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File: 1388229358786_chloe_moretz_vanity_fair_girl_rising_event_07.jpg (3.27 MB, 5016x3672)

 Chloë Moretz Thread #622 !Mu5DJ1d1S. 11010

Overlooked sets and pics of 2013
As the year comes to a close, it's time to look back at some of the sets and pictures of 2013 that make you go "this needed more love, it should have been posted more often"

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11011

File: 1388229633177_chloe_moretz_arriving_kings_cross_001.jpg (46.43 KB, 425x607)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11012

File: 1388229778213_chloe_moretz_out_with_trevor_in_leipzig_1.jpg (93.97 KB, 606x720)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11013

I think if we had more pics from this and in HQ, it could have easily been one of the best of 2013

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11014

File: 1388230105591_chloe_moretz_arriving_lax_006.jpg (62.44 KB, 331x720)

haha agreed. Favouring some of the plain clothed Chloë sets too for some reason

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11015

File: 1388230146587_chloe_moretz_out_in_boston__08.jpg (49.69 KB, 540x720)

Like dis

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11016

File: 1388230184303_6915adbefbe411e2ac8422000a1fbf16_7.jpg (87.05 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (d631) 11017

File: 1388230240814_chloe-moretz-having-a-lemonade_07.jpg (182.37 KB, 919x1400)

If this had some full body shots and in HQ this would have been def top 3 for me

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11018

File: 1388230358807_chloe_moretz_marie_claire_photoshoot_clean_04.jpg (61.7 KB, 445x720)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11019

File: 1388230500998_chloe_moretz_on_despierta_america_09.jpg (35.03 KB, 590x395)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11020

File: 1388230502702_Chloe_Moretz_at_Chanel_Pre-Oscar_Dinner_Party.jpg (542.49 KB, 1200x1814)

This needed more love. It should have been posted more often.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11021

File: 1388230707265.jpg (41.21 KB, 570x583)

Totally missed this set…..

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11022

File: 1388230798397_Chloe_Moretz_in_a_2013_Japanese_Shoot.jpg (589.86 KB, 720x1296)

This needed more love. It should have been posted… in higher quality….

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11023

File: 1388231296604_chloe_moretz_vanity_fair_girl_rising_event_18.jpg (74.04 KB, 544x720)

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11024

File: 1388231357425_ChrisEckert21312098676.jpg (158.04 KB, 410x425)

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11025

File: 1388232634403_grrrr13.jpg (20.99 KB, 276x293)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11026

File: 1388233572525_Oh_You.jpg (52.81 KB, 489x696)

That was my face when I first saw that image.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11027

This should have been… watched(?)… more.

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11028

File: 1388233849682.jpg (45.08 KB, 434x434)

It bored you much because someone was posting it everywhere all the time?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11029

File: 1388234027150_Awwww.jpg (142.25 KB, 537x532)

It didn't bore me.

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11030

File: 1388234147220_20131013_135928_34146.jpg (152.95 KB, 1920x1080)


means that picture of yours is boring me. YOu post it everywhere all the time and then say "it needs more love"…

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11031

File: 1388234243129_I_Dare_You.jpg (21.61 KB, 310x306)

I said it needed more love in that it had to be bestowed upon us in higher quality. Yes, I already love it too much on my own.

And, no, that does not look like a bored face. That looks like someone who did not get breakfast this morning.

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11032

File: 1388234386263_sev-chloe-grace-moretz-october-2013-outtakes-2-highres-lgn.jpg (37.47 KB, 375x500)

Yawn=no breakfast?

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11033

File: 1388234395529_chloe_moretz_vanity_fair_girl_rising_event_01.jpg (65.62 KB, 547x720)

 JigSaw!!cbKwO.L5G6 11034

File: 1388234765813_chloe_moretz_096.jpg (1.5 MB, 3085x4628)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11035

File: 1388234862955_What_the_Hell.jpg (16.61 KB, 300x287)

It should've been a gif. It looks more like screaming to me.

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11036

File: 1388234964484_Chloe_Moretz_on_Chelsea_Lately_19-08-2013.mp4_20130820_160545.jpg (56.64 KB, 428x569)

Screaming=no breakfast?

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11037

File: 1388235114758.jpg (82.56 KB, 495x495)

Screaming with excitement

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11038

File: 1388235208028_chloe_moretz_jennifer_rocholl_photoshoot_07.jpg (221.41 KB, 1596x1353)

You niggas are clajzy.
Apheta, what does this pic say to you:

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11039

File: 1388235431865_Meh.jpg (13.91 KB, 189x195)

Sometimes, yes….

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11040

File: 1388235532148_sev-chloe-grace-moretz-october-2013-outtakes-5-highres-lgn.jpg (42.3 KB, 375x500)

I bet Chloë never screams if she has no breakfast. Only when she sees the nightmares approaching…

Do you scream when you have no food?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11041

File: 1388235546247_chloe_moretz_carrie_press_portraits_16.jpg (70.92 KB, 640x457)

And, this is how I look when I see new Chloë pics.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11042

File: 1388235564054_5.jpg (35.36 KB, 376x380)

yawn scream

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11043

File: 1388235590617_Did_I_Make_You_Happy.jpg (24.16 KB, 516x499)

Sometimes, I get cranky.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11044

File: 1388235659753_chloe_moretz_epic_face_003.jpg (10.29 KB, 262x254)

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11045

File: 1388235895224_what_the_hell_girl.jpg (13.15 KB, 364x382)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11046

File: 1388236143893.jpg (124.08 KB, 434x457)

To be fair, the filename is grrr which made me think of screaming but actually looking at it, it does look like a yawn

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11047

File: 1388236402405_You_Dont_Know_What_You_are_Talking_About.jpg (313.08 KB, 1220x915)

Well, there's that too. And, yes, it did look like a yawn to me but only after Shaman told me what it really was.

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11048

File: 1388236644632_taps1.gif (4.19 MB, 360x221)

At last!

And now kids, tell me, when do we yawn?

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11049

File: 1388236834886.png (813.44 KB, 762x670)

When we're tired?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11050

File: 1388236843179_You_Have_a_Point.jpg (145.96 KB, 587x537)

… when we feel like sleeping and hugging Chloë so tight and for so long that by the time she tries standing up, I'll have to catch her because she already forgot how to.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11051

File: 1388236904289_12312367432175.jpg (70.44 KB, 290x282)

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11052

File: 1388237007792_smile_clajzy2.jpg (18.57 KB, 341x353)

Almost there. What kind of activities make you feel tired/sleepy? Those that are……?

**It's not a speciafic activity it's a kind of activity that nobody likes to do, because it's ……

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11053

File: 1388237069946_Hehehe.jpg (65.33 KB, 518x555)

I can think of an activity that makes men sleepy yet it's one of their favorite things to do.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11054

File: 1388237143676_Disney_Channel.jpg (801.36 KB, 1280x1024)

This girl needs more Disney love, she should be in Star Wars Episode VII:

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11055

File: 1388237163225_gracepalm.png (59.21 KB, 209x191)

>it's a kind of activity that nobody likes to do

 Anonymous (31d2) 11056

You guys are highly amusing.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11057

File: 1388237347722_02.jpg (18.29 KB, 302x302)

I'm pretty 'bored' waiting for this hobbit dvdscr to download.


 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11058

File: 1388237349553_oh_you1.jpg (11.63 KB, 200x236)

I detect sarcasm

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11059

File: 1388237445033_hih10.jpg (171.46 KB, 1280x720)



Little Chloë is yawning because Uncle Darren is posting the same picture over and over agaaaaaiiiin

 Anonymous (31d2) 11060

Actually, I was using no sarcasm. This is the only reason I stay to lurk. haha

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11061

File: 1388237513052_106143PCN_Moore15.jpg (62.93 KB, 662x704)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11062

File: 1388237535326_Force_Unleashed.jpg (860.91 KB, 1280x999)

Getting electrocuted?

Was that cause of my link? The copy's awesome!

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11063

File: 1388237645071_clajzy55.jpg (24.31 KB, 217x231)

In that case, thank ye!

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11064

File: 1388237708953_high_five_back.jpg (68.08 KB, 524x594)

yup yup, thanks for the link. Didn't realise how quickly a good copy would be uploaded

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11065

File: 1388237812155_Get_Out_of_My_Way.jpg (29.35 KB, 747x479)

Yeah. I was happy I had that but sad that it's taking Carrie so long… even worse that someone said it's cause too little demanded for the money. WHAT KIND OF SICK BASTARD does not enjoy Chloë?!?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11066

I meant "movie".

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11067

File: 1388237999849_Oh_Boy.jpg (422.55 KB, 1155x1419)

If it would be a better movie, there would be more demand

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11068

File: 1388238007354.jpg (49.88 KB, 246x361)

Yeah, been waiting on a good carrie rip for the longest time. I still haven't seen it and I don't want to waste the first viewing on a crappy cam copy

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11069

File: 1388238056972.jpg (250.7 KB, 765x719)

Shots fired

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11070

File: 1388238395965_Chlone_Wars.jpg (476.24 KB, 960x1292)

Damn it!

You mean "drank".

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11071

File: 1388239002923_Nongentarum_Sexaginta_Chlones.png (7.52 MB, 4600x4313)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11072

File: 1388239171260_blinking.gif (140.46 KB, 248x315)

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11073

File: 1388239357960_blink.gif (39.78 KB, 260x245)

You don't agree?

By the way the movie night was fun!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11074

File: 1388239405680_317790_399945326.jpg (53.54 KB, 653x537)

>You don't agree?
not if I were to judge it based on this thread

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11075

File: 1388239546273_clajzy10.jpg (11.27 KB, 240x193)

It's your thread boss

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11076

File: 1388239829425_13643756748457.jpg (84.58 KB, 800x447)

>your thread
>implying anyone owns a thread
>implying there's much connection between the guy who makes the thread and what gets posted (apart from the theme)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11077

File: 1388240008303_Sad_face.gif (384.37 KB, 500x275)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11078

I've always wanted to ask this: are you a girl?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11079

File: 1388240104216_Hiding_My_Laughter.jpg (114.38 KB, 551x507)

Implying it's not his site….

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11080

File: 1388240308886_5.jpg (24.59 KB, 592x592)

hahah. Nopey

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11081

File: 1388240369845_This_is_Awkward.jpg (27.35 KB, 223x258)

ah, ok
that name couldn't be more feminine if it had "pussy" somewhere in there

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11082

File: 1388240424933_hahaha_high.jpg (31.66 KB, 347x424)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11083

File: 1388240428618_My_First_Chlobro_Movie_Night.png (542.51 KB, 1080x1920)

Did you finish it until the end? I woke up and opened the u-Stream. It was already when they knocked Mindy unconscious in the cemetery. I synced it with my own copy of Kick-Ass 2 and downloaded the Tinychat app. I didn't even get out of bed and fell asleep right after. Haha.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11084

File: 1388240533867_Did_I_Make_You_Happy.jpg (24.16 KB, 516x499)

>file name
Awwww…. You downloaded that from me or at least when I was the one posting it. I'm touched… and really shallow.

By the way, please and thank you: >>>/site/4666

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11085

File: 1388240586193_zzzthanks.jpg (18.73 KB, 264x278)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11086

>You downloaded that from me
I downloaded that from some user because I liked the pic
it could have been named vxbhhgjhhg.jpg and posted by any other user

is it your real name and if so where are you from?

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11087

File: 1388240739631_meh18.jpg (13.61 KB, 291x307)

Just the first movie, but I've finished my copy liek 5 minutes after everyone else, because I went out to the toilet twice. And also I had to sleep, because now I'm at work and I saw KA2 like 2 weeks ago, which was really recent, so anotehr view wouldn't be that good.

 sur!!iwBjXECW12 11088

File: 1388241029504_hitgirl.png (171.81 KB, 432x500)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11089

File: 1388241197362_You_are_Just_Saying_That_to_Make_Me_Happy.jpg (12.53 KB, 190x183)

You've no idea how many times I've watched Kick-Ass 2.

Oh well, must be a coincidence. I got it from this anon: >>300848 and named it "This is Awkward" too.

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11090

File: 1388241252589_buy_my_fucking_movies_you_thief.jpg (382.39 KB, 1960x1273)

>You've no idea how many times I've watched Kick-Ass 2.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11091

File: 1388241267203_chloe_moretz_arriving_in_vancouver_02.jpg (81.35 KB, 484x720)

Nah not my real name. Just a variation of the other alias I tend to use. I live in Australia

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11092

File: 1388241615495_chloe_moretz_new_york_magazine_07.jpg (962.55 KB, 1585x1187)

Well, if the Blu-Ray copy came out earlier, I would've bought it on the spot. I'm just waiting for the damn slow Philippine retailers to have it on shelf. I mean, it'll pretty much be the same price so I don't wanna add to the list of Amazon stuff my uncle already has to carry home for me.

 Solar!!Svszpr4cbg 11093

File: 1388245583449_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_Cleaned_18.jpg (3.19 MB, 1995x3000)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11094

File: 1388245600862_chloe_moretz_sleep_.jpg (49.85 KB, 640x382)

sleepy time. NIghty night

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11095

File: 1388245676765_Bye_Bye.gif (180.6 KB, 268x367)

Good night to you.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11096

File: 1388247989719_Lightsaber_Power.jpg (918.23 KB, 1600x900)


I'll be on a fishing trip tomorrow, so I might not be posting as much until Monday night.

Good night, guys!

 Anonymous (2a57) 11097

File: 1388248837868_Chloe_Moretz_It_Feels_So_Good.jpg (52.01 KB, 699x819)


Wonder what made Chloë show her bedroom pleasure face in that picture.

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11098

File: 1388249376899.jpg (75.83 KB, 1024x768)

cubia's musk

 Anonymous (370c) 11099

File: 1388253343996_e34.jpg (21.22 KB, 319x302)

>Chloë will never ____ you.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11100

File: 1388254536519_cute_and_badass.jpg (186.54 KB, 1912x1076)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11101

File: 1388254729464_cuteness_overload.jpg (24.62 KB, 554x417)

 hobotoroboto (eaa3) 11102

File: 1388255325335_chloe_moretz_carrie_stage_greeting_59.jpg (1.02 MB, 1959x3000)

 hobotoroboto (eaa3) 11103

File: 1388255677607_chloe_moretz_for_aeropostale_560.jpg (188.16 KB, 1280x854)

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11104

File: 1388255748826.jpg (85.8 KB, 612x612)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11105

File: 1388256704475_133795601519.jpg (176.54 KB, 967x556)

Who the fuck is CondeNast and why the fuck id they ask for the photoshoot videos to be removed?


 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11106

File: 1388256891105.jpg (20.13 KB, 145x151)

Aww shit. CondeNast is one of the biggest magazine publishers in the world.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11107

File: 1388257011045_condenast.png (91.54 KB, 962x516)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11108

File: 1388257073783_dayum_shame.jpg (74.41 KB, 400x317)

I heard a lot of gamers complaining about it recently but I never thought it would affect me

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11109

File: 1388257074588_disgust.jpg (78.21 KB, 621x663)

I hope they didn't give the channel a copyright strike.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11110

the new youtube system I mean

 Anonymous (9586) 11111

Kinda like, GiGi, or the abbreviation of it, GG

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11112

File: 1388257602628_131317788959.jpg (89.37 KB, 800x429)

gigi is a guy's name in my country

 Stan (eaa3) 11113

File: 1388257732908_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_1.jpg (666.15 KB, 2000x3000)

i dont know where to ask this and i didnt want to start a new topic but can some one shop some pics of Chloë to look like she has heterochromia? like shop one eye blue and keep the other green?? there are a few i want but this one probably the most

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11114

File: 1388257982356_weird-fetish.jpg (984.4 KB, 2000x3000)

here you go

 Stan (eaa3) 11115


thank you very much!

 D26D (5caf) 11116

Nice! Can you do one where she has two blue eyes?

Wish I could use Photoshop.

 Bruho!Q82WsjboxE 11117

File: 1388258451074_138811587394.jpg (26.58 KB, 421x427)

>Dat filename

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11118

File: 1388259327982_blue-eyes.jpg (986.11 KB, 2000x3000)

 D26D (5caf) 11119

File: 1388261913678_Gif11.gif (971.7 KB, 245x190)


Sweet, thanks.

 Mr. Black (645c) 11120

File: 1388262279432_767687.png (259.21 KB, 395x400)


I'd love to see what she's wearing under that dressing gown

 Anonymous (2a57) 11121

File: 1388266329852_tongue2.gif (4.51 MB, 450x438)


I would love to see Chloë in her underwear as well.

 Mr. Black (645c) 11122

File: 1388266712533_3puj3i.jpg (36.88 KB, 500x625)


How do you know she's wearing underwear?

 Anonymous (51bf) 11123

>>11121 Well you can…

 Anonymous (2a57) 11124

File: 1388267900869_ChloeWashingLegs.gif (1.6 MB, 622x282)


Good point Chloë could have just come out of the shower.

 Anonymous (e5f3) 11125

File: 1388270379817_164215724.jpg (51.26 KB, 396x594)

>Carrie star Chloë Grace Moretz had been couped up in a hotel room for hours by the time Bibbs interviewed her, and she didn't want to talk about the movie anymore. So they bickered about The Lost World: Jurassic Park for a while, then begrudgingly ran through every question she'd been asked all day in record time. Moretz's hilarious expressions alone made this one of our "must see" videos in 2013.


 PolyJacob!!haTjqi3jfo 11126

File: 1388270930672_chloe_moretz_departing_from_lax_30.jpg (304.12 KB, 1542x2333)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11127

that was a pretty nice interview too
I must say in terms of interviews 2013 is better than all the other years combined
which is a welcome surprised, especially as it started pretty poorly

 Anonymous (8ebe) 11128

where is the vid?

 Anonymous (9b88) 11129

Where's that interview where the producer talks about the Dust to Dust song?

 Anonymous (e5f3) 11130

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11131

File: 1388277101995_116797.jpg (1.11 MB, 2151x3000)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11132

File: 1388279915298_Clipboard21355.jpg (17.83 KB, 318x326)

>Gettin dem panties first thing in the morning with my baby
that's how I read it

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11133

File: 1388281326830_re10.jpg (53.28 KB, 381x392)

When Chloë said she was third wheel on Ethan's date, is that the same girl?

 Anonymous (2a57) 11134

File: 1388281951884_daf6cc0266ab11e2aaa822000a1fb0dd_7.jpg (65.87 KB, 612x612)


Different girl. Chloë set Ethan up on a date with her friend Alexa Kort that day. Guess it didn't work out.

 Anonymous (2a57) 11135

File: 1388282183447_347c4e4e4f0211e2ab5722000a1f9684_7.jpg (79.18 KB, 612x612)

Alexa Kort is the girl in this picture.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11136

File: 1388282389237_132701247912.jpg (25.08 KB, 443x360)

tfw you realize there was a girl sitting next to Chloë when she wore those sexy shorts, cute boots and had that adorable look on her face

 Anonymous (2a57) 11137

File: 1388282472535_ca2d021466ac11e2b47222000a1f9e47_7.jpg (77.27 KB, 612x612)

Alexa Kort and Chloë are very good friends….very good.


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11138

File: 1388282746229_cuteness_overload.jpg (24.62 KB, 554x417)

one more time because it's too damn cute

 Cartwright (b89a) 11139

File: 1388282876976_GTn88LBUQkM.jpg (191.91 KB, 1280x800)

 Cartwright (b89a) 11140

I have no words to describe her. I just don't know, it's impossible

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11141

File: 1388283538642_chloe_moretz_asos_01.jpg (62.43 KB, 480x720)

The gif version of that is my favourite

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11142

File: 1388287211145_CHLOE_WARS.jpg (420.06 KB, 2400x920)

Best Star Wars OC i've seen in a while.

 Anonymous (0c66) 11143

File: 1388289658337.jpg (45.17 KB, 1024x764)

 Anonymous (0c66) 11144

File: 1388290241029.jpg (164.98 KB, 1024x683)

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11145

File: 1388291836433_2013.05.18_17.30.53.jpg (24.52 KB, 300x315)

Is that new?

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11146

File: 1388292184159_chloe_moretz_switzerland_to_los_angeles_03.jpg (154.87 KB, 634x932)

Nah it was from when she was retuning from filming Sils Maria. Don't think many people liked the outfit but I think it looks kinda spunky.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11147

File: 1388293119600_David_Levene_2010_chloemoretz.vkontakte.ru_NC_37_of_43_px.jpg (3.42 MB, 4134x2756)

That's right. That sweater Trevor's wearing reminds me of this shoot.

 Anonymous (2a57) 11148

File: 1388295657751_Chloe_tongue.jpg (153.18 KB, 1104x703)


Chloë is back to blonde now. Not sure why you thought it was new.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11149

File: 1388295846140.jpg (37.35 KB, 326x344)

Because it wasn't familiar.

 Anonymous (0c66) 11150

File: 1388296792831.jpg (57.2 KB, 640x640)

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11151

File: 1388297836309_chloe_moretz_095.jpg (416.7 KB, 2001x3002)

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11152

File: 1388298996624_membership.jpg (1.12 MB, 2000x3000)

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11153

File: 1388299400471_Dl5pu.jpg (115.53 KB, 700x500)

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11154

File: 1388299747542.png (695.53 KB, 700x500)

 Anonymous (2a57) 11155

File: 1388300027629_juggling_our_soulcycle.gif (363.53 KB, 387x987)


That is obviously fake. If it were real there would have been another bear licking her butt.

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11156

File: 1388300161442.png (704.23 KB, 700x500)

 Anonymous (8550) 11157

Dude, what the fuck is up with the automated system telling me everything I try to post 'looks automated'???

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11158

File: 1388302724055.jpg (21.16 KB, 400x395)

Do you have to fill in a captcha?

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11159

File: 1388304898327_cgm_ny.jpg (179.69 KB, 610x790)

 Anonymous (8550) 11160

File: 1388310457917_131276446784.jpg (47.85 KB, 592x453)


Nope, just kept telling me my posts appeared automated.

Kinda insulting being told that by a goddamn algorithm.

 Anonymous (e5f3) 11161

File: 1388310901988_birthday.jpg (490.61 KB, 1100x1100)

They got her birthday outfit wrong but it's the overall thought that counts.


 Anonymous (3ee8) 11162

Ask to be whitelisted here >>>/site/11
As a temp fix try a Ctrl-F5 before posting or a different browser.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11163

File: 1388315598936_Chlo_Grace_Morelegs.jpg (21.16 KB, 566x566)

Good evening!

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11164

File: 1388316720717_chloe_moretz_jimmi_kimmel_07.jpg (47.08 KB, 490x720)

Evening Dvt

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11165

see http://archive.is/yZSxh
(you can just skip to the bottom)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11166

File: 1388317388117_Chloe_Moretz_at_LAX_May_29_2012.jpg (727.48 KB, 3000x2100)

They got a new myna bird in this place. It keeps repeating everything everyone's been saying all day. I wanna wait for everyone else to leave and say "Chloë is awesome" in front of it all night.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11167

File: 1388317825407_5efa44bdbaf947cf-Shot_090115.jpg (374.15 KB, 667x1000)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11168

File: 1388318211515_chloe_moretz_heathrow_airport_002.jpg (76.96 KB, 500x800)

on topic

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11169

File: 1388318225848_chloe_moretz_blackberry_z10_launch_party_064.jpg (58.22 KB, 446x594)

That pic is your favourite discovery of 2013 isn't it GG?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11170

File: 1388318389325.jpg (96.1 KB, 648x463)

I mean just look at it

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11171

File: 1388318575545_chloe_moretz_arriving_lax_001.jpg (82.51 KB, 540x720)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11172

File: 1388318729451_Chloe_for_Seventeen_Mag.jpg (217.92 KB, 700x1000)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11173

File: 1388318812317.jpg (107.35 KB, 957x600)

mfw we'll never get that in HQ

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11174

File: 1388319136304_Look_at_My_Legs__Tell_Me_Im_Not_Beautiful.jpg (31.95 KB, 377x511)

If that makes you cry, this'll make you commit suicide….

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11175

File: 1388319588699_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_033.jpg (32.32 KB, 679x689)

Not having HQ for this makes me cry:

Heart wrenching

 Anonymous (d631) 11176

why does this hav no love?? Tight leather pants with a sleeveless top! Like damnnnnnnn

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11177

>Tight leather pants
you mean tights?

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11178

You mean >>11174 ?

 hobotoroboto (eaa3) 11179

File: 1388319921402_chloe_moretz_arriving_today_show_13.jpg (580.53 KB, 1280x1920)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11180

File: 1388319997992_chloe_moretz_arriving_today_show_07.jpg (242.37 KB, 817x1222)

+1 to this
I think that aztec clown dress distracts from the beauty of the set

 Anonymous (d631) 11181

File: 1388320000487_chloe-moretz-having-a-lemonade_07.jpg (182.37 KB, 919x1400)

BAH why didnt my img load! i swear i loaded it

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11182

File: 1388320094049_chloe_moretz-having-a-lemonade_06.jpg (175.48 KB, 919x1400)

That's a great one too but wearing glasses always takes it down a notch

 hobotoroboto (eaa3) 11183

File: 1388320511666_chloe_moretz_at_itv_and_capital_fm_studios_64.jpg (389.57 KB, 1280x1920)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11184

File: 1388320682090_chloe_moretz-having-a-lemonade_03.jpg (299.78 KB, 1050x1600)

this pic is a classic though

 hobotoroboto (eaa3) 11185

File: 1388320879063_chloe_moretz_shopping_in_london_14.jpg (181.82 KB, 613x1000)

 hobotoroboto (eaa3) 11186

File: 1388321107644_chloe_moretz_arriving_at_lax_13.jpg (544.59 KB, 1256x2000)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11187

File: 1388322598168_chloe_moretz_asos_17.jpg (47.62 KB, 268x572)

Oh! Was wondering which pic you were referring too. Tis a great set

 Anonymous (d631) 11188

File: 1388322790056_chloe-moretz-having-a-lemonade_06.jpg (175.48 KB, 919x1400)

i know but full body w/ glasses, def over sitting down without.

But if we were greedy full body w/o glasses in that outfit = hngggggggggggggg

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11189

File: 1388323708513_5.jpg (35.36 KB, 376x380)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11190

File: 1388323795780.jpg (74.77 KB, 560x468)

> full body w/o glasses in that outfit = hngggggggggggggg
aaron agrees

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11191

File: 1388323852212_132706371032.jpg (306.93 KB, 600x770)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11192

File: 1388324473901.jpg (150.73 KB, 486x629)

What the shiznit is it

 JigSaw!!cbKwO.L5G6 11193

File: 1388326157563_f1f0fcba27d111e3b85522000a9e28f2_8.jpg (57.2 KB, 640x640)

 Sur!!iwBjXECW12 11194

File: 1388326534170_image.jpg (60.03 KB, 568x566)


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11195

must be one of those by the numbers app they make for a quick buck:
some bio, some pics, some wallpapers - repeat and sell for every celebrity

 Anonymous (2a57) 11196

File: 1388332580578.jpg (55.54 KB, 537x720)


Chloe's legs look great that day so makes me forget about the hideous skirt that she wore.

 Jake !/HPq4mSsdY 11197

File: 1388334574963_dibujo.jpg (849.98 KB, 2129x1435)


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11198

File: 1388335802828_tumblr_mwqfccLRxg1shkrwmo1_1280.jpg (85.08 KB, 612x612)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11199

File: 1388335909766_BWA8dlECcAAt-HO.jpg (47.38 KB, 612x816)

also on topic

 Sur!!iwBjXECW12 11200

File: 1388337350166_image.jpg (87.51 KB, 400x550)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 11201

File: 1388340783841_chloe_moretz_kick-ass_429.jpg (147.66 KB, 1920x800)

Kind of OT but there's this Nike commercial that started playing a lot here lately and it uses Adagio in D Minor. It's pretty epic and of course every time it comes on I think about one of the best Chloë scenes.


 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11202

File: 1388341290924_Chloe_Moretz_leaving_the_12_Bar_Blues_Club_in_Denmark_110512_08.jpg (1.76 MB, 1600x3123)

Speaking of shoes, there's a local shoe store commercial that briefly shows these on screen.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11203

It's not that OT and even if it were it wouldn't be a problem
we've been meaning to be a bit more lenient with OT in the numbered threads, remember?

It's a pretty cool commercial nonetheless, still gives me shivers
wonder if john murphy did anything as cool in the mean time

 Anonymous (2c3a) 11204

I actually liked her skirt..

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11205

File: 1388342641970_uuuuuuuuuuu3.jpg (56.55 KB, 397x479)

>we've been meaning to be a bit more lenient with OT in the numbered threads, remember?

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11206

File: 1388342765230.jpg (34.21 KB, 409x405)

Don't take that as an invitation to cj. Since the Bros board has been nuked, a little off topic is okay.

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11207

File: 1388343678795_oh_boy_nagy_ikon.jpg (80.34 KB, 441x423)

Of course I won't

 Anonymous (d631) 11208

File: 1388343893146_no_i_dont_think_so.jpg (94.75 KB, 1011x527)

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11209

File: 1388345259158_chloe_moretz_on_the_set_of_if_i_stay_06.jpg (399.3 KB, 1365x2048)

 Anonymous (9b88) 11210

File: 1388346446480_qweqeqweqw.gif (2.44 MB, 262x670)

This allowed in here?

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11211

File: 1388346734337_ae_win_slomo-chlomo.gif (3.86 MB, 378x647)

That is encouraged here.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11212

File: 1388347727303_cello.gif (2.37 MB, 330x323)

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11213

File: 1388348653753_gasp.gif (1.05 MB, 299x298)

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11214

File: 1388348789338_gaspp.gif (292.33 KB, 299x298)

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11215

File: 1388351846163_thank-you-teri.gif (4.91 MB, 496x428)

 Anonymous (e5f3) 11216

File: 1388352836932_Chloe_Moretz_goes_out_sushi_brother_Trevor_-8oTOMl_53al.jpg (60.84 KB, 396x594)


Someone's been mining the video I linked yesterday.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11217

File: 1388352908152.png (171.34 KB, 464x336)

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11218

File: 1388353152294.jpg (34.21 KB, 409x405)

Actually, that first one was from another video. Same press day though.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11219

File: 1388357729441_legs.gif (4.37 MB, 506x669)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 11220

File: 1388357827338_30rocket4.jpg (53.06 KB, 686x832)


Chloe's legs will turn into Godzilla by next year

calling it

 PolyJacob!!haTjqi3jfo 11221

 Anonymous (2a57) 11222

File: 1388357907929_ka2_class.gif (3.48 MB, 323x510)


GIFs of Class are always welcome in the numbered threads.

 Anonymous (2a57) 11223

File: 1388358099904_146236453.jpg (519.85 KB, 2237x3000)


> Chloë's legs will turn into Godzilla by next year

So the Japanese will run away from them screaming.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 11224

File: 1388358390085_500daysz.jpg (191.59 KB, 1013x797)


well.. the ones that already don't, yea

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11225

File: 1388358466566_clap.gif (4.19 MB, 360x221)

wonderful job!

 Cartwright (a2a7) 11226

File: 1388358532939_file_1.gif (746.04 KB, 245x155)

Music gave me all the feelings received from the film, incredible

 PolyJacob!!haTjqi3jfo 11227

Thanks guys.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11228

File: 1388359034306_zoio.jpg (24.92 KB, 464x485)

What do you mean by that? Big in Japan?


 dvt555!!E08BbsrgFI 11229

File: 1388359490203_Chloe_Moretz_Orange_Miu_Miu.jpg (152.5 KB, 955x1433)

Good morning.

How abouy a Chlomo Gallery app that automatically implodes in your phone with Chloë pics!

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11230

File: 1388360381275.jpg (179.07 KB, 478x489)


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11231

File: 1388360552778_Better_be_Sure_About_That.jpg (59.95 KB, 302x318)

Well, the phone will.

 D26D (5caf) 11232

File: 1388360654273_chloe-approves.jpg (212.99 KB, 722x1000)


 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11233

File: 1388363735866_chloe_3.jpg (1.53 MB, 1800x1200)

 Cartwright (a2a7) 11234

File: 1388364360942_E0cypq1K7Eqc.jpg (381.92 KB, 1280x847)

Dream for New Year or Christmas

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11235

File: 1388364531404_feels.jpg (97.93 KB, 1184x400)

feels everywhere

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11236

File: 1388364665840_dadsdad2.jpg (59.44 KB, 687x613)

Santa looks pretty shocked there.

 Cartwright (a2a7) 11237

File: 1388365057416.jpg (70.02 KB, 960x720)

he just don't know how to do that

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11238

File: 1388366269376.jpg (76.49 KB, 638x360)

I just thought it would be cool if we made a video for the chlomo awards. Nothing fancy.

>intro screen (chlomo.org is proud to present…, or some shit like that)

>category title

>category winner (pic, collage of a few pics if it's set or a short part of a video, if it's a video category)
>repeat for all the nine categories

>and the winner for the best pic awards (we put a bit more emphasis on this one)

>winning pic

>outro screen (thank you to all the people who voted …)

Polyjacob, would you be interested in doing the music? Like I said, nothing fancy, just something cool to play in the background, maybe with a little buildup and a bang when each winner is announced, and a bigger bang when the pic of the year is announced (f that makes sense :) )

Pixel, would you be interested in doing the video (or anyone else here who has the skills)? Like I said, nothing fancy

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11239

File: 1388366613725_lick_02.jpg (17.98 KB, 220x240)

Hmm…Sounds fun. I'll try throw something together as a concept tonight.

 PolyJacob!!haTjqi3jfo 11240

I'll need 12-24 hours from now, including sleep.

Some kind of short intro, build-up, 9 smaller "bangs", final build, 1 bigger "bang", fade out?

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11241

File: 1388367519353_chloe_moretz_arriving_in_vancouver_02.jpg (81.35 KB, 484x720)

Was going to see if you wanted some help but seems like yo got thissss

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11242

File: 1388369120085_251.jpg (95.82 KB, 357x360)

>mfw I have only one active torrent right now and it's the Chlomo pack.

 Anonymous (1c1b) 11243

are you saying her legs will turn fat by next year?

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 11244

File: 1388370451430_hell_yeah2.jpg (88 KB, 322x360)

Can't wait for the updates.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 11245

File: 1388370781161.jpg (30.1 KB, 173x174)

It looks like it's already covered but I can help if you need any.

 Anonymous (f844) 11246

I'd bet money that the interviewer is a chlobro

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11247

File: 1388378710771_ABACA_A18208_014.jpg (1.28 MB, 1901x2799)

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11248

File: 1388378896178_005.jpg (2.72 MB, 2987x4437)

 Anonymous (31d2) 11249

This person read the script for Sils Maria. Wish they'd elaborate on Chloë's character/scenes instead of only talking about Kristen.

 Anonymous (2a57) 11250

File: 1388380964665.jpg (776.48 KB, 1800x2712)


That set gave us some great side Chlovage.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11251

File: 1388381643086_iboRs0PP7DFfBS.jpg (268.49 KB, 2048x1536)


 Anonymous (2a57) 11252

File: 1388383511072_cupcakes4.jpg (292.22 KB, 1661x762)


You call the twins what you like and I'll call them what I like.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11253

File: 1388385342602_Chlo_Grace_Moretz_thanks_Carrie_Facebook_fans..mp4_000001.471.jpg (71.37 KB, 1280x720)

 Bruho!Q82WsjboxE 11254

File: 1388385702566_138811587394.jpg (26.58 KB, 421x427)

That would be nice.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11255

File: 1388386391463_Hollowed-Ground-10.jpg (5.09 MB, 3504x2336)

 Anonymous (d864) 11256

File: 1388386658218_Chloe_Moretz_at_Jimmy_Fallon_Talk_Show.jpg (147.49 KB, 650x1170)

You guys ever find hq versions of this picture set from oct 9th, 2013?

 Anonymous (d864) 11257

File: 1388386730900_Chloe_Moretz_at_MTV_Studios.jpg (168.25 KB, 650x976)

Or this set from the same day?

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11258

File: 1388387388644_004.jpg (190.31 KB, 1276x2400)

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11259

File: 1388389092207_chlomo_coat.jpg (1.05 MB, 2417x1512)

 Anonymous (2a57) 11260

File: 1388391460723.jpg (48.81 KB, 604x453)


She's got legs, she knows how to use them.


 Anonymous (3ee8) 11261

File: 1388391896576_Leg_rub.gif (2.99 MB, 604x439)

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11262

File: 1388392004689.gif (2.94 MB, 368x500)

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11263

File: 1388392236413_KA2-7.gif (2.99 MB, 175x499)

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11264

File: 1388392291106_TWWS-1.gif (1.93 MB, 289x419)

 Anonymous (51bf) 11265

Has anyone ever noticed how Chloë has medial rotation of the upper arms?

 Anonymous (31d2) 11266

File: 1388394168397_Hugo_gift.jpg (118.02 KB, 640x960)

The 12 days app is giving away Hugo for free today.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11267

File: 1388396948980.png (813.44 KB, 762x670)

Care to provide an example? I'm interested in what you mean or are you saying it because of this gif? >>11264

 Cartwright (a2a7) 11268

File: 1388397162318_strong.gif (4.87 MB, 690x388)

 Anonymous (5c77) 11269


I said this last year, but I'll still never forget how my mom kicked me out in October 2011 and I had to sleep on the streets a few months, during which time I once spent my last few dollars on the Hugo movie…I thought seeing Chloë would make me happy despite my desolate situation, and it kind of did. It's been two years now and I've got a job / new home, but this film will always be special to me, even though I think Chloë did much better in other movies.

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11270

File: 1388397786562_whos_Awesome.gif (1.2 MB, 280x221)

Sorry to hear that dude…and congratulations on the job/new home!

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11271

File: 1388397832996.jpg (51.75 KB, 500x398)

Glad you're doing better now. Mad hugz all round

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11272

File: 1388397920241_Win.jpg (65.02 KB, 544x438)

I finally learned how to solve a rubik's cube!

 Cartwright (a2a7) 11273

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 11274

File: 1388400438351_Da_Vincis_Anatomical_Girl.jpg (481.62 KB, 1385x2001)

HI guys!

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11275

File: 1388400872264_Chloe_30_rock_017.jpg (76.8 KB, 482x720)


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11276

File: 1388401850235_Chloe_Live_with_Kelly__Michael_2013.gif (2.98 MB, 364x565)

Might I just say…

 -chlo.!C2YfnfHdpM 11277

File: 1388403448802_watc.jpg (19.69 KB, 342x357)

Ohhhh it's good to be back.
Much, much Chloë. Time to Chloverdose.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11278

File: 1388403890523_Get_Out.jpg (29.35 KB, 747x479)

haha I was just about to say the opposite. Think I need a hiatus from chloverdosing :(

 -chlo.!C2YfnfHdpM 11279

File: 1388404661746_chloe-fix.jpg (72.94 KB, 846x529)

Don't fight it, it will only get worse. So go ahead and Chloverdose!
I don't think I've seen your name before. Since when have you been here? Nice to meet you btw.

 -chlo.!C2YfnfHdpM 11280

File: 1388404906279_ooohh.jpg (59.58 KB, 565x554)

And cool new features! This place just got more awesome.
Takes a while to load though.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11281

File: 1388404999108.jpg (1.02 MB, 3888x2592)

Great to meet you too! I'm just abit worried because it's starting to affect other areas of my life.

I've been lurking for several months and only started posting a few weeks ago.

 Anonymous (9b88) 11282

File: 1388406022127_olij.png (481.28 KB, 638x492)

 -chlo.!C2YfnfHdpM 11283

File: 1388406416443_legsomfg.gif (2.98 MB, 364x565)

 Anonymous (51bf) 11284

I can't use any pics at the moment but just pics from the last year or two I've noticed it. Kinda looks like she has a rounded back. Not a hunchback though.

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11285

post links to the pics in the gallery

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11286

File: 1388409951784.jpg (19.06 KB, 324x408)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11287

@Pixel: go take a look in >>>/modville/

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11288

File: 1388411077027_chloe_moretz_dazed_and_confused_15.png (2.3 MB, 1090x1632)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11289

shit never gets old

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11290

File: 1388412517261_That_is_So_Awesome.jpg (24.64 KB, 300x322)

Oh cool, the gallery has video!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11291

work in progress

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11292

File: 1388412880007_453455.jpg (47.98 KB, 461x531)

fucking stupid form not clearing out the embed field

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11293

File: 1388413157582.png (237.18 KB, 369x359)

Hey GG, when I try and delete a post I keep getting "wrong password", am I a tard or did something change since the update?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11294

File: 1388413222504_Chloe.jpg (108.68 KB, 651x952)

If I didn't know better, I would've said that you also run fuckyeahchloemoretz. Haha!

Yeah, I kinda noticed that. It happened to me as well.

Maybe you switched browsers?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11295

The password thing is very unreliable. Just ask a mod to delete it for you if you can not delete it yourself

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11296

>, I would've said that you also run fuckyeahchloemoretz
and to be fair we weren't the only ones who found those pics apparently

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11297

File: 1388413354123_zzzthanks.jpg (18.73 KB, 264x278)

Cool cool cool

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11298

File: 1388413409426_Chloe_Moretz_in_a_2013_Japanese_Shoot.jpg (589.86 KB, 720x1296)

Yeah, I'm aware of that. It's just that it's your favorite pic recently. I mean, we all have one eventually.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11299

File: 1388413496634_5efa44bdbaf947cf-Shot_090115.jpg (374.15 KB, 667x1000)

>I mean, we all have one eventually.
Speak for yourself. I don;t think I could ever have just one
this is just one of them
so is the one you posted

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11300

File: 1388413638525_Thats_So_Weird.jpg (302.18 KB, 803x1071)

No, no. I don't mean we eventually have a favorite among all her pictures. That can't happen. She's just to cute for us to stop at a certain look.

What I meant is that at a certain point, we have a favorite for that day or that week… or something. It's kinda like an LSS for images instead of songs.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11301

File: 1388413718556_Bchn8MAIIAAJ4pS.jpg_large.jpg (66.34 KB, 761x960)

we do indeed

 BrasilLovesChloe (3780) 11302

File: 1388413857199_d0014374_4fc8b33c457b2.jpg (447.12 KB, 740x1105)

my favorite pic is this one

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11303

File: 1388413956913_chloe_moretz_dark_shadows_press_30.jpg (75.63 KB, 479x720)

That was the first pic I saved from this site

 Anonymous (51bf) 11304

File: 1388414194808_2013-10-07_Chloe_Moretz_Premiere_016.jpg (1.75 MB, 2259x3024)

This is the first picture I saved. She just looks absolutely stunning :O and her hair is perfect.

 PolyJacob!!haTjqi3jfo 11305

GG, I've just finished a first version of the ChlomoAwards anthem.

I can DM a private Soundcloud link for you.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11306

sent you DM

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11307

File: 1388414723961_chloe_moretz_epic_face_003.jpg (10.29 KB, 262x254)

+1. One of, if not, my favourite set of the year and you pretty much summed up why

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11308

File: 1388414797897_132706371113.gif (1.92 MB, 325x263)

but the dress though
how could anyone love that dress?

 BrasilLovesChloe (3780) 11309

File: 1388415095821_chloe_moretz_carrie_press_portraits_38.jpg (1.77 MB, 3630x2675)

i really like the carrie press portraits set, she looks more than amazing, and she does epic expressions

 BrasilLovesChloe (3780) 11310

File: 1388415178041.jpg (41.44 KB, 640x443)

i like the dress, it fits her pretty good

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11311

File: 1388415199844.jpg (175.3 KB, 1280x720)

At first I would have agreed but it grew on me. It doesn't beat the red dress she wore after the event though

 Anonymous (9b88) 11312

File: 1388415594344_ohbaby.png (500.87 KB, 395x786)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11313

File: 1388415651887_scarred_angel.jpg (114.25 KB, 1156x804)

ohbaby is right
damn, she's fine

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11314

okay, we'll leave it down to individual taste but that looks like a grandma's dress to me

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11315

File: 1388415877861_5.jpg (35.36 KB, 376x380)

 BrasilLovesChloe (3780) 11316

File: 1388415977971_chloekickass2.png (654.87 KB, 1366x768)

that outfit is pure gold

 Anonymous (9b88) 11317

File: 1388415985559_baby.png (691.72 KB, 527x861)

 Cartwright (a2a7) 11318

>damn, she's fine

 Anonymous (9b88) 11319

File: 1388416054064_vlcsnap-2013-12-30-10h04m54s232.png (3.03 MB, 1920x1080)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11320

File: 1388416113328_born-to-be-wild.jpg (303.96 KB, 1024x834)

it is
I would club baby seals to see a photoshoot of Chloë in a biker outfit riding a harley

pedro alert

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11321

File: 1388416224841_chloe_moretz_sleep_.jpg (49.85 KB, 640x382)

Nap nap time. Night ya'll

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11322

File: 1388416297788_just_one_more_and_illl_go_to_sleep.jpg (387.09 KB, 1716x1049)

>fap fap time
good night

 BrasilLovesChloe (3780) 11323

File: 1388416393006.jpg (136.79 KB, 728x738)

good night

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11324

File: 1388416657798_Chloe_Moretz_at_the_Carrie_Premiere.jpg (1.39 MB, 1993x3000)

The dress wasn't really bad. It was just a bummer that there was more dress than Chloë.

 Anonymous (9b88) 11325

File: 1388417644682_vlcsnap-2013-12-23-20h26m13s63.png (1.98 MB, 1920x800)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11326

File: 1388417785459_Chlomidala.jpg (480.64 KB, 833x1192)

I'm too sleepy to stay awake and too lazy to sleep… so I did this:

That's hot. If that's exactly how my bed looked like right now, I wouldn't be having the above problem.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11327

File: 1388417879975_104513398.jpg (110.15 KB, 700x650)

 BrasilLovesChloe (3780) 11328

File: 1388418849440_013.jpg (237.88 KB, 545x613)

lol, i'm dying here

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11329

File: 1388418965546_chloe_moretz_dark_shadows_03.jpg (410.7 KB, 1500x1125)


 TheEnky!!.x8Sb1IzDA 11330

File: 1388419175591.jpg (59.95 KB, 267x290)

what the

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 11331

File: 1388420762915.gif (1.72 MB, 340x330)

Russians, the new dadaist

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11332

File: 1388420901582.jpg (540.37 KB, 1500x1500)

I just came from guess-what-thread again. I think I'm gonna explode.

Good night, guys.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11333

File: 1388421535965_2.jpg (121.22 KB, 676x724)

>I just came from guess-what-thread again
I bet you did, chickenshit

 BrasilLovesChloe (09a8) 11334

File: 1388422463072.gif (1.84 MB, 213x221)

from where the expression "chickenshit" came?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11335

File: 1388422506561.jpg (27.92 KB, 362x500)

I think it's time you took a look at >>250612

 BrasilLovesChloe (09a8) 11336

File: 1388422987748_2ahN5Ep.jpg (60.12 KB, 703x664)

i laughed at the "Ernesto" one, it's my name, hahaha

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11337

File: 1388423084872.jpeg (74.25 KB, 600x800)

>it's my name
Is it now? Do you look by any chance like this?

 BrasilLovesChloe (09a8) 11338

File: 1388423311406_fTkL1r6ukzeo.png (498.34 KB, 500x650)

hell no, hahaha, this guy has mental issues, look at his twitter, lulz

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11339

File: 1388425856325.jpg (19.06 KB, 324x408)

finished adding videos to the photosets and shoots

 Anonymous (2a57) 11340

File: 1388426234691.jpg (828.61 KB, 1804x2948)


There is no stopping the addiction to Chloë. All you can do is embrace it and make it part of your life. Instead of letting it take over your life. She is more addicting then heroin. There is a famous guy around the community named Oscar Umbrellas who tried to quit Chloë cold Turkey and failed. Just shows how powerful the Chloverdose can be. Embrace it because like it or not it is with you for life.

 Cartwright (a2a7) 11341

File: 1388426880785_chloe-moretz-in-antonio-berardi-ny-comic-con-carrie.png (547.92 KB, 657x480)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11342

File: 1388430581465_40030874.jpg (1.31 MB, 2024x2866)

 Bruho!Q82WsjboxE 11343

File: 1388431373657_138834288323.jpg (75.74 KB, 800x331)

That is so sad and true lol.
Awesome, your musics are so relaxing.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11344

 Solar!!Svszpr4cbg 11345

File: 1388432985729_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_cleaned_202.jpg (2.04 MB, 2000x3000)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11346

File: 1388433038154_i_know_this_nigga.jpg (87.89 KB, 800x459)

Back from the dead
Where have you been?

 Solar!!Svszpr4cbg 11347

File: 1388434031184.png (132.4 KB, 579x445)



I just haven't felt like posting much recently. I haven't really kept up with the site in general for the past few weeks (I do visit a lot, but don't always check threads) so if there's any new videos or something I should know about, please post them.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11348

Not much new stuff
though you should vote in the chlomo awards

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11349

File: 1388437944849_hurrrrr6.jpg (68.48 KB, 450x614)

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11350

File: 1388438094831.gif (1.97 MB, 310x271)

 Anonymous (51bf) 11351

File: 1388438114879_kickass04_300dpi.jpg (6.17 MB, 3600x2400)

The last 3 weeks I've started a strength training program very similar to Aarons. I'm loving it. Hopefully within 6-12months I should have that body :)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11352


are you the one who kept posting that on 4chan?

 Bruho!Q82WsjboxE 11353

File: 1388441263390.jpg (49.94 KB, 261x326)

Pic related
He post this photo everyday on /chlo/ lol

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11354

what is /chlo/?

 Mr. Black (4903) 11355

File: 1388441584375_SO_BEAUTIFUL.gif (762.08 KB, 245x150)

 Bruho!Q82WsjboxE 11356

File: 1388441672585_wutwutchloe.png (47.07 KB, 120x206)

Sorry for not specifying, Chloë threads are usually named /chlo/ on /b/. So yeah, it's him that always post the photo on /b/.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11357

File: 1388441758124_godly-smile.jpg (77.97 KB, 465x685)

 Anonymous (e5f3) 11358

File: 1388442821449_15.jpg (261.81 KB, 1092x2000)

Second time TMZ's put something out about Chloë, both times financially related. I'm trying to figure out where and how they get access to her contracts.


 Anonymous (e5f3) 11359

BTW, I was just prevented from posting using a certain pic with the following warning:

>MIME type detection XSS exploit (IE) detected

Anyone know what that is?

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11360

File: 1388443300055_hurrrrr6_without_caption.jpg (66.68 KB, 454x670)


I've even contributed on the brazilian b with this

 Anonymous (2a57) 11361

File: 1388443373155_chloe_moretz_mtv_movie_awards_019.jpg (1.26 MB, 1949x2933)


Nice to know that Chloë has become popular enough to demand the maximum $500,000 salary for a teen actress when she has the leading role now. I'm sure it took her years to get well enough known to get that for a movie. She still isn't the multi millionaire that most seem to think she is though. She didn't get no $500,000 for her small parts in Sils Maria and Dark Places.

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11362

File: 1388444126416_pick_me.jpg (68.24 KB, 600x386)

I'm glad to see that they are confident that it's possible for her to be nominated for oscar best actress

 Anonymous (51bf) 11363

File: 1388444678389_quite_talk.gif (1.52 MB, 408x182)

I'd love to have Chloë talk to me like this. Asa gets real nervous lol

 Anonymous (9b88) 11364

File: 1388444850283_MnJIsS8.jpg (363.07 KB, 2094x2879)

 Anonymous (1415) 11365

File: 1388446742266_lipsss.jpg (40.02 KB, 439x262)

Do you have a link to that video?

 Anonymous (51bf) 11366

File: 1388446988672_tehe.gif (531.97 KB, 194x104)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11367

15% profits from the movie? That's a lot

 Anonymous (51bf) 11368

Chloes making some paper! Make it raiiin

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11369

File: 1388448317206_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_09_2.jpg (23.12 KB, 387x404)

Maybe she can finally afford that PS4 now

 Anonymous (51bf) 11370

The song in Chloë's instagram montage (The XX - Angels) describes her relationship with J so perfectly awww its cute

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11371

File: 1388448396355_01.jpg (23.67 KB, 316x315)

15%?? That's crazy. I remember reading Robert Downey signed for Iron Man with a small percentage of a future Avengers film's profits. That netted him $50 million for that one film.

I have to assume that's incorrect.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11372

I remember reading about 50 mil too
Granted, this might not be a big hit but still

 Bruho!Q82WsjboxE 11373

I saw you there hahaha.
Awesome, they wrote how they got acess on the documents there. 15% is a lot.

 Anonymous (2a57) 11374

File: 1388450422246_bora_bora.jpg (1.15 MB, 2652x1950)


Yeah if this movie surprises everyone and does as well as some adaptations have done Chloë could become a multi millionaire with a huge payday.

I think if she made a lot they would reinvest it in her career again making another family project like Hick. But hopefully they buy a better script this time.

 Anonymous (2a57) 11375

File: 1388450730501.jpg (946.74 KB, 2160x3592)


15% can be a big payday or it can be a little payday. I don't think this movie will be a blockbuster like Twilight making tens of millions in profits after advertising expenses. Interesting though that even if it doesn't make a profit Chloë still gets an extra million.

 Anonymous (51bf) 11376

File: 1388451195285_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_07.jpg (19.52 KB, 416x414)

It's by Elliot Hulse and its called Advanced 5x5 Strength Training. It has a beginners version inside though. I'm skinny as fuck at the moment:(

 Anonymous (51bf) 11377

Ahh the struggles of being a celebrity…

Getting left on the side of a ski mountain after sledding and having to walk back up the mountain to our house is definitely a low point. :)

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11378

File: 1388454108986_21.jpg (376.36 KB, 1920x1920)

I don't get it. Does she usually get carried back up the mountain each run?

 Anonymous (2a57) 11379

File: 1388454738616_53.jpg (1.02 MB, 2550x4002)


Oh well she will just go out shopping tomorrow and buy herself a new pair of shoes to help her feel better.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11380

File: 1388455487768_chloe_moretz_epic_face_034.jpg (9.23 KB, 239x251)

Better start eating holmskilly

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11381

File: 1388455684035.jpg (20.13 KB, 145x151)

I guess if you sled, you can't fit on the ski lift.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11382

File: 1388457747780_Are_You_for_Real.jpg (381.02 KB, 1440x1080)

Good morning!

Who the fuck would leave an innocent little girl at the foot of a snowing mountain?!? It's unreasonable:

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11383

File: 1388460238174.jpg (41.35 KB, 856x600)

Would carry her up Mt. Everest if she asked

 Anonymous (2a57) 11384

File: 1388460752397_4.jpg (76.33 KB, 720x960)


I would give Chloë a piggy back up the mountain. Just mainly for a good excuse to touch those amazing legs.

 Anonymous (9b88) 11385

File: 1388462902336_vlcsnap-2013-12-18-07h05m02s121.png (2.62 MB, 1920x1080)

Can you chubby bros lift 120 like he can?

 Anonymous (9b88) 11386

File: 1388462939311_vlcsnap-2013-08-04-05h49m16s119.png (1 MB, 1280x720)

I hope you like eating chicken and fish.

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11387

File: 1388463265741_do-you-even-lift.jpg (79.69 KB, 649x463)


>inb4 pwally

 ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ iLift!25/8.bobzw 11388

 Anonymous (2a57) 11389

File: 1388465134840_30079_chloe15_122_188lo.jpg (521.34 KB, 1808x3000)


Yep because even limpy arm Chris is struggling to hold Chloë's weight in that picture.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11390

File: 1388466417956_5.jpg (35.36 KB, 376x380)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11391

File: 1388467148761_12312367432175.jpg (70.44 KB, 290x282)

The only problem is all you'd have no blood circulation cause it'd all be concentrated in one area, if you know what I meaannnnnnnn

 Anonymous (a7c7) 11392

File: 1388467466881.jpg (1.67 MB, 2500x1667)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11393

File: 1388468021473_Awesome.jpg (19.57 KB, 192x176)

I would whether she asked me to or not.
"Your feet might get to dry, Chloë. I have to put whiskey between your toes."

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11394

File: 1388470322484_026.jpg (1.67 MB, 3408x2192)

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11395

File: 1388471046079_why.jpg (454.26 KB, 1292x816)

Getting no love in "best event set"…

 Chlobra Commander!!VKvYrkKLAY 11396

File: 1388471199104_629183442_tduid10128_chloe_bd022_122_578lo.jpg (1.31 MB, 2000x3000)

Competition is fierced

 Anonymous (2a57) 11397

File: 1388471633306_19.jpg (2.4 MB, 1924x3500)

On this New Year's Eve I am thankful for all the times that Chloë has showed off her bare legs for us Chlobros this year. Hopefully we see them a lot more in 2014.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11398

File: 1388472589382_chloe_moretz_julianne_moore_walk_of_fame_100.jpg (1.12 MB, 2400x3600)

It's good, no doubt.

I think I ended up voting for this >>11396

>I nearly voted for this.

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11399

File: 1388472949850_chloe_moretz_dior_haute_couture_180.jpg (426.66 KB, 1986x3000)

It's a nice set for the middle of winter but with no skin I don't understand the appeal of this.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11400

File: 1388473089605_cmcd_16.jpg (907.89 KB, 2400x3600)

>Probably for this pic.
It's one of my all time favorites.

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11401

File: 1388473656317_5095926847_ff33958a01_o.jpg (958.44 KB, 3888x2592)

Well that pic has elegance written all over it so no argument there. Just surprised so many bros chose it.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11402

File: 1388473760565_2013.05.18_17.30.53.jpg (24.52 KB, 300x315)

And if there's one word that describes Chlomo.org, it's "elegant."

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11403

File: 1388476649246.jpg (43.64 KB, 710x477)

>one word that describes Chlomo.org

I'd hate to see the poll on that one.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11404

File: 1388476848553.jpg (41.35 KB, 856x600)

I either voted for that set or almost did. Its so wonderful

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11405

File: 1388476857239.gif (1.59 MB, 317x250)

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11406

File: 1388477782971_et_014.jpg (101.97 KB, 616x604)

So what's the countdown to New Years in your neck of the woods?

btw, been meaning to ask you how legit one of my new fav reality tv shows is… "American Jungle"

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11407

File: 1388478653253.jpg (67.15 KB, 300x300)

We do fireworks and firecrackers. Since there's a lot of Asian culture here, at midnight we set off fire crackers to ward off evil spirits. It's a Chinese thing, I believe.

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11408

File: 1388479238892_cgm_ny.jpg (179.69 KB, 610x790)

>We do fireworks and firecrackers.

Yeah I understand that, just wondering if you and your "tribe" go out hunting like your ancestors in this…

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11409

File: 1388479460862_chloe_moretz_arriving_lax_006.jpg (62.44 KB, 331x720)

Where do you live if you dont mind me asking?

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11410

Never seen that show. Weird to hear pidgin' english on TV.

I'm from Hawaii.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11411

File: 1388479930618.jpg (41.21 KB, 570x583)


 Anonymous (3ee8) 11412

File: 1388480086715_ground.jpg (89.64 KB, 800x600)

>Never seen that show.

Watch it and tell me if it's real. Between the marijuana crops the rival hunting clans it's pretty cool. Never thought that sort of hunting went on in the Hawaiian islands.

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11413

File: 1388480089013_Image00078.jpg (19.67 KB, 300x285)

I don't really care that much if there's much skin. I like it because the outfit looks really classy. and by classy I mean classy.

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11414

File: 1388480234961.jpg (42.81 KB, 223x262)

Sounds like it. although we do it on Chinese new year instead of Jan 1st. Is there anything going on there for Chinese new year?

 Anonymous (5c77) 11415

Was Chloë ever on a talk show in Latin America?

 Anonymous (9b88) 11416

File: 1388480358026_kjkjkjhkjh.png (370.55 KB, 645x717)

No skin needed. Just need to know she's there.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11417

File: 1388481206749.jpg (109.23 KB, 472x592)

Yeah, there's always some events going on for that. This year will be the year of the horse.

The only one I know of is here: http://youtu.be/SUrI1VqLfcc

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11418

File: 1388481850665_chickenshit_30.jpg (198.5 KB, 812x566)

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11419

File: 1388482850586__DSC2962_span-12.jpg (58.77 KB, 624x415)


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11420

File: 1388483824260_Are_You_for_Real.jpg (381.02 KB, 1440x1080)

Yes, it is. It's worse in the Philippines, they've started since last night. It's pissing me off. I just thank God there've already been hundreds losing their fingers or hands already so I know that there's less of them making excess noise even before and after new year every year.

Good night.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11421

File: 1388484032334.jpg (83.13 KB, 344x451)

4 hours till the new year and what better way to spend it than Chloë-ing

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11422

File: 1388484107164.jpg (6.58 KB, 202x235)

>I just thank God there've already been hundreds losing their fingers or hands already

More toes and feet for Mr freako.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11423

File: 1388484107276_What_The_Hell_is_That_2.jpg (19.27 KB, 358x393)

It's 5 hours and 59 mins here. I guess the Philippines is about 4 hours apart from Malaysia. Happy New Year!

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11424

File: 1388484229602_Talk_to_the_Hands.jpg (387.42 KB, 1093x720)

What? You don't see me wishing Chloë lost her hands. Besides, if I followed that logic, her hands are still too cute for me to want not to be attached to herself.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11425

File: 1388484279761_106143PCN_Moore15.jpg (62.93 KB, 662x704)

Thought for a second I thought that Australia was 6 hours apart from Philippines and thought wtf but its only 2 hours difference so thats coooool

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11426

File: 1388484373751_Ooh_Whats_That.jpg (40.42 KB, 568x566)

Oh, yeah! You're from Australia, not Malaysia. My bad. I got confused with the last 2 letters? Haha. I'm kidding.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11427

Totally messed up that sentence. My badddd

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11428

File: 1388484445706_13157733404281.gif (972 KB, 245x220)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11429

File: 1388484463672.jpg (36.13 KB, 951x600)

Same with Austria ha

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11430

File: 1388484536825.jpg (23.15 KB, 234x289)

True. All you are seen is craving attention over her feet. BTW it's been done before and in better style.
RIP forni

anyway happy new year

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11431

File: 1388484894393_02.jpg (18.29 KB, 302x302)

Oh and a Happy new year to you aswell!

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11432

File: 1388484992500_New_Years_Eve.jpg (203.91 KB, 640x389)

It's New Year's Eve here. Happy New Year:

>done before
… liking the goddess's extremely cute feet…?

>RIP forni

Oh, trust me. He's here from time to time… at least for the last few days.

>happy new year

Happy New Year to you too!

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11433

File: 1388485135304_You_Have_a_Point.jpg (145.96 KB, 587x537)

For a minute there, I thought you were Penguin… whom I have not seen in a while but I'm sure is probably lurking as he said before.

Solar, on the other hand, I've not seen here in forever.

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11434

File: 1388485745725_G0w8GZu.jpg (66.39 KB, 918x800)

Call me a harsh cunt, I don't give a fuck. You have potential and it pisses me off. Spend some time working on one piece, instead of spewing off multiple crap!

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11435

File: 1388485962339_Thats_Nice.jpg (62.93 KB, 662x704)

Happy New Year to you too.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11436

File: 1388486054861_5.jpg (35.36 KB, 376x380)

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 11437

File: 1388486417953_Tikipeter_Chloe_Moretz_Power_Of_Youth_Oct_22_1_104.jpg (723.38 KB, 2015x3000)

Yes, amazing!

 ϟ TheDarkFairyTales!P7rf5jGywI 11438

File: 1388486486403_idvxPSZe74igY.jpg (29.47 KB, 344x389)

Happy New Year everyone!

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 11439

Good for Chloë!

 tvshaman!!gIjAzQCfSE 11440

File: 1388487084460_party-hard.gif (1.25 MB, 720x430)

New Year's Daaaaaaaay!

Happy New Year for everyooooooooone!

 ϟ TheDarkFairyTales!P7rf5jGywI 11441

File: 1388487296596_qvJjbiS8LlA.jpg (95.25 KB, 564x752)

Still five hours before the new year, I did it in advance, because I have to leave.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11442

File: 1388487755086_1361486556.png (103.66 KB, 255x225)

and a Happy New Year to you!

 Anonymous (4183) 11443

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11444

File: 1388493427609.jpg (19.06 KB, 324x408)

>inb4 they crash and die becoming #1 on youtube

 Anonymous (0c66) 11445

File: 1388498710223.jpg (63.77 KB, 444x500)

Happy new year Chlomo.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11446

File: 1388499552169_chloe_moretz_Wallpaper_1920x1080_wallpaperhere.jpg (620.15 KB, 1920x1080)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11447

File: 1388502885681_12312367432147_orgasm_face_big.jpg (189.97 KB, 556x686)

Seriously where did this pic come from? Is it from a set? It's glorious

 Chlobra Commander!!VKvYrkKLAY 11448

File: 1388503311271_chloe_moretz_gossip_girl_100th_episode_044.jpg (1.15 MB, 2400x3462)


I suggest you start looking at the gallery. You will find many glorious pics.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11449

File: 1388503918862_106143PCN_Moore15.jpg (62.93 KB, 662x704)

Hot damn its a happy new year indeed

 Anonymous (51bf) 11450

What video is this?

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 11451

File: 1388505127902_Animation1.gif (2.99 MB, 458x440)

>inb4 they crash and die becoming #1 on youtube
Not funny

But vid it is!
Nice to see a relaxed Chloë

 Anonymous (51bf) 11452

What was the song playing?

 dvt555!!E08BbsrgFI 11453

File: 1388505980175_Chloe_Moretz_in_a_2013_Japanese_Shoot.jpg (589.86 KB, 720x1296)

12:05am: Happy New Year!

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 11454

 BrasilLovesChloe (bc4a) 11455

File: 1388506081130_16831_Chloe_Moretz_Kick_Ass_Press_Reception_TokyoOct28_001_122_423lo.jpg (724.26 KB, 3000x1783)

lulz, 10 hours to New Year's Eve here in Brasil

 sur!!iwBjXECW12 11456

File: 1388506098242_IVE_BEEN_STUN.jpg (95.19 KB, 674x631)

Happy new year!!(Asia timezone)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11457

File: 1388506253124_chloe_moretz_sleep_.jpg (49.85 KB, 640x382)

Happy new years again and goodnight ya'll!

 Anonymous (31d2) 11458

Beyonce feat. Jay-Z
Drunk In Love

Lyrics in the video are part of Jay-z's rap
>That D'USSÉ is the shit if I do say so myself
>If I do say so myself, if I do say so myself
>Hold up

 Bobbi!!FqU9K5PYzA 11459

File: 1388508412874_vlcsnap-2012-12-31-03h27m44s168.jpg (29.75 KB, 640x352)

Can you guess the movie ?

 -chlo.!C2YfnfHdpM 11460

File: 1388508766497_Heaven_3.jpg (753.3 KB, 1100x734)

Happy new year fellas!

 RKman (879d) 11461

Happy New Year Chlobros, wishing all of us a great and better year for all of us, and hope next year would be a great for Chloë

 Anonymous (2a57) 11462

File: 1388509539810_chloe-moretz-1913-2560x1600.jpg (613.53 KB, 2560x1600)


Sounds like Nick and Trevor are engaged to be married now from this video. Nick is referred to as a fiancee.


 Anonymous (b6e8) 11463

You are hearing it wrong. No "fiancee" but "Beyoncé".

Colin, you're Beyonce. ..

 Anonymous (b6e8) 11464

… Nick's Jay-Z…

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 11465

File: 1388512074492_good-job-god2.jpg (221.52 KB, 900x1182)

Happy 2014 my dear bros and nightmares

>Improved picture

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11466

File: 1388525278589_snow.jpg (101.55 KB, 300x400)

Finally we are back online!
only 8 and a half hours until midnight for me!
and Happy New Year for those of you already living in 2014!

 Mr. Black (6a06) 11467

File: 1388526345583_Isabelle_6_HD.jpg (1.94 MB, 3708x4947)

Watched Hugo today for the second time EVER, Chloë is soooooooooo adorable as Isabelle.

Happy New Year btw =)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11468

Happy new year, chlomo

 D26D (5caf) 11469

File: 1388534630466_image.jpg (285.88 KB, 640x1136)

Happy new year bros.

Here's to 2014 being a Kick Ass year!

 MACKRA (24c1) 11470

Happy new year chlomo.

 Solar!!Svszpr4cbg 11471

File: 1388536922054.jpg (236.59 KB, 500x743)

Happy New Year Chlomo!

Now we await the first picture set of 2014…

 Bean!QMOd.BeanU 11472

File: 1388540206654.png (340.91 KB, 598x465)

Happy New Year all.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11473

File: 1388541296222_chloe_moretz_918.jpg (227.02 KB, 533x800)

Hey Chlomo lives.

Happy New Year everyone. I still got 8 hours until it's official for me.

 RyanJ !!L517G.PRhI 11474

File: 1388541703094.jpg (344.83 KB, 1024x768)

Though id post after a while, Happy new year and let us look forward to a brighter year and a even better Chloë

 Anonymous (104f) 11475

File: 1388541735999.jpg (3.42 MB, 2400x3600)


I had no idea Trevor was one of her gay brothers. I'm sure that disappoints a few ladies out there, he's not a bad lookin' fella.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11476

File: 1388541802461.jpg (247.25 KB, 660x660)

Is that Heart of the Beholder?

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11477

File: 1388541988337_08e4e740c09711e1a39b1231381b7ba1_7.jpg (100.66 KB, 612x612)

No idea? You must be new here.

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11478

File: 1388544471911_bye.gif (180.6 KB, 268x367)

3 hours to 2014! Happy New Year in advance! cuz I might be drunk at midnight

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11479

File: 1388544613884_colin_carrie.jpg (173.96 KB, 659x806)

And we don't want you drunk posting again. jk it's pretty funny when you drunk post

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11480

File: 1388544894385.jpg (273.45 KB, 1067x1600)


 Bruho!Q82WsjboxE 11481

File: 1388547171042_ma_cupcakes_bro.jpg (82.57 KB, 612x816)

Happpy new year everybody!

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 11482

File: 1388550349721_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_074.jpg (22.23 KB, 400x379)

Have a good 2014 everyone.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 11483

File: 1388551550351_chloe_moretz_rriving_at_laxt_13.jpg (319.9 KB, 1684x2910)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 11484

File: 1388552038913_chloe_moretz_departing_from_lax_32.jpg (300.67 KB, 1604x2333)

 Anonymous (2a57) 11485

File: 1388552152160_chloe-moretz-tumblr_m4q9eexucy1run2ceo1_500.jpg (46.05 KB, 500x500)

Extremely happy that it is now 2014 and SteveD didn't get that 14th retweet for the year. He desperately spammed the fuck out of Chloë's account the last week trying everything to get it. Couldn't be happier to see him fail.

Hope everyone has enjoyed as many drinks as I have tonight and Happy New Year to you all!

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 11486

File: 1388552636453_chloe_moretz_wintery_walk_09.jpg (273.29 KB, 882x1222)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11487

File: 1388553124650_Fireworks.jpg (1.09 MB, 1912x813)

Good morning, everyone!

And, happy New Year around the world:

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 11488

File: 1388553229282_Top_o_da_mornin_to_ya.jpg (85.49 KB, 473x542)

Happy 2014.

 JigSaw!!cbKwO.L5G6 11489

File: 1388553307397_c001.jpg (823.32 KB, 1447x2120)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11490

File: 1388553372963_Thats_Funny_Cute.jpg (52.36 KB, 388x426)

Hahaha. That was the very first thing I was expecting to be posted and I was expecting you to do it. Happy New Year, Penguin!

It's 2014 everywhere now, right? I'm not a man of the future anymore?

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 11491

File: 1388553663540_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_010.jpg (13.81 KB, 320x349)

It's still 2013 in a lot of places in North America. And Pixel has a long way to go in Hawaii.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11492

File: 1388553756507_No_Way.jpg (16.3 KB, 352x354)

Oh yeah. I wouldv'e thought Pixel would have come first. But hey, he better be careful with those dragon firecrackers. I got drunk and accidentally tipped one over after lighting it. It shot a meter away from me and I had to hide behind my car.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11493

File: 1388553884540.jpg (34.1 KB, 241x282)

No, I prefer to come last.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11494

File: 1388553983446_I_See_What_You_Did_There.jpg (50.74 KB, 599x713)

Well, those fireworks really contribute to a huge fog. It's like New Year came all over the Philippines last night.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 11495

File: 1388553984269_Sequence_01.Still006.png (260.07 KB, 375x394)

Was the car all right?

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11496

File: 1388554026458_Thats_What_I_Said.jpg (35.8 KB, 650x635)

Thank God, yeah. The maids were able to just wipe the ash off.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 11497

File: 1388554077112_24.jpg (49.3 KB, 404x402)


 RoboZ (d4f2) 11498

File: 1388554081408_image.jpg (315.04 KB, 788x1256)

i know i don't want that either. That's why i'm saying happy new years in advance to you guys! i'm only semi drunk right now so i should still be able to post
Having a great time with my frat bros and i hope all my Chloë bros are having a wonderful time too!

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11499

File: 1388554173953_You_are_Just_Saying_That_to_Make_Me_Happy.jpg (12.53 KB, 190x183)

>semi drunk
Apparently, you just got that half right.

No, nanny's gonna take care of my little baby penguin Chloë. I'll feed her her milk bottle myself.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 11500

File: 1388556337271_sleep_2.jpg (47.5 KB, 640x382)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11501

File: 1388556394816_You_Mad.jpg (18.77 KB, 347x372)

Good night, Penguin. Don't let the frost bite… uhm… bite….

 Anonymous (e5f3) 11502

File: 1388562879628_Huh.jpg (77.57 KB, 751x720)

>I'll feed her her milk bottle myself.

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11503

File: 1388562940495_chloe_moretz_versace_fashion_event_068.jpg (2.43 MB, 2832x4256)

Happy new year! apparently it's already 2014 and I'm still sober enought to post!
Happy new year to all chlobros and I love Chloë!

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11504

File: 1388563301605.jpg (31.66 KB, 347x424)

>it's already 2014 and I'm still sober enought to post!

Weak effort it's 7pm jan 1st here and i'm still probably more drunk than you. I haven't stopped drinking yet

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11505

File: 1388563582279_Super_Cute_Squint.jpg (16.43 KB, 309x245)

Where are you from?

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11506

File: 1388563813586_westie.jpg (111.01 KB, 470x300)


 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11507

I don't know if it's because I'm drunk or what you said really didn't make sense. do you want to say Australia? or Austria? or something else entirely?

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11508

File: 1388564848089_525661_290910707670249_1315941187_vb.jpg (49.24 KB, 207x256)

Sorry I should of put a kangaroo in the pic for good measure. Austraya is the aussie pronunciation for Australia.

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11509

File: 1388565157952_clap.gif (4.19 MB, 360x221)

Welcome Aussie!

 Anonymous (3ee8) 11510

File: 1388565380521_526190.jpg (100.81 KB, 277x330)

Well happy new year yank.

 Anonymous (5c77) 11511

Do you think Chloë and J hook up for New Years? Maybe saw each other and retreat that Chloë is at right now.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11512

File: 1388568320890_Chloe_Moretz_at_the_2013_Nylon_Young_Hollywood_Party.jpg (1.02 MB, 2000x3000)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11513

File: 1388568857524_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_04.jpg (15.37 KB, 293x300)

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11514

Unlikely, Chloë said she's at Telluride and she said to J(supposedly) "wish you were here", so that pretty much means that J's not where she is

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11515

File: 1388569200556_13475991641.jpg (43 KB, 400x392)

>so that pretty much means that J's not where she is
it's already a happy near year

 Anonymous (51bf) 11516

File: 1388569308386_raining_david_tennant_nosedrip.gif (448.45 KB, 500x275)

Happy new years! yeah bit late I know… What did you guys get up to? I went to a party and I could get with this girl I met but shes not Chloë… I think Chloës affected me a little bit :( I don't what to do

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11517

>d I could get with this girl I met but shes not Chloë
and she would never be Chloë, which you will never have btw
so if that is what you want then you will probably ended up a 60+ yer old man hugging a Chloë pillow (like most of the people who voted in the poll)

 Anonymous (51bf) 11518

I think I just need to get myself out of this psychological trap and go for it… Mabe it will do me some good

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11519

File: 1388569859614.png (149.27 KB, 300x300)

just face it. you're never be with Chloë and she's just a gorgeous girl whose pictures and videos can make you happy. The sooner you realize that and spend more time with the girls you actually have a future with the better off you'll be. I've made my peave with that

 Anonymous (51bf) 11520

Have hope :) Not to sound like a twat but I think I'm better looking than J and could have a chance with Chloë. It's just the fact that I'd have no idea how to meet her casually. Near impossible, J just got lucky

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11521

File: 1388570176580_enhanced-buzz-22794-1341948882-7.jpg (146.88 KB, 500x620)

I was just browsing through one of my Chloë folders and I came across this
shit's hilarious

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11522

File: 1388570267048_dayum.jpg (13.94 KB, 237x453)

>I came across this
and this

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11523

File: 1388570398413_Whaat.jpg (190.94 KB, 365x612)

WTF is this…

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11524

File: 1388570451169_baking_bread_on_chlomo.jpg (328.76 KB, 916x570)

>not knowing breaking bad

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11525

File: 1388570502522.jpg (29.67 KB, 608x608)

>still thinking it's 2013

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11526

File: 1388570722068_4.jpg (35.34 KB, 361x374)

I know. it's like winnin the lottery, maybe you invest 1$ in it each week and if by some slim chance you actually won of course you'll happily accept it, but of course until then you should plan your life like you're just a normal person

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11527

File: 1388570757432_super-8-go-hoooome.jpg (114.94 KB, 800x530)

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11528

File: 1388570824252_chloe_moretz_I_am_number_four_018.jpg (45.61 KB, 616x600)

I'm acutally planning on starting to watch Breaking Bad within one week. right after I finish Friends

 Anonymous (51bf) 11529

File: 1388570911404_aaaa_you_are_breaking_my_hand_closeup.jpg (7.87 KB, 129x160)

Dat neck o_O

 Anonymous (51bf) 11530

Chloë retweeted those stupid star signs again -_- lol

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11531

File: 1388571244552_13255087513.jpg (80.77 KB, 306x359)

big woop-de-woop
Girls tend to believe way more in that shit than guys do
As stupid as it is I don't have a problem with it

 Anonymous (51bf) 11532

Neither do I. I just find it very bizzare

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11533

File: 1388571683310_even-niggers-love-chloe.jpg (108.5 KB, 612x612)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11534

File: 1388571892456_a6a34f8eb03411e2b4bf22000aa80174_7.jpg (80.69 KB, 612x612)

Chloë in this dress was
god almighty / 10
no wonder we didn't get any HQs
I don't think we could have handled it

 RKman (879d) 11535

Yeah Jaden Smith say she wanted to work with Chloë

 RoboZ!!WgliWyVQRI 11536

File: 1388572165657_bye.gif (180.6 KB, 268x367)

Ok I'm gonns go to sleep for the first time in 2014.
Good night guys

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11537

File: 1388572241335.jpg (463.76 KB, 800x1195)

I know
and I hope he doesn't get his wish
nigga ain't that good of an actor plus his movies aren't exactly box office smashes
Will is trying too hard to make his kid into the next him, and I don't want Chloë to be the co-pilot in the next jaden Smith vehicle
She needs to be in movies with good actors
I mean she just worked with Denzel ffs, how would it be to go from that to Jaden?


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11538

File: 1388572508515_Chlo235_hit_girl_KA2_holyshit_5.jpg (249.06 KB, 707x800)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11539

File: 1388573515242_the_mask_of_chloe.jpg (67.12 KB, 473x855)

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11540

File: 1388573695897_Preppie_Chloe_Moretz_at_Dark_Shadows_premiere_in_Hollywood_35.jpg (580.18 KB, 1756x3000)

My first post of 2014. Happy New Year Chlomo.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11541

File: 1388573706053_388283_296229213747861_541514258_n.jpg (35.28 KB, 700x393)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11542

File: 1388573817277.gif (1.21 MB, 372x323)

Happy new year Pixel

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11543

File: 1388573925273_seems-legit.gif (3.98 MB, 378x350)

On my clock that post was still in 2013.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11544

File: 1388573988276_41c6d58cdc3911e29bac22000a9f13d0_7.jpg (64.21 KB, 612x612)

yeah but here it's 2013

>new pic from kick-ass 3: hit-girl returns

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11545

File: 1388574028346_44e060a0de9911e29ff222000aa8009c_7.jpg (103.36 KB, 612x612)


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11546

File: 1388574280267_164972_466328890105531_844633683_n.jpg (79.71 KB, 960x720)

these niggaz
these niggaz right here

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11547

File: 1388574343020.gif (1.94 MB, 249x260)

I can't wait.
Is there an origin story for the cancerous mole that overtakes her chest? D:

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11548

File: 1388574499367_asx600x600.jpg (44.97 KB, 600x600)

Looks like The Motherfucker has a mole inside the superhero organization
ba-dum-cheap puns

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11549

File: 1388574550807_smiley.jpg (27.41 KB, 263x291)

Time for sleep.
>mfw I wake up there will be a new episode of Sherlock to download.

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11550

File: 1388574636707_250px-BP0wNNWCMAEwJke.jpg (14.12 KB, 250x497)

heh, the Tumor really didn't die in KA2.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11551

File: 1388574653738_chloe_moretz_I_am_number_four_002.jpg (16.8 KB, 324x315)

see ya chickenshit
mfw I never watched that show


 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11552

File: 1388576044838_hih12.jpg (39.86 KB, 302x253)

To whoever made/makes the chlomo homepage gifs, you are one of my favourite people ever. They never fail to make me laugh

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11553

File: 1388576590218_5544210019_8b445a5975_o.jpg (1.18 MB, 1944x2292)

cool graffiti

many people made those, not just one

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11554

File: 1388576893075_chloe_moretz_arriving_at_the_fonda_theater_11.jpg (58.92 KB, 480x720)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11555

File: 1388576926595_chloe_moretz_out_in_new_york_01.jpg (51.08 KB, 498x720)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11556

File: 1388577149295_chloe_moretz_max_mara_cocktail_party_001.jpg (912.55 KB, 2026x3000)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11557

File: 1388577222956_chloe_moretz_max_mara_cocktail_party_026.jpg (24.44 KB, 290x435)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11558

File: 1388577520429_chloe_moretz_arriving_into_lax_airport_014.jpg (63.49 KB, 480x720)

Ughhhh. Not a fan of these glasses in the slightest

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11559

File: 1388579085931_chloe_moretz_max_mara_cocktail_party_007.jpg (68.31 KB, 609x609)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11560

File: 1388579118044_chloe_moretz_outside_nobu_restaurant_01.jpg (46.1 KB, 479x720)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11561

File: 1388585240129_Love.jpg (137.25 KB, 1920x1080)

Oh wow!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11562

File: 1388586932901_chloe_moretz_2012_peoples_choice_awards_024.jpg (520.26 KB, 2048x1421)

hate this set
but this pic is pretty damn good, I admit

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11563

File: 1388587040409_Chloe_Moretz_Play_Station_Event_2.jpg (294.11 KB, 881x1258)

>hate this set
Why? That's a pretty cute set. It's the hair, isn't it?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11564

File: 1388587137814_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_cleaned_278.jpg (34.53 KB, 534x496)

hair plus the dress
hate both


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11565

File: 1388587214715_Chloe_Moretz_at_the_Carrie_Premiere.jpg (1.39 MB, 1993x3000)

I had no problem with the dress… unlike… ehem *cough*….

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11566

File: 1388587307276_big-daddy-is-amused.gif (1.85 MB, 400x334)

the only reason you like it is because you can see her feet

 Anonymous (c923) 11567

File: 1388587319362_2012-Jan-11th-Peoples-Choice-Awards-Los-Angeles-78.jpg (1.73 MB, 2038x3057)

Nigga u gay.

>tfw PCA 2014 soon

 BrasilLovesChloe (cb0c) 11568

File: 1388587348027_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_066.jpg (48.31 KB, 653x668)

Happy New Year guise :)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11569

File: 1388587407826.jpg (45.55 KB, 359x385)

>tfw PCA 2014 soon

happy new year hermano

 Sur!!iwBjXECW12 11570

File: 1388587415458_image.jpg (93.1 KB, 641x563)

What the fck is that? lol

 Anonymous (c923) 11571

File: 1388587458963.jpg (11.46 KB, 300x319)

>feels bad man


 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11572

File: 1388587640020_Are_You_Serious.jpg (19.04 KB, 300x305)

What? I didn't like that set. I just liked that image.

It's like 2013 was just yesterday figuratively….

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11573

chloe's stunt double for kick-ass 2

I thought you implied she would wear something similar at PCA 2014

I look forward to the award, I wonder if those weeks of voting will ammount to something

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11574

File: 1388587736113_chloe_moretz_arriving_at_lax_airport_027.jpg (64.52 KB, 406x720)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11575

File: 1388587766580_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_Cleaned_195.jpg (2.23 MB, 2387x4200)

Chloë about to scratch dat ass

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11576

File: 1388587838659_3.jpg (17.44 KB, 277x279)


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11577

File: 1388587928885_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_Cleaned_186.jpg (3.66 MB, 3256x4800)

this one is actually pretty cute
unlike most of the set where she's pouting

 Sur!!iwBjXECW12 11578

Fk logic

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11579

File: 1388588016516_chloe_moretz_hugo_press_21.jpg (18.18 KB, 291x295)

>expecting logic on chlomo

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11580

File: 1388588057554_chloe_moretz_epic_face_003.jpg (10.29 KB, 262x254)

dat outfit

 Anonymous (c923) 11581

File: 1388588228747_Dark.Shadows.2012.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-HDChina.mkv_20131120_023422.jpg (224.76 KB, 1920x1080)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11582

File: 1388588324493_carolyn_being_her_sensual_self2.gif (2.42 MB, 918x380)

much better in motion

tfw you'll never be underneath carolyn's table

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11583

File: 1388588349246_chloe_moretz_max_mara_cocktail_party_019.jpg (918.49 KB, 1938x3000)

I'm diggin this max mara set. Haven't really seen it posted that much. That or I'm blind..

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11584

File: 1388588494867_Image00194.jpg (6 MB, 3744x5616)

> Haven't really seen it posted that much
85% of the sets haven't been posted much
it's a sad state of affairs

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11585

File: 1388588617238_heavenly_profile.jpg (26.45 KB, 400x456)

People here should have made it a new year's resolution to diversity their Chloë posting habits

 Anonymous (c923) 11586

File: 1388588628571.jpg (68.03 KB, 472x443)

I wonder whose idea it was for her to wear no bra.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11587

File: 1388588733136_awwww.jpg (142.25 KB, 537x532)

>tfw seeing short haired Chloë

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11588

I'm not playing that game again
the "Is that a nipple?" game
out now on PS4, xbox one and PC

 Anonymous (c923) 11589

File: 1388588910250.jpg (19.12 KB, 224x224)

There's no game to play. It's obvious.

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11590

File: 1388589008700_chloe_moretz_arriving_at_lax_airport_017.jpg (75.29 KB, 483x720)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11591

File: 1388589280250.gif (203.29 KB, 400x401)

>first frag
nope, not playing it

That just gave me an idea for a controller custom made for chlobros
the thumbsticks would be fun to use … I'll just leave it at that

 Anonymous (c923) 11592

File: 1388589507120_Dark.Shadows.2012.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-HDChina.mkv_20131120_023100.jpg (182.44 KB, 1920x1080)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11593

File: 1388589632238.gif (4.31 MB, 540x225)

fine, you win

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11594

File: 1388589707903.png (237.18 KB, 369x359)

If Chloë had her way she'd be dancing to the atrocious Angel Haze in that scene

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11595

File: 1388590264314_chloe_moretz_metropolitan_opera_house_041.jpg (42.76 KB, 535x720)

 Anonymous (c923) 11596

File: 1388590332456.jpg (39.44 KB, 304x276)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11597

File: 1388590545191.png (237.18 KB, 369x359)

Dayum didn't even pick up on that

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11598

File: 1388590637808_Chloe_Moretz_BlackBerry_Z10_Launch_20130320_130.jpg (2.74 MB, 2363x4500)

this is great

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11599

File: 1388590788326_chloe_moretz_jared_engs_30th_birthday_party_013.jpg (124.58 KB, 481x720)

 Apheta!!PggqiRpoXY 11600

File: 1388590950008_chloe_moretz_sleep_.jpg (49.85 KB, 640x382)

Have a good night

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11601

File: 1388590984906_Let_Me_Have_a_Look_at_That.jpg (13.48 KB, 309x290)

Even the number of exclamation points are identical.

Good night.

 Anonymous (9b88) 11602

Did Angel Haze copy her, wtf?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11603

File: 1388591741607_chloe_moretz_chanel_little_black_jacket_event_021.jpg (1.59 MB, 2803x4368)

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 11604

File: 1388591841617_killbillfinished.jpg (416.68 KB, 1516x2000)

Hi Bros, 2014 is THE YEAR

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11605

hi devotee
did you try sending that to tarantino
does he even have a twitter?

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 11606

File: 1388592730926_2010-Mar-13th-Kick-Ass-SXSW-Panel-Texas-13.jpg (79.85 KB, 400x600)

I think he doesn't have twitter. In the past some fake account spread false rumours about his movies, that's all.

In fact in his last interview he said KBIII won't happen, and his next projects are a new western and a terror movie.

Your Laggies Fake Poster is everywhere, hahaha…

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11607

File: 1388592902674_lesbo4chloe.jpg (182.78 KB, 523x700)

>In fact in his last interview he said KBIII won't happen,
I know
but a guy can dream …

>Your Laggies Fake Poster is everywhere, hahaha…

can't blame people for liking the idea

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11608

File: 1388595432454_Nokia_Lumia_1020_PureView.jpg (68.92 KB, 960x960)

One thing I wanna do right now is have a photoshoot with barefoot super-short shorts Chloë with a Nokia 1020 PureView. I wanna do the first round in 41-megapixel mode and the 2nd in PureView mode. I accidentally literally just drooled right now.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11609

File: 1388596552590_tumblr_myfh4pxNqP1rbw50xo1_500.png (739.99 KB, 500x700)

 Anonymous (2a57) 11610

File: 1388596747250_hq-cupcakes.jpg (39.72 KB, 588x638)


Julian wasn't allowed to go with Chloë. Chloë was making her secret instagrams saying she missed him. His parents probably would have had to go with him since they wanted to spend Christmas and New Year with their son.

Plus maybe Teri didn't trust Chloë and Julian sleeping under the same roof. Before they could have had Julian sleeping at Trevor or Colin's house.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11611

File: 1388597180333_chloe_moretz_wonderland_04.jpg (880.29 KB, 1000x1376)

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11612

File: 1388597615739_Chloe_the_Assassin.png (539.15 KB, 500x605)

Wow. I was just about to press "post" with that image but your post appeared.

 Anonymous (2a57) 11613

File: 1388597700388.jpg (180.16 KB, 415x635)


Jaden Smith's only chance of ever working with Chloë is if Chloë gets a lead role with his father. Then his father can get him some supporting role where he says "Hi" to Chloë on screen.

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11614

File: 1388597759468_You_Sure_You_Wanna_Go_With_That.jpg (19.67 KB, 300x285)

Jaden: You dropped something.
Chloe: Oh, thank you.

That's it.

 Anonymous (2a57) 11615

File: 1388597997976.jpg (310.17 KB, 1782x1189)


Your imagination is strong.

 Anonymous (2a57) 11616

File: 1388598176819_b42bd7232e7910b0e0babdb36a79dc2b.jpg (414.73 KB, 2122x3000)


Nice friend. Steals Chloë's tweet. No wonder Chloë says that she has few "true" friends in the entertainment industry.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11617

There were 2 magazines that were supposed to come out recently with new or pseudo-new pics.
One is Contributor Magazine. The other was one that released the PDFs on their website (which was pretty gay from what I remember). Does anyone remember the name? I can't find rhe bookmark

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11618

nvm, found it

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11619

File: 1388598643551_revista_img_5_457.jpeg (75.36 KB, 457x316)

and it won't be much

 Razor!HF52DJc9RE 11620

File: 1388599941299_tumblr_m40sfoGVnM1r6mc1ho9_1280.jpg (133.5 KB, 1273x707)

happy new year everyone

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11621

File: 1388600391580_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_Let_Me_In_World_Premiere_39.jpg (89.45 KB, 1024x1053)

happy new year
long time no see

 Razor!HF52DJc9RE 11622

File: 1388600589936_chloe-moretz-march-teen-vogue-03.jpg (138.91 KB, 606x906)

i've been busy with college, i like the changes made in the site. looking really good.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 11623

File: 1388600798177_132706371465.gif (1.65 MB, 350x276)

>e, i like the changes made in the site. looking really good.
happy to hear it

drop by >>344962 to vote for your favorite Chloës

 dvt555!CHLOE6iOUo 11624

File: 1388602332524_Sleeping_Blue.jpg (90.07 KB, 1920x1080)

Good night.

 Bruho!Q82WsjboxE 11625

File: 1388603345897_sleepingchloe.jpg (86.31 KB, 720x960)

>so if that is what you want then you will probably ended up a 60+ yer old man hugging a Chloë pillow (like most of the people who voted in the poll)
LOL! I can't really believe that everyone here is that old.
Bye bye

 Pixel!!k8u7qZXqXA 11626

File: 1388607870194_look-a-new-thread.jpg (266.52 KB, 700x875)

New Thread

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