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File: 1333252690227.jpg (82.72 KB, 422x604)

 Abby♥ Thread !s4jsf1HzKo 4055

Abby needs a Thread here

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4056

File: 1333252741435.png (1.27 MB, 1043x787)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4058

File: 1333252832746.png (2.62 MB, 576x2037)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4059

File: 1333252878557.jpg (231.05 KB, 1600x1067)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4060

File: 1333252935016.jpg (637.29 KB, 1200x800)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4063

File: 1333253136592.jpg (362.83 KB, 900x1384)

>you will never hold Abby's hand

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4064

File: 1333253169501.jpg (107.79 KB, 630x411)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4065

File: 1333253211510.jpg (116.19 KB, 550x366)


 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4066

File: 1333253248440.jpg (320.55 KB, 1400x800)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4067

File: 1333253377726.jpg (20.24 KB, 500x333)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4068

File: 1333253454079.jpg (710.58 KB, 1920x1200)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4070

File: 1333253535097.jpg (35.32 KB, 446x410)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4072

File: 1333253632149.jpg (217.11 KB, 1280x718)

 Anonymous (6d52) 4074

needs caption:

maybe i…..

zuck ya dick?

 Anonymous (c3ac) 4075

File: 1333253704990.jpg (3.97 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (c3ac) 4078

File: 1333253816999.jpg (342.99 KB, 1016x1200)

 Anonymous (44f7) 4079

File: 1333253830307.jpeg (3.46 MB, 3840x2400)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4080

File: 1333253907508.jpg (160.53 KB, 640x321)


 Anonymous (6d52) 4081

when the boy (forgot his name) picked up that old civil war era picture of Abby and the old dude as a child, the feeling of instantaneously knowing what all that shit was about literally sent chills down my spine.

one of the best moments of cinema i've experienced.
next to that scene of her shooting up that warehouse trying to save nicholas cage.

you know that chill, bro?

 Anonymous (b69f) 4084

File: 1333254009585.jpg (820.46 KB, 1920x1200)

 Anonymous (44f7) 4085

File: 1333254028759.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1200)

 Anonymous (6d52) 4086

you're just mad because you know it would be funny.

 Anonymous (c3ac) 4088

File: 1333254096287.jpg (3.98 MB, 3840x2400)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4089

File: 1333254134466.jpg (466.03 KB, 1200x800)

>boy's name

>you know that chill, bro?
i know that chill, bro

 Anonymous (b69f) 4090

File: 1333254139551.png (91.01 KB, 560x800)

 Anonymous (6d52) 4091

File: 1333254186494.gif (1.98 MB, 259x221)

>chloe will never walk down your hallway with wet hair in nothing but a towel.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4093

File: 1333254280565.jpg (591.52 KB, 1200x800)

 Anonymous (6d52) 4095

>chloe will never wipe her bloody cheek on the back of your neck, fresh from her last feed, as she wraps her arms around your tiny boyish shoulders.

 Anonymous (b69f) 4097

File: 1333254494242.jpg (3.57 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (44f7) 4100

File: 1333254588905.jpg (3.56 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (f87d) 4102

File: 1333254686797.jpg (3.19 MB, 3840x2400)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4104

File: 1333254711267.jpg (72.88 KB, 550x367)

 Anonymous (f87d) 4107

File: 1333254876615.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x1200)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4110

File: 1333254957878.jpg (117.82 KB, 1181x876)

 Anonymous (9bc2) 4111

File: 1333255060775.jpg (4.18 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (c3ac) 4114

File: 1333255249904.jpg (4.64 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (f87d) 4119

File: 1333255465574.jpg (3.98 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (b69f) 4121

File: 1333255537757.jpg (3.34 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (44f7) 4122

File: 1333255544672.jpg (3.49 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (6d52) 4124

File: 1333255578340.jpg (100.51 KB, 570x342)


you found out where she leaved and offered the neighbors a price they couldn't refuse….

 Anonymous (6d52) 4126


 Anonymous (b69f) 4127

File: 1333255653142.jpg (941.18 KB, 1920x1200)

 Anonymous (b69f) 4129

File: 1333255780065.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1200)

 Anonymous (9bc2) 4130

File: 1333255782794.jpg (3.51 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (f87d) 4131

File: 1333255799493.jpg (4.14 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (44f7) 4134

File: 1333255863205.jpg (3.77 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (f87d) 4137

File: 1333255937987.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1200)

 Anonymous (6d52) 4138


 Anonymous (44f7) 4139

File: 1333256000121.jpg (973.42 KB, 1920x1200)

 Anonymous (b69f) 4140

File: 1333256012509.jpg (3.34 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (9bc2) 4141

File: 1333256024905.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x1200)

 Anonymous (f87d) 4142

File: 1333256037888.jpg (962.18 KB, 1920x1200)

 Anonymous (c3ac) 4144

File: 1333256069244.jpg (4.13 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (44f7) 4145

File: 1333256088042.jpg (898.48 KB, 1920x1200)

 Anonymous (b69f) 4146

File: 1333256124719.jpg (885.1 KB, 1920x1200)

 Anonymous (f87d) 4147

File: 1333256218723.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1200)

 Anonymous (9bc2) 4150

File: 1333256480277.jpg (4.02 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (b69f) 4151

File: 1333256482813.jpg (2.56 MB, 3840x2400)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 4152

File: 1333256528615.jpg (336.65 KB, 1013x1500)

 Anonymous (44f7) 4153

File: 1333256555037.jpg (4.64 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (f87d) 4154

File: 1333256580610.jpg (4.12 MB, 3558x3558)

 Anonymous (c3ac) 4156

File: 1333256689941.jpg (3.87 MB, 3840x2400)

 Anonymous (6d52) 4163

please… please tell me that's not the rape scene from hick…

 Anonymous (6d52) 4165

speaking of which, she should take her own advice and 'let me in'.


 Anonymous (f821) 4217

File: 1333273283182.jpg (62.16 KB, 360x239)


Ha. Good one.

 Anonymous (f6d9) 5111

File: 1333567214037.jpg (36.29 KB, 784x284)

Abby and her two lovers

 Anonymous (eaba) 5347

File: 1333611288286.jpg (72.88 KB, 550x367)

that feel when chloe walks into your house and bleeds all over your fucking carpet.

 Anonymous (b69f) 5372

damn bitches on their rags…

 Anonymous (9134) 5387

'on the rags again'…

 Let Me In - Crossroads 01-04 (8b82) 55610

File: 1343488318095.jpg (9.36 MB, 2560x3946)

Being forced to spend eternity as a vampire—trapped in the mind and body of a child, with slaughter the only recourse for survival—is torture enough. But when Abby finds herself faced with a ruthless real—estate tycoon willing to do anything to get at the property she and her caretaker call home, far more monstrous torments await. In a small community torn apart by vicious men who are consumed by greed, wrath, and envy, she will learn which deadly sin is truly deadliest.

Read Online:


Direct Download:

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 55611

watching let me in right now.

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 55612

File: 1343490986985.jpg (165.63 KB, 435x470)

owen is such a pussy it's so annoying, just got to the bit where he pisses himself ugh.


File: 1343492562274.jpg (74.29 KB, 1920x800)


I just watched it


He is yeah, but you (or at least I did anyway) feel sorry for him later.

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 55615

I pity him…
but he's so funny and not in a comedic sense.
> MrT.jpeg


File: 1343493250358.jpg (973.42 KB, 1920x1200)


>tfw Owen has kissed Abby and you haven't

>Owen 1 - 0 Everyone else

 Anonymous (99e7) 55617

File: 1343493514109.jpg (190.84 KB, 501x528)


 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 55618

File: 1343493659595.png (486.18 KB, 458x533)

>tfw Owen can't penetrate.


File: 1343494239804.jpg (3.61 KB, 190x164)


Why cant he?

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 55620

File: 1343494451547.jpg (6.2 KB, 500x146)


File: 1343494594826.png (255.66 KB, 525x521)


I know Dante is, but what is Owen?


File: 1343495788408.jpg (111.79 KB, 453x360)

Best Thread ever! Everyone loves Abby

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 55626

File: 1343495835746.jpg (314.58 KB, 1499x1000)

He has a small penis incapable of penetration, this Abby noticed soon after they ran away together prompting her to leave him in favour of a hospital worker in charge of the blood vaults, after killing him and acquiring a large supply of blood Abby quickly put her vast knowledge and stunning looks to use in the estate market amassing a small fortune within a few years of her care-takers death. Now wealthy and with connections in various areas of all markets Abby could have blood whenever she liked it and being a property tycoon now spent her time living in two large houses, one in Los Angeles and one in London. Soon after she discovered the internet, a vast source of power and interest for someone as intelligent as Abby. After several days of surfing the internet Abby became aware of a site know as Chlomo.org and began to visit the chlobros in London and America in their sleep, watching them as she had watched over Owen all those years ago in a way she became their guardian, secretly endowing them with gifts and images of herself over the medium of the internet, soon she had a large army of followers and was finally ready to execute phase 1 of her lifelong plan. Within a month a new empire was formed encompassing all of Europe and Northern America known as Chlotopia of course the original members of chlomo.org became great knights and regional rulers of Chlotopia, united under the flag of and their allegiance to Abby. After a year Abby had conquered all land masses in the world and was now preparing to expand into space, having already recruited the infinite legions of asians to inscribe an image of her face onto the moon Abby's terrestrial victory was now complete as her image shone down on the globe looking over all chlobros far and wide. tbc

P.S I am extremely fucking bored and I can't be bothered to spell check this to see if it makes sense, fuck it.


File: 1343496722530.jpg (74.29 KB, 1920x800)


>And she marrys Fro

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 55629

she clones a consort for each of the knights of chlotopia, everyone knows that.

 Anonymous (f821) 55632

File: 1343497047988.gif (1.42 MB, 396x230)


> 2012

> not using paragraphs

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 55634

File: 1343497134279.jpg (127.53 KB, 515x485)

Am not paying enough attention for that shit.



No deal, I get the real Abby.


File: 1343497908120.jpg (84.13 KB, 1920x800)

>Abby thread
>not appreciating Abby's feet

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 55638

File: 1343498041693.jpg (419.14 KB, 3000x2000)

awwww hell no it's dem legs we should be mentioning.

 !s4jsf1HzKo 55641




>Dat ass

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 55647

"Chloe's period blood? I like it!"

 Anonymous (f821) 55650

File: 1343499572636.jpg (320.56 KB, 1280x720)


> not having the image

 Anonymous (f821) 55651

File: 1343499622259.jpg (81.61 KB, 377x360)


oops. Wrong one. Now this is a real man who enjoys a real man's drink



>A real man


>A mans drink

>Drinking anything but Chloes period blood, neat.


 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 55668

Where do you order your "Chloe's period blood" © CocaCola inc.??? K-mart ran out last week and I need my fix.



Straight from the source

 Anonymous (99e7) 55676

File: 1343501303917.jpg (73 KB, 462x501)

>having already recruited the infinite legions of asians to inscribe an image of her face onto the moon

 Cheddar (c036) 55776

File: 1343515176897.png (60.88 KB, 300x284)

>Catching up on Chloe
>Read this thread

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 55795

did ya read my story

 Cheddar (c036) 55800

I might have

 evil? 88319

to say evil never looked so cute…thing is the creature in the movie "LET ME IN"…is not a vampire…its an elfin wiccan kind…one eye green…one eye blue…this species of humans..its eyes change color..and they do not murder per se…but they are honest killers…to kill or to murder are two distinct acts….

 Anonymous (8b82) 247553

doot doot bump

 Anonymous (581a) 247561

File: 1368612526348_Laughing_Girls.jpg (912.27 KB, 1721x1425)


 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 247585

RIP in pieces, he's gone to a better slum now.

 Anonymous (8b82) 247586

File: 1368616803031_1337492054845C.jpg (102.64 KB, 411x318)

or he's in prison for kidnapping

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 247734

File: 1368632231428_ah.jpg (24.38 KB, 393x414)


picture of the century right there.

 stalker123 (4abf) 248760

I think Kodi is obsessed with her since Let me in. Several answers about Chloe in his ask

 Anonymous (fdfb) 248774

Wow, Kodi is 6'3" now.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 248778

File: 1368716135733_mmmm_rainbowland.jpg (142.79 KB, 504x637)

What's your favourite colour?

 Anonymous (fdfb) 248779

The last one is clever enough. That's what I used to always answer people, if they asked me a similar question: "If you had one wish, what would you wish for?"

Answer: "Unlimited wishes"

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 248780

File: 1368716199539_uwotm8.png (227.37 KB, 344x369)

>is a mac an instrument

>If your house was on fire, what's the one thing you'd want to take with you?

>one thing

>Describe yourself in one sentence.


>If you were given your choice of three wishes, what would they be?

>that i could grant my own wishes.

 Anonymous (fdfb) 248781

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 248783

File: 1368716288306_gracepalm.png (59.21 KB, 209x191)

4gut me picz m8s

 Anonymous (feab) 248790

>inb4 this thread gets turned into the next dating drama thread

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 248805

No worries, we're not Tvshowaddywaddy.

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