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File: 1353915999474.jpg (233.75 KB, 1411x1024)

 Choose a role for Chloe (eae0) 128609

12065Enter thread

If you could cast Chloe in any role, which would you choose and why?

 Sexy Arieanna (3eea) 410505

Hey bay how are you

 Michael (ff86) 410652

File: 1402899932296_18m7oeirz117jjpg.jpg (35.32 KB, 250x358)

I'm fine gurl. How are you?

File: 1359572261000.jpg (920.59 KB, 2039x3000)

 #chloe4starwars - Making a push for Chloe Moretz in star wars !a3dKSVA5Rc 174483

603408Enter thread

As some of you might know Matthew Vaughn is no longer set to direct Star Wars, JJ Abrams is. But Matthew Vaughn apparently was pushing for Chloë in the lead role and now there's a rumor that JJ Abrams might go for that.


What would probably make his decision easier if people were asking for it. This is where we come in. As pixel suggested we could make a push for it and as crazy as that sounds it's not so far fetched.

The first thing we need is a hashtag.
something like that, simple and to the point.
Once we agree on that we start making twitter accounts and pushing that hashtag to every Chloë fan out there:
the official forum, goChloë, reddit, tumblr, facebook communities, her biggest fans on twitter, vkontakte and last but not least her celebrity friends (mclovin, mark millar, jamie king, jarred etc), the type of people who have hundreds of thousands of followers on twitter.

If this gets enough momentum we would push it even further by coming up with great oc all along the way (that would be the easy part in fact - hit-girl vs darth vader, Chloë chopping jar jar's head etc). If enough people contribute and this looks more than 5-10 people, then maybe some of her famous friends, trevor and maybe even Chloë herself would push that hashtag which would then reach hundreds of thousands of people.

It's not that long of a shot and as fans we owe it to ourselves and more importantly to Chloë to try it.

Let's pick a hashtag and start making the push

LE: The hashtahe we're going with is #chloe4starwars. Make sure to alos include #starwars in your message too.
Text too long

 Anonymous (7c7d) 410248

She might be, who knows. i would like to think she does not, sins certain people on here are… more dedicated fans then others. And certain fanfics are pretty creepy to be honest.

 Anonymous (7c20) 410253

we have fan fics?

File: 1378845374439_chloe_moretz_and_denzel_washington_in_the_equilizer.jpg (313.39 KB, 1382x248)

 The Equalizer !Mu5DJ1d1S. 314035

4014Enter thread

The Equalizer

Genre: Thriller

Also starring: Denzel Washington, Melissa Leo

Release date: September 26, 2014

Description: The TV series the film is based on was set in New York, and centered on a former secret agent (played by the late Edward Woodward) with a "mysterious past" who tries to atone for past sins by offering, free of charge, his services as an investigator, aided by a diverse group of other sometimes-mysterious contacts (some of whom date back to his spying days). Chloë will pe playing a prostitute in need of saving.

Videos:Leaked footage #1Leaked footage #2Interview (Chloë talking about her role)Official trailer

Pictures:Chloë on set #1Chloë on set #2Chloë on set #3Chloë on set #4

Links:AnnouncementIMDB page

 Anonymous (7e98) 409364


The song might be exclusive to the movie so won't be officially released until the OST is sold.

 Mr. Meahoff!No.7//JDvE 409419

Eminem - Guts Over Fear (feat. Sia)

but yeah, it's not out yet

File: 1389530391141_chloe-related-music.jpg (138.2 KB, 612x612)

 Chloe Moretz related music !Mu5DJ1d1S. 350022

229127Enter thread

Music that you composed for her, music that makes you think of her, thoughts about music that she recommended etc

Make sure to also check out Polyjacob's soundcloud channel (https://soundcloud.com/polyjacob)
full of incredible tracks such as

PS: do NOT embed videos or your post will get deleted, just post a link to it and maybe a thumbnail from the vid

 JACO (3267) 408805

File: 1402520759522_BkgHiQzIEAAkABC.jpg (59.02 KB, 768x1024)

ChloBros and ChloHoes may I present a song dedicated to all who have had the privilege, honor and once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Chloë Grace Moretz

This song interprets the feelings you get before, during and after… I hope I get to experience this and join the ranks of you all.



 JACO (3267) 409231

Updating my equipment and software so you will not hear anything new from me until this is complete…

File: 1332678836847.jpg (177.78 KB, 1680x1050)

 Chloe Moretz Wallpapers (5853) 2218

323258Enter thread

Chloe Moretz Wallpaper Thread

 chloe moretz (bb31) 408027

File: 1402346635632_images.jpeg (7.99 KB, 189x266)

 Anonymous (4e64) 408557

File: 1402442544135_wallpaper.jpg (334.61 KB, 1920x1080)

File: 1339708262024.jpg (60.21 KB, 584x389)

 Chlobros movie night (e690) 39787

419165Enter thread

Ok, so I had this idea. I think it's somewhat brilliant, you guys might think it's horrible, but it's worth discussing which is why I'm putting it here.

What did you guys think if we organized one of those movie streaming events, screening one of her movies once every few weeks?

For those who are not familiar with the concept the idea is pretty simple and it's like watching a movie with your buddies except you're running it in the browser not on tv, and you you can only communicate with them via writing.

This pic might not be the best example but it should serve its purpose: http://cdn.imore.com/images/stories/2011/02/photo2.png
You have the main area where you see the movie and a chat area (like an IRC) where the people watching it can comment on it.

It sounds pretty good on paper: you get see chloe's movies (including some you might not have seen), you get to have some fun and it brings the community closer.

Some of the questions that this idea might raise

> What movies would we watch?

ALL of chloe's movies, including the older ones where she only played a small part. We would only watch 1-2 movies er event but the idea is to screen them all in the long run.

> when would this happen?

The weekend would be the obvious choice but picking an exact time might prove difficult since we have people from the US to europe and all the way to australia. But as long as people want to get this done I'm sure we can find a time to please everyone
Text too long

 Carrie anynonymous!!vhKF4VItp6 407831

are we ever going to do a movie night for Carrie? sad because missed kick ass 1/2 marathon… :(
or will we wait until the director's cut comes out, if it does? :(

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 407863

we'll do one sooner or later, preferably when the director's cut comes out

File: 1333889997323.jpg (68.54 KB, 319x480)

 How did you become a Chlobro? (e690) 6536

228156Enter thread

Share your stories about how you got the addiction.

 Anonymous (9ba9) 406773

 Anonymous (9ba9) 406775

Saw her in Not Forgotten when I was in 4th grade and totally fell in love with her. I searched some movies she was in and also watch The Amityville Horror. When I reached the 5th grade, the Kick-Ass movie came out and saw her again. Since then, I was already updated to what movies or projects she was going to be in. Now, I'm heading to the 9th grade and still in love with her. The movie "If I Stay" will go out in September here in the Philippines and I'm ready to watch it. I just love her so much. :))

File: 1389121624549_chloe_moretz_as_hit-girl_by_eso_1.jpg (439.62 KB, 1033x711)

 Chloe Moretz 3D renders and games related pictures !Mu5DJ1d1S. 348317

8471Enter thread

Renders of Chloë or her characters, game builds inspired by that, characters that resemble her and so on

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 405518

oh yeah, I remember seeing that at the time

 Anonymous (fbb5) 406096

this thread seems like an excuse for some to more talented to make a Chloë 3d dating sim.. shame on you GG..

File: 1331921923254.jpg (254.53 KB, 881x1083)

 Chloe Moretz feet and legs thread (b258) 403

206148Enter thread

For all you footfags out there

 Anonymous (9215) 403215

That's because she does soulcycle, I mean, besides the heredity of her legs, she reinforces them and her calves, Wow, now all makes sense, but why u hate Chloë's feet?

 Luli HD Gif (8164) 405293

File: 1401859573200_H2.gif (7.88 MB, 551x532)

Better Quality of Chloë's feet in Hick

File: 1345035881910.jpg (376.21 KB, 788x1041)

 Hit-Girl fan art thread (e690) 62618

905901Enter thread

A thread for all that fan made content about our favorite teenage assassin.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 374516

File: 1395950243798_hitgirl_kickass__by_lamable-d7brb6q.jpg (136.89 KB, 1024x482)

 video for Hit girl Possumtrot1 (f037) 405228

I use a punisher trailer for hit girl. It seem to work.

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