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File: 1370049909844.jpg (621.35 KB, 1600x1200)

 Chloë Thread #510 (b571) 9405

I love her
So much none of you can't even imagine it, because it's more than just platonic love, it's an inspiration, a reason.
It is was will define how I'll see myself before I die one day,
She is what will make me, whether I'll ever see her or not.

 Chlobro (da80) 9406

File: 1370050268245_come_here_bro_3.jpg (41.16 KB, 300x300)

 Chlobro (af85) 9407

File: 1370050353127_936full-chloe-moretzcvc.jpg (58.46 KB, 720x540)

 Chlobro (6fa3) 9408

File: 1370051085664.jpg (224.6 KB, 1680x1050)

Alive as ever tonight eh…

 Chlobro (da80) 9409

File: 1370051235316_ienBMYH5zQImZ_umbrella.gif (5.32 MB, 921x635)

 Chlobro (6fa3) 9410

File: 1370051702592.jpg (1.54 MB, 2844x1600)

She's beautiful

 Chlobro (6fa3) 9411

File: 1370052008869.jpg (3.47 MB, 3840x2400)

Not a single person around ? really…?

 Chlobro (da80) 9412

File: 1370052200337_chloe_moretz_leaving_chelsea_lately_006.jpg (755.22 KB, 2124x3000)


 Chlobro (da80) 9413

File: 1370052878949_chloe_moretz_lunch_dec14_20.jpg (652.24 KB, 2400x3600)

 Chlobro (079a) 9414

File: 1370053491203.jpg (88.48 KB, 640x496)

 Chlobro (da80) 9415

File: 1370053499542_wait_a_minute_am_i_alone_here_i_can_do_what_i_want.jpg (131.68 KB, 720x452)

 Chlobro (da80) 9416

File: 1370053682073_Sequence_01.Still004.png (261 KB, 370x377)

AHA, it always works, every single time I posted a picture saying "Im alone" or something similar, somebody posts a few seconds before.

>Professor penguin like a baws.

 Chlobro (b821) 9417

File: 1370054228868.jpg (110.64 KB, 319x480)

 Chlobro (9297) 9418

File: 1370054518862_chloe-moretz-toungue-play.gif (1.41 MB, 395x360)

 Chlobro (da80) 9419

File: 1370054665128_CHLO203_GRACE_MORETZ_x_NYLON_TV.mp4_snapshot_02.27_2013.05.01_11.33.50.jpg (104.59 KB, 707x647)

 Chlobro (e919) 9420

File: 1370054979281.jpg (1.41 MB, 2400x3600)

Oh Chloë…

 Chlobro (079a) 9421

File: 1370055164243_2010-Mar-5th-Armani-Exchange-Store-Hollywood-25.jpg (414.77 KB, 1673x2507)

 Chlobro (2f3d) 9422

File: 1370055216688_132706371070.jpg (124.69 KB, 445x662)

 Chlobro (b821) 9423

File: 1370055374501.jpg (19.18 KB, 216x239)

 Chlobro (079a) 9424

File: 1370055532530.jpg (13.89 KB, 300x311)

 Chlobro (b821) 9425

File: 1370055576267_1333426049456b.jpg (112.85 KB, 555x423)

 Chlobro (b821) 9426

File: 1370056023107_f_160624.jpg (3.63 MB, 3337x5000)

 Chlobro (e443) 9427

Too much tongue

 Chlobro (da80) 9428

File: 1370056357019_Chloe_Tongue_5.gif (8.22 MB, 573x512)

 Chlobro (b821) 9429

File: 1370056408555.gif (871.6 KB, 500x250)

 Chlobro (079a) 9430

File: 1370056476489.gif (6.27 MB, 443x363)

Is there a HD version of this interview? Or was this gif just taken from the Kick-Ass movie extras?


 Chlobro (da80) 9431

File: 1370056712440_smile45.jpg (105.85 KB, 1280x720)

 Chlobro (079a) 9432

File: 1370056715810.gif (2.79 MB, 429x364)

 Chlobro (079a) 9433

File: 1370057218460_2013.06.01_13.25.30.jpg (26.32 KB, 460x471)

 Chlobro (da80) 9434

File: 1370057302857.jpg (237.88 KB, 545x613)

 Chlobro (e919) 9435

File: 1370057922968.jpg (1.31 MB, 2100x3150)

Can never have too much of a good thing.

 Chlobro (af85) 9436

File: 1370058486763.jpg (87.76 KB, 350x328)

 Chlobro (d1fe) 9437

Tongue .gif f-f-f-f-f-five?

 Chlobro (da80) 9438

File: 1370059297126_Chloe_Tongue_11.gif (4.51 MB, 450x438)

 Chlobro (b821) 9439

File: 1370059436501_Tongue_34.gif (1.47 MB, 220x200)

 Chlobro (b821) 9440

File: 1370059564251.gif (1.88 MB, 300x300)

 Chlobro (da80) 9441

File: 1370059600341_shoulders.gif (2.94 MB, 368x500)

 Chlobro (079a) 9442

File: 1370059686633_Versace_For_HampM_Fashion_Show.gif (2.93 MB, 297x505)

 Chlobro (b821) 9443

File: 1370059828312_Getting_Tongued.gif (2.99 MB, 363x358)

 Chlobro (b821) 9444

File: 1370059912709.png (146.86 KB, 500x278)

 Chlobro (b821) 9445

File: 1370059968852.jpg (323.77 KB, 1920x803)

 Chlobro (da80) 9446

File: 1370060009014_170.jpg (226.51 KB, 604x437)


 Chlobro (b821) 9447

File: 1370060018686.jpg (79 KB, 347x414)

 Chlobro (e919) 9448

File: 1370060098058.jpg (153.1 KB, 1280x692)

>you'll never have a bloody kiss from Chloë

 Chlobro (079a) 9449

File: 1370060229331_AttaGirl_Interview.gif (2.99 MB, 315x292)

 Chlobro (da80) 9450

File: 1370060234395_FuckThisThread.gif (3.97 MB, 450x331)

So close…… SO damn close.
>Time to chickenshit.

 Chlobro (d1fe) 9451

File: 1370060302015_nope1.gif (379.7 KB, 320x240)

 Chlobro (d43b) 9452

File: 1370061469208_Mansion_of_Celebs_Let_Me_In_2010_038.jpg (882.93 KB, 3080x2054)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9453

File: 1370061599360_chlobro-reporting.jpg (130.29 KB, 600x711)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9454

File: 1370061819251_2013-05-30_001.jpg (94.38 KB, 612x612)

Checking out her highness' instagram and saw this pic. I'm sure she posted it because it looks EXACTLY like Asa Butterfield.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9455

File: 1370062204879_lol2.gif (3.55 MB, 283x360)

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love Chloë with her brunette hair. I will miss it.

 Chlobro (d43b) 9456

File: 1370062573213_gl_51a4e91d-edac-4fe1-a857-7e1f0aa613db.jpg (74.41 KB, 628x434)

Someday, (hopefully soon) it will return and it will be a great day.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9457

File: 1370062659248_chloe_4.jpg (687.19 KB, 800x1200)

 Chlobro (b821) 9458

File: 1370063043252.png (1.64 MB, 1200x800)

 Chlobro (b821) 9459

File: 1370063349093.png (1.84 MB, 1113x800)

 Chlobro (b821) 9460

File: 1370063393762.png (1.17 MB, 990x663)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9461

File: 1370063912416_chloe_moretz_movie_43_premiere_05.jpg (176.67 KB, 1024x721)

 Chlobro (b821) 9462

File: 1370064572994_M-397-DF-04549.jpg (563.75 KB, 3080x2054)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9463

File: 1370065675390.gif (5.01 MB, 480x360)

 Chlobro (d43b) 9464

File: 1370067053468.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x1920)

 Chlobro (d43b) 9465

File: 1370067679584.jpg (870.9 KB, 1998x3000)

 Chlobro (b821) 9466

File: 1370068100299_LgdgQa.jpg (1.03 MB, 1400x1268)

 Chlobro (d43b) 9467

File: 1370068505176_chloe-moretz_as_abby_in_let-me_in_063.jpg (707.05 KB, 3080x2054)

 Chlobro (b821) 9468

File: 1370068541867_top_sit.png (56.76 KB, 233x180)

 Chlobro (b821) 9469

File: 1370068673565_top_headbk.jpg (120.26 KB, 1000x646)

 Chlobro (079a) 9470

File: 1370068912636.jpg (1.71 MB, 5000x3333)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9471

File: 1370069672341_le-paludi-della-morte-chloe-grace-moretz-jeffrey-dean-morgan-foto-dal-film-1.jpg (901.29 KB, 2500x1664)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9472

File: 1370069762750.jpg (21.21 KB, 382x387)

I feel ya
she looks especially sexy with those inserts
I'm at a point where I no longer have a preference of color
she looks stunning either way

 Chlobro (aac5) 9473

File: 1370069794311_uber_cute_chloe.jpg (29.95 KB, 262x596)

every thread
no exceptions

 Chlobro (b821) 9474

File: 1370069813211.png (2.71 MB, 1126x1400)

 Chlobro (9c6e) 9475

File: 1370069954118.jpg (1.96 MB, 1984x3000)

On the strength of that one gif alone Chloe Grace Blackpantymania has officially eclipsed Beatlemania as the most intense sociological frenzy of the last 100 years.

 Chlobro (079a) 9476

File: 1370070009995.jpg (51.65 KB, 640x469)

I wonder how long this one is gonna last.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9477

File: 1370070071680.jpg (66.68 KB, 540x720)

2-3 threads or so
but it really is a holy shit / 10 pic

 Chlobro (e80c) 9478

File: 1370070317298_chloespiketv_eyeprime_214-881x1322.jpg (204 KB, 881x1322)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9479

File: 1370070457732_131972740031.png (132.69 KB, 509x298)

 Chlobro (079a) 9480

File: 1370070605328_Nylon_Mag_2.gif (2.99 MB, 734x428)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9481

File: 1370070731094_mmm.gif (1.69 MB, 340x396)


 Chlobro (e80c) 9482

File: 1370070878202.jpg (82.44 KB, 720x540)

 Chlobro (079a) 9483

File: 1370070919319_Nylon_Mag_3.gif (2.99 MB, 892x439)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9484

File: 1370070938607.gif (4.42 MB, 390x409)

Chloë's almost like

 Chlobro (aac5) 9485

File: 1370070980398.jpg (192.59 KB, 1280x720)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9486

File: 1370071088621_8637592944_91b609844b_o.jpg (3.03 MB, 3472x2551)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9487

File: 1370071147679_surprisedki.jpg (105.11 KB, 681x713)

holy shit

 Chlobro (b821) 9488

File: 1370071524601_LMI_003.jpg (4.64 MB, 3840x2400)

 Chlobro (b821) 9489

File: 1370071561012_LMI_28.jpg (215.29 KB, 533x793)

 Chlobro (b821) 9490

File: 1370071609563_LMI_14.jpg (497.84 KB, 997x700)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9491

File: 1370071718069_Eh.jpg (45.07 KB, 445x445)

very interesting article
seems like she's a sweet girl. maybe stalker sarah is not the best name

 Chlobro (aac5) 9492

File: 1370071823803_b75f6f6ac11411e2ae2422000ae904d4_7.jpg (144.84 KB, 612x612)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9493

File: 1370071877247_bf6efe14c03811e2b16122000a1f9e61_7.jpg (79.94 KB, 612x612)

even niggers love Chloë

 Chlobro (079a) 9494

File: 1370071962804.jpg (153.41 KB, 1080x600)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9495

File: 1370072089438_url.jpg (240.79 KB, 2202x1345)


 Chlobro (e80c) 9496

File: 1370073131284.jpg (97.34 KB, 400x378)

When seeing it I thought I recognized her from a pic with Chloë. Sure enough. Seriously though, 6,000 celebrity photos?
>Holy shit.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9497

File: 1370073211855_132706371078.jpg (39.78 KB, 604x604)

> 6,000 celebrity photos?
it's mind blowing

 Chlobro (e80c) 9498

File: 1370073749946_chlo_more_satur_awar_211_MoC_cyc_06.jpg (1.16 MB, 2000x3000)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9499

File: 1370074007159_moretz_eyeprime_463.jpg (554.71 KB, 1333x2000)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9500

File: 1370074736361_moretz_eyeprime_553.jpg (295.52 KB, 870x1500)

 Chlobro (b821) 9501

File: 1370074880418.jpg (273.45 KB, 1067x1600)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9502

File: 1370074916323_13397108988164.png (100.67 KB, 182x254)

your input is required

 Chlobro (b821) 9503

File: 1370075673105.jpg (321.89 KB, 764x1155)

 Chlobro (b821) 9504

File: 1370075893254_93013_63703795_122_47lo.jpg (48.46 KB, 400x600)

 Chlobro (9c6e) 9505

File: 1370075958348.jpg (121.21 KB, 460x600)

He has previously stated an interest in working with her and "meeting" her. This makes me a bit nervous; he seems to have an inflated sense of his own stature and an air of entitlement that suggests that anything he wants he should have….perhaps including Chloe Grace - regardless of her feelings about it. A person raised with this world view may not feel the rules apply to them; I just hope the Moretz family is ever vigilantly at her side during industry functions and the like. Just because someone is a celebrity does not mean that they don't pose a potential risk; in fact, considering the crazed element that makes up the Hollywood and entertainment scenes, they probably present a far greater risk than the average, star struck fan. I'd have the same trepidations if Bieber suddenly voiced an interest in meeting her - another pretentious, spoiled clown who feels the whole world should bend over backwards in adoration of him and genuflect.

 Chlobro (079a) 9506

File: 1370076048245_132588194884.jpg (50.01 KB, 350x441)

 Chlobro (de6e) 9507

File: 1370077125628_gentlemen4.jpg (49.07 KB, 369x360)

Very well said my fine bro.

 Chlobro (af85) 9508

File: 1370077529478.jpg (94.49 KB, 604x593)

Happy children's day!

 Chlobro (e9a3) 9509

File: 1370077875565_052.jpg (153.99 KB, 400x469)

I agree. Much better than calling him an arrogant, spoilt little nigger that wants to get his dick in Chloe.

 Chlobro (57a5) 9510

File: 1370078258278_Chloned_Godesses.jpg (988.25 KB, 1894x2732)

This picture.
This picture right here.
Too epic/10
Good job lurker shooper bro!

 Chlobro (079a) 9511

File: 1370078633078.jpg (80.35 KB, 960x637)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9512

File: 1370078918036_581081_290911064336880_1852064628_n.jpg (27.47 KB, 541x402)

 Chlobro (b821) 9513

File: 1370079155418_024.png (101.06 KB, 217x291)

I don't see any headbands… naughty girls.

 Chlobro (b821) 9514

File: 1370079283800.jpg (32.31 KB, 604x338)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9515

File: 1370079287656_lesbo_sex_dance.jpg (36.97 KB, 444x604)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9516

File: 1370079363704.jpg (34.21 KB, 409x405)

I have to assume that Chloë is shocked that Mia loves Playboy magazine.

 Chlobro (57a5) 9517

File: 1370079544448_creepy_smile.jpg (44.89 KB, 274x333)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9518

File: 1370079640968_smile23.jpg (24.84 KB, 488x511)

Guys, can I get an honest answer?
Is Amityville Horror worth watching, beside the Chloë-factor? One of our tv-stations gonna broadcast it today evening.

 Chlobro (079a) 9519

File: 1370079714587_2012-Sep-23rd-La-Conversation-Lunch-Los-Angeles-02.jpg (758.55 KB, 2365x3000)

The magazine is danny's.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9520

File: 1370079974364_amity_liar.gif (2.66 MB, 423x435)

I thinks it's a decent horror movie. I'm not a fan of Ryan Reynolds so I don't watch it too often. Chloë is great in it though. She's 7 years old in that movie and pulling off drama and stunts like a boss.

 Chlobro (b821) 9521

File: 1370080212212_Ae54l3CCIAA4Vd5.jpg (57.18 KB, 600x800)

This is her usual fap material.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9522

File: 1370080344001_funny-face.gif (403.51 KB, 315x400)

 Chlobro (079a) 9523

File: 1370080461814_The_Amityville_Horror_97.jpg (143.02 KB, 1274x711)

The movie itself is better than most of the earlier movies she's done, but it's still not that great imo.

And I think she's only giving the thumbs up because Kelly Bensimon has the same last name as her.

 Chlobro (b821) 9524

File: 1370080658347_Lutz.gif (7.29 MB, 759x380)

 Chlobro (079a) 9525

File: 1370080952928.jpg (45.08 KB, 434x434)


 Chlobro (aac5) 9526

File: 1370080991138.jpg (35.87 KB, 469x428)

 Chlobro (079a) 9527

File: 1370081098688.png (557.33 KB, 500x500)

Epic win.

 Chlobro (b821) 9528

File: 1370081456324.jpg (50.61 KB, 491x342)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9529

File: 1370081727623_Chloe_Moretz-024.jpg (83.23 KB, 675x900)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9530

File: 1370081899673.jpg (74.41 KB, 400x317)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9531

File: 1370082023163_TAKE_IT_OFF.jpg (100.57 KB, 675x900)

 Chlobro (079a) 9532

File: 1370082084451.jpg (24.89 KB, 499x563)

 Chlobro (b821) 9533

File: 1370082233843.png (1.51 MB, 1920x816)

If you miss it you can always watch it here:


 Chlobro (57a5) 9534

File: 1370082972446_thank_you.gif (626.89 KB, 245x307)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9535

File: 1370083334079_electric-hair.jpg (108.89 KB, 534x449)

Eh, not surprised. Pretty weak Kickstarter campaign. Since they removed all Chloë content from that page, I wonder if they would have put her in the actual magazine. It's pure speculation, but I get the feeling she asked to be removed from that project since she did nothing to help get this thing off the ground.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9536

File: 1370083718438.jpg (215.39 KB, 386x499)

But other celebrities didn't get involved either so the fault lies on the people behind the campaign

 Chlobro (b821) 9537

File: 1370083735992_l_1939659_08aa7707.jpg (21.67 KB, 300x409)

They probably never had approval to publish those photos from her publicist.

 Chlobro (73ca) 9538

File: 1370085305956.jpg (76.5 KB, 425x400)

 Chlobro (b821) 9539

File: 1370085323657_NF_BTS_04.jpg (46.75 KB, 640x425)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9540

File: 1370085518000_139165025-chloe-moretz-arrives-at-the-world-premiere-gettyimages.jpg (76.42 KB, 594x503)

Not enough Short Haired Godess itt

 Chlobro (b821) 9541

File: 1370085618477.jpg (128.76 KB, 400x560)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9542

File: 1370085686149_sm225jli3.png (50.14 KB, 161x192)

 Chlobro (73ca) 9543

File: 1370085732616.jpg (1.06 MB, 3000x2304)

I hope she cut her hair again

 Chlobro (b821) 9544

File: 1370085810774_ChloeGMoretz-k8ff-570x.jpg (76.95 KB, 570x570)

Not until she's Teri's age.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9545

File: 1370085860828.jpg (151.73 KB, 745x544)


 Chlobro (079a) 9546

File: 1370085861848_Don-Flood-02.jpg (1.71 MB, 1500x2003)

>short haired goddess

 Chlobro (57a5) 9547

File: 1370085881282_what16.jpg (204.92 KB, 1280x720)

What is this?

 Chlobro (57a5) 9548

File: 1370085942695_DO_Want5.jpg (20.94 KB, 280x321)

 Chlobro (b821) 9549

File: 1370086092162_121.jpg (40.87 KB, 359x291)

I have no idea how that got in my chloe folder

 Chlobro (247c) 9550

File: 1370086171323_21006199_2013051518092078.jpg (291.23 KB, 1538x1024)

I just want her to look at me like this once, just once…

 Chlobro (57a5) 9551

File: 1370086172120_doomChloe2.jpg (80.79 KB, 512x413)

Random pictures invading our folders

 Chlobro (73ca) 9552

File: 1370086241485_le-paludi-della-morte-chloe-grace-moretz-foto-dal-film-10.jpg (891.25 KB, 2500x1664)

 Chlobro (b821) 9553

File: 1370086357903.jpg (66.07 KB, 204x320)

I just want her to look at me like this once

 Chlobro (aac5) 9554

File: 1370086536567_Clipboard0135.jpg (170.71 KB, 1669x940)

I just want her to look at me like this once

 Chlobro (73ca) 9555

File: 1370086781982.gif (1.95 MB, 260x236)

shit yeah

 Chlobro (57a5) 9556

File: 1370086836544_creepy_smile_closeup.jpg (74.33 KB, 444x430)

I want her to look at me like this once

 Chlobro (73ca) 9557

File: 1370087042883.jpg (944.61 KB, 2157x3000)

I want her to fight me< id like that

 Chlobro (57a5) 9558

File: 1370087399089_punch.jpg (78.49 KB, 673x367)

 Chlobro (73ca) 9559

File: 1370087540539.jpg (22.38 KB, 480x352)


 Chlobro (b821) 9560

File: 1370087702369.jpg (117.5 KB, 1920x800)

30 Secs later

 Chlobro (b821) 9561

File: 1370088373128_l_1228987_bc1ed122.jpg (37.7 KB, 300x404)

 Chlobro (73ca) 9562

File: 1370088682038.jpg (43.01 KB, 411x404)

I would never

 Chlobro (b821) 9563

File: 1370088731171_l_1228987_0cb5783c.jpg (19.25 KB, 300x433)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9564

File: 1370088857828_hih23723723712.jpg (39.86 KB, 302x253)

That would be your face, not hers

 Chlobro (b821) 9565

File: 1370088865121.jpg (21.54 KB, 600x300)

 Chlobro (7c77) 9566

Is there a huge version of that?

 Chlobro (b821) 9567

File: 1370089290398_l_1228987_deac1648.jpg (51.66 KB, 300x450)

soon I'll be able to get high res versions for all of them

 Chlobro (73ca) 9568

File: 1370089790807_great.jpg (20.45 KB, 300x204)

 Chlobro (b821) 9569

File: 1370090199716.jpg (542.99 KB, 1200x1600)

 Chlobro (b821) 9570

File: 1370091510446_dazed.jpg (1.67 MB, 1524x2190)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9571

File: 1370091561899_clajzy18.jpg (83.98 KB, 357x369)

Imagine Abby licking off blood from Hit-Girl's face

 Chlobro (73ca) 9572

File: 1370091956148.jpg (88.02 KB, 489x360)

what are you doing to me man, I can't handle these kinds of thoughts.. it's to much want

 Chlobro (57a5) 9573

File: 1370092120374_oh_boy_nagy_ikon.jpg (80.34 KB, 441x423)

 Chlobro (b821) 9574

File: 1370092150779.jpg (244.58 KB, 1280x853)

Imagine Abby licking blood from Amanda's… ummm

 Chlobro (57a5) 9575

File: 1370092193587_hih237237237237.png (91.91 KB, 243x284)

From Amanada's couch

 Chlobro (aac5) 9576

File: 1370092236960_132706371195.jpg (28.96 KB, 500x415)


 Chlobro (57a5) 9577

File: 1370092283035_orly2.jpg (9.12 KB, 183x271)

Isn't it obvious from the picture?

 Chlobro (b821) 9578

File: 1370092631897.jpg (242.5 KB, 1920x1080)

That's Jimmy's prerogative.

 Chlobro (73ca) 9579

File: 1370092748594_nyl.jpg (92.13 KB, 674x631)

 Chlobro (73ca) 9580

File: 1370092826437.jpg (39.55 KB, 267x290)

Ahhh wtf, i havent seen it yet, thats fucked up hahaha

 Chlobro (39b8) 9581

 Chlobro (aac5) 9582

File: 1370094420418_Fuck_yeah.gif (1.35 MB, 231x363)

thanks for the link
the movie sounds like it has potential

post it in the news thread too pls

 Chlobro (b821) 9583

File: 1370094816748.jpg (321.76 KB, 1006x1600)

 Chlobro (b256) 9584

File: 1370095114373_My_body_is_ready.jpg (231.33 KB, 1313x1065)

 Chlobro (7c77) 9585

File: 1370095499170_article-2320455-19A627E7000005DC-207_634x8561.jpg (148.72 KB, 634x856)

A classic.

 Chlobro (b821) 9586

File: 1370096297604_chloe_moretz_at_lax_heading_to_toronto_021.jpg (2.44 MB, 2100x3000)

This is a classic.

 Chlobro (57a5) 9587

File: 1370096532759_Excellent2.jpg (65.21 KB, 561x777)

>dem feet

 Chlobro (b821) 9588

File: 1370096599367_061.jpg (43.36 KB, 293x262)

 Chlobro (b256) 9589

File: 1370096807440_14.jpg (34.98 KB, 341x512)

 Chlobro (de6e) 9590

File: 1370097256980_footfag_bait.jpg (215.75 KB, 1064x1600)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9591

File: 1370097356869_sort_of_want.jpg (73.24 KB, 646x588)

I am not who you think I am

 Chlobro (de6e) 9592

File: 1370097457651_cutest_smiles.jpg (180.56 KB, 750x1000)


 Chlobro (b821) 9593

File: 1370098432307_209.jpg (89.65 KB, 434x514)

That's one of the only photos of Chloë that I really hate.

 Chlobro (57a5) 9594

File: 1370098503014_Poor_You.jpg (109.51 KB, 882x600)

 Chlobro (de6e) 9595

File: 1370098588225_omg16.jpg (41.95 KB, 535x497)

Hate is such a strong word. Why would you hate something that cute?

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9596

File: 1370098882557_7a85b4e2c0cc.jpg (1.81 MB, 1863x3000)

This is a good sign.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9597

File: 1370099076997___POSTED__BY__GOLLUM_ONCB__12.jpg (379.45 KB, 1103x1428)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9598

File: 1370099233188_chloe_moretz_hugo_premiere_london_011.jpg (1.69 MB, 2244x3845)

 Chlobro (b821) 9599

File: 1370099286153.jpg (52.46 KB, 328x360)

Looks whorish with the make-up, her face is puffy, she's squinting her eyes and her lips twitching upward showing her gums.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9600

File: 1370099311541_chloe-moretz-billboard-music-awards_039.jpg (1.13 MB, 2400x3710)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9601

File: 1370099395425_qt.jpg (1.98 MB, 3456x4632)

> showing her gums
That happens a lot.
I sorta like it when it does.

 Chlobro (de6e) 9602

File: 1370099531818_136690616999.jpg (67.53 KB, 357x500)

Not really whorish makeup. To me it's just rosy and I think showing her gums is cute. Kinda like in this pic here. Plus she's radiant.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9603

File: 1370099534777_some.jpg (112.19 KB, 665x1024)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9604

File: 1370099608012_chloe-moretz-christopher-mintz-plasse-kick-ass-2-feature-for-gq-02.jpg (204.03 KB, 1222x773)

 Chlobro (de6e) 9605


 Chlobro (3ca3) 9606

File: 1370099667955_chloe_moretz_out_in_new_york_004.jpg (98.9 KB, 612x612)

> Plus she's radiant
Sometimes this gets too much.

 Chlobro (de6e) 9607

File: 1370099748848_laughing_queen.png (35.18 KB, 135x139)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9608

File: 1370099754990_dark_princess.jpg (19.78 KB, 193x261)

Or not enough

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9609

File: 1370099819294_Hick_558.jpg (91.61 KB, 1920x800)

That looks like it could have been special, what a shame.
Hick era?

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9610

File: 1370099913689_Hick_495.jpg (118.4 KB, 1920x800)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9611

File: 1370099926199_1.jpg (123.38 KB, 422x600)

Yeah, somewhere there in time

 Chlobro (079a) 9612

File: 1370099935106.jpg (62.28 KB, 600x800)

 Chlobro (b821) 9613

File: 1370100103903_071.jpg (83.13 KB, 344x451)

This probably also influences my opinion…

 Chlobro (b256) 9614

File: 1370100141761_1.jpg (117.2 KB, 656x1000)

 Chlobro (b821) 9615

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9616

File: 1370100158345_chloe_moretz_halloween_at_disneyland_009.jpg (109.38 KB, 960x720)

Weird how you can see the black chicks face more clearly than chloe's :(

 Chlobro (079a) 9617

File: 1370100223604.jpg (50.53 KB, 720x478)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9618

File: 1370100227875.jpg (38.11 KB, 431x439)


 Chlobro (aac5) 9619

File: 1370100314742.png (572.22 KB, 1280x720)

 Chlobro (b256) 9620

File: 1370100375793_Please_3.jpg (79.63 KB, 577x569)

because she is near the camera…

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9621

File: 1370100377994_Chloe___2.jpg (111.14 KB, 612x1000)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9622

File: 1370100390400_hahaha_from_H.png (306.07 KB, 458x424)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9623

File: 1370100414311.jpg (201.27 KB, 446x594)

But she's black

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9624

File: 1370100496911_chloe_moretz_hick_tiff_premiere_065.jpg (2.4 MB, 2322x3340)

 Chlobro (b256) 9625

File: 1370100660503_Derp_2.jpg (41.99 KB, 438x360)

the black girl is more approached to the camera then Chloë Grace.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9626

File: 1370100776074_chloe_moretz_cinemacon_awards_ceremony_177.jpg (2.3 MB, 2832x4256)

The laws of physics don't apply here, this is chloe we're talking about.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9627

File: 1370100845709_Chloe_on_the_moonlit_beach.jpg (126.3 KB, 612x612)

Conclusive proof

 Chlobro (57a5) 9628

File: 1370100887780_12.jpg (9.96 KB, 224x168)

 Chlobro (b256) 9629

File: 1370101055069_Hem.jpg (30.57 KB, 388x388)

that was not Physics, it's just something obvious.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9630

File: 1370101084933_chloe_moretz_flaunt_magazine_10.jpg (184.13 KB, 871x1107)

That hat sprting, talking potato is a living paradox

 Chlobro (57a5) 9631

File: 1370101171212_hahaha_closeup2.jpg (291.72 KB, 1010x1070)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9632

File: 1370101218252.jpg (248.15 KB, 382x651)

Something obvious doesn't apply when you factor in chloe, surely you know this by now.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9633

File: 1370101457598_chloe-moretz-mtv-movie-awards-2013-04142013-05.jpg (158.81 KB, 1021x1400)

Like the assumption that people who have topless profile pictures are douches, clearly it's pure bollocks but factor in chloe and things change. View points get skewed and emotions take precedent resulting in a less than common assumption.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9634

File: 1370101477735.jpg (164.42 KB, 500x667)

 Chlobro (b256) 9635

File: 1370101505071_Penguin_18.jpg (25.43 KB, 260x287)

wtf are you talking about?, it was obvious why Chloë Grace's image wasn't clear in that picture, she was not near the camera, and you're bubbling about applying Physics.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9636

File: 1370101594692_138074395297.jpg (27.35 KB, 245x350)

>Like the assumption that people who have topless profile pictures are douches, clearly it's pure bolloc
they are clearly loving, romantic and sensible guys going "I'm just looking for a soul mate"

 Chlobro (b821) 9637

File: 1370101613958.jpg (34.65 KB, 246x244)

 Chlobro (b256) 9638

File: 1370101706759_And_not_a_single_fuck_was_given_that_day..jpg (103.41 KB, 332x308)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9639

File: 1370101725339.jpg (139.57 KB, 543x506)

Poor guy couldn't assimilate, too strong willed to be changed.
Chlobro I just found it amusing that it's usually the other way around in photos, namely easily see the whit person while struggling to define black. Yet in this one we got screwed and can't see chloe properly. I thought that was ironic considering our love for chloe pictures.

 Chlobro (57a5) 9640

File: 1370101742038_you_faggot.jpg (41.44 KB, 600x557)

I mean the twitterer

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9641

File: 1370101817658_0_01.jpg (84.19 KB, 350x333)

They'd make an exception for chloe, eh.

 Chlobro (b256) 9642

File: 1370101943340_Hope.jpg (47.06 KB, 1062x600)

I understand.

 Chlobro (b256) 9643

File: 1370102087691_9.png (534.66 KB, 513x659)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9644

File: 1370102120103_01.jpg (79.24 KB, 720x720)

I wonder what exactly made him come to that conclusion.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9645

File: 1370102184930_138074395574.jpg (11.42 KB, 247x261)

I'm guessing he entered a numbered thread

 Chlobro (57a5) 9646

File: 1370102201250_hurrrrr6.jpg (68.48 KB, 450x614)

It was one of my comments, that's goddamn sure

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9647

File: 1370102246985.png (305.55 KB, 528x512)

Trial by fire.
Poor fella didn't stand a chance.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9648

File: 1370102258905_138774395785.jpg (22 KB, 367x344)

Yeah, right

 Chlobro (b256) 9649

File: 1370102283778_Maybe_3.jpg (23.9 KB, 223x251)

maybe he witnessed the Dating Drama thread or the Circlejerking thread.

 Chlobro (079a) 9650

File: 1370102288068.jpg (103.68 KB, 500x699)

 Chlobro (da80) 9651

File: 1370102305369_199.jpg (110.64 KB, 319x480)

Maybe it was this
that was posted yesterday night lol

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9652

File: 1370102327393_144.png (240.68 KB, 381x384)

It wasn't a comment by Chlobro?

 Chlobro (aac5) 9653

File: 1370102335343.jpg (24.82 KB, 394x430)

that would make him facepalm a lot, but not call us pedos

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9654

File: 1370102368536.jpg (58.2 KB, 423x600)

 Chlobro (9c6e) 9655

File: 1370102368421.jpg (164.42 KB, 683x1024)

Why thank you very much, my even finer bro; such pleasantness qualifies you for a main course of short haired kimono goddess Chloe with a side of Seyfried.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9656

File: 1370102414924_13475991641.jpg (43 KB, 400x392)

One way to find out. Tweet that to him and see his reaction

 Chlobro (b256) 9657

File: 1370102512771_Explain_4.jpg (34 KB, 454x439)

he would say a lot than facepalm.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9658

File: 1370102525238_Son_2.png (149.58 KB, 355x424)

Don't salt the wound.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9659

File: 1370102581882_chloe_moretz_wonderland_magazine_14.jpg (68.52 KB, 393x525)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9660

File: 1370102610026.jpg (52.88 KB, 472x557)

 Chlobro (079a) 9661

File: 1370102648604_Wonderland-Magazine-06.jpg (779.97 KB, 1000x1377)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9662

File: 1370102656043_chloe_moretz_hick_tiff_premiere_033.jpg (133.75 KB, 817x1024)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9663

File: 1370102854333_clajzy29_ford237tva.jpg (100.28 KB, 708x708)

And there are my comments.

 Chlobro (5b74) 9664

File: 1370102875528_aerospringgrab.gif (1018.23 KB, 500x500)


*tosses bagel in mouth*

 Chlobro (aac5) 9665

File: 1370102915158_look_at_me_look_at_me.jpg (147.43 KB, 584x476)

dating drama and circle jerking would hardly make him call us pedos

 Chlobro (57a5) 9666

File: 1370102969000_oh_boy_icon.png (23.52 KB, 100x120)

Then it wasn't me. Wonder what else did he saw then

 Chlobro (aac5) 9667

File: 1370103039264_chloe_moretz_642.jpg (48.47 KB, 589x522)

apart from the dozens of sexual comments and jokes that get made here every day?

 Chlobro (7520) 9668

File: 1370103065143_finished_jedi.jpg (240.12 KB, 1249x1050)

I know already our queen is a Jedi

 Chlobro (b821) 9669

File: 1370103129599_Chloe_wearing_a_dog.jpg (317.25 KB, 740x717)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9670

File: 1370103160038_great_job_on_the_oc.jpg (220.54 KB, 720x480)

Post that on twitter with the hashtag #chloe4starwars, m8!

 Chlobro (da80) 9671

File: 1370103173478_Penguin_hat_23.jpg (30.78 KB, 293x326)

 Chlobro (7520) 9672

I found it there

 Chlobro (57a5) 9673

File: 1370103487298_yeah_yeah_sure_i_believe_you.jpg (20.16 KB, 193x239)

I've got 23 tweets at once, so now I know it…

 Chlobro (079a) 9674

File: 1370103577335_Z.jpg (16.53 KB, 320x328)

 Chlobro (da80) 9675

File: 1370103591187_audrey_hepburn.jpg (29.62 KB, 632x694)

 Chlobro (b821) 9676

File: 1370103974034_bobble.jpg (1.88 MB, 1750x2329)

 Chlobro (079a) 9677

File: 1370104190344_Y.jpg (65.98 KB, 432x456)

 Chlobro (da80) 9678

File: 1370104303988.jpg (21.59 KB, 400x363)

 Chlobro (079a) 9679

File: 1370104396740_Animation1.gif (208.68 KB, 355x594)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9680

File: 1370104456034_really.jpg (33.99 KB, 306x350)

 Chlobro (da80) 9681

File: 1370105013116_fav_vogue_notby_tvshaman.jpg (279.67 KB, 549x800)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9682

File: 1370105038042_Gentlemen.jpg (96.93 KB, 405x608)

 Chlobro (da80) 9683

File: 1370105112299_4.jpg (83.72 KB, 623x655)

Every time I see that HG I want to puke.

 Chlobro (57a5) 9684

File: 1370105385792_oh_noes6.jpg (15.35 KB, 300x272)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9685

File: 1370105520054_just_look_at_that_cute_face_look_at_it.jpg (64.39 KB, 432x376)

 Chlobro (da80) 9686

File: 1370105551274_13.jpg (33.1 KB, 318x319)

 Chlobro (b821) 9687

File: 1370106099428_introduction_headimg.jpg (121.27 KB, 884x498)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9688

File: 1370106287844_CHLOE_HICK_42.gif (2.72 MB, 381x300)

 Chlobro (079a) 9689

File: 1370106502288_Hick_155.jpg (161.89 KB, 1920x800)

 Chlobro (b821) 9690

File: 1370106895022.png (1.8 MB, 1095x800)

good idea

 Chlobro (57a5) 9691

File: 1370106961448_Chloe_and_Marilyn.jpg (41.2 KB, 599x430)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9692

File: 1370107138771_CHLOE_HICK_43.gif (7.89 MB, 377x300)

 Chlobro (da80) 9693

File: 1370107226156.jpg (48.43 KB, 570x514)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9694

File: 1370107265278_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_for_GQs_Comedy_Issue_-_June_2013__65.jpg (164.43 KB, 1920x1080)

 Chlobro (da80) 9695

File: 1370107396138_12232318923179_GQ_Issue.jpg (74.27 KB, 154x341)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9696

File: 1370108464468_CGM_3.jpg (168.03 KB, 1510x942)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9697

File: 1370108668340_alot.jpg (84.73 KB, 338x350)

The doll does have a pretty unfortunate case of man face.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9698

File: 1370108776732_Hick_448.jpg (71.82 KB, 1920x800)

Do you guys love chloe or do you love being a fan of chloe?

 Chlobro (da80) 9699

File: 1370108799848.jpg (23.06 KB, 386x410)


 Chlobro (3ca3) 9700

File: 1370108943701.gif (4.77 MB, 620x262)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9701

File: 1370109047689_CGM_Wicked_Little_Things_3_6401.jpg (81.65 KB, 1920x1080)

 Chlobro (da80) 9702

File: 1370109048112.gif (997.74 KB, 500x373)


 Chlobro (3ca3) 9703

File: 1370109204910.jpg (528.01 KB, 1333x2000)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9704

File: 1370109264435_31.jpg (1.98 MB, 2859x4282)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9705

File: 1370109328185_CGM_Wicked_Little_Things_3_7482.jpg (83.16 KB, 1920x1080)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9706

File: 1370109353130_smile15.jpg (1.27 MB, 4256x2832)

I like her movies, how bout that?

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9707

File: 1370109391887_chloe_moretz_hugo_premiere_london_059.jpg (800.58 KB, 2990x1990)

Can someone put a picture of teri into that website thing that tells you what celebs a given picture looks similar to, to see if it suggests chloe?

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9708

File: 1370109429641_chloe_1280.png (1.27 MB, 751x1033)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9709

File: 1370109463188_clajzy5.jpg (28.16 KB, 202x320)

I'm not sure there's anyone here wouldn't like her movies to some degree.

 Chlobro (da80) 9710

File: 1370109498685_moretz_eyeprime_99.jpg (101.79 KB, 900x600)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9711

File: 1370109545251_opi.png (700.69 KB, 452x949)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9712

File: 1370109629789_tumblr_m4q9gtcKnd1qz9qooo1_500.jpg (50.94 KB, 463x464)

 Chlobro (da80) 9713

File: 1370109631205.jpg (749.85 KB, 1800x2700)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9714

File: 1370109672970_I_lik_It2.jpg (104.14 KB, 543x515)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9715

File: 1370109723702_what_am_i_looking_at.png (68.84 KB, 207x208)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9716

File: 1370109783819_4832595608_536366c8b2_z.jpg (163.79 KB, 640x480)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9717

File: 1370109876996_chloe_moretz_let_me_in_comic_con_013.jpg (3.97 MB, 3648x2736)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9718

File: 1370110040052.jpg (111.26 KB, 960x720)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9719

File: 1370110054768.jpg (115.35 KB, 381x399)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9720

File: 1370110143334_f10f2df87c3d11e180d51231380fcd7e_7.jpg (134.78 KB, 612x612)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9721

File: 1370110218052_clajzy7.jpg (31.79 KB, 506x451)

The cutest ghost ever

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9722

File: 1370110359092_Chloe_reflection.jpg (190.91 KB, 1023x671)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9723

File: 1370110495556_imagine_a_world_where.jpg (534.66 KB, 600x2431)


>go outside

>hang out with friends or family
>play a game
>watch a movie
>read a book
>take a walk
>etc etc

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9724

File: 1370110580968_oh_boy6.jpg (17.22 KB, 209x226)

 Chlobro (57a5) 9725

File: 1370110641140_smile53.jpg (85.82 KB, 520x635)

Could someone please tell me how do I crosslink between threads?

 Chlobro (da80) 9726

File: 1370110687656_Hick_558.jpg (91.61 KB, 1920x800)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9727

File: 1370110711518_Chloe_Moretz_OA_NYC_Feb_7_2013_4.jpg (1.25 MB, 2753x3600)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9728

File: 1370110843098_132337110834.jpg (140.58 KB, 859x788)

 Chlobro (da80) 9729

File: 1370111143476_vlcsnap-2013-05-30-22h59m54s2.png (1.67 MB, 1920x800)

 Chlobro (e443) 9730

Advengers Assamble Asshole

 Chlobro (57a5) 9731

File: 1370111750117_yeah_yeah_sure_i_believe_you2.jpg (20.65 KB, 232x214)


 Chlobro (da80) 9732

File: 1370111798105_everythread.jpg (316.59 KB, 498x1200)

 Chlobro (e443) 9733

Justice Forever Assemble Asshole????

i'm having a boring day

 Chlobro (da80) 9734

File: 1370112029137_chloe_moretz_carlo_allegri_photoshoot_03.jpg (6.96 MB, 3288x4728)

 Chlobro (e443) 9735

Chloe has a nice shape… it's a shame for the bad HQ of that pic

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9736

She should show it off more often.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9737

File: 1370112746184.jpg (84.4 KB, 612x612)

 Chlobro (da80) 9738

File: 1370112944348_chloe_moretz_seventeen_magazine_08.jpg (31.02 KB, 500x667)

 Chlobro (da80) 9739

File: 1370113125077_chloe_moretz_hugo_premiere_london_033.jpg (835.26 KB, 2144x3605)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9740

File: 1370113172603_CGM-Image-1-Photo-Credit-by-Jonty-Davies.jpg (203.62 KB, 808x1078)

 Chlobro (da80) 9741

File: 1370113324322_backside.gif (3.05 MB, 203x272)

 Chlobro (7cec) 9742

File: 1370113530981_Capture.jpg (51.42 KB, 501x647)

So why haven't you accepted Boxxy as your personal lord and savior?

 Chlobro (57a5) 9743

File: 1370113625105_what_da_hell_man.jpg (31.6 KB, 396x594)

 Chlobro (da80) 9744

File: 1370113785569_275.jpg (585.73 KB, 800x1003)

 Chlobro (da80) 9745

File: 1370114093332.png (421.99 KB, 400x484)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9746

File: 1370114153053_good-morning.jpg (122.28 KB, 1280x717)

 Chlobro (da80) 9747

File: 1370114212939_132007816866.png (662.86 KB, 620x608)

 Chlobro (cdb7) 9748

File: 1370114526428_BLrRU_6CQAEfncQ.jpg (455.66 KB, 1024x1884)

new article

 Chlobro (e80c) 9749

File: 1370115031029_ooo.jpg (25.66 KB, 332x369)

What magazine is that?

 Chlobro (aac5) 9750

thanks for the scans
I enjoyed it even though it was unreadable in some parts
I'm not sure I like the idea of using less guns this time around
the first one had epic gun fights and all the hand to hand combat we've seen in the trailers does almost nothing to set itself apart

 Chlobro (aac5) 9751

you should post it in the kick-ass 2 thread btw

 Chlobro (aac5) 9752

File: 1370115666108_feel-dem-legs.jpg (49.79 KB, 197x629)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9753

File: 1370116248244.jpg (7.96 KB, 234x212)

If it were actually scans, it would be readable.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9754

File: 1370116333165.gif (1.35 MB, 369x277)

If you insist.

 Chlobro (c3b3) 9755

File: 1370116521748_nice_legs.jpg (150.84 KB, 800x557)

 Chlobro (da80) 9756

File: 1370116652478_vogue.jpg (122.92 KB, 960x640)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9757

File: 1370116927418_Chloe_Moretz_20120509_ITV_Daybreak_023.jpg (1.05 MB, 1964x3224)

 Chlobro (da80) 9758

File: 1370117116518_chloe-moretz-covers-nylon-may-2013-exclusive-06.jpg (318.08 KB, 1006x673)

Legs and hats.

Fuck yeah.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9759

File: 1370117173430_010_4.jpg (207.3 KB, 640x422)

 Chlobro (da80) 9760

File: 1370117274376_Chloe_Moretz__034.jpg (1.2 MB, 4256x2832)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9761

File: 1370117675460.png (91.91 KB, 243x284)

I'd like to see her legs covered with nothing but a hat

 Chlobro (da80) 9762

File: 1370117821919_Chloe_Moretz__004.jpg (1.5 MB, 3264x4896)

She knows…

 Chlobro (aac5) 9763

File: 1370117915851.png (361.34 KB, 400x620)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9764

File: 1370118611237_ff_51025931.jpg (235.9 KB, 1149x800)

 Chlobro (e919) 9765

File: 1370119534129.jpg (15.96 KB, 298x343)

Who could be behind this post?

 Chlobro (da80) 9766

File: 1370119735039_033.jpg (406.15 KB, 590x1020)

This is close.

 Chlobro (da80) 9767

File: 1370119815071_fav_vogue_notby_tvshaman.jpg (279.67 KB, 549x800)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9768

File: 1370120854868.jpg (72.34 KB, 967x353)


File: 1370121267451.jpg (12.02 KB, 300x245)

sometimes you have to change your sponsors

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9770

File: 1370122287533.gif (264.21 KB, 500x375)

>all the hand to hand combat we've seen in the trailers does almost nothing to set itself apart
True that.
Especially in that most recent clip, I thought the fighting looked incredible amateurish. You could say they're doing that deliberately as these are just unrefined "heroes" but methinks that's not actually the reason for the lame feel of the combat.
Still in the heat of the moment excitement of first viewing in the cinema it will probably go unnoticed from me at least.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9771

File: 1370122331725_soulcycle.gif (363.53 KB, 387x987)

RIP Indeed.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9772

File: 1370122400789_BI3TnRpCAAE_xcA.jpg (152.31 KB, 1024x1537)

> You could say they're doing that deliberately as these are just unrefined "heroes" but methinks
not hit-girl and her scenes weren't all that great either in the trailer

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9773

File: 1370122529288.jpg (102.45 KB, 612x612)

I thought they massively edited down the hit girl black death confrontation to like 2 seconds though? So it'd be hard to get a perspective on her abiliities.
Everything else going on in the bg looked naff.
Maybe hg lost her skills with age :(

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9774

File: 1370122596543.jpg (35.97 KB, 461x333)

might have got that black death guys name wrong btw

 Chlobro (da80) 9775

File: 1370122609522_2010_kick-ass_poster_002.jpg (771.15 KB, 2400x3600)

Wait, the new director for KA 2, isn't he the same guy from "Never Back Down" ?

That movie won best fight scene.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9776

File: 1370122696849_BI3TnRpCAAE_xcA.jpg (152.31 KB, 1024x1537)

> it'd be hard to get a perspective on her abiliities.
but the alley fight and especially the ninjas scene looks weak

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9777

File: 1370122704914_happening.jpg (80.79 KB, 512x413)

Well that augurs well then.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9778

File: 1370122769082_57032.jpg (183.09 KB, 1216x1500)

assuming you're right this is more about the stunt coordinators than the director himself

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9779

File: 1370122852868_2.jpg (210.74 KB, 623x621)

Well I have minimal expectations for ka2 anyway so I can hardly be let down too much. Hell if it's bad enough it might even be one of those movies that's just funny to watch 'cause it's so bad. If it were going to be bad I'd almost want that so at least it'd be somewhat entertaining.
Carrie being bad would be a kick in the balls though.

 Chlobro (da80) 9780

File: 1370122883595_Kick-Ass_0d430245.jpg (48.74 KB, 447x604)

No Jackie chan team this time maybe? :(

And in top of all the movie seems to be 12a rated (or some shit like that) so no leg chopping.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9781

File: 1370122906528.gif (845.22 KB, 500x267)

>if it's bad enough it might even be one of those movies that's just funny to watch 'cause it's so bad
don't say that

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9782

File: 1370122974685.gif (409.65 KB, 300x208)

Really? I find that hard to believe.
No incredibly foul mouth mindy either :( but that's not too bad as it would just seem normal considering gher age in this one.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9783

File: 1370122975118_chloe_moretz_637.jpg (21.83 KB, 384x313)

Yes, not the same stunt crew but the rating looks to be the same so don't worry about that

 Chlobro (da80) 9784

File: 1370122977718_HG07.jpg (5.8 KB, 184x184)

I really want to know, why are people being so let down by KA 2 already?
Is it cuz HG is not 11/12 ?

 Chlobro (da80) 9785

File: 1370123046445_Kick-Ass_335d1835.jpg (1.07 MB, 1698x1100)

Well, she says "cocksuckers" at least once.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9786

File: 1370123060440.jpg (78.41 KB, 399x600)

>mention fight scenes
>people pulling the pedo angle

 Chlobro (aac5) 9787

and snatch

 Chlobro (da80) 9788

Im the guy that started to talk about fight scenes :| and HG being 11/12.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9789

File: 1370123137505_31.jpg (27.77 KB, 276x312)

>Is it cuz HG is not 11/12 ?
For me yes that's a pretty big reason.
I watched the first one for chloe and it's safe to say I'll be watching this one for her too.
She fit the role so well at that age that I just have trouble adjusting to this new older hg, it's stupid and frustrating but tjtwii.
If chloe weren't in ka2 I simply wouldn't be interested in seing it whatsoever.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9790

File: 1370123186048_what_you_say2.jpg (101.5 KB, 400x449)

Snatch is just tonned down cunt.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9791

File: 1370123212168_13232154739.jpg (27.35 KB, 368x424)

that makes your pedo comment even more stupid

 Chlobro (aac5) 9792

File: 1370123264126_ba-dum-tsss.gif (1.48 MB, 318x332)

you should know

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9793

File: 1370123293940.jpg (703 KB, 3000x2011)

For me it's no a paedo issue but rather what the role means to me and what I think it calls for from the person playing it.
I hope she blows me away again tbh.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9794

File: 1370123354417_4.jpg (83.72 KB, 623x655)

Just trying to take an interest in the chan's affairs.

 Chlobro (da80) 9795

File: 1370123366018_HG16.jpg (148.9 KB, 1920x800)

Why! it's not about pedo. It's about the little 12yo girl that fucking kick ass and talks trash all the time.
We all know that she was perfect for that role that we almost never see on the movies, now a grown up/teenager "superhero" is nothing new.

I remember listening to ppl on interviews and stuff saying
"A 12yo that kills people?, that could be really good or go really bad"

 Chlobro (aac5) 9796

File: 1370123367509_chloe_moretz_653.jpg (15.57 KB, 331x337)

it looks like the role itself will be interesting as she's growing up and coming to terms with who she is and so on
but it's the action scenes that got me worried

 Chlobro (aac5) 9797

it's not about the age or the character
it's about the action scenes
the first one had very cool action scenes and all of them had something unique
these look by the numbers unfortunately (apart from the van one)

 Chlobro (aac5) 9798

File: 1370123552263.jpg (24.92 KB, 389x421)

as long as you're not being a snatch to others in the process then that's all good

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9799

File: 1370123576076.jpg (54.27 KB, 397x284)

>he first one had very cool action scenes and all of them had something unique
>tfw a significant portion of that unique element was probably hit girls age
Aswell as the spectacles themselves of course

 Chlobro (aac5) 9800

File: 1370123677164_13697521088325.jpg (22.4 KB, 369x420)

>tfw a significant portion of that unique element was probably hit girls age
I could go through each scene in detail but I'd rather not write paragraphs at this hour

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9801

File: 1370123829792_chloe_moretz_variety_power_of_youth_069.jpg (1.51 MB, 2400x3276)

The only reason I stated getting personal was becauuse he called me a cancerous cunt or whatever the phrase was, I thought this was below the belt and took exception and so used his antics as a basis for elements of my ensuing and sustained opposition to moves that I disagreed with.
Offense was taken, coupled with a passion for this places' survival and flourishment led to unfortunate ructions.
Similarly when he intimated he might leave I got hetty as he provides some great content here.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9802

File: 1370123844333_1370122583_582902567.jpg (120.73 KB, 666x1024)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9803

File: 1370123953344_clajzy21.jpg (56.24 KB, 422x594)

Lets say for me then, that's the case.
If you throw a grown up hit girl into those action scenes I simply don't see them being half as mind blowingly awesome as they were.
Maybe is paedo.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9804

first of all I don't see why you had to drag me into this
second of all - yeah, he lost his shit there and was out of line imo, but it was also the result of you being a snatch many times before it so I see where he was coming from

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9805

File: 1370124071938_chloe_moretz_kick-ass_berlin_photocall_050.jpg (1.24 MB, 2039x3000)

>as they were.
and still are.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9806

File: 1370124247672_Night_Creeper_wallpaper.jpg (62.44 KB, 1280x736)

>I don't see why you had to drag me into this
Because you seemed to agree with his base words about me.
I'd have to disagree with that but what's done is done and perceptions have perhaps shifted.

At least chlomo endures, that's all that's of import.

 Chlobro (da80) 9807

File: 1370124275173_4WB6sqN9HSA.jpg (69.58 KB, 402x604)

Apart from all the things we have been talking about KA, one thing that KA doesn't have but KA 2 does, is


 Chlobro (3ca3) 9808

File: 1370124359178_01.gif (1.68 MB, 325x299)

True for 'ya

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9809

File: 1370124410194_5396_large.jpg (191.9 KB, 800x600)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9810

File: 1370124503255_zoio.jpg (24.92 KB, 464x485)

That Hit-Girl is frighteningly large.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9811

File: 1370124568598_biebs.jpg (38.61 KB, 476x639)

I remember when I was a kid the video rental store in our locale always used to allow us take the cardboard cutouts for movie promotions after they were no longer needed.
Pitty that place closed down, could have potentially got some cool free chloe stuff at some point.

 Chlobro (da80) 9812

File: 1370124590150_n8Vw6UaQHqI.jpg (55.67 KB, 604x604)


 Chlobro (3ca3) 9813

File: 1370124764186_stabby.gif (7.62 MB, 426x240)

GG at some point recently you said we'd be seeing a lot more of stabby "soon".
Well? Progress report? Or was that just a random musing.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9814

>Because you seemed to agree with his base words about me.
I'm sure you realize that agreeing with someone and letting that someone influence you are two totally different things.

I agreed with many things he said, but NOT all of them. I disagreed with him saying that it became cool to criticize Chloë now. I also disagreed with him calling you a cancerous cunt.
And then what did you do next? You went out of your way to prove him right by actually acting like a cunt

>I'd have to disagree with that but what's done is done and perceptions have perhaps shifted.

I wouldn't be so sure. How do you go from
"sorry if I offended you, I didn't mean to sound disrespectful, I'm grateful for all the content you brought us"
"gee, I should start writing my thanks speech" when someone mentioned that No7 should search for HQ pics from a certain set?

You pretty much wiped your ass with what was hopefully a sincere reconciliation and went back to being a full blown cunt again. You could have said "thanks" if/when he brought the pics. You could even have said NOTHING and it would have been good but no, you had to go full cunt again

 Chlobro (aac5) 9815

File: 1370124981417_563.jpg (115.61 KB, 604x453)

when I'll have some free Chloë time I'll do it

 Chlobro (da80) 9816

File: 1370125028658_not_this_shit_again_3.jpg (57.35 KB, 386x462)

 Chlobro (4d8b) 9817

File: 1370125051209_badgirlchloe.jpg (104.21 KB, 542x387)

Chloe finally has grown up isn't the good little Christian girl that she was raised to be anymore. She favorited a tweet with swearing in it. The girl is some lesbian that said she would rather have Chloe then her brothers. Glad to see that she has grown up and doesn't care about the swear words.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9818

File: 1370125084208.jpg (101.27 KB, 500x650)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9819

File: 1370125117005_medium_6b7256c7f334cccaf09b81d28920626e.jpg (51.49 KB, 800x600)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9820

File: 1370125177726_chloe_moretz_dior_illustrated_034.jpg (212.96 KB, 682x1024)

/r/ing a few really distinct profile pictures please, or even a link to a thread with some.
I think pomp made a # thread with theme being profiles at some point.
> I should start writing my thanks speech
That was just an innocent joke intended for humour not offense.
>hopefully a sincere reconciliation
I meant what I said in that post and it still stands, he should know I have a high opinion with his chloe contributions here but I can have jokes with him like I would with anyone else.
Maybe that attemoted joke was too soon.
I think a wee passing joke would cause less offense than " cancerous cunt " or whatever.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9821

File: 1370125259595_chloe_moretz_581.jpg (34.88 KB, 546x542)

She a big gurl naow.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9822

File: 1370125355349_132331815396.jpg (1.02 MB, 3888x2592)

 Chlobro (da80) 9823

File: 1370125371168_chloe_moretz_seventeen_magazine_08.jpg (31.02 KB, 500x667)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9824

File: 1370125422037.jpg (151.47 KB, 400x600)

Forced anon helped me clear some of my oc back log
Still loads to attempt though.
Best thing about it really.

 Chlobro (b918) 9825

File: 1370125436780_1_million_dollars_nylon_10.gif (7.6 MB, 984x720)

>@ChlomoChan @ChloeGMoretz I don't follow you anymore, you fucking perverts. you all are a bunch a fucking pedophiles. @ChlomoChan sucks!

>Don't salt the wound.
I definitely agree with you. It would make a lot more sense to tweet a few of the "best of" Chlomo posts that include great Chloe images and thoughtful dialogue that's respectful to her. That could accomplish two goals:
1) A marketing opportunity for Chlomo. Not everyone here is a nightmare.
2) A chance to make him look like an idiot without having to verbally attack him.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9826

File: 1370125524167_chloe_moretz_let_me_in_portraits_41.jpg (1.11 MB, 4752x3168)

I just annoyed that a chloe fan didn't feel welcome here.
This is chloe central, he should be able to tolerate the paedophilia for that chloe fix.

 Chlobro (aac5) 9827

File: 1370125863088_2013.05.18_17.30.53.jpg (24.52 KB, 300x315)

>/r/ing a few really distinct profile pictures please, or even a link to a thread with some.
you could make one; I've been thinking of having a profile pics thread (among others such as goofy face) for some time

>That was just an innocent joke intended for humour not offense.

It doesn't come across as a joke with your background or at least not so soon after the fragile "north/south korean peace treaty"
Just like a serial killer telling a girl "I'm gonna fucking kill you" will not be funny, even if he meant it as a joke

>I meant what I said in that post and it still stands, he should know I have a high opinion with his Chloë contributions here but I can have jokes with him like I would with anyone else.

And you can make jokes about him involving other stuff rather that the whole "gee mister, let me spit shine yo shoes and name my first born after you" BS because god forbid people say thank you and show an ounce of gratitude on chlomo

>Maybe that attemoted joke was too soon.


>I think a wee passing joke would cause less offense than " cancerous cunt " or whatever.

His was meant as an offense when you two were fighting. Yours came in a time of peace, yet still sounded like an offense (even if a smaller one)

hopefully you can realize that you were being a cunt (even if that was not your intention) and you can tone it down in which case I'll retract what I said about you in the sticky thread and also hopefully all the vitriol between you two will also fade away

sorry for the rant
back to Chloë
I agree with that the bro above said but not only do we get hot Chloë in sexy biker outfit, we get hot Chloë in sexy biker outfit kissing a guy

 Chlobro (da80) 9828

File: 1370126000748_15_1.jpg (31.74 KB, 307x320)

>I agree with that the bro above said but not only do we get hot Chloë in sexy biker outfit, we get hot Chloë in sexy biker outfit kissing a guy

A guy that prefers to kiss a 50yo mom.
A 50yo MOM


 Chlobro (aac5) 9829

File: 1370126007597_BLs36-YCMAADEJ1.jpg_large.jpg (82.19 KB, 1024x768)


 Chlobro (3ca3) 9830

File: 1370126103821_Hick_18.jpg (109.79 KB, 1920x800)

>I'll retract what I said
Don't bother. I understand.
>hopefully all the vitriol between you two will also fade away
I think perhaps there may have been some in the distant past too that I mistook for mayo at the time, so hopefully I can get overmyself this time around.
That poster is ripe for stealing.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9831

File: 1370126189889_Hick_136.jpg (117.79 KB, 1920x800)

How do you know which he prefered?
Aaron is that you?

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9832

File: 1370126270548_Hick_434.jpg (57.92 KB, 1920x800)

>that I mistook for mayo at the time
rather unfortunately

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9833

File: 1370126347048_chloe_moretz_hick_tiff_premiere_057.jpg (2.26 MB, 2034x3604)

 Chlobro (da80) 9834

File: 1370126391994.jpg (42.12 KB, 439x441)

I don't see Aaron leaving his wife for Chloë yet.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9835

File: 1370126545217_chloe_moretz_first_annual_comedy_awards_085.jpg (3.87 MB, 2728x4784)

Yeah she has to "mysteriously" fall down the stairs before he can make his moves on chloe.
Old people always fall so no one will be suspicious plus he'll have the sympathy card too.
Sounds like a decent movie concept, when you include chloe of course.

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9836

File: 1370127045398_BIl26mYCcAAQIAc.jpg_large.jpg (109.9 KB, 768x1024)

 Chlobro (3ca3) 9837

File: 1370127119795.jpg (46.13 KB, 440x660)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9838

File: 1370127455853_1.jpg (263.68 KB, 670x572)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9839

File: 1370127760854_prison_view.jpg (100.6 KB, 1274x711)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9840

File: 1370127823814_chloemoretz_moma2_okami_1.jpg (448.52 KB, 2048x1828)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9841

File: 1370127919610_198769202_ChloeMoretz_raa_summer_party_015_122_442lo.jpg (1018.63 KB, 2500x3523)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9842

File: 1370128082303_DSC07011.jpg (603.56 KB, 1280x851)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9843

File: 1370128170628_Headlock.jpg (146.52 KB, 1274x711)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9844

File: 1370128378278_AmityvilleHorror-018.jpg (510.69 KB, 2000x2987)

In the commentary for Amity, Ryan Reynolds said he didn't make friends with the kids because his character was fighting /yelling at them throughout the story. He didn't want them to become attached and have that be conveyed in the film at all.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9845

File: 1370128678452_chloeelle_eyeprime_044-881x1328.jpg (149.96 KB, 881x1328)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9846

File: 1370128687598_cmamity093.jpg (116.28 KB, 1274x711)

 Chlobro (b918) 9847

File: 1370128701610_Boots_to_Asses.jpg (70.47 KB, 640x690)


 Chlobro (e80c) 9848

File: 1370128753615_zoio.jpg (24.92 KB, 464x485)

I know. He chose to not spend time with Chloë.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9849

File: 1370128847055_hey-there.jpg (55.47 KB, 338x437)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9850

File: 1370128920212_cmamity111.jpg (143.02 KB, 1274x711)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9851

File: 1370129246911_cmroom36.jpg (116.85 KB, 946x636)

 Chlobro (b918) 9852

File: 1370129341452_happy_slap.gif (4.05 MB, 450x246)

>Ryan Reynolds said he didn't make friends with the kids … He didn't want them to become attached and have that be conveyed in the film at all.

He should think differently now. She can turn it on or off at will, irrespective of her co-star.

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9853

File: 1370129435978_chloe_tweets_01.jpg (54.83 KB, 604x402)

 Chlobro (b918) 9854

File: 1370129559318_whole_hearted.jpg (25.2 KB, 431x375)

 Chlobro (da80) 9855

File: 1370129659245_cxcx.jpg (63.9 KB, 640x766)

 Chlobro (5f6e) 9856

File: 1370129845756_009NTF_Chloe_Moretz_005.jpg (44.64 KB, 852x480)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9857

File: 1370130212344_TodayYouDie-001.jpg (216.57 KB, 806x1104)

Are you working your way through her young filmography?

 Chlobro (da80) 9858

File: 1370130269127_Chloe_Moretz_LAX_Sept172011_J0001_001.jpg (1.38 MB, 3132x2088)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9859

File: 1370131103906_1.jpg (756.47 KB, 3500x2333)

 Chlobro (da80) 9860

File: 1370131756728.jpg (85.57 KB, 820x528)

 Chlobro (da80) 9861

File: 1370133479041_3.jpg (773.45 KB, 2100x2800)

 Chlobro (e443) 9862

I can't at some of you having so low expectations about KA2.. I don't excited about the movie but i don't think it will be trash… i think that Chloe will own the movie again..and Mathew is involved the movie like the first one even when the director is Jeff.. about the actions scenes, it was obvious that they won't show all in the trailer but the scene that was leak.. I have to admit, that let me down a little bit.. but i think that it wasn't the final production of it

I came here late.. i just want to say my opinion

 Chlobro (da80) 9863

Let's have some hope for that.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9864

File: 1370134491634_lurks.jpg (173.14 KB, 1269x572)

I have faith. After seeing the first photos of the Hit-Girl costume, I was worried. but the trailer made it look fine. I can't judge a movie based on the trailer alone. Everything is taken completely out of context. I don't expect it to be better than the original, but I still expect a good movie.

 Chlobro (5b74) 9865

File: 1370135217440.jpg (123.48 KB, 687x1000)


all I know is, I'm gonna watch it like 50 times regardless. I'll be there on the premyear as well.

This is definitely the most anticipated Chloe movie for me.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9866

File: 1370135500478_chlomorph_01.jpeg (20.19 KB, 300x400)

It opens on my birthday weekend. I may go to the midnight show if they have one.

 Chlobro (5b74) 9867

File: 1370135703587_morphedchloeasa.jpeg (18.59 KB, 300x400)


true that m8

I just gotta see it the day it comes out

 Chlobro (5b74) 9868

File: 1370135845108_Untitled.png (10.64 KB, 524x69)

I wonder why she would favourite this

 Chlobro (e80c) 9869

File: 1370136796358.jpg (70.55 KB, 960x720)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9870

File: 1370137350903.jpg (27.96 KB, 480x640)

The first time Eeyore was happy.

 Chlobro (da80) 9871

File: 1370139842719.jpg (2.69 MB, 2653x3979)

Metal Chloë is a fact. (look at her left arm)

 Chlobro (ff95) 9872

File: 1370140290538_chloe.jpg (648.03 KB, 1200x1600)

 Chlobro (abac) 9873

File: 1370140335964_chlo_mo_blacber_launc_la_213_MoC_03.jpg (765.13 KB, 2000x3000)

She Favorited that and then went on that Re-Tweet, Favorite and Reply spree. She wanted to prove this person wrong who made her upset by saying she didn't reply to her fans.

Basically that remark was a slap in the face to Chloe claiming she didn't care about her fans enough to reply.

 Chlobro (da80) 9874

File: 1370141052575.jpg (180.16 KB, 415x635)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9875

File: 1370141095587_sin06.jpg (51.34 KB, 640x480)

Maybe she likes Chun-Li

 Chlobro (da80) 9876

File: 1370141199935_blink_182.jpg (15.18 KB, 245x247)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9877

File: 1370141233441_iboRs0PP7DFfBS.jpg (268.49 KB, 2048x1536)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9878

File: 1370143803579_133114466916.png (342.88 KB, 500x500)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9879

File: 1370143870164.jpg (24.76 KB, 403x384)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9880

File: 1370143895271.jpg (34.98 KB, 480x640)

 Chlobro (84b6) 9881

File: 1370143906883_Kick-Ass-2-6.jpg (266.46 KB, 2000x922)

I disagree about KA2, after seeing the first trailer my only worry was the bad FX shot of the van, which, judging by the Hit-Girl trailer, they seemed to have fixed. Everything i have read by Mark Millar, Jeff Wadlow and Vaughn gives me hope and belief that Wadlow understands what made KA1 great and is doing his best to take it up a notch. While none of the action in the trailer looks AMAZING like the action scenes in KA1, they do not look bad at all. They look fun. I am very happy with what everyone has said about Mindy's story in the film and can't wait to see Jim Carrey as The Colonel, who looks like he is this movies equivalent of Big Daddy in the original. I love the comics, LOVE Kick-Ass 1, and can't wait for Kick-Ass 2. If it sucks though, i will be very disappointed.

Also, that leaked fight scene was obviously nowhere near finished, and i was happy with everything in it apart from the sound editing and bad CGI blood (the second shot).

 Chlobro (da80) 9882

File: 1370144139432_5.jpg (35.36 KB, 376x380)

Oh man that sound edition, fking Age of Empires sword sound lol.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9883

File: 1370144144850_mindy_yeah.gif (4.07 MB, 496x531)

Keep the faith man. It will be good.

 Chlobro (b821) 9884

File: 1370144342729_552782_456582827701050_2144653978_n.jpg (44.03 KB, 690x960)

All the new characters look gay as fuck.

 Chlobro (84b6) 9885

File: 1370144477146_434343.jpg (98.3 KB, 960x429)


They are supposed to. Apart from The Colonel, who looks immensely fucking badass

 Chlobro (e80c) 9886

File: 1370144527688_08e4e740c09711e1a39b1231381b7ba1_7.jpg (100.66 KB, 612x612)

Trevor's in the movie?

 Chlobro (b821) 9887

File: 1370144628007.jpg (118.89 KB, 350x400)

 Chlobro (84b6) 9888

File: 1370144632715_4343434e3.png (470.4 KB, 852x356)


Trevor should have played Night-Bitch

 Chlobro (e80c) 9889

File: 1370144855529_fab.jpg (124.55 KB, 612x612)

Here, he can play the Fabulous Honeybee.

 Chlobro (da80) 9890

File: 1370144955356_clap_clap.gif (4.89 MB, 500x281)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9891

File: 1370144972156_chloe-moretz-hick-whip-hair-03.jpg (294.84 KB, 816x1222)

And he's no good at it.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9892

File: 1370145430038.jpg (960.72 KB, 1764x2362)

 Chlobro (da80) 9893

File: 1370145685048_132706371115.gif (1.46 MB, 338x300)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9894

File: 1370145767928_327972799.jpg (41.96 KB, 436x500)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9895

File: 1370145901670_Dc_Chloe_Moretz_Let_Me_In_001.jpg (1.16 MB, 3000x2725)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9896

File: 1370145985218_199561213_chloe_moretz_comedy_awards_2_122_396lo.jpg (469.73 KB, 801x1112)

 Chlobro (da80) 9897

File: 1370146035619.jpg (728.6 KB, 2100x3150)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9898

File: 1370146053216_76474_ChloeMoretz_IAN4Premiere_1_122_349lo.jpg (268.81 KB, 771x1115)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9899

File: 1370146154824_chloespiketv_eyeprime_230-881x1116.jpg (227.94 KB, 881x1116)

 Chlobro (da80) 9900

File: 1370146241760_chloe_moretz_variety_studio_tiff_007.jpg (769.3 KB, 2068x3000)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9901

File: 1370146625764_chloe-moretz-keanu-reeves-harpers-bazaar-emily-blunt-02.jpg (295.98 KB, 865x1222)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9902

File: 1370146674576_033.jpg (751.47 KB, 2832x4256)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9903

File: 1370146781145_040.jpg (1.01 MB, 3544x2446)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9904

File: 1370146974686_chloe-moretz-wallpaper.jpg (570.53 KB, 1600x1200)

 Chlobro (da80) 9905

File: 1370146975208_are_you_fucking_kidding_me_2.jpg (59.04 KB, 478x382)

wtf is this shit, im getting INVALID IMAGE while trying to post a Chloë pic

 Chlobro (e80c) 9906

File: 1370147090688_Dc_Chloe_Moretz_Let_Me_In_003.jpg (694.83 KB, 3000x1998)

Too much Boxxy detected in your image.

 Chlobro (b821) 9907

open with paint, save as png if it's jpg or vice versa

 Chlobro (e80c) 9908

File: 1370147303060_chloe-moretz_9.jpg (2.18 MB, 2422x2102)

 Chlobro (da80) 9909

File: 1370147415646_275.jpg (585.73 KB, 800x1003)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9910

File: 1370147531087.jpg (1.09 MB, 3000x2000)

 Chlobro (da80) 9911

File: 1370147543268_4.png (345.08 KB, 594x457)

Let's see if it works now…

 Chlobro (da80) 9912

File: 1370148323309.jpg (763.78 KB, 1920x1080)

 Chlobro (b918) 9913

File: 1370148494708_Bond_Girl.jpg (548.46 KB, 974x1752)

 Chlobro (da80) 9914

File: 1370148693997.jpg (21.59 KB, 400x363)

Hans Zimmer

 Chlobro (b821) 9915

File: 1370149028868_057.jpg (81.1 KB, 308x337)

 Chlobro (da80) 9916

File: 1370149240187_chloe_moretz_653.jpg (15.57 KB, 331x337)


 Chlobro (e80c) 9917

File: 1370149392917_press2.jpg (27.63 KB, 251x400)

 Chlobro (b821) 9918

File: 1370149770732_Kick-Ass-set-21542394.jpg (93.63 KB, 1024x681)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9919

File: 1370150129193_neat.jpg (139.86 KB, 604x604)

 Chlobro (079a) 9920

File: 1370150406333_Kick-Ass-11.jpg (284.62 KB, 1008x896)

 Chlobro (da80) 9921

File: 1370150709111_chloe_moretz_leaving_chelsea_lately_006.jpg (755.22 KB, 2124x3000)

 Chlobro (da80) 9922

File: 1370150746203_chickenshit_06.jpg (115.52 KB, 700x504)

 Chlobro (e80c) 9923

File: 1370150794568_chickenshit_05.jpg (430.86 KB, 800x723)

 Chlobro (84b6) 9924

File: 1370150958308_tumblr_mb4ubqVdGX1qibxw9o1_500.jpg (70.02 KB, 500x375)


Vaughn is truly a fucking god amongst men

 Chlobro (84b6) 9925

File: 1370151376268_Matthew_Vaughn_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_Premiere_9yAttll2lulx.jpg (162.07 KB, 1024x733)

And, he introduced us to Chloe's immense talent. What an absolute fucking king.

 Chlobro (b918) 9926

File: 1370151488546_hmm_l.jpg (43.36 KB, 293x262)

I'd be more excited about this fall if he was the director.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9927

File: 1370151508508_HG16.jpg (148.9 KB, 1920x800)

From the Kick-Ass Commentary:
Chloë, the second girl that we screen tested and within about a minute I knew I had found her. We're watching the birth of star which is a good feeling. Hopefully in 10 years, she'll still be a very balanced person.

 Chlobro (e80c) 9928

File: 1370151752046_244.jpg (609.95 KB, 3000x2311)

From his filmography, I've only seen Kick-Ass and X-Men. Has anyone seen Stardust? I've heard good things but never got around to watching it.

 Chlobro (84b6) 9929

File: 1370151867343_vlcsnap-2013-01-27-04h23m39s156.png (2.49 MB, 1920x800)


The man knows what he is fucking talking about, that commentary is one of the best i have ever heard. He just tells the absolute truth about everything, and doesn't give a fuck if he insults a friends work on the film

 Chlobro (b918) 9930

File: 1370152048317_RadioBerlin.jpg (77.93 KB, 1280x720)

>Vaughn is truly a fucking god amongst men

← We second that.


 Chlobro (84b6) 9931

File: 1370152056846_ChloeKABTS22.jpg (607.81 KB, 1421x974)


Seen bits of it, it looks like a really good family film, but Vaughn himself stated that he only made it for his kids, and that his true passion lies with action cinema. I saw Layer Cake, his first movie, that was a very good gangster film.

 Chlobro (b821) 9932

File: 1370154838965.jpg (10.54 KB, 308x313)

From the Kick-Ass commentary:
OMG… This girl is blowing me off the screen right now

 Chlobro (aac5) 9933

File: 1370155964989_119.jpg (65.78 KB, 347x501)

because shes a little troll

 Chlobro (aac5) 9934

File: 1370156352809_chloe-moretz_as-hit-girl-in-kick-ass_042.jpg (607.81 KB, 1421x974)

quoted for fucking truth
that guy is full of win:
- born into wealth
- married to claudia schiffer
- producer on Guy Ritchie's movies eventually turned a better director than Guy RItchie himself
- unbelievably frank and upfront
- hollywood didn't want to make his movie - he said fuck all ya'll, I'll make it myself

 Chlobro (aac5) 9935

File: 1370156458942.jpg (27.92 KB, 362x500)

do yourself a favor and watch Stardust and Layer Cake
both are very good movies

 Chlobro (d43b) 9936

File: 1370156600264_I_Want_To_Believe.png (18.91 KB, 305x343)

They're talking about our Chloë, right guys?

 Chlobro (aac5) 9937

File: 1370156715907.jpg (119.91 KB, 789x633)

fucking canada, how does it work?

 Chlobro (e80c) 9938

File: 1370157000406_zoio.jpg (24.92 KB, 464x485)

There's a lot of people in Canada. You may want to pace yourself.

 Anonymous (d43b) 9939

File: 1370157117886_shrug.gif (1.1 MB, 280x259)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 9940

File: 1370157281523_131201271720.jpg (98.3 KB, 600x566)

mfw I dun derped (again)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 9941

File: 1370157343166_aaaaa.jpg (10.14 KB, 202x220)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 9942

File: 1370157402400.gif (602.91 KB, 186x179)

What's this? We have names again?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 9943

File: 1370157618957.jpg (20.09 KB, 391x360)

mfw people still sending her chemistry jokes

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 9944

File: 1370157640446_2013-06-01_002.jpg (43.7 KB, 612x612)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 9945

File: 1370157777452_orig_51598d7f-df44-419b-8b22-21a70aa613db.jpg (520.7 KB, 1616x2156)

I'm sure she read them all.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 9946

File: 1370158007660.gif (1.72 MB, 340x330)

me too

 Anonymous (c0cb) 9947

File: 1370158049933_image.jpg (65.36 KB, 393x525)

I need all the pictures from this set immediately its an emergency…a medical emergency!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 9948

File: 1370158113540_13397108988164.png (100.67 KB, 182x254)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 9949

File: 1370158149225_132815195097959.jpg (357.31 KB, 700x1023)

>a medical emergency
I know the kind

 Anonymous (c0cb) 9950

File: 1370158406355_image.jpg (338.52 KB, 936x1405)

Thanks well done and in record time just what the doctor ordered

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 9951

File: 1370158453656_BLfdnR6CYAAkEZP_large.jpg (55.01 KB, 657x568)

Be like Chloë. Use a wrist brace.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 9952

File: 1370158730327_Chloe_Moretz_Danielle_Levitt_Shoot_2010.jpg (303.52 KB, 1280x853)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 9953

File: 1370159092525.jpg (80.61 KB, 473x555)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 9954

File: 1370159149563.gif (1.19 MB, 198x302)

Looking up Layer Cake. That explains the story of Daniel Craig being on the set of Kick-Ass that Chloë told on the Leno show.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 9955

File: 1370159266106_Chlone_Chloe_2_Triple.jpg (275.77 KB, 612x612)


 Anonymous (93b0) 9956

File: 1370159451759.jpg (34.92 KB, 500x498)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 9957

File: 1370159886824_CHLOE_DPS_MONTAGE_FIN.jpg (973.77 KB, 1571x1000)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 9958

File: 1370159961505_chloe_moretz_marie_claire_011.jpg (293.33 KB, 1200x809)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 9959

File: 1370160014414.gif (6.39 MB, 600x443)

 Anonymous (93b0) 9960

File: 1370160258371_2010-Mar-28th-Jameson-Empire-Film-Awards-London-60.jpg (1.06 MB, 1871x3000)

It's no wonder why he wears a baseball cap almost 24/7.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 9961

File: 1370160263148_ooh.jpg (23.33 KB, 230x275)

>Brunette hair, fishnets stockings

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 9962

File: 1370160367485_bald.jpg (89.67 KB, 800x1210)


 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 9963

File: 1370160416281_tumblr_mjkey1Gm4j1s8r3z7o1_1280.jpg (284.17 KB, 960x1280)

You see him with no cap in the making of Kick-Ass documentary. To me he's nearly unrecognizable without it. It's like he ages 20 years with no cap.

 Anonymous (93b0) 9964

File: 1370160547725_1._Pushing_Boundaries.mkv_snapshot_02.48_2013.06.02_18.08.35.jpg (48.09 KB, 1280x720)

This one?

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 9965

File: 1370160730045_vaughn.jpg (215.01 KB, 1275x717)

Yeah. Near the end at the premiere.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 9966

File: 1370160826270_vaughn2.jpg (76.9 KB, 493x513)

 Anonymous (93b0) 9967

File: 1370160838476_2010-Mar-22nd-Kick-Ass-Premiere-London-75.jpg (92.82 KB, 600x424)

Glasses too, what a boss.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 9968

File: 1370160944662.jpg (54.78 KB, 320x476)

he looked really dorky with those thick ass glasses

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 9969

File: 1370161030173.jpg (87.09 KB, 808x722)

I hope he gets to work with Chloë again though I don't think there will be a part for her in Secret Service and I have no idea what he'll do next

 Anonymous (93b0) 9970

File: 1370161039145_2010-Mar-28th-Jameson-Empire-Film-Awards-London-62.jpg (1008.11 KB, 1799x3000)

Well, he needed something to distract people away from his bald head.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 9971

File: 1370161085582.jpg (23.06 KB, 386x410)

lol, could be
I don't know why he didn't wear a pimp hat

 Anonymous (93b0) 9972

File: 1370161282798_2010-Mar-28th-Jameson-Empire-Film-Awards-London-50.jpg (900.12 KB, 1823x3000)

Fur coat and cane, too.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 9973

File: 1370161388245_gold.gif (2.68 MB, 284x419)

 Anonymous (93b0) 9974

File: 1370161736478_2010-Mar-22nd-Kick-Ass-Premiere-London-05.jpg (1.4 MB, 2848x4273)

If Kick-Ass 2 does well, Kick-Ass 3 might be made. He would probably direct that, no?

 Anonymous (93b0) 9975

File: 1370161786055.jpg (207.98 KB, 511x642)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 9976

File: 1370162282308_so-much-want.jpg (58.85 KB, 337x390)

I'm not getting my hopes up. He's getting to be a well known director and I bet he's in demand. He was in the running for Star Wars VII. I wouldn't be surprised if he's tapped for one of the many Marvel/Avengers or DC/Justice League films.
>But man, it would be great if he could come back to finish the KA trilogy.

 Anonymous (93b0) 9977

File: 1370162519336_Fuck_yeah.gif (1.35 MB, 231x363)

>But man, it would be great if he could come back to finish the KA trilogy.

 Anonymous (93b0) 9978

File: 1370163362543.jpg (291.84 KB, 1012x1500)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 9979

that's my hope too
I'm hoping KA2 will make a big profit so he gets the budget he wants for the third

 Anonymous (39b8) 9980

File: 1370164474098_f98ede8acb3611e2854522000a1f9e45_7.jpg (81.1 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (93b0) 9981

File: 1370164926315.jpg (94.73 KB, 735x718)

 Anonymous (b821) 9982

File: 1370165182042_1370123289_2017102543.jpg (144.96 KB, 649x861)

 Hi tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 9983

File: 1370168142269_105746730-chloe-grace-moretz-during-the-amityville-gettyimages.jpg (87.85 KB, 443x594)

>mfw namefag again

I saw The Amityville Horror yesterday night. It was kinda dull, but Chloë killed it bruhahaha

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 9984

File: 1370168817925_grrrr11.jpg (11.18 KB, 215x220)

>mfw realizing that the middle kid was played by Jimmy Bennett

 Anonymous (b821) 9985

File: 1370168834552.jpg (362.54 KB, 750x621)


It wasn't too scary for you?

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 9986

File: 1370169001774_hih23723723714.jpg (35.68 KB, 345x512)

No daddy, it was okay. I had the nightlight on, so I could sleep

 Anonymous (b821) 9987

File: 1370169306493.png (788.58 KB, 468x704)

Probably where they first met.

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 9988

File: 1370169504376_kill_it_with_fire.jpg (141.8 KB, 400x545)

 Anonymous (b821) 9989

File: 1370169821889_6.jpg (22.17 KB, 320x240)

But they're sooo cute together…

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 9990

File: 1370169937245_oh_noes5.jpg (21.27 KB, 535x505)

B-but.. Movie 43 scene… Cannot unsee it

 Anonymous (b821) 9991

File: 1370170130475_d71d6d82e66f11e1830722000a1e95c5_7b.jpg (117.96 KB, 331x358)

They would of been practicing that scene for years…

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 9992

File: 1370170175247_chloe-moretz-nylon-young-hollywood-party-11.jpg (248.2 KB, 875x1222)

Chloë's new wikipedia pic is gorgeous

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 9993

File: 1370170256925_why_and_what.jpg (28.67 KB, 394x180)

 Anonymous (b821) 9994

File: 1370170459667_003.png (220.35 KB, 380x370)

You cap that but not the three posts prior to it…

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 9995

File: 1370170573590_bv252eee4.jpg (52.35 KB, 297x326)

But in this way, I can use it to reply guys like you

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 9996

File: 1370171516248_chloe_moretz_1205.jpg (148.72 KB, 541x800)

 Anonymous (b821) 9997

File: 1370171551363.png (115.17 KB, 328x267)

 Anonymous (5f6e) 9998

File: 1370171867000_Rachel.jpg (156.71 KB, 557x736)

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 9999

File: 1370172152234_what_the_friggin_fuck.png (90.4 KB, 317x302)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 10000

File: 1370172884791_ck4.jpg (70.32 KB, 767x925)

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 10001

File: 1370173189159_oh_yeaaaah7.jpg (36.01 KB, 245x281)

That's new isn't it?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 10002

only to newfags

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 10003

File: 1370173474545_woops1.jpg (20.13 KB, 145x151)

 Anonymous (b821) 10004

File: 1370173908241.jpg (30.54 KB, 480x480)

What's the go with wikipedia, can anyone edit it?

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 10005

File: 1370174006788_smile32.jpg (19.11 KB, 145x221)

Kinda. Sometimes they lock sites which are being edited too often

 Anonymous (b821) 10006

File: 1370174172403.jpg (83.13 KB, 344x451)

Why don't you update her website…

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 10007

File: 1370174259686_smile51.jpg (134.7 KB, 493x750)

I'm not so good at it. And I'm only a 7/10 fan, some DM-level guy should do it

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 10008

File: 1370174395595.jpg (48.19 KB, 612x816)

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 10009

File: 1370174461458_ernesto3.jpg (106.81 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (b821) 10010

File: 1370174719576.jpg (41.62 KB, 569x416)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 10011

File: 1370174805890_132706377421.jpg (66.21 KB, 600x624)


 Anonymous (b821) 10012

File: 1370175796879_LMI_176.jpg (832.55 KB, 1425x1000)

 Anonymous (5f6e) 10013

File: 1370176714977_tumblr_m459mcBTTw1qz9qooo1_500.jpg (50.25 KB, 460x446)

 tvshaman!!jYC5m5Gi56 10014

File: 1370177341597_feet27.jpg (327.86 KB, 485x996)

 Anonymous (5f6e) 10015

File: 1370177375587_pukes_invisible_vomit.gif (1.59 MB, 392x285)

 Anonymous (b821) 10016

File: 1370178162238_500d_1_00340.jpg (208.27 KB, 835x603)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 10017

File: 1370178203336_chloe_serios_negocios.jpg (329.34 KB, 1059x1154)

 Anonymous (3ca3) 10018

This one was perfect, thanks.

 Anonymous (68cf) 10019

File: 1370180331753.jpg (80.34 KB, 441x423)

> @mrmarkmillar
> "Big week for Kick-Ass fans as the third & final volume launches at the same time as a big Kick-Ass 2 movie treat. Stay tuned."

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 10020

File: 1370180351165_126229178.jpg (30.25 KB, 396x594)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 10021

File: 1370180425586_132843962363.jpg (231.33 KB, 1313x1065)

>a big Kick-Ass 2 movie treat.

 Anonymous (68cf) 10022

File: 1370180515392.gif (1.32 MB, 300x178)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 10023

File: 1370180611554_Penguin_hat_23.jpg (30.78 KB, 293x326)

 Anonymous (af85) 10024

File: 1370180858470.jpg (81.29 KB, 640x480)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 10025

File: 1370181190746_13_1.jpg (33.1 KB, 318x319)

That's a nice hat you have there.

 Anonymous (5f6e) 10026

File: 1370181476583_402.jpg (69.88 KB, 473x640)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 10027

File: 1370181532064.jpg (20.13 KB, 145x151)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 10028

File: 1370181556089_cgm1.jpg (193.36 KB, 404x660)

 Anonymous (5f6e) 10029

File: 1370181608726_230.jpg (441.21 KB, 1600x1200)

 Anonymous (5f6e) 10030

File: 1370181657335_405.jpg (218.2 KB, 604x424)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 10031

File: 1370181678724_BG-1303-TeenV-HiRes-06.jpg (453.13 KB, 1500x1000)

 Anonymous (5f6e) 10032

File: 1370181731323_116.jpg (1.73 MB, 2048x1536)

 Anonymous (5f6e) 10033

File: 1370181772811_171.jpg (580.51 KB, 768x953)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 10034

File: 1370181806676_moretz_eyeprime_338.jpg (264.07 KB, 1199x2000)

 Anonymous (5f6e) 10035

File: 1370181838005_203.jpg (76.99 KB, 540x720)

  (b821) 10036

File: 1370181898679.jpg (166.23 KB, 780x520)


 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 10037

File: 1370182230721_chloe_moretz_morning_buzz_06.jpg (572.96 KB, 850x1063)

I understand KA2 trailer is not so good as we expect, maybe because KA it was extraordinary.
Hey! maybe not be as good as the original, but that don't means it's bad film!
Chloë leads the film, so for us is enough!
Carrie… is another issue, Pierce has a real talent, Julianne Moore is a genius, mmm… and Chloë will be the BIG STAR, so… only the fanatics, snobs, and haters who "hate" the remakes will talk bad about the movie. Even not being released.
I think the best of the year is coming and Chloë doesn't disappoint us

 Anonymous (a496) 10038

File: 1370197117616_oh_086.jpg (56.87 KB, 279x356)

>he needed something to distract people away from his bald head.
He didn't know his hair was going to stick straight up when Chloe put her hand on his bumm.

 Anonymous (5d19) 10039

same here bro

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