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File: 1339018215490.jpg (300.18 KB, 1000x1400)

 Chloe thread #67 (5daf) 65107

We need pictures of cupcakes now!

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65108

File: 1339018256695.jpg (43.61 KB, 500x667)

 Anonymous (4877) 65109

File: 1339018290941.jpg (53.97 KB, 612x612)

Step aside

>Incoming GOAT Cupcakes

 Anonymous (ca03) 65110

File: 1339018331834.jpg (71.31 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65111

File: 1339018350274.jpg (174.05 KB, 1000x542)

 Anonymous (4877) 65112

File: 1339018450741.jpg (25.99 KB, 477x640)

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65113

File: 1339018450933.jpg (161.59 KB, 480x1100)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65114

File: 1339018485990.jpg (75.68 KB, 480x720)

 Anonymous (4877) 65115

File: 1339018541852.jpg (369.89 KB, 1636x900)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65116

File: 1339018549765.jpg (143.17 KB, 720x482)

dat pic was bonerific.

 Anonymous (4877) 65117

File: 1339018609101.jpg (75.54 KB, 500x800)


Anyone have it without the shit below it?

 Anonymous (2854) 65118

File: 1339018636573.jpg (162.17 KB, 543x506)

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65119

File: 1339018651565.jpg (76.61 KB, 504x637)

this thread is my reason for having internets

 Anonymous (4877) 65120

File: 1339018663661.png (930.62 KB, 587x649)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65121

File: 1339018690091.png (648.08 KB, 482x610)

I do now.

 Anonymous (4877) 65122

File: 1339018697125.jpg (219.35 KB, 640x426)

 Anonymous (62f2) 65123

kill yourself

 Anonymous (4877) 65124

File: 1339018790423.jpg (798.47 KB, 2100x2769)



What's that Blockbuster? Yes I'll be round to return my videotapes straight away.

 Anonymous (4877) 65125

File: 1339018875997.jpg (60.14 KB, 900x590)

>Taste the rainbow

 Anonymous (4877) 65126

File: 1339018916458.jpg (540 KB, 828x1086)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65127

File: 1339018973271.jpg (100.07 KB, 701x568)

 Anonymous (4877) 65128

File: 1339019001463.jpg (190.94 KB, 744x420)

 Anonymous (2854) 65129

File: 1339019027187.jpg (111.16 KB, 560x463)

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65130

File: 1339019062074.jpg (164.42 KB, 500x667)

 Anonymous (760c) 65131

File: 1339019098672.jpg (104.3 KB, 1920x800)

I like this thread matarile rilero.

 Anonymous (4877) 65132

File: 1339019140342.jpg (166.11 KB, 900x528)

>Did someone say feet?

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65133

Dat shower scene…

 Anonymous (2854) 65134

File: 1339019209380.png (1.04 MB, 719x808)

Why you do this holic?

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65135

File: 1339019260681.jpg (1.06 MB, 2000x1500)

Don't derail the cupcakes with feet…

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65136

File: 1339019263234.jpg (209.92 KB, 500x743)

 Anonymous (4877) 65137

File: 1339019267542.jpg (1.4 MB, 2594x2386)

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65138

File: 1339019318988.jpg (446.81 KB, 3000x1967)

that deserves higher res

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65139

File: 1339019319758.jpg (80.75 KB, 641x478)

No. fucking. way.

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65140

File: 1339019334827.gif (1.79 MB, 320x180)



 Anonymous (51e1) 65141

File: 1339019346866.jpg (108.85 KB, 648x486)

 Anonymous (4877) 65142

File: 1339019350371.jpg (284.23 KB, 1000x665)


 Anonymous (4877) 65143

File: 1339019436956.jpg (50.84 KB, 604x453)

>Dat ankle

 Anonymous (2854) 65144

File: 1339019450630.jpg (79.71 KB, 443x360)

This is fucking madness you crazy bastards

 Anonymous (62f2) 65145

File: 1339019469929.jpg (360.72 KB, 900x900)

 Anonymous (51e1) 65146

File: 1339019511559.png (163.83 KB, 268x354)

Don't like feet bro ?

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65147

File: 1339019535335.png (433.75 KB, 601x431)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65148

File: 1339019583754.jpg (191.53 KB, 800x800)

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65149

File: 1339019594976.jpg (79.2 KB, 443x360)


Feet are good but this is a cupcake thread plus there was a thread for legs anyway

 Anonymous (4877) 65150

File: 1339019595835.jpg (1.71 MB, 3000x4180)

>Such sexy feet

 Anonymous (4877) 65151

File: 1339019667721.jpg (66.88 KB, 836x580)


 Anonymous (51e1) 65152

File: 1339019683484.jpg (344.17 KB, 500x600)

Look who's talking

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65153

File: 1339019726398.gif (1.17 MB, 474x268)

 Anonymous (4877) 65154

File: 1339019745077.jpg (1.02 MB, 2100x2548)

>Implying I wouldn't kill everyone here to have a sniff of her shoes

 Anonymous (51e1) 65155

File: 1339019779321.jpg (17.67 KB, 263x268)

Long lost somewhere on the page x

 Anonymous (7294) 65156

File: 1339019781453.jpg (71.94 KB, 600x400)

my penis is enjoying this thread

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65157

File: 1339019809637.jpg (181.2 KB, 1500x1000)

ITT: fucking niggers

so much for having a normal thread without any trolls and retarded chlobros

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65158

File: 1339019844370.jpg (32.45 KB, 350x283)


up there in the threads list

 Anonymous (51e1) 65159

He is a faggot

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65160

this thread fell apart quickly

 Anonymous (4877) 65161

File: 1339019957709.jpg (52.78 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (7294) 65162

File: 1339019958546.png (562.2 KB, 1013x866)

 Anonymous (51e1) 65163

File: 1339019968174.jpg (50.89 KB, 1035x528)

you mean empty or at least imaginary thread
your bubble of delusion's reaching another levels i see

 Anonymous (4877) 65164

File: 1339020027993.jpg (135.21 KB, 960x720)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65165

File: 1339020042548.jpg (41.7 KB, 604x405)

 Anonymous (51e1) 65166

File: 1339020066554.jpg (241.22 KB, 457x566)

But noone goes there anyway…

 Anonymous (4877) 65167

File: 1339020098540.jpg (196.75 KB, 1024x765)

>Chloe isn't even the most attractive out of her friends

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65168

File: 1339020133196.png (531.32 KB, 600x464)


this this thread was going very well until niggers derailed it

 Anonymous (4877) 65169

File: 1339020202447.jpg (57.29 KB, 478x720)


What did Cheddar do?

 Anonymous (ca03) 65170

File: 1339020249020.jpg (89.27 KB, 399x406)

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65171

File: 1339020250328.gif (1.75 MB, 360x198)


because no one posted anymore, doesn't stop you from posting

 Anonymous (51e1) 65172

File: 1339020275640.jpg (81.25 KB, 328x350)

Yeah but you couldnt've expected it to stay that way
And don't look at me im not the one posting feet here

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65173

File: 1339020281962.jpg (937.35 KB, 2348x3000)

>Most beautiful girl in the world
>Not the most attractive out of 6

Nigga, you trippin'

 Anonymous (4877) 65174

File: 1339020291637.jpg (50.88 KB, 720x540)

>How lucky is Chloe?

>Damn, I bet he's hung like a horse.

 Anonymous (4877) 65175

File: 1339020352620.jpg (531.94 KB, 2771x3029)


Neither am I

 Anonymous (51e1) 65176

File: 1339020354781.jpg (25.16 KB, 345x325)

why me ?

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65177

File: 1339020400907.jpg (98.48 KB, 612x612)


true that

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65178

File: 1339020434306.jpg (553.45 KB, 1869x1825)

Oh it's funny because I'm a nigger.

 Anonymous (4877) 65179

File: 1339020460700.jpg (201.42 KB, 1222x817)


Armpit thread?

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65180

File: 1339020464158.jpg (115.25 KB, 1680x940)


Because you're the one putting feet where they don't belong

feet and cupcakes don't mix

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65181

File: 1339020530441.jpg (382.37 KB, 897x768)

 Anonymous (4877) 65182

File: 1339020532920.jpg (898.72 KB, 1997x3000)


In my mouth they do

 Anonymous (51e1) 65183

File: 1339020546077.jpg (10.15 KB, 229x265)

Where ? where did i put feet in here ? show me

 Anonymous (62f2) 65184

File: 1339020587958.jpg (17.98 KB, 480x360)

fuck all of you

 Anonymous (4877) 65185

File: 1339020607055.jpg (786.27 KB, 936x1405)

>Armpit general

 Anonymous (4877) 65186

File: 1339020679969.jpg (850.96 KB, 936x1250)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65187

File: 1339020773005.png (280.94 KB, 632x565)

and here I was thinking that we could have a cupcake thread…

 Anonymous (4877) 65188

File: 1339020814037.gif (2.69 MB, 355x500)

>Cupcake thread?

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65189

File: 1339020847127.jpg (265.27 KB, 1050x1500)

 Anonymous (4877) 65190

File: 1339020874212.jpg (1.85 MB, 2417x3213)

 Anonymous (51e1) 65191

File: 1339020923546.jpg (26.36 KB, 300x335)

We can

 Anonymous (4877) 65192

File: 1339020938785.png (22.6 KB, 600x700)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65193

File: 1339020951262.png (311.15 KB, 328x443)

>dem cakes

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65194

File: 1339020990929.jpg (34.98 KB, 272x238)



 Anonymous (2854) 65195

File: 1339020996018.jpg (9.36 KB, 320x240)

you morons when Echo find out about this thread! he's gonna be really upset, and when Echo gets upset, the ground SHAKES! My father is Thor! I worship my father!

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65196

File: 1339021015033.jpg (275.13 KB, 720x540)

it was only a matter of time…

 Anonymous (4877) 65197

File: 1339021043664.jpg (6.57 MB, 3682x2879)

>Always room for this

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65198

File: 1339021128007.gif (871.6 KB, 500x250)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65199

File: 1339021209850.jpg (199.51 KB, 826x884)

 Anonymous (4877) 65200


>Chest gap

>Chicken legs

 Anonymous (4877) 65201

File: 1339021361085.jpg (89.4 KB, 565x398)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65202

File: 1339021407371.jpg (348.98 KB, 2048x1365)

>dat ass

 Anonymous (4877) 65203

File: 1339021444515.jpg (10.3 KB, 200x200)

 Anonymous (4877) 65204

File: 1339021524778.png (69.47 KB, 476x376)


>What do we use to plug it?

>My tounge

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65205

File: 1339021529372.jpg (104.53 KB, 500x672)

 Anonymous (4877) 65206

File: 1339021597501.jpg (123.49 KB, 466x565)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65207

File: 1339021605380.jpg (1.51 MB, 3682x2879)


Fro doomed us all.

Has it been 5 days since max's friend threatened to phone the police? Why is the party van not at my door yet?

 Anonymous (4877) 65208

File: 1339021682664.jpg (187.54 KB, 800x554)


Never noticed that, it wasn't actually me but COOL!

 Anonymous (62f2) 65209

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65210

File: 1339021821932.jpg (35.87 KB, 469x428)

 Anonymous (4877) 65211

File: 1339021849187.jpg (851.08 KB, 1745x3000)


Most of them are me

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65212

File: 1339021914313.jpg (851.39 KB, 1052x1365)

u mad Dante?

 Anonymous (4877) 65213

File: 1339021915213.png (158.16 KB, 400x518)

←- 'Bout time I should be off. Enjoy your cupcake/feet/armpit thread.

uMad Chedz?

 Anonymous (4877) 65214

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65215

File: 1339022146647.jpg (219.42 KB, 533x800)

u madder Dante?

 Anonymous (51e1) 65216

File: 1339022180344.jpg (108.85 KB, 648x486)

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65217

one post for the lulz is ok but you guys are taking this soup shit over the top

stop trolling dante

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65218

File: 1339022377993.jpg (42.94 KB, 500x481)

>Making 2 #67


 Anonymous (760c) 65219

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65220

File: 1339023030388.jpg (65.24 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65221

>mfw #67 has been taken over by an imposter

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65222

File: 1339023205730.jpg (842.59 KB, 2635x3000)

mfw I never realized some people found the cupcake talk offensive

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65223

File: 1339023286252.jpg (216.91 KB, 759x1222)

True dat. I certainly used to but the chan desensitised me. (Chedz here)

 Anonymous (4877) 65224


>inb4 ban

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65225

File: 1339023435343.jpg (176.68 KB, 980x553)

I mean um…anon here.

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65226

File: 1339023546630.jpg (54 KB, 320x460)

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65227


I never heard anyone actually complaining about them. I thought everyone dreamed of eating cupcakes in rainbowland

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65228

File: 1339023654188.jpg (7.45 MB, 10000x10000)

>MFW this thread

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65229

File: 1339023857789.jpg (330.23 KB, 1120x1265)

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65230

File: 1339023871667.jpg (97.08 KB, 300x308)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65231


Nigga, please.

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65232

File: 1339023909110.jpg (119.86 KB, 359x528)


10.000x10.000 px

he's going for the record

 Anonymous (760c) 65233

File: 1339023922986.jpg (120.5 KB, 1920x800)


 Anonymous (7294) 65234

File: 1339024121511.jpg (690.71 KB, 2400x3600)

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65235

File: 1339024139840.gif (1.89 MB, 320x240)

2 #67 threads? But which one's the real one?

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65236

File: 1339024214413.jpg (75.08 KB, 320x388)

Dis one.

 Anonymous (e272) 65237

File: 1339024257256.jpg (378.33 KB, 1050x700)

Evenig chumps, is there any more of pic related or is it a solitary pictorial image.

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65238

File: 1339024282141.jpg (295.42 KB, 1296x2000)

this is the first and only #67

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65239

File: 1339024291048.jpg (20.09 KB, 364x344)


According to the other one you must be a pedo. He's probably right too

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65240

File: 1339024348444.gif (1.98 MB, 259x221)

tfw not everybody likes cupcakes

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65241

File: 1339024424171.png (155.13 KB, 460x345)

I think it's a single photo unfortunately


 Anonymous (2c9b) 65242

File: 1339024526667.jpg (1.07 MB, 2046x3000)

Why all these pedo allegations? I thought we were all bros on this site? faggots

 Anonymous (e272) 65243

File: 1339024623165.jpg (52.52 KB, 544x551)

Thanks I suppose, frustrating nonetheless.
You think it therefore its right, indeed.

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65244

File: 1339024718374.png (28.41 KB, 258x277)

Fuck off, David…

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65245

File: 1339024794746.jpg (9.08 KB, 115x358)

I know bro, it's a great photo for sure.

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65246

File: 1339024835878.jpg (50.69 KB, 297x310)

Niggers tryna split the community…

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65247

File: 1339024938419.jpg (142.4 KB, 535x951)

 Anonymous (e272) 65248

File: 1339025021114.jpg (54.87 KB, 456x656)

You see the way chloes back kinda curves in that pic, similarly in this one, I don't know why or what it is or why I haven't noticed a similar thing on other womens anatomy but by god I find it alluring, iys just like the perfect curve. I dont understand it.
>dat sumptuously curved back

 Anonymous (e272) 65249

File: 1339025144909.jpg (59.18 KB, 484x637)

More tight curves.

 Anonymous (e272) 65250

File: 1339025220038.jpg (495.45 KB, 1263x2000)

 Anonymous (e272) 65251

File: 1339025266428.jpg (122.87 KB, 702x1000)

 Anonymous (e272) 65252

File: 1339025392893.jpg (567.01 KB, 2100x3150)

 Anonymous (e272) 65253

File: 1339025484436.jpg (317.44 KB, 1297x2000)

 Anonymous (e272) 65254

File: 1339025553788.jpg (684.71 KB, 2094x3307)

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65255


I wish I could say that's smoking hot but I'm afraid that moralfags might come in with pitchforks and torches

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65256

File: 1339025630980.jpg (1.48 MB, 3264x4896)

I think it is just an illusion from the 'one arm on hip' pose.

 Anonymous (e272) 65257

File: 1339025650002.jpg (472.36 KB, 1333x1765)

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65258

File: 1339025651518.gif (2.4 MB, 239x360)

 Anonymous (9fd3) 65259

File: 1339025706751.gif (331.94 KB, 500x247)



and after


 Anonymous (7b5c) 65260

File: 1339025741589.jpg (95.97 KB, 446x594)

Say it. We got your back.

 Anonymous (e272) 65261

File: 1339025808142.jpg (1.29 MB, 3168x4752)

Say whatever you want bro, everybody opinion is valid, apart from cheddar's of course.
Yeah I kinda gathered that after looking in deatail at the ones I posted, still never seen any female pull that off as schmokingly enticing as herself.
I hope she keeps wearing tighfighting stuff and doing that pose cause it really works well for her.

 Anonymous (e272) 65262

File: 1339025908091.jpg (186.84 KB, 1280x720)

After what, they both look equally flaptastic to me.
Maybe the after is a little more bootylicious I suppose.

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65263

File: 1339026046239.jpg (864.09 KB, 2252x3000)


 Anonymous (e272) 65264

File: 1339026104148.jpg (39.5 KB, 320x480)

>oh lawd

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65265

File: 1339026151613.jpg (98.16 KB, 448x594)


>apart from cheddar's of course

Chill, faggot. I posted >>65260 .

I also posted the other comment you mentioned ( >>65256 ) so jokes on you.

There is no 'Cheddar' anyway, It's anon.

 Anonymous (e272) 65266

File: 1339026187668.jpg (21.56 KB, 453x229)

I like the otherone better, that way theres no danger of me zooming in on her teeth.
Yes there normally fine bit not there.

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65267

just another brainwashed into thinking veneers are how teeth are supposed to look. good job drinking that coolaid society keeps drowning us in.

 Anonymous (e272) 65268

File: 1339026525101.jpg (110.3 KB, 1280x688)

I keed you man, you're a swell guy.

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65269

Yeah, she must of forgot her toothbrush when heading to the event or something. Still nothing a little photoshop can't fix.

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65270

File: 1339026665614.jpg (98.18 KB, 433x594)

Thank you so much. Do you have the rest of those smaller photos in HQ? If you posted them here, in the CinemaCon2012 thread (page 14) or linked me to the site that you got them, I would be very grateful.

 Anonymous (e272) 65271

File: 1339026690991.jpg (334.22 KB, 2000x3000)

I shall have you know my teeth are fucked up and I dont give a feck, Its just that in that particualr shoot they are particularly off colour on one side. It has nothing to do with society its just an ever so slight departure from her normal non stained teeth.

 Anonymous (2854) 65272

File: 1339026700605.gif (718.81 KB, 250x215)

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65273

File: 1339026760030.jpg (233.63 KB, 1024x683)

I think it has more to do with the lighting than anything.

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65274

File: 1339026922471.png (335.85 KB, 486x419)

I don't know about that.
Either way, who gives a fuck. She looks stunning no matter what (excluding birds-nest Chloe).

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65275


just scroll down to april 26th. there's a standard and foot/shoe gallery for that event lol

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65276

fak u goobz

 Anonymous (e272) 65277

File: 1339027039254.jpg (48.55 KB, 369x595)


 Anonymous (e272) 65278

File: 1339027093355.jpg (80.55 KB, 435x594)

That contrast

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65279

File: 1339027317539.jpg (373.4 KB, 1050x1600)

I literally have no idea what was going on in that photo.

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65280

 Anonymous (760c) 65281

File: 1339027602713.jpg (157.32 KB, 1280x688)

I would like to lick those teeth until they got white.
>inb4 b&

 Anonymous (e272) 65282

File: 1339027611734.jpg (88.93 KB, 540x509)

It shall remain a mystery.
A bigger mystery is why they chose that particular one over the countless others I have seen that look significantly better.
My theory is that there was a jelly female editor who wasn't having any of chloes fame, looks and cracking personality so she said well I'll screw her over the only way I can and we ended up with that cover.

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65283

File: 1339027689019.jpg (869.9 KB, 1890x2835)

You'd have to go alot further than that to get banned.


 Anonymous (e272) 65284

File: 1339027707529.png (34.89 KB, 283x201)

Her toenails might require. some of your tongues attention aswell

 Anonymous (2854) 65285

File: 1339027805529.gif (703.8 KB, 250x215)

 Anonymous (e272) 65286

File: 1339027855137.jpg (175.45 KB, 950x1466)

Catching some of that draft, cooling down the defibrillator unit.

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65287

stop with neve dickhead

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65288

File: 1339027919867.jpeg (43.72 KB, 427x720)

mfw hick

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65289

File: 1339027939540.jpg (56.7 KB, 401x400)

>Remembering the defibrillators

Oh anon, you shouldn't have

 Anonymous (2854) 65290

You don't need to call me like that

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65291

File: 1339028095742.jpg (46.04 KB, 402x604)

 Anonymous (e272) 65292

File: 1339028111056.gif (5.65 MB, 269x350)

I assume you're chedz, I was the anon that back yonder initially misinterpreted that post you made about the thread needing defibrillation.

>dat back curve without hand on hip

 Anonymous (e272) 65293

File: 1339028191220.jpg (51.22 KB, 344x311)

Now you can't deny that the back curve is a thing seperate from hand on hip and that it works exceptionally well in contouring her body in the right ways.

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65294

File: 1339028321346.gif (364.34 KB, 134x170)

> back curve covered in sweat beads

 Anonymous (e272) 65295

File: 1339028445409.jpg (74.01 KB, 708x787)

Yes yes that is quite the mental image allright.
Ive never noticed it on anyone else, maybe its a new evolutionary step and thats why we are all so enthralled because its been luring us subconscioulsy this whole time.

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65296

File: 1339028530884.jpg (974.85 KB, 2027x3000)

That photographer took some amazing pictures at the London premiere.
>dem lips

Good times.

I'll give you that one. She doesn't seem to have a back as bent as that all the time though?

 Anonymous (e272) 65297

File: 1339029068122.jpg (568.83 KB, 1960x3008)

Im thinking its a natural occurance based off of picrelated.

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65298

File: 1339029102403.jpg (1.81 MB, 2188x3000)

>All goes quiet

 Anonymous (e272) 65299

File: 1339029472656.jpg (794.44 KB, 1184x1597)

Yeah it tends to get pretty silent around this time, Ive been on around now last 3 or so nights and its the same erry night.]Is it really that bad or perturbing that it requires a comment though, I mean its not like we are all dead. 10 mins between posts is really not a bad thing, gives time for thought or for certain parties returning videotapes, whatever you're into.

 Anonymous (e272) 65300

File: 1339029742850.jpg (227.6 KB, 1600x1100)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65301

File: 1339029744456.jpg (826.47 KB, 1997x3000)

It was just so sudden. We were getting posts consistently every minute then just…silence

 Anonymous (e272) 65302

File: 1339029837965.jpg (61.09 KB, 400x600)

Its been the same thing everynight, it must just be a transitional phase or something.
A changing of the guard if you will, some of us never leave though, coz we crazy.

 Anonymous (e272) 65303

File: 1339029888140.jpg (37.36 KB, 455x635)

 Anonymous (e272) 65304

File: 1339029931067.jpg (41.72 KB, 508x557)

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65305

moar back curve!

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65306

File: 1339030006820.jpg (868.16 KB, 2000x3265)

I actually don't leave. Many days I'm on the chan 16 hours a day. Sad times.

 Anonymous (e272) 65307

File: 1339030126695.jpg (2.16 MB, 3734x5415)

Ive scouted through my whole chloe folder and have already posted all that I could find although I suspect the hick panty scene could be a varitable golld mine for stills if anyone was dedicated enough to get them.

 Anonymous (e272) 65308

File: 1339030274844.jpg (122.14 KB, 688x530)

Really 16 hours, please tell me your kidding me. I genuinely sympathise with you if you are but also somewhat respect you dedication aswell, what else do you be doing while on here, you should just try to churn out as much OC as possibly good or bad.
16 hours, fuck me.

 Anonymous (e272) 65309

File: 1339030408141.jpg (112.96 KB, 426x594)

 Anonymous (e272) 65310

File: 1339030489311.jpg (153.52 KB, 1400x1050)

 Anonymous (6a58) 65311

File: 1339030526689.png (553.63 KB, 1336x768)

In after everyone is asleep.

 Anonymous (e272) 65312

File: 1339030682021.jpg (421.27 KB, 675x900)

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65313

File: 1339031002592.jpg (1.19 MB, 2777x3843)

Yup, I really do.

One does not simply churn out OC. It requires creativity and inspiration.

PS3, chatting to people on skype, chatting to bros on FB, youtube, photoshop, returning some videotapes and all whilst listening to music.

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65314

File: 1339031076705.jpg (82.71 KB, 400x600)

 Anonymous (e272) 65315

File: 1339031263697.jpg (88.84 KB, 300x515)

Well as long as you're happy with it, are you happy eith it? I probably could spend 16 hours a day on here too but consciously try not too, I dont think 16 hours of chloe time everyday for 4 months would be too beneficial for my mental health.
Well if you churn out alot of oc you increase your chances of hitting something good.

 Anonymous (e272) 65316

File: 1339031345122.gif (1.68 MB, 325x299)

The next step in the female evolutionary tree!

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65317

My theory is that Chloe has been sent from the future to give us a glimpse of what a perfect 10 female will look, act, and sound like after millions of years of evolution has passed.

 Anonymous (e272) 65318

File: 1339031739291.jpg (30.35 KB, 596x599)

Maybe in that future time every woman looks and acts like chloe.
Back in a few months guys gonna to create a time machine.
>that feel when you go there and get rejected by all of the chloes

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65319

File: 1339032079122.jpg (110.83 KB, 626x761)

> A future world full of nothing but Chloe's

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65320

Basically Chloe is the future world's way of trolling us saying "haha! good luck being attracted to those other neanderthal women now faggots!"

 Anonymous (e272) 65321

File: 1339032353314.jpg (151.09 KB, 413x418)

Lets say such a thing does exist and you somehow manage to find your way to the promisedland.
In all likely *Im assuming there are no males, the chloes have somehow transcended the need for man and by extension you would either be hailed as an saintly oddity, in which case wlecome to poonetown or you would be brutally butchered as where all the other men as in the great purge of 3956.
Either way it would be a sight to behold.

 Anonymous (2c9b) 65322

I would gladly welcome either path chosen for me bro.

 Anonymous (e272) 65323

File: 1339032702821.jpg (14.63 KB, 201x207)

You best get started on that time machine then.

I think in the multiverse theory it says that somewhere out there every possible eventuality is occuring so….

 Anonymous (7b5c) 65324

File: 1339033621012.png (1.34 MB, 938x1295)

I guess I'm just used to it now. It would take some getting used to getting back into my old routine for sure.

 Anonymous (8e5f) 65325


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