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File: 1336925042991.png (263.29 KB, 1280x720)

 Chloë Thread #32 !!9bINe43AAo 75144

>Chloë Thread #32 - BREAKING NEWS: Manchester United win 1-0 at the Stadium of Light thanks to a great goal by Wayne Rooney.

In other news, a MASSIVE club dust off their trophy cabinet and BARELY scrape a win against an irrelevant club that were ALMOST RELEGATED.

Yes I am mad.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75145

File: 1336925187700.png (91.88 KB, 246x361)


 Prufrock (df34) 75146

File: 1336925211929.png (736.49 KB, 1280x800)

"They scored twice in the last five minutes?"

"It was the most amazing thing ever to happen in the PL and we weren't on the receiving end of it?"

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75147

File: 1336925309702.png (1.74 MB, 1023x1469)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75148

File: 1336925466322.png (411.69 KB, 500x562)

Manly tears are being shed.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75149

File: 1336925539877.png (1.01 MB, 765x1045)

 Prufrock (df34) 75150


I was gonna cry either way tbh

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75151

File: 1336925620992.jpg (64.06 KB, 943x558)

>The mighty Spurs
>FInish above us they said
>Mind the gap


 Prufrock (df34) 75152

File: 1336925940844.jpg (976.33 KB, 1032x1420)

 Prufrock (df34) 75153

File: 1336925979995.jpg (869.93 KB, 924x1368)

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75154

File: 1336925994970.jpg (56.33 KB, 588x720)


(I won't post anymore non-chloe pictures)

 Narwhal !FisPY5nvaE 75155

File: 1336925997334.jpg (42 KB, 411x404)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75156

File: 1336926120577.png (1.41 MB, 1182x752)

Congrats bro.

Yeah, true.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75157

File: 1336926209467.png (813.56 KB, 729x1088)

 !CalcLbWSVA 75158

File: 1336926504517.gif (9.71 MB, 420x226)

Not even Fergie red cunt nose tears can make me happy today. Fuck football, happy to see City win the league though.

 Anonymous (1109) 75159

File: 1336927251512.jpeg (125.05 KB, 612x612)

Quit yer bitchin and moanin you dirty britfags.

 Anonymous (db4b) 75160


I wouldn't mind getting that poster

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75161

File: 1336927508427.jpg (1.73 MB, 1997x3000)

Afternoon, ladies.

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75162

File: 1336927562908.jpg (81.17 KB, 460x600)

 Anonymous (f5ea) 75163

hmmm britfag thread… might as well watch hick again

 Prufrock (df34) 75164

File: 1336927901067.jpg (34.26 KB, 620x413)

Chloe's mama is the same age as my mama

>that feel when your forgot mother's day

 Anonymous (1109) 75165

File: 1336927945463.jpg (418.04 KB, 1023x1537)

good afternoon

good idea

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75166

File: 1336928069930.png (143.34 KB, 399x495)

That feel when it was mothers day a month ago in britland

 Prufrock (df34) 75167


Was it! Thank fuck for that! I thought i'd bought her something already. Go to uni with a few American's who threw me.

 Anonymous (1109) 75168

File: 1336928256637.jpeg (129.04 KB, 1024x473)

 Anonymous (db4b) 75169

File: 1336928713312.jpg (17.33 KB, 576x324)


This seems like it has a shot

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75170

Awesome stuff, bro. Get dat handwritten and send it off to the studio where Carrie is being filmed when we find out. You could ask for a reply as well if you wanted?

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75171

File: 1336932969912.jpg (217.61 KB, 895x1222)

 Anonymous (1109) 75172

File: 1336933526842.png (292.95 KB, 536x1640)

 Anonymous (db4b) 75173


ernesto #174

 Anonymous (952e) 75174

>people will know your name like the word of god.
….shit got weird there….

also, it needs more smiley faces.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75175

File: 1336933674929.jpg (200.91 KB, 2589x1084)

What the fuck is wrong with the world.

 Anonymous (1109) 75176

 Anonymous (952e) 75177

hahaahahahahahahahaha oh fuck me this is gold

 Anonymous (db4b) 75178


Did he compose it or is it just a remix of an existing track?

 Anonymous (1109) 75179

File: 1336934361505.png (770.28 KB, 548x1584)

 Anonymous (db4b) 75180

I'm sending him a link to this place

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75181

Fucking legend.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75182

File: 1336934516336.jpg (36.48 KB, 160x192)

Do any of you guys here behave like this, is this guy one of yous?
No one has any shame anymore.

 Anonymous (1109) 75183

File: 1336934545791.png (288.34 KB, 567x1595)

it just keeps getting better

 Anonymous (5e18) 75184

File: 1336934553023.png (130.22 KB, 382x336)

Please dont.

 Anonymous (1109) 75185

File: 1336934662926.jpeg (119.19 KB, 1024x768)

Hey bros, please to name my band!

 Anonymous (db4b) 75186

File: 1336934826272.jpg (69.17 KB, 595x658)


The Chlobrorettes

 Anonymous (1109) 75187

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75188

File: 1336935146580.png (80.74 KB, 558x468)

Hey Beaver! Did you know Chloe's got fans in Iran!?!

 Anonymous (db4b) 75189

We should really a have a twitter creeps themed thread

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75190

File: 1336935692655.jpg (97.02 KB, 400x266)

Go for it. I've got a folder dedicated to twitter creeps.

 Anonymous (1109) 75191

 Anonymous (0d85) 75192

Would you read your tweets if you got what looks like east European men constantly hitting on you in broken English?

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75193

Yup. I would laugh at them all day e'er day.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75194

File: 1336936202259.jpg (5.66 MB, 5184x3456)

>That feel when about to watch Hick.

My body is not ready

 Anonymous (db4b) 75195


> hick is out for over 18 hours

> still hasn't seen it

You bring shame upon our tribe

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75196

File: 1336936581095.jpg (850.96 KB, 936x1250)


>Implying I wasn't asleep when the link was posted

>Implying I wasn't watching football

All my d'awwws. Already.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75197

>Dat kitchen scene.

 Anonymous (db4b) 75198

File: 1336936822849.jpg (5.74 KB, 221x228)


> sleeping

> watching football

you need to get your priorities in order

 Anonymous (5e18) 75199

File: 1336936935768.jpg (10.41 KB, 190x164)

While your at it you could also track down other mentally unstable, naive or unusual chloe fans through the internet and then laugh at how they differ from the rest of us. That should make the collective feel good for sure.

 Prufrock (df34) 75200


>Chloe Moretz




 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75201

File: 1336937745145.jpg (138.08 KB, 916x1184)


>That feel when you want to work, but you just post on chlomo instead.

Oh well, I can still post Chloe while picking up litter.

 Anonymous (db4b) 75202

File: 1336937772392.jpg (213.84 KB, 722x1000)

 Prufrock (df34) 75203


Actually making music should be ahead of football really. I was shaking and nearly in tears over the football today so that gives you a sense of scale.

 Prufrock (df34) 75204


I think you need to watch Hick mister.

>bad influence

 Anonymous (e5ec) 75205

File: 1336939476736.jpg (268.83 KB, 1023x1351)

>Chloe thread
>Chloe thread on /chloe/
>no talk of Chloe, just dive grass

You know, there's a different board for this bs…


 Anonymous (db4b) 75206


you must be joking

this is way more related to chloe than the stuff that was posted earlier like manchester vs whogivesafuck and all that football crap

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75207

>Chloe will never find you worthy of note

 Prufrock (df34) 75208


wtf man why u posting while watching.

Chloe demands your FULL ATTENTION.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75209



I feel bad for Clement. So close. Forever alone.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75210

File: 1336942304646.jpg (97.14 KB, 800x454)

Ok guys im gonna post some captioned pictures Im just wondering could whomever captioned them please provide me with a copy of the original for posterity, thanks.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75211

File: 1336942341779.jpg (54.84 KB, 600x384)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75212

File: 1336942419180.jpg (76.91 KB, 800x424)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75213

File: 1336942458204.jpg (154.21 KB, 1287x600)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75214

File: 1336942524658.jpg (120.62 KB, 564x854)

Last one.
Both top and bottom pic seperately if possible.

 Prufrock (df34) 75215


on the our deal video?


Kidding rite? I'd lop off many numbers of extremities to share that moment with luli.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75216

File: 1336942604525.png (1.2 MB, 1366x768)

Not the poster but I could just get them for you anyway.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75217

Infact you can just get whatever screenshots you want from here.

 Prufrock (df34) 75218

Right. I'm going to try and compare two chinese films with Kick Ass/Hick in my exam on Thursday. Should make this a bit more palatable.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75219

File: 1336943015349.jpg (136.72 KB, 800x600)


It would be great yeah, but he would of had longer if Eddie hadn't interupted.

I thought the film wasn't too bad, not what I would normally watch but it had lots of Chloe so tht was good. Pretty sad stuff though… The blue baby prt reminded me of Chloe's sister. Do you guys think tht would effect her somehow? when she was narrating.

 Anonymous (db4b) 75220

File: 1336943127555.jpg (15.74 KB, 500x332)


> Do you guys think tht would effect her somehow? when she was narrating.

Could be. It would help her get into character more.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75221

>Chloe's sister

I always thought that that was a rumour? You got any sauce?

 Anonymous (db4b) 75222


> I always thought that that was a rumour? You got any sauce?

Common knowledge among chlobros? It's been repeated in interviews, several times

 !CalcLbWSVA 75223

File: 1336943375540.jpg (470.12 KB, 1024x768)

She posted this on her twitter once

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75224

>My dodgey 'A' Key


That's what I thought, but it added to the whole theme of the movie (for me anyway)


I wasn't sure but I googled at it's mentioned on the forums so I guess so.

 Anonymous (db4b) 75225

File: 1336943512814.png (679.69 KB, 1680x1050)

 Anonymous (db4b) 75226

File: 1336943524036.png (447.94 KB, 1680x1050)

 Anonymous (db4b) 75227

File: 1336943535729.jpg (86.82 KB, 1428x600)

 Anonymous (db4b) 75228

File: 1336943548143.jpg (65.85 KB, 1405x600)

and the last one

 Prufrock (df34) 75229


Have I been accidentally ingesting oestrogen or something? Getting me going AGAIN looking at that.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75230

Therefore you provide sauce. I've never been sure about its proof but Calc posted the info.

Damn that's very sad. I would imagine that it affected her and her family when she was narrating throughout.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75231


Not just you bro. Feeling pretty down myself.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75232

File: 1336943962031.jpg (281.48 KB, 500x652)

Many thanks.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75233

Just watch the clement scene again! Her smile throughout that would make anyone happy :) :)

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75234


>Those smiles will never be directed at you

Na.. I'm not bawww'in over Chloe.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75235

Awww can't leave a bro feelin down. Chin up and browse your Chloe folder

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75236

File: 1336944766274.png (574.2 KB, 1239x568)

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75237

>Feels, feels everywhere

I can't work out if I'm making myself sad so I can crave attention on an imageboard dedicted to a 15 year old girl(probably) or if I'm genuinely sad.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75238

File: 1336944907841.jpg (1.73 MB, 1997x3000)

 Prufrock (df34) 75239

File: 1336945066747.jpg (45.08 KB, 400x400)


>things you'd find in a hardware store


 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75240

File: 1336945179181.png (255.66 KB, 525x521)


Did make me chuckle.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75241

File: 1336945228784.png (130.22 KB, 382x336)

Coming from someone who has experience is this field youll be grand in a few days. Also if you do suspect this site may be causing it leave for a while and see if your humor picks up then base subsequent visits here on what you figure from your absence.
Alternately you could change your name to the depressed guy and permanently remind us of how your sad and chloes great life makes you even sadder.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75242

File: 1336945273827.jpg (41.2 KB, 500x583)

HAHAHAHA brilliant.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75243

File: 1336945344063.png (1.34 MB, 938x1295)

Dante v1 style. I guess I'd rather give you attention than have you sad.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75244

File: 1336945349026.png (923.37 KB, 1280x720)


>Coming from someone who has experience is this field youll be grand in a few days

You're acting like this is my first time. I'll probably be fine tomorrow, but thanks for the heads up. I don't think I'll be leaving here anytime soon though.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75245

File: 1336945495975.jpg (531.94 KB, 2771x3029)

Fuck this, sorry for being an attention-whore-dante-style(nice)-mestrual faggot.

I'll just talk about the dirty thoughts that came to mind throughout Hick.

 Prufrock (df34) 75246


Yes if cheddar bit your head off that would resolve your issues. Good idea.

 Anonymous (db4b) 75247

File: 1336945686407.jpg (201.5 KB, 1200x600)

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75248

File: 1336945708773.jpg (548.6 KB, 1920x1200)


My thoughts exactly.

  (f5ea) 75249



 Anonymous (db4b) 75250

File: 1336946051890.jpg (126.97 KB, 987x600)

  (f5ea) 75251


good job with the OC bro

 Anonymous (db4b) 75252

File: 1336946185443.jpg (455.09 KB, 900x704)

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75253

File: 1336946439474.jpg (22.47 KB, 402x343)

Ahhh you guys…

I don't even mind the jokes, just 'the pic' is just plain wrong. You can talk about Chloe pissing in your soup anyday.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75254

File: 1336946603506.jpg (851.08 KB, 1745x3000)


Why thank you. I couldn't stop laughing while typing that.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75255

Lets get this shit started

>Based Gunners not on MOTD yet

>Anonymous' review of Hick to be 100% accurate
>Feels again
>Not busting shapes in your room to Death Grips while posting on Chlomo
>New namefag

 Prufrock (df34) 75256

Who is this guy who dumped Chloe. I know she's going away but still.. the mind boggles.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75257

File: 1336947690584.png (68.84 KB, 207x208)

Care to elaborate and/or provide some sauce.

 Prufrock (df34) 75258

Her latest pic on instagram and one "teenage post" the other day.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75259

>RVP looking sexy as fuck with that Golden boot

 Anonymous (5e18) 75260

Your words are hardly sauce but feck it if prufrock says it it must be the case.
Prufrock - Accredited P.I - Certified BullShitter

 Prufrock (df34) 75261

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75262

>That feel when you'll never be able to treat Chloe the way she deserves to be treated.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75263

File: 1336950132486.png (3.36 MB, 1591x1200)

>2: Electric Boogaloo

 Anonymous (5e18) 75264

File: 1336950477076.jpg (258.64 KB, 789x1222)

I hardly think thats definitive evidence by any means but thanks nonetheless.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 75265

File: 1336951746294.jpg (110.88 KB, 900x499)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75266

File: 1336951994849.png (339.61 KB, 396x594)

Oh, snap, it's fucking Dante, act cool.


File: 1336952091385.jpg (22.62 KB, 470x300)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 75268

File: 1336952156683.jpg (46.69 KB, 535x358)

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75269

File: 1336952189430.jpg (90.54 KB, 368x424)

Second night in a row I've been out and it's been shite, damnit.

Now I know why I spend my time at home, it's fucking cheaper and I get to look at Chloe.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 75270

File: 1336952190715.jpg (116.46 KB, 344x421)


File: 1336952283638.jpg (123.49 KB, 466x565)




The night is what you make of it.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 75272

File: 1336952321412.jpg (144.01 KB, 363x460)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75273

File: 1336952407728.jpg (176.97 KB, 479x720)

You could always do what I do and bring a cardboard cutout of chloe around with you. Sure people look at you weird but its totally worth it, increases the enjoyment factor of any activities undertaken outdoors by a significant factor.
Ive got to be honest at this stage I dont think I could leave my house without it.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75274

File: 1336952419193.jpg (132.63 KB, 754x306)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 75275

File: 1336952526515.jpg (29.58 KB, 300x300)

i think i smell a… cheddar


File: 1336952689407.gif (440.43 KB, 1568x1684)

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75277

You seen Hick yet?

 Anonymous (f5ea) 75278

who's been posting under chloeholic lately?

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 75279

File: 1336952821661.jpg (144.91 KB, 497x654)


File: 1336953004116.png (158.16 KB, 400x518)

>That feel when you want to post more but you need to sleep to get dem chloe dreams

>Solar posts once then leaves

>Dante not seen Hick

>Dante Mexican

>Someone has a cardboard cutout, I mad jelly

Cya bro(s), and Dante

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75281

Are you some kind of gypsy? Watch it now so I can post this macros.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75282

File: 1336953178284.jpg (81.54 KB, 512x492)

Adios amigo.

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75283

File: 1336953199203.jpg (30.1 KB, 173x174)


Still here, just catching up on the Chloe goodness I missed while out.

See ya bro.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75284

File: 1336953281167.jpg (5.06 KB, 224x224)


 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 75285

File: 1336953361937.jpg (75.83 KB, 1280x722)

see ya frobitch

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75286

File: 1336953399961.png (158.16 KB, 400x518)

I found it fun to wind you up by posting this, stop ruining it.

 Prufrock (df34) 75287

cya man

 Anonymous (f5ea) 75288

Has anyone got pictures of Chloe coughing?

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75289

I don't…but I would love to know why you would want that bad enough to ask for it?

 Anonymous (5e18) 75290

File: 1336954506560.jpg (10.41 KB, 190x164)

Never seen one myself by extension she must be a robot. That explains a lot.

 Chloefornication!!ngS4y9EusM 75291

File: 1336954510518.jpg (22.36 KB, 550x368)

Hum…I see what you want.

 Anonymous (f5ea) 75292

File: 1336954761403.jpg (10.93 KB, 240x240)

lol yep

invisible blowjob.jpg

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75293

File: 1336954792338.gif (4.07 MB, 380x359)

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75294

File: 1336955815141.jpg (1.73 MB, 1997x3000)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75295

File: 1336955914707.jpg (34.26 KB, 620x413)

How did that pic become so Iconic to you, yes I see how its stunning and above par but what made it click for you specifcally over the other god tier pictures.

 Anonymous (a75f) 75296

She posted that one on her instagram… something about tacit approval.

 Anonymous (f5ea) 75297

>dat tongue

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75298

Tongue, teeth, hair, Chloe, photography.

All of deez are amazing things.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75299

File: 1336956596211.jpg (478.49 KB, 1560x2310)

But she isnt showing her midriff in it. You do love your midriffs dont you?

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75300

You can't have it all.

Maybe one day.

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 75301

File: 1336971798813.jpg (131.6 KB, 612x612)

dante…did you see this >>21835

>“This is what I do when I get back to the Hotel after my #darkshadows #londonpremiere”

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 75302

File: 1336971899920.jpg (58.01 KB, 363x279)

yeah, i think he's a fake holic, but who knows

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75303

File: 1336973272561.jpg (260.11 KB, 714x418)

I'm bored…

 Anonymous (1109) 75304

File: 1336973353537.jpg (258.83 KB, 523x380)

That feel when you relive this day over and over again on Chlomo.org

 Anonymous (7302) 75305

File: 1336980065440.jpg (32.67 KB, 192x212)

Toasting in a Chloe bread since Im always sleeping when they're active

 Narwhal !FisPY5nvaE 75306

File: 1336980365543.gif (13.48 KB, 633x758)


i know dat feel anon

 Anonymous (7302) 75307

File: 1336980485344.jpg (273.45 KB, 1067x1600)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 75308

File: 1336980618113.jpg (33.41 KB, 405x500)

who is this guy?

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75309

File: 1336980652446.jpg (275.24 KB, 900x600)

Serious shit on the chan tonight.

Not the random shit I usually type to start a discussion.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75310

Oh yeah and good nigh for today, guys.

 Anonymous (7302) 75311

File: 1336981142669.jpg (119.91 KB, 789x633)

>Serious shit on the chan tonight



I think it may be Dave Vescio

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 75312

File: 1336981228849.jpg (24.51 KB, 494x524)


 Anonymous (93d4) 75313

he's the rapist from hick

 Anonymous (7302) 75314

File: 1336981588002.jpg (74.11 KB, 538x439)

Just a wild guess

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 75315

File: 1336985518895.gif (452.57 KB, 188x176)

Party til you Faint!

 Anonymous (7302) 75316

File: 1336988154742.gif (1.94 MB, 243x327)

Party til you pass out
Drink til you're dead

 quinterwubs!i6j2BEa4Kc 75317

File: 1336989032491.jpg (147.52 KB, 800x800)


 Narwhal !FisPY5nvaE 75318

File: 1336989834297.jpg (82.57 KB, 612x816)

 Anonymous (7302) 75319

File: 1336989846366.jpg (60.76 KB, 525x640)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75320

File: 1336992301823.png (80.87 KB, 444x473)

>Finally watched Hick
>at 2:30am
>Finish around 4
>Listen to music for an hour

 Anonymous (7302) 75321

File: 1336994079349.jpg (18.56 KB, 444x473)

I have no idea why, but every image you post the quality is a lot lower than it really is.

And what music were you listening to ?

 Anonymous (7302) 75322

File: 1336994136280.jpg (49.77 KB, 246x361)

 Anonymous (7302) 75323

File: 1336994255275.png (339.61 KB, 396x594)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75324

>I have no idea why, but every image you post the quality is a lot lower than it really is.
I have no idea too, feels awful man.

>And what music were you listening to ?

Stuff like vid related, and a little D&B

 Anonymous (1109) 75325

File: 1337004163046.jpg (765.99 KB, 2016x2632)

this might have already been posted…wut!?
is it someone here who made this? i lol'd

 Chloefornication!!ngS4y9EusM 75326

File: 1337008504105.jpg (36.06 KB, 394x394)

Holy shit! I was planning to go out today…

Also, I'll just leave this here.


 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75327

How can I get a foot fetish like you guys…TELL ME!

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75328

File: 1337009222402.jpg (83.64 KB, 321x304)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75329

Just focus on your mind on chloes midriff and hope it develops furthur then you can make your own website.
Essentially just focus on whatever aspect of her(physically or mentally) that you enjoy the most, you dont have to fetishsise it just enjoy it.

 Chloefornication!!ngS4y9EusM 75330

File: 1337009807005.jpg (10.48 KB, 480x360)

I was born with this fetish. I dream of girls feet since I was 4. You should feel lucky. I wish I wasn't the way I am, but with a great fetish comes great responsibility. This is my gift. My curse.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75331

My like for midriffs isnt really strong enough for me to primarily fap over without anything else in the picture so its not really a strong fetish. Just you foot guys seem to have it so easy. I've never spent time with a girls feet anyway to be honest….thought it would be a bit awkward if I was to say anything like that. Maybe I'd like it.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75332

You wish you didn't have a foot fetish? You could get off to any girl you want though?

 Prufrock (df34) 75333

File: 1337010302089.jpg (34.26 KB, 620x413)

>i. Human descendants might not survive long enough to achieve an advanced civilization capable of creating computer simulations that host simulated people with artificial intelligence (AI) comparable to the natural faculties of their ancestors.

>ii. Such ancestral simulations might be intellectually or culturally prohibited in some way, even a modest interest could plausibly generate billions of simulated people (for research, genealogy, reenactment, nostalgia, recreation or other reasons).

>iii. Informing an artificial person that they are living in a simulation would defeat the authenticity of the simulation — better that they genuinely go about their daily business, for all intents and purposes, given a high-fidelity historical reproduction of the real world.

>Barring extinction or prohibition, it is much more likely than not, that we are living in such a simulation — and should it come to pass that we, ourselves, run such simulations, it is all but certain.

Can the architect please insert me into Chloe's program?

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75334

File: 1337010401119.jpg (66.88 KB, 836x580)

>Tried to reply
>Spelling mistake
>Not today
>Delete thread
>Post reply again
>Created thread by mistake
>Second time this has happened
>That feel.

 Chloefornication!!ngS4y9EusM 75335

File: 1337010754411.jpg (285.49 KB, 800x432)

Stop trying to manipulate me with this beautiful sole.

It's weird 'cause sometimes women notice that I'm staring at their feet. The feet are the first part I notice of a girl's body.

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75336

File: 1337010845591.jpg (1.73 MB, 1997x3000)

 Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 75337

File: 1337011152787.jpg (73.34 KB, 410x513)

I wonder if thats less awkward than staring at her tits or ass though? I would consider you one lucky guy in this sense.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75338

File: 1337012856054.jpg (468.23 KB, 1280x1773)

Of course its less awkward if they confront you about it you can just make like you were staring at the ground or alternately drop a compliment about their shoes its seems far easier to do than looking at the TnA options for instance(im not a footfag I just assume).

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75339

"Dante" was the first name that came into my head when I first saw that guy.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 75340

File: 1337015262900.jpg (31.74 KB, 1024x576)

why Bean, why?

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75341

File: 1337016920337.png (635.26 KB, 751x496)

 Anonymous (2159) 75342


 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75343


30 Rock

Season 6, Ep 11

 Anonymous (5e18) 75344

File: 1337021441708.gif (4.51 MB, 450x438)

30 rock episode standards and practices.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75345

File: 1337022813031.gif (939.79 KB, 500x400)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75346

File: 1337022894338.gif (820.76 KB, 245x253)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75347

File: 1337022907306.jpg (34.72 KB, 1280x528)

Which chloe episode of 30 rock did people enjoy more/think was better?

 !CalcLbWSVA 75348

File: 1337023419131.gif (5.69 MB, 500x485)

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 75349

File: 1337023480579.jpg (117.6 KB, 500x375)

2nd one

 !CalcLbWSVA 75350

File: 1337023590031.gif (8.01 MB, 400x524)

The second episode was the best. So much gif worthy stuff


 Anonymous (f5ea) 75351

File: 1337023754541.png (349.02 KB, 500x569)

 Anonymous (f5ea) 75352

File: 1337023814010.gif (494.1 KB, 500x277)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75353

File: 1337023846364.jpg (155.91 KB, 1273x707)

I prefered the first one I thought chloe was cuter and played the role better also the episode as a whole seemed better.
I didnt like how they pushed the stereotypical manipulative teenage girl thing in the second ep, she played the character better in the first one too.

 Prufrock (df34) 75354

File: 1337023856244.jpg (110.22 KB, 720x540)


Chloe last summer = love

 Anonymous (db4b) 75355

File: 1337023883401.jpg (145.06 KB, 1029x600)


> sauce?

  (f5ea) 75356

File: 1337023998527.gif (474.22 KB, 500x149)

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 75357

File: 1337024039345.jpg (1.76 MB, 1885x3152)


 Anonymous (5e18) 75358

File: 1337024123214.jpg (85.16 KB, 399x600)

Indeed but I thought all you guys loved short haired chloe more? No

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 75359

File: 1337024218916.jpg (352.81 KB, 900x595)

guess again

 Anonymous (5e18) 75360

File: 1337024360591.jpg (850.96 KB, 936x1250)

Oh I thought I was alone in that.
In fairness chloe would be great bald though.

 Prufrock (df34) 75361

File: 1337024561338.jpg (102.11 KB, 760x506)


Think I just discovered the moment this umbrella was taken lol.

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 75362

File: 1337024570866.jpg (84.53 KB, 720x540)

natalie portman's her hero

 Anonymous (db4b) 75363

File: 1337024616640.jpg (618.36 KB, 1803x1861)

short hair FTW how is that even up for discussions?


your opinions are wrong

  (f5ea) 75364

File: 1337024662971.jpg (134.39 KB, 900x1190)

Scorsese was the only reason she cut her hair

 !CalcLbWSVA 75365

File: 1337024732776.jpg (709.76 KB, 1463x975)

Chloe bald? NO guys, NO!

 Anonymous (5e18) 75366

File: 1337024848656.jpg (279.82 KB, 1366x768)

Thats a worthy reason but I didnt know that It seemed like her hair was short for a lot longer than the filming of hugo but you obviously know more than me.
So she'll probably never go back then.

 Anonymous (db4b) 75367

File: 1337024952609.jpg (80.62 KB, 583x448)


Yeah, I'd rather not

  (f5ea) 75368


as far as I know she got hair extensions shortly after she finished filming

 Prufrock (df34) 75369

File: 1337024987673.jpg (296.4 KB, 746x1222)

  (f5ea) 75370


  (f5ea) 75371

Nirvana turn your embedding on dude

 Anonymous (5e18) 75372

File: 1337025190340.jpg (198.52 KB, 556x600)

Just to see what its like with a bald cap or something.
Oh rite that makes sense she obviously didnt personally enjoy then if she was that eager to get her long hair back.

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75373

Chloe was "bald" (make up) in The Eye


Can't really see her too well when she doesn't have the bandanna on.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75374

File: 1337025345524.jpg (51.14 KB, 500x356)

I kinda meant modern chloe but thanks for that anyways.

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75375


If I knew how to I would, can't see the option for it.

 Anonymous (db4b) 75376

File: 1337025590556.jpg (145.64 KB, 619x805)

 Anonymous (1109) 75377

File: 1337025777550.png (526.66 KB, 1036x589)

Bros, is this an encoded message from Chloe to us in response to the upskirt photo letting us know her cat is hairless and enjoys being licked?

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75378


Ah, it is, but that video can't be embedded because it has a copyright claim on it from the studio.

  (f5ea) 75379

File: 1337025809564.jpg (51.02 KB, 1026x338)


on top of the video page click

Edit Info > Settings > External sites may embed this video.

 Anonymous (db4b) 75380

File: 1337025855789.jpg (145 KB, 1072x804)


Apparently she found something uglier than that little pooch of hers

  (f5ea) 75381


ah ok

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 75382

File: 1337026103958.jpg (27.57 KB, 206x200)

take it easy.

 Anonymous (1109) 75383

File: 1337026239536.jpeg (64.29 KB, 612x612)

how dare you sir?

 Prufrock (df34) 75384

File: 1337026645554.jpg (230.22 KB, 900x546)

  (f5ea) 75385

File: 1337026740263.jpg (62.06 KB, 500x375)

Alpha as fuck

 Anonymous (db4b) 75386

File: 1337027081298.jpg (17.33 KB, 576x324)


Don't pour water on it, it will turn into something vicious

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75387

File: 1337027129059.jpg (79.82 KB, 717x960)

 Anonymous (db4b) 75388

File: 1337027201425.jpg (27.79 KB, 604x341)


those are some of the best chloe pics in existence

just like this

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75389

File: 1337027343129.jpg (70.55 KB, 960x720)

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75390

File: 1337027488334.jpg (95.3 KB, 720x960)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75391

File: 1337027523277.png (123.18 KB, 323x302)

I cant be the only one that feels guilty and intrusive for looking at photos like these can I?
I mean it really is none of our business, I still look at them though. I mean they werent taken with the intention of us enjoying them.

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75392

File: 1337027600779.jpg (71.17 KB, 717x960)


Only those 3 worth posting, the rest are just pics of Depp/Alice Cooper playing on stage.

Oh, aside from this one pic of the back of Chloe's head (Seemingly taking a picture of Alice Cooper's package).

 Prufrock (df34) 75393


Cheers solar. Are there any more from this album/set that are available to you with Chloe in?


 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 75394

Dude!!, Chlomo likes Cooper?!

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75395


See above post (posted after I saw your original post, before it was deleted lol)


Oh of course, I do feel somewhat bad posting them. These have been up for a few days and I debated whether or not to post them, but I figured seeing as there's so many FB pics online already a few more won't hurt.

And in fairness these ones aren't quite as personal as some of the others that are already out there.

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 75396

File: 1337027995492.jpg (95.66 KB, 720x540)

>these ones aren't quite as personal as some of the others that are already out there.

get on with it

 Anonymous (1109) 75397

That sure is a fine looking trio of ladies.. if i'm not mistaken the one of the left is her aunt?

 Anonymous (1109) 75398

Those three ladies also look very nice.

 Anonymous (db4b) 75399


This. We've been enjoying private chloe pics for a long time. Stop acting like you suddenly have an issue with it

 Prufrock (df34) 75400


Nah I meant the one I quoted, summer is around the corner and I'm enjoying Chloe and her English Summer look last year.

 Anonymous (1109) 75401

Thanks for sharing them bro!

 Anonymous (5e18) 75402

File: 1337028323960.png (130.22 KB, 382x336)

I suppose but I just don't like my chloe time to be tinged with guilt, I suppose realisically looking at them does'nt do anybody any harm.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75403

File: 1337028439678.jpg (12.73 KB, 480x261)

Ive always had an issue with it I just never mentioned it before because theres never been such a chain of similarly private images posted in a row that I have seen.
Thats the last I will speak of it if my taken exception to it bothers you.

 Anonymous (1109) 75404

jesus fuck, i hope this doesn't lead to another "vote" thread

 Anonymous (db4b) 75405


I'm sure we all felt bad to a certain extent looking at some pics that might have been too invasive of her privacy

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 75406

File: 1337028898276.jpg (108.45 KB, 960x720)

not at all

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75407

File: 1337029001298.jpg (59.11 KB, 375x562)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75408

Not really.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75409

File: 1337029033143.jpg (88.34 KB, 346x398)

I too hope that just because one person(me in this instance) has an issue with one small thing that doesnt mean others potential enjoyment should be hampered in some way. Im sorry I said anything.

 Anonymous (f5ea) 75410

File: 1337029062668.jpg (40.06 KB, 604x413)

has anyone got a younger pic of chloe than this or maybe Teri's Sonagram

 Anonymous (5e18) 75411

File: 1337029095099.jpg (174.01 KB, 375x500)

 Anonymous (db4b) 75412

File: 1337029110250.jpg (43.4 KB, 399x367)


mfw you're the new Pufrock

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 75413

File: 1337029211990.jpg (42.53 KB, 426x594)

only one solution. You must delete all of your previous posts to prevent a chlomo civil war.

thats as young as it gets

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75414

File: 1337029322524.jpg (574.92 KB, 2000x3000)

 !CalcLbWSVA 75415

File: 1337029376516.jpg (32.3 KB, 447x604)

private pics are best pics!

 Anonymous (9c1f) 75416

File: 1337029386863.jpg (57.67 KB, 600x449)

and he has to post all the private fb photos lol

 Anonymous (f5ea) 75417

File: 1337029410301.jpg (138.22 KB, 606x890)

 Prufrock (df34) 75418

File: 1337029415636.jpg (712.42 KB, 1726x2500)


I just wanted to make a dramatic entrance.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75419

File: 1337029430722.jpg (10.41 KB, 190x164)

Whelp if thats what you think then clearly I'm an idiot.
Maybe I should start namefagging too, then we can all be friends guise, right guise.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75420

File: 1337029511779.jpg (851.08 KB, 1745x3000)


As long as you're not Mexican

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 75421

File: 1337029547955.jpg (58.35 KB, 640x480)

 !CalcLbWSVA 75422

File: 1337029622632.jpg (431.1 KB, 1280x1080)

we can… maybe

 Dr.NoQuints!!2Zuw3UMnvo 75423

File: 1337029637516.jpg (34.75 KB, 460x462)

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75424

File: 1337029671283.jpg (119.21 KB, 600x800)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75425

File: 1337029671858.png (200.96 KB, 500x277)

Thank dios Im not.

 Prufrock (df34) 75426

File: 1337029707133.jpg (98.12 KB, 720x540)


that's a dis

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75427

File: 1337029730780.jpg (1.34 MB, 2323x3135)


Then we can

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75428

File: 1337029841503.jpg (334.22 KB, 1023x1537)

Realised I forgot to say hi

Hi bros

>and again

 !CalcLbWSVA 75429

File: 1337029843818.jpg (34.88 KB, 720x405)

we only accept more eurofags on here.

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 75430

File: 1337029846217.jpg (64.34 KB, 392x480)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75431

File: 1337029931537.jpg (568.83 KB, 1960x3008)

Good to hear although I have been here for a good while so its not like you werent conforming with a potential mexican back then.
I love you mang, no disrespect intended.
You just wanted to have a dramatic entry is alls, as you yourself stated.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75432

File: 1337030100622.png (857.03 KB, 1366x768)


I'd be able to tell.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75433

File: 1337030200817.jpg (684.64 KB, 1998x3000)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75434

File: 1337030264952.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1056)

>Blue shirts and scarves everywhere
>Whole families wearing shitty shirts, even babbies

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75435

File: 1337030370352.jpg (49.1 KB, 407x406)

 Prufrock (df34) 75436

File: 1337030425508.jpg (82.44 KB, 720x540)


Good stuff that man. I was just the neurotic new kid. I'll be chill from now on.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75437


 Prufrock (df34) 75438


Rained on their parade.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75439

File: 1337030580415.jpg (767.59 KB, 1772x2416)


Oh, peak.

>Two closest friends support Chelsea and Spurs. This weekend is going to be great.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75440

File: 1337030909640.jpg (211.97 KB, 1065x1600)

 !CalcLbWSVA 75441


It is indeed going to be great for that Chelsea friend of yours. Dat CL trophy

 Anonymous (db4b) 75442

File: 1337030923957.jpg (172.56 KB, 800x549)


> thats as young as it gets

I think not

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75443

File: 1337031016372.jpg (167.45 KB, 1508x941)


I was referring to the point that I will be able to take the piss very easily by mentioning that one will cause the other to be out the CL.


 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75444

File: 1337031502484.jpg (106.88 KB, 1340x1600)


 Prufrock (df34) 75445


I still want summer Chloe. Summer Chloe!!!

I'm all out.

 Anonymous (1109) 75446

File: 1337031640134.jpg (155.71 KB, 800x549)

I know it's bad, and I feel bad for it.

 ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 75447

File: 1337031650900.jpg (151.31 KB, 800x1199)

 Anonymous (db4b) 75448

File: 1337031843093.jpg (102.8 KB, 594x600)


that was an actual pic of her with her actual chin

 Anonymous (1109) 75449

 Anonymous (db4b) 75450

File: 1337032127553.jpg (150.73 KB, 486x629)


> no

No what? That >>75442 was an actual pic with her actual chin

 Prufrock (df34) 75451

File: 1337032155025.jpg (781.07 KB, 1092x2000)




Don't think much of this outfit but this was English summer Chloe.

 Anonymous (1109) 75452

I'm not sure if it was an actual chin, but my version was a shoop of it.

 Prufrock (df34) 75453

File: 1337032358049.jpg (57.29 KB, 478x720)


File: 1337032566124.jpg (154.7 KB, 950x1498)

 Anonymous (db4b) 75455

File: 1337032617130.jpg (1.23 MB, 1800x2712)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75456

File: 1337032637084.png (1.2 MB, 1366x768)

Tell the truth you have probably looked through that winda in real life haven't you.

 Prufrock (df34) 75457


Lol. No. Might know where it was taken though. Hmmm!!


File: 1337032904544.jpg (84.75 KB, 398x600)


File: 1337033080157.jpg (944.61 KB, 2157x3000)

>Laptop being really slow


File: 1337033232633.jpg (233.75 KB, 1411x1024)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75461

/r/ing that fucked up Dante face template.

please respond


File: 1337033283574.jpg (236.92 KB, 788x1232)


File: 1337033324277.jpg (1.43 MB, 1200x1699)


Only got it with some shit I put ontop, sorry brah.

 Anonymous (5e18) 75464

File: 1337033351832.jpg (51.05 KB, 553x669)

This is the best Ive got


File: 1337033376039.jpg (131.6 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75466

File: 1337033390871.jpg (114.41 KB, 760x878)

 Anonymous (db4b) 75467

File: 1337033463597.png (1.16 MB, 759x1000)

too much beauty in one pic


File: 1337033489762.jpg (92.61 KB, 900x1185)

How did people get the picture of Dante originally?


File: 1337033541568.jpg (1.71 MB, 3000x4180)

 Prufrock (df34) 75470

File: 1337033576969.jpg (55.78 KB, 720x540)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75471

File: 1337033616260.jpg (73.19 KB, 455x594)

Hes posted it I fink.
Not really a smart move on his part if he did What occured was inevitable really.


File: 1337033618025.jpg (1.24 MB, 2292x3296)

So what y'all up to?


File: 1337033718024.jpg (251.85 KB, 907x1222)


Did he post it with or without the shoop of (whatever that is) ontop of his face?

 Prufrock (df34) 75474

File: 1337033726319.jpg (80.79 KB, 720x540)

 Anonymous (5e18) 75475

File: 1337033900034.jpg (56.83 KB, 413x594)

I dont think so he wouldnt be that dumb(I hope) and I dont reckon anybody else wouldve put the toxic avenger face over his only dante would do that.
Also considering the mods desire to not have personal info on here if he hadn't of covered his face I figure someone probably would have deleted it.

 Anonymous (1109) 75476

File: 1337033932384.png (1.41 MB, 1200x1600)



File: 1337033992111.jpg (769.49 KB, 1752x2472)



>Implying I revise

Only joking, it's 11PM man, I was earlier.

Na, Arsenal fan (see the spamin in Dante's Neve thread)

I can't decide.

Chelsea win = Spuds out of CL (>Dem golden tears, forever in our shadow bla bla bla)

but I despise Chelsea (and ManC) and they were weakest team in the CL Semi's, they don;t deserve win win. Lucked out against Barca, scummy players etc but let's not get into that.

What about you?


File: 1337034094736.jpg (79.96 KB, 500x667)


>No personal info

I didn't know that

>The more you know

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 75479

File: 1337034138135.png (114.43 KB, 320x331)

Thanks bro.

 Anonymous (1109) 75480

File: 1337034242206.jpg (258.83 KB, 523x380)

NP brit bro

 Anonymous (5e18) 75481

File: 1337034330180.jpg (53.7 KB, 395x594)

I think its always good for a british team to win the champions league so I'd go with chelsea purely on that although it doesnt bother me all that much.
Well I remember somebody mentioning something about not sharing personal info of other users so it might have applied there.

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 75482

File: 1337035513524.jpg (81.24 KB, 1024x765)


 Anonymous (e5ec) 75483

File: 1337047232776.jpg (193.75 KB, 1000x728)


>Fuck this guy.

That guy is Garrett Backstrom…the only male at Chloe's birthday party.

Strangely enough, this is yet ANOTHER time Chloe has been linked to one of Bella Thorne's ex-BFs.

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