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File: 1356817688305.jpg (65.83 KB, 960x720)

 Uhhh 21

So I keep seeing these posts about Chloe being in colorado with some guy but I can't seem to find out who! I keep reading the posts and threads but I can't find a name. Who is it? (not her family, like a.. friend)


File: 1356817976338_keatons.jpg (101.21 KB, 612x612)

Keaton Heinrichs.

 Gigi!!PvriyiJYbg 23

File: 1356818233526.jpeg (25.04 KB, 370x444)

Are they twins? They look like children of the corn

 Mastër Bëan!!qVCz7BCtH. 24

File: 1356818431738_bean_fb.png (21.37 KB, 383x353)


Wait what? I thought she was just with her family. This is very bad news.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 26

File: 1356821821955_024.png (101.06 KB, 217x291)


 Anonymous (177d) 27

File: 1356821963788_4628bfdc4d6911e2af6f22000a1f9a09_7.jpg (148.31 KB, 612x612)

Now it's clear to me.
According to this post Nick says there are 8 of them going to Colorado.
But then Chloe posts pic with ski boots of all gang and there are 9 of them.
SO guess who's the 9th person?

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 28



 Anonymous (01dd) 29

File: 1356825488525_you_are_all_retards.jpg (92.3 KB, 720x480)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 30

File: 1356833894953_013.jpg (237.88 KB, 545x613)

You're living in a bubble of delusion

 Anonymous (01dd) 31

File: 1356840730784_why_because_i_dont_care_whether_or_not_he_is_her_boyfriend_or_if_they_are_still_just_at_the_stage_of.jpg (133.74 KB, 720x480)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 32

File: 1356886284239_019.jpg (50.38 KB, 279x362)

>"I'm not sure if I like you"
>"Let's go on holiday and spend Christmas together with our families"

 Mastër Bëan!!qVCz7BCtH. 33

File: 1356887329060.jpg (428.85 KB, 2048x1363)

>umbrellas in charge of logic


File: 1356894978049_Oh_Boy2.jpg (142.35 KB, 610x467)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 35

File: 1356900128262_293762_401791656558475_1591480980_n.jpg (41.97 KB, 640x480)




pick one

 Anonymous (01dd) 36

File: 1356901128112_do_you_honestly_believe_that_chloe_and_keaton_dictates_where_their_families_hold_their_vacations.jpg (120.59 KB, 720x480)

 Anonymous (01dd) 37

File: 1356901172798_good_good_let_the_butthurt_flow_through_you.jpg (105.1 KB, 720x480)

 Night Creeper (369c) 38

File: 1356928668224_image.jpg (123.13 KB, 974x508)

Check this out.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 39

File: 1356931078274.jpg (83.76 KB, 612x612)

She read it, she knows of the site now if she didn't already. Funny shit.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 40


>shes even more scared of us now

fix'd that for you.

 GG!!PvriyiJYbg 41

File: 1356939329158_13475991641.jpg (43 KB, 400x392)

>shes even more disgusted by us now
fix'd that for you.

 Anonymous (547d) 42

She might have ignored it. We still have a chance.

 GG!!PvriyiJYbg 43

File: 1356939970095_084.jpg (69.94 KB, 320x480)

So it seems like chlomonator snitched on us

 GG!!PvriyiJYbg 44

File: 1356940043377.jpg (88.1 KB, 717x600)

She couldn't have ignored it. Even if she didn't read it all she still started at the top

 Anonymous (547d) 45

There's no telling if she even scrolled past it or not. Might not have read any comments at all

 GG!!PvriyiJYbg 46

She just read the comment below and replied to it. The odds of her not reading the comment are very slim

 Anonymous (2bc0) 47

She gets notifications from people she's following when they comment on her photos, so I doubt she even scrolled through the comments at all. But with ewcarlie's post being so close to sandra647's she would have read it or at least glanced over it.


File: 1356951687035_Hahahaha_im_batman.jpg (26.56 KB, 372x339)

Oh, good. I'd love to see her face after that.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 49

File: 1356977540033_shemad.gif (834.58 KB, 245x250)

And this is the look she's giving us all.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 50

File: 1356995475994_surprised1.jpg (151.09 KB, 413x418)


She's aware.

 Mastër Bëan!!qVCz7BCtH. 51

File: 1356999067384_sadisabelle.gif (554.83 KB, 245x245)

I'm not a little boy! :( :(

 Sean (c556) 52

If one of her friends mentions the site casually, it's likely that she already knows of it.

It's also likely that she and Keaton are not dating - it would have been mentioned in an interview or something.

Calm yourselves. Nothing has changed.


File: 1357024215356_pois_233_ne.jpg (166.99 KB, 423x495)

>it would have been mentioned in an interview or something

>15 years old actress

>talking about her love life
>attracting paparazzis to their relationship
>ruining every possibility of privacy
>making a fuss over her relationship though is probably something not very seriou yet
>conservative mother

Yeah, sure. She's not dumb and her family has already advised her. She won't say she's dating anyone. I don't blame her, though I'm angry because she's keeping it hidden from her fans who deserves to know the truth. We've been loyal to her. She should be loyal to us and tell us the truth. I feel betrayed.

 Anonymous (357b) 54

File: 1357024397797_3542a.png (361.67 KB, 500x465)

>SO guess who's the 9th person?

Not who you think it is. You guys get too worked up over nothing. First up, very, very unlikely they're dating. He's just one of the many boys who are friends who will be left for dead on the side of Chloe Blvd. And if they were, there would be zero chance Teri and her brothers would let him stay at their home. As for the boots, there's more than eight people. There's more than nine. His tweet didn't even include Kyle Newman and Jamie King. That's ten right there.


File: 1357024866174_shut_up.jpg (145.31 KB, 388x330)

You really don't want to see the truth, right? Fine then.

She's married with him on facebook. She posts a lot of romantic crap on instagram obviously directed to a boy. He does the same. They are both staying at the same place in Colorado at the same time.

But hey, of course they are not romantic related! Why would we think that? That's insane! There's no evidence, just a lot a facts the leads to this obvious conclusion. It's all just a coincidence!

Way to go, sherlock! I hope you never get to work for the police, or else we're fucked.

 Anonymous (357b) 56

File: 1357026014770_1414l.gif (768.78 KB, 245x180)

>You really don't want to see the truth, right? Fine then.

Actually, you have it wrong. I don't care. If she's dating and she's happy, that's fantastic. If her mother thinks they should be dating and she's actually inviting a teenaged boy to stay with her daugher, well hopefully she knows best. This topic is interesting not because Chloe might be dating, but more because a few (certainly not all) just come across a bit unbalanced on this topic. Maybe that could be your New Year's resolution. Be happy for Chloe and don't flip every time she tweets a guy.

 Royce (d19c) 57

Sorry to interrupt, but does Chloe have a facebook?



 Royce (d19c) 59

Can you give me the link, please?


I don't have it. There was an anon who gave me the link but I've lost it. Maybe one day he will post it again.

 Anonymous (0a12) 61

this post is full of bullshit,I don't understand why somebody always so self-righteous


>post facts
>full of bullshit

Don't make me laugh, please.

 Anonymous (0a12) 63

I am definitely sure chloe will have a boyfriend this year,but It's Not keaton

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 64

File: 1357031910300_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_Interview___iTunes_Festival_480p_2030.jpg (30.26 KB, 854x480)

ITT: more people in denial

 Sean (c556) 65

I don't think it really matters if they are dating. She's free to do whatever she wants and nothing she does is likely to change my opinion of her - that she's gorgeous and extremely talented. Having a stroke over a potential boyfriend only serves 3 purposes:

-Lower her opinion of you and of the site
-Creep her out
-Make you look like a fool

Additionally, it's unlikely that Keaton is her boyfriend, but if he is, I congratulate him. Acting crazy about her (possible) boyfriend will not make you her boyfriend.

 Anonymous (f10e) 66

this site is like browsing /r9k/

 Anonymous (552b) 67

File: 1357109647961_1437.jpg (4.24 KB, 362x139)

Amen to all you wrote.

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