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File: 1333342009943.jpg (27.01 KB, 498x356)

 Dreams of Chloe? 4410

have any of you had any dreams with Chloe in them?

 Anonymous (783f) 4412

File: 1333342566581.jpg (125.54 KB, 401x400)

i keep wishing i would.

nothing sexual. just some form of believable interaction.


 Anonymous (c73b) 4416

I had a dream that she lived in the apartment downstairs from the apartment I lived in during highschool. I talked to her in the hallway. There was sexual tension. It was going places. But then I woke up. Stupid brain.

 Anonymous (0bb4) 4421

File: 1333345602320.jpg (66.03 KB, 332x330)


lol you dirty mexican

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4427

fuck you holic, NO PINCHES MAMES

 xXCMXx !wvsSap2iOU 4428

File: 1333346641239.jpg (50.59 KB, 211x667)

>join to the party bro

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4432

File: 1333347853979.jpg (25 KB, 400x367)

stop dreaming

 Anonymous (783f) 4435

File: 1333348417616.jpg (14.24 KB, 300x300)

i was having an alright day.

till i read that.
fuck man. that's just depressing.
because it's true for all of us.


I had a dream where Chloe was a bridesmaid at a wedding I was invited to, after the shit that went down that day no one ever invited me to any weddings again. Period.

 Anonymous (783f) 4441

File: 1333349266308.gif (1.98 MB, 259x221)

once i had a dream where i wasn't a complete and total faggot constantly day dreaming about shit i'll never have.

yeeeahh. that was a cool dream.

 Anonymous (38c9) 4454

File: 1333351798213.jpg (66.37 KB, 628x552)

many times probably
but just like 3 i can remember…
more crack for chloeholic
yes you can you lazy faggot, lrn2google
socially awkward even in dreams…
dude…i just don't believe you…

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4455

File: 1333352100785.jpg (16.21 KB, 360x374)

it's true, bro, why would i lie?

 Anonymous (38c9) 4456

File: 1333352301750.jpg (49.88 KB, 246x361)

it's sounds like overused movie scene from some romantic drama…

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4457

File: 1333352418129.jpg (139.57 KB, 543x506)

i don't watch romantic dramas

 Anonymous (d869) 4458

File: 1333354162961.png (142.22 KB, 288x291)

but you dream about them…

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4459

File: 1333354344799.jpg (258.85 KB, 608x649)


 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4463

File: 1333355226353.png (1.04 MB, 719x808)

i'll draw it for you guys, so you guys can watch it, it's sad and happy because i die in Chloë's arms, best dream ever


That ain't nothin compared to my Chloe dream, she's a bridesmaid at a wedding and Buford T Justice shows up… some shit went down that day… and after they found out who invited Buford T… I was in the shit…

 Anonymous (d869) 4472

File: 1333356876044.jpg (4.9 KB, 77x102)

can't you just post what exacly happened ? the whole thing in detail instead of 3 different posts ?

 Anonymous (7300) 4474

File: 1333359148684.jpg (24.16 KB, 270x268)

>tfw i can never remember my dreams


The shit that went down that day… here we go… better get some popcorn and soda..

First of all I remember arriving in my mother's white Ford Crown Victoria, ex-police (still had all the engine power of a Ford Crown Vic police package though).


When we got there, the bride hadn't arrived yet but the bridesmaids (Chloe Moretz, Natalie Gregory, Heather O'Rourke and 6 year old Dakota Fanning) had, as well as the pageboy and the flowergirl. When everyone went to the park adjacent to the carpark where the gazebo was, and where the wedding was going to be held, my brother slid in beside me in the passenger seat of the Ford and said 'you gonna give em a show uleh?'


I said 'fuck yeah' and we pulled out a compact CB with 3.5mm jacks on the back, one for an external speaker and one for PA, and plugged in a speaker we had purchased (a large magnetic mount speaker) into the PA jack, and left it sitting in my lap. As well as that, we had a Federal Signal Twin Beacon Ray we had ready to hook-mount when no one could see it.


We picked the perfect timing, Shania Twain's 'From this Moment' started and we could see the bride (Natalie Gregory's mother getting remarried) walking down the aisle towards the groom. At that point we made sure no one could see us hook mount the Twin Beacon Ray (all blue) and fit the PA speaker, as well as connecting it to a Federal Signal PA300 we had as well.


With all three items (Twin Beacon Ray, CB and PA300 w/speaker) plugged into a cigarette lighter plug, we were ready to go. I then turned on the CB and called for 'Smokey' aka Buford T Justice, told him where to go and gave directions as to where to hide.


He got there 10 minutes before the vows were affirmed, and we waited to hear them affirmed, when we did I said over the CB to Buford T 'Go for it, smokey' and we heard a siren start wailing, saw two flashing lights and Buford T skidded right into the carpark, at that point we switched on our Twin Beacon Ray, turned on the PA and while I drove around Buford T and stopped right next to his car so the wedding party could see the four blue flashing lights, my brother flipped the CB to PA mode, I flipped the PA300 to PA mode and we both said together 'You sum bitch'.


Buford T joined in by saying 'What we have here is simple old fashioned communism' and I piped up over the PA 'Happens everytime them brides start poontangin around with those show folk fags.' We left the engines running on both our cars, and with Buford T bringing up the front, we got out of our cars and stood at the front so you could see the headlights operating in a wig-wag flash pattern, and my brother bared his arse for the crowd, stuck his middle finger between his arsecheeks and I held the PA300 mic with the button pressed down in front of his face and he said 'That's all fucks!'


After that we got back in the cars (after my brother pulled his pants up), then my brother and me raced Buford T Justice around the carpark, no rules, Twin Beacon Rays flashing, burnouts, donuts, anything went. Drifting even. At this point we shut off the lights and parked back in our original spot and we heard outrage from all the guests. I bellowed out over the PA 'Good riddance to bad rubbish' and then read out a death warrant for the bride while Buford T couldn't contain himself with glee. There was gonna be a hangin goin down, and he knew it.
(we did string up the bride later)


The bridesmaids were pissed and the guests were disgusted. With that, I pulled out of that carpark with smoke coming from the tyres and the Twin Beacon Ray flashing for a donut and Mountain Dew run (not the soda).
My mother was not pleased, grounding me for a month, but she couldn't take the cop lights, nor the CB or PA300, so I was safe. However, I was no longer invited to any weddings…


Little 6 year old Dakota Fanning was issued a $150 citation for 'over 60 miles an hour in a 55 mile (double nickel) zone, being an ugly slut' and arrested for 'illegal transportation of moonshine whiskey'. She sat there with her hands cuffed behind her back in the rear of my Ford Crown Vic crying while I filled out the charge sheet.


Chloe Moretz also came up to me and said she was upset too. I told her to 'fuck off ya ugly moll', and pulled out my baton, pushed her onto the ground and cuffed her, then threw her in the back of the Ford with little Dakota.
We both dropped them off at a police station, as well as the charge sheets with the officers there, and drove home Code 3 to finish off the rest of the donuts and moonshine.
And then I woke up.

 Anonymous (e4f0) 4487

File: 1333360319154.jpg (123.23 KB, 301x501)


I'd pump it all into one post, but the poor old server shits it out again and says 'Body too long.'
Must be fuckin constipated.

 Anonymous (7300) 4489

File: 1333360437431.jpg (63.33 KB, 367x360)



File: 1333362356330.jpg (83.08 KB, 367x360)

← Nuff said.

 Anonymous (c753) 4502

Everytime I close my eyes, Chloë is there.

So naturally I blinded myself for life.

 Home®!!ZetCxVzZUw 4505

I don't dream about celebrities. It's odd I never have. I dream about being filthy rich.

 Anonymous (f449) 4507

File: 1333384493102.jpg (32.36 KB, 400x400)

>Trevor shoot me in to Death

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 4508

File: 1333392643872.jpg (151.38 KB, 486x629)

>my first conversation on English


>Trevor shoot me in to Death
>Trevor appears and he says that stop loving her sister

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4510

>Trevor shoot me to Death*
>Trevor appears and he says that i must stop loving her sister*

 Anonymous (46ba) 4511

File: 1333394554899.gif (1.46 MB, 338x300)


> Death
> her sister

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4513

fuck dude, sorry, i can't sleep since last night, my brain is not working right

>Trevor appears and he says that i must stop loving his sister*

 Anonymous (46ba) 4517

File: 1333395046798.gif (1.11 MB, 465x620)

somebody is suffering from

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 4518

File: 1333395080115.jpg (92.07 KB, 297x333)

>Trevor shoot me to Death*
>fuck dude, sorry, i can't sleep since last night, my brain is not working right

please stop lol

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4519

what? i don't understand you dude, please explain me what are you trying to say

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4520

i'm so sorry brothers, i really have a problem with sleeping, i'm really sorry

 Anonymous (46ba) 4521

File: 1333395275853.jpg (30.91 KB, 480x360)


You're suffering from the chlomo effect and that's why you can't sleep or concentrate

 Anonymous (46ba) 4522

File: 1333395356309.jpg (65.72 KB, 640x480)


Get some sleep. Chloe and the chan will be here when you get back.

> sleeeepppp

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 4523

File: 1333395357959.gif (1.88 MB, 332x434)

you also have a problem with Engerish

 Anonymous (46ba) 4524

File: 1333395441635.jpg (27.03 KB, 357x299)


Stop busting his balls. His english is good enough for people to understand him

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4525

yeah i know it's because of Chloë, i thought that i was the only one


ackchually i don't have this problems with english when i'm fully rested

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4526

File: 1333395622938.jpg (113.62 KB, 479x392)

 Anonymous (5144) 4527

File: 1333397602082.jpg (97.28 KB, 530x351)

and it's also pretty lulzy

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4529

File: 1333398235891.jpg (46.84 KB, 300x300)


Basically his dream is about Trevor coming to kill him cause he (the poster) won't stop loving Chloe

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4533

File: 1333401405054.jpg (68.35 KB, 688x464)

 Anonymous (3497) 4534

File: 1333401496980.jpg (213.82 KB, 408x544)

I keep having this same dream over and over. Initially Im just walking along at night in a rundown part of town minding my own business when suddenly this >pic related, emerges from a dark alleyway. I start to run but I cannot escape, It is always there doggedly following my every move no matter how far or fast I run, then finally it closes in for the kill and I wake up covered in sweat and vomit. It just wont stop. I havent slept in days now for fear of reliving the ordeal.

 Anonymous (f03c) 4536

that feel be known to me.


I had a dream where Chloe appeared at my house for a trip to an amusement park with her whole family, two parents, herself, 4 brothers, that's 7, there would have been 11 people except I refused to go, so that made 10 (I stayed at home on chlomo.org)

 Anonymous (46ba) 4550

File: 1333406079569.jpg (35.91 KB, 400x225)


> Chloe appeared at my house for a trip to an amusement park
> I refused to go

dat nightmare

 Anonymous (3497) 4551

File: 1333407247821.jpg (67.07 KB, 239x360)

Well mainly my chloe dreams consist of one of two motifs. She is either the figure head for instance a teacher in my old school or my mother who teaches and guides me and acts as a general protector despite me being 5 years older than her. The other typical type is whereby Iam the protective influence for intance I helped her deal with a bullying problem and helped her intergrate better socially. They are usually a pleasant experience although of late Iam becoming frustrated due to the improbability of any such situation ever occuring.


I refused to go cause I hate amusement parks. (fuckin clowns, just want to cut off their nutsacks)

 Anonymous (46ba) 4553

File: 1333408283030.jpg (53.29 KB, 300x300)


damn right
Chloe offered, pleaded and begged for me to go but I kept on refusing till she STFU.

 Anonymous (c753) 4557

Damnit people! If Chloë asks you to go to the amusement park - you go!

How dare you question Chloë's wishes.


Reasons why I don't go:
Park entrance fee is overpriced.
Rides are crap, just rollercoasters with the occasional kiddie ride.
Food is overpriced. $10 for chips? Fuck that, I can get twice the amount for $5 at the local seafood store.
Too many people take photos, the amount of photos of a kid in a black balaclava, wearing a black beanie and all black winter clothes doubles when said kid is seen next to Chloe Moretz. Kid never speaks, just tries to sneak out the park exit, but Chloe always finds him before he can sneak out to the bus stop. That was my dream.

 xXCMXx !wvsSap2iOU 4561

File: 1333413696835.jpg (237.88 KB, 545x613)

>This Thread

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4616

File: 1333425855187.jpg (79.71 KB, 443x360)

in the low ammount of hours that i slept today, i had a new dream, but i don't going to write it here because you guys don't believe me and you guys make fun of my engrish

 Anonymous (46c4) 4623

I don't give a flying fuck about your engrish, I could understand your other dream, so let's hear it.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4626

File: 1333429249463.jpg (26.23 KB, 395x396)

well just for you bro

>metro station
>walking to take the train
>then saw chloë sitted down like in the tunnel in "Let me In"
>i come closer "hey, what's happening Chloë?"
>she says that because her dog ran out inside the metro tunnels
>suddenly i was inside the tunnels
>Chloë was not there
>i Found the dog
>Then a shadow appears and start to speak really fast, super fast
>Voices like demons or something
>i can't move, the dog is barking like crazy
>the shadow stop talking
>last thing i hear "They're gonna get you" like really close to my ear
>Suddenly i was outside with Chloë in a balcony
>i don't remember what are we talking about
>Someone is yelling my name
>it was the shadow
>i fell out the balcony
>then i awake
>covered in sweat
>my head hurts like a mofukka

 Anonymous (46c4) 4627

Sounds pretty creepy, IMHO more of a nightmare than a dream.
+1 for 100% understandable engrish

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4634

thanks bro, yeah dude it was creepy

 Anonymous (9d62) 4635

File: 1333434341508.png (74.09 KB, 220x250)

that's what you get for looking for those ugly creatures

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4636

what creatures? the shadows? or what?

 Anonymous (9d62) 4639

File: 1333435017754.jpg (104.22 KB, 612x612)


 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4641

i have 3 dogs, bro, they are like my brothers

 Anonymous (4d5a) 4642

File: 1333436158946.jpg (36.44 KB, 633x624)

but they're not as ugly as chloes are they…?

 Anonymous (68c4) 4646

File: 1333436609809.jpg (487.42 KB, 500x897)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4647

File: 1333436840374.jpg (281.71 KB, 800x400)

Chloë's dogs are fucking faboost, and idk if my dogs are ugly, so here's a pic

 Anonymous (ef1d) 4648

cool dog's Dante

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4649

yeah they are cool, my backyard was dirty that day

 Anonymous (4d5a) 4650

File: 1333438184587.png (58.92 KB, 294x250)

better then chloes

 Anonymous (46c4) 4652

File: 1333439938692.jpg (89.77 KB, 311x450)

 Anonymous (8160) 5536

File: 1333686879820.jpg (31.74 KB, 1024x576)

So last night after watching Room 6 I had a short dream with Chloe in it.

In the Dream we were brother and sister and both around 7-8 years old.

The thing is she was evil and killing off everyone in our family and making it look like an accident.

In the basement I witnessed her kill our father but when I told everyone they didn't believe me.

Instead all they did was lock Chloe in her room.

At this point I was shit scared and knew she was coming after me next. I remember sneaking out of my room and walking past Chloe's locked room, thinking it was safe bc she cant get out.

As I was walking down the stairs, she suddenly appears behind me and whispers something in my ear.

I trip and fall down the stairs, the fall woke me up from the dream…

creepy Chloe is creepy

 Anonymous (46c4) 5548

I had a dream where I was at a wedding and we were invited cause Chloe was the bridesmaid.
Shit went down that day… including a cop car with lights flashing/siren wailing pulling burnouts and donuts and knocking over the gazebo under which the bride/groom were standing… and not only that, the kid (me) driving said car in full police uniform drunk a 2L bottle of moonshine whiskey and didn't wake up until two days later, still in uniform with a very sad Chloe sitting next to him crying…

 Chloefornication!!ngS4y9EusM 21762

File: 1336954381601.gif (256.62 KB, 350x290)


I was Spider-Man. No, I'm serious. I was Spider-Man and I was swinging between buildings and I had a huge obsession with Chloë. I was a big fan and somehow she knew it. I knew Chloe thought that I was weird and a freak, but who cares?

Dark Shadows premiere was in NY so there was a great oportunity for me to meet the love of my life. Chloë was there with Trevor wearing his usual school girl skirt and when they were ready to get in the car…Spider-Man outta fucking nowhere!

I've landed on the car and said "Hi Chloe, I'm spider-man" and she was all like "I'm gonna call 911". I gave her my fanart (It was a fanart of me kissing her in the rain) and then I flew away. Trevor was very pissed off.

Weird dream. She seemed a little aggressive.

 !!YoOqRItZAs 44947

File: 1341199145490.jpg (145.07 KB, 1750x1026)

Let me preface this by reminding everyone that we don’t choose what we dream. That having been said here is the one significant chloe dream I have ever had. I’m sure I may have had one or two other dreams in the past but they were nothing more than meeting her/seeing her from far away. This dream is very long and it wasn’t a long sleep. I had slept from 4:30am to about 10:30 am when someone woke me up. I went back to sleep at approx. 11am and woke up at 3pm. The dream was at sometime between 11am and 3pm on 7/1/12. I will not be able to remember all of the details but I will do my best.
The dream starts and I am in a convention center/fair grounds type of building. Somewhere where a bunch of tables and booths would be set up. I was walking through and I run into J. K. Simmons. I was a little star struck and I told him that I had just watched all of OZ and I thought he was really good in it. He played his part very well and was very talented etc. At first he was cool but I went on to compliment him on Juno and Portal 2 and he just got angry and annoyed and walked away with his entourage in a hurry all pissed off. The whole “fans bothering celebrities” kind of pissed off. For some reason in this dream chloe was doing a high dive performance. (dreams are just unprocessed memories of events and I had just seen a high dive performance at holiday world last week) She was doing it for 2 days and this was the second day. I knew about it but it was super exclusive and there was a lot of security to keep people out. So I would have to sneak in. I walked out of the building I was in and I was in an alley way. It wasn;t a creepy dark alley or anything it was just in between two buildings so it is technically an ally. The buildings weren’t very high and I could see the sun from the direction of the fence and clouds and a green hill. It was the afternoon and the sun was starting to go down but there was still a good bit of daylight. I’d say it was about 5:30 pm in the dream. I stayed in the alley for a moment surveying the area trying to scout the best way to get in. There was a small hill with a fence to keep people out. I proceeded down the road and I saw the cabin so I went to the side door and went in. There was no one inside so I went upstairs to the cabin and looked out the window to scout my route. There was security and cops all over the lawn leading to the entrance to the pool platform. I was under the impression that chloe would already be backstage at the pool preparing so I would go to the stands just to watch. I had to think about how I would bypass the security guards. I had a bag of popcorn. Not the microwave kind. The big clear bags that they sell at Kroger. I would use that to cover my chest. I would pretend I was just casually eating it. The pass to the event was a lanyard card of somekind at the end. I would walk but I would have the popcorn at my chest so the guards would assume I had a lanyard but the bag of popcorn was in the way. (I think something else happened while I was in the cabin in my dream but I can’t remember.) I went downstairs and out the back door. Now it was flight time. You have to be confident and just act like you’re supposed to be there and no one will question you. (I did this at basenectar without a ticket. Just walk past everyone on your phone like you’re supposed to be there. No one said shit.) It was working perfectly. I walked passed everyone without confrontation. Until I got to the gate. There was a black lady standing guard and she had to see everyones lanyard. When I got to here I had nothing. I tried to stall/make an excuse/ anything. I was so close, I had come this far, and now it was over.

 !!YoOqRItZAs 44948

It seemed like I was standing there for an hour trying to come up with something. Then out of nowhere. I see someone come into my peripheral. I turn to face him. It’s Trevor. Chloe is right behind him. They were doing the whole “Trevor leads and holds chloe’s hand as she walks behind/beside him. (I had thought that they were beyond that gate already there. I didn’t know that they had just arrived.) I was in shock. I didn’t know what at say at first. I said something to the effect of “Trevor, Chloe, let me get a picture.” Trevor kept refusing and urging me to quiet down like it was very important. Then I found out why he was telling me to quiet down. It seemed no one before had noticed them either. As soon as I noticed them asking them for a picture everyone person behind them started screaming “TREVOR, CHLOE!” and running towards us. They wanted a picture/autograph/etc. from them. Me, Trevor, and Chloe started running from the crowd towards chloes tour bus. I just remember Trevor being the one that was super angry at me. The whole “This is all your fault!” shit. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for me. Now it was dark outside and I was on their bus. The bus was laid out like a typical MTA bus but with fewer poles and higher ceilings with dimmer lighting. There was like a dim yellow lighting with some purple and pink neon scattered about. We were sitting in the back against the wall and the bus was full of their entourage, mostly Trevors friends/accomplices. (This is where it gets uncomfortable) There were the five seats in the back. Staring from right to left. 1. Some random ass guy. 2. Me. 3. Trevor. 4. Chloe. 5. Another random ass guy. So I was next to Trevor and Chloe was on the other side of him. I remember it was short hair chloe (the one in the picture) and I made a big deal about it because I prefer long hair chloe. I think I even called her “short haired chloe” to her face. I repeated the words of a chlobro to them and said something like “I thought you were never going to cut your hair short like that again.” Trevor was talking to his friends and me and chloe were sitting there bored af. Chloe climbed over Trevor and sat in my lap facing me with her legs around me. She stared making out with me. Really hard make out too. Tongue down my throat and shit. (This is where short haired chloe is better than long hair chloe. Her long hair makes reminds me of abby which I would never want to do anything with but in the dream her short hair made her look older which make it more acceptable. Not that its acceptable in any case but I can’t choose what I dream. I also thought about why it would be acceptable and it made the comfort level somewhat higher but only dante, holic, and maybe one other knows why that would be). (look at the picture)(my gf and I had just did this the day before so that was the memory intruding on my dream and we had talked about chlomo)) Trevor didn’t even gaf. Then I woke up with a chub. I didn’t know what to think when I woke up. Strangely enough this wasn’t one of those dreams that I was sad I had woken up from. I don’t like to think of chloe in that way at all.

 Mr. Dennings!s4jsf1HzKo 44951

File: 1341204093629.jpg (108.74 KB, 400x300)

>J. K. Simmons
did he say "I need more pictures of Chloë"?

>I think I even called her “short haired chloe” to her face

i lol'd

>Chloe climbed over Trevor and sat in my lap facing me with her legs around me. She stared making out with me

Oh !!YoOqRItZAs you so crazy

>The whole “This is all your fault!” shit

actually it is your fault

 Narwhal!KickasstjM 44952

Yes, twice, but i dont remember them sadly ;_;

 Gbpackerfan (f833) 44970

I think I did after taking a nap after reading this. I'm new here by the way, and am curious, how many people are here :D? I love you all!

 Anonymous (1132) 44971

May I be the first to welcome you then, hello.
If you want to see how many people are here there is a visitor display on the main page to the right.

 Anonymous (e032) 44976

File: 1341235042160.jpg (19.86 KB, 360x374)

I've only ever had one dream about Chloe, and it happened a few weeks ago. But the sad thing is that in the dream I didn't even see her in real life, she was on the television in a news studio talking about dark shadows. I only caught the last 2-3 minutes of her talking on the show then it cut back to the news reporter talking about some other shit.


 Fairytales of New Time!P7rf5jGywI 44980

File: 1341235744247.jpg (37.13 KB, 412x525)

I want to be the person who rarely appears in her life.
It is no more.

Tulpa? ;)

I love you too.

 Anonymous (c753) 44988

File: 1341237768404.jpg (68.07 KB, 640x427)

u jelly?

 Anonymous (e032) 44990

File: 1341237891734.jpg (18.99 KB, 200x213)

 Gbpackerfan (f833) 45010

Only 13? Needs MOAR. MOAR CHLOBROS. We shall have an army. And take over.

 !CalcLbWSVA 45011

File: 1341243454524.jpg (12.15 KB, 244x198)

I lucid dream so yes, have dreamed quite a bit of her.

 !CalcLbWSVA 45013

Well that's in the last 30 min. Welcome to the site, bro.

 Gbpackerfan (f833) 45025

Thanks! Then that's quite a lot of people :D!

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 57710

File: 1343871155667.jpg (132.87 KB, 650x975)

Well, I've had 3 chloe dreams to date, all of which were very vivid and felt extremely real…

These are in chronological order as I remember them.


I was walking along a terraced area of my school holding her hand, we were on the way to class but were a good 5 minutes late as we were taking it slow. Being winter Chloe had her body huddled close to mine and there was a slight drizzle as we made our way down the stairs outside the block in which our class was at, I remember really feeling her clutching my hand to hers as we walked into the building and opening the door to the class. Upon seeing us the teacher didn't say a word but silently ushered us in and we took our place at the desks, I put our bags on the floor and we both sat down, the whole time Chloe did not let go of my hand and just as the dream ended she looked at me and gave me the most beautiful smile I can remember.

The best part about the dream was how REAL it was although it wasn't visually stimulating I could feel her hand and arm as though it were real, waking up and savouring that moment was one of the best moments in my life since I discovered Chloe.


Chloe was working on the set of an unnamed movie, they had just finished filming for the day and the cast and crew left the set ( A small house not unlike her parent's home in Hick, however it was not that movie ) leaving me there alone with her. I remember we sat down on the front step of the house and once again I held her hand in mine, we talked and talked although time passed extremely quickly in the dream it felt like I had been talking with her for a solid hour without losing interest, my arm had ended up around her waist as we got up and headed toward the small garden which house the crew's cars and the trailers where the cast prepared, I picked up Chloe's bag and we made our way behind one of the trailers. [ Here's where it get freaky] Chloe had there a small motorbike not unlike a moped and we got on, for some reason I was riding passenger, which was weird and I slung her bag over my shoulder and wrapped my arms around her whilst resting my head on her back, and that's where the dream ended.

This was the most vivid dream I have ever had everything was so realistic, I really thought I was there with Chloe and I could feel the contours of her clothes as I embraced her and the touch of her hand on my skin, it was genuinely amazing.


This dream was so intense but so short, I was in bed with Chloe, don't worry there was nothing naughty going on, and we were lying side by side and all I can remember is brushing her hair behind her ear and whispering good night as her eyes closed.

Best fucking dream memory I have.

 Cheddar!gVDEcDI6uY 57714

File: 1343871461116.jpg (1.01 MB, 2231x3000)

Spoon is one lucky mother trucker

 HouseEunuch (8610) 58455

I had a rather odd dream about her a few months ago. I was at my old school and decided to purchase a can of homemade lasagna (?) from the concession machine in the student lounge. When the item spilled out I saw that the can did not have a pull tab top but required a can opener; I was annoyed with this, as well as with the fact that I had not had the prescience to bring a can opener to school with me that day. I turned to walk away when suddenly the lounge turned into a lagoon and i found myself struggling not to drown, since I swim like a ship anchor and was wearing a suit, dress coat and dress shoes. I managed to survive the lagoon and found myself in the parking lot, where the headlight of a car began to curse me off, insult, and derisively taunt and laugh at me. This was an actual headlight - it had a mouth but no other features - and it was enjoying itself at my expense. This did not sit well with me, so I pulled out a Luger - one of the old WWII pistols German officers carried - walked up to the headlight, and emptied the magazine into it at point blank range. It did not bleed or put up a fight - it simply shattered and fell apart as broken glass. After successfully assassinating the headlight i suddenly found myself riding in a car to New York City with…..Chloe Grace!! She was driving the car and fully clothed, while I was in the front passenger seat….completely naked.There was no sense of Chloe being a star or me being in awe of her - it was as if we had been dating for years and were totally at ease with one another. There was also no sense that there was anything strange in me being naked - it was second nature, as if "hey, I'm always naked when Chloe drives me to N.Y.C." rules were in effect. As we approached the Lincoln Tunnel, we were engaged in a spirited debate over some lofty topic - religion, politics, cinema, or the like. After paying the toll she pulled over before entering the tunnel, and I prepared to get out of the car. There was an absinthe spoon on the dashboard, and I made a point to take that with me - apparently we were planning to chase the "green fairy" that night in some quiet spot that served the famed wormwood hallucinogenic beverage that had sent such luminaries as Hemingway, Wilde, and Lautrec into crazed surreal fits, and what's absinthe without your own personal absinthe spoon? Chloe and I kissed - not an erotic, charged kiss but the pleasant familiar "see you in a bit" peck of a couple at total ease with one another - and I got out of the car with the understanding that we would meet later on in the city. She said goodbye and drove off into the tunnel - leaving me on the Jersey side - after which I began to jog naked, clutching the absinthe spoon, through the Lincoln Tunnel to meet up with her in N.Y.C……then I woke up. I remember the dream so vividly because it was so singularly perverse…..but all the same it was nice to see Chloe Grace invade my dreams. Still….I fear that if I continue to have such bizarre dreams that I will undoubtedly end up in psychotherapy with Dr. Caligari - we shall see……

 Anonymous (12df) 58458

thats some crazy shit, bro

 Anonymous (d8df) 58475

File: 1344099166971.jpg (37.26 KB, 205x246)

I had one, i barely remember it. But still, the best dream ive ever had. We went out to the mall and had fun <3
I wish i could just die, and dream about her forever.

 Anonymous (1132) 58476

File: 1344099787496.jpg (20.94 KB, 477x549)

>Went t othe mall and had fun
I can see your imagination is a varitable smorgasbord of creative and unique ideas. Still though I suppose the more founded in reality they are the better they are because it might not seem imediately apparent that its a dream.

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 58477


 Zatoichi !3XEZrAveNs 60033

File: 1344468344673.jpg (227.69 KB, 885x528)

I had a dream yesterday that Chloe won 2 Gold medals in the Olympics for field hockey and equestrian. Some more shit happened after that, but i can't remember.

 Anonymous (46ba) 60037

File: 1344468533800.jpg (19.26 KB, 331x374)


> field hockey and equestrian.

not gymnastics


File: 1344468629919.png (22.14 KB, 322x307)

Sometimes I dream I'm spider-man and I'm saving Chloë. I think this is good.

 Anon (690e) 60045

File: 1344469912344.jpg (62.99 KB, 391x600)

I dreamt that I saw her at a convention. I was jumping up and down in excitement. She noticed me and smiled. We strike up a conversation and she's loving my wit and charm. We proceed to spend all our days together.

Pic related-replace that dyke with me

 6/12/2012 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 136293

File: 1354836384072.png (1.39 MB, 1280x528)

The majority of the dream (and the part I have the least memory of) was me playing one of those real-life survival games, where you feel scared for your life every second. There were these zombie-like people that were trying to kill me and others. There was more to it, but I can’t recall it. Now let me bring you to the end of my dream.

I don’t know the circumstances but I was on the verge of tears because it was my last day with Chloe. Chloe was in the style of Luli. She had her long blonde hair, short shorts, and a jean jacket. There was snow all outside, but it wasn’t very cold. Knowing that it’s my last day with her was eating me up inside, but I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to come off as a fool. She knows so many people, does she really care about me? I followed her into this cabana (wrong word but closest I can think of. It was like a really small 3-sided room, outdoors, with a bench that went around the whole room.) There were about 5-6 people sitting and she stepped inside. I was directly behind her, kneeling on the stairs. I had my head down, and I just felt extreme sadness, and some jealousy for the people she was talking to. I didn’t want this to end. I needed to tell her how I felt. So at this point, she’s talking to a 50 year old Spanish lady and her 10 year old boy. I interrupted her and told Chloe I needed to talk to her. She looked at me, with a little sadness in her eyes and we started walking. The lady and her boy followed. We walked for about 2 minutes, before I turned to the lady. With tears flooding my eyes, I said “Please. I really need to talk to her alone. I’m sorry.” She nudged her mouth, and nodded sympathetically before walking away. Chloe turned to me and we stared in each other’s eyes. Her eyes began to build with tears and her mouth was quivering. She turned away and grabbed my hand. The warmth that I felt when she grabbed my hand was the most realistic part of this dream. It consumed me. I felt great love, happiness, and sadness all at once. But the sadness seemed alright. We trudged through the snow, until we reached a wooden gate. She put her foot over it, then I put mine. We walked for a bit longer, and midway she grabbed my other hand. We’re both trying to contain our sadness. Still holding hands, we walked over to another cabana but didn’t go inside. Standing outside, we both stop and look at each other. I can’t remember my exact words here. In fact, it felt more like we were speaking telekinetically but the vibe that I sent over and the language that got across was “I can’t do it. We had the best time together. We’re not gonna see each other. I love you” I looked at her beautiful face. So passionate were her sobbing eyes. I leaned in for a kiss, but she placed her hand on my shoulder saying “We’ve never kissed before” That’s when she gripped my hand and placed it on her lower back. She did a little twist of her hips, held one of my hands on her lower back, and placed her other hand on my neck/face. She looked at me as if she was talking to her dying friend and said a riddle along the lines of “What’s pink, moves slowly, with a jacket for a lair?” Before I had even one second to think about it. I woke up, and felt completely awake.

 Mr. Bean!!qVCz7BCtH. 136300

File: 1354836735437.gif (554.83 KB, 245x245)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 136316

File: 1354837961311.jpg (866.17 KB, 2592x3872)


that was awesome man. Sounds like it would make a good Tarantino movie.

Made me laugh at parts too. you're a good writer

 Anonymous (db35) 136467

So many stories in this thread, and so little real dreams…

 Yeah 136524

I had a dream where I saw her at the grocery store and she was like staring at me. I just kept on going with what I was doing then she came right up to me and said something. Then I woke up..

 Drew!!5delXN.1Cw 136566

File: 1354895440889.jpg (77.68 KB, 400x289)

Had one about 2 days ago, Chloe was just randomly a small part of the dream though:

I was at a restaurant with a couple of friends, we're just sitting there eating and talking, suddenly Chloe is also sitting at the table. Chloe and I start talking about animal cruelty, and after a while of talk about the poor lamb we're eating all of sudden Forni comes over to our table.

I don't know how I knew it was Forni, I just knew. He's a skinny 26 year old-ish indian. He asks Chloe if he can chew the food for her, she get's creeped out and a bodyguard comes and escorts her out. I wake up while I'm trying to convince her to stay.

TL;DR Forni ruins my dinner with Chloe

 Lili Rochefort !!eGMakPsOug 136610

File: 1354902773610.jpg (74.41 KB, 400x317)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 136618

File: 1354904218494.png (609.75 KB, 625x632)



>26 year old-ish indian


>asks Chloe if he can chew the food for her

>seems legit

 Drew!!5delXN.1Cw 136637

Yeah you might say that I watch Adventure Time too much, it's not the first time I've dreamt about this.


File: 1354910915429.jpg (175.3 KB, 1280x720)

>skinny 26 year old-ish indian


>He asks Chloe if he can chew the food for her

See, I was just trying to help! She was such a drama queen, wasn't she? I hope she'll be more polite next time we meet in your dreams. Keep us informed.

 Anonymous (73f2) 136686

my dream is to become a celebrity and meet chloe

 Mr. Bean!!qVCz7BCtH. 136687

File: 1354915719686.png (156.94 KB, 464x336)

You've just gotta live life to the fullest and never back down.

 Drew!!5delXN.1Cw 136695

File: 1354921133501.gif (6.34 MB, 479x400)

wat is dis. Bean making a serious inspirational/uplifting comment when he had the chance to do a proper troll?

 Thread Master Bean!!PDaejBT0RQ 136772

Do you even recognise where that's from?

Ahh, phone trip how I've missed you.

 Drew!!5delXN.1Cw 137034

Chloe's twitter bio if I'm not mistaken

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 137074

File: 1354981697569.jpg (65.9 KB, 299x393)


get in line bruv



its scary that we all love her yet she does not know we exist. My dream is to live a career like she did, start acting at around age 8 and progress with acting until i come across chloe and become what you can say best friends since very young.

but this dream is stupid since you cant go back in time, so its nothing to pursue

 Kdrew 137081

I want to be christopher mintz so bad right now.


File: 1354983496575.jpeg (119.7 KB, 960x711)

dreamy picture

 Mr. Bean!!qVCz7BCtH. 138731

File: 1355231003217.png (451.61 KB, 604x604)

lol wut
>have a race
>finish 6th
Er, ok.
>suddenly, under a bridge
>set of ladders on one side
>Hick Chloe steps down
>"Hi", "hi".
>she just falls into my arms and we fall over
>lay there cuddling for a minute or two

Pretty much it, my dreams are like mini-episodes of random things.
>after that I was at a party
>my friend falls out with his girlfriend so me and him go outside
>I look at the sky to see what looks like 3 moons, 1 is moving
>getting closer
>stops right next to earth
>"What the fuck, it's earth. It must be happening."
>all of a sudden on a plane, with the president of usa
>we land at fucking mcdonalds
>see friend from school

And so on..

 Drew!!5delXN.1Cw 138739

File: 1355236741427.png (60.88 KB, 300x284)

 Mr. Bean!!qVCz7BCtH. 138740

File: 1355237196184.gif (181.71 KB, 300x300)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 139636

File: 1355424599288_greenChlo.png (1.15 MB, 862x979)


both of those sections sound awesome.

Mine are usually pretty choppy too.

You probably had some cool feels during the Chloe part.

 Edward Raffingfield (f109) 144782

>goes to metallica concert
>chloe and her family are all there singing a song about family, love and forgiveness
>makes sense
>try to start mosh pit but fail

I don't even listen to metal…

 Anonymous (46ba) 144784

File: 1356169798799_132706371420.jpg (121.03 KB, 610x488)

lold, nice one

 Anonymous (35e6) 145183

I had a dream where Chloe was my sister - but we didn't have any other siblings, so no Trevor.

 Anonymous (1132) 145189

>so no Trevor
Can't see why this would matter at all to you if chloe was your sister.
Chloe is just as good with or without trevor, although he was and likely still is her acting coach but still.

 Anonymous (35e6) 145196

I was trying to clarify that the dream wasn't set in the real world. I guess my clarification was rather unclear.

 Anonymous (1132) 145278

Oh right, I thought you were disappointed that trevor wasn't present.

 Anonymous (35e6) 145330

 Mastër Bëan!!qVCz7BCtH. 152073

File: 1357221296372.png (136.52 KB, 591x329)

Moar wat

>walking around somewhere with a gun

>see short-haired Chloë
>she tells me there's a house party and points me to it
>I get there and there's long-haired Chloë holding a wand
>she says something (forgot)
>she walks around me, slaps my arse with the wand and says "Nice!"
>I enter the party
>me and Chloë talk about stuff
>see old neighbour who is drunk or injured or both…
>I offer to help him home and I get Chloë to help
I forget after that but I think that's the last Chloë appearance in that dream

 Anonymous (14e5) 152078

I dreamed that Chloe was possessed and old women from my neighborhood's parochy were exorcizing her. Soon after, she was studying in my school.
Nonsense, right? :D

 Anonymous (32f1) 152084

File: 1357225016530.jpg (25.38 KB, 247x249)

>she walks around me, slaps my arse with the wand and says "Nice!"

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 152499

File: 1357273711141_Hick_245.jpg (163.94 KB, 1920x800)


i could picture her saying that pretty vividly. that would make for a wild gif


Chloe and I were having coffee in Rome, suddenly the Colisseum evaporates and I propose. She irreverantly says "Sure, why not?". We continue to drink coffee and talk. We then walk to our hotel under the moonlight. When we got there we fall asleep cuddling.


File: 1357448858580_bubu.png (460.59 KB, 635x623)

Well this is depressive.

I was a God. Actually I was human but I had god like powers. I could create and destroy planets. As usual, I was in love with Chloë and I knew Chloë was dating but she insited to tell the media she was single. I felt betrayed. I was jealous and angry and I wanted to destroy earth. Blow up the planet. I fell into depression, started crying then I woke up.

I feel like shit now. I was going to kill everybody due to my broken heart. Chloë is making me sick. ):

2 weeks ago I had another chlomo dream. I was going to Chloë's house to sleep there. Teri was there and Chloë too, but the focus was on her brothers. We were talking and having fun then suddenly I became the Hulk and brought down the house with everyone still inside. This is the second time I dream I'm close to Chloë and then I become a Marvel character. Last time I was Spider-Man. Maybe these dreams have a deeper meaning that I can't grasp. And I feel bad because I've killed everyone in this dream. I didn't even had a reason to become the hulk. ;-;

 Night Creeper (1fc4) 154820

File: 1357492470571.jpg (129.94 KB, 1280x720)

Ew…must be you're frustrated becouse of low chance of meeting Chloë IRL. Feels bad, man.

 Drew!!5delXN.1Cw 154872

You should check out Dream Moods "dream dictionary" it's a great site, has helped me interpret my dreams countless times. http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/

 Anonymous (24e8) 154984

File: 1357507605006_1.jpg (90.54 KB, 280x570)

Chloe and I go on a killing rampage. We immediately regret our actions and invite a girl from my school to have a passionate threesome with us in the blood of our victims.
That happens.
We then get in a car and Chloe drives. There is a crash and a mass of colour- like this Jackson Pollock painting- faintly veils the act of Chloe and the girl in an act of fellatio next to the car pedals.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 155006


somebody has issues.


File: 1357509224868_Chole_Mort233z.jpg (56.54 KB, 315x341)

You know, kid, you don't have to lie.

 Mastër Bëan!!qVCz7BCtH. 155114

File: 1357513237369_Ihasasad.png (338.97 KB, 500x562)

I had a dream, but I forgot it…
I don't Chloë was actually in it herself, but something Chloë related was. Either her voice or someone she knows…

 Mastër Bëan!!qVCz7BCtH. 155119

don't think*

 Anonymous (bd94) 155748

Had Chloe in my dreams for the past two nights. Wish me luck for the third.

 GG!I3VsKAfX6Y 156592

At my grandparents' house. In a small room full of developers (it's a dream, it makes no sense). About 6 of them there. We talk. They say another 6 should arrive. They do. One of them is Trevor. He starts writing some things on a chalkboard, he turns to us, looks me straight in the eye and says my name in full.

I panic a little. How did he find out my name? I fear he'll go "you're that asshole with the creepy site". I look at him and say his name in full, and then we shake hands as I expect to get sucker punched. That doesn't happen. The dream cuts and changes to Batman running people over with a jeep in WW2

 Epialës!!Hdma8fHYHU 156600

File: 1357635004878.jpg (91.19 KB, 787x503)

>The dream cuts and changes to Batman running people over with a jeep in WW2

 GG!I3VsKAfX6Y 156601

I ain't even joking. There was a lot more crazy shit


File: 1357642375734.gif (759.54 KB, 245x200)

How do I use this website?

 Ryan!!fO/vNY.k1w 156765

File: 1357656533672_true_story.jpg (44.87 KB, 692x370)

lol I do that too


File: 1357657102411.jpg (30.57 KB, 388x388)

>To dream that you are a god implies your own special talents which you have not yet recognized or fully developed. Alternatively, it refers to your feelings of superiority over others. You think you are above others and have a tendency to look down on people.

>To dream that you are a superhero represents your above-average talents, ideas, and other hidden abilities that you may not realize you possessed. Alternatively, the dream parallels some extraordinary problem or issue that you are trying to deal with in your waking life. You need to approach the issue head on.

That website is better than I thought.

 Drew!!5delXN.1Cw 157082

File: 1357683636737.jpg (26.88 KB, 236x252)

There's a lot of information in your subconcious mind that you're not aware of and your dreams often let you access this.
It's common that your subconciousness portray's these thought's through symbolism etc in your dreams.

 Cheetos (19a5) 169434

File: 1359065780439_thuglife.jpg (56.37 KB, 600x450)

I had a dream my fire team was tasked with her security following an outbreak of zombies. Brad Pitt was there. It was epic as fuck, lemme tell ya. Imagine flying through a chaotic city in a fully up-armored M-ATV mounted with the M2 .50 cal, with Chloe in the front seat, scared beyond her whits, you driving like a badass while trying to keep her psyche in one piece, and your homies gunning down zombies from the gunner's pit and/or radioing HQ that VIP codename Carrie is en route to safehouse G for extract.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 169459

File: 1359066567316.jpg (25.02 KB, 381x456)

Sounds to me like you just saw an early screening of world war z, except Chloë had a part in it too

 Edward Raffingfield (d331) 170495

File: 1359171280974_IMG_4234.jpg (59.99 KB, 211x667)

Here's another one.
>being Abby in a classroom
>teacher asks stupid question about police and King Aurthur
>being super old Abby I knew the answer
>was then being chased by a fat guy and an anorexic guy
>skinny guy forced me to find these ancient chalices because I was super old
>found one and fatty took it off me, running away
>"heh heh, these guys are fools" as I take the other six all in one hand
>one made me go in the sun because he didn't know I was a vampire
>"ah, ya bitch. I'm burning."
>they start to watch TV so I hide on the roof because logic
>they tried spraying me with a hose to get me down
>one starts whipping me
>"not today"
>grab whip and break it
>now I'm not Abby but Abby is still on roof
>"Hey, Abbey. Get out of the way
>anorexic guy started beating me


 Epialës!!Hdma8fHYHU 170557

File: 1359181020876_074.jpg (50.49 KB, 500x375)


I have had many dreams about Chloë and especially about Abby but never one that I was actually her. That sounded intense you must be at peak of your Chloë obsession. It's been a while since I have had such a nightmarish vivid dream with her…

I cant wait for mushroom season

 Anonymous (2f23) 171528

File: 1359265801714_image.jpg (212.86 KB, 706x1024)

I had a dream a while back that I was in the city near the water with Chloë and Christopher Mintz-Plasse and we were watching a young version of the band Blondie. I like to think of Debbie Harry in her younger years looking like an adult Chloë. In the dream Debbie said she always admired Christopher. It was a good dream!

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 171531

File: 1359268203354_56483_Preppie_Chloe_Moretz_at_LAX_2_122_523lo.jpg (1.21 MB, 2449x4059)

Was that dream inspired by her wearing this Blondie shirt?

 alexxxkkkeller (73f2) 171536

Sadly I've never had a good dream about Chloe, just nightmares. They typically involve us meeting and she thinks I'm a scumbag ;[

 Anonymous (2f23) 171591

File: 1359273821139_image.jpg (76.83 KB, 398x600)


I haven't seen that pic before, but it's good to know she has good taste in music! :)

 Anonymous (c29e) 171595

File: 1359275445243.jpg (149.46 KB, 846x848)

I've only had 2 dreams of Chloe so far, with both of them involving trains. The first one I had a while ago were I had to guide Chloe from the train station to Nick Franger's car and then later spent some time at her house talking and what not. And the second one I had recently which only lasted for 1 minute or less which consisted of Chloe leaning over to the seat behind her where I was seated and asking me a question. I didn't hear what she said so I just sat there in silence staring at her.

>mfw she was waiting for my response

 Anonymous (afd2) 175147

File: 1359640992182_9LEpod0CbAY.jpg (37.71 KB, 485x413)

In my dream I read a magazine and saw there Chloe in her outfit with bare right tit and caption "I like men's breast, I actually don't like women's breast." It's so weird, what could that mean?

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 175203

File: 1359658998403_336337337337r252let.jpg (103.37 KB, 1280x533)

A message from your subconsiousness (hope I've spelled it good), it means you're bisexual

 Anonymous (afd2) 175213

File: 1359662054334.png (327.99 KB, 500x682)

No, it absolutely can't be, I like only girls and never even thought about men in sexual aspect. It must be something with much deeper sense. Also it was first time I saw partly bare Chloe in my dream and remembered it so clear.

 Shangri !!DhbGDeemY6 189920

File: 1361617768466_Sleeping_Prank.jpg (131.32 KB, 716x960)

This is the shortest dream that I ever dream of, and I don't know why it was chosen to be about Chloë.
>Somewhere in a place there is a fashion show.
>To my surprise, I have missed the entire show.
>Chloë is leaving and heading to her car.
>Comes face to face with me.
>I said (Hi), she ignored me.
>Some how she was about to trip and fall but I grabbed her arm just in time.
>She thanked me.
>Tfw something is ringing in my ears.
>Realized it is the alarm clock and it's 5:30 and I have to go to school.
>Threw the alarm clock at the wall.
>Same shit different day.

 Sam Fisher (ba78) 197116

I had a short dream of Chloe last night.
Unfortunately I didn't see her face to face in the dream. But she appeared in a Jeopardy show and I was watching her on TV. Then there was a category there about "Chloe Movies" or something. And she couldn't answer the questions about herself. :S

The other day I had another short dream of Chloe, in which I did meet her. I completely forgot what I did though. Something about me not having the confidence to speak to her. :(

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 197120

File: 1362449479985_kaylol.png (97.27 KB, 281x265)

>Then there was a category there about "Chloe Movies" or something. And she couldn't answer the questions about herself.

 Sam Fisher (ba78) 198467

Don't know what's up with me these days, but I just had another dream last night.

>Chloe was lying on a bed on her stomach in a garden across a bridge from a mansion.

>I went and lay down beside (or on top, I forgot (no sex, don't worry)) her.
>I started reciting a poem I made on the spot.
>The poem was a romantic poem about how beautiful she was.
>I only remember one line, which was that her beautiful eyes flash like fire.
>There were many more lines about her nose/lips/hair etc.
>Chloe giggled and squirmed as I said the poem.
>After that, we got up and it suddenly started raining REALLY HARD.
>Caught in the torrents of water, I then escorted her across the bridge back to the house.

Mushiest dream I've had in a long long time, and certainly one of the best.
Chloe has that effect on people.

And it somehow felt really real, too.

 Edward Raffingfield (f18c) 212287

File: 1364522581280_079.jpg (416.69 KB, 1218x1080)

Here's another one
>zombie apocalypse
>run away to Norway (I'm from New Zealand…wut)
>climb into a house which I somehow knew was owned by the Moretzs
>sleep in what I would find out to be Chloë's room
>wake up and she's watching me…
>my mum makes us breakfast and I have bacon
>getting chased by a tank from Left 4 Dead
>hold on, motherfucker, I have magic powers
>make him my friend and "freeze" everyone who tries to kill him
>Chloë's whole family is sleeping on a kitchen table even though there are perfectly good mattresses in the lounge
>carry Chloë and put her in a bed
>do the same for her "twin sister"
> go up to the parents but they wake up and start partying
>fuck, I want to sleep

 AsianG'!FvX2LYQC2c 212309

Ive dreamt she was doing falling forward flips or something in KA2 hit girl costume in a traffic tunnel.

 ineverrun (489f) 212335

dreamin about.. Chloe? not yet accomplished :p

 Brace Yourself 220568

File: 1365524128110_tongue_of_love.gif (2.64 MB, 457x350)

Reporting live from my bedside with my daily AM protein shake & meal.

Ok It started off on the side of the road involving a bit of school & hopping on the city bus to get their (idk..I drive) then it switches up bac to the bus-stop a female is laying face down in the grass with a white, red & lil bit of yellow skirt on.

Then it switches again now we're in court, (not me) some boy is going to court behind Chloë being sent some movie as well as being underage & psychically burned. So I googled what all the hype wuz about & saw the movie & as I'm trying to exit out I hear her

mama walking down the hall but that shyt aint shut down fast enough so I'm like shyt & hop up to meet her mama & I approach her saying "Man,(not calling her one jus speaking in general) I am so sorry, I aint trying to be in y'all business but I asked the judge

what's going on & she told me. Her mama proceeded to ask me what I knew so I told her, how I heard she wuz burned & the movie ofcourse she then said my name "– you have no idea what I'm going through" I try to comfot her

As we're leaving outta Chloë mama house walking through tha parking lot me & trailer park Chloë jus a few steps behind mom I accidently whisper "I love you." she responded "What?" I corrected my mistake "I want to love you!" Even though I said it once it felt

like forever ecstasy. She lifted her shirt to show me her huge pizza shaped burn mark on her chest & insta pushed it bac down, all while this is happening something catches my eye in the sky I look up & see a shooting star, I yell "Chloë! Look! Hurry up & look!"

while pointing & turning her in its direction at the same damn time. I start running towards it & as I'm running the sky unnoticeable started changing colors, I dropped to my knees in the grass & wished upon that star & to God so hard asking him "Dear

God please give me everything good I asked for in life." which at that moment he already did by letting Chloë in my life. I rose to my feet & I'm mentally telling her what I said since she asked. Then mama Chloë started shouting "Look its two!" Right after

that the sky turnt dark blue, then dozens of stars started shooting then it kept changing from a dark purple to light purple then pink. I Swear on my soul it wuz the most amazing thing I've ever seen. It wuz literally what seemed like millions of stars

decorating the sky & all i could say to myself wuz "Daaamn i couldn't ask for a better moment in my life." Then those stars started coming towards us but… We found out they weren't stars they were UFOs once they got close enough they were to the

point of "jump & touch" & I'm telling them "wooww its a UFO" that had these beautiful ass colors so of course I tried to jump & touch it but it swerved past me & landed in Chloës' building & became her roof, all of a sudden something in my minds going off

telling me "Run!" So I start getting swindy (running) I look to my left, no longer trailer park Chloë now regular Chloë & mama-Chloë are doing the same, so we're footing it throughout this parking lot we hit this mechanical gate (it wuz a tall ass blue one with a

spiky top) and it wuz a hole in it so I jump over & as I'm jumping, looking at Chloë this starts playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpkPbQWZOks ) now this UFO is tryna turn us into grilled bacon bits shooting flames at us but it misses then we hit a few

more gates & now we're in this grassy LoKi area where couldn't nobody see us due to it being surrounded by tall weekly trimmed bushes high up on top of some white fancy decorated structure that had another gate surrounding the hot tub, which, we

proceeded to diiive in, yeess.

 Anonymous (c857) 221118

File: 1365559649380.gif (2.91 MB, 374x257)

This was a few weeks ago.

I was on plains somewhere, grass was up about my knees with length. In the distance loomed a rising hilltop, meeting with the blue and white in the sky. At the top of the hill stood a small figure, one I could barely make out in the distance, its face in shadow from the blinding sunlight behind it. The face raised, and for a moment I saw it clearly as if Is were standing right before it, Chlobros.

It was Chloe, and with rays of sunlight sparkling through her hair she raised her face to look towards me and form a beaming smile. “Come to me [Anon],” she says, and she raised an arm to beckon with a dainty hand. I walked towards her, transfixed, seeing only the figure standing in the sunlight on the hill. But no matter how many steps I took I got no closer than I had been.

Sadness twists Chloe’s face, her eyebrows draw together and her lips pout, eyes watering. “What’s the matter [Anon]? Don’t you want to be with me?” I begin to run, but with every step she seems further away, the hilltop shrinking in the growing distance. “I thought you loved me.” She’s crying now, “Why won’t you come close?”

Can’t run, legs feel heavy, can’t gain any traction. The sky has gone dark now, Chloe is sobbing, each gasp booming out across the plains, reverberating around me as I struggle to move forward. “I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME,” she cries. Her voice is booming, painful, everywhere. “LOVED ME CAN’T NOTHING YOU ARE BREAK MY HEART MONSTER WHY MONSTER KILL LOVE I’M SORRY HATE” Her voice fills my head, darkened, monstrous. Many voices now all of them hers, screaming over each other, whispering. On the horizon her silhouette grows, looming larger and larger. I cannot breath, I can’t think, the voices are everything. “WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME”

I’m frozen, paralyzed, the roaring around me is deafening, I can’t get away. The plains are gone, the sky is black. I try to scream, but can’t. I’m awake, but I’m not. I’m in my room but the dark figure still remains over me. No matter how much I scream at my limbs to move, they won’t.

It’s called sleep paralysis. It’s unpleasant.

 Anonymous (228c) 222201

File: 1365728749670_blog240512_dog.jpg (56.23 KB, 600x400)

I was walking in a town and then i saw this dog
then i thought "oh my god this is chloe's dog, she must be close"
So i kept walking and sure enough i found her, she was sitting down with her brothers and i said "Hello" i didn't want to annoy her like people probably do
Then someone took her dog and she freaked out and i forgot the rest

 ineverrun (489f) 222457

LMAO damn thats gotta b tha worse dream transition started off so perfectly ended off so wrong

LOL i wonder if they held her dog for ransom just to meet her tho

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 225529

File: 1366098309907_omg_dat_is.jpg (30.72 KB, 229x321)

>mfw I saw her in my dream where she was doing a photoshoot where she had to kiss a girl
And I even saw the "making of it" video in my dream. It was so goddamn real
Guess I'm a fuckin pervert, this is the second time I saw her kissing another girl in my dreams

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 225536

File: 1366101948081.gif (1.99 MB, 344x307)

I've never had dreams like those before. My dreams are always short, vague, and not Chloë-related.

Oh and Spoon, you are one lucky bastard.

 Anonymous (46ee) 225563

File: 1366111849690.jpg (114.97 KB, 600x253)

I started dreaming of Chloë again last night, something that hasn't happened in nearly a year.

In the dream I was trying to rescue her, not from death but fans. I was dragging her through crowds by the hand people shouting and grabbing at her, somehow we made it into a back entry of an old theatre. We hid and waited but then as we were trying to leave people spotted us as and it happened again. There was many scenarios like this but we couldn't escape, it kept repeating and repeating until I finally woke up.

 Anonymous (db35) 225568

You failed at protecting the Queen, people grabbing Chloë and it happened over and over again.

You, my sir, had a nightmare. Not a dream.

 Anonymous (46ee) 225572

File: 1366120566943.jpg (272.46 KB, 970x571)

Most of the time the only dreams I do remember can also be my nightmares. They are the ones where it feels so real that it can wake you up from deep sleep feeling sensations that you may never experience in real life.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 236564

Round two.

This one started pretty abruptly, I was on a street near the football field in my town. Something was going on, but it wasn’t a football game, there were many, many people there. And of course, Chloe was there. I found her in the crowd, she was standing alone amidst everyone like she was invisible to them. I spoke with her, but I don’t know what we said, we were happy to see each other though, like old friends.

Then she wasn’t there anymore, so I of wandered the crowd and talked with people I know who were there too. When I was coming out of the crowd I saw Chloe getting onto an horse drawn open carriage, the passenger seat in front. I don’t remember who was driving, because I don’t think I could see them, or maybe they were just a figure. The carriage went on down the road, and then when it reached the end it tilted, flipped, and broke apart. Then I was at the carriage wreck, and Chloe was laying in it, broken.

Next I was on chlomo, and people were acknowledging that Chloe had died, but no one seemed concerned. Everything was just going on as normal.

 Chlobro (96a4) 257176

File: 1369698730682_10.png (148.78 KB, 314x318)

I should have posted this days again, now this is all I can remember:
>playing football
>run from one end to the other and score past Goalkeeper Chlo
>suddenly playfully tackle Chloë to the ground
>lols are had
>wake up

I fell asleep then had another dream. Woke up and slept again to have a 3rd dream.

 Chlobro (8ed7) 257198

File: 1369707366404_Chloe3.jpg (1004 KB, 2075x3000)

didn't know this thread… i only had one dream about chloe

I dreamed I was Jake LaMotta and chloe was Beverly Thailer, LaMotta's wife. that night I had seen "Raging Bull". if any of you saw that movie, you might remember the scene where deniro empties a jar of cold water in his pants. my dream was precisely that scene. and if you also remember, thailer was only 16 when she married jake

 Anonymous (2646) 260861

File: 1370345520937_103073160-actress-chloe-moretz-attends-the-overture-gettyimages.jpg (62.91 KB, 399x594)

I had a Chloë-dream this night…

In my dream, I was in middle school, and dunno why, but Chloë joined my class for a day. She looked exactly like this, even the chlothes and I had a camera and I was recording her every move. It made her a little nervous:) And then, out of nowhere, Cam's little bro appeared and he walked to the other end of the room, and there was a stage there and he started to play on a guitar and it was horrible. I said something to guy next to me "Man, I love Chloë, but this music is still awful", meaning that I knew the little fella was with her here. After that, there was a huge storm and we where in our capitol, Budapest, and starngely the Parliament was on a island in the middle of the river Duna (dunno what's the english name of it), and the building was crashed by awesome looking lightnings, and we were running (me and some others) and the way behind us suddenly closed. I was thinking "I hope she is alright" and then the alarm clock woke me up.

 That is my dream tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 260863

File: 1370345575143_oh_yes.jpg (387.22 KB, 1328x1824)

Somehow, my name was not posted, so

 Anonymous (614c) 260874

>leaving chloe behind while she is in danger
>casual level 99 achieved

 Anonymous (161e) 260895

Good point. Dreams are always sincere

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 260918

File: 1370357985407_omg13.jpg (82.27 KB, 528x451)

B-but I can't control my dreams

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 260986

I hope this piece of shit was banned soon

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 260992



Dude, this isn't erotic-chloe-fan-fic.org

 1337 (27dc) 268620

Ok, so as many of you might know, I havent been active here since January. That's because I lost interest in Chloe. I was no longer obsessed. Now I just woke up from the best Chloe dream ive ever had.

Ok, so I was just chilling in my home town, walking around, looking for something to eat. Then Chloe came up to me and asked me directions to somewhere. I cant remember after that but then a while after she was at my house and my sister had a hit girl poster open from her magazine. Up until then I hadn't mentioned anything about her being Chloe (I just pretended she was a normal chick.) She saw it and was like, "that's me!" I acted surprised and then said, "Oh my god, yes there is an uncanny resemblance!" Anyway, a few of my friends were also there and they were telling me to try get with her. So I started flirting, she wasn't keen at first. Then I took her for a walk around the park and we started hooking up after a long talk about things. It was sweet. Then I had a hockey game and asked her to come play too. She played for a while but when I looked back for her, she wasn't there. I quickly asked people if they had seen her and one guy pointed down the road. I ran down there but unfortunately woke up while running :(

So what do you think? There was a lot more to it in between the parts I listed but I can't remember it all :(. It's the best dream I've ever had I reckon.

 Anonymous (fa7c) 268628

I dreamt I visited a Chloe fan site. And then I clicked on a link.

I'm so shit.

 Anonymous (228c) 268938

i had a dream today where chloe was about 2 years younger and i was young also, and we were playing some old school video games. felt goodman, but then i woke up and realized how shitty life is

 FuckinJB Idiotic korean (b641) 274882

Okay, so I'm at school and chloe's sitting next to me, alright? I'm listening to music and she's nagging about my song collection. For some reason, there's a JB song on my phone, I go "dafuq?" And skip over. And chloe goes apeshit about skipping over bieber and goes dancing with Bieber. (Who appeared out of nowhere)

 Anonymous (1132) 274885

File: 1372606611555_biebs.jpg (38.61 KB, 476x639)

you got cockblocked by bieber in your own dream

 im new 275194

so im new and i don't know how to use anything. HELP!

 Anonymous (ece8) 275195

Check out this thread: >>54009

 dreams of chloe 275196

yes but when i remember i get back to you.

 DANGER;prodigy!!YoOqRItZAs 281278

File: 1373916215190.jpg (1.28 MB, 3168x4752)

Ok. I only come here from time to time to check back up, Chloe's not completely gone from my life yet and I had a dream about her last night. I always try to remember the things in real life that will pertrude back to my dream so I think it was that me and my girlfriend had a fight and I changed my wallpaper on my phone from her back to being Chloe and she saw it.

Anyway, the dream starts out and me and Chloe are on the second floor of this large room connected to the ocean floor and a ladder connects us down to the sand. A glass wall is shielding us from the water though. In this dream we obviously had some history, it's as if we we're in a relationship for some time but she's always gone on the road doing stuff, filming movies, photoshoots, etc. So I was also in a relationship with my girlfriend IRL also. I just remember being with Chloe and she would kiss me and look me in the eye and tell me that she loved me leading me to believe it were true. I was divided in the dream because inevitably I would have to choose at one point in between staying with Chloe or staying with my irl gf. I could not live this double relationship life forever. That is why I had my doubts about the relationship with Chloe, she's always gone, but she really did look me in the eye and said that she loved me. So she leaves and theres this whole other segment of the dream about me having to dive into the ocean and rescue these laminated shops of Chloe that I liked, theres a part when my brother and my mom and I are speeding around this city at night trying to find our way back to the building where we were staying so I could get to Chloe. But ultimately it was a personal vendetta in my life about me having to leave Chloe behind to be with my gf in real life. But still, the best part was her kissing me and looking me straight in the eye and telling me that she loved me. Man…

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 281283

File: 1373919568640.gif (989.74 KB, 498x266)


Anyway I had a short dream with Chloë where I was playing S&D on Cod of Duty. Chloë was last alive and I found her camping in a container with Ellen Degenerate dry humping her.

 Anonymous (2f8d) 281317

File: 1373929932758_32.jpg (270.64 KB, 1920x1200)

I couldn't help it, It wasn't my only dream of her. Previous dreams have been relaxed and romantic almost. We drove around just talking once for a bit. But in this one it was just sex, I felt really bad when I woke up. I'm 16 by the way. I got over the bad feeling eventually, so its ok, I'm just waiting for the next one.

 Anonymous (228c) 281321

File: 1373930245394_crying.gif (1.98 MB, 259x221)


 Anonymous (2f8d) 281617

File: 1374016211939_1.jpg (70.02 KB, 387x594)

We're laying in my bed watching basketball, the Warriors lose, which is sad because they are my team. To console me Chloe and I spoon, she lets me cup one of her cupcakes. She turns to face me and we kiss for little bit. There just cute little ones. She falls asleep and i get out of bed to go and watch another game. Chloe walks in and is fucking pissed at me, she runs out the door and gets on a coach. Its pitch black at the time and i get a taxi to follow the coach. Its now the daytime and we're really high up in the clouds. We pass a beach and my history teacher is there with my class. I stop following Chloe and go to the beach but there is an overriding feeling of regret for the rest of the dream (which isn't long)

 Anonymous (aeb0) 284131

I had a dream the other night. Chloe and I were at this arcade, not too different from the one in Let Me In. Chloe was playing some space game and I was standing next to her with my arm around her. Chloe was really into the game and she was going on about it. And I was just looking into her eyes the whole time, not paying any attention to the game or what she was saying. It was like the sound was on mute and everything except for Chloe was out of focus and blurry. And I just watched her mouth move as she talked and smiled and laughed. And then the game was over and I grabbed both her hands and was trying to pull her away. And I just remember her saying "You're obsessed with touching me," in a playful, flirtatious manner, as she obviously knew that I was into her. Then I woke up. :(

 dreams of chloe 291069

these stories/dreams are pretty sad but nice.


So in my dream im being driven around cause i believe i got a taxi im in London and on a street that i usually go by. While looking out the window of the taxi i slowly notice it starts snowing which totally makes me happy cause cause its pretty nice seeing London snow i guess i've been wanting it deep down inside, while looking at the snow falling i see people passing by and the taxi stops at a red light before the car starts up again to continue i see a sad lonely looking chloe had her normally long hair like she had in let me in. I don't remember getting out of the car but i remember going over to her and asking her some stuff and well something i said made her sad face turn all happy and next thing you know i ask her if she wants to come with me its funny that out of nowhere i some how have a vespa its like a motorcycle except more French… Anyway she says something like "are you sure?" and of course im like yeah im sure, so we both get on and she holds onto me while we drive around on the vespa in the snow. Its pretty late now and we arrive at my house we both end up going to my bedroom and there were no blinds on the window she's in front of me staring out the window and im on the left of her behind her near the door frame im obviously starring at her by the time she looks back at me she sees me smiling then she smiles at me than looks back out of the window i move closer and our hands touch and we both look at the snow falling together… Then i end up being in some call of duty like war?????? Like WTF?!!? From being with chloe to just popping up in some war with a big ass gun!

 Anonymous (4030) 291502

In every dream of her I had so far she either purposly avoids me or is pregnant
what the fuck does that mean?

 Squiddy (7108) 291516

My dreams were always pretty much a nightmare. I want to listen to something like Duran Duran or Train, even, and she keeps on screaming to put One Direction and Katy Perry back on. The whole time, I'm going, "Dafuq do you want to listen to that for?" and I try to protect the mouse from her. What makes it worse is that she DOES like One Direction and Katy Perry in real life.


File: 1375660968124_chloe-moretz-2.jpg (48.16 KB, 499x665)

are you being serious? either pregnant or avoiding you??


officially freaked out…. i just had a random dream about chloe and kristen Stewart made an appearance… as my girlfriend?
so okay im at home minding my own business i was halfway walking up the stairs when i hear voices approach my house then it sounds like a heated argument going on so i stop on my steps and turn around then the door gets a violent knock at the door i don't even remember walking down the stairs to the door neither do i remember opening it? so im already talking to kristen and some old guy that i know in real life… he's my best friends uncle in real life so yeah he's in my dream asking me if i know were his dogs gone, now this is where chloe comes into it thanks to kristen… my dream girlfriend trying to annoy me. she's all "well…" and im like what do you mean well?? then she's like "is she here?" and im like no… who are you talking about… now me being stupid i thought she was talking about the dog but no secretly unknown to me she was talking about chloe?! this argument with kristen was the most memorable part cause she was really jealous and getting all ""touching hair licking/biting her lips angry"" which i found so hilarious by the time i woke up i was in tears remembering how funny she was while angry… (i wish you were there to see her face it was unbearable XD) so im there at the door laughing a little at her getting mad and she just gives me a seriously dark look and curses at me and i curse back and slam the door in both there faces?
i end up grabbing my jacket and a helmet (cause a year ago i use to have a bike but not a motorcycle but a mountain bike like bike…) anyway yeah i just got on the bike and rode it a little then magically im at my local supermarket like a big old walmart i park my bike up in a weird way that i wonder now if i was thinking straight at the time (i picked up the bike and somehow made it stick to a bike rack on the wall? that ain't normal to me.) spoiler alert: chloe and i have a history in this dream that ill find out about when i go to sleep for the second time in the night.

so i enter the building and its pretty busy today i end up looking for some starbucks in the milk section of the supermarket i find it and have it in hand i go to the check out counter and there's a seriously big ass line of people… (i did say it was busy.) so im looking around not minding my own business cause im bored just waiting for the line to go down… i then see a blonde dark shadows haired chloe helping her mom out with their shopping… now this is where everything gets blurry and my dream gets dark and confusing before i wake up. i look at her and im literally frozen people around me move 1 percent slower than they did before as chloe's mom goes to check out she's just standing there looking around holding onto her shopping cart and she locks her eyes on me and im seriously weirdid out by the fact she's looking at me she's two isles down from me she looks away from me with a small classic chloe smirk, and all of a sudden im outside with my Starbucks and i've got car keys?? i see chloe again and she hugs me and gives me a kiss on my cheek? it was weird cause i kinda felt like it was real her kiss was warm. the sun was setting?? and i just barely remember her saying "so are we going home now or are we going for that adventure??" wait a second after carefully reviewing my dream i noticed that chloe's mom just disappears? and its already getting dark and from not feeling like i know her in the supermarket to coming outside and her acting like thats normal to kiss someone on the cheek after a weird staring contest? so i woke up around the part where i was driving the car somewhere?

 Anonymous (614c) 292025

File: 1375666739670.jpg (115.35 KB, 475x511)


>i just had a random dream about chloe and kristen Stewart




so officially twice in one night i dream about chloe… but now i feel like the second dream explains what the first dream was cause the next dream continues with me and chloe talking about some random ass sh*t that i don't even understand? like dresses and make up??? and we're on a couch and she's laying her head on my lap while we talk. now i remember us talking about wedding plans? i was telling her i was gonna go all out to make sure that and i "QUOTE" "this will be a wedding to remember, i love you babe?" WTF? when do i get all happy about weddings… if anything i hate em i guess its just my personal memories of how weddings don't always work out in my family. she falls asleep in my lap and i turn the tv off from what i believe was cartoonnetwork XD and pick her up and in a cradling way and make my way upstairs to what i guess is our bedroom? (its funny cause the house that we're in is literally my dads house… just looks nicer.) i lay her down and put her under the covers and i get into the bed too and give her a kiss on the nose then mouth, as soon as i close my eyes im in some kind of hallway all nicely dressed then i think wait our wedding! so i literally think im in some maze or something running around and i hear the here comes the bride music then i freak out! like where is the stupid altar? then i find it now it takes a dark turn i see her with a beautiful white dress looking amazing then i see some guy next to her then i hear both of them say i do??! im like what????! wait? a second… apparently im her half brother or some crapy crap like that cause we end up at the reception and the stupid ass groom gives his speech about how he's the luckiest man alive…. i see that as my chance to talk to chloe… so i literally drag her out side into a hall and she asks me all confused "what are you doing?" as she says that i drag her into a room and lock the door. now it gets interesting…. i end up crying on my knees and she bends down looking at me looking like she might cry too but she tells me "im sorry if there could have been another way… you said you wouldn't do this to me not today??" (it turns out that me and kristen are married… you'll see.) before chloe leaves i turn around on my knees still saying something about her dying? and she stops right before the door then turns around with tears in her eyes and she says "you promised you wouldn't bring that up." ??? then i get seriously scared cause she looks angry as hell (kinda like that scene from let me in where abby comes in and doesn't get invited in then blood just starts pouring out…) well she starred at me like that then kristen just opens the door and looks speechless… then chloe says and i remember this quite well "you stay away from me you hear??" nothing more southern than that now. well its like.


File: 1375671870976.jpg (66.03 KB, 332x330)

we fast forwarded to a point where she looks like she's drunk and in new york literally just stumbling out of the restaurant or bar? and i had to take her home i we some how already arrive at my apartment i actually notice there's no ring on my finger and ask chloe "how's you and sugar daddy coming along?" as i open the door still supporting her she literally made an UGH noise XD and said "the less talked about him is for the better…" she just barges past me and plops herself down on my couch and i say "you've really done it now haven't you??" i noticed that in this dream i remembered more dialog than in the first…. long story short we literally start flirting and she gets up and drags me to my into the hallway… its hilarious how many hallway scenes that were in my dream… anyway she and i both literally just make out and go for it… ill save you the details i don't want to turn this into a graphic thing. all of a sudden im laying in bed and chloe's there beside me peacefully sleeping then she opens her eyes and sighs and says "what day is it??" im like i think its Friday. and she sighs again and closes her eyes move in closer to her to give her a kiss on the cheek and the word jerk creeped out of her mouth looking all cross with her eyes closed, i let out a big laugh and she starts to smile. she puts herself onto her elbows and her face facing my pillow sorts out her hair and starts starring at me like "what?" cause im just starring at her all dreamy eyed like chloe moretz is in my bed just sorting her hair out wearing one of my favorite shirts and not much else.. she gets up in her knees and playfully slaps me and pushes me into my bed then starts laughing then she puts both legs either side of me and tells me to dance??? and im just starring at her like are you being serious and then she pitches me on my chest and says "do something!" then i did the weirdiest jig i've ever done in bed while she was hovering over me brushing her hair back from her face and smiling….

then her mom and brother ethan walk in and scare me so bad….. that i push chloe off me and run out the bedroom with my boxers on running past ethan and teri i then run past trevor and his words are still ringing in my ears "looking good????" like WTF seriously lol!!



*on and *pinches… a lot of spelling problems lol.

 Me & Hit-Girl Me (932a) 292187

I had a dream where I was helping Hit-Girl rescue Kick-Ass from a hostage situation but I didn't know what to do, so I got shot and woke up. Throughout the dream she kept insulting me which I somewhat enjoyed.


i know i know.

 X98X (932a) 292216

I have dreams about her almost every night and when I wake up I think: Why me?

Anybody else?

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 292421

No. I also think, why you?

 Anonymous (932a) 292442

everytime I dream of Chloe, she's always high


high?… really?


File: 1379537069092.jpg (275.34 KB, 1600x1200)

I'm having the same dream over and over: One summer me and her (just friends of course) in California having fun, being together all the time, going to parties ,listening to the best music all day long, laughing, enjoying sunsets, talking all night long till the sun rises again, longboarding hell even smoking some pot, having the best summer ever, the time of our lives….damn I freaking love this dream :D


dude i have a really similar dream like literally everything you said is in my dream too ! except in my dreams we start as "just friends" and that one day like in the end of those holidays, that one day we meet at our usual road to cruise down until we get to the beach we just cruise and have fun because longboarding is our thing to do when there's trouble at home, escaping reality, thinking of nothing but the moment itself. we arrive at sunset…sit down and light a J to share…we start talking and realize we kinda fell in love during the summer and then well…we kiss and make out…after that we sat there all night long just talking and being happy we finally "found" one another. i wish reality would be this easy and pure. i think i have this dream because it reminds me of last summer which was the best for me because of that one girl that girl i spent it with

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 327334

I had a dream about Dark Places, which I know has nothing to do with the real movie but still…

First off I was reading an article, a sort of preview and they called it "this generation's The Usual Suspects" which I thouht was very high praise

Then I saw a scene with Chloë where she just bought a house with her guy, and she was walking in the front yard, talking to him (though she was the only one in the frame) calmly, and she walked and talked and walked and talked and at the end she gave him a hug (and he finally appeared in the frame too) and I expected her to have an evil smirk on her face as she hugged him but instead she gave a genuine, loving smile

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 332313

File: 1383661003087_Chloe_Moretz_in_a_2013_Japanese_Shoot.jpg (174.69 KB, 440x640)

I had a cute but weird Chloë dream:

I was inside the house and the gate was making noise. My mom suddenly said, "Darren, she might go out the gate!" So, I went out. Chloë was just walking into the gate. I called her and she just looked at me. She never talked. So, I approached her, hugged her, and took her back inside. I turned on Kick-Ass 2 on the TV and just sat back in the sofa. She put her arm on my shoulder (still not talking) and I just hugged her as we watched. Then, my damn body alarm went off.

 Anonymous (f5d5) 336713

File: 1384851150177_10091901_Kick_Ass_03.jpg (141.51 KB, 800x1200)

Thank you for giving me the link to this thread, GG. Lots of interesting dreams on here. I had fun reading them. Here is my dream:

I had a dream about Chloe last night. Unfortunately, I have forgotten most of it. I wanted to get on Chlomo and share it with everyone while it was still fresh in my mind, but I woke up late and had to rush to school. Here is what I remember: I was looking at books in a store and found one about Chloe. While I was skimming through the pages, I noticed someone was looking at me from across the racks, but couldn't fully make out who because there were many books in the way. I thought nothing of it and started walking away with the book. I then heard someone say from behind me "So what do you think about the book?" I turned around and there was Chloe. I stood staring in disbelief. I was freaking out in the inside but managed to keep a cool outer appearance. I forgot what happened next…but I recall walking around with her in the store and taking a picture with her. I wish I remembered the whole dream !!!! :'(

 Anonymous (f5d5) 337100

File: 1384958305188_carrie-1.jpg (811.45 KB, 1280x960)


Guys, I had another dream. I'm really surprised because this is my 2nd dream about Chloe (ever) and it happened so closely to my 1st dream. I wasn't expecting another one so soon, tbh. Maybe in a few months, sure, but not days. Maybe I'm having these dreams because I'm spending more time on these boards. Anyway, I had this dream two hours ago - so I remember it well. Let me just say this dream was weird. I hated it. I'm glad to say it was short. Also, I'm going to add that you guys were in it…I can't say it was actually you guys, but it makes sense to me that it was, because I don't know anyone else who's a fan of Chloe, IRL, let alone a whole group of people. Basically, in my dream, Chloe was in a cage. There were multiple Chloes' imprisoned. I don't know how many there were exactly. Each Chloe was a different age. I would say we had a Chloe from when she was Hit-Girl's age 'til the Chloe today. Each one had a different outfit on, had a different facial expression and hardly moved at all. "We" were the reason they were imprisoned. I'll get to that later. It starts off with all of us in a gray room which had nothing but a sofa. The cages were all lined up to one another. Some of us were standing next to the cages, looking at Chloe. Everyone else were just talking to each other. You all had a tired look on your faces. The scene changes to me and 3 other people sitting inside a theater room. Carrie was going to play. The guy sitting to my right was eating popcorn. I asked him if he had watched Carrie and he said no. I got really excited and told him, "Get ready for a wild ride." (lol) Out of nowhere, music started playing. The scene changes back. Everything is the same. One of you suddenly speaks up and says, "We need to free them, this is wrong." (or something along those lines) Everyone looks at him. Some of you agree right away that they should be freed, but there were others who were completely against that. I stood there kind of far away without choosing a side. A heated argument breaks out and it seemed like there was going to be a fight. I looked at each Chloe. They didn't move or say anything. I stood feeling sorry for them. Time fast forwarded and everyone was scattered, no one talking, just frozen. My dream ended.

I guess it's safe to say everyone decided not to free them…Such a horrible dream.

 Anonymous (ad76) 337123

Interesting… who of us wanted to free Chloë from the jail, and who didn't.
Pretty obvious.

 TheEnky (c469) 337127

wow dude, wow

 RoboZ!!5kOQhCCXs6 337129

File: 1384975169987_die_nightmare.jpg (278.6 KB, 753x960)

that is just so depressing…reminded me of the scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where all the mutants are impresoned in cages…I'll probably just drug you all and free them

 Anonymous (f5d5) 337158

File: 1384983150110_Chloe-Moretz-630x353.jpg (39.05 KB, 630x353)


Yea. I remember that. I wish my dream had ended differently. :/ But oh well. Thanks for reading, guys.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 340617

File: 1386231451159_Purrrfect.jpg (96.17 KB, 900x506)

Warning: The Following Content is R18
This takes place around mid-2012, Chloë's 15. So, the dream begins - I'm snuggling with her on my bed. I'm half asleep. She's sorta awake. Then, she wakes me up. I ask what's wrong. In a nutshell, she said she discovered something, she was curious about herself. She asked, "Does it only work for myself?" Then, she got my hand and placed it down there. She was just looking at me and saying, "What are you waiting for? I wanna see what happens."

Eventually, I gave in. Her mouth was open, her eyes were narrower but still not closed…. They were staring into my own. And then, I woke up.

 Apheta!!56XqYfZqaU 340630

File: 1386252142026_chloe_moretz_teens_for_jeans_104.jpg (63.85 KB, 538x720)

Holy R-rated batman. You guys have some intense dreams I tell you whattttt.

 Anonymous (3f9d) 340983

Has anyone ever tried lucid dreaming? There is a way how you can manipulate your dreams and make things happen by your own will.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 344298

File: 1387604187418_All_I_Want_is_Chloe.jpg (431.82 KB, 945x600)

I don't know if it's because I started playing Dishonored again but I dreamt Chloë was kidnapped by this unknown group of people.

They all had Santa hats on and their lair was in this place with an icy floor. So, we were all ice skating. I skated my way, killing them all with a machine gun. I finally got to Chloë, untied her, and gave her her ice skates and another machine gun… and a Santa hat. We quickly skated out of there, shooting everybody trying to stop us.

 >4456 One more Chlobro (adc8) 344328

Dude, you know where is that pic from? Were you said "i don't watch romantic dramas'

 One more Chlobro (adc8) 344330

File: 1387610246182_Orgasm_Face.jpg (189.97 KB, 556x686)

>>340630 Dude… Was her face all like this?

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 345611

File: 1388178269679.gif (820.76 KB, 245x253)

So I just had a dream about Chloë
It felt like I was in Dishonored, cloudy sky, everything's in depressing color, and I'm walking around this abandoned factory and I saw Chloë and Jamie Blackley arguing intensely. Then he raised his arm and it seems like he's gonna hit her. So I throw myself in front of her and he hit me instead. He then ran away, Chloë was pretty shaken up so I kissed her on her cheek to comfort her. Her cheek was very cold. and then I woke up

 RKman (b7b8) 345733

Why would you not just tackle Jamie or something, I think that is better then getting punch in the face, yeah but you know, a dream is a dream

 Anonymous (371c) 346003

i had a dream a few weeks ago that I ordered some fries in McDonald's and there was Chloë next to me, I saw her and she says "Hi!" to me.

That was awesome……..

Fuck my dreams.

 Chloe is Kawaii (caca) 346038

I had a dream that she woke me up on the couch and realized her hand could not fit around it. My My you are faboost she says……..

 Chloe is Kawaii (caca) 346039

She sure sure did like that Yamaha surround sound theater remote control, big as a tablet and took both her hands…………

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 346846

File: 1388704710245_look_at_this_one.jpg (117.01 KB, 718x498)

I had a semi-Chloë-related dream yesterday night.

In my dream, I was working on KA2, I was part of The Toxic Mega-Cunts, and it was very strange, since me and everyone else were actors, and we knew we were actors, but at the same time, the movie itself was real also, with us, the characters, real as well.

So there was this huge warehouse, filled with various stuff, kinda like the warehouse in the Jedi Academy videogame, but the floor was water and concrete at the same time. Strangely enough, there were crocodiles in the water, some tiny and some frickin' huge ones and because the water was concrete at the same time, it wasn't visible, were they were.

And while the big battle raged on (I clearly remember seeing Hit-Girl's purple wig and her cape, along with Mother Russia) our job was to survive and don't fall down to the floor, because then the crocodiles would have eaten us. I've found myself a cool place on a hanging chain, there I survived the battle. And it was also funny, because we knew the crocodiles were trained animals, but also it was sure that the large ones would eat us anyways.

And then, the scene was made, and the figthers were gone along with the beasts, the floor became concrete fully and Jeff Wadlow came up to me and congratulated me on the awesome place I've found for survival.

Strange dream for sure, but I've felt great after waking from it, because in it, I was part of the KA2 cast!

 Anonymous (a4e1) 346847

File: 1388705841667_yuck_it_up.gif (3.39 MB, 312x290)

>I was part of The Toxic Mega-Cunts

You sure this was a dream?

 Bean!QMOd.BeanU 346851

File: 1388706655735.png (135.48 KB, 720x486)

 Dreams TGB (5f79) 347414

File: 1388869840376_chloe_moretz_reaction.gif (2.82 MB, 260x269)

I'm a very vivid dreamer, I used to be able to lucid dream all the time as a younger, but nowadays I just have very vivid dreams.

If I'm ever on chlomo before bed or just late at night then I almost always have a dream with her in it.

It's never ever dark or disturbing, its just like we're close friends, and just hanging out or she's with me at whichever party I was at (if I was at a party that night).

And I've noticed a theme where one of us feels vulnerable about something - eg she's intimidated by my friends, or I'm intimidated by her fame and the other has to comfort/reassure the other.

Like I said its never dark or disturbing, just heart-warming and fun.

Side note, the last couple months that I've dropped mandy she's been in my dreams on the night and a couple nights after dropping, even if I don't go on chlomo or anything.

 Benyboy456 (4f89) 347422

File: 1388872125337_chloe_moretz_heathrow_airport_012.jpg (40.03 KB, 294x720)

I wish I could just go and give her a hug!

 Anonymous (22f0) 349988

So I had a dream where the goddess appeared in the end. The rest is not very interesting so I'll directly skip to the Chloë part.

She comes, asking what just happened. I tell to her : "Just a little fight." She turns towards me. "Then -", I begin, but she suddenly leaves me and go with some male friends.

I wake up with a broken heart. Subconscious me is a jerk and this is how he tells me to get my lazy ass out of the bed. Works everytime.

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 351236

I just had another dream about Chloë.
I was at the SAG awards red carpet and it was really crowded, I saw Leonardo Decaprio, and I saw Martin Scorsese yelling at someone. And suddenly I saw Chloë and Teri and Trevor. The show hasn't started yet but they are leaving. So I followed them for a short distance and finally I decided to ask Chloë if we can take a picture together. They seem to be in a hurry because I only got to "Excuse me, I'm wondering if…" and both Teri and Trevor told me to go away. I was very disappointed but I decided to stop bothering them, so I just stood there and they kept walking. And Chloë looked back at me and I suppose I looked very sad because she then said to Teri "Oh come on mom he just wants a picture. " And walked back to me and said "fine lets take a picture." Then I took out my phone but I can't seem to find the camera on my stupid phone. I was looking for a while and Chloë said "Oh come on we really have to go." And at this point I suddenly realized this is all a dream and I'm waking up, so I just stopped looking for the camera and looked at Chloë for a few more seconds before I woke up.

 AnonymousBrofessor (6513) 351626

I had a dream today, I don't remember most of it because they were 2 different dreams and one of them was about the Wolf of Wall Street since I had just watched that movie yesterday (really awesome movie btw), so I pretty much remember I think only a small part of the Chloë dream. I was lying on a bed looking at the other side of the room where Chloë was sleeping in a red dress, at the same time there was another Chloë sitting somewhere near her just staring, and a third Chloë by the window… I don't know why but I think I had a subconscious feeling that they were like made of cardboard even though they were three very lifelike Chloë's.

I don't know if I should call this dream disturbing but it sure made me happy that I dreamed of her since I've only dreamed her three times, which is not a large number to be honest.

 MACKRA (973d) 351806

File: 1390008455494_HG.jpg (186.44 KB, 570x770)

Only Chloë related dream i ever had came after let me in. we were standing in the party scene from ghostbusters in louis tully's apartment and she was explaining how her familys arrow making business had really picked up since 9/11. she was pretty adamant that arrows were making a comeback and now was the time to get into the market. she was dressed as abby, no shoes and hood up.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 351838

File: 1390014389016.jpg (41.35 KB, 856x600)

The most innocent dream I've ever read

You should be a writer for AMC. Heartbreaking.

 Zeb (9cee) 352423

So I'm at some acting lesson with a group of people sitting down and listening to lecture.
I'm sitting there chilling with my headphones on and the lecturer asks a question.
I instantly answer the question like a gangster and everybody lookin' at me like I'm awesome.
Except some asshole ain't having none of that and calls me out on some shit.
I get up talkin' that swing first shit. We start fighting and everybody starts running.
I notice Chloë running away and I'm like get off me I gotta meet her.
I chase after her and she keeps on running while I'm being chased by douchebag of the year.
Chloë runs into this dark house and I go in after and lock the door on asshole.
Now the search begins and for whatever reason I don't turn on the lights.
I look everywhere and eventually find her in a closet I apparently passed over 3 times.
Upon being found Chloë says " try turning on the lights next time"
So I tell her I'm sort of a fan and we sit on the couch and this part get a little vague,
but she somehow ended up on my lap.
Then jerkoff breaks the door down with an axe going ham on everything.
We run in different directions and he takes out Chloë with the axe as I go into another room
shitting my pants.
Turned out I was prank'd and Chloë was fine I was like "fuck you guys" and all that.
The next day was swim class because actors need to know how to swim I guess (none of that Ellie shit round here)
Except we were divided into three teams where some type of fighting game is played in the pool.
I never understood the rules before two teams started going at it.
For whatever reason a TV was in there and it was some news channel.
The reporter is talking about a middle school which has been abandoned for some reason.
They are filming on the blacktop and a bunch of black workers are out there inspecting the grass.
A old deteriorating black guy with a wonky eye grabs the mic and say all eerily,
"beware the grape pokemon, the reside on these lands."
The reporter is like "that is impossible the only grape pokemon in existence has been
killed off already."
The black folks disappear saying "beware" in a ghostly tune.
So in class I start checking my phone trying to research grape pokemon and
in the midst of my research I woke up.

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 352442

File: 1390110267124_giggle-jiggle.gif (2.55 MB, 275x324)

WOW that was so random

 Anonymous (1a05) 353291

File: 1390314110674_Hit-Girl_78.jpg (56.13 KB, 1916x796)

Is it weird to never have dreams of her despite liking her for a very long time?

Anyone else like this?

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 353296

File: 1390316005346_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_033.jpg (32.32 KB, 679x689)

Yeah I'm the same. Although I do recall one dream where she basically ended up hating me. It was heart breaking. But yeah, apart from that essentially zilch.

 RKman (3226) 353298

LOL that's funny

 RKman (3226) 353299

Welcome to the club, I always wanted a dream about Chloë, Just one fucking dream, but I never got one even after years, In fact I rarely dreams at all

 chlobsessed (150e) 353303

then welcome me to that club too . .

 MACKRA (bb22) 353438

File: 1390344613155_chloe_moretz_david_lavene_photoshoot_45.jpg (134.55 KB, 1281x720)

maybe she dreams of you.

 AnonymousBrofessor (6513) 353439


Yeah I have this fantasy that Chloë dreams of me and if I get to meet her she would recognize me. I'm aiming high as fuck ain't I? Heheheh

 Huehue BRBR (e96f) 353440

Ahhh eu ja tive com certeza!

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 353443

File: 1390350422274_chloe_moretz_epic_face_034.jpg (9.23 KB, 239x251)

That would be the most amazing thing in the world

 YourBrainOnChloë (6abc) 353461

File: 1390358272749_image.jpg (65.77 KB, 640x960)

I had the most amazing dream about her. It was very brief, but it was so vivid! We were walking down a street, and we arrived at her house. She opened the door and walked inside. She looked back at me and made the most adorable, beautiful smile I hve ever seen. It was as if her face had lighten up. I just stared at her, awestruck at how beautiful she was. Then the dream ended.

Pic is similar to her smile, but it was blonde Chloë.

 Kickassfan (f35d) 353613

I had a dream where Chloë announced she was going to visit my country to see her fans or something like that. So i was really looking forward to see her at least once in my life… but then i woke up

 chlobsessed (268e) 353617

File: 1390399643694_CGM_Hick.jpg (68.24 KB, 1280x528)

oh wait,i have dreamt of Chloë G before.She was in this chair and i was gonna come up to her from behind and when i got to her i found she was . . . asleep.She had this short black hair like on Hick,aaand that's about it,i woke up suddenly.I'm happy coz i dreamt of her and also disappointed coz it was freakin' short,haha

 Zeb (9cee) 354050

Well I watched The Amityville Horror before sleeping last night and got this wacko dream. The characters looked like the one in the movie btw.

Kathy and George both read a Craigslist ad for televisions for under $100. In their time it was a steal to get TVs at that price.
They both arrive in the parking lot at the same time Kathy with her girl Chloë (Chelsea in the movie so basically kid Chloë) and George by himself.
They decide it would safer to check out this deal of a lifetime together because safety in numbers
and whatnot.
The building they arrive at looked like it could have been a meth lab. There were a lot of guys around,
people out in the yard chillin' on a couch looking quite intimidating.
Some guy brought them up to the door to the house and asked if only one of them could look at the TV at a time.
For whatever reason Kathy left Chloë with George and went to go check inside.
Kathy screams and George busts in Max Payne style with a gun (because Craigslist deals
never end well) and starts shooting these guys as they enter the room, all in slow motion.
George goes back over to comfort Chloë as I'm guessing Kathy had been shot since I never see her in the dream again.
I also assume it was some sort of prostitution ring because George found two near naked Asian woman (one of which was pregnant) on the floor of one of the rooms. He actually shot them because one of them held up a gun.
George and Chloë lie down in one of the beds in the house and Chloë asks him "Why don't you have any children?"
George responds "I don't know" in a soft tone.
Chloë then says "you would make a great father, some girls could use someone that cares about them like you would" George kisses her on the forehead and then gets up and the screen pans out to show…BAM, it was a movie. Director yells cut and then some bloopers are seen I guess. One of the props was some life sized naked doll and George was posing with it in bed while they pictures or something.
And Chloë was just standing next to the bed watching this but went back to being a Teen during the bloopers because dream logic fuck it? Dream ends

 Zeb (9cee) 354275

Dang I guess I be getting all them dreams.
Carrie/Chloë Type dream
In PE doing some suicide drills cause everybody is punished for the Carrie incident I guess.
I'm not sure since the dream starts here.
Then it skips to me running in the rain across a long street with two giant Olaf (from Frozen)
plushes in each of my arms (1 which was glow in the dark or lights up).
Teacher/chaperon dude yelling at me to come back
to class so I drop the Olafs and go back.
Except now the class has been turned into some prom type setting with the theme being obstacle courses.
One station we would gear up, the next you would dance with someone, and the third station you shoot a basketball until you made it then dash to the other side of the court.
So I get to the gear up station which was positioned next to a window and see Carrie just sitting there all depressed and I'm like "why aren't you gearing up" and she says something along the lines of "I don't like people."
I kind of shrug it off while noticing she had some really droopy breasts (I know so unlike Chloë right?), teacher yells at her because she ain't doing anything so I guess she gears up.
I don't know because I'm already on my way to station 2.
This bubbly lookin' asian girl is who I'm dancing with for like 2 seconds but then we stop and she just stares at me.
I'm like "what do you want?" then some other girl swoops in and gives her one of them ballet spins twirl things so I guess she wanted one of those.
I run over to the third station and the dream ends.
I'm guessing soon enough Carrie would've went ham and fucked up the place but I guess I'll never know.

 Anonymous (3202) 354282

File: 1390666936241_droopy_breasts.jpg (489.69 KB, 2000x765)

>she had some really droopy breasts
>droopy breasts

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 354475

File: 1390755194547_Crying_Carrie.gif (860.39 KB, 245x170)

I was in the set of Carrie, backstage. Suddenly, I just saw Chloë sitting on the floer, in a corner alone. She was wearing the Let Me In dress after the bath scene. I took my phone out, to ask her for a picture. She slowly looked at me and said, "Cold. Please. So, cold…." So, I looked for a thick blanket and put it around her. Then, she said, "Please…. Don't leave me…." I sat down beside her and put my arms around her. She fell asleep.

 Anonymous (84b9) 354531


WTH with all the amusement park dreams! are ya'll serious, i had one too! and also another one when argued about suicide on a school bus when we were younger … and ofc nothing happened, wasn't even a chlobro when i dreamed them

 Anonymous (2712) 354614

I dreamt of visiting the site. What the fuck.

 Mackra (e67b) 354661

yeah i keep doing the same, except when people reply i hear their voices.

 AnonymousBrofessor (6513) 354770

I had a dream today, pretty much in no way Chloë related, yeah but read on if you wish. I was at school and this girl was pushing my back forcing me to leave a part of the corridor I was in, I pinned her on the wall exchanged some flirty lines which I no longer remember and carried on hugging and kissing for the rest of the school day (long dream derp) I don't remember her face but I know it was not of a person I knew, she had very blond hair and blueish eyes, also wore a blue winter jacket.

The only reason I'm sharing this is because I'm confused that I didn't dream of Chloë, instead an unknown girl with blond hair and light eyes being the only resemblance :(. Why must you torture me so brain..

 RKman (3226) 354780

Hopefuly you'll dream of Chloë next time, happy dreamin'

 Zeb (9cee) 355931

So my cousin and I had a relative in heaven and with a few good words we got to go early. Turns out heaven isn't all happy days. There were guards everywhere to keep everybody in the city and it had an always in the middle of sunset vibe from it that was pretty disorienting. It was time for curfew so we were supposed to go to our heaven home with our assigned roommates. My cousin wanted to go to an amusement park, so we snuck out. While we were leaving we were spotted by brunette Chloë and blonde Chloë. They wanted to come along and it was looking like a double date. We all got to the place and while waiting in line for tickets I woke up. Pretty nice date if you ask me.

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 357228

So I was at some award show and me and a bunch of people are on the red carpet and I saw Chloë from a distance. I wanted to go talk to her but I also wanted to talk to someone else first. So I turned to my right and I saw Tina Fey. I said to Tina Fey "Hey Tina, I didn't realize you are so short! But you are so cute!" And She was like WTF. So later we entered the auditorium and after a while for some reason we all have to be reseated. While we are exiting the auditorium I passed by Chloë but I didn't want to bother her then since I thought I would have plenty of time to talk to her in a minute. however sadly I woke up before I got that chance.

 prydz (10f8) 358207

i just had the most wonderful Chloëdream today a little big but worth it for the feels.

it was a big city arena (like in hunger games but a city instead of a jungle or something).in this city people are not allowed to have feelings specially love someone (like in equillibrium).if they are caught they are burned,sliced and stuff

and there was this annual thing that everynight someone is randomly selected to be killed (kind of those sacrfice crap).
and there was also something about young girls getting married with much older guys.
so me and Chloë were childhood friends(of the same age and by the time that we reached our teenage i fell in love with her(but im not really sure if she did too).
and on the night before the day she i'll get married with a guy she dont love i visit her on our "secret childhood spot" its raining and she's crying and before she can say anything i hug her,it was intense and kiss her left shoulder.
thats when a kind of police of emotions guy sees us and calls on his radio for back up (im still hugging her,this police guy i dreamed of him as terry crews ) i look deeply in her eye and say "lets run away from this city,from this system) by the time i say this i already got caught,as im being carried for my execution im still looking at her (she stays there,paralized,not sure of what happened) and when my head is sliced i wake up,almost in tears. first time i dream of her,dem feels

 Joe (eaea) 361668

File: 1392648552315.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x1920)

note: i m taking the SAT test soon and plans study at a University in the US…

In my dream, i had already finished the SAT.. and already studying at a Uni in US… I hav no idea what or where it is.. but between my school and my apartment , lives Chloë.. not actually between but i had to make a few extra turns so that i pass her place when i go frm school to home or vice-versa.. I met with her face to face once when she was coming out of her house but i just totally ignored her pretending like i didnt know who she was..

One day, when i was going pass her house i heard her scream frm an alley nearby.. so i ran to the direction where i heard the scream to saw her being robbed..
There were three robbers with knives… but i rushed in to save her anyway… while i was trying to do so, i was stabbed in the stomache. After that the robbers ran away.
Then i had a nice conversation with Chloë with my head on her lap.. she actually noticed that i use to pass her house all the time. She said to me, "why didn't you say hi that time?" I didnt speak anything at all. Then finally, she leaned to kiss my lips..

Before that happened my fucking alarm woke me up!!!! i didnt know if i died or not..

I also had other dreams about her but this one is something most likely to happen (not that i believe it would)..

 Anonymous (9879) 362390

I had a dream last night. I was walking down the street at night and suddenly Abby jumps out of the nowhere and starts attacking me. The moment she reached for my neck I woke up.

[spoiler]I wish I didn't wake up[/spoiler]

 BB (0df9) 363739

I've had only one memorable dream with her in it. But it was pretty great.
I was standing in some crowded location alone- I think it might have been a cafe or something? And she just walked up to me out of the crowd and just kissed me. Without saying anything or any introduction. Needless to say, I didn't complain.

 Taylor H (c09a) 365158

Okay so Ive been waiting for a Chloë dream and it finally happened, last night in my dream I was in what felt like a head teacher office about to be told off and in comes a black woman preacher, she sits down in front of the desk that Im on the opposite side of, she shakes her head at me and tells me "The devil is at the door, do not let her into your heart." she repeats this to me numerous times, I turn round to see Chloë at the door frame peaking in all anxious. I stand up and go towards her but the woman tells me too stop that she is the devil, Chloë steps towards me not even looking me in the eye, just looking at the floor, i try to hug her but I can't then I wake up.
What does that mean?

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 365183

"To see the devil in your dream signifies fear, limitations, and negative aspects of yourself. You may be harboring feelings of guilt. It is time to release these feelings. Alternatively, the devil represents intelligence, cunningness, deception, and cleverness."

or what makes the most sense;
"To dream that the devil talks to you suggests that you will find certain temptations hard to resist even though you know it is not in your best interest."

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 365185

woops forgot source


I'm not particularly sure how "valid" those explanations are but it might help?

 AnonymousBrofessor (6513) 365234

File: 1393667824056_chloe_moretz_hollywood_style_awards_100.jpg (57.2 KB, 398x594)

Had my third or fourth dream of Chloë today, not sure.

She was in my city, even in my neighbourhood, I was on some personal errand and then she just passed by me in some small crowd with a older unrecognizable woman next to her, they were talking. Chloë was wearing something simillar to this outfit ( see pic).

I followed them to see where they were going but I either woke up or don't remember the rest of the dream, pretty sure I woke up. This was the only Chloë dream where I had zero interaction with her, in one she looked at me and my father was talking to her ( lol) in another we passed by each other gently touching palms.. but this one, nothing.

As I wrote this I recalled another dream which had Chloë in it, but it was a terrible nightmare really, although the part with her wasn't nightmarish. She was in some sort of arena fighting goons haha, then I remember I broke in to her high-tech hotel room with a friend for some reason, and the CIA was monitoring the room so they caught us and told us there would be no charges if we set out to kill some highly wanted assassins, derp. Also Robert Downey Jr was among them and gave me a fancy cigar. Man I have some weird dreams lol.

 Mackra (1ad0) 365251

File: 1393679464542_chloe_moretz_out_and_about_in_park_city_50.jpg (1.82 MB, 2122x3183)

i've had two in the last week now which is strange because i'm sleeping much less. the first was a little weird. i'm at a holiday port i used to go to but it's like tortuga in pirates of the carribean.

after wandering around for a while looking for my family my head gets chopped off by a pirate and thrown in the mud near the dock. i'm there for ages shouting for help when Chloë finds me. she picks up my head and attaches it to her belt. i can still talk for some reason, but she ignores me and the rest of the dream was just me watching from hip level as she killed a bunch of people.

dream two. i'm in a costa coffee shop and i see her and trevor come in. he makes her get the order which i thought was a bit off. anyway i'm thinking if i could find a pen i could get an autograph but nobody in the shop had one. the rest of the dream is helping my brother in the kitchen make dinner. she looked like pic related and it felt so real.

 AnonymousBrofessor (6513) 365297

File: 1393687419826_chloe_moretz_vanity_fair_girl_rising_event_02.jpg (54.36 KB, 504x720)


Oh yeah my dreams with Chloë always feel so real I am surprised that it was a dream when I wake up, like when I'm dreaming I feel like this is reality and have no clue it's a dream until I wake up.

 Taylor H (a2d8) 365316

Okay, thanks I feel like I must reflect on myself now lol

 Bobbi!!FqU9K5PYzA 368027

So I had a lucid dream with Chloë in it.

It was really simple. I just opened my eyes, and she was there, even before I wished for her to appear. She was just standing here, smiling, waiting for me. She looked exactly like in the pic. So I hugged her. I was so incredibly happy and sad in the same time. I could feel the warmth of her body against mine and the softness of her hair under my fingers, yet I knew it wasn’t real. I knew everything could end at any second.

I got off of her. To be honest, I always thought I would do the most perverted things I could think of to her in this situation. But actually, when you face the most beautiful creature on Earth, sex is the last thing you have in mind. So I just stood here, looking at her deep in the eyes, stroking her hair over and over again, until I woke up with a smile sad on my face and a broken heart.

 Bobbi!!FqU9K5PYzA 368028

File: 1394439665680_chloe_moretz_village_at_the_lift_and_laggies_portraits_1.jpg (478.56 KB, 1131x1080)


forgot the pic

 D3nisK (9c28) 368029

File: 1394440040961_iknowthatfeelbro.jpg (8.02 KB, 234x216)

We all do

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 368074

Very nice bro

 Decrosis (9fe8) 368259

Still waiting to see Chloë in my dreams


 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 368440

So anyways

I had a Chloë-dream last night.
In my dream, it was a movie and Batman died, someone cut off his head and Hit-Girl took his place. She was the little Hit-Girl from KA 1, and she had the same outfit, just it was black, and instead of her regular mask, she wore a Batman-mask, like the one in Nolan's trilogy. And probably because I've recently saw Star Trek, the new one, Simon Pegg was her sidekick/Alfred-like helper.

Strange, huh?

Also, I'm not on my laptop, so no pics, sorry…

 Zeppelin (78ec) 372404

File: 1395429933272_chloe_moretz_as_isabelle_in_hugo_01.jpg (423.78 KB, 768x1024)

Last night I had the third dream of Chloë.

This dream resembled pretty much the movie Hugo.

London (~1930)
I lived with my brother(though i've never seen him in the dream) in a small apartment at the river thames. Our parents were gone, so we were on our own.

Chloë and I were very good friends and we were both about 12 years old. She looked exactly like Isabelle.
She wasn't an actor or a celebrity, she was just a person like everyone else. She had a wealthy family and I was often invited to dinner by them. One day Chloë and I decided to learn to play the harmonica (or ocarina, I can't remember properly). So her mother bought us two harmonicas and then we practiced together to play the instrument.

After a few weeks of practice I was invited by her to dinner. So I went to her home and knocked on the door. As she opened the door, I said, "Excuse me madam, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Jesus Christ?" She knew immediately that I was joking.
She smiled at me, hugged me and then she let me in. At dinner she told me that her parents had offered her to send her to a music school(or something like that). It was really heartbreaking for me.
On one hand I was very happy for her, but on the other hand I was sad because that would mean to say goodbye.
I thought that this evening was going to be the last one I spend with her. At the end of the day I said goodbye to her and walked home.

A few days later I was at home and someone knocked on the door. I opened the door and couldn't trust my eyes. It was Chloë, her mother and her aunt. She smiled and said, "Excuse me Sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Jesus Christ?". I laughed and hugged her tightly. She told me that she wants me to go to this music school with her. Of course I said yes. She smiled and kissed me gently, which was pretty surprising to me. Then she began to lick my face like a dog. She laughed happily as she saw my confused face. And then I woke up.

Best dream I've ever had.

 Sho!!lVaG6qIvxQ 373109

File: 1395590755359_chickenshit_24.jpg (60.39 KB, 687x482)

Mmm, I've never seen Dreams of Chloë.
I want to see it!

 natpurpleshirt (be47) 373167

File: 1395604079832_chloe_moretz_epic_face_034.jpg (9.23 KB, 239x251)

In my dream, Chloë was in my school. She walked up to me and started talking to me about something but i forgot what. then she turned into a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and flew away. the next day at school, it was Reese's Peanut Butter Cup day and Chloë was gone :(.

Reeses are my favourite candy and Chloë is my favourite person so I think thats why she became a reeses peanutbutter cup thing

 JACO (9de4) 373340

File: 1395670170284_Sweet_Dreams.jpg (123.47 KB, 945x1260)

 Anonymous (615b) 373518

File: 1395714874523_kickass2-hitgirl-chloegracemortez-300-02.jpg (56.8 KB, 300x370)

Had my 2nd Chloë dream last night, it was pretty incredible. I can't remember what happened beforehand, but basically I'm standing in a room & out of nowhere Hit Girl from Kick-Ass 2 appears (emphasis on 2). Anyway, as soon as I notice her I instantly realize that I'm dreaming & become lucid. I walk over to her and go for the kiss . To my surprise, she kisses me back! We make out for a while, totally surreal. Finally I stop and tell her "You know I'm dreaming, right? So you're not real & I'm going to wake up any minute". She responds perfectly "Well then lets enjoy this while we can". So we make out a while longer until I wake up, shattered.

 Anonymous (175c) 373522

 WhosTomLe (fd40) 373709

File: 1395774476657_chloe_moretz_wonderland_magazine_06.jpg (82.98 KB, 350x525)

I had a dream that she transferred to my school and i was the student that helped her around the school and stuff. But in the dream she wasn't like a celebrity at all, she was a typical girl starting highschool. It was pretty neat haha. I also had a more recent dream that i got my ass kicked by her. But it was worth dreaming about (:

 AnonymousBrofessor (6513) 374812

File: 1396005162002_chloe_moretz_first_annual_comedy_awards_026.jpg (1.68 MB, 2106x3000)

Had the longest and most interactive dream with Chloë last night.. It is a long read but I think it's worth reading, as it is quite bizzare.

My dream told me I was in New York, yet there was a small woodlandish area that resembles my country, and a mansion near it, it belonged to me and my friends I guess. Most of these friends were actually people I've only met once or twice, only like 3 or 4 actual friends were in the dream. I remember there was a woman or girl who was a friend of Trevor, so she invited Chloë, trevor and her mom to our party. For some reason there were aliens resembling Twi Leks from star wars in my dream, and nobody minded that, as if it was the future. I also was aware that I was a giant crocodile lizard man, which was somehow my second body/disguise thing. I met Chloë in that form, when she appeared with her mother and brother at her side her skin was like a blinding light, but soon faded to normal.

The party began and me and Chloë were left alone in a more remote area of our mansion I was laying my head on her legs while we were talking about something I do not remember, she was smiling. Then I wanted to change my form to my real self, so I went on some form of PC and logged out of my lizard thingy form. By the time I did that she and her family members went to some shop or something. When they came back I greeted them as myself and shook Chloë and Trevor's hand, but for some reason Trevor was on the ground covered in a blanke and barely extended his hand.

I remember talking to her again and by the time I noticed the party was over and it was something like 4 or 5 am, even though we started during daylight. I was suddenly teleported to an Asylum and it turned out that this wasn't Chloë or her brother+mother. They were some sort of shapeshifting aliens that resembled normal human beings. I remember feeling some intense hatred towards them at that point for being tricked, I was somehow dillusional in my dream and that is why I was in the asylum. Then I told this Chloë-shifter that it was me she was talking to originally in the Lizard form. From there on I don't remember anything else happening, but to say the least this was a most distubring, long, lifelike and interesting dream…

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 375462

File: 1396122969669_goddess-playing-with-her-short-hair.gif (8.42 MB, 456x470)

Had a pretty awesome dream last night.

I was eating at a restaurant with some of my friends, and for some reason Chloë was with us, sitting across from me. We were all just talking and eating and having a great time.
Then Chloë said she had to go, so we said goodbye and she got up and walked away. Immediately I realized I hadn't gotten a picture or anything, so I yelled after her. She stopped and let me take some pictures with her before walking outside.
Man that was weird. It was short haired Chloë too…

 Anonymous (cfc0) 378886

Less a dream, more of a recurring nightmare; I end up married to her, but she ends up cheating on me. What's disturbing is how constant I have this dream. The particulars change each time; the only constants are that I meet her after I get suddenly rich and famous, and that we have twins. Also, it's never "I'm leaving you" it's always an affair I catch her in. How it happens and how soon it happens changes each time, but no matter what, I never end up with a happy fantasy.

 CGM (bede) 380626

I had a dream that she was famous but went to my school and we talked about the carrie extended cut and we talked about chlomo.

 Brian_argentina (f5f1) 383464

File: 1397445152562_Chloes_Beautiful_Smile.jpg (201.13 KB, 1280x854)

hi everyone! im from argentina, so sorry for bad english! ok!! here we go.
i had my first dream with Chloë last night, the first i remember is me, chatting with keira knigtley in some kind of studio, and i knew Chloë was somewhere there, and i asked her how she is, if she´s cool,friendly… and she told me: come, follow me, and we passed through a door and she was there, keira left, and we stay talking about things i don´t remember, but it was a very kind talk, she invited me to her place, obviously i accepted, and i dont know why, my computer was there! i showed her, funny gifs of her, but avoided the chlomopack! I didn't want her to think i was obsessed or something like that! we exchanged cellphone numbers,facebook and skype and we agreed to see each other again! and suddently i woke up!!

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 385184

File: 1397704519654_chloe_moretz_out_and_about_in_park_city_38.jpg (691.91 KB, 1950x3379)

There's this hotel (probably somewhere in Europe) that's in a huge green (plant-"infested") canyon overlooking a great big waterfall. It's location was so wide, you couldn't see the end on both sides or the river the waterfall was dropping to below. All I knew about it was that it was the favorite vacation spot of all the richest people in the world.

Suddenly, I was Chloë, Teri, and Trevor. I was looking at them, thinking if I had anything for her to sign or whatever. I was mental-face-palming that I'm a person who absolutely NEVER brings a pen around with me anywhere. I was planning to run to one of the apparently many front desks, borrow one, ask for paper, and hope that they're still there when I get back. But before I could do anything further, they were all looking at me and Teri came closer.

She was like, "Hi, Darren. I'm Tita Teri!" That surprised cause for one thing, she knew me - and on the other hand, "Tita" means "aunt" in Filipino but we usually use it for anyone we meet who's friends with our parents or clearly in their generation. Anyways, she knew my mom apparently. She said that they've been waiting for me cause she and Trevor really had something important to attend to and Chloë really wanted to stay in that hotel. They arranged with my mom that I would be watching over her for four days. I had a normal smile and said, "Sure." But deep inside, I was laughing maniacally and prolly strangling easter bunnies with joy.

After giving me a long list of how to take care of her daughter, Teri left with Trevor. Chloë said, "Hi" in a cute shy way. I said, "Hello, Chloë. We're gonna have so much fun together" and hugged her. I got her bag and put my arm around her and we walked to the elevators. Inside one of them, I still had my arm around her and she was looking around the elevator, going, "This is so cool" and kinda laughing a bit - so cute with her eyes closed.

… and that's the last thing I remembered. :)

She was wearing the outfit in this image.

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