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File: 1364418923451_chloe-moretz-news.jpg (278.25 KB, 904x757)

 Chloe Moretz News thread v2 !a3dKSVA5Rc 211609

Your daily source for Chloë news. Part 2.

The old thread can be found here >>>/old/4366

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 211612

File: 1364419201271_chloe-moretz-anne-hathaway.jpg (110.98 KB, 700x402)

Chloë to star alongside Anne Hathaway & Sam Rockwell In Lynn Shelton Pic

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 211760


>dark comedy


 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 211796

File: 1364442294075_chloe_moretz_918.jpg (227.02 KB, 533x800)

Sam Rockwell is awesome. I hope Chloë has a lot of scenes with him. Also, this announcement was "Part 1" of the big news Chloë had. I think I know what we all want "Part 2" to be. :)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 215192

So, here's Part 2.
Chloe Moretz In Talks To Join ‘Dark Places’ With Charlize Theron

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 215279

According to Deadline, Moretz would play Diondra, the girlfriend of Libby’s sister, presumably in flashback sequences. The novel is presented in alternating chapters, each following a different character — Libby in present day, speaking in first person, and third person accounts of Libby’s brother and mother the day before and of the murders. Diondra is a tacky, trashy character who comes from a wealthy family and seduces Libby’s brother.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 215282

Producers seem eager to get this one in front of cameras quickly (they wanted to start filming last month) and we presume the addition of Moretz means filming should be getting under way sooner rather than later.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 215292

> the girlfriend of Libby’s sister,
pretty sure the author meant "the girlfriend of Libby’s brother"

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 215862

Moretz will play Diondra, the one-time girlfriend of Libby’s brother, Ben. Diondra is described in the book’s synopsis as a “brooding metal fan“, who introduced Ben to a lifestyle full of drugs and the dark arts – a lifestyle that apparently corrupted him and turned him into a murderer.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 216180


>metal fan

oh god yes


oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. :((((((((((((( here we go. brace for impact thatguy. FUCK.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 216872

Nicholas Hoult (beat from x-men first class or jack the giant slayer himself) joins the cast

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 223149

File: 1365878391448_A3QsJIECMAA2vaW.jpg (72 KB, 1024x768)

Chloë won the biggest teen badass
>"Thank you to all my fans that voted," she enthused. "Can't wait for you all to see me kick some ass in 'Kick-Ass 2.'"

>You can get more of Chloë on Sunday, as she presents one lucky winner with a Golden Popcorn at the MTV Movie Awards, airing live at 9 p.m. ET.


You can watch the red carpet live here, Chloe should be on it soon! http://www.mtv.com/ontv/movieawards/2013/watch-movie-awards-live-stream.jhtml?xrs=srmovieawards


File: 1365983736590_chloeeeee.png (508.06 KB, 629x321)

she's hereeeee

 Anonymous (1416) 224265

File: 1365983876200_Chloe28.jpg (92.1 KB, 960x960)

I'm from Brazil and i dont have MTV in my cable television, in the shared link, only peoples from USA can see… Someone knows some youtube channel or something like, or the own people that upload the show later? Thanks.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 224419

File: 1365990447901.jpg (57.32 KB, 604x604)

Damn. I'm way outside USA. And we don't have MTV too. Fml

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 228783

File: 1366445880278_BIR0l3lCYAAD0eB.jpg_large.jpg (1.74 MB, 2513x3000)


 Anonymous (0d6c) 228785

Holy fuck.

 Cubia (d310) 228791


a fella could get lost staring into her eyes for to long.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 231567

File: 1366744694269_Chloe-Moretz-Juliette-Binoche-Mia-Wasikowska.jpg (53.61 KB, 306x432)

Chloë is in talks to join Juliette Binoche and Mia Wasikowska in Sils Maria.
She would play the character of JoAnn in the film. The character is an actress who becomes the obsession of the actress played by Binoche after JoAnn takes on a role that made the older woman famous when she was young.

 Anonymous (0bdb) 231815

File: 1366765905862.jpg (155.35 KB, 800x567)

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 231939

trevor says she will get back to shooting movies very soon

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 239976

File: 1367780515174_chloe-moretz-keira-knightley.jpg (61.83 KB, 306x432)

Laggies is entering pre-production but they couldn't reach an agreement with Anne Hathaway so Keira Knightly will be taking over her role

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 240078

>and a few more bits of info about the movie

"Laggies" centers on a woman named Megan who has been living in perpetual adolescence, as she never switched over to the formality that adulthood imposes. Unsure of how to respond to her photographer boyfriend Anthony's marriage proposal, Megan pretends to go on a work retreat out of town, but ends up spending a week with her new 16-year-old pal Annika and all of her friends. Megan helps Annika to attempt a reconciliation with her mother Bethany, who chose a career as a lingerie model and left Annika and her father Craig. During the week, Megan and Annika bond and experience everything from stealing a beer keg from a party, to skateboarding, and toilet-papering a parent's house. When Megan unknowingly begins to have feelings for Annika's father, things get complicated.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 240941

Apparently Hathaway dropped due to her commitment to Nolan's Interstellar

 Anonymous (3430) 243267

File: 1368199219775_Screen_Shot_2013-05-10_at_10.19.38_AM.png (38.29 KB, 474x173)

The Equalizer has had its fair share of problems in development thanks to visionaries dropping left and right within the past few months. After Nicolas Winding Refn and Rupert Wyatt both dropped out of talks, it seemed as if third time was finally the charm just two months ago. However, things have been quiet on the film since as it seemed finally pre-production for the action feature might finally be building. Now, a young actress has emerged out of the gate for quite the interesting pairing as now it’s said she may tackle her most mature role to date.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 243309

i have the biggest grin on my face right now

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 243370

Some more info about Chloë's role

The role is Teri, a young prostitute who Washington’s Robert McCall meets daily at a diner and discusses books and other assorted nonsense to pass the time. He becomes protective of her, and it’s actually Teri’s dilemma with some Russian thugs (and her pimp) that first sets McCall (who has since retired to working the aisles of Home Depot) on his road as a vigilante.

Mortez’s casting is very interesting. Her character went through some pretty harrowing moments in the script that I read, but with the young Moretz cast in the role, my guess is that a lot of the sordid moments in poor Teri’s life will get the boot.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 243380

File: 1368208807541_103.jpg (56.54 KB, 315x341)



 ChloPal!9tIubau9Co 243740

File: 1368238311182.jpg (34.65 KB, 246x244)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 248210

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 248843

Chloe will be an award presenter at the 2013 BillBoard Music Awards this Sunday May 19th at 8PM Eastern on ABC.


Credits to forums user joe316

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 249367

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 250062

File: 1368889345548_234234.jpg (10.94 KB, 220x323)

Marton Csokas will play the villain in The Equalizer


 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 253410

A small tidbit of news about the Equalizer:
The movie will start shooting this summer and out of the movie's $50 mil budget, Denzel will get 20 (if the report is correct) making this about the same budget as kick-ass


 Chlobro (fb3b) 257690

File: 1369779396279_look_what_i_just_stumbled_across.jpg (43.73 KB, 392x345)

Chloë starts working again, with Leggies:

 Chlobro (36e9) 257753

File: 1369803552694_Nylon-Young-Hollywood_2.gif (2.11 MB, 339x450)

I'm glad she still gets to do this and I'm glad to see her back to work

 Chlobro (0854) 258415

File: 1369973288202_melissa-leo.jpg (27.48 KB, 640x427)

>Melissa Leo Joining Denzel Washington In ‘The Equalizer’


>Leo will play McCall’s former handler when he worked counter-terrorism. She provides him with intelligence about who he is facing when he runs up against a new adversary.

 Chlobro (5aac) 259026

I also read in a swedish article earlier this week that she will film in Sweden this fall. Maybe the same project.

 Chlobro (782e) 259128

File: 1370103408268_Yeah_CGM.jpg (14.2 KB, 280x319)

She is almost in!

He is not talking about Dakota Bitch Fanning, right?

 Chlobro (782e) 259133

I just read it.. he or she is talking about Chloe

  Chloe Moretz Net Worth is $4 Million Chlobro (7901) 260005


Chloe Moretz Net Worth is $4 Million. The same as Nikki Coxx. I feel none the wiser. But then I don't understand shoes.

 Anonymous (0854) 260678

File: 1370310116016_david-meunier__130603213752-200x250.jpg (12.22 KB, 200x250)

>‘Justified’s David Meunier Joins ‘The Equalizer’


>He’ll play Slavi, a brutal and sleazy Russian pimp involved with Teri, the young prostitute played by Moretz.

 Anonymous (26d5) 261192

File: 1370395046128_kstew__130604212519.jpg (8.58 KB, 225x225)

>Kristen Stewart Joins Sils Maria


>Stewart plays the assistant to Binoche’s character

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 262463

'Last Man Standing's' Kaitlyn Dever Joins Keira Knightley in Dark Comedy 'Laggies'

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 263219

File: 1370798149275_countdown-2.jpg (103.51 KB, 1146x840)

We've added a countdown to Chloe's 18th birthday, because someone would have made it eventually and we might as well do it ourselves and do it good.


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 264808

File: 1371064239266_there-is-a-god-4.jpg (156.39 KB, 1200x632)

Chloë rumored to have a lesbian scene with Keira Knightley in Laggies

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 265102

well, collin seems to have shot down that rumor so unless he's keeping that under wraps it seems like it was all bullshit

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 265292

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 265377

 WoherWins (4a47) 266024

you know where she is going to stay?

 Anonymous (42a8) 267387

so is the chloe and keira thing real!!!???????

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 267395

no, it's fake

see just a few posts above:


 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 267879

File: 1371602066891_TC2013.png (41.58 KB, 260x184)

Chloë will make an appearance at the 2013 Teen Choice awards on August 11.


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 269273

 Anonymous (c4f6) 269407

>Chloe Moretz HAD been in negotiations last year to play the zombie lead BUT she is NOT appearing due to scheduling issues.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 269431

> Given that Arnold has a full slate of films ahead of him, this might push “Maggie” back far enough for her to come back to it. That remains to be seen though.
there's still a possibility

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 271066

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 272678

File: 1372369086445_chloe_combo.jpg (98.02 KB, 550x934)

Chloë says we might get a vlog
(and a second retweet from a different account)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 272725

oh, and she did a Q&A with fans, something she hasn't done in a very long time

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 276749

The Equalizer's release date pushed back from April to late September 2014

 Anonymous (2173) 277191

File: 1372996619777_hope.png (73.41 KB, 548x526)

I remember this. She replied to me that day.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 277482

File: 1373119140108_epic_win.jpg (37.16 KB, 602x308)

On jun 29th we got a retweet from Chloë linking to this place which was undoubtedly the biggest and best moment in this site's history

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 277484

File: 1373119196636_chloe_on_chelsea.jpg (115.49 KB, 1042x604)

Chloë to be on Chelsea Lately on the 19th of august

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 279488

We finally get official confirmation that Chloë will star in "If I stay" which will start shooting this october

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 280142

 Anonymous (77e6) 292976

 Anonymous (6080) 295383

File: 1376116344842_Conan.jpg (74.7 KB, 1280x720)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 302247

File: 1376948075824_chloe_wins_again.jpg (76.48 KB, 736x508)

Chloë is #1 on IMDB's starmeter

 Anonymous (9ac6) 302310

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 302623

File: 1377032032724_look_at_him6.jpg (109.23 KB, 472x592)

A little news from Sils Maria:


>I've found this article on twitter, posted by mariamenca

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 302806

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 303226

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 303229

File: 1377130520046_MV5BMjMyNjYwNjE3Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTI0NTQwOA._V1._SX588_SY768_.jpg (46.3 KB, 588x768)

Daniel Bruhl, Bruno Ganz & More Join Olivier Assayas' 'Sils Maria'


> Tom Sturridge will play Chloë's boyfriend

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 306631

File: 1377631261744_chloe-moretz-nycc.png (232.73 KB, 600x200)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 309858

Here's your chance to win a Kick-Ass 2 still autographed by Chloë

 Blondie (4c81) 310324

Chloe is in Leipzig, Germany at the moment (probably for her new film Sils Maria).
She twittered a photo with her brother today.

 Anonymous (428c) 310669

File: 1378353595923_5500270.jpg (33.82 KB, 460x690)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 311049

File: 1378419566094_drea-de-matteo.jpg (98.15 KB, 490x276)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 311059

File: 1378421574499_1271.jpg (179.54 KB, 504x504)

 Cubia (85f0) 311149


there is a guy selling a 3 day pass on ebay i wonder if i should buy one…i always worry i might be buying a fake item.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 311652

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 319441

File: 1380323645683_EmilyStrange-618x400.png (513.24 KB, 618x400)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 320304

File: 1380659648131_chloe_moretz_late_night_jimmy_fallon_015.jpg (768.1 KB, 2246x3000)

 Anonymous (0bdb) 320737

File: 1380850389677_chloe-moretz-aaron-taylor-johnson-kick-ass-2-promo-work-03.jpg (238.24 KB, 750x1222)

Chloë to be on LIVE with Kelly and Michael october 17th

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 323131

‘Carrie’s’ Chloe Moretz to Star in Sacha Gervasi’s ‘November Criminals’


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 323133

File: 1381353954775_2345.jpg (55.74 KB, 361x477)

>Plot summamry via wikipepdia
The hero of the book is 18-year-old Addison Schacht, a high-school senior in Washington D.C. He is in the process of applying to the University of Chicago, where he plans to study classics. The book is his response to the essay question, "What are your best and worst qualities?". He explains he has only bad qualities, as illustrated by the events of his senior year. They include collecting offensive jokes; dealing drugs to his classmates; and insulting teachers, fellow students, and his girlfriend's mother. But his classmate Kevin Broadus is killed in a senseless shooting, and he begins to investigate the death.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 325360

File: 1382054242753_she-knows.jpg (164.09 KB, 910x989)

October 18, 2013
Chloë acknowledges chlomo
Hell expected to freeze over in the next few days


File: 1382055385498.jpg (200.17 KB, 587x392)

that's great(i guess) but ….what now ? :DD

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 325372

File: 1382055906050.jpg (108.62 KB, 480x360)

>what now


File: 1382056245073_shot.jpg (58.99 KB, 600x400)

we should be careful not to chloverdose


File: 1382057766822_CG-random-christina-grimmie-25977474-1280-720.jpg (78.21 KB, 1280x720)

and damn that reminds me of when i was a member of the "Grimmie Squad" we were like 20 people in a facebook group and we all were big fans of Christina Grimmie and one day Christina and two of her friends joined the fucking group and chatted with us and shit !
but no more creepy pictures were posted…

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 325973

File: 1382178950523_umlaut.jpg (76.81 KB, 633x641)

 Anonymous (86bf) 326321

That's great men! Warmest greetings from russian chloёfags.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 326346

File: 1382262838252.jpg (101.05 KB, 303x431)


File: 1383476516288_25.png (210.02 KB, 1064x1040)

<- Awesome

 Anonymous (0bdb) 333808

File: 1384075164336_d-1.jpg (71.1 KB, 636x349)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 334887

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 335178

File: 1384376559845_Wicked_Little_Things_38.jpg (44.17 KB, 547x590)

Chloë is nominated for "Great Taste Prize: Young Tastemakers" at the 5TH ANNUAL TASTE AWARDS

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 335471

File: 1384460225815_chlomo_on_fb.jpg (127.85 KB, 879x925)

Following a "chlomo everywhere" approach, we're now on facebook too


for each like you give us we'll save a white rhino

 Sugar (6b46) 335479

19th to like

 Cole!/Kexvx.LWc 336162


 Anonymous (3bd5) 338213

if you're in Australia, Chloe and Julianne Moore will be on the project on channel ten on Thursday.
I'm 90 percent sure it will have been pre-recorded during the various carrie press junkets rather than via satellite in studio- but technically it will be new.

 Anonymous (5e4c) 338226

File: 1385481228742_chloala_bear.jpeg (18.73 KB, 300x400)

thanks for the heads up bro. Bout effin time it came to aus

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 341480

 Anonymous (0629) 341497

Hah, if they wanted to make Poker House again it would cost like 40 million just to get Chloë and J-Law on the set now.

 Another Star Wars 7 Rumor Alfonso (2f2f) 341498

File: 1386640397442_1FE_1.jpg (72.47 KB, 604x604)

Days ago I introduced the name of Jack O'connell, CGM's ideal BF match for myself. Best Skins UK actor. Driving Jolie crazy in aussie land (a bamboozled Brad Pitt has admitted it).

Now, aparently, Jack the lad will land ion one of Star Wars 7 main roles.

If Chloë is chosen too, they certainly will meet. If this happens I will just hit the floor and my speculations will be unparalleled.

You should do your research on this guy hes 10 beter than Jamie brit-lad. like in every sense of the word

 forgot the sources! Alfonso (2f2f) 341499

File: 1386640513697_chloe_moretz_portrait_02.jpg (569.37 KB, 664x1000)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 342110

 Solar!!Svszpr4cbg 342112

File: 1386884788550_e6867966426d11e3bd9722000ae80ebd_8.jpg (132.79 KB, 640x640)

Pretty cool, didn't notice if this was posted before:


Some of Chloë's older photos making an appearance on the fridge in "If I Stay"

 Anonymous (8444) 342114


Yeah that was posted on here when it was originally tweeted.

It is why Colin a couple of months ago tweeted if anyone had any toddler pictures of his sister. They needed them for that fridge.

 Anonymous (bd23) 342232

It's nice because all of us we have each picture you see there.

 Sur!!iwBjXECW12 342245

File: 1386945820465_Chlo_approves_2.jpg (108.04 KB, 701x1024)

 One more Chlobro (374c) 344334

Does anybody know if Chloë is confirmed to star in Star Wars?

 Anonymous (91b4) 344341

File: 1387614293750_tumblr_m0so1yA5EK1r2redbo8_400.jpg (38.36 KB, 331x299)

That would be a negative.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 344908

File: 1387877083041_10-21.jpg (185.11 KB, 946x532)

Chloë is #3 on the Most beautiful faces of 2013 list

 RKman (2be4) 344924

Nice, hope next year she'll be number 1

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 345052

File: 1387919186162_lilchlo234234.jpg (104.59 KB, 1271x703)


>she happens to be one of the mot versatile and daring actresses on the scene today.

we mot now

 Chloe is Kawaii (71b4) 345085

I love Chloë as much as the next person but for someone thats not even 18 YET she is not the most VERSATILE AND DARING actresses on the scene today.
Let's see how things go after her next 5 movies come out. Maybe there is a Oscar with her name on it.

 Anonymous (f781) 345116

File: 1387963012958_chloe_moretz_dark_shadows_los_angeles_premiere_199.jpg (2.01 MB, 1960x3008)


The phrase was "one of" the most versatile and daring, not "the".

Quite frankly, they could've picked a more flattering photo for the video. She's sort of in duck mode there.

 Chloe is Kawaii (71b4) 345172

Like I said, she is good but a lot of her fame comes from being that potty mouth Killer from Kick Ass and now especially her oh so beautiful bee-stung lips, come-hither eyes and to die for slender figure of faboostiness. "one of" and "the" she is almost will there be.

 Anonymous (8444) 345206


You don't even sound like a real fan saying stupid shit like that.

 Chloe is Kawaii (71b4) 345208

no just a fan that does not let something totally override ones life and mouth. just try to bring up thot provoking points and most of you go rabid one-eyed squirell in the street when someone says something that does not conform to your narrow world view of a actress. ha you make me laugh.

 Carl-L (1e38) 345217

There isnt that many more genres for her to play, and not every actor fits every genre…

 LoveChloeMoretz (34ac) 345231


Good to see both Chloë and my other love Emma Watson on that list. Don't see why Marion Cotillard is #1 though.

 RKman (2be4) 345232

Agree, I don't think she'll fit in any romcom genres, but I think I want to see her in one romcom someday

 Anonymous (aa65) 345248

Agree, I find that woman absolutely hideous.

 Anonymous (8444) 345261


Chloë can do anything and she is going to prove that next year to all the doubters trying all these new genres and sub-genres.

 Anonymous (8444) 345550

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 346189

 Anonymous (a8f9) 347706

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 348600

Jessica Biel says she will make it her new year resolution to get The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea made this year


 RKman (120c) 348652

Finally! have heard this rumors since like two years ago, hope we'll see it in 2016 or something

 Chloefornication!!o0N75agQaY 349426

Being a fan of something or someone does not mean that you can't have a fully functional brain. Maybe you should get one.

 Lauren Karina (b530) 349433

>That would be a negative.

why would it be? i thought that if she starred in star wars, a lot more people are going to recognize her. she'll be paid better.it's a great achievnment for an actress to be cast in a huge project like star wars.

and i happen to love star wars.

heard of marion cotilard but forgot. was she the woman with that weird thing on her forehead from Leo DiCaprio's Inception?

what's this movie about?

 RKman (e893) 349438

Yup she got some sort of mole in her forehead, if that's what you mean weird

 DevoteeAtOffice (8a17) 349444

Well said, in this site there are several morons who despises Chloë

 Lauren Karina (b530) 349470

File: 1389367796398.jpg (70.26 KB, 1213x541)

ooh… so that's what it's called.
(still learning english)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 349880

 Chloedevotee!GT9vF9cPSA 349990

File: 1389521405557_10062013_Chloe.jpg (1.77 MB, 3630x2675)


 Anonymous (8444) 351316

Steven Soderbergh will direct Chloë in Scott Z. Burns' off Broadway play The Library.


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 351323

 RKman (e97e) 351500

What is this off-Broadway play? is it a movie or just some sort of oprah thingy, sorry I don't really understand it, and btw the plot seems like "November Criminals"

 Anonymous (7101) 351501

Seeing her acting this out live would be better than any movie.

 lance prestonnnnnnnn!!! (8b6c) 351524

this is tits news. i'm going to be in NY, at the Rock n' Roll HOF ceremony while this is showing. soderbergh & moretz, on broadway. so much win!

 decker (0162) 353000

Chloë has a lesbianszene with Keira Knightley in Laggies? :D holy Shit

 RKman (e97e) 353010

Sorry to disapoint you but, No

 decker (0162) 353029

 Anonymous (8a17) 353031

Just believe in Colin Moretz and Lynn Shelton who said: "NO EXIST LESBIAN SCENE"

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 354887

Olympic Figure Skater Gracie Gold says she would like Chloë to portray her in a movie


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 358527



Why is that in the news thread? How fucking hard is it to read a damn thread title?

 Swayne (eb39) 359328

 If i Stay ajigani!!tNAOfLdmzM 360949

File: 1392462977018_large-10.jpg (74.08 KB, 499x750)

Any new news for 'If i stay' anybody know when's maybe the trailers or posters or anything gonna come out ? i just recently read the book and is obsessed by it lol. i even imagine Chloë as i read the book. it's fckin awesome and i can't wait for the movie

 Ma1T (8ded) 360952

oh, yes, book is really amasing! but i know that movie is in pre-production, filming has finished recently (i'm sorry for my english). and movie will start in august 22

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 364576

 Anonymous (2158) 364768

Didnt see/know anything about the others, what are her chances of winning?

 RKman (e402) 364773

Great,first nomination on 2014, at least that's something to add in the awards list on wikipedia, I hope she wins I mean she act great at Carrie, getting emotional and stuff, that's though for a 16 year old girl

 Renesito Rene Flores Limaica (e596) 364821


 Rene Flores Limaica (e596) 364822

File: 1393517714902_beauty.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 8.27 KB, 212x238)

awesome….!!!! :)

 Chloe attended the Oscars? Anonymous (ddef) 366170

Does anyone know if Chloë attended the Oscars?
I have access to the entire Oscars show, and the 'Red Carpet Arrival' interviews, but only want to D/L them if Chloë is in them.

 D3nisK (3e64) 366219

File: 1393919544202_chloe_moretz_crash_magazine_8_zoomed.jpg (624.38 KB, 1850x2767)

I think she spent evening with THAT guy so i think no.

 TPP!G5qjGHrfxk 366278

Chloë is in New York and the Oscars are held in Los Angeles.

So definetely: NO ! She didn't attended the Oscars.

 TPP!G5qjGHrfxk 366280

*hold , not held.

 to my beloved chloe.. :) Chloe Grace Moretz Future Boyfriend (8cb6) 371978

how can i download movies for my torrent (utorrent) that Chloë had been roled?!

 Anonymous (8444) 372068



 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 376761

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 376860

 Leandro (8c81) 377252

Do you guys know if there's a way to watch it online?

 RKman (5e9a) 377275

Ussualy there will be on youtube, or if it doesn't maybe there will be here in chlomo, I watched her at Jimmy Fallon on this site

 Appearence Mike (fce0) 377296


Chloë will be on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: Monday, April 7th:

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 378102

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 379384



Chloë Moretz is set to “Break Bad” in her new film about a dark teenager who ventures into the treacherous world of meth cooking. THE SPEED QUEEN tells the story of an intelligently gifted but emotionally disturbed high-school teen who turns to drug dealing as a way out. Anonymous Content is producing and Greg Poirier is penning the script.

Moretz is hot off her starring role in “Carrie” and the recent “Kick Ass 2.” She is known for her roles in “The Amityville Horror,” “500 Days of Summer,” and the original “Kick Ass” film. This new project seems to mix well with her edgy choices, and could be another great opportunity to show off her dynamic acting chops.

A film with the same name, based on Stewart O’Nan’s novel, is also in development but is not related to this project. It appears to be a directing and starring vehicle for Christina Ricci and debut screenwriting attempt for Brian Price.

Producing the Moretz version is Michael Sugar, Doug Wald, and Steve Golin of Anonymous Content. No word yet on the rest of the cast, but the producers are moving quickly to get this out of development and into production. Stay tuned to the Tracking Board for all the updates on the project.

 Anonymous (cfa0) 379533

Oh God another dark role..I'm sorry but she needs more variety….

 Zeppelin (e24e) 379537

File: 1396968692756_i_dont_think_so.png (111.8 KB, 320x281)

So what role would you describe as "dark" role?
Hit-Girl? Isabelle? Annika? Mia?

 Anonymous (cfa0) 379600

'dark teenager who ventures into the treacherous world of meth cooking.'

read the piece.

 RKman (5e9a) 379602

I've watched all her movies and I love it, but you know it's true, all of her characters are mostly dark and sort of mysterious, like "500 Days of Summer", "Let me In","Carrie", etc. I'm surprised when I actually see her in interviews, so fun and full of life, yeah it surprised me, great acting, but you know, I want to see her in this sort of bright and cheerful character once in awhile

 Anonymous (3b79) 379657

He's referring to her other roles.

Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass
Isabelle from Hugo
Annika from Laggies
Mia from If I Stay
Angie from DOWK

Neither of those above are dark characters.
Here are her dark roles:

Abby from Let Me in
Carolyne from Dark Shadows
Diondra from Dark Places

 Anonymous (de32) 379720

File: 1397003053388_...yeah.gif (904.61 KB, 500x280)

Chloë reportedly offered role in YA adaptation "The Fifth Wave" but hasn't signed on yet.

>She has been a fan favorite for the spunky heroine in the midst of an alien apocalypse..


 Bobbi!!FqU9K5PYzA 379975

File: 1397040861633.png (283.89 KB, 344x369)


>all of her characters are mostly dark and sort of mysterious, like "500 Days of Summer"

Where is the darkness in 500 Days of Summer ?

 chlo chlo karsten torrefiel (6853) 379993

File: 1397048569942_tumblr_mm9aux46fp1qz9qooo1_1280.jpg (526.82 KB, 1280x1645)

im from philippines big fan of Chloë <3

 RKman (5e9a) 380011

Well perhaps my definition of dark is kindda different, it's just a little bit hard to describe

 Anonymous (3077) 380940

File: 1397172153390_yeah.gif (1.65 MB, 350x276)

Chloë apparently in negotiations to accept the "Fifth Wave" gig.


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 384281

 Leandro (4471) 384307

good. nice songs

 Anonymous (8444) 384686

File: 1397624095618_chloemoretz5thwave.jpg (21.22 KB, 174x250)

Chloë Grace Moretz Closes Deal to Star in The 5th Wave


 Anonymous (8444) 385350

File: 1397753337458_Cannes2014_badge__140417160328.png (27.59 KB, 200x200)

Chloe's movie Clouds of Sils Maria got into the Cannes Film Festival.


 Anonymous (c50a) 391818

File: 1399067606024_Comedy_Awards.jpg (192.13 KB, 925x1147)

Chloë will be attending the Metropolitan Gala for the first time this Monday May 5th. That is a big event and gets enormous media coverage.


 Anonymous (8444) 391820


The makeup artist will be the same one that did Chloë's makeup for her Instyle photoshoot.


 Anonymous (a5f9) 398909

File: 1400710914537_Contemplative.jpg (106.96 KB, 768x1024)

Chloë will be testing with potential male co-stars for The Fifth Wave this weekend. Sounds like it might be her next project.


 hashtagYOLO (fd1b) 402426

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 403350

 Anonymous (8444) 409878

Information on Much Music's worldwide live stream of the MuchMusic Video Awards. Where Chloë will be presenting an award on Sunday June 15th.


 Guppy (0bdb) 410595

Thanks, but we already have them

Also don't post videos in the news thread.

 Anonymous (8444) 410741

File: 1402938953906_1845057424.jpg (123.57 KB, 640x640)

Chloë was on the cover of the Toronto Star. A national newspaper in Canada.


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