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File: 1361632893639_lurkers-gonna-lurk.jpg (137.86 KB, 564x743)

 Lurkers, what are your thoughts on this place? !a3dKSVA5Rc 190071

This question goes out to all the lurkers (as well as new posters):
what are your thoughts on this place?

This is not a ploy to get people to post. Its just a simple, honest question looking for a simple, honest answer. You can give your answer and go back to lurking.

Everyone is free to express their opinion without worrying their posts will get deleted or anything of that sort.

So go ahead, give your honest thoughts.

ps: I know it might sound like a pretty stupid idea (people who haven't been posting aren't going to start doing it now all of a sudden) but it's not too much to ask for a minute of your time if you visited this site more than once and your answers could change this place (one way or another)

 Cubia (5119) 190081

File: 1361634427205.jpg (67.11 KB, 401x400)

I guess i could be considered a lurker seeing as i don't post much.

The sites great i am really thankful for all the work you guys and the posters put into the threads, Chloe post themselves always put a smile on my face kinda corny but i get that warm happy feeling inside. (someone is gonna make a perv joke)

Then their are the great people who make the amazing OC stuff im still happy you guys use my minecraft hitgirl as one of the banners, The guys who upload new photos as soon as they are available and the people who update on news and updates saving me the trouble of using google.

 Anonymous (9c96) 190083

What is a lurker?

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 190084

A person who visits the site but doesn't post (for one reason or another)


File: 1361635978571_oh_boy_here_we_go.jpg (422.55 KB, 1155x1419)

 Anonymous (0e3a) 190121

OK. You all don't respect Chloe. You all don't care to hurt her. For you all Chloe is just a piece of meat.

 Anonymous (0e3a) 190123

You all don't respect Chloe. You all don't care hurt to her. For you all Chloe is just a piece of meat

 Anonymous (68d7) 190124

File: 1361638845083.jpg (82.9 KB, 642x546)

I love it here!

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 190128

> You all don't respect Chloë. You all don't care to hurt her.
How so? We wouldn't do anything to hurt her and in fact any content that can be considered disrespectful towards her is against the rules. Sure, we might have different definitions for what disrespectful is.

>For you all Chloë is just a piece of meat.

That's not true. Just because people are attracted to her doesn't mean they don't respect her as an actress and a person.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 190130

Thanks for voicing your opinion btw.

 Shangri !!DhbGDeemY6 190136

File: 1361639888785_Cool_Video.jpg (30.27 KB, 500x373)

This is my first day here, and I would like to say that it's really cool feeling to have people understand you here and share the same feelings. I know some people are offended by some jokes that are being made here, but I for one find it funny and don't take it seriously, btw everyone have a different opinion about the things going on in here and everyone knows that, but I would like to say… beside all the arguments and jokes here,this place is awesome.

 Anonymous (f536) 190154

I wouldn't be attracted to her if I didn't actually like her. I don't give even one fuck to other child actresses.

 Anonymous (5d42) 190204

It's great. I love seeing new Chloë pics every day.

 Anonymous (7992) 190229

At first i wasn't so sure about this place after stumbling onto some of those abomination of a thread on /b/. However well there still a few risque threads by some of the Internets finest bottom
feeders on here is nothing as bad as 4chan. This sites a great source of Chloë news and pics so thumbs up.


File: 1361652775254_chloe-moretz-covers-teen-vogue-march-2013-08.jpeg (144.23 KB, 606x906)

This place is chill af. First day here. FABOOST

 Anonymous (1141) 190278

File: 1361653751654_lolipop.gif (1.88 MB, 600x337)

I don't contribute that much but i go on here alot and i love it


File: 1361670522525_brofist.jpg (28.95 KB, 468x458)

 Desert Platter (e946) 190478

I hate this place

 Night Creeper (82f9) 190498

File: 1361672051584_David_Levene_2010_chloemoretz.vkontakte.ru_NC_37_of_43.jpg (3.3 MB, 4134x2756)

I'm a lurker now. I simply lost lil bit interest in Chloë, I don't know why. Maybe after all those things happened to her like kiss scene in Movie 43, Cammeron Fuller (basketboll boyfriend) and kiss photo on her birthday. Or maybe not, I actually don't mind seeing her in adult scenes. I still love her, but I'm not that creepy crazy fan anymore who stalks her cyberlife. A guys who was looking at all her pictures and looking for every lil detail, pimp, wrinkle, blister. I think I now respect her as an actress and trying not to get into her personal life. Still looking for her new photoshoots, news, interviews tho.

> what are your thoughts on this place?

This place is awesome, a place where you can make some good friends. Well, not if you're in Russia and it's difficult to get in East EU / USA / Canda lol (other side of planet). I would like to bang some weed with Pomp lol and get a ride with thatguy on a real car - lada riva lol. Or do both at the same time kekekeke.

 Chatterer!!2qYUzYyGAU 190541

File: 1361674520578.png (1.49 MB, 1920x1080)

I lurk most of the time and i admit i don't completely understand the dynamics here. But i enjoy the conversations and of course the pics of Chloe.

 Anonymous (f536) 190580

So you were crying when she had a movie scene with kissing in it? Also, you didn't respect her as an actress before? That's just silly.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 190719

and why is that?

 Night Creeper (82f9) 190732

>So you were crying when she had a movie scene with kissing in it?
Em, no. My jimmies weren't rustled, but I think this scene is stupid and shows up that she's sold out.
>Also, you didn't respect her as an actress before?
I respect her more now as an actress.

 Anonymous (e03a) 190750

File: 1361693712304_CM14.jpg (111.26 KB, 500x750)

I'm not a lurker in the traditional sense since I do post and have been for about a year, although I'm not a high-volume poster, maybe stopping by every day or two.

The thing that brought me here originally when I was lurking, or now when I post, is the same thing. A community of people who love Chloe, with the added bonus of pretty much every post has a picture! It's totally different than the average fan site, and the site has all the major news about Chloe, plus discussions about the minor stuff, too. It's an easy way to keep up and more fun than other sites.

I do imagine there's a high lurk factor here. People not familiar with chans, or having to post a picture with each note might hold some back. I say dive in.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 190766

btw it would help if you guys say what you like or don't like about this place, this way we know what we're doing right (or wrong)

 Anonymous (f536) 190782

I dont think anyone says this, but the indepth analysis of her online activity and associates? Dunno, that's too much, hard to say where the line should be drawn however.


File: 1361700235512_chloe_moretz_chanel_pre-oscar_001.jpg (296.3 KB, 678x1024)

As a newcomer I wanna say: this thread is important, and should be good for something. I insist in the way of the utmost respect for Chloë.

 Anonymous (556f) 190863

File: 1361707470519_581079_10151467573832608_398319089_n.jpg (27.96 KB, 336x504)

IMO this site is amazing, but its the numbered threads which put pple off, they will see the most recent comments as they first come in. Possibly further separating the numbered threads (like making the numbered threads into another /bros style section) may help a first viewer from being put off and never coming back.

And yes I know pple click Im over 18 etc b4 they come in, but Im not sure normal pple/fans can handle (unless theyre ex-/b/) the - I want to suck her toes style comments.

Not meaning to rock the boat but its just my opinion.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 190869

>Not meaning to rock the boat but its just my opinion.
Rocking the boat was the whole point of this. I'm not interested in hearing just the positive/pro opinions. Thanks for sharing yours (with a elaborate response to go with it)

The "putting the numbered threads in a separate board" idea is a very interesting solution with many ramifications but at first glance I see a few more downsides than I see upsides. Still, it's something worth considering…

 Anonymous (556f) 190894

File: 1361711062624.jpg (1.04 MB, 1600x1198)

> The "putting the numbered threads in a separate board" idea is a very interesting solution with many ramifications

Agree. It all comes down to which angle you ( and other admins, if there are any?!) want to go for. Numbered threads I think can sometimes hurt the growth of the site with those out-there comments. But as a lot of regulars would agree, being able to say what you want, when you want, is a big drawcard to this site over other moderated forums.

Separating them really couldn't hurt. Maybe adding an extra - if you're offended by 'in-depth chloe talk' please dont enter the numbered thread warning, it could let both parties be happy??!

I guess im throwing random ideas out there but I think if the site can really grow it needs to further moderate the numbered threads to appease the 'regular/non-/b/ poster

tl;dr i personally dont mind how the site is, but I can understand why others would visit once and never come back again

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 190897


 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 190905

Separating them would hurt because at that point you're segregating the userbase. Even if we add that warning to the numbered thread as you suggested, it would make this whole place feel like a zoo and that message would be a "do not go near the animals" warning. Then, when one of the posters would go outside the numbered threads (say to comment on a new set or video) then some people could have a sort of "jesus, the animals got out of their cages" reaction

This site is and never was supposed to be pg-13. That's why we have that big disclaimer on the front page. People who would want a clean and family friendly place have the official forum to go to.

However this place wasn't supposed to be a 1:1 continuation of the Chloë threads on /b/ either and I think this is something some people still haven't grasped.

This is intended to be somewhere in the middle. Be a proper fan community/site while still allowing for more mature and natural discussions. I don't want to sway too much in one direction or another.

What I really want to know is what that line is that separates acceptable from unacceptable for the people who visit this place.

For example, you seem to have a problem with footfags and their toe-sucking comments.
But where do you draw that line? Are you ok with people being attracted to her? If so what if someone said he wanted to kiss her toes instead of sucking them? Is that still bad in your view? What if he said he wanted to kiss the legs instead? What about the lips?

 Anonymous (8dc1) 190949

I found this place a few months ago. I've posted maybe twice, when I felt I had something to contribute to the conversation.
Most of the time, though, the things I might say have already been said. As such, I like that there are others who share my fascination and love of this talented actress.

I love this site. Keep up the good work!

 Anonymous (c2c9) 190965

To me that line is drawn when people blurp out stuff, you would never say about your loved once or people you really care for (lovers, family and best friends).

What person would say most of these things about their love? Or their own little sister (considering most here are older than Chloë)?

You would not, because you love them and feel protective of them. Being a huge fan of Chloë is, and feels, like love, too - just in another way than traditional love (as it is one-sided and unknown to the other part). Still, to fans it feels real and it will trigger all the normal emotions and protective feelings as normal in different degrees depending on the fans "obsession".

Now, all of the above leads to problems when "fans", who don't really love Chloë for Chloë but rather just have some hormonal crush on her and being a dick about it - ie your average teenage douchbag, who are all talk about how cool they are and what they would do to any girl. Granted, most men feel and want these things with the girl they love, but this is stuff you keep private between you and your loved one. Who here would like to hear their parents talk about this stuff in details? Or your siblings?

It's very much the same thing for me about Chloë. I feel very protective about her and her name (dont know the right word), and I hate seeing it tarnished by petty sexual comments. And age does not matter here. I dont care if she is 13, 16 or 32. You don't disrespect a girl/woman like that, when she has clearly proved she is worthy of our full respect.

 Cubia (5119) 190969

>Em, no. My jimmies weren't rustled, but I think this scene is stupid and shows up that she's sold out.

The scene in movie 43 where she had that kiss scene which was filmed around the same year kick ass 1 was filmed, because of that you think she's sold out?


File: 1361720689992.jpg (72.43 KB, 1280x688)


AMEN bro.

Anyway, I hate when the people here talk in slang, for example What the hell is the fuckin mayonnaisse with Chloë?

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 190981

File: 1361721450725_tumblr_mgxz751bhs1qfqc4xo5_1280.png (463.92 KB, 991x746)

You seem to fall in that category of people who seem to think that just because you are attracted to her means your 'fandom' from Chloë is a result of one's hormones and nothing more.

Why do some people act like they're mutually exclusive? You can love her for her personality (charming, spunky, sarcastic, funny etc), her talent as well as physical appearance.

Who's to say your love for her is stronger than theirs (or the other way around)?

Now, if there are people here who only care about her because they find her attractive and she is nothing more but a phase between their previous girl crush and their future one then they can kindly fuck off from this site. This site is for fans and thankfully most people here seem to match the description and they do seem to love her (to one degree or another) for more than just her looks.

I get some people might feel for her like a little sister. That's ok. Love comes in different forms. But those same people should understand that a lot of fans love her as a [dream] girlfriend. That means they'd love the sex part that goes with it too.

She is a beautiful girl, there's no denying that. And she's well past puberty so the "hurr durr" pedo argument is out of the question. Can you personally blame people if they find her attractive? probably not.

But you can blame them it seems for some of the comments here. Let's take the "sucking of toes" as an example (in lack of a better one). Who would say that to their lover you ask? A lot of people I guess. I've said worse things to girls and gotten away with it because I knew what their limit is and what they find offensive. I also knew the sort of girls who would blush even if you said that as a joke. It depends on the girl …

which brings me to the next point: she is not some saint who grew up in a monastery with nothing but the lord's word as guidance.

She's as much as saint as she is a sinner (just like any normal girl her age). Those pictures she liked on instagram speak volumes. You mention the raging hormones int he guys being attracted to her but her hormones seem just as wild.

So, to summarize, just because some people see her as a saint/little sister doesn't mean she is one and doesn't mean those who think of her a not so pure dream girl are worse in any way.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 190983

> What the hell is the fuckin mayonnaisse with Chloë?
actual mayo
see >>39883

 Anonymous (2aad) 190989

I don't think that most of the people on this website are real Chloe Moretz fans. They just lust over her body parts and don't even care about her acting abilities. That is why there are more picture sections then discussion sections about Chloe.

This post will be deleted like any other post with people telling what they really think of this website.

 Cubia (5119) 191000


not gonna disagree about people being attracted to her for whatever reason but i think discussion occurs more often when there is something to discuss.

For a few examples: The fan movie, helping her win a award, trying to outreach new fan's, The Chloe4starwars movement, The entire news thread.

Right now Chloe photos were posted for the pre-oscar dinner, I think its great and she looks amazing but what can really be discussed other then people not realizing a future Oscar winner is right there.

 Anonymous (f536) 191002

I count 6 sections that account for all her major movies. The dates signify discussion mostly during the time they were released.

There's only so much 'actual' content to discuss. Her talent, ability to act etc is already assumed to be known.

Your move mate.

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 191004

>This post will be deleted like any other post with people telling what they really think of this website.
Not sure if trolling or just really stupid. This thread is for people to voice their opinions whatever they are.

>Everyone is free to express their opinion without worrying their posts will get deleted or anything of that sort.


File: 1361723710556_285321_10151467574457608_1989269022_n.jpg (30.57 KB, 504x336)


I understand you. The problem is each person is a world, and you're generalizing. This site is plenty of bastards and good people, like me, for example. Lol.

Really the site has good things and bad things. I would like there were fewer asshole and perverts, but is the idiosyncrasies of the site.

Thanks man, I can't believe it!!! lol

 Anonymous (c2c9) 191014

You are mistaken. I do not fall in that category. I know Chloë is beautiful and attractive. I am not blind. And I don't care about people thinking or saying the same thing. There is nothing wrong with that (not going into the age thing here to keep it generalized).

I also know Chloë is a teenager deep into her puberty and as such she, as all girls her age, will giggle and laugh of "juvenile" jokes herself.

But all that was not my point.

The point was what to say in public, what you can say amongst friends, what you can say to family and what you can say to your lover in the privacy of your own. I am pretty sure most people have filters when talking to the different groups.

People on this chan bond friendships, as on most communities. This leads to the ciclejerking you hate, but also sometimes shifts peoples filters of what to say from public to friend zone, simply because people are having a good time and forgetting it's not a private board.

As for you toe sucking comment, I am sure you said that as part of your pick-up lines to that said girl (private sphere) and not on her facebook wall or in front of her big brother etc?

What people say in their private spheres is their own, but this chan is not private.

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 191021

File: 1361725131707_Umlaut.jpg (76.81 KB, 633x641)

Hey big fans, try this: Alt+0235 or Alt+0203
>Chloë Magic

 Anonymous (f536) 191038

There is also a filter for these types of sites. 3 quarters of all posts on 4chan are about girls even on video game boards, it's basically a form of internet mysogony.

If the public/private idea was abstracted and applied to the rest of the internet, everyone would be talking like they would be on facebook or twitter.

What it comes down to is what this site wants to be and how to get there (which is kind of what this thread is about).

I too felt strange about this site because it's advertised pretty publicly/widely, but has an 'underground/sekret club' feel to it like any irreverent chan style site.

Take for example that Dave Vescio interview. It was very interesting, people asked okay questions, but it honestly made me laugh because I knew a feet thread was 2 inches below the start of that thread. Also, I don't understand feet.

 Anonymous (8fde) 191064

File: 1361728747529_Thumbsup1.jpg (82.9 KB, 642x546)

I recently converted from active poster to lurker, and I can safely say that besides the chats in the numbered threads and hilarious OC, this site is perfect for news and new pics as well.

>Maybe after all those things happened to her like kiss scene in Movie 43
Yeah, that scene was pretty awful to watch. The whole movie was pretty awful actually. Chloë's scene was actually still one of the more funny ones in my opinion.

 ftont (c4d2) 191114

File: 1361732367031_They_always_are_reading_filenames.jpg (118.72 KB, 600x900)

No man, I dont think so, uknow.
Mir bro

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 191120

it's not private but it shouldn't feel as public as you might make it out to be (as if Chloë and her family where here lurking, watching watching every move). The disclaimer on the front page is there for a reason.

It's supposed to feel like a bunch of guys (and gals) sitting in a bar and having a few drinks. It's supposed to feel relaxed and casual. It's not supposed to feel like you're a guest in Chloë's home and you sit with her family at the table being on your best bahaviour (avoiding gay jokes because it might offend someone at the table, avoiding saying how beautiful and attractive Chloë is because she is 16 and so on).

 ftont (c4d2) 191157

File: 1361734138229_grace.jpg (105.22 KB, 500x575)

i love this place, but sometimes here becomes horrible.
Imply Im not so moral.

 Anonymous (2d6a) 191387

Chan is great, but sucks that you can't link images anymore on others forums

 Anonymous (4c91) 191496

I dont comment anymore (been here since about post 10000) since it became one huge namefag circle jerk

I just like to look at the pretty pictures~

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 191499


you sound straight outta /b/

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 191543

> I dont comment anymore since it became one huge namefag circle jerk
irony level >9000

 Reko (b743) 191574

File: 1361781206250_Awesome.gif (1.2 MB, 280x221)

I love to lurk here, this place is great. I'm not the kind of posting guy. Maybe because my English isn't that good.

It's great to get all these photoshoot pictures, News etc.
The love the fan arts and fan videos (Live. Laugh. Love. was fuckin' awesome! - looking forward to chapter two)

The only thing you could to to improve this almost perfect chan would be to make the news thread to a sticky one like the updates on the bottom of the page

Thank you for this great site

 Anonymous (dcd2) 191590

File: 1361789515652.jpeg (58.35 KB, 640x480)

at first I was very distressed at how many people found her this attractive/cute/perfect/etc, I still kinda am but its alright, i've matured. I also find this place genuinely funny, laughing with you guys not at you with chloe photoshops or just banter.

I find myself going on here for chloe and a good laugh

 Anonymous (bf54) 191644

I initially came to scoop up some pics.
I keep returning for the pressure-cooker atmosphere of romantic obsession and poorly suppressed lust, the trills and croonings that only the deepest yearning for the supremely unobtainable can provoke.
I return to sit in wide-eyed amazement at the incredible investments in time, talent and energy that provides OC and keeps the board running.
I chuckle at the semi-lewd pervy posts by guys who would be helpless if a naked Chloe was suddenly plunged into their bed from ceiling height.
I snicker at the white knights tilting at imaginary windmills in defense of the honor of a girl who would find the inside of their mind much more disturbing than any publicly posted smut.
Most of all, I love the sense of community, of brotherhood that mutually shared obsession has engendered so very well here.
This is perhaps the single best forum devoted to a celebrity on the web. Brilliance, madness, parody, sarcasm, naivete, idiocy…something for everyone.

 Trying the Reply guys, lurker comin' out 191654

Allow mates ! I once tried to reply with my Laptop, but It didn't work, so I'm trying it with my Phone.

 !No.7//JDvE 191656

all of my mynigga.jpgs pngs gifs mp4s mp3s bmps avis exes msis dlls and wavs

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 191663

File: 1361802449813_Love.jpg (25.2 KB, 431x375)

Oh… This was beautiful… I save this post! And I'm not being sarcastic, I really like it.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 191681

File: 1361804357668.gif (117.26 KB, 340x256)

>The only thing you could to to improve this almost perfect chan would be to make the news thread to a sticky one like the updates on the bottom of the page
But the updates include the news too. Sure most of the updates are picture sets but that's because [noteworthy] news are few and far between.

It's not that hard. Click "enter thread", then write something in that big form and click the "new reply" button

we should make that into a poster or banner

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 191700

>but sucks that you can't link images anymore on others forums
hotlinking should work now

 Anonymous (f536) 191815

I have the same sentiment, but I am a bit bi-polar about it. I think some comments go too far, but on this site I know people came to like her because of her work anyway, so I know the sentiment is at least somewhat substantive. A bit of a mixed bag.

 Anonymous (b743) 191947

File: 1361826570374_057.png (486.18 KB, 458x533)

> But the updates include the news too. Sure most of the updates are picture sets but that's because [noteworthy] news are few and far between.

Oh, wasn't sure about that. Then everything is perfect. I've seen some news between the picture updates, but wasn't sure if alle news from the newsthread would land there

I love you

 Home®!!s/hoUTsmL. 191955


Ridiculous. This has to be trolling. Just poke around and you will see us talk about her as a person and as an actress. Now, Of course we are posting pictures… It's an imageboard and she is gorgeous.

 Anonymous (ca55) 193025

I think this is a VERY well designed place and i come here to look at chloe every now and again but that's all.

This is my first ever post here, i wish there were chans like this for other actresses.

 Anonymous (55b0) 193267

File: 1361994719845.jpg (187.89 KB, 1280x960)

I think I've only ever posted twice, so h-here I go…

I think this place is pretty awesome, like someone else said, I wish there was this kind of community for other actresses.
I must also say, I don't know much about web design, but it is a spectacularly well designed site, so good job on that.

I have a few critiques/ideas/thoughts/whatever.
1.) I wish pictures were better organized. I get that this is a imageboard, but I feel like it could be done better.
I mean, look at the way carreck does it: http://www.carreck.com/pictures/category/chloe-moretz/
It's just a page with new updates added at the top. I think something like that would work wonderfully here. It gives an easy option for everyone to download.

2.) I once posted in the Solar's picture pack torrent thread about updating the torrent every now and then, (bi-annually, quarterly, etc). As I said there, I think it would be a great feature for the site. Also, it would be a lot easier to do if my first point were implemented.

3.) More community events/things. I'm not entirely sure what here, but I just know that the ChloBro community is a great one and works well together, as evidenced by the #chloe4starwars movement, and we should interact more.
Perhaps things like movie nights, game nights, Steam group, etc. I know movie nights already exist to a certain extent, but I mean better organised and with higher attendance.

4.) I wish being lewd about Chloë was banned like it was on the old chan. I just hate seeing people talk about her like that.
But to be fair, I haven't really seen many instances of lewdness, so, really it's just my paranoia and needless worrying, I guess.

That's pretty much all I can think of. I realise it's incredibly long, sorry about that, but I thought it would help. :)

 Anonymous (55b0) 193270

File: 1361995043814_tumblr_m5xs9dDahe1rrjcpso1_400.jpg (24.44 KB, 290x435)

Oh, and another thing..

5.) I reckon a Chloë wiki, with information on Chloë, her family, her work, ChloBros, would be a pretty neat idea.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 193272

>1.) …
Having a series of blog entries is not what I'd call organized. Click the big red orange that says "threads list" and find many sets there. That's a much better organization

>2.) …


>3.) …

I'd rather not go overboard with that otherwise some people might come here for the community and not Chloë (we already had such cases) and that defeats the purpose of this place.

We also had some very cool ideas such as >>15673 and >>4338 which were and could have been tons of fun but they died out and I don't have the time to revive them, though anyone could, especially the captioning contest

4.) ..
We're not the old chan. In fact the only reason this place exists is because the guys on the old one told us to fuck off and make our own if we had any disagreements with how they ran things.

And it would help if you could mention what those 'lewd' comments are, since this was a major reason why this thread was made to begin with

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 193275

part soon, part it may get done at some point

 Anonymous (55b0) 193328

File: 1362000078358_131276659130.jpg (62.04 KB, 284x393)

I'd say that blog style is more organised than the threads list. The threads list hasn't even been updated since the 12 Bar Blues Club set.
Also, by having images posted in threads rather than a dedicated page, you have problems occur, especially if you use a tool like DownThemAll or Bulk Image Downloader, such as downloading tagged/low res images that were posted first that have since been updated with untagged/high res versions and downloading miscellaneous/captioned/reaction images instead of just the actual images from the set.




Fair enough.


Like I said, I actually haven't seen many lewd comments, so I can't give an example. I'm just against people being unnecessarily sexual and treating Chloë as if she's just some object of lust.

Cool. And remember, everyone can contribute to a wiki, so I doubt it would take much work on any single person's part and it would also somewhat tie in with the point I made in 3.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 193351

>1 I'd say that blog style is more organised than the threads list. The threads list hasn't even been updated since the 12 Bar Blues Club set.
A blog style is not more organized. It's cumbersome and slow to navigate. If you have a dozens of sets and you're looking for a particular one you don't know where to find it, you don't know what page it's at, you scroll through the long page, press next to go to the next page, scroll again … repeat until you find it
the threads list you open and you have a quick overview of all the sets - qucik andn easy access and more importanly an overview of the sets

The fact that it hasn't been updated is a DIFFERENT problem

>Also, by having images posted in threads rather than a dedicated page, you have problems occur, especially if you use a tool like DownThemAll or Bulk Image Downloader, such as downloading tagged/low res images that were posted first that have since been updated with untagged/high res versions and downloading miscellaneous/captioned/reaction images instead of just the actual images from the set.

That's not something easy to deal with and it won't be solved any time soon. Here you get pictures very early. Ofc the new ones are usually lower res and sometimes tagged, You get higher res ones later and removing the duplicates from a thread is hard.
But if you download them locally you delete the reaction pics easily (select thumb view they stand out, delete) and use a duplicate finder to trim out the lower res pics.

>4 Like I said, I actually haven't seen many lewd comments, so I can't give an example. I'm just against people being unnecessarily sexual and treating Chloë as if she's just some object of lust.


>5 Cool. And remember, everyone can contribute to a wiki, so I doubt it would take much work on any single person's part and it would also somewhat tie in with the point I made in 3.
it will not be a wiki. It will be a closed thread (or more) with al the info that's needed

 Anonymous (55b0) 193484

File: 1362009825164.jpg (41.35 KB, 856x600)

>If you have a dozens of sets and you're looking for a particular one you don't know where to find it…
Solved by a search bar and/or a sort by release date feature and/or a drop down menu type thing.
Also, the thumbnail view could easily be incorporated.

>But if you download them locally you delete the reaction pics easily (select thumb view they stand out, delete) and use a duplicate finder to trim out the lower res pics.

Would be a lot of work for someone who perhaps just discovered Chloë and came here and used a download manager on all the threads.


GG pls.

>it will not be a wiki. It will be a closed thread (or more) with al the info that's needed

Oh. That will be cool too, I guess.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 193678

>Solved by a search bar and/or a sort by release date feature and/or a drop down menu type thing.
what is solved by a search bar? I told you what is wrong with that approach and a search bar won't help if you don't know the name of the set and you're just searching it by the pics (say that set with the yellow dress and the medium-length hair)
Our approach is very good and it will be better once more sets are added

>Also, the thumbnail view could easily be incorporated.


>Would be a lot of work for someone who perhaps just discovered Chloë and came here and used a download manager on all the threads.

Not all the threads, just the recent ones … and Ill leave it at that

>What? GG pls.

That piece of meat argument is so tired it;s not even funny
"they find her attractive - hurr durr they see her as a piece of meat"
all my rolleyes.exe

 Anonymous (4492) 193734

File: 1362040977049_chloe_moretz_charlie_gray_movie-con_01.jpg (3.55 MB, 2756x4134)

I don't usually post here, just because english isn't my native language, so i feel myself very uncomfortably when i write something. But i think this thread may be a little exception. Overall this site is just awesome, as an imageboard, and especially as a site dedicated to Chloё, easily the best i've seen. I do understand, why someone may not like it here, but in my opinion it's just great. In the end i want to express gratitude to all people who brought this place up, you are heroes in my eye's, not less. So long live the Chlomo Chan and i hope that someday i may came here as a regular poster. Oh and btw, Solar thank you sooo much for your awesome pack, you are the man.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 193940

English isn't the native language of most people here. Yours is good enough so you have no reason to feel uncomfortable.


File: 1362132643142_huhuhum.jpg (37.47 KB, 670x528)

>i want to express gratitude to all people who brought this place up

You're welcome.

 Anonymous (7a86) 194471


 KissMyBass (68d6) 194605

File: 1362162958405_083164335_chloemoretz_ck_elle_03_122_85lo.jpg (107.34 KB, 810x720)

Ok guys,i'm almost new here.I discover this site one year ago and i go here soetimes to find new,pics,and funny crazy comments. This is my 3° post on this page and i think i can do better (lol). In facts,i don't five a fk about who she kiss or who she fuck.She's an actress,she probably love some Bieber-shit-clone,and i think she don't give a fc about us. And i really don't give a f**k about her private life. I love her as an actress and a funny person (or at least she seems). Stay straight guys,we are an happy family ;)
Sorry for my english .

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 194616

File: 1362164490898_wall4.jpg (347.08 KB, 1225x1225)

>i think she don't give a fc about us
You're wrong mister. She just retweeted one of our #chloe4starwars-posts

 KissMyBass (68d6) 194623

File: 1362164868539.jpg (45.21 KB, 480x640)

i think she's more interested about one role in star wars

 KissMyBass (68d6) 194624

File: 1362165339004.jpg (452.55 KB, 500x742)

i've said "she's an actress" not "she's stupid" :D

 Anonymous (84f8) 195297

File: 1362226443326.jpg (32.8 KB, 486x531)


>mfw someone saved the pic I made

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 195301

File: 1362227008815_Awesome.gif (1.2 MB, 280x221)

Hey it's really cool, why shouldn't it be saved

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 196201

Okay. This was an interesting experiment. Thanks to everyone who expressed their views, regardless of what those was, as it gives me a better understanding of the site and overview of its usersbase (especially the lurking one)

ps: I must say I expected more comments like this >>190989

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 196217

Why's that?

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 196227

because most of the comments I've seen on other sites about this place sounds more like that than the rest of the comments in this thread

 Chlomosexual (a98c) 196519


I love this place. It quenches my thirst for Chloë.


File: 1362371769592_lolichlochlo.png (264.91 KB, 341x385)

Chiles will bitch so much about that image.

 Chlomosexual (a98c) 196522


Whoops! Sorry I didn't know that was against the rules.

I guess that would be the one thing I don't like about this place.


File: 1362372885602.jpg (254.95 KB, 1060x235)

Yeah. That had nothing wrong and it was fun (i laughed), but he has a problem with fakes. Even non-nude fakes like that.

i don't know why. No one knows.

 Chlomosexual (a98c) 196530

File: 1362373490133_image.jpg (60.76 KB, 426x594)


I didn't know that was a fake. I thought it was really her like the Taxi Driver shoot. I guess it figures Chloë's family would never let her be photographed like that.

Also I'm wondering how you get an official name on here like you guys with the green text by your names. Or is that only for mods?


File: 1362373832534_kitty.jpg (66.92 KB, 604x594)

It is called tripcode. To get one all you have to do is to type two hashtags after your name and then a password. Example:


Jack is the name. Lalala is the password, so no one can post using your ID. When you post, the word that will appear is not lalala, but a random code. Don't type any space between the name, the hashtag and the password.

 Chlomosexual!!iJEYSwFO4o 196536

File: 1362374409129_image.jpg (110.76 KB, 478x720)


Hopefully this works. Thank you in advance.


File: 1362374536997_rindolinda.jpg (66.03 KB, 332x330)

See, it worked.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 196538

File: 1362377537067_132843288466.jpg (9.35 KB, 171x194)

>i don't know why. No one knows.
Oh I bet they do … it's something we call being disrespectful to her

 ineverrun (651c) 231985

i love this shyt
makes me know im not alone

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 232064

File: 1366813288177_chloe-moretz-cutest-thumbs-up-ever.jpg (4.58 KB, 102x135)

Awesome site, awesome peeps.

 Chloe of course moon pie (d66e) 237788

i do like the site alot. Just "moved" here from a forum site that was too juvenile for my taste. It's almost Chloe overload, which is fine becuz I can only handle about 15 mins a visit. Too much….Chloe goodness. This girl has me so wrapped up in her it's useless to try and explain. I doubt that anything I say hasn't already been said with different words many times over. I'm a huge film buff and I have never been so dazzled? bewitched?, by any celeb actress like this before. Look I'm 42 years old, so I have the inner moral arguments with myself that I imagine almost every other guy my age does. I want to be her protector and her boyfriend, (it seems much too weird to use the word lover, eww), or something, and I frequently get upset just knowing that she is growing up and will begin doing all the things a young woman will be doing! Is this a sickness? I hope you all understand. I have a wife and 2 teenage boys, one younger , one older than her and I'd be mortified if any of my family knew how much I love this girl! My wife would probably have me arrested or committed. Hell idk. btw, do you think she has an inkling of just how much she is worshipped? I don't think that's too strong a term do you all? I would think she'd be almost horrified just knowing of the sheer volume of attention and scrutiny she gets here and other places, yet she seems so….settled. I prolly won't comment much but I just had to weigh in with that. Thanks for the site…..I think.

 Anonymous (32fe) 237792

Is it a sickness to be pre-occupied with a celebrity? If it is, it is a very prevalent one, people will always find ways to distract themselves-celebrity pre-occupation is one method,

Is it a sickness to like such a young girl? She was able to look very physically attractive since she was 14 (in certain angles, photoshoots) to the point of some difficulty in deciphering her from a woman. So I don't necessarily think it's a sickness either. There's also the fact that she has an interesting job, is in movies, and seems mature (and has alot of it) due to alot of practice doing/giving interviews that increases her allure.

The feeling of protectiveness isn't unnatural either, because she actively promotes this image with social media and certain photoshoots. It's all about branching out and touching different demographics and making sure people can believe her to be many different things (important for an actor).

So what am I saying in summary? You really aren't that strange, medically speaking and some psychological ways as well.

I say 'some' psychological reasons because I don't know why you got into something like this in the first place. I won't guess at what your home life is. If you just keep her as a crush, and watch her movies it's all good. I'm sure there are always a whole lot of people who feel this way when a Portman/Foster-esque actress comes along.

 H. (954e) 237800

File: 1367464677832.jpg (681.99 KB, 1280x1511)

Nice site. Im actually getting used to have always at least one tab from this site open to check while I do my stuff. Plus, my Chloë folder is growing up FAST.
Rly nice bros too :P

 Scuba!cLtXGf0VTk 237911

File: 1367476930243_Thumbs_up_2.jpg (30.1 KB, 173x174)

Excellent source of Chloë latest news and updates, awesome bros, I give this place 10/10.

 Anonymous (67d5) 238035

Well, i'm a lurker here, because i just want to see news and some pics for Chloë. I dont have pics or gifs of her, so i dont post. I think i'm a huge fan of Chloë cuz i watch all her movies, i think her acting is amazing, and, as well, i find her attractive. But im not that crazy like some guys here.
That been said, i must say that i appreciate a lot the work of you guys. Some people here seems psychopaths sometimes, but who cares?

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 238036

>I dont have pics or gifs of her, so i dont post
I like to think as long as you're on topic, it doesn't matter if you have images saved or not.

 Anonymous (d835) 238569

File: 1367594721583_chloe_moretz_juliane_more_carrie_photocall_009.jpg (65.28 KB, 395x594)

I come here to steal pictures and post them on /tv/, when Im not banned ;_;

 Anonymous (d835) 238570

wait…Im getting a captcha screen, but it doesnt accept it, but still posts anyway

 Anonymous (0e86) 238946

Bretty good site. However as a footfag I find the lack of delicious chlofeet disturbing.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 238947

File: 1367649120946_you-must-be-new-here.jpg (36.78 KB, 512x344)

Lack of footfags?

 moon pie (d66e) 239281

Well I kinda figured I wasn't alone in my feelings about Chloe, so thanks for the idk, validation? As for the reason I got to this point, all I can really say is to see more, learn more, follow more of Chloe. As I said I'm a huge film buff, horror films in particular, so I was anxious to see Let Me In, not knowing a single thing about this young actress. The name didn't really mean anything to me at that point, but the moment she appeared on screen I knew she was something special, and of course, by the end of the movie I was hooked. So, no I won't be stalking her or any weird shit like that, but I'm 100% invested in this young lady. She's just……remarkable….. in every way.

 Anonymous (0e86) 239312

Why yes, yes I am.

Loving the site, can never have enough Chlochlo

 I <3 Chloe!!! :P 253985

File: 1369342693227_muzy1.jpg (27.09 KB, 240x264)

She's my hero and made me come out of my shell after she played as Hit-Girl in Kick-A— in 2010.

 Arnaldo (7c80) 254263

I like the site because it updates all the time. I just don't like some posts that i consider disrespectful toward Chloë. I don't know how manage the site yet but I'm working on it. Thank you to all of Chlobros who love and respect Chloë. And regard to the other perverts who posts pictures and GIFs of her in intimates poses and angles I say them fuck off!

 !No.7//JDvE 254373

File: 1369410204614_QT-hhnngg1.jpg (136.23 KB, 521x563)

y-yeah..fuck those disrespectful assholes!

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 254377

File: 1369410799834.png (342.92 KB, 395x594)

 Anonymous (9ef6) 254508

love the site, dont post cause i see no point in reposting pics ive saved from before, keep up the amazing work i love chloë

 Anonymous (cbe6) 254516

File: 1369421820558_Mynigga4.jpg (14.46 KB, 182x254)

>I just don't like some posts that i consider disrespectful toward Chloë.
Yeah, I know what you mean. I'd never say these things myself either but I still think some are pretty funny. And you should realize that you can't really do anything to make people stop saying things that are disrespectful in your eyes, because moralfags are a minority here and they're laughed at most of the time. I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore moralfag because I do like some posts that you'd probably consider offensive, but that only because I can laugh at them. I'd never seriously say stuff like that myself, especially because I just can't think about her in a sexual way.

 Anonymous (136a) 254532

just post without images
chloe based discourse is always welcomed and encouraged
the more ther merrier

 Anonymous (9ef6) 254664

>cant picture her in a sexual way
is this what the majority of this board thinks? cause basically i dont see how this is possible?

 Anonymous (547e) 254685

File: 1369451168085_madonna-whore.jpg (292.54 KB, 599x837)

 Arnaldo (7c80) 254688

I really appreciate your words. I feel much better now knowing the way you think. Keep doing this wonderful job.

 Anonymous (cbe6) 254768

File: 1369482836686_feature-film-presenter-chloe-mortez-10145.jpg (57.9 KB, 700x510)

>is this what the majority of this board thinks?
Nope, I'm one of the few (if not the only one) on this board who doesn't.
>cause basically i dont see how this is possible?
Don't worry, practically the whole board is with you on this one.

Why you're welcome. It's always nice to see there are still people out there who think about her like I do.

 Anonymous (fa08) 255345

i dont get how this relates to chloë or my post

 Anonymous (8068) 256132

First thought— Madonna *is* a whore.

Second thought— Kinda weird how Taylor Swift would have those definitions on her video, since most of her fans can't read.

 Anonymous (29d3) 274348

used to post here, but i don't like chans with trips and huge circlejerking going on
imo, chans should be anonymous, for the people who want to write anonymously. there are dozens of forums, about chloe or anything for those who like having nicknames and tonguing anuses with their e-friends

 The ghost of GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 274411

>huge circle jerking going on
sorry to beak it down to you but there's no such thing going on here, at least not on the /chloe/ board
we try to keep it in /bros/

this place could have been a forum too but those require registration so chans are more accessible since anyone can post, and forum are text driven unlike imageboards which are image driven, and It's a million times better to post Chloë pics than plain old text
you have a girl with one of the most (if not THE most) expressive faces in the world
you have a community who made thousands of pictures about her
it would be a crime to lose those by posting on a forum

I also like the idea of people having names, you know … like in real life, so that I know who I'm addressing too and you build a more tighter community, as opposed to feeling like you're surrounded by strangers (as it would happen when anyone post anonymously)

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 274438

File: 1372583055330_orly2.jpg (9.12 KB, 183x271)

>at least not on the /chloe/ board

>discussions about Chloë fans is not cirlcejerking

 The ghost of GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 274444

File: 1372583586816_133795601645.jpg (73.8 KB, 534x595)

>discussions about Chloë fans is not cirlcejerking
discussions about Chloë fans is NOT cirlcejerking

 The ghost of GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 274447

I know you're butthurt because you and your circle jerking buddies have to keep the offtopic discussions in /bros/ but don't imagine problems where there are none

 Anonymous (3c15) 274506

good to know anon is a stranger to you.
i know chans without trips that are strong communities based on who they are, their common interests and that's what they're posting about. not that they're buddies that know each other from nicknames, are friends on fb etc.
the only thing trips actually helping with is to create your online persona so you are recognizable and you can socializing and attentionwhoring then. that's what tightens community like this.
maybe you should really make a forum instead.

 The ghost of GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 274509

>good to know anon is a stranger to you.
You couldn't be further from the truth
All the time I posted in Chloë threads on 4chan plus most of the time I posted here I was anon

>i know chans without trips that are strong communities based on who they are, their common interests and that's what they're posting about. not that they're buddies that know each other from nicknames, are friends on fb etc.

>the only thing trips actually helping with is to create your online persona so you are recognizable and you can socializing and attentionwhoring then. that's what tightens community like this.

I like knowing who I'm talking to, it's basic human communication
I like being in a position where I can go
- that guy usually says smart stuff, I respect his opinion
- that guy makes cool OC
- that guy always brings lots of Chloë goodies to the table
- that guy is a nightmare
and others do too which is why we have it.

You're talking a lot of theory here. Let's talk practice. Go through the latest numbered threads and see how much circle jerking and attention whoring there is. There really isn't that much so spare me the namefagging theory

I also don't care about the whole imageboard culture - "We iz anons 4 life"
The only reason I posted on 4chan (pretty much the only imageboard I visited on a regular basis) were Chloë threads
I have no affinity towards imageboards or forums. They're nothing but technical means for the users to post content as far as I'm concerned.

>maybe you should really make a forum instead.

read this again because you didn't get it the first time:
>It's a million times better to post Chloë pics than plain old text
>you have a girl with one of the most (if not THE most) expressive faces in the world
>you have a community who made thousands of pictures about her
>it would be a crime to lose those by posting on a forum

 Whatsmyname (5508) 283477

well, it's like my first day here and i find this really interesting, it has some really funny and clever OC , plus all of the news and pics about Chloë… nice work with the design of this page, everytihng is well organized and explained. But.. as everyone should know, there will always be this kind of people, who cross the line.
Btw i didn't know Chloë had such dedicated fans, like all of you, you should feel proud of all this amazing job :)
Greetings from Perú
Sleep well chlobros ;)

 Anonymous (b55f) 283544

I like it here, quite a lot, actually. I come here everytime I want some Chloë news, or info on a upcoming movie. But I don't have how to contribute with the chan, so I limit myself to lurking.

Anyway, all I can say is keep up the good work.


 Anonymous (7168) 283669

As a lurker of this site, I really like it. The other night, I had been looking for the Kick-Ass 2 comic con panel and I couldn't find it any where, and then I came on here and someone had posted it. The site is so useful to keep up to date with all things Chloe.

Confession: I'm 18 years old from the mid-west and I have always been a movie geek and I have always known I wanted to be a director. When I discovered Chloe when Kick-Ass came out, I became obsessed, I have seen all of her movies, and pretty much every video out there of Chloe, I have seen. I have this insane fantasy that I am going to one day marry Chloe. I know the chances of this are next to zero, but I am in denial. I have various scripts written, and once I make it big in Hollywood, I will meet her and we will fall in love and enjoy our lives together. I am actually more excited to meet Chloe than I am about becoming a director, which, remember, has been my life-long dream. And this is all coming from someone who has never liked a girl in real life. That's not to say I am a loner, but I just have just never found a girl that I was truly interested in, until Chloe. I have always been an intelligent, realistic, down-to-earth, level-headed person who is never caught up in fantasies, drama, or celebrities. There's something about this girl that is like an unstoppable force. I know this because I am obviously not the only one who is obsessed with her (look at this board). It's dangerous and I hate myself for loving someone I've never even met, but I can't help myself. All day, Chloe is in the back of my mind, and I don't know what to do. Well, thanks for reading. And any advice on how to end my Chloe addiction would be greatly appreciated.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 283676

File: 1374423417099.gif (117.26 KB, 340x256)

Speaking like a true bro
You should turn from lurker to active poster, we need more people like you

 Anonymous (ff74) 284197

>And any advice on how to end my Chloe addiction would be greatly appreciated.

End your Chloë addiction? Why?

My life is better loving Chloë. If you're realistic there is no problem.

 Anonymous (d194) 284250

File: 1374492800948.jpg (175.3 KB, 1280x720)

>End your Chloë addiction? Why?
>My life is better loving Chloë. If you're realistic there is no problem.

Also speaking like a true chlobro. Gotta love the denial.

 Anonymous (7168) 284288

File: 1374500997740.png (34.55 KB, 125x126)


After I wake up, the first thing I think about is Chloe, and before I fall asleep, the last thing I think about it Chloe. I feel it's pretty unhealthy to be this obsessed with someone who is unaware of your existence.

 Renegade (afbf) 284327

File: 1374508395331_9R87fYBzdpk.jpg (235.53 KB, 1200x800)

You think that's unhealthy? I go to sleep with the computer on, and pictures of her sleeping on the screen.

 Anonymous (4872) 284330

> I have always been an intelligent, realistic, down-to-earth, level-headed person who is never caught up in fantasies
keyword being "been"

 dis place be awesome, mon. 284665

You already know my feelings on this place - you've done an incredible job. Keep it up. Also, trips because I haven't actually cemented one here yet, so… why not.

 Anonymous (a950) 285256

i saw a chloe moretz pillowcase on this site and bought it. now when it comes how am i gonna tell my family about it…

 Anonymous (136a) 285264

Pro Tip:
Buy them all chloe pillow cases too so they won't be jelly.

 Anonymous (118e) 285547

I visit chlomo.org when I'm drunk. I check out the front page and then, if nothing catches my interest, inevitably gravitate to the sexiest pics thread.

 Anonymous (0175) 296979

im here since /tv/ janitors dont like chloe and lock her threads ;~;

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 296998

File: 1376268782559_2.jpg (15.31 KB, 252x273)

>im here from /tv/

 Anonymous (4289) 297342

Tell em you won it.

 Anonymous (e44d) 297418

I like starting them, then deleting them :)

 Mgallo!k0LjndXi/6 297789

File: 1376362587368.jpg (80.34 KB, 441x423)

Just found my post as an anon here. LOL

 Anonymous (dd56) 302377

Not sure if this site is repressed paedophiles or not.

 Chloefornication!!Fli6zyLoRE 302378

File: 1376977437857_young11.gif (3.7 MB, 217x146)

Do you see naked children being posted here?

 Anonymous (3d70) 302418

I think that's where the repressed part comes into it

 Anonymous (5a12) 314146

I was searching for good discussions on Kick-Ass 2 when I stumbled upon this place and ended up reading more threads. All I have to say is that you guys are hilarious! The things you say and come up with are awesome and I was thoroughly entertained reading. Keep up the good work, I may just keep lurking. :)

And yes, I am a huge fan of Chloë. I first saw her in Kick-Ass and then started noticing her in other movies, but I wasn't truly a fan until I saw her in Let Me In. Just.. amazing. Been following her movies since. Oh and since it seems that most people here are guys, I'd just like to point out that I'm a girl. :)
Peace out everyone.

 Anonymous (e918) 314167

I've been lurking for a couple of months now.

What I didn't like was the facebook posting (but that's against the rules now.) I kind of don't like how people have a hard time accepting that Chloe eventually will have a boyfriend and be public about it. I mean, come on, Brad Pitt's married and people still cream their panties over him.

I don't care either way what people do it just kind of gets annoying that a bunch of people chickenshit everytime there's rumours about Chloe dating someone.

 Anonymous (b04e) 314634

As a very infrequent lurker I'd say:
I don't lurk here.
I come pretty infrequently. And usually based on intuition.
My thoughts on this place are that it is awesome. I don't think Chloe is the greatest actor that ever existed, but she has the potential to be in top running of them. She has an innate physical honesty that goes far beyond male/female typical roles. She is a Neil Young type or version of [an] actor.
Like Neil, she's tapped into the world soul (sorry babe, that's just the way it is), so her destiny is really in her own hands.
But, she has been given an innate capacity to produce change. That's just the way it is. Just the way the world works. Art. that's just how it is!

 Anonymous (8cf9) 328294


 Anonymous (8cf9) 328297


 Mohawk (b3f9) 328406

Oh I guess to hear that there is a secret tape or pics that somehow got leaked to the net is a good reason.

 lurkers 328562

Great job !! I can't really contribute much except for the occasional thumbs up somewhere. This seems like the type of place that I wish more performers had going for them. Some people just don't seem to know how to keep their fans interested in them. Keep up the good work.

 Sypnos!!NRmZP2f/QE 328961

I really like this site, it's full of interesting information and stuff, and I love to discuss with other Chloë fans.
I spend a lot of time lurking, but often I try to join a discussion.

 Kehki!!dWa8oIXUHI 329319

I lurked for a few days and just began posting.
I love this place! However, as for whether or not "people can handle" the "i want to suck her toes" style comments, imo this place is the TRUE chloe fansite for this reason, please don't ever censor it!

 Anonymous (5378) 330131

File: 1383117227928_Chloe_Moretz_37thSaturnAwards_J0001_008.jpg (1.74 MB, 2000x3000)

This is my second day here and since I'm still trying to come up with a name I'm just gonna go anon for now.

First of all, I like this website. there are tons of pictures and videos that I've never seen before. The design and operation of the website is not as straight forward as most websites, but it's not too hard to learn.

I actually heard about this place from a Chinese forum (because I'm Chinese, although I've been in the US for 5 years now). People there really don't like this place and they call this website…well…the closest translation would be "scumbags.com". The main reason is that most people there are about 13-16 years old and they are really uncomfortable with the mature materials posted here(although I really haven't seen any yet). And I do remember when I was about 14 if anyone say something sexual about my favorite girl in the whole world I'd take it as extremely insulting. So next time you guys see someone abusing everyone else, please take it easy on him. Chances are he's just a kid being protective in a cute way.

Personally I'm fine with mature stuff, I would definitely be lying if I say I'm not attracted to her in that way. But I do have some concerns about that:
I assume most people here would dream to see that one day Chloe would visit here and even post here, but with all the mature stuff in existence, how would she think of this website? Is she gonna be ok with that kind of stuff or is she just gonna think we are a bunch of pervs? Or even worse, is she gonna be sad if she thinks more people are attracted to her body instead of her talents? I don't know how a 16-year-old girl would take that kind of stuff, but if she takes it badly it would really, really suck for us and for her.

I know this is a very minor concern considering how slim the chance is that she actually comes here someday. I'm just thinking out loud here.
Anyway, I love Chloe, she is now my favorite actress(Rachel McAdams and Amy Adams being close second and third), I like this place, and I'm gonna start being more active.

Thank you so much for this website and all the amazing pictures and videos and news!

 Anonymous (5378) 330133

I hear you. My plan is similar to yours except that I'm an electrical engineering student with almost no interest in directing, so my plan is to open a special effect company in hollywood, be annoyingly successful and of course eventually marry her.

If all goes well, there's gonna be a war between us in 10 years.

Until then, good luck to us both!

 Anonymous (dcb5) 330232

I dont think there would be any sections devoted to her movies or interviews if people just liked her body.

It's just that she HAS nice aesthetics.

 Daphnis (61bc) 330238

File: 1383152224294_Chloe-grace-moretz-image.jpg (978.51 KB, 1456x2000)

Lurkers do lurk. Great site people. Why has no one taken this name yet. I have to post to claim it. DIBS!

 Anonymous (fbf8) 330247

I love this website. It's great.

 Daphnis!!6KgbH5bRp. 330253

File: 1383159217152_DaphnisAndChlo.jpg.jpg (47.39 KB, 448x570)

Having not used the tripcode supra, I hope this is right.
Chloë ought to do theater work.

 Anonymous (5378) 330254

I know, but you don't know what a 16-year-old girl would think.

 aureolemoka (3180) 330810

File: 1383341670728_the-amityville-horror-2005-chloe-moretz1.jpg (17.14 KB, 320x196)

I am very thankful for what you all done. I was one of the firsts to post Chloe stuff on 4chan, considering her as the queen of /b/, etc. When I think back to this, 4chan wasn't the appropriate place for this.

Btw, i'm lurking for 2 reasons:
- You probably saw it, my English isn't as perfect as I would like, so i have some trouble expressing my opinion.
- My eyes just shine when i browse the site and I can see my keyboard.

Again, thank you, you couldn't possibly imagine how much respect i own you for doing this.
The website is beautiful, readable, the "chlomo pack" is just pure genius… well done.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 330857

Well she is smarter and more mature than most girl her age so I'm sure she'd see that behind the sometimes crude jokes and sexual humor, rest a bunch of dedicated fans who really love her and care for her

Wow, in that case you're one of the ancient ancientfags. Mad props. So when exactly did you start that and where (tv or b)?
Your english is good enough. We've have people here with a far worse english than you and we could still understand them so you shoudln't have much of a problem getting your post across

 SuperJointJustin (aabd) 330886

File: 1383346108427_chloe_moretz_2012_peoples_choice_awards_004.jpg (412.98 KB, 1439x2149)

I've been off and on since the inception of this amazing site and overall I would have to say that it is pretty well organized. It's pretty easy to navigate and it's wonderful to be free of that garbage from trolls on a certain chan!
Love is Chloe! Chloe is love!

 aureolemoka (3180) 331739

i think it was in 2008, or 2009 maybe, on /b/.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 331755

You put the old in oldschool

come to the Chloë thread ( >>331485 ) and tell us how it started
I was always under the impression it started on /tv/

 aureolemoka!vjjIMGnHVk 332000

File: 1383587608798_chloe_moretz_carrie_press_portraits_29.jpg (1.79 MB, 3782x2804)

> You put the old in oldschool
What do you mean ?

> I was always under the impression it started on /tv/

Yeah, i don't know, wasn't a huge tvfag.
all i know is there was a war beetween Boxxyfags and Chloefags, because Boxxy was considered as queen of /b/ and we wanted to replace her.

someone should consider openning a Chloe origins thread for discussing on how the passion started.
Mine didn't started on /b/ thought, i already was a huge fan of her before this story.

It's kinda weird that it started with a war. Chloe is the peace itself.

 Anonymous (b3c5) 332025

I think you might have your years mixed up m8. Chloë began to really take hold on /b/ in early 2011 and is also the same year the war began with the boxxyfags. I remember seeing some very sparse threads in late 2010, but nothing significant. From talking to some of the /tv/fags it is my understanding that some of them were trying to introduce /b/ to her at that point and /tv/ was were she really began to take off originally in 2010. I can't confirm these claims as I didn't visit that board and was almost exclusively /b/ only during my entire time there. I'm not saying that there wasn't Chloë threads on /b/ in 2008/2009, but if there was, I never saw one, and given the timing in her career it's also much more unlikely. I started visiting /b/ in 2008 shortly before boxxy was even a thing.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 332082

That plus the fact that how could one become a big fan of hers when she never had a big movie (not even 500 days) and she was just a kid?

 aureolemoka!vjjIMGnHVk 332141

File: 1383608104432_chloe_moretz_amityville_horror_premiere_097.jpg (334.45 KB, 1991x3000)

yes, you're right, i'm mixing years.

didn't you love Amityville ? That movie was the first i watched, and that's how i discovered her.
> and she was just a kid?
yeaa that's the point. She's still a kid thought

 aureolemoka!vjjIMGnHVk 332142

File: 1383609016271_chloe_moretz_poker_house_screening_2_001.jpg (826.87 KB, 2592x3528)

fack, i interted posts.

just got something to add:
> and she was just a kid?
i don't really know how to answer that. I mean, don't be blind folded, most of us were considered as pedos, and i think that's a reason why we all love her. 4chan was and still is a loli-oriented chan. Chloe is one of the consequences of that.

I'm not blaming anybody or saying that our passion started with that, but that's something to point out.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 332143

well when kick-ass came out she was hitting puberty and you could see she would turn into a beautiful young lady, plus seeing her interviews made almost everyone fall in love with her
but I don't see how anyone would be a huge fan of hers after watching … say amityville horror.

 aureolemoka!vjjIMGnHVk 332249

> but I don't see how anyone would be a huge fan of hers after watching … say amityville horror.
well, that's my case and i don't think i am the only one.

Of course, kick-ass is a great movie, she's awesome in it.
But it isn't her most popular movie in terms of feelings expressed. Let's compare kick-ass to amytiville horror, or let me in. Those two kinds of movies really made me fall in love.
Didn't you like amityville horror ? I really think it's a great movie.

 Gon Freecss (9c4a) 333427

Do you guys think the real Chloe has been on here

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 333572

File: 1383995783043_she_knows.jpg (51.69 KB, 804x305)

no one can say for certain but it's very likely she has been
even if just once

 Chloë's Fan (fbf8) 334370


Yea. She's definitely been on this fansite at least once. I hope she was left with a good impression. It would suck if she ended up reading perverted posts or something her first time here. haha

 Gon Freecss (9c4a) 334407

She definitely has knowing this site lol.

 test1 (5ff1) 334744

I think this website is really usefull since i think she's a talented young actress and I really like to watch her movies

 TheDawnWolf (477c) 338470

I just think that most people on here act a bit too creepy for their own good, Like Chloe's 16 and there are some of you that are twice her age… It's kinda worrying.

 Anonymous (889e) 338475

When you become fans of her work and personality and then she suddenly gets hot.. well that's what happens.

 TheDawnWolf (477c) 338476

I get that, I find her hot, not to mention I'm a huge fan as well, in fact, I'm going to watch Carrie in a couple days when it releases in England. But I'm 16, if you're over 25 and you find Chloë sexually pleasing then you need to look at yourself.

 Anonymous (6827) 338477

File: 1385585901403_b524b3d9-f61d-3abc-9517-eaeacba7603b.jpg (223.45 KB, 1024x1538)


Just a year and 3 months and then all the moralfags who think that older guys shouldn't have sexual feelings about Chloe won't exist anymore.

 Anonymous (b916) 338478

That's what you think

 Anonymous (6827) 338479

File: 1385587191491_ienBMYH5zQImZ_umbrella.gif (5.32 MB, 921x635)


That is what I know. Emma Watson is a great example of the way the world works. Once she turned 18 all the moralfags who disliked older people feeling sexual about her completely disappeared.

 Anonymous (b916) 338481

You clearly don't understand the moralfags here.

But, keep believing in your dream.

 TheDawnWolf (477c) 338489

I will admit, she has changed dramatically in terms of appearance, I'm merely stating, that some of you guys act like you dream about her everyday, which is borderline, hell, IS obsessed. Even some guys post pictures of where she was like 11, and call her hot/sexy, which is disturbing. I thought this was supposed to be a Chloe fan site, not a Chloe obsession site.

 Anonymous (889e) 338502

Are you reading threads/p[osts from 7+ months ago?

The place has changed alot from people posting troll comments about her 11 year old self.

But yeah the 4chan /b/ still lingers here.

 TheDawnWolf (477c) 338508

Maybe. All I know is, I'm new to this whole Chloe/thread thing, I had a thing for Ellen Page a couple months back, so I guess I have the same thing for Chloe, but Chloe is far more attractive than anyone I can think of. I don't really go on chans, All I'am really, is a lover of Chloe both for the fact that I physically think she is attractive, but also, for her acting skills and personality. The only bad thing I don't like about having a celebrity crush, there's bound to be creeps, there was creeps for even Ellen Page too. But hey, I'm 16 so I'm bound to think everybody's a pedophile. I can see however why older men find her attractive, physically, she does NOT look anywhere near 16.

 Anonymous (889e) 338512

I think most people here liked or still like her for her acting and the 'awesome' feeling they got seeing her in Kick Ass for the first time still carries over at the very least (even if they hated any of the other movies she has made). It's the movie that showed what she was all about.

She just looks too good now to play dumb and be conservative.

I see something like that interview with Sam Roberts, and I'm glad to see she's what I expect a decent/interesting person to be. So speaking for myself, that view of her is in my mind even when I'm admiring her looks.

 TheDawnWolf (477c) 338513

I totally agree, but I'm 16, I couldn't of known about Chloe before Kick-ass, considering she was what 11? 12? I just hope that she doesn't dive of the deep end in a few years time, like so many before her. Even though she said in an interview she doesn't want to do that, you never know.

 RKman (08a4) 338638

Just a thoght, kick-ass 1 is at 2010 and kick-ass 2 is at 2013, just three years appart, but how come she looks so differently on those movies?

 TheDawnWolf (2762) 338640

Chloë has aged DRAMTICALLY since then.

 TheDawnWolf (2762) 338641


 Anonymous (2575) 338642

Kickass wasn't filmed when she was 13, it was released when she was 13.

 RKman (08a4) 338644

Oh, that explains it

 Anonymous (2262) 339580

Yes I am lurker, mostly because I dont have time to post anything good to community. I like to photos and stuff, news and sometimes discussion. Must say that is kinda unique place. Maybe it is moderators or just all people here who make this place work.

 TheDawnWolf (477c) 339617

I'm a new chlobro, are there any chlobro facebook groups etc?

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 339622

File: 1385924035329_facebook_is_for_vain_people.jpg (129.38 KB, 735x665)

 TheDawnWolf (477c) 339625

XD But I remember seeing on a thread that there was one… I could be mistaken.

 Chloë: A Illuminati Puppet Alfonso07314 (8f0d) 339792

Make yourselves a time to read this forum!



What are your thoughts on this ? You find this shocking but true, bullshit, partly true?

 RoboZ!!5kOQhCCXs6 339795

these guys are fxxking crazy.
>Could Chloe's sister have been used in an Illuminati ritual sacrifice?
This just shows how utterly insane they are. No one in their right mind would believe this crap

 Chloe is Kawaii (b3f9) 339797

Its not the Illuminati control on Chloe but…………. Alien-human hybrid and when she is aroused she secrets a Black Oil type of fluid into males to turn them into Super Soldiers to place more colonization seeds into the female population. And when she is with a girl she places the oil directly from her body into the newest female host to make a lesser alien-hybrid that feed off the host till its ready to walk among us.

 the truth is out there Alfonso07314 (8f0d) 339801

File: 1385962207787_The_X-Files_Office.jpg (1.03 MB, 2272x1704)


Looks like Agent Mulder would eat this stuff

You people! You got some of the weirdest citizens
forgot bout puting the reason statue!

 Chloe is Kawaii (b3f9) 339828

thats a nice photo BTW. I bet a clever lil alien could hide a tiny Chloeian in that photo somewhere :)

 x files pic Alfonso07314 (8f0d) 339831


go a head! be my guest. put chloe inside duchvonny's office if u want..

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 339832

hey guys
this thread is for new people/lurkers to give their thoughts
take any other discussions in the numbered thread >>339310

 Anonymous (cf51) 341114

From the outside looking in, this site is just plain creepy.

 American Dream!!6udGbGjXk. 342216

File: 1386920894500_Chlo_Grace_Moretz_212.jpg (81.31 KB, 319x480)

I am lurker… because my english too bad hahhah, i have many thing to talk with you but don't know how to say it,
i am going to study english harder, and hope one day i will join the team that build this site :D

 Anonymous (547e) 342223

File: 1386923942489_thumbs.jpg (45.24 KB, 410x604)

Your english is fine.

 Anonymous (62c3) 342237

File: 1386938591187.jpg (82.57 KB, 612x816)


where r u from?

 Anonymous (21da) 342240

File: 1386942771918_ysfgssl.jpg (57.49 KB, 512x512)

i am also a lurker .you do better than me .i can't speak english anymore,and hard to read.i always use dictionary to understand what they are talking about,it takes too much time,but i think it's worth it.i get a lot of info about Chloë and tons of pics from here.i guess i have to say thanks to the person who built this website and all the bros here.happy everyday Chloë, and all u guys.

 Cartwright (a253) 342241

File: 1386943065787_5xCmHyf8V08.jpg (32.24 KB, 604x516)

 Devotee (9c2d) 342242


Don't be shy bros, I don't use translator and for that reason my english sucks as hell.
The guys sometimes were a little unpleasant, but I don't care anymore… hahaha
Try to improve and go on


 Anonymous (a8d7) 342246

File: 1386946532732_03c643fad3f411e29bea22000a1f90d2_7.jpg (69.92 KB, 612x612)

thank you!

 !No.7//JDvE 342250

File: 1386953556880_welcome_to_the_fun.jpg (179.74 KB, 1218x998)


Don't worry, you two have better english than some of our other regular posters and we can understand them just fine (most of the time). Welcome to Chlomo! Come join the discussion anytime.

 Cartwright (a253) 342252

File: 1386954478871_chloes-infectious-laugh.gif (3.39 MB, 312x290)

spread loooooove

 Chloedevotee!GT9vF9cPSA 342255


Of course, language is not important, the only thing important for some regular poster here, is treat to Chloë as a piece of meat.

If you don't respect Chloë, you will be respected here

 Anonymous (6827) 342262


>is treat to Chloë as a piece of meat.

Well Chloë does have some nice meaty parts on her that we just want to take a bite out of.

 Anonymous (d37f) 342521

I don't post here because I don't have a good english :P But because some people here are really creepy :/ When I see that some of them are sleeping with pictures of Chloë sleeping near them that freaks me out :o

Why don't you just go outside and meet some people?Some of you waste their life here. I understand that you would love to meet Chloë like me and many others but it's useless to stay here for a long time.

You will probably never meet her but it's good to hope, it's a good thing and I don't want to deprive you that. Maybe one day, when all your hopes will be lost, when you would expect it least, you will hit on her on the street and you will talk to her; become friend, dating her, marry her, give her some childs…everything is possible :) She's a normal person she's not a god.



 Anonymous (d4a0) 342525

Keep in mind Hollywood does shit like this deliberately, knowing exactly what they're doing.

 Anonymous (319e) 342563

Looks like they are showing a girl on the floor.

Watch some French films if you want to see what you are talking about.

 Anonymous (91c8) 342574

File: 1387071067091.jpg (45.29 KB, 500x373)

she is not a god ,she is a goddess.they are just big babies,sometimes a little weird,but not that bad guys

 Thank You Fan of Chloe's (240a) 342655

Thank You for setting up this site. It is a great tribute to a very talented and lovely actress. I don't really post here because I don't have much to say. Great site and keep up the good work. It is a great to find a place so well built and keep up on this talented actress. Thanks

 MZc!!6IxHAWrOsA 346177

File: 1388442731323_132706371469.gif (1.42 MB, 350x303)

I think this site is amazing and is the best resource of Chloë material that I have found. I've only been a Chloë fan for 4 months after finally watching Kick-Ass. Her role as Hit-Girl completely blew me away. I found this place from a youtube link a day after watching Kick-Ass.

Thanks to this site I have watched some of her other movies, such as Let Me In (dem feels), Hugo and Kick-Ass 2. I like the image gallery as well.

The community here seems strong and dedicated. I have little to contribute myself. I haven't seen anything overly offensive either, but 4 years lurking on /b/ can desensitise one.

 Lurker TheGreenBuddha (d0f4) 346197

File: 1388450112943_chloe-moretz-2012-golden-globes.jpg (1.88 MB, 1875x2500)

Been lurking this site since like august of this year (2013) maybe?

I remember watching kick ass 1 obviously when it came out, since that was her most famous role I think.

I remember thinking that she was a terrific, extremely talented little actress, and that she was a tiny bad ass and she would probably grow up to be an amazing actor.

Now I'm 19 and having seen some of the movies this year that she's been phenomenal in, I see that she has blossomed into a fully fledged actor, in full control of her talent, talent that has now transformed into pure skill.

I have lots of friends but can't relate with a lot of them because I'm at a mature mind state than most kids my age are and so I became infatuated when I saw that a girl younger than me at 16 knows so much about how the word worked. Also she was ridiculously gorgeous so that kind of spurred on the infatuation.

Depending on my mood and how busy I am, I would usually visit this site daily to twice or three times a week, to see some news or new pics of her.

It would be depressing if I didn't have a boat load of you awesome bro's so I can fit in and feel normal about my strange semi-obsession with this actress.

Love most of you guys, cos you guys are fuckin hilarious!


 Anonymous (78ca) 346281

I think you guys are weird to be this obsessed with Chloë. I guess you guys never had any sisters like me.
Yes, I think she's a good actress. And yes I think she's one of the most beautiful females I've ever seen. But I don't care about her further than that (not meant in a bad way, I actually make "fan art" of her if you know what I mean. ;)
I just enjoy seeing you obsessive fans talk about every exhaustive detail about her, because it's amusing to me.
But about the site, I think the site is one of the best designed sites I've ever seen, I wish there was similar sites like this for people that I really like. Whoever designed the website deserves an award or something.

 MACKRA (ef7c) 346285

File: 1388501751558_chloe_moretz_portrait_by_brigitte_lacombe_2011.jpg (60.06 KB, 867x592)

I greatly enjoy your site. reading the numbered threads is often very amusing and the fanart pages show what talented and dedicated fans she has. the main selling point for me however is it's not 4chan. there seems to be a level of humanity here which the aforementioned lacks. perhaps this is Chloë's influence at work. forgive my lack of umlaut, I am not wise in the ways of computation.

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 346311

File: 1388524945923_chloe_moretz_lmi_009.jpg (22.32 KB, 349x347)

>I just enjoy seeing you obsessive fans talk about every exhaustive detail about her, because it's amusing to me.
It's amusing to us too, that's why we do it!

 Biggest Australian Chloënator (5574) 353212

File: 1390267121925_image.jpg (129.75 KB, 640x960)

This place rocks! It's my fave website ever! It's perfect just like Chloë!!! I just need to get use to posting pics and stuff!

 Daniel (ed75) 353226

Really well put. I watched Kick Ass 1 then when I watched Kick Ass 2 and realised who it was I was amazed. After that for a few days I was also semi-obsessed. :P

I've been on the site a few times, first time was a few months ago. I don't really understand how it works and I find it difficult to browse through it and find content that I want. Maybe if there was some section that explained in detail how to use it I might come here more often.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 353228

>Maybe if there was some section that explained in detail how to use it I might come here more often.
You should check out the chlomo guide.

 Daniel (ed75) 353236

Thanks, am doing so now.

 chlobsessed (6bc0) 353240

this site is heaven for a chlobro ^^

 Anonymous (943f) 356642

File: 1391453655435.png (116.88 KB, 214x246)

Ive been a lurker for some time now. I didnt really understand how this site worked at first, but now im really happy i found this site. Now, i think i come here like everyday haha but i could srsly spend hours looking at the threads. like i mean cmon who wouldnt

 this site is great ajigani (a814) 358252

File: 1391878347900_large-2.jpg (225.64 KB, 500x500)

this site is great ! the images are complete and the fans are all honest ! i'm also a lurker considering that i just posted today and i'm a big fan of Chloë probably because my age is more or less the same as her.

 Anonymous (bc2a) 360681

Well I became very interested in Chloë two weeks ago or so. Before that she was just another cute face to me.
But eventually my interest in her kept growing and you know the rest haha.
The first time I got in here I thought this site was just a place for creeps, but after a few days I discovered that there are some really cool guys here (and very talented too).
The important thing here is that, for "outsiders", this is a place for creeps to gather and do creepy things, and that's 98% false. And that countdown thingy does not contribute in giving a good image of this site, at all. I mean IT IS REALLY CREEPY, but hell I'm new here so I won't tell you guys how to do your work.

gonna keep lurking now lol

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 360686

I'm interested in what you mean by the countdown thingy? What are you referring too?

I don't mean that aggressively too btw, just curious

 Guppy (547e) 360692

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 360705


 Anonymous (d513) 360733

Why do we have that if no one cares about her age?

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 360735

I thought that's just a funny thing to have…but sure I can understand why that would so easily be considered creepy

 Anonymous (1e66) 360782

I think it´s really good that there´s page like this where we can relax and follow generously Chloë news and posts

 Anonymous (d261) 360784

I am nearly twice her age and I do have sexual thoughts about her and think she's one of the most beautiful girls ever…but I also respect her as a person and think she's a great actress and find some of the posts about her here creepy…like when people post images from before 2012…but again some people will find me creepy because of what I said at the start of this post so I don't know…I think most of the people here are cool but some spoil it…anyway I feel too old to post here regularly so good luck to you guys.

 Anonymous (d513) 360826

Im about 9 years older, oh well.. used to be double-so there's at least one person here who doesn't find you creepy. I think only find her sexual in pictures or anywhere she's not talking about herself. Otherwise she's just a pretty reasonable and ambitious person.

 ajigani!!tNAOfLdmzM 360948

Same here dude ! My screensaver is just a bunch of pictures of Chloë that goes swiping around hahahah

Well as long as you still live in the real world and stay true to yourself i guess it's fine to be addicted to Chloë, in my opinion we're just the same with those girls who love K-Pop and is obsessed with their bands personnels, difference is, we love and is obsessed by Chloë that's all. it's not unhealthy really, it's perfectly normal. well that's my thoughts though

 Lelz (b605) 361025

File: 1392485835334_CHlooo.jpg (47.1 KB, 630x420)

I Think that this is a great site. I've been lurking here like for 2 years, maybe more, this is the third time I post i think, I just love to see what you post, and all the funny stuff that all of you say about the Queen

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 361027

File: 1392486087792.jpg (19.92 KB, 274x302)

>I've been lurking here like for 2 years, maybe more
>2 years, maybe more
that's quite an achievement seeing how the site is less than 2 years old

 Lelz (b605) 361043

File: 1392487696290_enough_of_this_shit.jpg (26.63 KB, 479x469)

Shame on me for exagerate…
SO How old is the site so?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 361061

it will be 2 years old in 5 weeks

 hey Thomas (c59a) 361512

File: 1392601568649_chloe_moretz_2013-1920x1080.jpg (397.52 KB, 1920x1080)

I really like this site because im not the only one whos really obsessed with Chloë haha :D this site is great for all Chloë Grace Moretz fans

 Milo (db89) 362430

Hi, I'm Milo - brand new lurker.
I love this site! Such a great place for Chlobros to meet! "Channy" way it works is cool with me.
I noticed some people have some harsher jokes, but I'm not easily offended (and I believe , that Chloë is neither) so I'm okay with it.
Thanks everyone for sharing the love to Chloë!

 Leander Louryan (6f89) 362548

"Welcome to chlomo.org, the "BEST" Chloë Grace Moretz fan site™. We have all the Chloë news, pictures,
photoshoots, videos, fan art, original content, GIFs and discussions you could ever want." –→ bump.

 Roy Herzig (8308) 367333

Chloë moretz ,you are so very beautiful ,everything about you !!!

 Decrosis (32f6) 367698

i just started lurking today.
most people are welcoming which is cool,
well i guess it's because we're all here for some Chloë
Am i right

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 367704

File: 1394364965497.jpg (69.32 KB, 595x397)

>Am i right
you're damn right


 D3nisK (802c) 367706


 Igrrr (7358) 367848

Well, I always used to lurk in internet places so this is a pattern to me… I really enjoyed to find this place because I was looking for more and more things about Chloë and here I could find it and meet people that share my obssession for her. I never was fan of anybody, but she is really remarkable and I enjoy see her and her films.

 Decrosis (32f6) 367976


Thank you kind sir's

 Anonymous (528c) 367990

I lurk every now and then. My main reason is this is probably the best source for pretty much everything Chloë. Tons of photos, videos, and a lot of interesting and fun posts.

 Anonymous (6b2d) 368060

I dont know if anyone already said this (too lazy to keep or reading) but i think the "solution" would be to just send all the new numbered threads to the bottom of the main page, that way new people will see first the News, Reaction, Random Pics, etc., threads. IMO

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 368075

Yeah but you're hiding the most active thread, the one where the main Chloë discussions are happening
It's also very representative for this site so hiding it away as if it were something to be ashamed of would be a bad move

 Anonymous (6b2d) 368085

It may be the most active, but not the most important, IMO.

I don't see it like hiding cause is not in another place, you a few more scrolls down, but it's still easy to reach, you are just showing first the "main" attractions of the site, all the knowledge there is of Chloë.

At least for me, the main attraction is all the info there is on the site about Chloë, mainly pics and news, and I believe that's the main reason of this site, to share all the info on Chloë, not casual chat (not that there's anything wrong with). IMO

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 368089

it's just one thread in 10 (which are displayed on the front page)
if people have no problem scrolling like you suggest they can just scroll right past it

The casual chat is maybe just as important as the new and pics. It's one thing to be a fan, but to have a place where people share your passion and you can discuss in in the utmost detail, in a way that a lot of us might not be able to do otherwise.

The community is just as important as the news and pictures are. They make casuals become dedicated fans, they make dedicated fans come up with cool shoops, and videos, and look for pics etc.

 Anonymous (2f7d) 373961

This place is confusing to navigate and use.

 Anonymous (a72a) 373977

I find this place unorganized and hard to get in to. People seem rude if you make mistakes. You jave many unwritten rules. Most seem cool and you have great gallery.

 Ezra!No.7//JDvE 373979


Check this out:

Hope it helps.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 374151

how is it confusing / unorganzied?

 DANGER;prodigy!!RE0KCg.Dw6 374186

File: 1395878695077_4512.jpg (101.52 KB, 1000x863)

they've obviously never used an imageboard before.

 stuff salami (5c2b) 374187

File: 1395879375197.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1036)

I just like to read the conversation that go on in here, there quite interesting and funny

 Anonymous (2f7d) 374302

Actually havne't used an image board before, I'm more used to forums. You know any Chloë forums? If there isn't any I'll just take the time to get used to this layout.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 374438

>You know any Chloë forums?
The official one is dead and so is gochloe.net
There is really nothing complicated about imageboard
you have threads, just like on forums and inside threads you have posts
you don't even need to register to make a post

there's really nothing complex about it and seeing how this place is the best source for Chloë content, I don't see why you'd want to go for the lesser option

 Anonymous (9feb) 377935

File: 1396617432178_33fc9404200a11e3852322000a9e288c_7.jpg (42.86 KB, 225x612)

Hey, guys. After lurking a while I just had to pipe up and say you have quite a remarkable little community going here. It's obvious this really is a labor of love. {What's not to love about Chloë?} And the creativity!

It's fun to see the banter and even better the encouragement you guys give each other not just in chlobrohood but in life. The squeamishness about Chloë's sexiness is surprising, but understandable at the age a lot of you guys are at. Some of the language is off-putting {throwing around faggot and the n—-r word a lot}. It seems like that's kind of a chan thing but it does put a barrier to people who don't come here from that world. Just food for thought.

Don't want to end on that note. I decided to speak up to compliment chlomo! Congrats on building such a great group of bros.

 JACO the B3TR4Y3R (ba44) 378034

File: 1396638181079_images.jpg (49.28 KB, 660x369)

Welcome 9feb!!

 Gisney!!jOTrWdidC6 378042

I love this place and you my ChloëBros. And thanks to the people uploading all these pics

 Anonymous (9feb) 378098


Thanks JACO!

 JACO (ba44) 378461

File: 1396735738658_Metal.jpg (116.72 KB, 466x609)

Welcome Gisney!!

You got it bro!! :)



 !No.7//JDvE 387712

File: 1398211229136_your-you-are-difference.gif (62.86 KB, 700x800)

If you wish to throw insults, at least do so with correct grammar.
Also, learn how to spell weird.

 Anonymous (053a) 387746

Well, this place looks nice but I've been lurking enough to say:

It's ok to like her, but not THAT much, there are some quite weird things here, that's all :D

 bree (fb53) 387747

What do you mean by that? tho, i kinda second you on that.

 Kevin (ca70) 387750

I've been lurking for a couple months now, i'm starting to make the transition into becoming a regular poster.

I've got to say that i'm a big fan of this site. Love all the information, the photosets, and the discussions between fellow chlobros. It's great to see that I'm not alone in my obsession with the perfection that is Chloë Grace Moretz,

  (16c7) 388638

This site is a little odd, although when kept respectful and all that jazz I see no harm personally. Possibly could even do some good based on some of the things I've read.

One of my favorite pic/paintings of Chloë…

 Santy (3c3b) 403211

hi everyone just a question how can i become a member ofthis page..? thanks

 !No.7//JDvE 403226

This isn't a forum so it doesn't require membership or registration to join in. This is an image board and all you need to become a member is post just like you did. Welcome!

 Moretzbr (a7ff) 403241

File: 1401420152957_tumblr_inline_n4acdutu0Z1s1lrum.png (501.88 KB, 500x700)

hii guys

 JACONAUT (ba44) 403526

File: 1401485413109_lurkers_come_out_and_play.jpg (111.44 KB, 600x419)

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