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File: 1345788566721.jpg (396.52 KB, 1000x1333)

  (4c73) 1041

Babe do you wanna I'll bake myself this cake for you? And MAYBE you will be the first American movie star whom will try the cake of another nationality!!!!Because even if you would visit us in Lithuanian shops you will not find such a cake!!Believe me you will not regret!!It is very delicious!!I'll do this with LOVE to you!!!And i will award you as a gift with this cake and flowers in London at Carrie premiere!!!
:D hahahahahahahh Ah my girl if life would be so easy and if only i could be with you i can bake god damn cakes at least every day for you!!!I love you!!The only thing what you should say YES!!!!! :D hahahah love you my girl ;)

 Anonymous (e912) 1042


 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 1043

File: 1345790773320.jpg (188.6 KB, 640x526)

Needs more cupcakes.

 beaver (0425) 1044

File: 1345820126708.jpg (143.34 KB, 510x767)

looks interesting my girl!!Dark blue eyes or maybe black and full in blood!!Scary!! It makes to wait more impatiently!! :)

 Narwhal!Narwhal01. 1045

luv u 2

 beaver (0425) 1046

File: 1345875113754.jpg (20.59 KB, 375x375)

I want!!!I can!!!What next?!!What about her family?What if they would say me STAY AWAY FROM HER??!!she is not for you!CRY? :((

 OpenendedStory!CEqu1EwPzE 1047

File: 1345888819919.jpg (36.24 KB, 572x586)

>her viewpoint on men
Ha, other items just little things.

 OpenendedStory!CEqu1EwPzE 1048

File: 1345905976658.png (990.85 KB, 1039x653)

 beaver (0425) 1049

Good morning my love,my life,my angel,my only i!You should not doubt it!You ALWAYS on my mind!no matter it is day or nightLove

 Narwhal!cChlomo9NE 1050

File: 1345964564066.jpg (212.8 KB, 1200x1396)

 beaver (0425) 1051

File: 1345964905449.jpg (80.9 KB, 500x589)

I don't know what to say my girl!! :) more beautiful girl than you in my life I've never met!!I love you!! :*

 beaver (0425) 1052


 Chloë!C/Moretz3Y 1053

hello my dear

 Thread Master Bean!!PDaejBT0RQ 1054


 Chloë!X1kMoretz6 1055


u w0t m8

 OpenendedStory!CEqu1EwPzE 1056

File: 1345968515601.jpg (17.34 KB, 149x151)

 Anonymous (c66d) 1057

File: 1345969374830.jpg (190.84 KB, 501x528)

Clawie?? Is it really you?

 beaver (0425) 1058

File: 1346050913708.jpg (119.85 KB, 450x750)

it should be us babe!!!I absolutely know that you're that type of girl with whom i will share my life!!:)

 Anonymous (557e) 1059

File: 1346052127124.jpeg (34.82 KB, 245x243)

god dammit beaver

 Anonymous (c66d) 1060

I don't know if this beaver guy is a master troll or just a kid living in a bubble of delusion

 beaver (0425) 1061

File: 1346117482639.jpg (29.29 KB, 375x375)

Hello my angel!!I miss you ;) Where have you been?It is the second night i can't fall asleep!!! I miss you!! :( All the time i was thinking only about you!!At last i saw you and it is like the stone fell from my heart!!As always you look like princess from the fairytale!!I love you my girl!! :)

 beaver (0425) 1062

File: 1346219688917.jpg (44.2 KB, 375x375)

Congratulations!!Now you will hanging out around America and Disneyland with your friend and GUYS!!Fall in love with one of them and you will forget about me!!!And it will be THE END of this movie in which we both are starring!!!BRAVO!!Cinema hall will be full!!And the move will win in ALL CATEGORIES OF OSCAR!!! :'(

 beaver (0425) 1063

File: 1346223286302.jpg (30.45 KB, 375x375)

i blush and tremble with fear to do this!! :D hahahahahahahahhh but may i take off these sunglasses and very gently touching your face and slowly,barely touching your lips kiss you!!that you would be in love not with sunglasses but WITH ME my girl!!Love you!! :)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 1064

File: 1346224990748.jpg (189.59 KB, 1019x442)

 Zatoichi !3XEZrAveNs 1065

File: 1346237834027.jpg (49.02 KB, 429x361)

 beaver (0425) 1066


HE:Whats wrong?what did i again wrong?SHE:I'm pregnant:D exact the same would be my reaction with you!! hahahahahahah love you my girl :)

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