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File: 1339263146384.jpg (99.72 KB, 612x612)

 Chloë Thread #71 !!7jvwXbIqxQ 63594

Time for a new thread.

 Anonymous (c599) 63595

File: 1339263219607.jpg (25.75 KB, 130x127)

Nirvana, you never answered my last quesiton

 Anonymous (c599) 63596

File: 1339263240803.jpg (24.81 KB, 130x127)

 Anonymous (c599) 63597

File: 1339263257510.jpg (15.03 KB, 130x127)

so ?

 Anonymous (da5d) 63598

File: 1339263296225.jpg (253.29 KB, 405x608)

Nirvana i sent you something via Tumblr

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 63599


I know, couldn't be assed with all the questions.

But I like both sites for different reasons.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 63600

File: 1339263443524.jpg (39.52 KB, 395x430)

pls respond

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 63601

File: 1339263444819.jpeg (75.69 KB, 640x480)


Indeed you did… very original.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 63602

File: 1339263484852.jpg (53.72 KB, 573x640)

why you are mad at me i was just joking nigga

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 63603

File: 1339263647318.jpg (85.8 KB, 612x612)


I ain't mad. But I only use tumblr to post new Chloe pics every now and then so I never reply to messages on there.

 Anonymous (53e8) 63604

File: 1339263647967.jpg (80.75 KB, 641x478)

 Anonymous (c599) 63605

File: 1339263698604.jpg (124.01 KB, 500x634)

Do you got something better to do ?

 Anonymous (c599) 63606

File: 1339263928258.jpg (15.11 KB, 134x126)


 Anonymous (c599) 63607

File: 1339263944696.jpg (10.89 KB, 134x126)

Sure is boring in here

 Anonymous (c599) 63608

File: 1339263960178.jpg (12.94 KB, 134x126)

inb4 paddy

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 63609

File: 1339264015912.jpg (189.16 KB, 720x720)


No, not really.

 Anonymous (c599) 63610

File: 1339264088978.jpg (148.43 KB, 333x500)

Well then, lets continue shall we..
Pepsi or coke ?

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 63611

File: 1339264188122.jpg (262.83 KB, 605x607)

 Anonymous (c599) 63612

File: 1339264194658.jpg (117.11 KB, 427x600)

So the forced anon experiment is over
We all can see the results
Now maybe we should try something different ?
everyone should have a name for at least a day ? for teh lulz ? no ?

 Anonymous (c599) 63613

File: 1339264241936.jpg (59.67 KB, 594x395)

Lol, i like this version better

 Anonymous (53e8) 63614

File: 1339264342873.gif (203.29 KB, 400x401)



Surely you can fix that. maybe give them a nice background too

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63615

File: 1339264401147.jpg (707.59 KB, 1366x768)

 Anonymous (c599) 63616

File: 1339264480077.jpg (1.83 MB, 2560x1600)

Yep, use this>

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 63617

File: 1339264534087.jpg (71.31 KB, 612x612)



 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 63618

File: 1339264720279.jpg (270.71 KB, 450x675)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63619

File: 1339264815094.jpg (842.59 KB, 2635x3000)

I doubt that many anons would post but it would be pretty funny none the less.

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 63620

File: 1339264946093.jpg (378.33 KB, 1050x700)

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 63621

File: 1339265150293.jpg (367.31 KB, 962x1246)

 Anonymous (c599) 63622

File: 1339265272300.jpg (71.59 KB, 836x980)

At least one thing we can agree on
ho well,


 Spoon (33b0) 63623

File: 1339265673194.jpg (330.69 KB, 500x580)

Names? I like it.

 Anonymous (53e8) 63624

File: 1339265897092.jpg (739.55 KB, 2400x3030)

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 63625

File: 1339265998343.jpg (265.23 KB, 1100x1428)

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 63626

File: 1339266199059.jpg (874.8 KB, 2100x3000)

 Pillowman (c599) 63627

File: 1339266257757.jpg (47.28 KB, 500x375)

I dont even remember the last time i used my name…

 Chloeholic (883b) 63628

Sup guys

 Spoon (33b0) 63629

File: 1339267317469.jpg (95.55 KB, 400x400)

Apparently so, makes little difference to me.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63630

File: 1339267352359.jpg (842.59 KB, 2635x3000)

Everyone has a name lol wut

Don't you usually have an umlaut? Or is it an imposter?

 Spoon (33b0) 63631

 Anonymous (53e8) 63632

File: 1339268157668.jpg (72.16 KB, 646x588)

 Anonymous (7258) 63633

File: 1339268297572.png (118.09 KB, 238x223)

You don't say?

 Anonymous (c599) 63634

File: 1339268378183.jpg (890.87 KB, 1965x3000)

I dont believe you

 Anonymous (c599) 63635

File: 1339268740378.jpg (331.34 KB, 1117x1392)

Guys ?

 Chloëholic (883b) 63636


 SuberFan (0ab0) 63637

What do you think?

 Anonymous (c599) 63638

File: 1339269271502.jpg (124.34 KB, 428x600)

about ?

 Chloëholic (883b) 63639

File: 1339269395966.png (196.35 KB, 296x306)

>mfw i just reminds now what did i post last night.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63640

Do you remember speaking to Chloe? :3

 SuberFan (0ab0) 63641

of my new name

 Chloëholic (883b) 63642

lol yeah, a british Chlomo indeed.

 Anonymous (c599) 63643

File: 1339269809653.jpg (59.67 KB, 594x395)


 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63644

File: 1339269862506.png (635.26 KB, 751x496)

What was your old name?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63645

File: 1339269974978.jpg (1.25 MB, 2688x4072)

I'm pretty sure you believed it at some points though.


 Anonymous (c599) 63646

we need more drama…good drama…

 Anonymous (53e8) 63647

File: 1339270401161.jpg (35.87 KB, 469x428)


ban someone

 SuberFan (0ab0) 63648


 Chloëholic (883b) 63649

File: 1339270623625.jpg (381.31 KB, 1000x1500)

yep actually, i was drunk as fuck lol

 Anonymous (c599) 63650

File: 1339270692553.jpg (121.37 KB, 427x600)


 Anonymous (53e8) 63651

File: 1339270843631.jpg (56.73 KB, 266x399)


You must be one of them
> 1 or 2 irrelevant anons

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63652

File: 1339270869436.jpg (201.27 KB, 446x594)


 Hornesto (53e8) 63653

File: 1339271095543.jpg (2.16 MB, 3734x5415)

 SuberFan (0ab0) 63654

File: 1339271366610.jpg (79.82 KB, 717x960)

lol hi!

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63655

File: 1339271417510.png (1.81 MB, 1422x800)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63656

File: 1339271487288.png (4.03 MB, 1508x2262)

 Chloëholic (883b) 63657

>Chlomo straight hair ♥

 Spoon (33b0) 63658

I'm British.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63659

File: 1339271678897.png (594.72 KB, 686x441)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63660

File: 1339271763121.png (1.04 MB, 707x1061)

 Chloëholic (883b) 63661

File: 1339271769733.jpg (18.74 KB, 205x172)

Post some chlomo feet then.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63662

File: 1339272000515.png (1.15 MB, 749x1045)

 Hornesto (53e8) 63663

File: 1339272075352.jpg (116.2 KB, 600x622)


Hello. I'm new here. I've been a chlobro for months but this is my first time posting here.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63664

File: 1339272130401.png (176.08 KB, 583x800)

 Hornesto (53e8) 63665

File: 1339272176613.jpg (181.76 KB, 604x413)

chloe in 20 years

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63666

File: 1339272201567.gif (495.32 KB, 152x152)

O rly? Hello!

 Anonymous (c599) 63667

File: 1339272212759.jpg (107.88 KB, 400x600)

Oh really ? well tell us something about you, where did you come from ? how did you find this place ?

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63668

File: 1339272288295.png (6.36 MB, 2090x3000)


 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63669

File: 1339272324590.png (705.2 KB, 793x1081)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63670

File: 1339272448709.jpg (246.87 KB, 400x613)

I'm not sure if that's an insult…

 Anonymous (c599) 63671

File: 1339272574891.jpg (377.88 KB, 905x1222)

Id lie if i said i wouldnt still hit it

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63672

File: 1339272581784.png (1.28 MB, 964x1098)

 Chloëholic (883b) 63673

Portugal vs Germany


 Hornesto (53e8) 63674


I come from Spain. I sold my mother's apartment to get here (she probably had a heart attack when she got home and found out). I traveled by boat 3 months to get to America, three long months in which I dreamt about meeting my Chloe and spending the rest of my life with her as her personal assistant.

I got to New York a month ago and now I'm saving enough money to travel to the west coast. I already sent her a mail recently announcing my arrival but I got no reply. I guess she didn't get it since I heard she left to Canada.

Doesn't matter. She'll come back once she knows I'm in LA

 Hornesto (53e8) 63675

File: 1339272928686.jpg (21.13 KB, 640x560)

You'll never caress that soft skin

> but I will

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63676

File: 1339272944597.png (1.58 MB, 990x1317)

>I come from Spain. I sold my mother's apartment
Stopped reading there, 0/10.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63677

File: 1339273071252.png (85.61 KB, 338x468)

 Hornesto (53e8) 63678


Do you think my mother's tragedy is something to take lightly? Do you have any idea how much pain it caused me to betray the second most important woman in my life?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63679

File: 1339273222291.jpg (10.78 KB, 165x220)

He meant something else, Ernesto. So how did you find the site?

 Hornesto (53e8) 63680

File: 1339273231000.jpg (267.23 KB, 655x900)

 Spoon (33b0) 63681

File: 1339273631145.jpg (51.58 KB, 730x527)

 Hornesto (53e8) 63682

File: 1339273643062.jpg (71.76 KB, 612x612)


My name is not Ernesto. I have never heard of him (thought I admit that guy you posted is pretty handsome)

I started feeling detached from my beloved once I could no longer send her tweets. It said something about being blocked but I guess it was a bug or something - I contact twitter's technical support but they haven't got back to me yet. They must be pretty busy.

Then I started looking for chloe related tweets and I found a post mentioning this site. Although the pain of not being able to speak to her anymore was devastating, seeing this place managed to sooth some of my pain.

> pic related; she must know I'm coming so she's taking some wife training courses. I expect her to learn cooking any time now.

 Anonymous (e813) 63683

File: 1339273696063.jpg (78.79 KB, 363x266)


 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63684

File: 1339273829082.png (252.61 KB, 509x451)

 Hornesto (53e8) 63685

File: 1339273837501.jpg (31.1 KB, 302x350)


I am not a nigger. Why are you being so rude?

I thought people here were very friendly and welcoming. I read that somewhere here so I thought it must be true and when I finally decided to post I get people insulting my mother and calling me a nigger.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63686

File: 1339273898267.png (408.83 KB, 1280x720)

Poornesto confirmed for troll, move along, brothers.

 Hornesto (53e8) 63687


He's funny. I like that guy (and the old one in the pic too)

 Hornesto (53e8) 63688

File: 1339274107053.jpg (270.71 KB, 450x675)


Just because I am poor doesn't mean you need to mock me. Material riches don't appeal to me anyway. They're just a means to getting to my soul mate and that is the only treasure I'll ever need.

 Anonymous (0ab0) 63689

why is bean always such a party pooper?

 Hornesto (53e8) 63690


I do not know him but judging by his name he must be british. That would explain it with the horrible weather, ugly women plus the fact they are mediocre at football.

 Hornesto (53e8) 63691


Sorry if I got out of line there. Sometimes I let my rage get the best of me.

I apologize for my behaviour Mr. Bean. I take back what I said. Your weather is wonderful and your women are pretty.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63692

File: 1339274422450.png (107.57 KB, 478x450)

You even trying?

Because I can, faggot.


 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63693

File: 1339274474974.png (138.74 KB, 218x247)

I like this guy.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63694

File: 1339274686411.png (757.48 KB, 853x1280)

Apology rejected I'm afraid.

 Hornesto (53e8) 63695

File: 1339274935803.jpg (722.95 KB, 2493x3000)


> Because I can, faggot.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. You should try to be more respectful. It will open up more doors in life. Didn't you learn anything from Chloe?

 Hornesto (53e8) 63696

File: 1339275107272.jpg (65.1 KB, 390x497)


I understand. I can still feel your bitterness and my words would do nothing more than aggravate it. Let me just say one last thing to you:

do yourself a favor and go to Spain this summer. Sunny weather, beautiful women and guys who can actually play football. You would love it.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63697

File: 1339275277160.png (153.35 KB, 443x360)

>You should try to be more respectful.
I was, and can be again. Just depends on the poster and what the post contains. I believe you are a troll therefore I'm being disrespectful to you.

 Hornesto (53e8) 63698

File: 1339275451313.jpg (65.01 KB, 682x400)

 Hornesto (53e8) 63699

File: 1339275559403.jpg (16.09 KB, 400x275)

 Hornesto (53e8) 63700

File: 1339275731332.jpg (73.93 KB, 804x840)

Sorry for being distracted. Time to get back to what's really important

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63701

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63702

File: 1339275836962.png (981.29 KB, 1043x694)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63703

File: 1339275868957.png (195.15 KB, 319x480)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63704

File: 1339275906030.png (1.08 MB, 1821x1002)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 63705

File: 1339275967207.png (411.69 KB, 500x562)

 Hornesto (53e8) 63706

File: 1339276037601.jpg (68.4 KB, 612x612)


It is, on rare occasions. But not when it happens constantly. Now when it ruins your mood.

Chloe knows how to appreciate beautiful weather. I can't wait to take her to the beach.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63707

File: 1339276111827.jpg (561.77 KB, 1100x1600)

Can someone dump more from this set? She looks incredible…

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63708

File: 1339276166264.jpg (806.93 KB, 2100x3000)

So how old are you?

 Hornesto (53e8) 63709

File: 1339276320797.jpg (119.58 KB, 501x501)


I'm afraid I can't find mine :(

 Hornesto (53e8) 63710


That means it's ok when I masturbate furiously to her pictures

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63711

File: 1339276667384.png (326.59 KB, 335x529)

I chuckled.

I bet you'll love this pic?

 Hornesto (53e8) 63712


I do

It has a certain … je ne sais quoass

excuse my french

 Hornesto (53e8) 63713

File: 1339277086273.jpg (126.08 KB, 420x599)

 Anonymous (53e8) 63714

File: 1339277437095.jpg (105.28 KB, 245x368)

fuck tumblr

 Anonymous (53e8) 63715

File: 1339277486333.jpg (127.74 KB, 245x368)

fuck it hard

 Anonymous (53e8) 63716

File: 1339277514835.jpg (126.54 KB, 245x368)

 Anonymous (53e8) 63717

File: 1339277531493.jpg (117.81 KB, 245x368)

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 63718

File: 1339277658879.jpg (79.48 KB, 497x700)

I don't know if I should laugh or be concerned. tamw your sister finds out you frequent chlomo.org

 Chloëholic (883b) 63719

File: 1339277779144.jpg (23.73 KB, 679x482)

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 63720

File: 1339277923051.jpg (104.1 KB, 306x502)


 Anonymous (53e8) 63721


depends on how old she is and how likely it is that she'll rat him out to the parents. She could have him by the balls with this

 Anonymous (7f8c) 63722

File: 1339278168604.jpg (374.92 KB, 822x628)

And that's exacly the reason why people shouldn't be ashamed of their addiction…

 Anonymous (53e8) 63723

File: 1339278336223.jpg (23.99 KB, 255x445)


I doubt he is ashamed but you can't stop the way people would look at you. Also depends on his age. The closer he is to 15 the safer he is

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63724

File: 1339278490149.jpg (943.31 KB, 2592x3872)

Not when he has pictures like this in his folder and have been posted on the website

 Anonymous (53e8) 63725

File: 1339278732235.jpg (66.08 KB, 600x669)


So what? He thinks she's cute, he's a big fan and he's been collecting her pics, even ones where she was really young. He might be attracted to her now but he thought she was a cute kid back then. Or is it a crime to think a little girl is cute (in a daaawwwww not hhnngggg kind of way) ?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63726

Explain it doesn't necessarily mean that they wont think otherwise. Not many people save pictures of girls from 4-11 for innocent reasons. It'll be alot harder to explain than pics of when she is 15 and alot harder to believe. I would opt for just keeping it on the low down still, not saying too much about it.

 Anonymous (7f8c) 63727

File: 1339279197730.jpg (25.16 KB, 345x325)

I had a pic of a dick above her face ready to cover it with cum
my friend saw it
we're still friends, im not in jail/disowned/v&
all that happened is that he looked at me like "dafuq" but it was all good when i explained it to him
But then again, Im only 15…

 Anonymous (53e8) 63728

File: 1339279452407.jpg (44.91 KB, 261x400)


The idea is to get them to understand that he really likes her. All that other stuff like collecting pics, posting reaction faces and chloe pics would be easier to explain since they're all a consequence of that obsession

 Anonymous (7f8c) 63729

File: 1339279528438.jpg (37.47 KB, 670x528)

and do/would you ?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63730

File: 1339279568907.png (59.32 KB, 841x232)

>Not sure if trolling

Are you a respected member on cumonprintedpics.com?

 Anonymous (7f8c) 63731

File: 1339279720351.png (325.8 KB, 395x594)

it's not what you think
It was an accident!

 Anonymous (53e8) 63732

File: 1339280190403.jpg (69.43 KB, 612x612)


Would / do I what?

Explain it? I wouldn't get caught in the first place

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 63733

File: 1339280350114.jpg (58.37 KB, 496x745)

 Anonymous (53e8) 63734

File: 1339280427392.jpg (64.19 KB, 401x400)

 Anonymous (7f8c) 63735

File: 1339280672756.jpg (42.53 KB, 426x594)

>The idea is to get them to understand that he really likes her
isn't it better than hiding it and just do whatever the fuck you want and then just explain when someone asks ? why would they give a fuck anyway ?

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 63736

File: 1339280925793.jpg (84.06 KB, 416x600)

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63737

File: 1339285432946.jpg (130.29 KB, 600x711)

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63738

File: 1339285565735.jpg (65.47 KB, 600x448)

 Spoon (ab16) 63739

File: 1339285566141.jpg (34.26 KB, 620x413)


 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63740

File: 1339285572570.jpg (1006.72 KB, 2832x4256)

Good evening

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63741

File: 1339285653267.jpg (46.09 KB, 640x425)

 Spoon (ab16) 63742

File: 1339285751477.jpg (209.74 KB, 1333x1000)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63743

File: 1339285818790.jpg (215.44 KB, 900x609)

I'm posting Chloe and no one can stop me!

 Anonymous (23fc) 63744

Umbrellas can I get that without the caption please, thanks.

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63745

File: 1339285898491.jpg (35.5 KB, 640x316)

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63746

File: 1339285952323.jpg (33.13 KB, 1280x528)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63747

File: 1339286246486.jpg (9.89 MB, 9787x6329)

This picture can field my next 25 or so posts

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63748

File: 1339286383345.jpg (65.79 KB, 715x522)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63749

File: 1339286827469.jpg (54.27 KB, 397x284)

Care to post it here I cant see the banners.

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63750

File: 1339286896565.jpg (54.95 KB, 600x448)

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63751

File: 1339287047100.jpg (61.67 KB, 640x425)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63752

File: 1339287105019.jpg (68.05 KB, 350x293)

Ah yes the hallowd ass gif I know it well. I wonder was she wearing undergarments that day, who am I kidding of course she wasn't.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63753

File: 1339287176803.jpg (856.51 KB, 4505x4525)

pls dnt ban me fr trollin

Na I kid. It isn't anything amazing but I might as well share it.

 Anonymous (23fc) 63754

File: 1339287222815.jpg (27.01 KB, 640x595)

Do you use adblock on a different browser though? Thats what my problem is I believe and if its activly working on the other browser say watching a video or what have you at the same time Im on here on IE then I can see the banners but only then.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63755

File: 1339287227199.jpg (827.89 KB, 4505x4525)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63756

File: 1339287265607.jpg (845.87 KB, 4505x4525)

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63757

File: 1339287278417.jpg (144.21 KB, 1336x808)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63758

File: 1339287310819.jpg (845.23 KB, 4505x4525)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63759

File: 1339287341110.jpg (97.08 KB, 300x308)

>tldr but I got the gist
Was that with drunk holic yeah? How would chloe have found the chatroom like, even in a drunken state surely he wouldve smelled a rat.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63760

File: 1339287357632.jpg (165.53 KB, 1350x1165)

>tfw 'cheddar' joins us

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63761

File: 1339287433283.jpg (31.42 KB, 640x316)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63762


Holic joins later. That guy I don't know who it was. Maybe some lurker who is too young. It is explained on how I found the chat it the text.

I said that I couldn't sleep and Dante tweeted the chat at me and I was bored so I thought that it would be fun or something

TL;DR Some kid and Holic thought I was Chloe

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63763

File: 1339287690526.jpg (70.6 KB, 600x448)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63764

File: 1339287757310.jpg (35.81 KB, 480x360)

>Some kid
Yeah if he was patently a kid he probably lurks here.
I dont really wanna trawl trough all 5 of your posts so what was the funniest thing you said that got the best reaction.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63765


What's the point of using IE anyway? It's just not as good as chrome…

 Spoon (ab16) 63766

File: 1339287870848.gif (3.64 MB, 420x200)

I think he might have of meant this

 Anonymous (23fc) 63767

File: 1339287892668.jpg (103.93 KB, 443x360)

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63768

File: 1339287948890.jpg (66.5 KB, 640x425)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63769

File: 1339287976752.jpg (76.49 KB, 1280x720)

I use IE all the tiem, so does chloe and she knows best.
Cheers buddy.

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63770

File: 1339287994912.jpg (80.75 KB, 641x478)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63771

File: 1339288034523.jpg (48.94 KB, 399x367)

Wait a minute…2 people using captions to display their posts?!

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63772

File: 1339288165266.jpg (44.59 KB, 448x375)

 Spoon (ab16) 63773

>>63772 Do you use photoshop to make your captioned pics? Seems like quite a lot of effort for every single post.

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63774

File: 1339288323686.jpg (68.07 KB, 600x448)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63775

File: 1339288351846.jpg (160.6 KB, 960x540)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63776

File: 1339288437045.jpg (88.34 KB, 346x398)

But it works for me on IE when adblocker is active blocking simultaneously on firefox.

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63777

File: 1339288464446.jpg (33.28 KB, 640x316)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63778

File: 1339288592363.jpg (19.83 KB, 283x201)

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63779

File: 1339288618468.jpg (41.14 KB, 640x425)

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63780

File: 1339288690312.jpg (68.68 KB, 441x588)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63781

File: 1339288785991.jpg (85.49 KB, 365x321)

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63782

File: 1339288966565.jpg (232.05 KB, 1160x1201)

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63783

File: 1339289184836.jpg (54.36 KB, 501x385)

I work with developing websites every day, so I don't really wanna be bothered checking into the code in my free time, since it can take anywhere from 5 min to hours to figure out the reason.

I'm almost certain it's some usage of code, that is not complient with the IE version I am using. Using IE 9, btw (but also dont work on IE 8, which I use at work).

It's no big deal for me though if it gets fixed or not.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63784

File: 1339289286924.jpg (563.6 KB, 1366x768)

I'm gonna post some Chloe now.

 Anonymous (23fc) 63785

File: 1339289317230.jpg (100.06 KB, 546x548)

Yeah because pic relateds image and caption are completely consonant with eachother and express a sentiment rather than a stipulation.
But Im ok with your ways seeing the random caption combined with an often randomly unrelated image sometimes provides some chuckles.

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63786

File: 1339289478046.jpg (64.55 KB, 600x448)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63787

File: 1339289481286.jpg (579.25 KB, 1366x768)

>Cutting out Chloe's definitive chin

Bad Cheddar! Bad!

 Anonymous (23fc) 63788

File: 1339289516823.jpg (37.65 KB, 439x502)

Yeah I dont mind it not working either I just would like it fixed for any prospective visitors who I would like to witness this fantabulous site in all its glory.
Perhaps the flashy schtuff like those banners can help mask the seedy underbelly that is the posting habbits of the chlobros.

 Anonymous (23fc) 63789

File: 1339289588525.jpg (70.37 KB, 669x614)

Fair enough

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63790

File: 1339289613292.jpg (69.9 KB, 715x522)

 Anonymous (7300) 63791

File: 1339289642548.png (158.16 KB, 400x518)


 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63792

File: 1339289730423.jpg (244.69 KB, 765x1024)

Which can be done when doing >mfw

>mfw you guys are using captions on top of reaction pics

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63793

File: 1339289760173.jpg (40.53 KB, 640x316)

Flood message warning system sucks! And I mean that in a happy way (not).

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63794

File: 1339289885591.jpg (44.32 KB, 448x375)

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63795

File: 1339290025775.jpg (49.56 KB, 640x425)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63796

File: 1339290057330.png (1.2 MB, 1366x768)

Yeah look just do whatever you like as I said I find your image choice for certain captions some times funny becaus they lack congruance. Chloe tweet anything interesting lately? Any new products I should be buying or stocks I should be investing in that chloe is pluging?
Goodnight brother.

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63797

File: 1339290103024.jpg (254.46 KB, 855x860)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63798

File: 1339290191847.jpg (231.39 KB, 816x1222)

Posting the new airport set now.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63799

File: 1339290266236.jpg (323.72 KB, 990x1222)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63800

File: 1339290315023.jpg (155.96 KB, 606x1222)

>Mother fuckin ID.O

 Anonymous (23fc) 63801

Good man yourself but dont forget to post them in the airport thread when your done postan 'em here.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63802

File: 1339290356382.jpg (252.04 KB, 830x1222)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63803

File: 1339290405367.jpg (233.47 KB, 817x1222)

Sure thing

 Anonymous (23fc) 63804

She's clucthing on to it like as if it realy means something there, haha.

 Anonymous (23fc) 63805

And there again god dang it maybe it is special.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63806

Nigga, please. No one can't resist playing with necklaces.

 Chloëholic (883b) 63807

daaaawwww just look at her little tired face <3

 Chloefornication!!ngS4y9EusM 63808

I hate when she dresses like a lesbian.

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63809

File: 1339290737237.jpg (145.68 KB, 900x704)

Yeah, I know. But that's just because I am lazy.

To be able to answer quickly I random select 5 expression pictures that I ready in pixlr.com and reuse them for the whole session, that I am here.

Sometimes discussions just fall out into something, that just don't fit those expressions and I can't always be bothered to find a better picture.

But sometimes I do bother to find another picture, if I just happend to know which one I am looking for - or if I already have a good OC in my archive folder.

 Anonymous (23fc) 63810

File: 1339290791183.jpg (51.29 KB, 895x528)

Put that shit below your shirt yo that'll stop your fiddlin, she is flaunting that thing like its a medal of reconition or strength or some shit.
Also who tha fuck doesn't wear socks when they're wearing shoes, oddly enough I just started doing that recently, pretty weird.

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63811

File: 1339290855198.jpg (117.04 KB, 680x907)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63812

File: 1339290867599.jpg (78.59 KB, 735x835)

What about the hallowed bambi shirt?
We haven't ruled out the posibility of her being a lesbian dont forget that.

 Chloëholic (883b) 63813

> <3 anon :3

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63814

File: 1339290973449.jpg (123.5 KB, 640x480)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63815

File: 1339290992880.jpg (136.79 KB, 728x738)

Yeah but why does she have to wrap that other thing around it like a medal of pride.
>being deliberately enigmatic
Also thanks for finally providing me with an interestin tweet, good man.

 Chloefornication!!ngS4y9EusM 63816

File: 1339291073177.jpg (71.43 KB, 288x280)


I've tried to imagine Chloë as a lesbian many times but it just doesn't make any sense. Maybe, just maybe, she has a little bisexuality, but she's definetely not a lesbian.

I think she's 100% straight.

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63817

File: 1339291088877.jpg (41.09 KB, 640x316)

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63818

File: 1339291141293.jpg (146.3 KB, 721x515)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63819

File: 1339291263164.jpg (185.67 KB, 1280x720)

She can be whatever she chooses wont change my opinion of her tbh unless she is a santanist or some shit and even then…
>hey guys something vapid about jarvis or the new hip anti fungal cream all the hip kids are using
Yeah mad interesting

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63820

File: 1339291337528.jpg (634.32 KB, 2356x3860)

All teenagers a lil bi-curious…
Trust me, Chloe is 100% mad for cock.

 Anonymous (b1ec) 63821

File: 1339291432079.jpg (69.08 KB, 715x522)

 Anonymous (23fc) 63822

File: 1339291505622.jpg (33.67 KB, 581x589)

>Chloe is 100% mad for cock
I remeber the old conservative cheddar who spased out at the mere mention of chloe and anything sexual, what happend to him, we used to be sort of kind of on the same page. Now you say stuff like that and I feel kind of bad, it would be allright if you just worded it a little but more subtly.

 Anonymous (23fc) 63823

File: 1339291542711.jpg (10.15 KB, 229x265)

Goodnight umbrellas.

 Spoon (ab16) 63824

Chloe is 100% on a quest for the reproductive organs of males. better?

 Chloëholic (883b) 63825

Hey you, stop posting my conversations, isn't funny.

 Anonymous (23fc) 63826

File: 1339291911138.jpg (74.01 KB, 708x787)

Surprisingly yes, I just cant stand terms like mad for cock at the best of times and when they are used in relation to something gracefull like chloe I get a little razzled. I mean if its possible to say it in a less crude manner and by extension not sully chloes grace well then I don't see why not.
Very creative btw.


File: 1339291924526.jpg (97.12 KB, 1226x692)

Was that supposed to make me feel better? I'd rather see Chloë as a lesbian. At least I would know that no other man in this world would touch her.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63828

File: 1339292127729.jpg (176.68 KB, 980x553)

My apologies. It was slightly uncalled for but it shouldn't really be a bid deal. It wasn't meant to induce sexual thoughts I think lots of the chan changed me. That post was obviously not child friendly but neither is the chan. I'm still against the upskirt picture and posting fakes (Contrary to popular belief due to someones misguided posts) but I just try to take it all lightly ever since all the upskirt business.

 Anonymous (23fc) 63829

File: 1339292394646.jpg (71.05 KB, 317x331)

Oh no it doesn't offend me in any way I just thought you were more on my page but I suppose we all say schtuff at times on here that we don't really consider. Like sheesh if we were to take every chlobro into consideration this place would be like a mormonarium, I mean someone has a problem with the use of cupcakes, get a grip. Cupcakes is great casue its not crude in its depiction of something sexual which is nice.

>induce sexual thoughts

Those kind of statements kind of do the opposite really, sullies her image in my mind.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63830

File: 1339292867921.jpg (176.68 KB, 980x553)

I was having the same conversation with Bean earlier who is against cupcake threads or when the topic is primarily something sexual and I said I would stop doing so. I have failed him clearly.
I even tried to persuade Chiles to make sexual fantasies and all that to be put in a separate thread back in the day but he wasn't having it but obviously we can't split the community in half again. I probably am on the same page as you at heart but just post other things that might be risqué.

 Spoon (ab16) 63831

By upskirt, do you mean the vogue russia shoot?

 Anonymous (23fc) 63832

File: 1339293003295.jpg (115.21 KB, 541x480)

Oh boy.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63833

You haven't seen?!
He hasn't seen?!

 Spoon (ab16) 63834

Well, looks like I'm behind the times eh?

 Anonymous (23fc) 63835

File: 1339293111157.jpg (77.04 KB, 500x489)

Cool in the future just post whatever you wnat though, what bean or anybody else thinks is irrelevant * as long as your not breaking any of the major rules that is.
Your a swell guy as is every chlobro.

 Spoon (ab16) 63836

>>63833 haven't seen, upskirt virgin :l

 Anonymous (23fc) 63837

File: 1339293222525.jpg (65.06 KB, 1280x720)

I dont have it saved but Im sure somebody here does but then again posting it might cause drama. Im sure google images might give it as a result but if not I dunno then. It aint that bad really, in fact not at all.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 63838

File: 1339293224922.gif (804.14 KB, 245x150)

>mfw all this thread

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63839

File: 1339293317210.jpg (118.9 KB, 736x498)

Well I'm certainly not going to post it but I'm sure someone here will delivar

>Anon called me a swell guy instead of a faggot

 Anonymous (23fc) 63840

File: 1339293399039.png (179.93 KB, 500x301)

Good evening.
Im off guys cyas.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 63841

File: 1339293448265.jpg (68.9 KB, 536x369)

see ya nigga

 Spoon (ab16) 63842

Not ready to corrupt my history so quickly again, my room mate finds it extremely hilarious to browse it sometimes

 Spoon (ab16) 63843

File: 1339293606932.jpg (49.6 KB, 500x673)

So yeah guys anyone gonna deliver? Or am I to remain sweet and innocent?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63844

File: 1339293636178.jpg (89.94 KB, 823x800)

Your room-mate knows?!

Story time with spoon!

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63845

File: 1339293785673.gif (1.38 MB, 289x227)

Oh god why did I search it on google :'(

>cumonprintedpics.com everywhere


 Spoon (ab16) 63846

File: 1339294029594.jpg (120.09 KB, 1024x563)

That site - Horrible.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63847

Some people obviously revel in that stuff.

 Anonymous (5116) 63848

File: 1339295325770.jpg (311.26 KB, 1023x1469)

 Anonymous (5116) 63849

File: 1339295560320.jpg (123.65 KB, 800x1018)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63850

File: 1339296321752.jpg (1.05 MB, 2090x3000)

I have a present for you:
>Double the pixels, double the fun

 Anonymous (0ab0) 63851

surely you meant quadruple

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63852

File: 1339297133905.jpg (1.25 MB, 1874x3000)


 Spoon (ab16) 63853

Going for ChloeGrace, case sensitive, prepared for the long haul.

 Narwhal (648c) 63854


Good luck!…

 Spoon (ab16) 63855

File: 1339297500158.jpg (27.43 KB, 300x450)

Yeah dude i'm so screwed even with 4 of this program running

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63856

File: 1339297554972.jpg (1.04 MB, 2024x3000)

That will literally take months you realise? 10 letters?! Get real.

 Narwhal!ImFaBoosTI 63857


Im still searching for the faboostest faboost

 Spoon (ab16) 63858

File: 1339297657394.jpg (308.08 KB, 1023x1345)

>>63856 32gb ram says otherwise my friend i shall destroy this task.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63859

File: 1339297715639.jpg (796.79 KB, 2361x3618)


Fucking take that shit

 Spoon (ab16) 63860

File: 1339297786555.jpg (365.84 KB, 550x720)

Phaha nice, honestly I think she has forgotten about that haven't seen anything regarding it for months unfortunately :(

In other news this vogue shoot is freaking awesome!

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63861

File: 1339297810487.jpg (2.88 MB, 2427x3543)

We'll soon see about that.

 Spoon (ab16) 63862

Soon was the wrong word to use haha.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63863

File: 1339297946437.jpg (669.88 KB, 1510x2835)


Black bowl cut hair? I can't see it myself.

>Not complementing the Dark Shadows London set

 Narwhal!ImFaBoosTI 63864


Its only CPU intensive really

 Spoon (ab16) 63865

File: 1339298239975.jpg (37.96 KB, 540x368)

Hmmm, true, still an awesome shoot though, the vanity fair one is great as well. Contemplating buying these magazines as they come out is a dilemma, I feel as though It would be extremely creepy of me to do so.
Now running 4 of the program on my computer - CPU usage 100%

 Anonymous (5116) 63866

File: 1339298638302.jpeg (499.53 KB, 1301x1712)

I have a present for you:
>Double the pixels, double the fun

 Spoon (ab16) 63867


 Anonymous (5116) 63868

File: 1339298907856.jpeg (473.21 KB, 1309x1714)

So what's with this spoon name, are you keeping it permanently?

 Spoon (ab16) 63869

File: 1339299200928.jpg (177.25 KB, 1280x779)

It's my alias on pretty much everything so I guess so.

 Anonymous (5116) 63870

File: 1339299507855.jpeg (458.68 KB, 1294x1710)

 Narwhal!ImFaBoosTI 63871

File: 1339299573922.jpg (5.06 MB, 7599x10000)


3411.736% more pixels
3411.736% mor­e fun!

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 63872

File: 1339299588180.jpg (670.91 KB, 1000x666)

Are you literally a spoon? Either way I'm going to make some spoon related OC for you tomorrow but for know I gotta chickenshit to bed. G'night.

 Narwhal!ImFaBoosTI 63873

File: 1339299723747.jpg (198.17 KB, 651x482)



 Spoon (ab16) 63874


 Anonymous (5116) 63875

File: 1339299846127.jpg (78.13 KB, 828x544)

Oh boy, here we go.

Bye bye, now

 Anonymous (5116) 63876

File: 1339299912604.gif (1.25 MB, 322x552)

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 63877

File: 1339301884481.jpg (58.3 KB, 393x525)

 Spoon (ab16) 63878

>>63877 ofwgkta

 Narwhal!ImFaBoosTI 63879

File: 1339302062224.jpg (147.6 KB, 673x580)

 Spoon (ab16) 63880

File: 1339302228224.gif (2.74 MB, 420x200)

>>63879 sooooo, the upskirt controversy… anyone? still haven't seen it.

 Narwhal!ImFaBoosTI 63881

I think its still oin an old thread

 Spoon (ab16) 63882

Shame there's no search feature even for something sordid like this

 Narwhal!ImFaBoosTI 63883

or maybe


 Spoon (ab16) 63884

I don't even know why I want to see this so badly, thanks anyway. Gosh, I thought I respected Chloe but my last couple of posts make me cringe already

 Narwhal!ImFaBoosTI 63885


Why would it make you lose respect for Chloë?

 Spoon (ab16) 63886

No you misunderstood, I thought that I respected her image more as in someone who respected her would not be searching for images of her underwear ya dig?

 Narwhal!ImFaBoosTI 63887

File: 1339304050112.jpg (92.02 KB, 960x600)


Ahhh, i gotcha

 Anonymous (95fe) 63888

File: 1339306196933.jpg (621.74 KB, 1920x1080)

 Anonymous (d56c) 63889

File: 1339321152610.jpg (577.33 KB, 800x1204)

 !CalcLbWSVA 63890

File: 1339321748820.jpg (66.42 KB, 480x720)

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