)

Chloe's eyes give me 'the feels'! lol

 Narwhal!FaboostRAk 2304

>these feel man

Its like, a beautiful sadness

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