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 CARRIE PETITION (462a) 377365

This petition is for those avid CARRIE fans who hope to see an Extended Version of CARRIE released on DVD and Blu-ray for Halloween 2014. It has come to the attention of fans that there were many scenes filmed, but later dropped from the theatrical cut - many of which were also, unfortunately, not included in the Deleted/Alternate scenes on the Blu-ray release.

Based on fan speculation, feedback from test audiences, and certain confirmed details concerning the film – the deleted and/or extended scenes include:

- The Rain of Stones [as the original opening]

- The White Commision

- The found footage that had been filmed by Freddy "Beak" Holt

- Scenes detailing more in depth character development

- "Wipe that smile off your face" - Chris to Carrie at the pool

- The locker room scene [extended] - Chris turning the cell-phone toward herself and the mean girls

- Scenes involving social media - Facebook in particular: The e-mail from Chris to Donna Kellogg

- Billy's wild ride [The "blowjob scene" - similar to the 1976 version]

- Tommy and Sue's backseat love scene [extended]

- An interaction between Carrie and Chris outside the dress shop

- The confrontation between Sue and the mean girls

- Drive to the pig farm [extended]

- Carrie levitates Margaret [extended]

- The meaningful conversation between Miss Desjardin and Carrie at prom

- Tommy and Carrie kissing

- Billy kisses Chris

- Margaret escaping from the closet and cutting herself with a knife

- Sue tries to call Tommy from outside the school to warn him but he rejects the call

- The prom scene as a whole which was said to be longer and more violent than the theatrical version

- Tina on fire [extended]

- A scene or shot revealing Erika and George's fate

- Carrie using her powers to blow away and kill some of the prom survivors who are outside the school

- Sue seeing Tommy's body being taken out on a stretcher and Miss Desjardin saying how sorry she is for what's happened

- The town destruction

- Margaret's original death scene which was said to be closer to the novel

- The multiple endings

On behalf of the fans, we are petitioning for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures, Screen Gems, 20th Century Fox, and Misher Films to release an Extended Version, or Director's Cut, of CARRIE. We really hope that this petition will bring forth a Special Edition release for Halloween 2014.


 Anonymous (3990) 377375


to be honest the sex scenes between the characters aren't really needed, especially Billy and Chris. Didn't you see these scenes on the bluray? They added nothing to their characters that would have made their deaths worthwhile or impactful.

We already get that they are douchebags, so why add in those scenes that further go over the top?

 @Anonymous CARRIEfan (25be) 377382

Granted the sex scenes did not do much for plot, but it was still part of the film at one point - before editing. What harm would it do to include all scenes in an extended cut? They've got nothing to lose. I personally could care less about the extended drive to the pig farm, but I would still want it in an extended cut because it would be great to see everything that was originally filmed. Plus what one scene may seem useless or annoying to you, may be something another fan would want to see. I talked to a CARRIE fan who actually felt a town destruction sequence would be over the top and needless, yet most fans agree that that scene is one they had looked forward to and was disappointed to see cut.

 RKman (1f60) 377555

Just realize, you can vote multiple times

 Anonymous (a22a) 377656

Was there a self pleasuring extended shower scene or a floating self pleasuring at home scene that they cut to take it from Rated R to PG-13?

 Anonymous (ef5a) 377663

A self pleasuring scene? I’ve never heard of that. Chloë was only 15 ya know.

 Self-Pleasuring scene? CARRIEfan (25be) 377672

The only thing I can think of is what's described in the original screenplay by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa – a bath-tub sequence with Carrie and water levitation. To my knowledge, no such scene was filmed.

 Anonymous (a22a) 377703

James Franco got time for that…… lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

 Test Audiences CARRIEfan (25be) 377953

File: 1396627640217_2.png (665.1 KB, 750x960)

A member of the text audience described a much different version of CARRIE from what we saw in theaters!

 Estelle Parsons CARRIEfan (25be) 377954

File: 1396627717373_6.png (30.98 KB, 408x206)

Michelle Nolden was supposed to appear in one of the several White Commission [court room] scenes, but this did not happen due to editing!

 What happened to Erika? CARRIEfan (25be) 377955

File: 1396627922376_7.jpg (62.33 KB, 540x960)

Everyone wanted to know what happened to Erika and George, did they survive the prom destruction? Actress Mouna Traoré commented about this on Twitter!

 Freddy "Beak" Holt CARRIEfan (25be) 377957

File: 1396628053714_8.png (298.67 KB, 771x960)

Freddy "Beak" Holt originally played a larger role in the film. Actor Connor Price commented on Twitter that a lot was cut!

 Anonymous (dbe8) 377968

who was he again?

 Who was he again? CARRIEfan (25be) 378113

Connor Price played Freddy "Beak" Holt – Freddy was the young man who filmed everything before and during the events of prom!

 Anonymous (dbe8) 378120


He was also the guy that taught her about computers in the library right?

I actually really wanted more of him and Carrie interacting. Would have shown her acclimating to normal life the more confident/interested she got about her powers.

Did he ever talk about what kind of scenes he shot?

 Freddy "Beak" Holt CARRIEfan (25be) 378352

Yes, he was the one who taught Carrie how to make the screen get bigger when she was watching videos on TK.

Connor Price did not mention what type of scenes got cut or what his character had "filmed" – but we believe that the "found footage" had originally played a larger role in one or more of the several White Commission scenes.

As to what kind of things the character shot: The argument between Chris and Sue in the gymnasium. You can see him in the background with his camera. Dancing at the prom. The blood dump. When Carrie pushes Ms. Desjardin back using her powers, you can see Freddy filming in the corner of the shot. He also is filming during the first half of the prom destruction before getting killed.

 After Prom CARRIEfan (25be) 378605

File: 1396764111949_3.png (43.52 KB, 843x488)

According to one of the test audiences, the immediate after-events of prom were a bit more violent than what we saw in theaters! Apparently there was a scene of Carrie killing some of the prom survivors on the front lawn of the school by using the force of her powers!

 Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa CARRIEfan (25be) 378606

File: 1396764228083_4.jpg (43.78 KB, 780x378)

According to Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa - the studios were not to blame for why CARRIE was so heavily edited!

 Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa CARRIEfan (25be) 378607

File: 1396764286863_5.jpg (85.29 KB, 666x446)

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has commented that the studios were not at fault for CARRIE's heavy editing.

 What Happened To Carrie? CARRIEfan (25be) 378608

File: 1396764452326_9.jpg (235.83 KB, 1024x778)

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa made it seem that Kimberly Peirce was at fault – but is this the truth? The petition has actually been acknowledged by Kimberly Peirce when the link was sent to her via Facebook by a friend. She LIKED the status!

 Anonymous (dbe8) 378686

Well that's disappointing. The only lawn/outside scene we see is her landing outside. So baffling why they cut that out but leave 'cool guys walk away from explosions' scene in.

 @Anonymous CARRIEfan (25be) 378710

Yes, it is disappointing to say the least – this movie could have been so much more, the definitive CARRIE! That's why we're petitioning for an extended version to be released. There were so many important scenes/elements removed [As you can see from the list provided above!].

One of the sequences most fans want to see is the infamous town destruction. It was even shown in the teaser trailer – so it was quite shocking for many moviegoers when it was unfortunately cut.

 Scenes - In Depth - Part 1 CARRIEfan (25be) 379076

-The original opening was a flashback of Carrie as a little girl spying through a fence on a female neighbor who is sunbathing. The young woman notices Carrie and starts to make conversation with her. Carrie tells her that she can see her "dirty pillows" and the neighbor explains to her that it is normal for women to develop breasts when they get older. That's when Margaret White appears and snatches up Carrie, screaming and yelling at the neighbor. She calls the young lady a whore, telling her to stay away from her child, and Carrie gets upset and begins to cry. Suddenly, it starts hailing. Pellets of ice come down on top of Carrie's home while Margaret runs into the house trying to console her daughter. The neighbor just stares in disbelief as the hail rains down on the White residence, and only the White residence.

-The White Commission [The film had integrated several courtroom scenes with witnesses giving testimonies of their experiences with Carrie White leading to the prom incident, essentially structuring the film as a series of flashbacks and recollections. The neighbor from the alternate opening scene is shown at first, now an adult woman, recounting her experience. There is also a scene featuring a TK Specialist discussing telekinesis and saying something to the effect of Carrie being one of many people who may be born with this genetic anomaly. It's been said that the White Commission scenes revealed too many prom survivors which the filmmaker's felt spoiled the climax]

-There was 'found footage' that played a role in the film. That's why you see Freddy 'Beak' Holt carrying his camera around and filming everything.

-There was more scenes detailing more in depth character development.

-There was more scenes involving school life, social media and bullying.

-"Wipe that smile off your face." - Chris to Carrie at the pool.

-Chris and Tina kiss [Extended]

-Scenes involving Facebook, the e-mail sent from Chris to Donna Kellogg. "So I'm out of prom and my [censored] father says he won't give them what they deserve."

-Billy's wild ride [The "blowjob scene" - similar to the 1976 version]

-An interaction between Chris and Carrie outside the dress shop.

-The confrontation between Sue and the mean girls

-Carrie levitates Margaret [Extended]

-Drive to the pig farm [Extended]

-After Tommy leaves the table to get some drinks, Carrie and Miss Desjardin have a friendly and meaningful conversation.

-Carrie and Tommy kiss.

-Billy kisses Chris.

 Scenes - In Depth - Part 2 CARRIEfan (25be) 379077

-Margaret claws her way out of the closet and goes over to the sink where she retrieves a butcher knife and cuts herself and utters: "Thou shall not suffer a witch to live."

-Sue tries to call Tommy from outside the school to warn him that something bad is about to happen. He rejects the call.

-The prom scene as a whole, which was said to be longer and more violent than the theatrical version.

-Tina on fire [Extended]

-A scene or shot which reveals George's and Erika's fate.

-There were some really creepy stuff that was unfortunately cut during post-production, like some "dancing" dead students. Our source is not completely certain about this detail or its placement within the film. But it was either in a deleted scene where Carrie snaps the limbs of prom-goers or during the electrocution scene which was supposed to be more graphic and longer. In the novel, it was described as a "crazy puppet dance".

-The scene of Carrie levitating outside of the burning school was actually re-shot. In the original version of that scene, Carrie is standing in the centre of the lawn, waiting for the remaining students to come out of the burning school before telekinetically picking them off one by one.

-After Carrie leaves the school, she begins to destroy part of the town by causing explosions, bringing down power lines as she follows Billy and Chris. You can see a few seconds of it from the aerial view. If you look behind Carrie, you can see that several cars are in flames.

-When Sue is outside the school with Miss Desjardin, she sees Tommy's body being carried out on a stretcher. Miss Desjardin tells Sue that she's sorry and Sue walks away with determination to find Carrie.

-Margaret's original death scene - possibly similar to the book version which depicts a heart attack caused by Carrie's power.

-The multiple endings

1) After Carrie saves Sue by pushing her out of the house, which collapses from the falling stones, there's a bird's eye view of the wreckage of what used to be Carrie's home before we get a quick CGI zoom through a pit of debris, to a close-up of a now bloodied Carrie snapping her eyes open.

2) We see Sue making a final speech to the court where she says the line heard in the teaser trailer about Carrie being just a girl, not a monster. This is spoken over scenes of Sue and her family visiting the cemetery. Sue goes to Carrie's grave, which shows the headstone tagged up and vandalized. She leaves her flowers and just walks away. Nothing scary, just a very sombre closing shot of the headstone.

3) After Carrie's house is destroyed by the falling stones, the movie flashes forward to several months later. We see Sue in the hospital surrounded by doctors and nurses, ready to give birth. They're trying to calm her down but Sue begins to struggle, saying she feels something is wrong. Suddenly, a very bloody hand (covered in afterbirth) erupts from between Sue's legs, reaching up and gripping her arm. She screams in terror and we see that she is having a nightmare, being held down by her parents while the camera pans over to a wall where we are shown a large crucifix hanging in her room.

4) There was a "morning after voice over" by Sue Snell as we see the town coping with what happened.

5) We see the town the morning after Carrie's attack filled with news crews, reporters, and cops talking about the whole thing. What's bizarre about this scene is that Carrie's destruction of the city is being described as "a conspiracy." Apparently the town is "trying to cover up what really happened."

 Kimberly Pierce CARRIEfan (25be) 379568

File: 1396978092013_10.jpg (332.27 KB, 818x856)

In an interview concerning her alternate ending, Kimberly Pierce commented that fans should ask those "in power" why the alternate ending was left out.

This alone makes one believe that it wasn't really her choice to exclude so many scenes. In the commentary for the deleted scenes, Kimberly only reveals why she cut two scenes. The rest she didn't want to cut.

 Samantha Weinstein CARRIEfan (25be) 379569

File: 1396978222351_1912190_700137106704715_639622706_o.png (83.6 KB, 1367x639)

Samantha Weinstein [Heather] revealed through Twitter that there was a scene which bridged the gap between Sue and the mean girls.

 Erika and The White Commission CARRIEfan (25be) 379572

File: 1396978466461_1898167_786974491317247_768300434_n.png (80.67 KB, 315x206)

Actress Mouna Traoré [Erika] appeared in one of the several White Commission scenes as a prom survivor. Her costume for the scene was auctioned on Ebay a while back with the confirmation-tag for its placement within the film - The White Commission.

 CGM (4c6d) 382268

File: 1397308318823_image.jpg (53.19 KB, 632x366)

Almost there!!

 CGM (4c6d) 383167

File: 1397401102319_image.jpg (54.08 KB, 672x361)

We did it!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 383219

File: 1397415374543_132706371439.jpg (54.18 KB, 800x453)

hope this works

 5,000 - What now? CARRIEfan (023a) 383473

5,000 is a great starting point, but a starting point nonetheless. It's going to take many more signatures to convince the studios that the extended version of CARRIE is in-demand!

We can do this! Post to your timelines. Tweet it. Send mass e-mails. Send it to CARRIE or Stephen King-related pages - outlets that might be interested in helping out. Post it to group walls. This is VERY much a "word of mouth" effort and so everyone's determination is needed to work toward ensuring success!

 CGM (4c6d) 383603

How much more do we need?

 Zeppelin (907b) 383613

File: 1397486074660_Carrie-16.gif (2.99 MB, 283x348)

As much as possible

 When is enough? CARRIEfan (023a) 383927

There have been MANY people asking: How many more signatures? When is enough? The truth of the matter is this – Consider the limit, limitless… we need as many signatures as possible. Right now, we're aiming for 20,000. BUT, this is not meant to restrain us from gaining more than the goal. It's going to need quite a big push to prove that CARRIE is marketable and in-demand!


We all want an extended cut of CARRIE!



 Zeb (5316) 384124

Getting to 20k will take a year if even that. This effort will most likely go in vain, its a shame really.

 A year? Not hardly! CARRIEfan (023a) 384153

There is currently a petition to save the TV show SINGLE LADIES – which opened on March 01, 2014… it has already gained over 33,000 signatures! This shows that any amount can be gained if fans are willing to put in the effort!

[Reference: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/savesingleladies]

With enough persistence and hard work, fans can obtain this new goal for CARRIE! The problem is that many fans are starting to get impatient and discouraged. This is NOT the time to back down, but the time to become stronger as one group! We must each do our share… by not only signing the petition, but passing it along to any venue which may have fans willing to help!

 What can I do? CARRIEfan (023a) 384155

Once you've signed, there is still more you can do to help! You can: Pass the link onto others through your own personal Facebook time-line, encouraging them to sign and share. Make a youtube video for promotion, or recruit a techno-savvy friend to do this. Share the link on other forms of social media - IMDb forums, Pinterest, Twitter [#Carrie or #Carriepetition], Instagram, and other CARRIE-related, Stephen King-related, or horror-related fan pages. This is VERY MUCH a "word of mouth" petition. There are no real ads or promotions – WE fans are the ads and promotions and so everyone's effort is necessary. Please continue to help anyway you can!

It is true that as of right now: There isn't going to be an extended version of the film released. This does NOT mean that it wouldn't happen eventually. It took "The Exorcist" 25 years before getting its full release! This happens sometimes. It's not really a comforting thought, but it's the reality we're facing.

We're hoping that with enough signatures and interest, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures, Screen Gems, 20th Century Fox, and Misher Films will release a special edition extended version for Halloween 2014! Until then, we can at least enjoy some of the deleted and extended scenes on the current Blu-ray edition. The important thing to remember is that this is a worth-while effort. CARRIE fans all over want to see this newest version with all deleted or shortened scenes restored within the film, not just as "special features" – we have to continue reaching out to others and encouraging them to sign and share.

 Sign and Share the petition! CARRIEfan (e539) 389239

Do you want to see an extended cut of CARRIE?

Sign and Share the petition!


 NEW ARTICLE! CARRIEfan (e539) 389890

A new article has been written about the petition effort! CHECK IT OUT !! It's pretty great!


 Town Destruction! CARRIEfan (a517) 391908

File: 1399087698288_1614529_241136976086603_3535714615476968503_o.jpg (114.01 KB, 1920x1080)

Fan made photo of the town destruction!

 Petition Promotion! CARRIEfan (a517) 391909

Fans have been taking to YouTube to create some amazing video promotions, here's one of them!

 Another great petition ad! CARRIEfan (a517) 391910

Check them out! There's a ton of them on YouTube!

 Petition Promotion! CARRIEfan (a517) 391911

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