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File: 1339627184816.png (258.2 KB, 467x594)

 Chloë Thread #75 !!9bINe43AAo 62627

>Chloë Thread #75
>yfw da bean makes da Chlo ëThread

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62628

File: 1339627357655.png (4.51 MB, 2109x1406)

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 62629

File: 1339627391636.jpg (169.11 KB, 700x500)

That face, that look, that perfection.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62630

File: 1339627392006.jpg (721.47 KB, 2000x3000)


Damn you.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62631

File: 1339627409508.png (765.11 KB, 612x612)

Please respond.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62632

File: 1339627471313.png (200.02 KB, 500x699)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62633

File: 1339627514839.jpg (949.97 KB, 2400x3267)

Love you

 Anonymous (66c4) 62634

File: 1339627551448.jpg (60.67 KB, 612x612)

> Thats the one aspect of the new visitor display I dont like, the fact that it verifies that there are people here just nobody posting but I suppose what is there to say sometimes.

You have to take into account some are just be pure visitors (who got the link from other sites) not proper chlobros but it still shows that there are lurkers around.

I guess you're right though sometimes there might not be anything to post. No one said there must be posts here 24/7 and even so they can't work without some offtopic chat (which might rub some people the wrong way). It's a tough balancing act

 Anonymous (66c4) 62635

File: 1339627630922.jpg (42.94 KB, 500x481)


that picture isn't doing her any favors

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62636

File: 1339627635607.png (1.04 MB, 707x1061)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62637

File: 1339627755310.jpg (59.67 KB, 700x527)

 Anonymous (66c4) 62638

File: 1339627781336.jpg (1.34 MB, 1957x3000)

Show it girl, show it.


 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 62639

File: 1339627786236.jpg (308.08 KB, 1023x1345)

Another thing is that when I personally look at a post which I can't check all day and see a conversation going on between people I don't feel like butting in, sometimes the conversations on here get so heated that the whole thread becomes a no go zone where no one wants to post.

 Anonymous (66c4) 62640

File: 1339628041316.jpg (27.5 KB, 597x600)


ANYONE can come in at ANYTIME and post chloe

The sight of her might calm the waters anyway. Posting chloe is also good for your health.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62641

File: 1339628088250.png (2.82 MB, 1100x1595)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62642

File: 1339628154472.png (134.07 KB, 425x319)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62643

File: 1339628187798.png (308.54 KB, 1068x600)

 Anonymous (66c4) 62644

File: 1339628195834.jpg (46.42 KB, 335x571)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62645

File: 1339628259562.gif (660.56 KB, 394x585)

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 62646

File: 1339628318096.jpg (120.53 KB, 245x365)

Obviously, it's just the sometimes over the top bullshit that discourages people from doing so, hence 15 - 20 lurkers.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62647

File: 1339628318810.jpg (162.36 KB, 604x453)

I'll just leave this here

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62648

File: 1339628471832.png (80.87 KB, 444x473)

O thanks.


File: 1339628553981.png (83.77 KB, 269x263)

>Chloe finds Chlomo
>Chloe lurks
>I'm her favourite trip
>Contacts me
>We talk
>We friends now
>She comes London
>We meet up
>We go out a few times
>We date now
>Keeps going on
>I propose
>We married now
>Forever mine.

U jelly?

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62650

File: 1339628562240.png (770.55 KB, 1222x832)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62651

Any .gif guys know why my gifs are playing in slow motion even though I have no delays in the frames and it is at 100% speed? (I'm using photoshop)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62652

File: 1339628629473.png (67.1 KB, 246x244)

>I'm her favourite trip

Stopped reading there.

 Spoon !fFabOoSTys 62653

File: 1339628641970.jpg (124.41 KB, 389x514)

Sharing is caring… Please?

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62654

File: 1339628706948.gif (1.68 MB, 280x158)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62655

File: 1339628751072.gif (2.38 MB, 411x528)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62656

File: 1339628751972.gif (1.9 MB, 220x251)

>Implying she is sexually attracted to people with foot, armpit and tear duct fetishes


File: 1339628869362.png (293.12 KB, 600x331)


Oh you, I'm adorable.


Well since she would already know about this place I don't see a problem with letting her post here.


>Implying she would care

>Implying she wouldn't let Fro get his fill
>Implying I won't have Tear duct thursdays.

 Anonymous (66c4) 62658

File: 1339628919406.jpg (25.8 KB, 315x483)

I think the gif format might have its own limits

I get no difference between 0.4, 0.3 and 0.2 miliseconds for example.

To make it play faster simply remove all the odd or even frames

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62659

File: 1339628960558.jpg (799.59 KB, 2544x3916)

"OK, start dancing then jump kick the chest of drawers inconspicuously."

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62660

File: 1339628982567.gif (845.22 KB, 500x267)

 Anonymous (66c4) 62661

File: 1339629067138.jpg (21.32 KB, 197x347)

by far one of her best looks

that res kills it

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62662

File: 1339629108402.gif (1.15 MB, 250x250)


File: 1339629191711.jpg (6.57 MB, 3682x2879)

Worst Chloe set general?

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62664

File: 1339629211845.gif (2 MB, 480x368)

 Anonymous (e652) 62665

File: 1339629429949.jpg (34.81 KB, 347x592)

Well for me back in the day it used to seem to play slow is ps but then when I finnished it and watched it through a browser it played as it should in perfectly normal speed so idk could be a similar issue.
Yeah it is tough I suppose, but sure given how she looks in the new sets and the fact that that interview made that wif award seem pretty prestige I would wager that she is most defineitely gonna get bigger and bigger so more fans so more people coming here and enjoying some chloe time.

 Anonymous (e652) 62666

File: 1339629553251.jpg (50.47 KB, 424x650)

Which look did yall prefer black or blue?


File: 1339629679618.png (258.58 KB, 400x600)


Black wins flawless victory

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62668

File: 1339629707009.jpg (3.19 MB, 2500x2500)

>Still on v1


File: 1339629871455.jpg (1.4 MB, 2594x2386)


>Thinking I want that horrid set

>Implying I don't only save feet/pits

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62670

File: 1339629949937.gif (3.34 MB, 295x280)

>I like my wife like I like Chloe's outfits
>Black and blue

I'm off to /b/ for a misogyny thread.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62671

File: 1339630179053.png (487.6 KB, 552x566)

>mfw Bean news will never return

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62672

File: 1339630223617.png (635.26 KB, 751x496)

Maybe, soon.png

 Anonymous (e652) 62673

File: 1339630229496.gif (1.96 MB, 384x320)

Ah yes one of THOSE threads.
Those threads make chloe sad.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 62674

File: 1339630262959.jpg (110.88 KB, 900x499)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62675

File: 1339630289134.png (430.02 KB, 595x658)

 Anonymous (e652) 62676

File: 1339630334693.gif (4.7 MB, 235x205)

Bean how comes all the chloe images you post are .png?
>top end .gif right here

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62677

File: 1339630532936.jpg (260.11 KB, 714x418)

Now listen here, fuckers. Learn the difference between JPG and PNG ALREADY.
- JPEG (pronounced jay-peg) is a most commonly used standard method of lossy compression for photographic images.
- PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a losslessly compressed bitmap image format.
PNG is supposed to substitute GIF format, not JPG format you motherfuckers. For GIF, read "DRAWINGS, PAINTINGS, ICONS, etc" with a tiny palette. PNG IS LIKE A GIF WITH 65K COLOR, DUH.

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62678

File: 1339630548639.png (1.21 MB, 749x1126)

When I upload .jpgs, they look worse than how I saved them (to me at least). I don't know how or why so I save/upload as .png because it doesn't do that.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 62679

File: 1339630601469.jpg (53.72 KB, 573x640)

 Anonymous (e652) 62680

File: 1339630705910.jpg (110.03 KB, 1454x908)

I could watch this .gif on repeat all day long.
At least theres a logical raisin.

 Anonymous (60f2) 62681

lol i assume that's copy pasta as there's more error than fact in any of that


File: 1339631415552.jpg (708.97 KB, 1920x1080)


well, well, well, what have we here? another faggot neckbeard shitting up the place with his /b/ faggotry. you picked the wrong night to fuck around, asshole. i've just texted the /Chloe/ mod (we're friends irl) about this thread, so he'll be here shortly to deal with the matter, and most likely hand out some sorely needed bans. i'm also going to report and sage the thread (for safe measure), as well as alert the other moderators in the Chlomo irc channel. and just in case you wanna try and pull a fast one, i'm screen shotting *the entire thread for additional proof* and e-mailing Chiles about the matter personally. i'm tired of you stupid fucking dick sniffers pressing out whatever lolrandom faggot shit you want on the fucking Chloe board. it's time for you assholes to get a reality check, because this shit won't fly for much longer. prepare your anus, you 500 pound piles of shit. your days are *fucking numbered*.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62683

File: 1339632497477.png (813.44 KB, 762x670)

 Anonymous (d566) 62684

>reality check

chloe is your reality now. deal with it.

 Anonymous (2ec0) 62685

File: 1339641290703.jpg (79.55 KB, 600x600)

lol at people over at /tv/ threatening to hack / DDoS this site.

 Anonymous (d566) 62686

don't feel like going there to find out for myself soooo… what do they have against it?

 Anonymous (2ec0) 62687

File: 1339642676850.jpg (50.83 KB, 640x480)

>This is now a ddos Chlomo.org for the sake of boxxy, ASR, and all the other better waifus out there thread. Or if you just sick of seeing them come over here and post this crap every single fucking day.

aim laser at and fire at will.

 Anonymous (13c8) 62688

1. WTF is a waifu

2. Who the fuck is ASR

>tv can go suck a fuck

 Anonymous (d566) 62689


 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 62690

File: 1339644728712.jpg (26.23 KB, 395x396)

idiot i'm not new, i just don't know your faggy stupid words

 Anonymous (d566) 62691

i don't consider myself in any way part of the 'internet subculture'. but even i know those words.

and if i didn't, i'd still know how to use google.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 62692

File: 1339644981043.jpg (63.33 KB, 367x360)

nigga u went full Anunyms pls

 Anonymous (2ec0) 62693

You don't know what a waifu is?
I'm pretty sure I've already told you before on /b/

>1. WTF is a waifu
A wife e.g. Chloe is our waifu
>2. Who the fuck is ASR
AnnaSophia robb

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 62694

File: 1339645524317.jpg (59.96 KB, 313x333)

Thank you bro, well you know me, i have a memory problem, so i might forget it again so, i should write it down on my notebook

 Anonymous (2ec0) 62695

File: 1339646090174.jpg (157.45 KB, 329x496)

 Anonymous (66c4) 62696

File: 1339653482441.jpg (66.03 KB, 332x330)


> Who the fuck is ASR

no one important

 Anonymous (66c4) 62697

File: 1339653665256.jpg (65.11 KB, 469x463)


poor footballfag is mad because another footballfag got the red card

 Anonymous (66c4) 62698

File: 1339656084841.jpg (39.78 KB, 604x604)


I guess it's too late to bring this up now but maybe some small clarifications would be good

> it's common knowledge at this point where the football talk belongs so needing constant reminders should not be necessary.

It might be common knowledge where it belongs but it's not common knowledge when it should move there. Like it's been said some small chit-chat is allowed and that might include some football talk like "wooohoo, portugal vs spain tonight".

The problem is that we need to define that barrier between where the small talk is allowed and where it should be taken separately because it bothers other people. They will keep on doing their thing ever expanding their offtopic discussion. That will grow and grow and grow. At that point you or any other user that is bothered by it should come in and say "ok, enough of this, take it to bros".

That will stop their discussion from expanding all over the thread, That will define that barrier that we need and that can't be precisely placed . Both parties must be involved for that limit to be defined correctly.

Once that happens a few times people should get the idea where that barrier is and respect it themselves out of their own initiative ( "I guess this is going too much offtopic, we should continue it in bros")

But until that happens people who are bothered by it should put that barrier in place because otherwise there's nothing stopping their ever expanding discussion (and that includes common sense, common courtesy, respect for fellow chlobros and other similar notions)

sry for the offtopic stuff but it needed to be said

back to our regular chloe posting schedule

inb4 posting monkeys - which needs an OC pretty badly I must say

 Anonymous (e413) 62699

File: 1339656308185.jpg (138.32 KB, 800x1199)

North Korea for Euro 2012

 Anonymous (66c4) 62700

File: 1339656482906.jpg (74.51 KB, 722x464)

 Anonymous (2ec0) 62701

File: 1339658015878.jpg (11.18 KB, 322x329)

> inb4 posting monkeys - which needs an OC pretty badly I must say

Well, what are you waiting for?

 Anonymous (b598) 62702

and other chlobros could make it too
Paddy anon or umbrellas anon came up with it
They should be the ones to deliver

 Anonymous (e413) 62703

File: 1339658675747.jpg (143.58 KB, 1366x768)

 Anonymous (e413) 62704

File: 1339658997004.gif (3.23 MB, 455x612)

 Anonymous (b598) 62705

you never get tired of repeating the same old stupid shit, do you?

All he has to do is respect the people here and the simple rules. As long as he does that he is, was and always will be welcomed here

The only one responsible for this mess is holic. I've been more than reasonable but then again the idea of having some respect for other chlobros seems new to you

 Anonymous (12ad) 62706

File: 1339665366208.jpg (16.58 KB, 336x280)

I am just lurking today, deal with it.

 Cubia (c7df) 62707

File: 1339666143497.jpg (153.29 KB, 600x788)



File: 1339670629040.jpg (1.32 MB, 2000x3000)


How am I mad? That is copy pasta.

>I don't even

More delted posts?


File: 1339671882269.jpg (123.44 KB, 899x1447)


File: 1339671947179.jpg (326.08 KB, 655x1021)


File: 1339671985212.jpg (1.05 MB, 1964x3224)

 Anonymous (db83) 62712

File: 1339673270545.jpg (175.38 KB, 1000x665)

Hey ChloFro, how'd you like the inbetweeners movie compared to the series?

 Narwhal!n.FaBoostY 62713

File: 1339673755216.png (278.98 KB, 1366x768)

 Anonymous (2721) 62714

File: 1339674056622.png (21.01 KB, 126x84)

Hey guys, hows everyone this not so beautiful day ?

 Anonymous (db83) 62715

File: 1339674251254.jpg (15.57 KB, 245x243)

Hey, how you going?

Nice thumbnail!

 Anonymous (db83) 62716

File: 1339674316750.jpg (231.14 KB, 919x863)

What's not beautiful about it?

 Anonymous (2721) 62717

File: 1339674414780.png (21.01 KB, 126x84)

Oh thank you, again on the comp with no chloe so i gotta save what i find in a current thread and thumbnails are alot less work
Im good im good how about you

 Anonymous (e413) 62718

File: 1339674467646.jpg (83.49 KB, 593x785)

It's always a beautiful day with Chloe

 Anonymous (2721) 62719

File: 1339674531873.png (21.01 KB, 126x84)

the dark clouds and rain, puddles and mini floods, ugly and stupid people everywhere around me, luckily they cant speak english

 Anonymous (db83) 62720

File: 1339674638299.jpg (28.93 KB, 260x350)

I like rain.

 Anonymous (2721) 62721

File: 1339674727827.png (21.01 KB, 126x84)

so do i, but not fucking storms and puddles on every step, i dont like to get so wet i feel like i just came out of a pool

 Anonymous (db83) 62722

File: 1339674858448.jpg (356.74 KB, 700x746)

>ugly and stupid people everywhere around me

Of course I forgot you were beautiful and hot, sexy and smart, generous, one of a kind but yet you're so humble you'll talk to ugly and stupid people because they're still humans.

 Anonymous (db83) 62723

File: 1339674998014.jpg (23.3 KB, 460x276)

Oh, I see what you mean.

 Anonymous (2721) 62724

File: 1339675047478.png (21.01 KB, 126x84)

well yes, but theres a little flaw i forgot about, my patience is not infinite
i will talk to em human fails but you cant expect me to like them too, thats just too much…just too much….

 Anonymous (db83) 62725

File: 1339675158931.jpg (12.96 KB, 300x300)

So you pretend to like them?
Tell me more..


File: 1339675612260.png (208.21 KB, 280x346)


I enjoyed it, very entertaining, you?


Sunny over here.

>Inside posting Chloe

 Anonymous (db83) 62727

File: 1339675880113.jpg (59.67 KB, 594x395)

Yeah, I liked it too.

Not just because of your facebook profile picture but when I imagine what you'd look like IRL I imagine you as Jay


File: 1339677561825.jpg (16.5 KB, 250x376)


Fair enough

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62729

File: 1339685065431.jpg (59.67 KB, 700x527)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62730

File: 1339685280587.jpg (1.11 MB, 1997x3000)


File: 1339685672861.jpeg (9.51 KB, 380x258)


Worst pic general?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62732

File: 1339685818524.jpg (2.09 MB, 3600x2400)

Probably. Not sure why I posted it.
>Another disgusting picture

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62733

File: 1339685930790.jpg (50.03 KB, 420x594)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62734

File: 1339686388646.jpg (517.31 KB, 1454x1986)

 Anonymous (936e) 62735

File: 1339690038069.jpg (1.28 MB, 3168x4752)

mfw i added chloe as friend twice with my real account but canceled it the first time, then added her again, all months ago and now i checked it and not only she didn't block me, but she didn't even reject the request yet
u jelly solar?

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62736

File: 1339690111244.jpg (130.29 KB, 600x711)

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62737

File: 1339690208258.jpg (70.68 KB, 673x367)


File: 1339690341948.jpg (46.99 KB, 604x453)


What about Trevor? Is it ok to stalk him?

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62739

File: 1339690559452.jpg (158.44 KB, 1000x1004)


File: 1339690632093.jpg (31.87 KB, 400x400)


I'll be waiting.

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62741

File: 1339690910927.jpg (100.67 KB, 686x532)

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62742

File: 1339691461598.jpg (100.1 KB, 640x541)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62743

File: 1339692365411.jpg (410.95 KB, 1333x2000)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62744

File: 1339693733868.jpg (877.6 KB, 1798x2697)

 Anonymous (e652) 62745

File: 1339693949848.jpg (189.1 KB, 664x960)

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62746

File: 1339694450343.jpg (44.39 KB, 483x336)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62747

File: 1339696799523.jpg (1.21 MB, 3000x2381)

 Anonymous (936e) 62748

File: 1339696931156.jpg (1.4 MB, 2594x2386)

any chloe footfags here ? i gotta a question for you…



Did someone say Fro?

 Anonymous (936e) 62750

File: 1339698876168.jpg (69.07 KB, 356x985)

What i wanted to ask was, in case you guys are lurking: do you have this fetish in general for every feet or only Chloes ?

 Anonymous (936e) 62751

File: 1339699445307.jpg (25.16 KB, 345x325)

Fro you got foot fetish ?

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 62752

File: 1339699588818.jpg (52.1 KB, 355x360)

 Anonymous (7493) 62753

File: 1339699991099.png (1.04 MB, 1280x720)


I personally have a general fetish for feets, as well as Chloë's.


File: 1339700041137.jpg (16.5 KB, 250x376)


Originally just Chloes, but it has 'expanded' to feet in general I guess.


It seems like that doesn't it

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62755

File: 1339702188628.jpg (485.6 KB, 2303x3300)

Hey guys

 Anonymous (66c4) 62756

File: 1339702262264.jpg (85.49 KB, 473x542)

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62757

File: 1339702336533.jpg (81.52 KB, 560x629)

 !CalcLbWSVA 62758

File: 1339703177157.jpg (90.9 KB, 1486x730)

 Anonymous (66c4) 62759

File: 1339703489484.jpg (42.81 KB, 432x441)


You can see how excited he is.

"Don't kiss me bitch, you ain't Nick. "


File: 1339703682577.png (787.17 KB, 600x711)

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62761

File: 1339703811184.jpg (162.46 KB, 639x1047)

 Anonymous (66c4) 62762

File: 1339703894299.jpg (71.4 KB, 300x300)


She's almost giving the middle finger there


File: 1339703909897.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x1920)

How many of you have Chloe as your PC/iPod etc backgrounds?

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62764

File: 1339704087073.jpg (98.26 KB, 640x541)


File: 1339704188691.jpg (664.92 KB, 1200x2016)


Just trying to start a Chloe related topic.

I don't. Aren't you worried people will see?

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62766

File: 1339704282189.jpg (34.64 KB, 460x345)


File: 1339704371796.jpg (615.92 KB, 936x1405)


>Hey anon who's that?

>Some 15yo girl I'm obsessed with


 Anonymous (66c4) 62768

File: 1339704426687.jpg (154.92 KB, 940x714)


Not me. Not only would that mean I could get caught with my hard to explain addiction but I wouldn't be able to focus on anything with her picture constantly there


File: 1339704573000.jpg (119.21 KB, 600x800)


But she is constantly on your mind anyway, no?

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62770

File: 1339704727590.jpg (98.71 KB, 450x627)


File: 1339704837955.jpg (850.96 KB, 936x1250)


How did you bring it up? how did they react?

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62772

File: 1339705125686.jpg (152.99 KB, 720x699)

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62773

File: 1339705261854.jpg (100.53 KB, 1120x531)


File: 1339705356241.jpg (56.46 KB, 375x500)



>Anon likes 15yo girls

>Forever ashamed
>Forever the subject of pedo banter


 Anonymous (66c4) 62775


Yeah but I don't tell any of my friends about it.

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62776

File: 1339705641622.jpg (146.04 KB, 880x585)


File: 1339705751417.jpg (221.84 KB, 800x1137)


So is Ernesto, but you can damn well bet he is going to do something about it.

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62778

File: 1339706119651.jpg (82.38 KB, 720x661)

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 62779

File: 1339707547793.png (60.88 KB, 300x284)

 Anonymous (66c4) 62780

File: 1339708407671.jpg (110.64 KB, 732x684)


prove it

 Anonymous (4821) 62781

>be 21
>love chloe and tell to everyone
>backgrounds, avatars, rpg name character
>no one consider me a pedo or a creep bastard
What a shit of chlobros if you dont feel proud for your chloe and your hobby (almost a religion for me)

 !CalcLbWSVA 62782

Eh, I'm not really ashamed to say Chloe is cute or anything, but my obsession? Nah, don't want to share that with anyone i know outside of the internet.

 thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 62783

File: 1339708638819.jpg (68.35 KB, 688x464)

 Prufrock!!JyUh1Eb6mQ 62784

File: 1339708997475.jpg (51.85 KB, 449x604)

I only don't tell my friends because I want to keep her for myself in a weird way.

 Anonymous (4821) 62785

I can not be the only one who pray at least one time to Chloe for help or good luck or just for feel better……

 Anonymous (66c4) 62786

File: 1339709593748.jpg (78.92 KB, 430x363)


We wish her all the very best too. She deserves it.

 Anonymous (4821) 62787

No…i mean, Chloe is like a goddess for me, i dont pray to God or JewGod, i pray to Chloe…


File: 1339709853005.gif (5.85 MB, 488x304)

>You will never tell your friends about Chloe
>One of them will never say 'Mayo'
>You will never share >that feel together

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62789

File: 1339709855724.jpg (92.57 KB, 560x679)

 Anonymous (936e) 62790

File: 1339709913258.jpg (20.94 KB, 477x549)

I got it as he prayed to chloe for good luck, not as he prayed for good luck to chloe

 Anonymous (936e) 62791

File: 1339710115166.jpg (112.96 KB, 426x594)

All old chan mods were like this
mah nigga
almost same here except
shes still a human to me and i dont have her literally everywhere


File: 1339710152600.jpg (124.31 KB, 436x1107)

>You guys don't pray facing Chloe daily?

 Anonymous (66c4) 62793

File: 1339710235825.jpg (92.39 KB, 640x361)


File: 1339710359442.jpg (219.35 KB, 640x426)


>Posted before

>Poor troll
>Move along
>The name is pretty peak though…

 Anonymous (66c4) 62795

File: 1339710701036.jpg (83.06 KB, 582x443)


but 23 followers? WTF?

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62796

File: 1339710774430.jpg (63.31 KB, 705x376)

 Anonymous (936e) 62797

File: 1339710804271.jpg (127.67 KB, 1116x519)

New hate tweet evey minute lol, the guy must be pretty bored

 Anonymous (e652) 62798

File: 1339710898838.jpg (468.23 KB, 1280x1773)

Is there something wrong with chloes knees? They've always seemes perfectly fine to me.

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62799

File: 1339710966564.jpg (145.68 KB, 900x704)

It is a Chlobro…

 Anonymous (66c4) 62800

File: 1339711028546.jpg (17.18 KB, 249x272)


Are you seriously pondering what he is saying?

How can people fall victim to the shittiest and most obvious of trolls?

 Anonymous (936e) 62801

File: 1339711074572.jpg (110.21 KB, 975x600)


 Anonymous (e652) 62802

File: 1339711325177.jpg (31.64 KB, 331x299)

The racoon story has some strong basis for being founded in truth, the state of georgia is know for its racoon problem and there are regular reports of racoons attacking humans. Usually these attacks occur at night because racoons usually forage for scraps at that so chloe might have just fallen fowl of one of these beasts.

 Anonymous (66c4) 62803

File: 1339711440592.jpg (40.03 KB, 211x478)

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62804

File: 1339711504620.jpg (51.83 KB, 560x420)

 Anonymous (4821) 62805

You are that faggot who always wrote in the subject in old 4chan threads?

 Anonymous (66c4) 62806

File: 1339712161577.jpg (60.43 KB, 415x604)

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62807

File: 1339712395473.jpg (49.15 KB, 500x375)

 Anonymous (e652) 62808

File: 1339713991528.jpg (403.31 KB, 2087x1650)

I made a shoop like that when I first came here,I don't have it anymore though, the link is broken/won't work for me for some reason so I can't vote.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62809

File: 1339715121430.jpg (1.18 MB, 2868x4410)

Oops I fell asleep…

 Anonymous (66c4) 62810

File: 1339715709100.jpg (49.41 KB, 287x720)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62811

File: 1339716189881.jpg (755.1 KB, 2073x3000)

 Anonymous (e652) 62812

File: 1339716306439.jpg (68.05 KB, 350x293)

Does she ever wear socks?
What a freak.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62813

File: 1339716495078.jpg (594.68 KB, 1920x800)

>What a freak

 Anonymous (3377) 62814

File: 1339716562429.jpg (32 KB, 550x310)


>You will never sniff Chloe's socks

>can't be assed for trip, you cn guess anyway.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62815

File: 1339716774624.gif (6.75 MB, 535x250)

>can't be assed for trip, you cn guess anyway.

>Defies the point of anonymous

>Name is on automatically
>Fro is trippin' balls

 FRO (3377) 62816

File: 1339716900509.jpg (1.13 MB, 1964x3000)


>Laptop froze

>Can't be assed to go into file with trip
>Not me unless I use trip
>Trevors balls maybe..

 Anonymous (e652) 62817

File: 1339717299593.jpg (63.33 KB, 367x360)

What do you go around sockless the majority of the time, I would think not.
Of course I shall never sniff her socks if she never wears any.

 Fro (3377) 62818


>That feel

 Anonymous (e652) 62819

File: 1339717657269.jpg (186.84 KB, 1280x720)

There are no feels here, only confussion at her lack of socks.
Typical of all the items of clothing to regularly not wear she had to choose socks.
Couldn't of went without trousers instead chloe, no?
Way to please your fans.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62820

File: 1339717694116.gif (6.38 MB, 476x713)

It's hot weather and she needs those feet to get some air

 Fro (3377) 62821


>Fro sniffs air


 Anonymous (e652) 62822

File: 1339718069753.jpg (51.65 KB, 640x469)

You like that word 'sniff' don't you…
Im staking my repectbility right now that you will stugle to find her wearing socks in more than 2 pics that are not from the same set.
Stockings or leggings don't count.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62823

File: 1339718531465.jpg (897.27 KB, 1997x3000)

Maybe she just doesn't like socks. Or maybe she is just a foot tease for Fro.

In summer, she has no reason to wear socks though surely?

 Anonymous (e652) 62824

File: 1339718801924.jpg (227.79 KB, 1000x1500)

So what she is only photographed in summer?
Maybe its just a female thing, I mean fuck it's chloe she can do whatever she wants.
I noticed that trev is wearing socks there.

 Fro (3377) 62825


My future wife is so considerate

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62826

File: 1339720099232.jpg (1.4 MB, 1726x2500)

You can't really wear high heels with socks, can you? Other shoes like plimsolls don't require socks. When it rains she usually wears boots. It's also pretty warm in winter so there's not really too much reason to wear socks in LA, I guess.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62827

File: 1339720190059.jpg (83.08 KB, 400x600)

>a state of uttmost coolness, hotness. Wow, that guy's bmw is chedz!


 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62828

File: 1339729931488.jpg (320.33 KB, 1151x1600)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62829

File: 1339731071074.jpg (1006.72 KB, 2832x4256)

 Anonymous (db83) 62830

File: 1339735868432.jpg (16.85 KB, 390x293)

 DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 62831

you;re breaking the 2nd

 Anonymous (66c4) 62832

File: 1339739110686.jpg (10.44 KB, 520x66)

 Anonymous (66c4) 62833

File: 1339739575437.jpg (103.56 KB, 640x652)


> you;re breaking the 2nd

 Anonymous (60f2) 62834

 Anonymous (66c4) 62835

File: 1339739940295.jpg (213.84 KB, 722x1000)


you can tell that is a guys' site that's all I'll say

 Anonymous (db83) 62836

File: 1339741451607.jpg (51.07 KB, 415x512)

>young lindsay lohan

Do not want

 Anonymous (66c4) 62837

File: 1339741977374.jpg (50.86 KB, 430x456)


She didn't look so great as a kid but by the time she hit 17 she was an absolute bombshell. Shame that she exploded a few years later/

 Anonymous (2721) 62838

File: 1339742708259.png (631.05 KB, 730x538)

>She's got the innocence of the Fanning girls, but without all that hippy dippy earthy granola crap that makes you wonder how long until the drop out to join a macro-biotic farming cooperative in Peru.

 Anonymous (2721) 62839

File: 1339742829400.jpg (49.88 KB, 246x361)

>by the time she hit 17 she was an absolute bombshell
not exacly what id call a bombshell


She has tits. That's something that Chloë doesn't have.

 Anonymous (66c4) 62841

File: 1339743794180.jpg (41.99 KB, 438x360)


I guess I'm the only one who didn't get that part

 Anonymous (db83) 62842

File: 1339743816817.jpg (165.05 KB, 1200x669)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62843

File: 1339744211796.gif (6.38 MB, 476x713)

May I refer you to cupcakes?

 Anonymous (2721) 62844

File: 1339744345264.jpg (49.88 KB, 246x361)

>implying that matters at all
>implying that list of the things chloe has that lidsay doesnt isnt longer by miles than the opposite

 Anonymous (6267) 62845

Nigga, do you even sleep?

 Anonymous (2721) 62846

He doesnt
right chedz ?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62847

File: 1339744897282.jpg (42.94 KB, 500x481)

 Anonymous (6267) 62848

File: 1339744958964.jpg (23.54 KB, 450x600)

Chedz can suck a fuck

 Anonymous (2721) 62849


 Anonymous (db83) 62850

File: 1339745043022.jpg (306.93 KB, 600x770)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62851

File: 1339745076064.png (285.09 KB, 431x428)

 Anonymous (db83) 62852

File: 1339745121921.jpg (114.54 KB, 500x617)

Still on a computer without Chloe images?

 Anonymous (2721) 62853

yes, a different one again, but ill be leaving in about 10 minutes

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62854

File: 1339745402854.gif (1.08 MB, 399x223)

So I finally worked out how to do .gifs and such.
Tried to make it an accurate representation.

G'night guys.

 Anonymous (db83) 62855

File: 1339745505097.png (123.18 KB, 323x302)

You sure get around..

 Anonymous (2721) 62856

>Faggots, faggots everywhere
couldnt be more accurate, great job cheddar

 Anonymous (db83) 62857

File: 1339745587121.jpg (88.65 KB, 560x494)

Cheddar confirmed for homosexual nigger

 Anonymous (2721) 62858

File: 1339745623971.jpg (525.14 KB, 995x918)

 Anonymous (12ad) 62859


Chloë is WAY behind at this moment. She needs your vote!

 Anonymous (b598) 62860

you sure are the biggest fag on this site, by quite
a wide margin

 Anonymous (2721) 62861

>stating the obvious

 Anonymous (1fc0) 62862

File: 1339746211242.jpg (20.16 KB, 267x400)

Nigga u gay

>She's Juliette Lewis

>No Chlowie pics on phone
>feels batman

 Anonymous (db83) 62863

File: 1339746406630.png (25.27 KB, 493x355)

I set the imacro for awhile, but it's gone up from 300 votes to now 900.

We won't be able to beat selena unless we all vote using imacros

 Anonymous (db83) 62864

File: 1339746517133.jpg (57.72 KB, 442x500)

I know who it is.



 Anonymous (b323) 62865

>No Chlowie pics on phone
>feels batman

I have to go to sleep anyways


 Anonymous (b598) 62866

funny thing is that when it started Chloe was leading 2:1 but I guess the huge biebgomez crowd learned about it?

Does it allow multiple voting and can you save that imacros script for us? Its been a while since we had a voting marathon. I kind of missed it

 Anonymous (db83) 62867

File: 1339747189873.jpg (102.27 KB, 1676x712)

Doesn't mean you have to go dante style on us.

Though she is somewhat Chloe related since she's in hick.

 Anonymous (db83) 62868

File: 1339747595589.jpg (307.64 KB, 1016x530)

 Anonymous (db83) 62869

File: 1339748038143.jpg (207.57 KB, 744x530)

 Anonymous (a5e2) 62870

>Implying i'm not dante
>Implying i was sleeping
>Implying i wasn't lurking

 Chloë Thread #75 62871

File: 1339756924133.jpg (80.62 KB, 649x848)

hello. i'm new to posting , but not new to Chloë. Please be gentle

 Zatoichi (e0c7) 62872

File: 1339757257631.jpg (312.57 KB, 1600x1100)

i just learned how to use a bone as a weapon last week. this is progress

 Anonymous (936e) 62873

File: 1339757601692.jpg (51.22 KB, 344x311)

Hello bros! hows everyone this beautiful day ?

 Anonymous (db83) 62874

File: 1339757721299.jpg (85.49 KB, 473x542)


not sure if spike

Not raining today, eh?

I'm fine.

 Anonymous (db83) 62875

File: 1339757769747.jpg (77.67 KB, 416x541)

and you?

 Anonymous (936e) 62876

File: 1339758128419.jpg (24.26 KB, 638x360)

No, its beautiful, sunny but not too hot and a little windy
Im feelin great thanks!
tonight should be even better…

 Anonymous (db83) 62877

File: 1339758156542.jpg (51.34 KB, 265x400)

 Anonymous (db83) 62878

File: 1339758217529.gif (203.29 KB, 400x401)

What's happening tonight?

 Anonymous (db83) 62879

File: 1339758251181.jpg (39.59 KB, 381x287)

 Anonymous (936e) 62880

File: 1339758624707.jpg (981.77 KB, 2560x1920)

nice get!

 Narwhal!n.FaBoostY 62881

File: 1339758650904.jpg (82.45 KB, 486x360)


Samefagging is cheating


File: 1339758735419.jpg (25.42 KB, 641x427)




England beating Sweden

>inb4 ban

 Anonymous (936e) 62883

File: 1339758824384.jpg (525.14 KB, 995x918)


 Anonymous (db83) 62884

File: 1339758862066.jpg (138.96 KB, 1419x1007)

Nice, who's going to be there?


 Anonymous (db83) 62885

File: 1339758994474.jpg (52.1 KB, 355x360)

Wow, you look much older than I expected.

 Anonymous (936e) 62886

File: 1339759122666.png (112.91 KB, 226x245)

Most of my friends, and friends of my friend i do now know yet…should be fun

 Anonymous (db83) 62887

File: 1339759383508.jpg (14.75 KB, 390x293)

Have fun



Oh you

 Anonymous (db83) 62889

File: 1339760579685.jpg (42.01 KB, 519x559)

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62890

File: 1339760854439.jpg (60.96 KB, 542x378)

 Anonymous (b598) 62891

talking about football won't get you a ban



File: 1339761771471.jpg (21.59 KB, 311x311)

 Anonymous (b598) 62893

who got banned for talking about football?

 Anonymous (db83) 62894

File: 1339764593814.jpg (41.07 KB, 600x461)

Not football in general, but anything that goes off topic too much can result in a ban if you don't either stop talking about it or move it to /bros/

 Anonymous (b598) 62895


anything that goes off topic might result in a polite request and/or a warning. If the guy in question will ignore those THEN AND ONLY THEN will he get a small ban (like a couple of hours). No one will get banned out of the blue and seeing how he only made a single comment about it that's far from taking it off topic for too long. I just hope he was kidding. As long as people here don't act like ignorant assholes they have no reason for concern.

In fact, things such as bans and warnings would never even be mentioned here if some people had a minimum amount of decency.

 Anonymous (db83) 62896


I wasn't talking about Fro's comment. I was just talking football talk in general, and people might possibly get a ban if they continue to talk about off topic shit when they've been asked specifically not to.

I know nobody would get b& for a few comments about football with no warnings..

 Narwhal!n.FaBoostY 62897

File: 1339770158988.jpg (198.55 KB, 711x576)

I think you guys mean soccer

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 62898

File: 1339771176953.jpg (919.38 KB, 1997x3000)

Awww me? That's kind of you.

 Anonymous (db83) 62899

File: 1339771721983.jpg (134.04 KB, 640x480)

same shit

 Narwhal!n.FaBoostY 62900

File: 1339772251495.jpg (84.07 KB, 399x600)


I was trying to piss someone off

 Anonymous (db83) 62901

File: 1339772478015.png (123.18 KB, 323x302)

 Narwhal!n.FaBoostY 62902

File: 1339772743003.gif (688.05 KB, 200x243)

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62903

File: 1339778219468.jpg (61.96 KB, 638x407)

WTF, Chloë is loosing to Selena

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62904

File: 1339779973065.jpg (120.35 KB, 1040x494)

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 62905

File: 1339784530177.jpg (327.6 KB, 1347x1965)

 Anonymous (66c4) 62906

File: 1339794027696.jpg (31.1 KB, 302x350)


that imacros guy didn't deliver his script

 Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 62907

File: 1339795195350.jpg (477.7 KB, 1280x1920)

 Anonymous (66c4) 62908

File: 1339795361864.jpg (1.3 MB, 1731x3000)

best set in a long time

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62909

File: 1339796171539.jpg (71.14 KB, 604x453)

 Anonymous (e652) 62910

File: 1339797415883.jpg (113.59 KB, 960x548)

 Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 62911





File: 1339797663137.jpg (112.21 KB, 604x453)


>Crossed legs

>What the hell is going on with her right foot?
>Chloe 2 toes, I don't even

 Anonymous (bcc2) 62913

File: 1339798114606.jpg (78.96 KB, 640x432)

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