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File: 1393179766936_sticky_and_wet.gif (2.76 MB, 300x422)

 Chloë Moretz Thread #643 !Mu5DJ1d1S. 57214Locked

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57215

File: 1393179900108.jpg (134.03 KB, 375x375)

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 57216

File: 1393179978758.gif (845.22 KB, 500x267)

so since we are almost getting rid of the "site full of old creepy perves" impression, this is how we celebrate…interesting…

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57217

File: 1393180077350_needbrainbleach.jpg (38.65 KB, 370x397)


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57218

>since we are almost getting rid of the "site full of old creepy perves" impression
We are? I was under the impression there's n getting away from that
either way, Chloë loves herself some dirty jokes
that much is certain

 Anonymous (118f) 57219

Old, creepy Chlomo is back

 Guppy (f373) 57220

File: 1393180167453_chloe_moretz_wonderland_magazine_25.jpg (1.29 MB, 1752x2325)

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 57221

File: 1393180259002_4.jpg (35.34 KB, 361x374)

I thought we are…but maybe that's just because that's what I was hoping for and I can only see what I want to see…oh well, doesn't matter now

 Anonymous (c466) 57222

File: 1393180260269_d26796ec18ea11e39a4922000a1fb37b_7.jpg (67.31 KB, 612x612)

Moralfag outrage in 3…2…1.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57223

File: 1393180328423_sticky-and-wet-01.gif (2.76 MB, 300x422)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57224

File: 1393180334598_fa810c84ee0d11e19fa512313820475a_7.jpg (131.47 KB, 612x612)

don't call it a comeback
it's been here for years

 Guppy (f373) 57225

File: 1393180334890.jpg (61.74 KB, 250x358)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57226

What would be the point? You can't piss 'n' moan at a pervert to stop being a pervert.

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 57227

File: 1393180366447_it_was_me.jpg (67.33 KB, 622x635)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57228

File: 1393180413669_317790_3999453836.jpg (26.34 KB, 369x410)

you want us to turn into the old forum?

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 57229

File: 1393180486380_Clipboard76.jpg (9.25 KB, 314x255)

I don't know what the old forum was like…so maybe I do, maybe I don't, there's no way to tell

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57230

File: 1393180497475_mr_bean_new_dress.jpg (128.31 KB, 1156x754)

>find a good excuse for a thread
>nothing that we haven't posted before a million time
>all of a sudden outrage everywhere

>as if Chloë doesn't like this sort of humor

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57231

or maybe your chinese equivalent
where those guys called us scum network

 Anonymous (118f) 57232

Stfu and get your head out of my ass as all you are doing is looking for a shit stirring brawl with me so you can toss another ban at me.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57233

fuck it
tbh you almost never posted anything but bitching about chlomo
so he's not exactly off

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57234

>as if Chloë doesn't like this sort of humor

It's a little different when she's the one being talked about in this way by guys in their mid 20s or older.

Especially her 13-year-old self.

 Anonymous (c466) 57235

File: 1393180714589_284649_10150244475292827_2360741_n.jpg (64.08 KB, 478x720)


Yep Chloë has been a dirty girl for years.

←- Not photoshopped just Chloë being naughty.

 Guppy (f373) 57236

File: 1393180733829_147.jpg (78.57 KB, 352x331)

Yep, I have zero tolerance for your shit.

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57237

File: 1393180762375_7k7ot_142487511.gif (1.35 MB, 369x277)

<<<< why the hell would she do this?? (and then she looked at the camera man right away)

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 57238

File: 1393180785104_02.jpg (17.14 KB, 180x191)

then I would be there right now instead of here…
but you should know that most of my bitching is just kidding because I've got nothing better to do…just like everything else I say. don't feel bad

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57239

File: 1393180822649_saint.jpg (316.18 KB, 800x724)

let's change the theme to "Chloë going to jesus camp" edition

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57240

File: 1393180894631_legs.jpg (57.42 KB, 929x538)

because she's got two lethal weapons and she's not afraid to use them

inb4 legs thread
as if every thread didn't eventually turn into a legs thread

 Anonymous (c466) 57241

File: 1393180919712_laugh_jiggle.gif (2.55 MB, 275x324)


We could also change it to "Chloë is saving herself for marriage like a good Catholic girl".

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 57242

File: 1393180973309_dp-078.jpg (237.54 KB, 1280x720)

this I like

 Guppy (f373) 57243

File: 1393181104942_carrie_twins.jpg (1.39 MB, 2000x1382)

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57244

File: 1393181111070_ah.jpg (24.38 KB, 393x414)

 Milo (ae97) 57245

File: 1393181123080_chloe_moretz_wonderland_04.jpg (880.29 KB, 1000x1376)

Okay, since this thread is gonna be kinda creepy anyway I'd like to ask - Does this dress also kinda remind you of… certain body parts?

 Anonymous (118f) 57246

Then don't post shit like Chloë being horny when you know your stirring the motal pot and just being plain rude toward your idol.

And as some other guy said. Laughing at sex or perverted jokes does not mean you are horny.

 Guppy (f373) 57247


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57248

She find them funny
we find them funny
why not have a thread inspired by it?

 Anonymous (e257) 57249

File: 1393181582986_hitgirlsex.jpg (92.7 KB, 508x286)

cuz she likes teasing

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 57250

File: 1393181591784_bye.gif (180.6 KB, 268x367)

Alright I'm going to bed.
Everyone still awake, try to calm down
night guys

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57251

File: 1393181639186.jpg (88.24 KB, 459x434)


later chickenshit

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57252

File: 1393181670963_vlcsnap-2014-02-20-00h24m12s9.png (224.4 KB, 624x336)


 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57253

File: 1393181679970_rainbow_dress.jpg (945.43 KB, 1000x1376)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57254

Um what?
That move couldn't look more calculated if they tried
Have you even seen the video?

 PolyJacob!!haTjqi3jfo 57255

File: 1393181927352_chloe_moretz_azzaro_store_launch_007.jpg (468.23 KB, 1280x1773)


 Milo (ae97) 57256

That is actually much better then original "lady parts" version.

 Anonymous (cdea) 57257

3 sexual tweets within 3 minutes of one another. It makes really sad that Chloë is most likely sexually active or going to be any day now :( I'm such a casual beta fag

 Anonymous (c466) 57258

File: 1393182187858_Mortal_Pot.jpg (133.62 KB, 605x477)

 Milo (ae97) 57259

File: 1393182261327_Chlohorny.jpg (443.21 KB, 800x1199)

Speaking about horny Chloë - I think her facial expression on this picture hits the spot…

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57260

Yes and I think you're seeing what you want to see.

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57261

no, it's pretty obvious she does it on purpose, unfortenately

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57262

so it's a 8min video where she looks at the interviewer for the whole time
for that part where she pets her legs
I think I'm seeing what's being shown

 Guppy (f373) 57263

File: 1393182416996_kitten.jpg (494.39 KB, 1920x2160)

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57264

File: 1393182463495_spank_me_hit-girl.gif (2.48 MB, 360x432)

Interesting thread to wake up to

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57265

File: 1393182532869_ibvtB6bEWYVAhz.gif (9.05 MB, 573x512)

 PolyJacob!!haTjqi3jfo 57266

check your soundcloud inbox

 Octa (0799) 57267

File: 1393182571124.gif (1.28 MB, 294x293)

Is this the way she looks at bacon?

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57268

File: 1393182603363_chloe_moretz_mtv_movie_awards_090.jpg (57.16 KB, 395x594)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57269

File: 1393182610357_13270637509429.jpg (6.74 KB, 184x211)

this is

 Guppy (f373) 57270

File: 1393182619934_0001.jpg (71.94 KB, 600x400)

It's best you don't pop his bubble.

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57271

File: 1393182649813_chloe_moretz_epic_face_003.jpg (10.29 KB, 262x254)

Awwh yiss. Thanks for the reminder

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57272

File: 1393182738389_baconaise.jpg (44.68 KB, 400x400)

 Milo (ae97) 57273

File: 1393182766874_mmm1.gif (4.6 MB, 500x410)


You guys reminded me of this one. Probably my favorite.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57274

File: 1393182776894.gif (191.85 KB, 150x165)

 Anonymous (e257) 57275

File: 1393182813792.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.38 KB, 570x455)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57276

File: 1393182855733.png (776.58 KB, 1246x993)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57277

Chloë thinking about johnny

 Milo (ae97) 57278

File: 1393182923876_chloe_moretz_empire_big_screen_05.png (341.57 KB, 594x560)

How? Where?

 Guppy (f373) 57279

File: 1393183110413_fetching_creature.jpg (300.95 KB, 1920x1080)

 Anonymous (c466) 57280

File: 1393183139028_sexy_tongue.gif (4.7 MB, 235x205)

This is one of the ultimate Chloë moments.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57281

What bubble is that?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57282

File: 1393183173577.jpg (280.37 KB, 1920x1080)

oh yeah
10/10 gif
10/10 video
10/10 look

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57283

oh shit! that is hot!

 Anonymous (c466) 57284

File: 1393183253260_Chlogasm.gif (2.99 MB, 339x210)


Is that from Julian's Facebook?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57285

File: 1393183327263.jpg (357.02 KB, 1106x939)

 Guppy (f373) 57286

File: 1393183478177.jpg (23.15 KB, 234x289)

The bubble where Chloë is not allowed to be a normal teenage girl.

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57287

do movie scenes count? she was acting, the director told her to do that, it was not by her will (sorry for the bad english)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57288

File: 1393183577282_chloe_moretz_blackberry_z10_launch_party_025.jpg (2.94 MB, 2230x3000)

There's a world of difference between understanding she's a normal teenage girl and suggesting that she, at 14, was somehow trying to seduce an adult cameraman.

 hobotoroboto (e5ff) 57289

File: 1393183652518_LipBite.gif (496.8 KB, 500x245)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57290

who said it had to be by her will? You're taking the theme too literally
in most of the pics
like this for example
she probably wasn't horny either, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with the idea

>somehow trying to seduce an adult cameraman.
nobody said she was

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57291

you do realize that if that was indeed a calculated gesture it was meant for the people watching the video, not the cameraman?

 hobotoroboto (e5ff) 57292

File: 1393184093824_DarkShadowsInterview.gif (4.23 MB, 320x360)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57293

File: 1393184097116.gif (1.62 MB, 248x285)

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57294

so she was seducing thousands of people?

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57295

You do realize that it's insane to suggest she gave that sort of thing any thought in the midst of doing an interview, right?

She does the same thing at 1:20. It's just a nervous tic.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57296

she was showing off to the people watching the video
just like celebrities are shwoing off on the red carpet, which shockingly isn't for the actual paparazis but for the people who will get to see the pics on news sites, tabloids etc

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57297

>just like celebrities are shwoing off on the red carpet
>red carpet

not the same thing

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57298

>showing off on the red carpet
not exactly the same i think. they don't usually do these kind of gestures.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57299

File: 1393184552086_chloe_moretz_i_am_number_four_premiere_020.jpg (76.42 KB, 594x503)

>You do realize that it's insane to suggest she gave that sort of thing any thought in the midst of doing an interview, right?
No I don't
She could have given it some it some thought just like she probably did regarding the outfit she would wear in the interview

>She does the same thing at 1:20. It's just a nervous tic.

or maybe it's a well thought out gesture

I was referring to the whole concept of showing off and looking sexy
not the actual gesture

 Guppy (f373) 57300

File: 1393184627124_chloe_moretz_saturn_awards_001.jpg (1.56 MB, 2000x3000)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57301

File: 1393184706038_chloe_moretz_gossip_girl_100th_episode_119.jpg (1.75 MB, 1887x3000)

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57302

>she probably did regarding the outfit she would wear in the interview
if i was a girl with those legs, i would do that too lool
i just don't her to take this sexuality thing too far. i don't want her to be like miley cyrus or kim kardashian!!

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57303

File: 1393184766510_fuckyoupervs.jpg (140.16 KB, 740x512)

This thread sucks as hell

It's a good moment to remember the origin of this site:

What is the creepiest site in the internet?: 4chan
and What is the creepiest place in 4chan? /b

REMEMBER YOUNG PADAWAN, you're like a sheep between wolves

Every oldfag here, comes from that shit, when Chloë was 12 years old…


 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57304

Do you know anything about body language? Like, at all? I'm beginning to think you don't actually watch any of Chloë's interviews, and instead just try to cherry pick moments you consider seductive and decontextualize them. The gif in question occurs in a moment when she's laughing and talking about Moulin fucking Rouge. You're suggesting she suddenly, in the middle of that, decided to run her hand down her thigh seductively because… reasons.

Yes, that sounds insane. Nobody in their right mind would do something like that in the middle of an interview.

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57305

File: 1393184829661_moretz-112413-_17.jpg (76.82 KB, 500x800)

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57306

Chloë is growing up as you saw in all those pictures and gifs. she does that by her will (at least in most of them). it's not actually our fault

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57307

File: 1393184969813_chloe_moretz_cleopatra_northern_ballet_premiere_019.jpg (828.61 KB, 1804x2948)

She's not a slut
she said she likes teasing which is what she's doing

>In the middle of that, decided to run her hand down her thigh seductively because… reasons.

or in the middle of posing on the red carpet she decided to give a seductive look because … reasons

yeah, crazy
a teen girl being sexy, knowing it and showing it off is crazy

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57308

>Every oldfag here, comes from that shit, when Chloë was 12 years old…
WTF are you talking about?

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57309

File: 1393185053548_chloe_moretz_village_at_the_lift_01.jpg (1 MB, 1580x2022)

Please, you're a teenager. You know how teenage girls are. Chloë went through a phase when she was constantly making duckface on the red carpet. Notice there aren't any pictures of her doing that since she turned 16. Most likely she realized how dumb it looked and that it sent the wrong message.

 !No.7//JDvE 57310

This thread

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57311

File: 1393185078712_chloe_moretz_hick_screening_006.jpg (1.63 MB, 2400x3600)

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57312

File: 1393185079516_IMG_0108.jpg (1.42 MB, 1536x1022)

Really Are you trying to argue with all these nightmares?
Lost time, trust in me.

Shut up redneck

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57313

yeah i noticed that too actually! when i was 13/14, the girls at my class were much dirtier than they are now.

but now look at the tweets she posted… she is coming back!

 Guppy (f373) 57314

File: 1393185270698_chloe_moretz_w_magazine_02.jpg (177.91 KB, 1093x1459)


…and you're acting like she's still 12 years old. Let her grow up for fucks sake, she's not going to be your little princess forever.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57315

>but now look at the tweets she posted… she is coming back!

She's laughing at dirty jokes. Who doesn't do that?
No, she's not the same person she was at 13 anymore. But that doesn't mean she's somehow regressing into Miley Cyrus.

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57316

she is just perfect in that picture!
>that doesn't mean she's somehow regressing into Miley Cyrus.
yeah i know. i just don't want her to

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57317

Hahaha… I'm not who is posting 13 yo Chloë in the "Horny Chloë Thread", ok?

 Octa (0799) 57318

Yeah, that's right, what teenager doesn't laugh at dirty jokes?

 Guppy (f373) 57319

File: 1393185531362.jpg (438.73 KB, 993x1023)

read much?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57320

File: 1393185546320.gif (1.68 MB, 407x455)

>I'm not who is posting 13 yo Chloë in the "Horny Chloë Thread", ok?
A lot of the pics are for the lulz and not meant to be taken seriously
like this for example

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57321

>yeah i noticed that too actually! when i was 13/14, the girls at my class were much dirtier than they are now.

It's a phase. Puberty does weird things to people's minds. Then they grow out of it and realize how silly it was. The only difference with Chloë is that she did it in full view of the public, so people who watched her when she was in that phase came away thinking certain things about her.

>yeah i know. i just don't want her to

Why would she? Miley is trying (way too hard) to kill Hannah Montana. Chloë doesn't have that albatross hanging around her neck of a kid-friendly tv show that she's forever associated with. Plus she's not a pop star.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57322

File: 1393185663400_creeper.jpg (227.08 KB, 529x666)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57323

File: 1393185780359_chloe_moretz_carrie_premiere_149.jpg (808.12 KB, 2304x3456)

He's a Spaniard. You know how passionate Spaniards are.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57324

File: 1393185803981_tumblr_mgxz751bhs1qfqc4xo2_1280.png (571.86 KB, 987x841)

 Solar!!Svszpr4cbg 57325

File: 1393185809544_107.png (224.95 KB, 400x300)

 !No.7//JDvE 57326

File: 1393185809337_chloe_moretz_equalizer_set_in_chelsea_10.jpg (568.68 KB, 2492x3000)

wtf now persistent video embed links too? grrr

Your inner struggle.
Is real.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57327

File: 1393185903290_zoio.jpg (24.92 KB, 464x485)

I go eat breakfast, then come back to 45 new posts???

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57328

Jimmies have been rustled.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57329

it's that time of the month again
when moralfags revolt

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57330

File: 1393185948503_David-Carradine_16.jpg (23.39 KB, 383x575)

Next time better named: "Nostalgic Pedophile thread"

See you all in the next thread, now I'm gonna take a shower, maybe I will fapping to your ugly sister

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57331

File: 1393185953362_hfw-she-knows.png (361.34 KB, 400x620)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57332

it doesn't feel like a proper 4chan thread until you get the hurr durr pedophiles comment

>maybe I will fapping to your ugly sister
you'll probably be fapping to Ronaldo

 Solar!!Svszpr4cbg 57333

File: 1393186114214_Whoaaa_there_caradelevingne_gettin_cray_with_the_highest_bid_bear_stroked.jpg (27.14 KB, 375x375)

 Guppy (f373) 57334

File: 1393186214571_cbfb.jpg (194.66 KB, 522x1018)

 Anonymous (cdea) 57335

:O my heart can't take these

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57336

File: 1393186323056_cristiano_floripondio.jpg (39.33 KB, 320x256)

Maybe he'd agree


 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57337

Btw GG what's your final opinion about this? Do you like Chloë this way or do you prefer her not being dirty at all?

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57338

LMAO is that real? It made me laugh so hard!! Ahahahahh

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57339

bye bye

I like that she has a bit of a naughty side
it's perfectly normal anyway
I mean who doesn't?

 !No.7//JDvE 57340

File: 1393186601050_chloe_moretz_hick_tiff_premiere_049.jpg (1.77 MB, 1871x2806)

Oh c'mon, don't fight it. It's time you embrace your feelings bro.

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57341

File: 1393186652195_Clipboard69.jpg (19.06 KB, 324x408)

This thread is bonkers.
Now might not be the time, but… I'll just leave this here.
Thanks for your time

 Anonymous (c466) 57342

File: 1393186739076_twirl.gif (584.36 KB, 325x480)


Just wait until later this year if any of Chloë's roles are more adult then the moralfags would want which Trevor seemed to hint at. Wonder how they will handle that.

 Anonymous (cdea) 57343

File: 1393186741678_chloe_moretz_hick_screening_198.jpg (838.78 KB, 2076x3000)

I'm sadly still a virgin and I still laugh at dirty things, fav sexual tweets. I like to think Chloës the same :)

 Anonymous (fcfd) 57344

File: 1393186823744_ah8.jpg (114.38 KB, 551x507)

My reactions while reading this entire thread: laughing, face-palming, and laughing while face-palming.

 Anonymous (cdea) 57345

File: 1393186848872_chloe-moretz-vogue.jpg (780.96 KB, 1415x1938)

When did he hint that?

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57346

Diondra in Dark Places is slutty, drug-addicted and generally batshit crazy.

Teri in The Equalizer is a hooker.

Doesn't take a genius to figure out what he meant.

 Anonymous (cdea) 57347

Ohhhh, I thought you were talking about future UN-announced roles ;)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57348

File: 1393187238211_tumblr_n0nh14NVB91rbw50xo2_250.gif (977.04 KB, 245x245)

Nah, he mentioned it right as they were filming DP a few months ago.

Love the role, by the way. I hope they don't sanitize it too much for the movie. I always enjoy watching psycho bitches on film for some reason.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57349

File: 1393187326047.jpg (117.32 KB, 1317x918)

It's always a good time for that. Those are great.

 !No.7//JDvE 57350

Wow man, excellent as always. U sure you're not a pro musician? There's a certain "polish" to your work that I can't quite place my finger on as I'm not a musician, but I recognize real talent when I hear it. Anyways, please keeping doing exactly what you're doing.

 Anonymous (c466) 57351

File: 1393187777094_1369180212.jpg (103.85 KB, 1600x1000)


>Diondra in Dark Places is slutty, drug-addicted and generally batshit crazy.

I think that Diondra will be a older version of Kaylie Hooper where Chloë takes the role up a couple of levels.

Like her Kaylie Hooper role it could be Chloë's best acting ever.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57352

File: 1393188028766.jpg (6.58 KB, 202x235)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57353

Diondra's antics go way beyond anything Kaylie does.
Kaylie is ruthless and calculating. Diondra is a lost, rudderless ship. Two totally different characters.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57354

File: 1393188205901_why-would-you-do-that.jpg (76.37 KB, 1280x720)

 Octa (0799) 57355

File: 1393188269108_tumblr_mz7qdwO3vh1qaj9ldo5_r1_250.gif (707.22 KB, 245x110)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57356

And I share a first name with that guy.

 !No.7//JDvE 57357

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57358

File: 1393188673598.jpg (19.78 KB, 386x392)

Thanks fellas.
Nope. I'm in a couple bands but definitely not a pro. I can only dream…

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57359

>I always enjoy watching psycho bitches on film for some reason.
Yeah me too! That's why I like Jennifer Lawrence ahah

 From Russia with love (7311) 57360

File: 1393188890715_WSJ_Laggies_Interview_20.jpg (24.12 KB, 332x350)

it's really Chloë?
where you find it?)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57361

It's Cara Delevigngngne

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57362

Wow that looks awful! Nicki minaj still looks better than she usually does!

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57363

Guys please, are these real or not?

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57364

File: 1393189071796_full-valorie-curry-626618290.jpg (322.78 KB, 936x1404)

Have you seen that show 'The Following'

I'm completely in love with Valorie Curry, the actress who plays Emma.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57365

first isn't Chloë. Look at the file name.
2nd is real but it's a joke. There's a couple of replies missing in between where Trevor is talking about wearing a 'slutty Xmas sweater'

 Guppy (f373) 57366

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57367

Chloë posted this photo on Instagram. But she quickly deleted it. This is the thumbnail from that instagram post. No one was able to save the full sized image.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57368

It's not Chloë.


for fuck's sake, learn to use google reverse image lookup.

 Guppy (f373) 57369

No one is saying it's Chloë you retard.

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57370

LOOL weird family conversations ahah

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57371

t-g-1998 was asking

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57372

File: 1393190416638_hit-girls_o_face.jpg (7.4 KB, 172x156)

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57373

File: 1393190509235_chloe_moretz_spike_stream_awards_055.jpg (88.34 KB, 397x594)

 AnonymousBrofessor (4f40) 57374

File: 1393190802998_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_01.jpg (16.61 KB, 411x377)

This whole thread is painful to read.. the debates whether Chloë is a horny naughty girl or not are futile.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57375

File: 1393190841673_enough_of_this_shit.jpg (26.63 KB, 479x469)

jesus fucking christ, I didn't say it was Chloë. I said she posted it to her instagram. She took the photo and made the caption. It was taken at the BBC Teddy Bear auction.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57376

File: 1393190875236_2012-November-15th-Children-In-Need-Designer-Pudsey-Auction-London-04.jpg (254.23 KB, 1024x1538)

 Guppy (f373) 57377

File: 1393190963542_vlcsnap-2014-02-09-21h22m10s240.png (203.49 KB, 640x480)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57378

You sure Chloë took it?

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57379

File: 1393191077285_Image00023.jpg (46.63 KB, 514x570)


 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57380

File: 1393191137515_2012-November-15th-Children-In-Need-Designer-Pudsey-Auction-London-11.jpg (71.75 KB, 960x717)

I'm not certain she took the photo, but I'm certain she posted it and deleted it from instagram.

 Jenn (d8b4) 57381


I lived in Spain two years ago and I only can say…
Seriously if you can go to Spain, you must go to visit this country.

 Guppy (f373) 57382

 Jenn (d8b4) 57383

File: 1393191297412_map-of-spain.gif (3.15 KB, 375x200)

 Anonymous (a8e1) 57384

File: 1393191318734_vNIM.jpg (63.18 KB, 500x680)

 Anonymous (c466) 57385

File: 1393191347041_moretz-ice-cream-02.jpg (179.21 KB, 979x1222)


Wish that casuals wouldn't post random pictures in the Chloë random pictures section. Key word is Chloë not Random.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57386

File: 1393191357680_needbrainbleach.jpg (38.65 KB, 370x397)

LOL these niggas…

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57387

File: 1393191605076_chloe-is-knowledge.jpg (54.65 KB, 407x519)

Thanks for the lesson, Geography Teacher Jenn.

 Anonymous (a8e1) 57388

File: 1393191672640_BDay_17_Ejh5D.jpg (103.1 KB, 960x960)

>it's time for a "Chloë being horny" thread


 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57389

File: 1393192143974.jpg (40.39 KB, 614x600)

I will never understand how people buy into this shit…
Good for a laugh anyway

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57390

File: 1393192156491_endless.gif (8.23 MB, 550x256)

 Anonymous (a8e1) 57391

File: 1393192250111_finger_lickin_good__hd_.jpg (143.25 KB, 465x472)

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57392

That's a great gif

 Anonymous (a8e1) 57393

File: 1393192377661_blazed_and_confused.jpg (451.36 KB, 900x1174)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57394

File: 1393192435302.png (246.04 KB, 611x404)

They need to believe in an ordered world because their minds can't comprehend the idea of a world where everyone is flying by the seats of their pants.
Most of them are deeply religious. The ones that aren't are just looking for a religion substitute. Some other load of bullshit to swallow wholesale to fill that void.

 Anonymous (a8e1) 57395

File: 1393192663989_9641_twirl.gif (584.36 KB, 325x480)

 !No.7//JDvE 57396

Thanks so much Jenn, I have been confused for years as to where Spain is. I have searched the internet many times in search of a clear answer and was never able to find one until your posts cleared it up for me.

 Mr. Black (b1fc) 57397

File: 1393194189788_767687.png (259.21 KB, 395x400)

>Chloë being horny

 Tommmy !iTdxUlb0MI 57398

File: 1393194346626_BhLXUiZIYAEEhv7.jpg (40.46 KB, 344x524)

I dont get this.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57399

 Anonymous (a8e1) 57400

File: 1393194516683_constipation.jpg (10.31 KB, 303x330)

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57401

My innocent mind saw Trevor hugging his cousin

 Anonymous (c466) 57402

File: 1393194719630.gif (3.31 MB, 340x184)


Chloë wants someone to look at her like they want to eat her (in the fun way not the cannibal way).

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57403

File: 1393194800923_I0000o4tBDi0QE8g.jpg (18.33 KB, 275x287)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57404

File: 1393195237343.jpg (62.43 KB, 720x480)

fucking hell
how long till we get some new pics or vids from her upcoming movies?

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57405

File: 1393195573731_i_need_chloe_pics.jpg (114.83 KB, 800x599)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57406

File: 1393195669146_I_See_What_You_Did_There.jpg (50.74 KB, 599x713)

hahahahahahaha. Oh, Trevor.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57407

File: 1393195700328_I_need_my_chloe_fix.jpg (62.89 KB, 319x480)

replace pictures with updates and it's a pretty accurate picture

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57408


Guys, don't be surprised if we see Chloë end up with a sister named Colleen in the not-too-distant future.

 take on chloë Alfonso07314 (877e) 57409

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57410

 Anonymous (c466) 57411


Maybe another sister named Treva as well.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57412

File: 1393197180061_lesson.jpg (1.06 MB, 2048x1538)

fixed the image

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57413

oh for fuck's sake…

Make up more quotes, why don't you?
Fucking shit-for-brains smear merchants.

 Guppy (f373) 57414

File: 1393197350798.jpg (162.73 KB, 960x540)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57415

Yup. Colin looked a little too comfortable in that video.

 Tommmy !iTdxUlb0MI 57416

File: 1393197467788_argentinaguy.jpg (1.03 MB, 3072x2304)


It's Alfonso the argentinian guy from Taringa.

 Anonymous (c466) 57417


Maybe Colin just has a thing for LadyBoys.


 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57418

Check his travel records. If he's ever been to Thailand, we'll know for sure.

 Anonymous (729a) 57419

She probably took 6 showers after filming that Kick Ass 2 scene.

Fucking pervs.

 Octa (0799) 57420

Who wouldn't know where is spain ?

 Anonymous (c466) 57421

File: 1393199951138_Chloe-as-a-nun.jpg (317.85 KB, 1150x719)


Mother Chloë of California.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57422

File: 1393200437337_Orgasm_Face.jpg (189.97 KB, 556x686)

Well, well…. Good morning.


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57423

File: 1393200514496_I_Wanna_Cry.jpg (62.47 KB, 531x531)

I dreamt I did something wrong, I dunno what. People got back at me by kidnapping Chloë. :( But, they just decided to randomly let her go later on. I found her sleeping peacefully at an ally, like she didn't even know what happened.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57424

Did they send you one of her severed toes in the mail?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57425

File: 1393200764041_Noooo.jpg (89.36 KB, 495x495)

Don't even think it!

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57426

File: 1393200952126_whothefuckknows.jpg (90.94 KB, 1280x720)

Hey, you said it was to get back at you for something you did. You're at fault here, the way I see it.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57427

File: 1393201113619_Aww_That_Sucks.jpg (19.46 KB, 371x381)

I was just glad they let her go. She was on her 8 Days outfit in the dream.

 !No.7//JDvE 57428

File: 1393201120079.gif (1.99 MB, 344x307)

no, just toenail clipping

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57429

Pfft. Amateurs.

 !No.7//JDvE 57430

File: 1393201235523.jpg (52.1 KB, 355x360)

Hey, it's dvt, you know how freaky he is.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57431

File: 1393201381917_it.jpg (55.16 KB, 321x332)

Well, at least he's not a fuckin' furry/clopper

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57432

File: 1393201435654_derpfacechloe.jpg (101.96 KB, 425x640)

…he's not, right?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57433

File: 1393201475688_What_Did_I_Just_See.jpg (38.65 KB, 370x397)

Scanning up on some posts, I dunno if this is really a Chloë being horny or Chloë making us horny thread anymore.

I didn't even say anything like that.

What now?

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57434

File: 1393201595669_rihanna-dance.gif (993.52 KB, 192x144)

It's just a thread for dirty jokes.

 Anonymous (c466) 57435

File: 1393202220304_145685485241.gif (1012.7 KB, 500x242)


Dvt would pay top dollar for Chloë's toe nail clippings.

 Anonymous (c466) 57436

File: 1393202337077_Chloe_Legs_14.jpg (96.09 KB, 1280x720)


>or Chloë making us horny thread

That is the purpose of every Chlomo thread.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57437

File: 1393202790399_Chloe_Moretz_in_a_2013_Japanese_Shoot.jpg (540.34 KB, 720x1280)

So, how's that working out?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57438

File: 1393203083092_Chloe_at_Hick.jpg (377.67 KB, 1489x2365)

Wouldn't you? It's still a part of Chloë herself.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57439

File: 1393203215962_feelotry.png (384.28 KB, 960x404)


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57440

File: 1393203446158_And_You_Believe_That.jpg (26.08 KB, 332x343)

What's a furry clopper?

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57441

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57442

File: 1393203731649_Are_You_Serious.jpg (19.04 KB, 300x305)

That first one's not very helpful.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57443

It's people who get their rocks off by dressing up as anthropomorphic woodland critters.

Seriously, how are you on the internet and don't know about furries?

 Anonymous (729a) 57444

File: 1393203932306_vlcsnap-2014-02-23-20h04m43s57.png (861.58 KB, 1280x720)

When will she be on HBO's True Detective?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57445

File: 1393204203791_Ive_Seen_Better.jpg (23.47 KB, 324x317)

That's… nuts….

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57446

And you like feet, which I, in turn, also consider nuts.
It's all relative.

But seriously, bronies are awful.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57447

File: 1393204388201_Chloe_Fixing_Her_Feet.gif (2.99 MB, 343x430)

I never liked feet before Chloë.

 Anonymous (c466) 57448


I wouldn't even buy a strand of hair off Chloë's hair stylist.

 Anonymous (c466) 57449

File: 1393208165798_chloe_moretz_instyle_photoshoot_candids_023.jpg (85.65 KB, 765x1024)


This gets those furry lovers hot.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57450

File: 1393208342324_tiger_PJs.jpg (382.18 KB, 1388x1532)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57451

File: 1393208406545_chlomo_drama.gif (1.47 MB, 500x375)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57452

File: 1393208540558_lion.png (260.97 KB, 500x595)

 Anonymous (a8e1) 57453

File: 1393208981625_Pj_Party.jpg (227.67 KB, 538x540)

 Anonymous (a8e1) 57454

File: 1393210017904_Yeessss.jpg (604.09 KB, 2411x3376)

 Anonymous (a8e1) 57455

File: 1393210185134_chloe_moretz_instyle_photoshoot_candids_020.jpg (901 KB, 2447x3364)

 Anonymous (c466) 57456

File: 1393210277975_2.jpg (72.63 KB, 960x720)

Chloë has arrived in NYC. Much to the disappointment of the Anti-Julian movement I am sure.


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57457

File: 1393211390210_Chloes_Beautiful_Smile.jpg (201.13 KB, 1280x854)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57458

File: 1393211630512_Force_Shield.jpg (338.46 KB, 1280x480)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57459

File: 1393211867732_Chloe_Moretz_Aeropostale_2013_2.jpg (320.02 KB, 1280x854)

 Chloe's house Vera Farmiga (a8e1) 57460

File: 1393213689347_Vera_Farmiga_82nd-Academy-Awards_2010.jpg (645.78 KB, 2048x3072)

Taissa. What are you thinking creating a thread?

Don't break into Chloë's house.
Remember.. You only played a burglar in a film. You're not supposed to be one IRL.

But if you want to post comments about how much you look up to Chloë, feel free to do so.


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57461

File: 1393213716555_Chlo_Being_Mobbed_at_New_York_2013.jpg (1.1 MB, 2698x3600)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57462


 Anonymous (c466) 57463


They shouldn't let people in mental institutions have internet access.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57464

File: 1393214293253_Guess_Again.jpg (52.83 KB, 287x280)

Hey! We did are time! Kidding, of course.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57465

File: 1393214515667_chloe_moretz_julianne_moore_walk_of_fame_081.jpg (86.01 KB, 720x720)

I meant "our".

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57466

File: 1393214734311_Chloe_Will_Never_Hold_Your_Bicycle.jpg (1.86 MB, 2436x3000)

Well, it's semi-related… ish to the theme.

 Anonymous (c466) 57467

File: 1393215032450_chloe_moretz_on_the_set_of_if_i_stay_10.jpg (468.82 KB, 667x1000)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57468

Long, maybe, but she doesn't seem to be riding very hard.

 Mackra (82bf) 57469

File: 1393215326586_chloe_moretz_out_in_new_york_002.jpg (70.38 KB, 540x720)

battle hymn of the chlobro's
my eyes have been awakened to the glory of the chlo,
and i'm proud to count myself among the number of the bro's,
oh i'll follow my sweet Chloë to wherever she may go,
a chlobro soldiers on,

chloe, Chloë won't you tweet me, Chloë, Chloë please befriend me, Chloë, Chloë i'm not creepy,
a chlobro soldiers on,

we've all fought through the stages of the devil known as J, but for some the thought of you with him will never be okay, we're remaining bro's together and we're fighting through the pain,
a chlobro soldiers on,

chloe, Chloë post more feet please, Chloë, Chloë you complete me, Chloë, Chloë don't delete me,
a chlobro trudges on,

though i'm nothing much to look at i assure you that i'm sane and the last thing on my mind would be to ever cause you pain, i simply wish to worship you and tell others of your fame,
a chlobro soldiers on,

chloe, Chloë won't you see me, tell the cops to please release me, tell my cellmate not to fist me,
a chlobro staggers on.

my computer's on the way out and i'm too poor to buy a new one so this may be it. continue to live dangerously and post the pickle picture more.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57470

File: 1393215327596_You_are_Just_Saying_That_to_Make_Me_Happy.jpg (12.53 KB, 190x183)

You do see what's in it in the image I used, right?

 !No.7//JDvE 57471

File: 1393215346864_youll-never-be-chloes-bike-seat.jpg (430.54 KB, 683x1024)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57472

File: 1393215410076_You_Might_Regret_That.jpg (129.24 KB, 555x508)

You're assuming she had one.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57473

yes. I was being ironic.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57474

File: 1393215571987_Aww_That_Sucks.jpg (19.46 KB, 371x381)

 !No.7//JDvE 57475

File: 1393215649384.jpg (175.3 KB, 1280x720)

>Chloë post more feet please, Chloë, Chloë you complete me, Chloë, Chloë don't delete me,
>Chloë won't you see me, tell the cops to please release me, tell my cellmate not to fist me
LOL'd hard

post over on the offtopic tech thread with your pc problems and maybe we can figure it out

 Anonymous (c466) 57476

File: 1393215844554_aroused_carolyn.jpg (48.08 KB, 827x850)


It could be custom made so that the faster she goes the more fun she has. No need for a bike seat.

 Anonymous (5187) 57477

File: 1393217835914_DS-11.gif (2.91 MB, 374x257)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57478

File: 1393218149797_Chlobsssion_on_Darrens_Tab.jpg (2.71 MB, 3264x2448)

Yeah. Go here, Mackra: >>>/offtopic/249

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57479

File: 1393219564118_132706371127.png (377.8 KB, 992x509)

Your finest work yet. Seriously this is great

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57480

File: 1393219687259_chloe_moretz_landing_lax_01.jpg (239.07 KB, 818x1222)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57481

File: 1393219967869_MV5BMTg1OTIwNTQzNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzQwMDk5OA._V1_SY1200_CR58506301200_.jpg (90.06 KB, 630x1200)

When they have a part for her.

I'd personally like to see her on House of Cards, but that's unlikely, given the setting. But maybe some senator or a member of the cabinet has a daughter in college who causes Frank problems.

Either way, I want to see her work with Kevin Spacey someday.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57482

File: 1393220258333_ah8.jpg (114.38 KB, 551x507)

>tell the cops to please release me, tell my cellmate not to fist me

oh lawdy. so great

 Anonymous (18c2) 57483

File: 1393221863636_vlcsnap-2014-02-21-21h32m57s244.png (582.64 KB, 1280x640)

I never knew Spacey was so good. He was in American beauty too I think.

 Anonymous (c466) 57484


He was incredible in K-PAX as well.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57485

File: 1393222178751_house-of-cards.jpg (161.62 KB, 1620x1080)

He's probably my 2nd favorite actor behind Gary Oldman.
Someone shoop Chloë into this.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57486

File: 1393222218034_132706371458.jpg (21.5 KB, 190x256)

 Danny (8f8d) 57487

And se7en.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57488

and The Usual Suspects

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57489

File: 1393223791648_goddess-playing-with-her-short-hair.gif (8.42 MB, 456x470)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57490

File: 1393224855326_Boom.gif (2.38 MB, 323x492)

Someone's still lagging:

And, holy fuck, that first reply….

 Anonymous (c466) 57491

Chloë just randomly noticed a fan by favoriting their tweet and they are really happy about it.


 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57492

File: 1393224998439_NUP_147807_0125.jpg (918.41 KB, 1440x960)

So tonight I finally had time to watch Chloë's 30 Rock episodes for the first time.
Oohhhhh man. This is just as good as everyone said.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57493

That little shit's been responding to all her tweets like that for the last… I dunno how long. He needs therapy. Ballistic Cranial Therapy.

 Anonymous (c466) 57494

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57495

File: 1393225091590_Thumbs_Up.jpg (67.99 KB, 549x513)

Yes, she's cute and sexy.

Or, we could just hurt him for himself… rather permanently.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57496

File: 1393225235757_Hahahaha.jpg (140.68 KB, 553x563)

Well, I tried.
Last time though, I got a favorite from Liana doing so.

 Anonymous (c466) 57497

Wow! She did an extra rare reply to the fan that she favorited and retweeted their fan art.


 Anonymous (c466) 57498

File: 1393225898576_kissy_them_teeth.jpg (69.03 KB, 360x268)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57499

Yes, that's what ballistic cranial therapy is.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57500

File: 1393226247171_1st_Thumbs_Up_of_2014.jpg (177.63 KB, 320x627)

I didn't see "balistic". Couldn't we just use a crow bar. Sorry. Watching Walking Dead.

 Anonymous (5187) 57501

File: 1393227575507_Hick-8.gif (348.34 KB, 201x190)

>did u really draw this it's beautiful!

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57502

>did you draw it?
Chloë wtf?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57503

File: 1393228315640_chloe_moretz_1893.jpg (23.6 KB, 400x383)

maybe she hasn't seen or remembers her pic

 Octa (0799) 57504

File: 1393228408384_seems-legit.gif (3.98 MB, 378x350)

 chlobsessed (2a9f) 57505

uuhh,yah this is good . . and lol'd at the same time ^^

 Anonymous (98de) 57506

File: 1393234290598_FtDm9aH7.png (138.56 KB, 245x245)

←—————A Twitter avatar I just came across.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57507

File: 1393235046145_Why_would_you_do_that.jpg (18.65 KB, 334x378)

That's pretty much the same reaction I could give to that.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57508

File: 1393239845097_chloe_moretz_hick_636.jpg (216.98 KB, 1920x800)

You still here dvttttttttt?

 Anonymous (f966) 57509

Holy shit! What happened here guys? My mind is full of fucks because of your posts :O
Chlomo can be very very weird sometimes /facepalm

 DANGER;prodigy!!3sORnsocec 57510

/sp/ is the creepiest board on 4chan

 DANGER;prodigy!!3sORnsocec 57511

File: 1393242695498_chloe_2.jpg (31.5 KB, 907x551)

faggot. its like you never want chlomo to be taken seriously.

 Anonymous (31c8) 57512

I'm thinking it's >>57275 that I'd be more interested in determining the veracity of.

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 57513

That has been discussed before. It's a porn star and I forgot her name

 chlobsessed (2a9f) 57514

aiyyo chlobros,evening all

 J-mare (6ad9) 57515

File: 1393244292130_hi.jpg (47.1 KB, 630x420)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57516

File: 1393245209647_hey-there.jpg (55.47 KB, 338x437)

 Mackra (b853) 57517

File: 1393245549103_chloe_moretz_j-magazine_12.jpg (133.05 KB, 1100x825)

think i fixed it. thanks anyway though.

 chlobsessed (2a9f) 57518

File: 1393245579654_happy_cho.jpg (239.1 KB, 1280x720)

Man chlomo is a nice place to be,when you greet there's always some chlobro to greet you back ^^

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57519

File: 1393247550682.png (239.57 KB, 640x350)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57520

File: 1393248621634_Even_in_Darkness_There_is_Chloe.jpg (245.13 KB, 1280x960)

I was asleep then had dinner. Sorry. Super sick.

 chlobsessed (2a9f) 57521

File: 1393249287716_baby_chlo.jpg (58.11 KB, 1136x852)

Sick?,well then you need some baby chloë

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57522

File: 1393249664856_I_Have_Not_Seen_That_Before.jpg (35.98 KB, 334x366)

Is that for real…?

 Mackra (b853) 57523

File: 1393250583895_chloe_moretz_sitges_film_festival_1_005.jpg (1.37 MB, 3000x2423)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57524

File: 1393250894239_Chloe_Moretz_at_the_2013_Nylon_Young_Hollywood_Party.jpg (1.02 MB, 2000x3000)

 DevoteeAtOffice (5140) 57525


Of course is real

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57526

File: 1393250966867_Awwww.jpg (142.25 KB, 537x532)

I just haven't seen it before. How'd we get it?

 DevoteeAtOffice (5140) 57527

McCoy posted on FB

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57528

File: 1393251055249_I_Lied.jpg (79.4 KB, 863x720)

Oh. Alright. Thanks a bunch, Alex.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57529

File: 1393251199539_Enough_of_This.jpg (26.63 KB, 479x469)

Great! Now, I wanna have a baby Chloë. And, I realize how awkward it is posting that in a horny thread.

 Mackra (b853) 57530

File: 1393251412546_chloe_moretz_out_and_about_with_teri_049.jpg (2.74 MB, 1947x2926)

thanks a lot i'll give it a go.

 DevoteeAtOffice (54d6) 57531

File: 1393251433275_2010-Mar-30th-Energy-Radio-Interview-Berlin-09.jpg (294.9 KB, 1200x797)

You're welcome, Darren

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57532

File: 1393251463516_Good_Job.jpg (12.75 KB, 367x303)

No problem. Just stay with us. Haha.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57533

File: 1393251937932_chloe_moretz_let_me_in_042.jpg (96.31 KB, 1920x800)

is the other site down for you or just me?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57534

File: 1393253474204_Better_be_Sure_About_That.jpg (59.95 KB, 302x318)

 Wolfe (14e9) 57535

File: 1393254320579_Hick_Premiere_Afterparty_1.jpg (899.03 KB, 1998x3000)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57536

File: 1393254407071_cheers.jpg (124.8 KB, 546x429)


 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57537

File: 1393254468661_art_museum.jpg (860.23 KB, 1600x1000)

 Wolfe (14e9) 57538

File: 1393254617126_Aeropostale_Campaign_26.jpg (176.49 KB, 640x960)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57539

File: 1393255003907_chloe_moretz_blackberry_z10_launch_party_054.jpg (24.91 KB, 333x485)

 Wolfe (14e9) 57540

File: 1393255281692_Greeting_Fans_In_New_York_After_Interview_1.jpg (704.08 KB, 1802x2843)

 Mackra (b853) 57541

File: 1393255641978_chloe_moretz_w_magazine_03.jpg (385.57 KB, 1348x1798)

 Mackra (b853) 57542

File: 1393255684857_chloe_moretz_out_with_teri_in_paris_43.jpg (893.74 KB, 1933x3000)

 Mackra (b853) 57543

File: 1393255971141_chloe_moretz_z100_jingle_ball_035.jpg (1.31 MB, 2100x3150)

 Mackra (b853) 57544

File: 1393256076048_chloe_moretz_out_with_teri_in_paris_17.jpg (521.6 KB, 1882x3000)

 DevoteeAtOffice (54d6) 57545

Wow, it's Jerkland

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57546

File: 1393256353520.jpg (49.88 KB, 246x361)

I wonder if her feet were hurting in that set

 Mackra (b853) 57547

File: 1393256513694_chloe_moretz_justin_garak_photoshoot_03.jpg (281.07 KB, 683x1024)

 Mackra (b853) 57548

File: 1393256608906_chloe_moretz_village_at_the_lift_10.jpg (2.56 MB, 4724x3150)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57549

File: 1393256822677_chloe_moretz_sleep_.jpg (49.85 KB, 640x382)

nap nap time. Goodnight

 Anonymous (c466) 57550

File: 1393257038473_w_deep-breath.gif (4.3 MB, 571x502)


It is not the first time Chloë has done that and doubt it will be the last time.

She is blonde and has her blonde moments.

 Mackra (b853) 57551

File: 1393257433511_chloe_moretz_wonderland_magazine_23.jpg (1.16 MB, 1362x2048)


 D3nisK (533b) 57552

1.Do u look on bacon like u would f.ck it? Me not so if u do meet doctor.
2.Its funny fact why would she be "horny"?
3.It doesnt make sense this have nothing to do with sex. Its just old man on bike (or whatever is it).
U should keep down your dirty minds. Only horny guy is you. WP

 Anonymous (c466) 57553


Are you 12 years old not understanding dirty jokes?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57554

File: 1393258156272_I_Told_You_So.jpg (16.99 KB, 333x303)

Good night.

>Do u look on bacon like u would f.ck it?
Actually, you've got a point there. Hahaha.

 Wolfe (14e9) 57555

File: 1393258895852_Aeropostale_Campaign_12.jpg (270.62 KB, 1280x853)

Good night.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57556

File: 1393258937066_Darth_Hugger.jpg (626.12 KB, 1280x853)

 Anonymous (c466) 57557

File: 1393259794863_06.jpg (83 KB, 716x960)

Chloë is a finalist for the Best Actress Shorty Award now.


 Wolfe (14e9) 57558

File: 1393260313246_Feels_Good_Man.jpg (169.73 KB, 873x773)

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57559

>She is blonde and has her blonde moments.
yeah that's true. she is still very smart though

 Wolfe (14e9) 57560

File: 1393260899751_Jennifer_Rocholl_Photoshoot_2.jpg (1.25 MB, 3744x5616)

 Anonymous (c466) 57561

File: 1393261183932_1617182_813047978710444_958696191_o.jpg (94.57 KB, 852x1136)

Guess this will only interest those with a Chloë hand fetish.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57562

File: 1393261236284_Chlo_Grace_Moretz_Aeropostale_Shoot_2.jpg (233.35 KB, 1280x853)

A lot of us a have a general everything about Chloë fetish.

 Anonymous (6671) 57563

Or maybe she just can't tell because she say it on her tiny iPhone screen and don't have pro OC detection skillz.

Show that pic to a casual/normal person while saying an artist made it and most would just believe it was so.

You also have to remember that she has seen some really great and realistic work of herself already from skilled fans and artists.

 Anonymous (c466) 57564

File: 1393262017690_chloemoretzfancom38.jpg (1.16 MB, 1800x2700)


Well at least the person didn't lie about it and explained to Chloë that she was wrong.


 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57565

File: 1393262222695_chloe_moretz_918.jpg (227.02 KB, 533x800)

I just congrat her, for her honestly

 Wolfe (14e9) 57566

File: 1393262421454_Set_Of_If_I_Stay_2.jpg (1.42 MB, 2000x3000)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57567

File: 1393262467850_Vaders_Prized_Possession.jpg (469.02 KB, 1021x545)

Drawn or edited, Chloë thought it was beautiful. How it looks is what matters, I guess.

Good night, guys.

 Anonymous (9c74) 57568

File: 1393262670267.jpg (1.3 MB, 2008x3000)

 J-mare (6ad9) 57569

File: 1393263043859_not_bad.jpg (9.11 KB, 233x225)


I realy like that one good job!

 Wolfe (14e9) 57570

File: 1393263148409_Allure_2.jpg (727.5 KB, 2000x1333)

Good night.

 Anonymous (c57e) 57571

File: 1393265585692_chloe_moretz_7th_teen_vogue_party_008.jpg (295.81 KB, 1130x1600)

But… she was so pretty

 Anonymous (f966) 57572

God damnit I don't want to be rude but her grandma look like a zombie here. She's sick? How old is she?

 i´m new heinator123 (3edb) 57573

File: 1393266058260_68.jpg (156.41 KB, 1600x1066)

hi i am from Faroe Islands (lives in Denmark)
i saw Chloë in kickass (the first) but was so small and didn´t think about the charactors. i am 15, my birthday is the day before Chloë´s.
fave movies is kick-ass 1-2 and carrie

 D3nisK (533b) 57574

This is not dirty or even joke its stupid and u us a "grown man" should know it :) Peace

 Tommmy !iTdxUlb0MI 57575

File: 1393267795312_madeinpaint.jpg (121.64 KB, 1024x716)

 Anonymous (c466) 57576

File: 1393268059481_laugh_jiggle.gif (2.55 MB, 275x324)


Sure keep telling yourself that so that you only have sweet and pure innocent little Chloë in your thoughts.

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57577

File: 1393268386214_chloe.jpg (112.84 KB, 611x612)

Still lives this hellish thread?

 Anonymous (c466) 57578

File: 1393268672804_025.jpg (518.15 KB, 2265x3150)


Don't worry we can create a good little girl Chloë thread once this hits 500 posts.

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57579

File: 1393268869827_chloe_moretz__121.jpg (359.98 KB, 1888x2312)

Will work fine, this one lacks content

 !No.7//JDvE 57580

File: 1393268932679.jpg (68.94 KB, 587x663)

 !No.7//JDvE 57581

File: 1393269091217.jpg (45.78 KB, 328x287)

gotta start em young

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57582

File: 1393269365853_FFN_DefaultLightbox_51159121.jpg (763.29 KB, 2427x3000)

Hey bro, you're really evil, yesterday you tried with this awesome Chloë

Good try, but never will work with me.
You can't understand how much impossible is.

 Anonymous (c466) 57583

File: 1393269545059_006.jpg (242.29 KB, 997x1500)


Guess that you still see Chloë like this.

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57584

File: 1393270040215_vlcsnap-2013-08-19-20h28m27s51.png (323.86 KB, 640x320)

Irrelevant. I only want respect for my favourite person,

 Anonymous (c466) 57585

File: 1393270519730_rDnPz1qhgbb4o00.jpg (81.52 KB, 500x483)


Aren't you one of the people that disrespected Chloë by making fun of her dog Missy and calling it ugly.

"Let those without sin cast the first stone"

 D3nisK (533b) 57586

Dont hold your di.k when u write this please nobody is like you ;)

 !No.7//JDvE 57587

wtf am i watching?

 !No.7//JDvE 57588

File: 1393271867268_grow-up-and-take-your-dicks-off.png (279.03 KB, 750x574)

Alright guys, it's time we all grow up and take our di.ks off for f.ck sake.

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57589

File: 1393272297897_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_04.jpg (14.86 KB, 328x329)

>mfw this thread
I don't even know what to say anymore. Maybe this is what happens during such a long dry spell… everyone goes insane

 !No.7//JDvE 57590

File: 1393272659723_article-0-1A68272E000005DC-236_634x349.jpg (53.82 KB, 634x349)

We try to have fun.

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57591

File: 1393272890529_tumblr_mrvdjm51GS1sc9c73o2_250.gif (702.71 KB, 245x300)

WTF? How can exist bros here who remember that sad episode???
I can't believe.
Yes, I will die ashamed
This is really embarrasing and bizarre

 !No.7//JDvE 57592

File: 1393273019809_Knowledge_is_free_we_are_anonymous_we_are_legion_we_do_not_forgive_we_do_not_forget_expect_us.jpg (62.54 KB, 960x720)

We do not forget.

 Anonymous (c466) 57593

File: 1393273505065_Sad_Chloe_is_sad.gif (2.97 MB, 338x258)


>long dry spell

Yeah Chloë has been to 3 airports in 3 days and we got no new Chloë content from any of them visits.

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57594

File: 1393273540679_vlcsnap-2013-10-20-11h14m03s216.png (355.84 KB, 480x480)


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57595

File: 1393274985350_132593314995.jpg (418.74 KB, 962x1080)

tfw posting in a Chloë thread after a long, shitty day

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57596

well, this counts as good news either way


 Milo (ae97) 57597

File: 1393275260163_Chloe4StarWarsSmaller.png (1.99 MB, 1030x1590)

Since this thread is already completely out of theme a little bit of Chloë4StarWars I just did (rewatching Return of the Jedi) won't hurt. (Costume inspired by Jaina Solo character - daughter of Han and Leia)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57598

Chloë isn't likely to be in a sequel, but it does bode well for the first film being a success. Studio wouldn't do that if they didn't believe in the franchise.

 Anonymous (c466) 57599

File: 1393275531762_008.jpg (182.42 KB, 1256x2400)


Yeah means that means the studio has faith that it will be a very successful movie that the majority of people will love.

But if they keep to the theme of the TV show Chloë won't have more then a Cameo in The Equalizer 2 as Denzel's character would be helping out another person in trouble.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57600

pretty cool
those boots could use some work though

 Wolfe (841f) 57601

File: 1393276070725_Arriving_At_Kings_Cross_St_Pancras_3.jpg (682.63 KB, 2870x4302)

Welcome aboard.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57602

File: 1393276371795.jpg (8.08 KB, 273x236)

mfw finally got some Chloë news

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57603

come on
I'd do it myself but photoshop is a skill I do not have

 Milo (ae97) 57604

File: 1393276475441_chloe_moretz_empire_big_screen_09.png (274.83 KB, 594x457)

Yeah, boots (and feet in general) are always kinda problematic. I wanted to keep them simple.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57605

File: 1393276619650.jpg (5.49 KB, 208x207)

>Yeah, boots (and feet in general) are always kinda problematic.
I thought the face was

> I wanted to keep them simple.

nothing wrong with simple
it's the blocky part that seems off

 Wolfe (841f) 57606

File: 1393276908434_Hick_Set_Candids_3.jpg (1.58 MB, 2400x3600)

 Milo (ae97) 57607

File: 1393277251396_JainaRe.jpg (80.2 KB, 250x361)

From my experience difficult are feet, mouth, breasts and sometimes nose. But it depends on skill and style of the one who's drawing.

And those boots? Well they're supposed to be hardened above the blocky part - like military boots. (Kinda like on the picture.)
Anyway there is nothing to be done about it now - but thanks for the input!

 Wolfe (841f) 57608

File: 1393278054076_Allure_5.jpg (889.46 KB, 2000x1333)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57609

File: 1393278176432_chloe_moretz_portraits_by_annie_collinge_for_the_independent_01.jpg (5.03 MB, 3661x5491)

I would but the only good pics I found had way too much hair cropping involved (and that shit is really tome consuming, plus it never ends up looking great)

>for example

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57610

File: 1393278611082_634.ChloeGMoretz.ms.020713.jpg (535.16 KB, 634x1024)

she looked so cocky here. I'm glad she was cuter on her 17th birthday

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57611

File: 1393278674821_chloe_moretz_lmi_013.jpg (27.26 KB, 371x384)

Are you sure you know that that term means?

 Anonymous (c466) 57612


Yeah might have meant to use a different word then "cocky" because she definitely doesn't look like that there.

She is just showing off the nail art she had done for her birthday party.

 Wolfe (841f) 57613

File: 1393278788361_Dior_Illustrated_Event_2.jpg (699.05 KB, 2688x4410)

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57614

Thinking too highly on herself? Over self-confident?
I didn't mean she really was though. I only thought of it due to her clothes and make up.

 Anonymous (fcfd) 57615

It was her Sweet 16. It's kinda a bigger deal than her other birthdays where a celebration is bigger, so her clothes and make up are fine.

 Wolfe (841f) 57616

File: 1393279902623_Nylon_Magazine_5.jpg (1.01 MB, 1000x1500)

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57617

Oh i see

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57618

File: 1393280442187_chloe_moretz_lmi_044.jpg (22.72 KB, 356x385)

 Mr. Black (909a) 57619

File: 1393280487622_article-2423040-1BDDFBB8000005DC-829_634x435.jpg (93.5 KB, 634x435)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57620

File: 1393280725155_chloe_moretz_lmi_031.jpg (16.38 KB, 310x332)

well said

 Wolfe (841f) 57621

File: 1393280870793_Hick_Screening_1.jpg (1.27 MB, 1984x3000)

 Wolfe (841f) 57622

File: 1393282355870_CFDA_Vogue_Fashion_Fund_Celebration_3.jpg (813.71 KB, 3000x2294)

 Anonymous (98de) 57623

File: 1393282756056_whaaaa.jpg (15.78 KB, 310x314)

 Wolfe (841f) 57624

File: 1393282932946_Dude_What.jpg (91.38 KB, 311x328)

>Chloë Grace Moretz is a sin
>I watched seed

 Anonymous (c466) 57625


He English no nice.

 Wolfe (841f) 57626

File: 1393283864550_Aeropostale_Campaign_15.jpg (132.78 KB, 618x960)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57627

File: 1393284304461_needbrainbleach.jpg (38.65 KB, 370x397)

I think he's talking about fapping.

 Wolfe (841f) 57628

File: 1393284550665_Marie_Claire_2.png (484.04 KB, 481x673)

 Octa (0799) 57629

File: 1393284625707_seems-legit.gif (3.98 MB, 378x350)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57630

I figure 'watched seed' is some mistranslated Turkish euphemism for it.

 Wolfe (841f) 57631

File: 1393284895545_Oh_Well.jpg (92.04 KB, 474x350)

Whatever it is. As long as he loves Chloë.

 Anonymous (2c97) 57632

 Wolfe (841f) 57633

File: 1393286026785_Aeropostale_Campaign_11.jpg (133.17 KB, 640x960)

Dat pose.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57634

 Anonymous (c466) 57635

File: 1393286367196_Nod.gif (4.05 MB, 335x400)


"appease her pervy jail bait loving audience."

He knows about Chlomo and Chlobros.

 Wolfe (841f) 57636

File: 1393286509704_80.jpg (26.23 KB, 395x396)

He might be among us.

 Cartwright (4472) 57637

Did i miss something super important in last month?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57638

>He knows about Chlomo and Chlobros.
they should
I hope I didn't post a link to chlomo there for nothing

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57639

you mean like her birthday?

 Anonymous (c466) 57640

File: 1393287383276_woa.jpg (3.08 MB, 3600x3600)


"I feel like I'm on FBI's watch list now for clicking on that website."

At least they are checking out Chlomo.

 Wolfe (841f) 57641

File: 1393287691222_Arriving_At_Jimmy_Kimmel_Live_4.jpg (1 MB, 1625x3000)

Almost forgot about the countdown.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57642

well, no
it's not made for the people here anyway

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57643

well no wonder *

 Wolfe (841f) 57644

File: 1393288191536_Harry_Potter_And_The_Deathly_Hallows_Premiere_1.jpg (1.03 MB, 2014x3000)

I was speaking about myself.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57645

File: 1393288261026.jpg (10.39 KB, 298x284)

I know
and I was saying since it bares little relevance to the people here, there's not much of a reason one why would remember it

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57646

where are you from btw?
I don't remember you …

 Wolfe (841f) 57647

File: 1393288638596_147.jpg (32.01 KB, 300x301)

Yes. I read your comment >>57643 a little bit late, since we posted at the same time.
I'm sure you can find out.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57648

File: 1393288676149.jpg (10.73 KB, 337x282)

>I'm sure you can find out.
What am I, the FBI?
I'm asking nicely

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57649

File: 1393288740668_BhOLvI_IUAA7d0k.jpg_large.jpg (192.98 KB, 1023x1407)

unless your skills are GODLY you should never EVER fuck with classics

 Wolfe (841f) 57650

File: 1393288986258_Arriving_At_Jimmy_Kimmel_Live_3.jpg (760.35 KB, 1933x2907)

Good night bros.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57651

File: 1393289249857_a67ffb669d4011e38a27126c24fb1dd2_8.jpg (136.61 KB, 640x640)

 Octa (0799) 57652

File: 1393290242514_chickenshit_28.gif (1.83 MB, 382x279)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57653

File: 1393293236244_Chloe_30_rock_017.jpg (76.8 KB, 482x720)


 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57654

File: 1393294873349_12312367432175.jpg (70.44 KB, 290x282)

dat gif

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57655

File: 1393301599616_chloe_moretz_variety_power_of_youth_051.jpg (302.72 KB, 560x1443)

So I've been gone a couple hours… has this turned into a legs thread yet?

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57656

File: 1393302617152_chloe_moretz_variety_power_of_youth_156.jpg (1.09 MB, 2000x3000)

 Anonymous (c466) 57657

File: 1393302669471_Licking_Lips_Foot_Shake.gif (1.28 MB, 559x580)


A Chloë being horny legs thread.

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57658

File: 1393302918481_chloe_moretz_out_in_new_york_002.jpg (70.38 KB, 540x720)

So that's a yes

 Anonymous (cf2b) 57659

>>57279 yaai had to go read a story at a fanforum after seeing this photo..

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57660

File: 1393305077432_hit-girl_60s-batman.jpg (54.25 KB, 554x554)

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57661

File: 1393305340039_chloe_moretz_never_say_never_premiere_157.jpg (450.21 KB, 1572x3156)


 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57662

File: 1393305411606.jpg (193.78 KB, 1280x720)

Not mine. That was a shirt on shirtpunch.com

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57663

File: 1393305591501_chloe_moretz_epic_face_031.jpg (10.27 KB, 251x261)

Ah. Hadn't seen it before, and knowing your artistic tendencies, I jumped to conclusions.
Should have gone with it and claimed it as your own… join the dark side

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57664

File: 1393305876555.jpg (96.46 KB, 600x841)

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57665

File: 1393307613971.jpg (156.52 KB, 1024x659)

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57666

File: 1393308146268_ray_charles.jpg (135.72 KB, 640x442)

This shoops folder is seriously the best

 Octa (0799) 57667

File: 1393308347839_chloe_rules_the_galaxy.jpg (680.43 KB, 964x1072)

 Anonymous (c466) 57668

File: 1393308755684_3r1gGquf1rtwl80o.gif (364.15 KB, 250x290)


Still in complete shock that Chloë liked that picture and replied to it. Maybe she couldn't sleep and her mind was loopy.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57669

File: 1393310157537_Chlo_Moretz_Arriving_in_Vancouver_Oct._2013.jpg (799.98 KB, 2017x3000)

Good afternoon, y'all.

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57670

File: 1393310236434_ph_i-sure-love-my-feet.gif (4.26 MB, 480x268)

Hey there

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57671

File: 1393310292222_Chlo_Being_Mobbed_at_New_York_2013.jpg (1.1 MB, 2698x3600)

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57672

File: 1393310530846_chloe_moretz_for_aeropostale_741.jpg (141.53 KB, 640x960)

 chlobsessed (eace) 57673

File: 1393310678784_chlo_moretz_marie_claire.png (1.89 MB, 904x1464)

Bow down to the Queen!

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57674

File: 1393310722400_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_at_Julianne_Moores_Hollywood_Walk_of_Fame_Induction.jpg (2.06 MB, 1766x3000)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57675

File: 1393311020953_Darth_Vaders_True_Lord.jpg (220.87 KB, 651x366)

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57676

File: 1393311864375_even_logan_loves_chloe.jpg (213.92 KB, 480x700)

Seems like you always show up right before I'm planning to go to sleep…
Until tomorrow

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57677

File: 1393311918994.jpg (258.85 KB, 608x649)

Nice one.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57678

File: 1393311995340_Boom.gif (2.38 MB, 323x492)

See ya.

Hello there, Pixel!

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57679

File: 1393312281875_chlomo_timeclock.jpg (77.4 KB, 600x600)

Chlomo night shift,

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57680

File: 1393312847066_re10.jpg (53.28 KB, 381x392)


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57681

File: 1393312929730_You_Sure_You_Wanna_Go_With_That.jpg (19.67 KB, 300x285)


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57682

File: 1393313887978_80a570449d8e11e384a0124609a1fc77_8.jpg (94.37 KB, 640x640)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57683

that's poor trigger discipline

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 57684

File: 1393314268869_MansionOfCelebs_National_Board_of_Review_by_d-mode_38.jpg (1.26 MB, 2832x3865)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57685

File: 1393314368978.gif (882.98 KB, 174x223)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57686

File: 1393314651987_Luckiest_iPhone_Ever.jpg (45.34 KB, 612x816)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57687

File: 1393314653210_cgmftw.jpg (46.05 KB, 624x416)

What? It's a valid observation. First thing Big Daddy would've taught her during weapons training would've been 'don't put your finger on the trigger unless you're ready to pull'

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57688

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57689

File: 1393314977489_Chloe_Seyfried.jpg (38.42 KB, 282x425)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57690

File: 1393315476482_abaca_300603_028.jpg (1.44 MB, 3396x5100)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57691

File: 1393315649904_Chloe_Seyfried_2.jpg (164.42 KB, 683x1024)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57692

File: 1393315861153_goddess.jpg (58.81 KB, 705x1064)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57693

File: 1393317228166_chloe_moretz_lmi_011.jpg (23.23 KB, 341x374)


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57694

File: 1393319522764_chloe_moretz_carrie_premiere_192.jpg (2.03 MB, 2395x3800)

May I please have the original Hugo image of the "Chloë is watching you masturbate" OC?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57695

File: 1393319680494_chloe-moretz_hugo_080.jpg (1.59 MB, 3072x2048)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57696

File: 1393319739325_Thats_Awesomely_Weird.jpg (24.75 KB, 334x323)

Thank you.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57697

File: 1393319791677_chloe-moretz-cutest-thumbs-up-ever.jpg (65.99 KB, 319x512)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57698

File: 1393320703110_soaking_wet_right_now.png (14.18 KB, 471x144)

 bree (7730) 57699

File: 1393320734915_chloe-moretz-lax-arrival-after-nyc-09.jpg (91.82 KB, 817x1222)

good afternoon chlobros !

long time no post .

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57700

File: 1393320783999.jpg (232.88 KB, 792x702)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57701

File: 1393321440949_sad_keanu_is_powerless_against_Chloe.jpg (177.92 KB, 1000x542)

 bree (7730) 57702

File: 1393321533037_chloe-moretz-wtf-meme.jpg (130.72 KB, 618x358)

what ?! why ?! what did i do ? :D

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57703

File: 1393321653121_im_keeping_my_eye_on_you.jpg (132.79 KB, 1209x600)

you know what you did

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57704

File: 1393321696333_Chloe_Comic-Con_Carrie_2012.jpg (1.39 MB, 3456x5184)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57705

File: 1393321723189.jpg (79.93 KB, 600x450)

Hi Solar

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57706

File: 1393321792343_Chloe_Moretz_at_the_2013_MTV_Movie_Awards.jpg (238.88 KB, 931x1400)

Uhm…. No.

 bree (7730) 57707

File: 1393321800802_1780627_1446085375624837_758872293_n.jpg (22.55 KB, 583x541)

you knew what i did last summer :O

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57708

File: 1393321985686.gif (1.91 MB, 948x726)

Why are you using his trademarked pic?


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57709

File: 1393322114536_Aww.jpg (8.41 KB, 241x257)

 Octa (0799) 57710

File: 1393322205765_chickenshit_19.gif (4.21 MB, 307x209)

See you later bros!

 bree (7730) 57711

File: 1393322561406_Chloe_Comic-Con_Carrie_2012.jpg (321.04 KB, 1351x1560)

such a shame for those legs to have these on them .

either way, she's still pretty,

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57712

File: 1393322831326_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_at_Julianne_Moores_Hollywood_Walk_of_Fame_Induction_2.jpg (3.3 MB, 2000x3000)

I'm sorry…?
Also, you seem a bit perky today.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57713

File: 1393324005809_Mountain_Tops.jpg (461.96 KB, 1280x711)

The Carrie premiere dress ain't too bad:

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57714

File: 1393324065628_chloe_moretz_halloween_scene_if_i_stay_09.jpg (560.1 KB, 2233x3000)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57715

File: 1393324086422.jpg (45.74 KB, 320x280)

Bye bye

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57716

File: 1393324243811.png (285.09 KB, 431x428)

wrong pic

 JigSaw!!cbKwO.L5G6 57717

File: 1393325678247_U5470P8T1D1071220F915DT20110530153955.jpg (39.81 KB, 450x600)

 Anonymous (18c2) 57718

File: 1393325784526_vlcsnap-2014-01-05-17h38m22s99.png (1.14 MB, 1280x544)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57719

File: 1393325867425_chloe_moretz_arriving_today_show_14.jpg (1.26 MB, 1739x2768)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57720

File: 1393327883618_I0000ST0EOcjwRmM.jpg (27.42 KB, 366x442)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57721

File: 1393328052905_image.jpg (292.42 KB, 900x1200)

so close…

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57722

File: 1393328308579_m1.jpg (104.79 KB, 312x374)

oh wow

 Anonymous (73c2) 57723


If you peel off the dark shading on the right side of her face there it's perfect.

 Anonymous (73c2) 57724


Your right, that is.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57725

File: 1393328442428_2e83137adab44aed182e864cb31c8701a08bfb55.jpg (27.21 KB, 580x435)

it's really well made but he messed up the face

>it's perfect.
come on
the lips and nose are nothing like the real thing

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57726

File: 1393328713307_621ec1e8f6cc11e2bf9922000a1fbc1c_7.jpg (76.69 KB, 612x612)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57727

File: 1393329517834_139135284152.jpg (68.46 KB, 551x555)

Ever so slightly. I guess Chloë's got a immensely hard face to get right.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57728

File: 1393329671119.jpg (101.62 KB, 640x480)

she does
about 90-95% of her fan art has her face messed up

 Leander Louryan (1d0d) 57729


Lmao'd so hard, Jesus.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57730

File: 1393329798269_2f4d027f9e2f0708ab35d6b4e924b899a801f2ea.jpg (99.3 KB, 1280x960)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57731

File: 1393329984555.jpg (200.56 KB, 649x861)

ooo impressive

 Leander Louryan (1d0d) 57732

File: 1393330152448_chloe-moretz.jpg (27.47 KB, 600x263)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57733

File: 1393330181223_3180660e121ed6bea20d93a145edd64f.jpg (380.63 KB, 600x857)

that's one of the good ones

 chlobsessed (eace) 57734

oh f*** it man . .

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57735

File: 1393330547077.jpg (51.75 KB, 500x398)

 D26D!!3HA.gTAtbI 57736

File: 1393330940659_728506508.jpg (134.48 KB, 600x800)

Some of the fan art in the chlomo pack is amazing. There is some real talented people out there.

 D26D!!3HA.gTAtbI 57737

File: 1393331002974_chloe_grace_moretz.jpg (447.6 KB, 1600x1200)

 D26D!!3HA.gTAtbI 57738

File: 1393331051654.jpg (115.68 KB, 972x1182)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57739

File: 1393331272636_tumblr_md3169QFxd1raittno1_1280.jpg (432.12 KB, 1280x1151)


 D26D!!3HA.gTAtbI 57740

File: 1393331763952.jpg (113.49 KB, 600x396)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57741

File: 1393331949014.jpg (1.6 MB, 2560x1920)

and we can't forget Echo's masterpiece

 Anonymous (18c2) 57742

File: 1393332295806_justherface.gif (3.73 MB, 400x305)

Why is she so addictive

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57743

File: 1393332536580_fucking_magic.jpg (121.08 KB, 800x600)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57744

File: 1393332647647_look.gif (7.24 MB, 744x612)

 From Russia with love (5760) 57745

File: 1393332969249_WSJ_Laggies_Interview_20.jpg (24.12 KB, 332x350)

oh God, it's cutest gif ever

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57746

File: 1393333069939_legs.gif (4.37 MB, 506x669)

 Anonymous (f911) 57747

File: 1393333127115_Orgasm_Face.jpg (189.97 KB, 556x686)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57748

File: 1393333202055.gif (2.93 MB, 297x505)

 Anonymous (f911) 57749

File: 1393334177001_chloe_moretz_epic_face_034.jpg (9.23 KB, 239x251)

I now have a thing for legs , moar?! :D

 From Russia with love (5760) 57750

File: 1393334691670_TWWS-1.gif (1.93 MB, 289x419)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57751

File: 1393335144620_Licking_Lips_Foot_Shake.gif (1.28 MB, 559x580)

Welcome to greatness

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57752

File: 1393335199047_PCA.gif (2.99 MB, 280x289)

 chlobsessed (eace) 57753

File: 1393335286400_cgm_close_up.png (196.35 KB, 296x306)

about time this turned into a legs thread,heehee . .

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57754

File: 1393335410836.jpg (28.14 KB, 220x395)

>welcome to legs.org

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57755

File: 1393335434379.gif (2.77 MB, 264x614)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57756

File: 1393335554249.jpg (21.79 KB, 353x579)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57757

File: 1393335735417_Carlo-Allegri-06.jpg (7.53 MB, 3408x5004)

damn straight

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57758

File: 1393335796651.jpg (70.08 KB, 500x657)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57759

File: 1393335854001_132706371403.jpg (326.9 KB, 1487x935)


 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57760

File: 1393336348281_Moretz_Pout.jpg (310.17 KB, 1782x1189)

what shoot is this from?

 From Russia with love (5760) 57761

File: 1393337253905_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_19.jpg (24.16 KB, 516x499)

kick-ass 3

 Solar!!Svszpr4cbg 57762

File: 1393337315161.jpg (293.3 KB, 2048x1363)


It's not from a photoshoot.

It's from a set of pictures Chloë's friend Mia posted to FB.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57763

File: 1393337565626.gif (1.94 MB, 260x236)

Ahh I see. Thank you. The HQ threw me off

 Mackra (b7f7) 57764

File: 1393338157180_chloe_moretz_uk_premiere_of_dark_shadows_068.jpg (661.72 KB, 1526x2149)

the bedroom eyes. good morning.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57765

File: 1393338414075_2dece2487e2f11e39a6012aa0e6b9648_8.jpg (61.68 KB, 640x640)


 Mackra (b7f7) 57766

File: 1393338456218_chloe_moretz_leaving_itv_studios_after_daybreak_047.jpg (2.75 MB, 1805x3543)

 Mackra (b7f7) 57767

File: 1393338509656_chloe_moretz_for_aeropostale_204.jpg (146.99 KB, 640x960)

 Mackra (b7f7) 57768

File: 1393338585499_chloe_moretz_movies_for_grownups_awards_006.jpg (875.2 KB, 3000x2355)

 Mackra (b7f7) 57769

File: 1393338639099_chloe_moretz_oakley_learn_to_ride_6.jpg (1.22 MB, 3000x3000)

 Mackra (b7f7) 57770

File: 1393338784693_chloe_moretz_uk_premiere_of_dark_shadows_159.jpg (906.69 KB, 1997x3000)

 Mackra (b7f7) 57771

File: 1393338838357_chloe_moretz_dark_shadows_los_angeles_premiere_102.jpg (1.1 MB, 2100x3000)

 Mackra (b7f7) 57772

File: 1393338879217_chloe_moretz_for_aeropostale_205.jpg (142.57 KB, 640x960)

 Mackra (b7f7) 57773

File: 1393338927256_chloe_moretz_uk_premiere_of_dark_shadows_067.jpg (846.56 KB, 1497x2149)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57774


 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57775

File: 1393339676773_Carrie-23.gif (2.99 MB, 323x316)

 Kane!sp7VUVMSKk 57776

File: 1393341456782.gif (820.76 KB, 245x253)

Noooooo why you do this to me

 Anonymous (b182) 57777

why did I push that fucking play button?!!
daaaaamn it!!!

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57778

File: 1393343001840_chloe_moretz_sleep_.jpg (49.85 KB, 640x382)

night bros. Have great Chloë filled days/nights

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57779

File: 1393343080366.jpg (131.37 KB, 1428x600)


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57780

File: 1393343160426_Chloe_Moretz_Equalizer_Set_2.jpg (1.69 MB, 2109x3000)

Yay! My desktop's back though without the GPU cause it's being tested but with 4gb more of memory as advised by GG!

It's Chloë leg-posting time!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57781

File: 1393343339270_again.jpg (81.87 KB, 507x400)

>It's Chloë leg-posting time!

 Anonymous (c466) 57782

File: 1393343385290_Do_want.jpg (24.17 KB, 265x356)


The sheer number of guys that went for the hand lotion and tissues after reading that must have been insane.

 AnonymousBrofessor (4f40) 57783


This tortures my very soul ;_; .


Why is Trev wearing a kilt?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57784

oh yeah
I remember it was back during a /b/ thread when it came out

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57785

File: 1393343438436_Chloe_Moretz_Play_Station_Event_2.jpg (294.11 KB, 881x1258)

Good night.

People get separation anxiety without their does of Chloë stuff.

I dunno. I did a quick skim of things and that's what it looked like you were doing.

You're assuming we… I mean… they were capable of waiting long enough to get the hand lotion.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57786

File: 1393343526099_chloe_moretz_lmi_036.jpg (17.38 KB, 332x324)

>Why is Trev wearing a kilt?
Why aren't you?
It's the traditional chlomo browsing uniform

 AnonymousBrofessor (4f40) 57787

File: 1393343689464_holychit.jpg (16.53 KB, 300x309)


I wasn't aware

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57788

File: 1393343780863_Awesome.jpg (19.57 KB, 192x176)

HOLY CRAP! You're right! 8gb is really something else even with my GPU gone!

Sorry. Back to Chloë.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57789

oh yeah
it's the most practical
we're launching chlomo branded kilts soon

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57790

File: 1393343868686_Chloe_at_Hick.jpg (377.67 KB, 1489x2365)

I can guess the color scheme.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57791

File: 1393343917377_chloe_moretz_lmi_053.jpg (16.14 KB, 314x353)

that would definitely make for an interesting kilt

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57792

File: 1393344213486.jpg (567.3 KB, 900x1498)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57793

File: 1393344240867_Ooh_Whats_That.jpg (40.42 KB, 568x566)

Yes, my queen.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57794

File: 1393344357918_hit_girl_bang_by_y0ko-d77xigf.jpg (433.45 KB, 836x1000)

 !No.7//JDvE 57795

File: 1393344562058_six_shooter.jpg (568.74 KB, 1280x932)

>*pew* *pew* *pew*

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57796

File: 1393344630119_Star-Wars-Laser-Gun-Pew-Pew.jpg (15.27 KB, 620x412)

 !No.7//JDvE 57797


>8gb is really something else
and here I was thinking of upgrading from 16gb to 32gb

 !No.7//JDvE 57798

File: 1393344950917.png (196.35 KB, 296x306)

wtf, picture didn't post

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57799

File: 1393345101061_Ooh_I_See_What_You_Did_There.jpg (46.63 KB, 514x570)

Maybe Chloë did not want you to post it at the time. Maybe she's watching you right now, using her Chlomnipresent powers to control everything you can and can't do at the moment.

My laptop's 32gb already. But, I guess you feel the performance more when using a mouse? With regards to gaming, it's another story though. My laptop thrumps the desktop but I just really prefer the comfort of using the latter.

 Anonymous (c466) 57800

File: 1393345128956_nfuY4Vt1r3gi71o.gif (684.49 KB, 500x215)


We need to see a Outlaw Cow Girl Chloë one day.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57801

I meant 16.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57802

File: 1393345512588_iPad_Wallpaper_Chloe_Blonde_Edit.jpg (713.53 KB, 1536x2048)

 !No.7//JDvE 57803

Terrible edit is terrible. Her hair has a green tinge to it.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57804

hick 3?

did you make it?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57805

File: 1393345749227_gsmarena_001.jpg (224.13 KB, 600x531)

Haha. Yeah. I did that quickly, sometime before the dinosaurs even existed.

 !No.7//JDvE 57806

File: 1393345801117_see_this.jpg (89.91 KB, 500x642)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57807

File: 1393345937140_chloe_moretz_lmi_047.jpg (16.05 KB, 303x345)

ah, I thought you were testing PS with your 8gigs of ram

compensating much?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57808

File: 1393345938587_Carrie_Being_Bullied.jpg (336.27 KB, 1920x798)

But… but…. I just transferred my laptop stuff to my desktop and wanna post them.

 Anonymous (c466) 57809

File: 1393345951067_139177737971511.jpg (62.76 KB, 780x439)


Maybe a Western starring Chloë and written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57810

Oh yeah. I hope she gets in a Tarantino movie, period. A western would just be the cream on the cupcake

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57811

File: 1393346047705_chloe_moretz_landing_lax_01.jpg (239.07 KB, 818x1222)

I will in a while. It won't be the same though. I took out the GPU first. It's gonna go to my uncle's for some testing. Altogether, I might get a GTX 580 (which is pretty much why I decided to upgrade my RAM already).

 !No.7//JDvE 57812

File: 1393346176278.jpg (53.13 KB, 405x600)

Nah… I put a real hurting on 16gb when I run multiple VM's on top of all the other shit I have open.

 !No.7//JDvE 57813

File: 1393346278449.jpg (25.2 KB, 431x375)

Okay, fair enough, but just don't post baby shit green hair Chloë's and we're good, thanks.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57814

File: 1393346320872_chloe_moretz_lmi_050.jpg (14.79 KB, 318x312)

>multiple VM'
I don't even want to know what you use those for

 !No.7//JDvE 57815

File: 1393346428939.png (60.88 KB, 300x284)


 !No.7//JDvE 57816

File: 1393346654568_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_079.jpg (74.53 KB, 561x596)

and some of the worlds all time greatest Chloë vote bots have been born from them

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57817

File: 1393346727208_chloe_moretz_elle_style_awards_013.jpg (570.71 KB, 1167x2400)

God, those legs!
Is that Alec Baldwin?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57818

File: 1393346750826_132706371456.jpg (38.38 KB, 582x474)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57819

speaking of votes

 !No.7//JDvE 57820

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57821

File: 1393346851834_chloe_moretz_elle_style_awards_013.jpg (147.24 KB, 666x1000)

I'm just kidding. Haha. There's a resemblance though.

So, do you run a Mac VM on Windows?

 !No.7//JDvE 57822

File: 1393347832117_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_055.jpg (10.96 KB, 253x253)

I answered in the tech thread

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57823

File: 1393348004696_chloe-moretz_hugo_080.jpg (1.59 MB, 3072x2048)

Good night.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57824

File: 1393348075246.jpg (220.44 KB, 804x535)

and remember to wash your hands

 !No.7//JDvE 57825

File: 1393348222606.jpg (32.98 KB, 307x357)

and ceiling

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57826

File: 1393348287347.jpg (13.57 KB, 299x349)

that's why he has a maid for

 Anonymous (c466) 57827

File: 1393348616056_laugh_jiggle.gif (2.55 MB, 275x324)


Aim for the face then you won't have to worry about that.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57828

File: 1393348696236_Whaat.jpg (190.94 KB, 365x612)

>Aim for the face

 Anonymous (c466) 57829

File: 1393349037102_hnngggg.gif (2.02 MB, 254x356)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57830

 !No.7//JDvE 57831

File: 1393349115286_chloe_moretz_lmi_046.jpg (20.9 KB, 348x380)

at least someone got the ceiling reference in reply to the ceiling Chloë pic

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57832


 Anonymous (c466) 57833

File: 1393349428835.gif (1.99 MB, 336x409)


Glad someone got the joke.

Not funny when you have to explain it.

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57834

File: 1393350450876_Chlo_Moretz_3_2011.jpg (8.24 MB, 3456x5184)

 Anonymous (c466) 57835

File: 1393350918172.gif (1.88 MB, 300x300)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57836

File: 1393350947251_LYQxUTfynzg.jpg (55.21 KB, 807x413)

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57837

Wow, so beautiful…!

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57838

File: 1393351404108_socute.jpg (56.99 KB, 300x323)

So charming

 !No.7//JDvE 57839

When did Chloë visit middle earth?

 !No.7//JDvE 57840

File: 1393352303501_1508161_362351833905477_768213972_n.jpg (37.13 KB, 700x556)

We need a new Chloë themed Cryptocurrency

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57841

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57842

File: 1393354005546_thequeen.jpg (373.53 KB, 601x651)

I don't think media or journalist are too evil , at least about Chloë. However some fans are really crap

 Octa (0799) 57843

File: 1393354049404_clap.gif (4.19 MB, 360x221)

It's awesome

 ϟ TheDarkFairyTales!P7rf5jGywI 57844

File: 1393354539672_ifst335.png (1.56 MB, 1400x1400)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57845

We're not talking about journalists. We're talking about the Daily Fail.

 !No.7//JDvE 57846

File: 1393354667752_irony.png (291.57 KB, 631x651)

The irony is the photo they used combined with the text box placement makes those girls look like they are topless.

 Anonymous (c466) 57847

File: 1393355157179_chloe_moretz.jpg (1.17 MB, 1326x1620)


Cropping is fun.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57848

Those two are total attention whores anyway. I'm sure they like the attention they get from rags like that.

 Anonymous (18c2) 57849

File: 1393355811836_kickass2.png (1.19 MB, 1920x800)

in nnot even sure waht they do

 Anonymous (18c2) 57850

File: 1393355889428_mmm.gif (4.6 MB, 500x410)

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57851

They're Kardashians. They don't 'do' anything.

 Anonymous (c466) 57852

File: 1393356001196_Chloe-751729.jpg (767.92 KB, 1280x1608)


I didn't know they are apparently famous.

 Anonymous (18c2) 57853

File: 1393356124819_Untitled-1.gif (3.86 MB, 500x247)

 Anonymous (18c2) 57854

File: 1393356318719_chloe_moretz_on_the_set_of_if_i_stay_11.jpg (521.81 KB, 1313x1795)

Would you let her take an entire lane?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57855

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57856

Chloë will never be the next arnold but she could look pretty bad ass if she gets that movie Expendabelles

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57857

File: 1393357420127_BgFaU8FCMAMfiGD.jpg_large.jpg (67.11 KB, 1023x1365)

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57858

File: 1393358830880_4sil8x.jpg (7.54 KB, 120x116)

Tweet that to Chloë!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57859

I already made a tweet that references her

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57860

File: 1393359177239_chloe_moretz_12th_annual_afi_awards_045.jpg (926.99 KB, 2162x3000)

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57861

File: 1393359323062_zzzzzface.jpg (494.57 KB, 1000x920)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57862

File: 1393359361426_BhVXq9qCIAAPQh6.jpg_large.jpg (31.49 KB, 500x500)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57863

File: 1393359619417_41875058.jpg (980.88 KB, 1050x1200)

 chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 57864

I saw that one recently on IG… it's WOW, amazing, beautiful, even with that cartoonized "touch"

 Anonymous (d536) 57865

File: 1393361139773_6a50cb0d7baeaae3c52a6811928cdda3.png (29.75 KB, 588x172)

Forever in the friendzone

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57866

Yep, one of the best I've seen

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57867

Don't feel too bad for him. He's probably got access to a wide variety of high-end pussy.
Besides, he's known Chloë since she was, what, 6? He probably sees her as his sister.

 Octa (0799) 57868

At least he meets her hahaha

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57869

File: 1393361584973_5.jpg (35.36 KB, 376x380)

>He probably sees her as his sister.

 Anonymous (c466) 57870

File: 1393361973943.jpg (99.26 KB, 670x720)


That guy has started having loads of girls flirting with him just because he has had minor roles in movies. Wonder how many will want him when/if he actually becomes someone famous.

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57871

Cameron is awesome, too bad he got friendzoned.

 Anonymous (18c2) 57872

File: 1393362597192_vlcsnap-00009.png (802.14 KB, 1280x720)

She's interesting enough such that that wouldn't matter to be honest.

If it was like Kate Upton friendzoning you.. what would be the point?

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57873

>She's interesting enough such that that wouldn't matter to be honest.
Yeah, I think that's ultimately the reason we're all here. If Chloë was just another vapid starlet with nothing of value to say, I sure as hell wouldn't give two shits about her.
It wasn't until I saw this interview that I realized she was different.

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57874

>Yeah, I think that's ultimately the reason we're all here.

 Anonymous (c466) 57875

File: 1393365081674_abigail-breslin_chloe-moretz-003.jpg (577.85 KB, 1200x792)


Yeah Chloë is different and not the same as others in the industry. She is real. Chloë's good friend in the industry Abigail Breslin is also one of the most down to earth people too. Don't think I would also care much about either of them if they were one of those divas. Didn't surprise me when Chloë said she was close with Abigail. They are pretty much two of the most real teen girl actresses I know.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57876

File: 1393365795906_Cute_Sleepy_Chloe.jpg (14.43 KB, 299x282)

Hello, guys.
I slept at 2 and got up at 5:20…. Good God.

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57877

File: 1393365901110_chloe_time.jpg (209.63 KB, 1250x935)

'ello again

Exactly. I used to lurk Chloë threads and obviously I thought she was cute as hell, but it wasn't until I started watching more interviews that I realized how interesting she was. And that's where it all began…

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57878

File: 1393366010654_smoking_3.jpg (24.48 KB, 395x385)

Why hello there

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57879

File: 1393366091316_Chlo_in_Hoth.jpg (573.88 KB, 1440x900)

Since it's quite cold this morning:


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57880

File: 1393366136803_Chlo_Moretz_Arriving_in_Vancouver_Oct._2013.jpg (799.98 KB, 2017x3000)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57881

File: 1393366288818_chloe_moretz_lmi_006.jpg (23.56 KB, 348x381)

What interview(s) did it for you?

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57882

File: 1393366653502_le-paludi-della-morte-chloe-grace-moretz-foto-dal-film-9.jpg (902.79 KB, 2500x1664)

Oh man. It's hard to say.
Obviously stuff like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SvOJepaGTo
And the one Cornelius posted. I went on a 2-3 day binge of interviews after watching Carrie. I watched tons of the videos on the Chlomo YouTube channel before I even knew what this site was haha.

 Mr. Black (aa3e) 57883

File: 1393366663850_tumblr_m0hnjpY13M1r2ft4uo1_500.png (342.88 KB, 500x500)


Beautiful video, i'm sure every true Chlobro has had to let her go at some point, during that period where you couldn't get her out of your head and then you finally just accepted you will never be with her and that the girl of your dreams is just that.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57884

File: 1393366770587_chloe_moretz_lmi_008.jpg (19.7 KB, 315x363)

>I went on a 2-3 day binge of interviews after watching Carrie.
>after watching Carrie.
ah, that says it all

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57885

this was my first interview
suffice to say I was in awe
she was way too awesome

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57886

File: 1393367069573.jpg (19.06 KB, 324x408)

this is your monthly reminder to watch this epic video

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57887

File: 1393367102353_46599.jpg (187.74 KB, 621x350)

Hell yeah. Classic.
I remember seeing Diary of a Wimpy kid years ago, and thinking Angie was the cutest girl ever. Then when I saw Chloë threads on /b/, I didn't even make the connection. Until I recently saw Wimpy Kid again on TV. After that I decided to watch Carrie… then Kick Ass… then Hick… and it goes on. So I've always been a fan, but not at this level until recently

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57888

File: 1393367151473_I_support.jpg (287.43 KB, 1109x800)

 t-g-1998 (8e4c) 57889

For me it was this interview/photoshoot video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swBNzBTxirE&amp;feature=youtube_gdata_player
She was so beautiful and sweet <3

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57890

File: 1393367360503_chloe-likes.jpg (51.45 KB, 215x633)

ah, another classic

 Wolfe (6dbd) 57891

File: 1393367451495_Neat.jpg (68.22 KB, 433x445)

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57892

File: 1393367517998_sanwich.gif (1.19 MB, 300x254)

Yessss. I like this one too, just because she seems so confused the whole time but handles it like a pro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e1MB3n2JDE


 Anonymous (c466) 57893

File: 1393368120276.jpg (293.19 KB, 1345x1064)


I would be confused too when a bunch of people are saying gibberish around me and the translator is only telling me what one of them is saying.

 Mr. Black (aa3e) 57894


I can't say which was my first interview, but after watching Kick-Ass and following "Hit-Girl" on twitter i ended up watching some interviews with her, and never stopped. Especially at the beginning, i watched just about every interview with her in about a week. Then i watched Let Me In and my transformation into a Chlobro was complete. I specifically remember this video being one of the top showcases that she is a higher being

 Wolfe (6dbd) 57895

File: 1393368775476_Nino_Muoz_Photoshoot_1.jpg (836.51 KB, 2067x2000)

 Octa (0799) 57896

File: 1393368785214_chloe_moretz_glamour_magazine_september_2013_11.jpg (357.25 KB, 1500x2002)

It happened like that for my too.After Kick-Ass i ended watching a lot of her interviews and photoshoots, and then i realised that i have Chloë fever and there's not coming back

 Cornelius Tunt IV (f251) 57897

>Chloë fever


 Anonymous (9c74) 57898

File: 1393369222389_original.jpg (4.41 MB, 2790x2048)

Is there any subtitles or a written version of what that hand reader is saying? I'd love to know :(

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57899

File: 1393369582664_chlomedication_2.jpg (192.91 KB, 1021x689)

I got a fever… and the only prescription is more Chloë

Not that I know of. I think if you listen real carefully you can hear the translator sometimes

 Anonymous (c466) 57900


A lot of the stuff she was saying was the same as what this guy said since they both are hand readers so would read her hands the same way.


 Anonymous (9c74) 57901

File: 1393370334287.jpg (359.51 KB, 1572x1000)

haha, that was funny and weird but surprisingly accurate.

 Wolfe (6dbd) 57902

File: 1393370466812_Varietys_Indie_Impact_Awards_4.jpg (663 KB, 3308x2158)

The things I heard in that video :
>She is destined to be a superstar and an entertainer.
>She has a kind soul.
There is some talk about her that I couldn't clarify which is associated with her being 37 years old and her popularity.
If anyone understand or heard something else, please elaborate.

 !No.7//JDvE 57903

File: 1393371519458_chloobies.jpg (233.12 KB, 512x628)


 Wolfe (6dbd) 57904

File: 1393371819614_Set_Of_Hick_3.jpg (847.17 KB, 2133x3200)


 Anonymous (c466) 57905

File: 1393373163846_chloe_moretz_billboard_music_awards_080.jpg (564.3 KB, 2100x3150)



 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57906

File: 1393373743504_chloe_moretz_for_aeropostale_597.jpg (320.02 KB, 1280x854)


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57907

File: 1393373775600_I_Have_Not_Seen_That_Before.jpg (35.98 KB, 334x366)

That "helped" me too.

 !No.7//JDvE 57908

File: 1393374049090_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_06.jpg (16.99 KB, 333x303)

 Anonymous (c466) 57909

File: 1393374616835.jpg (140.58 KB, 859x788)

 D3nisK (533b) 57910

From where is this ?

 Wolfe (37f7) 57911

File: 1393375246579_14.jpg (71.43 KB, 288x280)

Good night bros.

 Anonymous (c466) 57912

File: 1393375752539_Chloe_Moretz_TorontoJune252012_J0001_001.jpg (583.69 KB, 2166x3000)

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57913

File: 1393376517163.gif (3.42 MB, 288x556)


 Octa (0799) 57914

File: 1393376972842_chloe_moretz_glamour_magazine_september_2013_clean__05.jpg (961.49 KB, 1536x2048)

See you!

 Anonymous (c466) 57915

File: 1393376987321.gif (1.88 MB, 300x300)


Sweet Class doing the moon walk.

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57916

File: 1393377108604_chloe_moretz_departing_from_lax_airport_007.jpg (808.99 KB, 2049x1886)

God, how did Trevor get so fabulous?

 Mackra (0da3) 57917

File: 1393377982376_chloe_moretz_holding_hands_with_trevor_002.jpg (540 KB, 828x1086)

you'll never get back home after a long day of cattle wrangling to find trevor's got dinner going for you, even though it was your turn to cook. he'll never hold you until the sobbing stops when you remember that day back in 92 when your dog was struck by lightning. he'll never be there to be the older brother you always wanted, who will always have your back no matter what. fml

 Mackra (0da3) 57918

File: 1393378057982_chloe_moretz_spike_stream_awards_097.jpg (663.34 KB, 1533x2132)

 Mackra (0da3) 57919

File: 1393378099125_chloe_moretz_metropolitan_opera_house_019.jpg (655.45 KB, 3000x3099)

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57920

File: 1393378191027_chloe_moretz_out_in_new_york_002.jpg (70.38 KB, 540x720)

Well then

I was actually getting ready to try and summon you by posting the pickle

 Mackra (0da3) 57921

File: 1393378294679_chloe_moretz_blackberry_z10_launch_party_008.jpg (2.54 MB, 3840x5760)

that picture makes me smile till my face hurts

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57922

File: 1393378347877_chloe_moretz_out_in_new_york_001.jpg (56.43 KB, 453x604)

Indeed. Never fails to brighten my day

 Anonymous (c466) 57923

File: 1393378644020.jpg (100.33 KB, 600x450)


He learned it from the original J.

Because Jaxon is just that awesome.

 Mackra (0da3) 57924

File: 1393378824797_chloe_moretz_halloween_2010_006.jpg (932.77 KB, 2400x3600)

 Mackra (0da3) 57925

File: 1393378856803_chloe_moretz_tribute_to_almoldovar_034.jpg (393.8 KB, 1515x2132)

 Anonymous (c466) 57926

File: 1393379584778_sweet_jesus.jpg (53.5 KB, 929x792)

Mmmm bitties.

 Guppy (f373) 57927

File: 1393379698787_gm.jpg (126.67 KB, 695x450)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57928

File: 1393380058616_chloe_moretz_kick-ass_press_japan_004.jpg (71.09 KB, 473x720)

 Mackra (0da3) 57929

File: 1393380102290_chloe_moretz_let_me_in_london_premiere_071.jpg (539.35 KB, 1704x2309)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57930

File: 1393380269198.jpg (112.35 KB, 612x612)

morning guys

 Mackra (0da3) 57931

File: 1393380289396_chloe_moretz_first_annual_comedy_awards_020.jpg (1.07 MB, 2046x3000)

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57932

File: 1393380459429_chloe_moretz_tonight_show_2.jpg (892.98 KB, 2000x3000)

hallo there

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57933

File: 1393380517044_untitled_3_2.jpg (73.27 KB, 356x451)

 Mackra (0da3) 57934

File: 1393380539927_chloe_moretz_dior_illustrated_090.jpg (921.71 KB, 2982x4800)


 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57935

File: 1393380593323_the_joker_3.jpg (107.07 KB, 350x525)

>Chloë time

 Mackra (0da3) 57936

File: 1393380693652_chloe_moretz_halloween_2010_014.jpg (47.43 KB, 480x640)

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57937

File: 1393380731460_chloe_moretz_for_aeropostale_809.jpg (145.57 KB, 1280x854)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57938

File: 1393380781984_vampire.jpg (347.4 KB, 522x738)

>glorious tongue

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57939

File: 1393380828825_demon_face.jpg (498.34 KB, 752x1102)

 Anonymous (73c2) 57940

File: 1393380870496_133644787427.jpg (1.01 MB, 2267x3400)


Damn, that is one insanely good-looking Joker. Didn't think that was possible but I guess I just wasn't cooking up the right recipe in my noggin.

 Anonymous (c466) 57941

File: 1393380887919_boobswipe.gif (3 MB, 284x284)

Can anyone think of a theme for a new thread they want to do? Looks like it would be a good time whenever someone wants.

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57942

File: 1393380892045_fuller_as_chloe.jpg (199.82 KB, 600x900)

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57943

File: 1393380987804_chlovor.jpg (323.67 KB, 667x1000)

I can never think of anything when the time is right. Pretty sure this thread is pushing 700 or something though.
Might as well just keep going forever

 Anonymous (73c2) 57944

File: 1393381109772.jpg (29.02 KB, 405x507)


How about a little Chloë thread? Just look at all that d'awwwwww :)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57945

File: 1393381124687_PCA.gif (2.99 MB, 280x289)

I think we all know the answer to this

leg thread

 Guppy (f373) 57946

File: 1393381225464.jpg (47.49 KB, 301x270)

devotee will just say it's a pedo thread

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57947

File: 1393381299910_Excitement.gif (2.94 MB, 307x264)

Would be a nice counterbalance to this thread

It'll happen anyway

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57948

File: 1393381332847_chloe_moretz_variety_studio_10.jpg (817.89 KB, 3154x4414)

Chloë holding things thread

 Anonymous (c466) 57949

File: 1393381391659_Chloe_Makes_Her_Microphone_Feel_Good.gif (872.73 KB, 283x466)


A Chloë rubbing things thread.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57950

File: 1393381427921_chloe-moretz_as-hit-girl-in-kick-ass_017.jpg (5.66 MB, 2832x4256)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57951

File: 1393381523169_dp-078.jpg (237.54 KB, 1280x720)

A Chloë touching things thread.

like her face

 Mackra (0da3) 57952

File: 1393381561013_chloe_moretz_shopping_at_aeropostale_003.jpg (745.51 KB, 1214x721)

Chloë and trevor thread

 Anonymous (73c2) 57953

File: 1393381576831_1.jpg (232.1 KB, 600x962)

Yeah, Devotee can kiss my balls. Nothing warms my heart like little Chloë's smile.

 Mackra (0da3) 57954

File: 1393381604210_chloe_moretz_gossip_girl_100th_episode_077.jpg (353.42 KB, 488x702)

Chloë with food thread

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57955

File: 1393381643356_Candymouth.jpg (36.91 KB, 462x360)

 Mackra (0da3) 57956

File: 1393381677966_chloe-moretz_as_abby_in_let-me_in_060.jpg (818.51 KB, 3080x2054)

abby thread.

 Anonymous (c466) 57957

File: 1393381689687_Chloe_licking_the_tip.jpg (1.44 MB, 2133x3200)

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57958

File: 1393381691613.jpg (82.9 KB, 642x546)

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57959

File: 1393381839656_faboost_drink.jpg (403.67 KB, 623x621)

How about this:
Chloë holding/touching things thread. Bonus points if it's food

 Mackra (0da3) 57960

File: 1393381890421_chloe_moretz_flaunt_magazine_10.jpg (184.13 KB, 871x1107)

if you could co exist with Chloë in one of her film universes, which would it be thread.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57961

File: 1393381937543_I_Lied.jpg (79.4 KB, 863x720)

>747 posts
Shouldn't there be a new thread already? Chloë has been horny for too long.

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57962

File: 1393381951736_chloe_moretz_veuve_clicquot_028.jpg (2.09 MB, 3032x4587)

If you were Chloë, how many hats could you wear at one time thread

 Anonymous (73c2) 57963

File: 1393381988084_131.jpg (8.97 KB, 294x171)

Only on the condition that it's Stephen Fry that hands out the points at the end.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57964

File: 1393381988237_Orgasm_Face.jpg (189.97 KB, 556x686)

What comes after a long horny thread?

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 57965

File: 1393381995010_Im_so_fucking_jealous.gif (325.58 KB, 500x242)

things Chloë will never hold


 Anonymous (c466) 57966

File: 1393382057763_Chlogasm.gif (2.99 MB, 339x210)


A Chlogasm thread.

 Mackra (0da3) 57967

File: 1393382109023_maraming_salamat.jpg (69.54 KB, 480x662)

thanks for your help with the computer thing.

 Anonymous (c466) 57968

File: 1393382119568_feety.jpg (485.98 KB, 1280x1680)


I'm surprised you didn't immediately create a feet thread.

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57969

File: 1393382138143_chloe_moretz_saturn_awards_003.jpg (109.57 KB, 648x678)

There was enough of that already in this one….
How about a Chloë holding/touching/eating/pointing at things thread?
Bonus points if it's food and/or a hat/multiple hats

 Mackra (0da3) 57970

File: 1393382241546_chloe-moretz_as_abby_in_let-me_in_037.jpg (1.29 MB, 3080x2054)

you never know thread. maybe she fancies a trip down under.

 Mackra (0da3) 57971

File: 1393382292180_chloe_moretz_flaunt_magazine_07.jpg (156.73 KB, 872x1114)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57972

File: 1393382306480_Chloe_Fixing_Her_Feet.gif (2.99 MB, 343x430)

You're welcome. How'd it go?

I was asking who wants to make the next thread cause I wanted the next one that ended in 5… for no apparent reason. Haha. And, on that note…

… how about a Chloë touching her toes thread?

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57973

File: 1393382430687_chloe_moretz_epic_face_031.jpg (10.27 KB, 251x261)

If I don't see a new thread in a minute or two we're gonna end up with a Chloë touching/holding things thread
And it'll be glorious

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57974

File: 1393382475192_Look_at_You.jpg (369.35 KB, 1088x1024)

You might as well.

 Mackra (0da3) 57975

File: 1393382558421_chloe_moretz_tiff_party_and_screening_001.jpg (1.1 MB, 2023x3000)

it works again. familys buying a new one anyway. so this one is now mine. hahahahahah. Chloë 24/7. but seriously thanks.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 57976

File: 1393382624583_Love.jpg (137.25 KB, 1920x1080)

I'm having my desktop upgraded to and I'm super excited! You're welcome.

 Anonymous (c466) 57977

File: 1393382632278_w_deep-breath.gif (4.3 MB, 571x502)


Guess nobody has a better idea.

 Qud!!Ho5bQcmJhc 57978

Well looks like it's time fellas

 Anonymous (c466) 57979

New Thread



 Anonymous (5cf2) 57980

File: 1401143786137_large.jpg (46.18 KB, 480x640)

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