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File: 1338951516539.jpg (58.94 KB, 550x367)

 Chloe Thread #66 (7c79) 65656

>Abby♥ appreciation thread Episode II: A New Hope

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65657

File: 1338951611108.jpg (322.89 KB, 1900x1267)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65658

File: 1338951719527.jpg (288.79 KB, 861x1280)

 Anonymous (eb0e) 65659

File: 1338951724537.jpg (70.45 KB, 531x348)

ill be monitoring this thread

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65660

File: 1338951756195.jpg (54.2 KB, 400x593)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65661

File: 1338951817207.jpg (172.34 KB, 577x900)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65662

File: 1338951878638.jpg (430.29 KB, 600x929)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65663

File: 1338951970652.jpg (325.79 KB, 750x1114)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65664

File: 1338952013820.jpg (50.9 KB, 511x720)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65665

File: 1338952118609.jpg (348.98 KB, 2048x1365)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65666

File: 1338952174351.jpg (66.52 KB, 720x314)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65667

File: 1338952209051.jpg (177.9 KB, 763x800)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65668

File: 1338952245917.png (324.48 KB, 1273x526)


 Anonymous (b7c6) 65669

File: 1338952313180.png (337.47 KB, 1276x528)

 Anonymous (4ca0) 65670

How many do we need dante?

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65671

Dante, come back <3

Holic here.

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65672

File: 1338955006013.jpg (100.2 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65673

File: 1338955110846.jpg (85.19 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65674

File: 1338955172638.jpg (158.26 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65675

File: 1338955248097.jpg (90.38 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65676

File: 1338955334226.jpg (99.24 KB, 1920x800)

> love Abby <3

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65677

File: 1338955393445.jpg (111.45 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65678

File: 1338955438436.jpg (92.2 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65679

File: 1338955502856.jpg (181.45 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65680

File: 1338955562347.jpg (148.31 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65681

File: 1338955624664.jpg (70.94 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65682

File: 1338955668138.jpg (170.51 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65683

File: 1338955793899.jpg (82.35 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65684

File: 1338955838860.jpg (105.23 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65685

File: 1338955889815.jpg (111.84 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (5f25) 65686

File: 1338955946310.jpg (74.35 KB, 1000x380)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65687

File: 1338955967737.jpg (90.61 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (5f25) 65688

File: 1338955983647.jpg (222.65 KB, 1280x800)

>A New Hope


 Anonymous (fd4a) 65689

File: 1338956009346.jpg (119.72 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (5f25) 65690

File: 1338956016665.jpg (97.36 KB, 1250x403)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65691

File: 1338956056163.jpg (119.72 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65692

File: 1338956097915.jpg (82.61 KB, 1920x800)

The perfect death.

 Anonymous (ddff) 65693

This was so well shot.

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65694

File: 1338956160564.jpg (152.06 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65695

File: 1338956223021.jpg (146.59 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65696

File: 1338956271962.jpg (146.59 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65697

File: 1338956311926.jpg (165.83 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65698

File: 1338956352811.jpg (72.29 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65699

File: 1338956409778.jpg (77.09 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65700

File: 1338956446687.jpg (67.12 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (4ca0) 65701

I dont want to watch Let Me In because it might be too scary ;_;

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65702

File: 1338956545292.jpg (93.64 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65703

File: 1338956653298.jpg (92.15 KB, 1920x800)

That happened to me, i don't like scary movies, be strong bro, use the faboost.

 Anonymous (4ca0) 65704


Well ive seen a few horror movies because thats all my friends like too watch so it shouldnt be too bad.

 Anonymous (5f25) 65705

File: 1338957637761.jpg (61.33 KB, 800x545)

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65706

File: 1338958706590.jpg (102.88 KB, 1280x688)

Some one still here?

 Anonymous (bb46) 65707

File: 1338958755313.jpg (44.16 KB, 400x550)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65708

File: 1338959109653.jpg (16.3 KB, 200x270)

I'm Back niggas

 Anonymous (5f25) 65709

File: 1338959112523.jpg (18.99 KB, 200x213)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65710

File: 1338959243058.jpg (20.07 KB, 542x538)

i was watching "Moon" damn!! that movie is good


sup Holic

dafuq comrade


 Anonymous (b7c6) 65711

File: 1338959471895.png (398.62 KB, 581x569)

What if i'm a clone?

 Anonymous (bb46) 65712

File: 1338959604536.jpg (153.98 KB, 929x778)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65713

File: 1338959706470.png (1.28 MB, 1043x787)

What if the real Dante is sending his clones to the past?

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65714

File: 1338959743253.jpg (42.73 KB, 500x500)

What if this is the past?

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65715

File: 1338959826680.jpg (112.74 KB, 720x480)

What if the real Dante is married to Neve Campbell in 1996?

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65716

File: 1338959945454.jpg (108.52 KB, 720x481)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65717

File: 1338960022184.jpg (1.07 MB, 960x1450)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65718

File: 1338960091906.jpg (95.24 KB, 327x328)

What if Abby♥ is a clon of Chloë?

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65719

File: 1338960139193.jpg (82.77 KB, 500x433)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65720

File: 1338960202579.jpg (142.62 KB, 369x547)

What if Abby♥ is not real?

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65721

File: 1338960287237.jpg (362.83 KB, 900x1384)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65722

File: 1338960380413.jpg (312.77 KB, 1400x932)

What if Chloë is watching this posts?

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65723

File: 1338960430404.jpg (333.42 KB, 500x656)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65724

File: 1338960589548.jpg (160.53 KB, 640x321)

What if i'm a clone and i just have 3 years of life, that's why i don't remember somethings?

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65725

File: 1338960724399.jpg (72.46 KB, 521x593)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65726

File: 1338960765487.jpg (4.13 MB, 3840x2400)

What if i stop saying "What if?" and just post Abby♥?

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65727

File: 1338960818857.jpg (146.91 KB, 800x450)

Go to sleep kiddo

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65728

File: 1338960928528.jpg (41.12 KB, 422x604)

> What if Chloë didn't like cheese?

> What if Chloë existed only in photos?

> What if photos of Chloë were actually videos that didn't move?

> What if videos of Chloë were really videos of the universe?

> What if you post Chloë?

> What if Chloë posts YOU?

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65729

>HR Abby ♥

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65730

File: 1338961000231.jpg (342.99 KB, 1016x1200)

>I am just a cowboy lonesome on the trail
>A starry night, a campfire light
>The coyote call, the howling winds wail
>So I ride out to the old sundown

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65731

File: 1338961106811.jpg (149.9 KB, 1280x688)

> What if Chloë posts YOU?

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65732

File: 1338961136027.jpg (985.68 KB, 3080x2054)

Someone gave me a link for all the HR "Let me in" pictures, but like i said in this post

i can't remember somethings

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65733

File: 1338961188415.jpg (885.81 KB, 3080x2054)

> What if Chloë is the 5th element?

> What if Chloë became invincible?

> What if Obama really did hang a picture of Chloë?

> What if instead of the truth, you told Chloë?

> What if an angel is born each time Chloë awakens?

> What if Chloë speaks to us telepathically?

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65734

File: 1338961269473.jpg (217.11 KB, 1280x718)

> What if Chloë speaks to us telepathically?
this can be true, who knows

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65735

File: 1338961317422.jpg (7.07 KB, 275x183)

>I am just a cowboy lonesome on the trail
>Thor, I'm just thinking about a certain female
>The nights we spent together riding on the range
>Looking back it seems so strange

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65736

File: 1338961405034.jpg (1.17 MB, 3080x2054)

> What if Chloë is watching you now?

> What if you pray to Chloë?

> What if Chloë answers your prayers?

> What if Chloë became santa?

> What if children believed in Chloë?

> What if Chloë invented a new language?

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65737

File: 1338961409010.jpg (498.34 KB, 752x1102)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65738

File: 1338961517958.jpg (239.69 KB, 801x902)

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65739

File: 1338961567701.jpg (563.75 KB, 3080x2054)

> What if ancient philosophers predicted Chloë?

> What if Chloë was an ancient philopopher?

> What if because of aliens Chloë?

> What if modern physics can't explain Chloë?

> What if Chloë rewrites history?

> What if history is Chloë in reverse?

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65740

File: 1338961864763.jpg (1.09 MB, 3080x2054)

> What if Chloë wears a pop-tart and poops rainbows?

> What if Chloë is a wizard?

> What if Chloë is magic?

> What if magic created Chloë?

> What if Chloë is the matrix we live in?

> What if Chloë stars in a movie?

 Anonymous (3b4f) 65741

File: 1338961891593.jpg (68.84 KB, 280x280)

It's okay because none of that shit will ever happen, and Chloe will not be famous for long after she turns 18.

Much like Miley. The only thing girls like her are good for is their jailbait status.

 Anonymous (3b4f) 65742

File: 1338961958754.gif (243.94 KB, 400x225)

That too.

 Anonymous (5f25) 65743

File: 1338962086564.jpg (36.02 KB, 473x442)

A weeaboo on my chloe chan?

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65744

File: 1338962204327.jpg (1 MB, 3080x2054)

>what if trolls?
>what if babby?
>what if first troll?
>what if d'awwww at least you tried?
>what if troll fails?

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65745

File: 1338962312202.jpg (99.7 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (b1c5) 65746

What if Zelda was a girl?

 Anonymous (8674) 65747

File: 1338962644394.jpg (128.86 KB, 1306x1037)


What if someone made chloe as zelda OC?

 Anonymous (3b4f) 65748

File: 1338962660545.jpg (117.11 KB, 625x625)

It's called an objective observation. You are blinded and cannot make one.

>not watching K-ON!

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65749

What if Metroid was a girl?

 Anonymous (fd4a) 65750

File: 1338962721091.jpg (106.96 KB, 1920x800)

See you guys, i'm a little sad today.

>rawr rawr <3

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65751

File: 1338962809242.jpg (148.99 KB, 1920x800)

What if Abby was a girl?

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65752

File: 1338962929109.jpg (77.82 KB, 1920x800)

later hawlick

 Anonymous (bb46) 65753

File: 1338962959862.jpg (149.04 KB, 402x288)


LTROI fag detected

>Abby is a girl

 Anonymous (5f25) 65754

File: 1338963198517.jpg (73.4 KB, 550x367)

Post chloe or gtfo, troll.

 Anonymous (6a66) 65755

File: 1338963339297.gif (556.11 KB, 288x166)

Chloë GIF tread on the new board

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65756

File: 1338963341031.jpg (92.15 KB, 1920x800)

nigga please i barely sat through ltroi without falling asleep. lmi is superior in every way.

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65757

File: 1338963636007.jpg (108.72 KB, 1920x800)

>open /wsg/ "worksafe" gif
>porn gifs on page 1
4chan never changes

 Anonymous (5f25) 65758

File: 1338964677224.jpg (436.05 KB, 1146x1284)

There was a waifu thread before with some chloe gifs as well

 Anonymous (5d20) 65759

File: 1338966785355.jpg (57.48 KB, 461x284)

Is it me or is 4chan down?

 Anonymous (bb46) 65760

File: 1338967045911.jpg (5.84 KB, 222x229)


just you


 Anonymous (5f25) 65761

File: 1338967156785.jpg (72.88 KB, 550x367)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65762

File: 1338969871077.jpg (73.51 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (fc41) 65763

Anyone here ?

 Anonymous (d70d) 65764

no one here but us lurkers

 Anonymous (fc41) 65765

File: 1338974638620.jpg (90.88 KB, 800x467)

 Anonymous (5f25) 65766

File: 1338976547440.jpg (72.11 KB, 604x453)

 Anonymous (5f25) 65767

File: 1338976789939.jpg (701.7 KB, 2357x3000)

 Anonymous (3cf8) 65768

File: 1338977747832.jpg (65.67 KB, 800x506)

So guys…hows your day ?

 Anonymous (5f25) 65769

File: 1338978413072.jpg (48.06 KB, 400x600)

Very eventful.


 Anonymous (4b96) 65770

File: 1338979297225.jpg (374.92 KB, 822x628)

 Anonymous (55e8) 65771

File: 1338979694069.jpg (247.69 KB, 680x435)

 Anonymous (b1c5) 65772


i want to smell dat

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65773

File: 1338982214409.png (70.9 KB, 221x250)

> What if Chloë didn't like cheese?

You're joking, right?

 Anonymous (a363) 65774


Candid Chlomo feet

Dante wait for me, I also have videotapes to return

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65775

File: 1338985811981.png (59.44 KB, 268x369)


>tfw Chloe pronounced it right on the daybreak interview and I've been living a lie.

 Anonymous (fc17) 65776

File: 1338986081683.jpg (25.16 KB, 345x325)

I knew someone will do this

 Anonymous (d70d) 65777

> zooming on the soles when you have that ass in all its glory

damn footfags and their creepy obsession

 Anonymous (55e8) 65778

File: 1338987373492.jpg (1.4 MB, 2594x2386)

 Anonymous (5f25) 65779

File: 1338987398958.jpg (73.84 KB, 300x301)

Doubt she pronounced chupa chups correctly though

 Anonymous (5f25) 65780

File: 1338987522346.png (530.3 KB, 1000x800)

>damn footfags and their creepy obsession

Meanwhile on Chlomochan

 Anonymous (55e8) 65781

File: 1338987765138.jpg (70.67 KB, 221x228)


>damn footfags and their creepy obsession

>that ass in all it's glory

>15 year old
>posting on a chan dedicated to her

 Anonymous (a363) 65782

>Not tear duct

Stay plebeian

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65783

File: 1338993249542.jpg (1.17 MB, 2030x3250)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65784

File: 1338993296090.jpg (943.33 KB, 2022x2782)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65785

File: 1338993347103.jpg (819.3 KB, 2058x2830)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65786

File: 1338993400296.jpg (2.38 MB, 2398x3600)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65787

File: 1338993561533.jpg (730.04 KB, 2224x3000)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65788

File: 1338993604238.jpg (1.23 MB, 1996x3000)

Someone better turn up soon…

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65789

File: 1338993637986.jpg (1.48 MB, 3264x4896)

 Anonymous (55e8) 65790

File: 1338993770093.jpg (695.78 KB, 1500x951)

 Anonymous (a363) 65791


>Not having a foot fetish

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65792

File: 1338993826188.jpg (2.79 MB, 2040x3272)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65793

File: 1338993895160.jpg (3.11 MB, 2050x3339)

>Being Fro

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65794

File: 1338993990250.jpg (2.09 MB, 3600x2400)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65795

File: 1338994067467.jpg (4.58 MB, 4516x3000)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65796

File: 1338994194646.jpg (1.3 MB, 2333x3500)

Afternoon, good sir.

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65797

File: 1338994327255.jpg (873.51 KB, 2049x3000)

 Anonymous (a363) 65798

File: 1338994395851.png (787.17 KB, 600x711)

 Anonymous (b1c5) 65799


i c wat u did thar

 Anonymous (5537) 65800

File: 1338994881993.jpg (81.47 KB, 640x416)

 Anonymous (b1c5) 65801

Have you ever fantasized so deep about Chloë you started crying?

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65802

File: 1338995090402.gif (1.98 MB, 259x221)

Maybe brought a tear to my eye but never full on.

 Anonymous (5537) 65803

File: 1338995117986.jpg (68.07 KB, 640x427)

 Anonymous (5537) 65804

File: 1338995154810.jpg (257.09 KB, 1175x529)

 Anonymous (b1c5) 65805


Yeah that's kind of what I meant, I used crying a bit loosely

 Anonymous (a363) 65806



 Anonymous (a6b0) 65807

File: 1338995469923.png (1.19 MB, 1366x558)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65808

File: 1338995515897.jpg (1012.17 KB, 2023x3035)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65809

File: 1338995739671.jpg (873.51 KB, 2049x3000)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65810

File: 1338995835670.jpg (1.28 MB, 2116x3000)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65811

File: 1338995922329.jpg (1.61 MB, 1988x3000)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65812

File: 1338996030686.jpg (813.94 KB, 1902x3000)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65813

File: 1338996155973.jpg (810.23 KB, 2199x3000)

 Anonymous (5537) 65814

File: 1338996279073.jpg (98.51 KB, 640x480)

 Anonymous (5537) 65815

File: 1338996726843.jpg (100.1 KB, 640x541)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65816

File: 1338996794800.jpg (178 KB, 640x443)

 Anonymous (5537) 65817

File: 1338996973812.jpg (83.49 KB, 640x441)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65818

File: 1338997268282.gif (1.95 MB, 260x236)

 Anonymous (5537) 65819

File: 1338997295714.jpg (97.03 KB, 640x480)


 Anonymous (fc17) 65820

File: 1338997311640.png (858.16 KB, 752x720)

You dont like when he does it ? i like it when he does it…

 Anonymous (5537) 65821

File: 1338997390061.jpg (85.53 KB, 640x579)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65822

File: 1338997550389.png (635.26 KB, 751x496)

 Anonymous (5537) 65823

File: 1338997571405.jpg (83.16 KB, 640x416)

 Anonymous (fc17) 65824

File: 1338997684201.jpg (33.75 KB, 537x383)

 Anonymous (5537) 65825

File: 1338997822182.jpg (115.83 KB, 640x479)

 Anonymous (d70d) 65826

what this nigga said

 Anonymous (5537) 65827

File: 1338998014758.jpg (378.41 KB, 1142x1123)

 Anonymous (5537) 65828

File: 1338998274224.jpg (270.71 KB, 450x675)

 Anonymous (5537) 65829

File: 1338998557939.jpg (48.47 KB, 500x213)

 Anonymous (fc17) 65830

File: 1338998574529.jpg (102.3 KB, 400x327)

Its beautiful

 Anonymous (5537) 65831

File: 1338998615996.jpg (213.88 KB, 1185x941)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65832

File: 1338998646985.png (138.74 KB, 218x247)

Oh damn. Good job!

 Anonymous (5537) 65833

File: 1338998711385.jpg (149.25 KB, 728x943)

 Anonymous (fc17) 65834

File: 1338998718201.png (389.29 KB, 1291x1077)

Do you people acaully look all over the web for new pics of chloe every day or somethin ?

 Anonymous (55e8) 65835

File: 1338998736309.jpg (178.44 KB, 556x528)

 Anonymous (a363) 65836


Cheddar detected

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65837

File: 1338998953149.jpg (531.94 KB, 2771x3029)

My signature pic.

 Anonymous (5537) 65838

File: 1338999077000.jpg (98.26 KB, 640x541)

 Anonymous (fc17) 65839

File: 1338999080160.jpg (201.27 KB, 446x594)

One of the many…

 Anonymous (fc17) 65840

File: 1338999172579.jpg (118.9 KB, 736x498)

 Anonymous (5537) 65841

File: 1338999207394.jpg (71.89 KB, 640x427)

 Anonymous (d70d) 65842

you're saying that like it's a bad thing

 Anonymous (5537) 65843

File: 1338999363878.jpg (78.52 KB, 640x441)

 Anonymous (fc17) 65844

File: 1338999421082.png (285.09 KB, 431x428)

Neither do I
i dont think anyone besides cheddar does

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65845

File: 1338999546209.jpg (134.12 KB, 515x485)

 Anonymous (fc17) 65846

File: 1338999574154.jpg (134.05 KB, 1333x1000)

 Anonymous (fc17) 65847

File: 1338999646944.png (245.7 KB, 464x336)

Name one person

 Anonymous (5537) 65848

File: 1338999768017.jpg (60.23 KB, 451x600)

 Anonymous (5537) 65849

File: 1338999834974.jpg (99.62 KB, 640x480)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65850

File: 1338999919280.png (78.19 KB, 360x374)

You win this round, anon.

 Anonymous (a363) 65851



 Anonymous (5537) 65852

File: 1339000266623.jpg (425.13 KB, 1339x1118)

 Anonymous (5537) 65853

File: 1339000379234.jpg (1013.16 KB, 2560x1920)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65854

File: 1339000490922.png (326.59 KB, 335x529)

About to watch 500 days of summer. What am I to expect? Good film?

 Anonymous (a363) 65855


I loved it.

But then again, I have a small penis.

 Anonymous (55e8) 65856

File: 1339000542285.jpg (36.64 KB, 449x363)


That should never be posted anywhere ever again, simply because of this.

 Anonymous (5537) 65857

File: 1339000543393.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x1920)

 Anonymous (fc17) 65858

File: 1339000731858.jpg (99.46 KB, 412x600)

Sleep in about 20 minutes
But dont expect no Chloe, theres almost none

 Anonymous (5537) 65859

File: 1339000791994.jpg (97.33 KB, 640x541)

 Anonymous (fc17) 65860



 Anonymous (5537) 65861

File: 1339001107436.jpg (176.12 KB, 614x490)

 Anonymous (5537) 65862

File: 1339001439502.jpg (50.27 KB, 417x479)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65863

File: 1339001566808.jpg (270.71 KB, 450x675)

Asgardian reporting in

 Anonymous (5537) 65864

File: 1339001639725.jpg (81.52 KB, 560x629)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65865

File: 1339001697875.jpg (76.32 KB, 646x588)

 Anonymous (5537) 65866

File: 1339001770833.jpg (224.6 KB, 1320x849)

 Anonymous (5537) 65867

File: 1339001821663.jpg (147.86 KB, 437x348)

 Anonymous (fb10) 65868

File: 1339001849807.jpg (72.88 KB, 550x367)

hmmm. gives me an idea.

we should try to get 'chloe appreciation day' established as an actual holiday. obviously america, being the most important country, would be the priority target.

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65869

File: 1339001859885.jpg (53.72 KB, 573x640)

damn, bro, you always do the same

 Anonymous (fb10) 65870

who is that singing?

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65871

File: 1339001996225.jpg (76.01 KB, 480x640)

is that the only picture you have?

 Anonymous (5537) 65872

File: 1339002049815.jpg (119.32 KB, 640x479)

 Anonymous (5537) 65873

File: 1339002106582.jpg (223.43 KB, 1273x753)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65874

File: 1339002120747.jpg (129.52 KB, 485x413)

gooby pls

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65875

File: 1339002333736.gif (6.13 MB, 400x169)

18gb wasted as you only post the same few chloe reactions 98% of the time…that is when you are not posting neve i mean.

 Anonymous (fb10) 65876

File: 1339002354676.jpg (44.5 KB, 302x450)

dnty pls

sher pix

 Anonymous (5537) 65877

File: 1339002400593.jpg (104.81 KB, 1280x528)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65878

File: 1339002950952.png (100.67 KB, 182x254)

Dude, please, really.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-Oa-qlz2AY&t=1m26s

i can't post all the pictures brah!!!

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65879

File: 1339003072545.jpg (68.9 KB, 536x369)

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65880

File: 1339003119637.jpg (328.07 KB, 638x709)

I didn't even need to click it to know it is suck a fuck because you always post that too. lol donde u so predictable.

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65881

File: 1339003257249.gif (423.51 KB, 245x184)

NO U!!

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65882

File: 1339003636370.jpg (193.6 KB, 1600x1100)

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65883

File: 1339003658422.jpg (121.93 KB, 740x693)

>another gay man image
dante u do yourself no favors with this bro. i just hope u know

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65884

File: 1339003749303.png (531.32 KB, 600x464)

 Anonymous (8674) 65885

File: 1339003967606.jpg (86.92 KB, 498x750)

 Anonymous (5537) 65886

File: 1339003970446.jpg (203.81 KB, 1143x784)

 Anonymous (5537) 65887

File: 1339004126546.jpg (534.34 KB, 900x978)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65888

File: 1339004137774.png (1.04 MB, 719x808)

 Anonymous (8674) 65889

File: 1339004178972.jpg (65.18 KB, 272x412)

 Anonymous (5537) 65890

File: 1339004251315.jpg (62.99 KB, 960x617)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65891

File: 1339004313288.jpg (27.03 KB, 357x299)

dafuq comrade

 Anonymous (5537) 65892

File: 1339004404254.jpg (143.94 KB, 809x791)

 Anonymous (8674) 65893

File: 1339004458271.jpg (1.04 MB, 2592x3888)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65894

File: 1339004648995.jpg (131.6 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (5537) 65895

File: 1339004742992.jpg (301.56 KB, 976x525)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65896

File: 1339004939854.jpg (279.25 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (5537) 65897

File: 1339005009885.jpg (344.17 KB, 500x600)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65898

File: 1339005097602.jpg (109.38 KB, 960x720)

 Anonymous (5537) 65899

File: 1339005111940.jpg (73.4 KB, 640x427)

 Anonymous (8674) 65900

File: 1339005161628.jpg (651.9 KB, 1280x1817)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65901

File: 1339005191397.jpg (82.65 KB, 960x720)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65902

cuz Sabbath

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65903

File: 1339005348647.jpg (76.74 KB, 478x720)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65904

File: 1339005349675.jpg (251.85 KB, 907x1222)

She didn't give the retard a arm around the waste? That's a little harsh.

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65905

File: 1339005498276.jpg (173.61 KB, 730x980)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65906

File: 1339005566390.jpg (71.97 KB, 720x405)

 Anonymous (fb10) 65907

have you ever touched a retard?
they're gross.
props to chloe for not touching it.

 Anonymous (8674) 65908

File: 1339005676337.jpg (21.83 KB, 385x448)

tfw she's following Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black on twitter

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65909

File: 1339005714850.jpg (401.52 KB, 969x1291)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65910

File: 1339005730669.png (129.56 KB, 328x287)

I lol'd

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65911

File: 1339005841007.jpg (177.61 KB, 298x710)

I'm actually more surprised that you are just now discovering this.

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65912

File: 1339005853082.jpg (1.26 MB, 1536x1894)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65913

File: 1339005862598.jpg (26.93 KB, 461x473)

>tfw you suddenly forgot she is a 15 year old girl

 Anonymous (fb10) 65914

File: 1339005871579.png (77.17 KB, 283x201)

>dat musical taste
>dat feel when she'll never like my music

>dat feel when i'm gonna start making pop music now.




 Anonymous (fc17) 65915

File: 1339005876139.jpg (31.99 KB, 1280x528)

You know guys…i've been doing a lot of thinking lately and i realized…she's not even that pretty i mean look, it's like stoners, they love weed so much like it's a divine gift or something but in the end, it's just another fucking plant, just chloe is girl, but weed can do some shit, so can chloe, but in the end, it's just a fucking plant…

 Anonymous (5537) 65916

File: 1339005981956.jpg (104.75 KB, 640x541)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65917

File: 1339005997193.jpg (594.68 KB, 1920x800)


Yeah so um…GTFO?

 Anonymous (5537) 65918

File: 1339006094190.jpg (84.2 KB, 1280x528)

 Anonymous (8674) 65919


Yeah but I was under the impression she hated Bieber's guts after she broke her little heart. I guess he will always be that dream guy for her

 Anonymous (5537) 65920

File: 1339006363948.jpg (85.41 KB, 640x441)

 Anonymous (d0a9) 65921

I told you quinterw, we should do somethig thogether, man, i know that i'm not that good, but at least we could try to make just one song

 Anonymous (fc17) 65922

File: 1339006512426.jpg (10.15 KB, 229x265)


At least until she gets to meet me

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65923

File: 1339006514790.png (1.43 MB, 881x1322)

Cheddar here. I mother fucking feed off of it.

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65924

File: 1339006564480.jpg (75.08 KB, 320x388)

>I guess he will always be that dream guy for her

just because she never stopped following him on twitter from years ago? nigga you can't be this dumb

 Anonymous (5537) 65925

File: 1339006592246.jpg (65.17 KB, 640x480)

 Anonymous (8674) 65926

File: 1339006596603.jpg (176.6 KB, 650x605)


depends on how good it is

AMC drama or
telenovelas drama?

 Anonymous (fc17) 65927

File: 1339006676590.jpg (42.66 KB, 537x528)

We know

 Anonymous (8674) 65928


Considering she seemed pretty pissed at him at the time and had all the reason to stop following him but she didn't, not to mention those young crushes will haunt you forever

He is, he so is.

 Anonymous (5537) 65929

File: 1339006800394.jpg (125.16 KB, 640x479)

 Anonymous (8674) 65930

File: 1339006901974.jpg (104.05 KB, 600x594)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65931

File: 1339006918809.jpg (1.21 MB, 3500x2333)

Leaving a bit early?

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65932

File: 1339006973643.jpg (46.73 KB, 380x604)

i wish i had a screenshot of the quiz she took on fb a few months back before her account was switched to the new timeline and the post no longer shows..something about who you think is the most annoying celeb or singer and she answered justin beiber

 Anonymous (fc17) 65933

File: 1339007199888.jpg (102.8 KB, 594x600)

Let's all shit ourselfs now

 Anonymous (8674) 65934


But it's that "I hate him because I can't have him" sort of hate. She used to be a huge fan until that premiere where he didn't even give 2 seconds of attention to her. He then sent her a pity tweet and that was all. She was crushed and of course she ended up hating his guts. But if he had given her the attention she craved for then she would have been plotting Selena's death by now.

 Anonymous (fb10) 65935

what kind of song though

'porno gore' isn't exactly my element.

 Anonymous (fb10) 65936

if you could scream like oli sykes… now…. now we'd be on to something.

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65937

that data drama thread seems like the right place for this

 Anonymous (fc17) 65938

File: 1339007477400.jpg (24.88 KB, 340x455)

 Anonymous (8674) 65939

File: 1339007697318.gif (637.84 KB, 200x150)


> data drama

data doesn't care about drama

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65940


 Anonymous (fc17) 65941

File: 1339007942671.jpg (50.84 KB, 560x367)

Overlord, can we speak ?

 Anonymous (8674) 65942

File: 1339008014502.jpg (61.19 KB, 598x448)


Data doesn't date. He just gives bitches pleasure

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65943

File: 1339008320176.jpg (206.98 KB, 382x512)

This isn't dating drama at all.

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65944

if you want to get technical with it then we could argue that none of what is in that thread is dating drama because it's all just speculation that she's dating anyone..regardless it's all "chloe likes this boy and not me bawwwwww my world is ending" so i think it all belongs there.

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65945

File: 1339008978789.png (439.5 KB, 524x559)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65946

File: 1339010131756.png (645.83 KB, 1366x563)

 Anonymous (8674) 65947

File: 1339010283576.jpg (50.91 KB, 604x311)

 Anonymous (7b83) 65948

File: 1339011308963.png (118.09 KB, 238x223)

When was that?

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65949

Museum of Modern Art’s 2011 Film Benefit - November 15, 2011


 Anonymous (8674) 65950

File: 1339011656063.jpg (36.78 KB, 512x344)

 Anonymous (7b83) 65951

File: 1339012236833.png (196.35 KB, 296x306)

Yes, I am

 Anonymous (8674) 65952

File: 1339012360594.jpg (28.52 KB, 569x573)


Where did you come from?

 Anonymous (7b83) 65953

I don't remember… I think I saw one of the videos of Chlomoorg youtube account… Sorry if my english is a shit, I'm from Venezuela, you see…

 Anonymous (8674) 65954

File: 1339012971214.jpg (56.54 KB, 315x341)


Don't worry. We have have our share of hispanics here and your english is good enough

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65955

File: 1339012975104.jpg (77.04 KB, 500x489)

Welcome puto

 Anonymous (fc17) 65956

File: 1339013147044.jpg (1.28 MB, 3168x4752)

I wondered when youd show up

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65957

File: 1339013281652.jpg (46.69 KB, 535x358)

i'm sorry i was crying on my bed like a baby

 Anonymous (fc17) 65958

File: 1339013490364.jpg (67.24 KB, 500x375)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65959

File: 1339013576013.jpg (53.72 KB, 573x640)

obviously that was fake, i haven't cried since i was a kid

 Anonymous (fc17) 65960

File: 1339013929243.jpg (138.7 KB, 903x620)

That really isn't hard to believe

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65961

File: 1339014068892.png (138.74 KB, 218x247)


 Anonymous (a6b0) 65962

File: 1339014194639.jpg (1.22 MB, 2333x3500)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65963

File: 1339014210975.jpg (121.35 KB, 500x375)

why you say that?

 Anonymous (7669) 65964

File: 1339014459858.jpg (222.13 KB, 1920x800)

Holic here, what's up bros.

 Anonymous (fc17) 65965

File: 1339014518498.jpg (85.95 KB, 604x453)

Cos you're a 21y old kid

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65966

File: 1339014581856.jpg (153.29 KB, 600x788)

 Anonymous (fc17) 65967

File: 1339014623766.jpg (153.41 KB, 1080x600)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65968

File: 1339014704020.jpg (79.57 KB, 300x399)

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65969

File: 1339014739814.jpg (92.85 KB, 610x418)

Interesting choice in bed linens.

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65970

File: 1339014746010.jpg (150.96 KB, 577x480)

>mfw Big Bad Wolf and Diary of a Wimpy Kid got better scores than Hick on IMDB

 Anonymous (7669) 65971

File: 1339014748062.jpg (149.93 KB, 1280x688)

Bienvenido hermano, a ver cuando nos mandas unos galones de gasolina jaja, aquí está muy cara, saludos desde México.

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65972

File: 1339014874661.png (143.34 KB, 399x495)

inb4 delete

 Anonymous (8674) 65973


almost every shitty movie out there got a better score than hick, especially on RT

 Anonymous (8674) 65974

File: 1339014991325.jpg (130.42 KB, 670x1005)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65975

File: 1339015001579.jpg (245.72 KB, 637x382)

Actually that's my loli's bed

 Anonymous (7669) 65976

File: 1339015017962.jpg (123.5 KB, 1280x688)

LOL sorry, I forgot that.

 Anonymous (8674) 65977

File: 1339015102830.jpg (150.79 KB, 500x621)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65978

File: 1339015128908.jpg (59.88 KB, 1000x744)

lol paedophilia…

 Anonymous (fc17) 65979

File: 1339015159136.jpg (108.85 KB, 648x486)

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65980

File: 1339015267653.jpg (144.91 KB, 497x654)

i'm not a pedo

 Anonymous (fc17) 65981

File: 1339015307306.jpg (99.84 KB, 777x600)

RT never gives a good rating

 Anonymous (7669) 65982

File: 1339015372155.png (14.47 KB, 497x501)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65983

File: 1339015393509.jpg (42.94 KB, 500x481)

>Actually that's my loli's bed
>i'm not a pedo

Makes sense.

 Anonymous (fc17) 65984

File: 1339015456431.jpg (53.72 KB, 573x640)

 Anonymous (8674) 65985

File: 1339015456607.jpg (17.18 KB, 249x272)


> RT never gives a good rating

all my wuuttt?

 Anonymous (fb10) 65986

>rt never gives a good rating

a '0' seems to be exceptionally poor. but hey, what do i know. numbers are hard. i'm bad at math.

 Anonymous (fc17) 65987

File: 1339015581793.png (350.52 KB, 395x594)

Almost nothing's ever good enough for them

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65988

File: 1339015615254.jpg (41.2 KB, 500x583)

>There's a place where everyone can be happy
>It's the most beautiful place in the whole fucking world
>It's made of candy canes and planes and bright red choo-choo trains
>And the coolest guitars and the most innocent little girls
>And you know I wish that I could go there
>It's a road that I have not found
>And I wish you the best of luck, dear
>Drop a card or letter to my side of town
>Because there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend

 Anonymous (8674) 65989

File: 1339015674681.jpg (105.76 KB, 700x643)


You literally have no idea what you're talking about, do you?

 Anonymous (fb10) 65990

File: 1339015732596.png (171.47 KB, 400x400)

O.O …..rainbow land…..

 Anonymous (b7c6) 65991

File: 1339015929754.jpg (253.29 KB, 405x608)

 Anonymous (fc17) 65992

File: 1339015935012.jpg (126.97 KB, 987x600)

I'll just stop talking now

 Anonymous (a6b0) 65993

File: 1339015985988.jpg (146.47 KB, 896x1184)

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65994

File: 1339016116634.jpg (142.79 KB, 504x637)

 Anonymous (8674) 65995

File: 1339016141800.jpg (47.37 KB, 600x398)

 Anonymous (fb10) 65996

difference between kids and adults….

kids find it humorous because it's so outrageous. adults find it depressing because they know it's true.

 Anonymous (fb10) 65997

the simpsons, i mean.

 Anonymous (ae5a) 65998

which cupcakes would you lick first?

 Anonymous (8674) 65999

File: 1339016429453.png (91.91 KB, 243x284)


the smallest ones

 Anonymous (ae5a) 66000

File: 1339016584994.jpg (76.32 KB, 646x588)

 Anonymous (8674) 66001

File: 1339016656172.jpg (39.65 KB, 640x480)

 Anonymous (7669) 66002

File: 1339016738900.jpg (51.9 KB, 600x398)

I prefer this.

 Anonymous (b7c6) 66003

File: 1339016753323.jpg (27.57 KB, 206x200)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 66004

File: 1339016831435.jpg (360.56 KB, 445x664)

 Anonymous (ae5a) 66005

File: 1339016878674.jpg (90.06 KB, 500x483)

deal with it

 Anonymous (55e8) 66006

File: 1339017022600.jpg (378.33 KB, 1050x700)

 Anonymous (fb10) 66007

i'm freaking the fuck out right now. take this shit off my screen.

 Anonymous (bb46) 66008



 Anonymous (9ed9) 66009

File: 1339017573857.png (196.35 KB, 296x306)

 Anonymous (a363) 66010

File: 1339017878664.png (787.17 KB, 600x711)


My nigga

 Anonymous (a363) 66011

File: 1339018087479.jpg (69.4 KB, 600x413)

>Chedz not on fb
>You takin' the piss mate?

 Anonymous (b7c6) 66012

File: 1339018093763.jpg (111.79 KB, 453x360)

 Anonymous (a6b0) 66013

im srry

 Anonymous (a363) 66014

File: 1339018156584.jpg (31.87 KB, 400x400)

What time is it?

 Anonymous (a363) 66015

File: 1339018209466.jpg (81.87 KB, 332x543)



 Anonymous (a6b0) 66016


 Anonymous (eb0e) 66017

File: 1339022816542.jpg (24.66 KB, 365x400)

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