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File: 1377154903350_Movie_Funny-3.jpg (244.58 KB, 1280x853)

 Chloë Moretz Thread #571 !!oUI0PLI4G2 57623

Funny Faces Edition

 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 57624

aw fuck you

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57625

File: 1377155078931_Young_Tongue.jpg (38.7 KB, 236x354)

 Anonymous (09cf) 57626

File: 1377155178183_Teen_Vogue_1.gif (1.76 MB, 330x286)

 Anonymous (8392) 57627

File: 1377155298151_pint_sized_powerhouse.jpg (150.63 KB, 719x1111)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57628

File: 1377155333254_292493-chloe-moretz-chloe-being-silly.jpg (53.47 KB, 556x741)

That's cute!

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57629

File: 1377155985939_Seventeen_GIF.gif (952.57 KB, 500x244)

 Anonymous (09cf) 57630

File: 1377157115653_2.gif (1.32 MB, 222x218)

 Anonymous (f9dd) 57631

File: 1377157297168_Perfect_timing.jpg (59.69 KB, 634x469)

you can't beat this one

 Cubia (32d1) 57632

File: 1377157358570.gif (2.67 MB, 348x349)


Im a bit confused/curious by that wig and not her normal hair blowing in the wind.

 Anonymous (f9dd) 57633

File: 1377157595411.jpg (124.57 KB, 1280x688)


maybe she had already gone to the brunette side of the Force ? no ? can't remember…

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57634

File: 1377157638944_Awesome.jpg (19.57 KB, 192x176)

Yup. That's a tough cookie!
Or, should I have said "cupcake"?

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57635

File: 1377157688037_I_Will_Stab_You_With_My_Balisong.jpg (401.85 KB, 1077x1068)

I think that was too early a time.

 Anonymous (f9dd) 57636

File: 1377157700553_QUACK_QUACK_MOTHERFUCKER.jpg (21.71 KB, 147x191)

 Anonymous (f9dd) 57637

File: 1377157809630_xvJu6r0.png (733.2 KB, 640x640)

not really a funny face but nevermind she's so cute <3

 Cubia (32d1) 57638

File: 1377158608221.jpg (68.09 KB, 433x594)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57639

File: 1377158724164_Chloes_Beautiful_Smile.jpg (201.13 KB, 1280x854)

I know what you mean! I can't stop staring at this!

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!0/u1Q/yMKk 57640

File: 1377159470010_Chloe_Crazy_32.jpg (18.15 KB, 321x386)

 Anonymous (2eee) 57641

File: 1377159667838_133.png (594.28 KB, 721x683)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!0/u1Q/yMKk 57642

File: 1377159686932_Chloe_Crazy_35.jpg (17.04 KB, 298x303)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57643

File: 1377160165936_I_Wanted_a_BlackBerry_Z10_Then_Chloe_Held_One_I_Wonder_Why_I_Got_an_S4_Instead.jpg (56.24 KB, 422x594)

 JigSaw (c5d1) 57644

File: 1377161031990_BN8twDKCEAQj2yw.jpeg (43.27 KB, 480x640)

you again

 Anonymous (2597) 57645

This creepy bastard…

And now he deletes his old tweets almost everyday, so… he get bother Chloë and then delete proofs.
Very smart.

 JigSaw (c5d1) 57646

File: 1377163621043_BSNg2O3CUAAlbfH.jpg (34.99 KB, 465x582)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57647

File: 1377164694629_Chloned_Godesses.jpg (988.25 KB, 1894x2732)

Ah, at least you liked that picture. Or did ya get it from twitter?

 Anonymous (09cf) 57648

File: 1377164802393.jpg (26.8 KB, 391x400)

Who needs TV shows when you've got Chloe's twitter feed.

 Juf !zAshna.MSs 57649

File: 1377165510564_iNs58hEdYEi2C.jpg (4.93 MB, 6208x8262)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57650

File: 1377168043394_derp4.jpg (25.45 KB, 333x345)

 Mgallo!k0LjndXi/6 57651

File: 1377169732825_Kick-Ass_2_stars_Chloe_Moretz___Christopher_Mintz-Plasse_at_Kiss_FM_UK.mp4_20130810_13.jpg (25.53 KB, 306x334)

 Anonymous (09cf) 57652

File: 1377170455684_Quality_directing.gif (2.68 MB, 218x171)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57653

File: 1377171314246_wha0805.png (893.75 KB, 1024x576)

I could do that just as bad

 Anonymous (6c0f) 57654

WHich vid is that from?

 Anonymous (09cf) 57655

File: 1377171674600.jpg (47.29 KB, 612x612)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57656

File: 1377171759544_Big_Smile.jpg (32.17 KB, 312x309)

she looks so cute.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57657

File: 1377173630321_Empires_Big_Screen_4.png (274.83 KB, 594x457)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57658

File: 1377174436554_I_Dont_Think_So.jpg (168.29 KB, 1240x884)

I can't do that at all! One fixed look at Chloë, I'll be stuck in that direction forever.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!0/u1Q/yMKk 57659

File: 1377175212410_Chloeesi.jpg (581.48 KB, 1920x1069)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57660

File: 1377176251229_Good_One.jpg (90.91 KB, 490x490)


 JigSaw (c5d1) 57661

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57662

File: 1377177057618_kissy_tonguescape.png (190.65 KB, 409x334)

I get it from there 2.

>check the second comment what Gwyneth wrote

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57663

File: 1377180571859_vlcsnap-2013-06-21-22h13m01s170.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720)

Wait what?
Only 10 posts since I went to bed 6 hs ago?

 JigSaw (c5d1) 57664

File: 1377181527136_DLL-131911.jpg (329.84 KB, 600x402)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57665

File: 1377182020573_20130822_2155391.jpg (3.14 MB, 3264x2448)

A close friend of mine is going to buy my old mobile phone from me. I remember that there are still quite a few Chloë pics left and a Chlorangë wallpaper at that! So, I thought I'd take it out before she thinks of me as a weirdo again cause of the whole age-gap thing. Then, I considered the following:

1. She already knows about my Chlobsëssion.
2. She's bi and could be a potential Chlobro.

So, the experiment begins!

P.S. What scientific research is there that explains why I absolutely can not stop staring at this image?!?

 Anonymous (8392) 57666

File: 1377182063023.png (194.21 KB, 409x334)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57667

File: 1377182158294_Thats_Interesting.jpg (331.57 KB, 1347x1010)

I know a lot of us would like to lick her feet but this one's kinda different.

 Chloedevotee!A2XExGvB2w 57668

File: 1377182527644_0c46437a0b0511e3a64d22000a9f1590_7.jpg (94.3 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (8392) 57669

File: 1377183129187_201331410814_7.jpg (342.23 KB, 875x1902)

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 57670

>What scientific research is there that explains why I absolutely can not stop staring at this image?!?

Chloë's magic can't be explained by science.

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 57671

File: 1377183427694_2.jpg (1.02 MB, 2000x3000)

 Anonymous (c6e6) 57672

File: 1377183523001_Oh_Boy.jpg (422.55 KB, 1155x1419)

I think he wanted to scientifically research her

 Anonymous (6c0f) 57673

File: 1377183524689_lol.png (405.35 KB, 474x384)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57674

File: 1377183676747_Aropostale_Campaign_39.jpg (211.86 KB, 1280x854)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57675

File: 1377183829811_You_Have_Got_to_Be_Kidding_Me.jpg (103.98 KB, 755x923)

You're right. Her divinity know no bounds!

This better not get like the last thread with all that rape shiz!

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57676

File: 1377183994181_uh_this_is_interesting.jpg (201.96 KB, 1146x939)

I don't think he needs a hand with that, if you know what I mean.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57677

File: 1377184396424_Mildly_2.jpg (34 KB, 454x439)

where is this topic going?

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 57678

File: 1377184518764_24.jpg (533.51 KB, 1998x3000)

Into the realm of 'scientific research'

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57679

File: 1377184604846_Suspicious.jpg (129.53 KB, 638x407)

and this scientific research topic looks unsettling.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57680

File: 1377184672124_If_I_Must.jpg (23.06 KB, 386x410)

I'm sorry. This was my bad. I was already warned of what "research" means around here. I promise to be careful next time.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57681

File: 1377184850842_Talk_3.jpg (207.98 KB, 410x442)

no that is okay, it's just every topic in here is used to getting in the wrong turn.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57682

File: 1377185190458_Hick_Set_Candids_2.jpg (388.03 KB, 608x1197)

 Chloedevotee!A2XExGvB2w 57683

File: 1377185393917_oooo.gif (541.69 KB, 202x232)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57684

File: 1377187781680_Marie_Claire_Magazine_6.png (484.04 KB, 481x673)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57685

File: 1377187925700_Death_Star_Infiltration.jpg (237.72 KB, 929x597)

This one's kinda different.


Good night, guys!

 Anonymous (bafd) 57686

File: 1377188213543.jpg (209.74 KB, 1333x1000)


Chloe probably doesn't even see 3/4 of what he sends her. Seems to be very rare that Chloe checks her mentions. Maybe a few times a week she might look over a section of her mentions.

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 57687

File: 1377188428197_really3.png (134.24 KB, 302x367)

>Seems to be very rare that Chloe checks her mentions. Maybe a few times a week she might look over a section of her mentions.

How do you eve determine something like that? Are you a wizard?

 Chloedevotee!A2XExGvB2w 57688

File: 1377188586196_zzzthanks.jpg (18.73 KB, 264x278)

Nice OC bro

 Anonymous (bafd) 57689

File: 1377188587073_Chloe_Moretz-003.jpg (112.17 KB, 675x900)


By the rarity of her favorting and retweeting fans. It is not like she does it every day.

 Anonymous (c38c) 57690

File: 1377188907903_Chloe20Chloe.jpg (293.6 KB, 531x800)

>Into the realm of scientific research

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 57691

Still quite an assumption to say that she only looks through them a couple of times a week, especially since 99% of the stuff she receives is endless praise or hatred. Plus she's always with her phone, it wouldn't be particularly difficult to scroll through all her mentions every few hours. It wouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to scan through them quickly.

 Anonymous (c6e6) 57692


 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57693

File: 1377191153529_holy_full_body_profile.jpg (262.83 KB, 466x1200)

 Mike (f07a) 57694

File: 1377191857729_image.jpg (1.21 MB, 2060x3000)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57695

File: 1377192753944_holy_jesus_dem_legs_with_dat_skirt.jpg (219.17 KB, 500x607)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57696

File: 1377192791805_Teen_Vogue_8.jpg (317.5 KB, 729x1000)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57697

File: 1377192853967_Smile.jpg (262.4 KB, 420x615)

catchy filename.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57698

File: 1377192858892_fav_vogue_notby_tvshaman.jpg (279.67 KB, 549x800)

 Mike (f07a) 57699

File: 1377192886290_image.jpg (51.55 KB, 388x476)

This! Yes!

 Chloedevotee!A2XExGvB2w 57700

File: 1377192977095_306116_497487356955378_1795608451_n.jpg (52.91 KB, 660x660)

So nice in that size

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 57701

File: 1377193016848_chloe_moretz_teen_choice_awards_002.jpg (3.02 MB, 3832x2768)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57702

File: 1377193042266_2011-May-17th-Northern-Ballet-Press-Night-London-79.jpg (811.84 KB, 1787x2797)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57703

File: 1377193092474__ChloeMoretz_batman.jpg (961.28 KB, 3077x4474)

 Anonymous (152c) 57704

File: 1377193137400_BJXLwuyCMAAWTc2.jpg (35.04 KB, 500x700)


That's just hopeful thinking though. I think that most people hope that Chloe scans through everything that is sent to her. But I don't see it happening or that it is possible.

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 57705

File: 1377193298204_212.jpg (2.19 MB, 2632x2542)

It's just as much of an assumption as what you put forward is

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57706

File: 1377193498974_chloe_moretz_2012_peoples_choice_awards_216.jpg (107.17 KB, 1000x725)

 Anonymous (9258) 57707


not really. her not being able to read them is more likely since she is so busy….

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 57708

File: 1377193925804.jpg (24.52 KB, 300x315)

I never said she read them all, only that she could easily scroll down the list looking for keywords. If done even once every couple of hours, it would only take like 30 seconds.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57709

File: 1377194035695_Sunday_Times_Photoshoot_9.png (534.66 KB, 513x659)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57710

File: 1377194167750_4.png (345.08 KB, 594x457)

Belive me on this one, she doesn't care. But not in the sense of "omg im so tired of these people" but more in the way of "I've read this a thousand times, I don't need to read it anymore".

Trust me, it's like that, and you/we should not feel bad about it, it's just how humans "work".

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 57711

File: 1377194463691_103.jpg (1.2 MB, 1998x2797)

That's still just as much of an assumption as the one I'm making, neither of us has proof that she does or doesn't look at them.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57712

File: 1377194680104_Explain_3.jpg (124.08 KB, 434x457)

but chances are low, you don't know how full her Twitter feed is, she probably will look at the feeds which are sent by her friends then continue looking at her fans and maybe retweet the interesting ones.

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 57713

File: 1377194899301_121.jpeg (737.67 KB, 1938x2830)

>she probably will look at the feeds which are sent by her friends then continue looking at her fans and maybe retweet the interesting ones.

How does this contradict what I said?

 Chloedevotee!A2XExGvB2w 57714

File: 1377194924874.png (373.31 KB, 600x327)

Maybe for celebrities, people with thousand of followers, twitter works in another way, and she might read easily friends tweets.

Or maybe she uses list for that.

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 57715

File: 1377195002164_chloe_moretz_aeropostale_shoots_behind_the_scenes_011.jpg (206.39 KB, 640x960)

Hmm, maybe, I'd actually be interested to know.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57716

File: 1377195161823_Derp_3.jpg (13.61 KB, 300x290)

well, it doesn't.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57717

File: 1377195558433_Vogue_UK_2.jpg (265.23 KB, 1100x1428)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57718

File: 1377197185525_chloe_moretz_157.jpg (45.74 KB, 320x280)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57719

File: 1377197958530_chloe_moretz_156.jpg (80.18 KB, 456x331)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57720

File: 1377198222102_Stare_5.jpg (40.51 KB, 568x532)

look who it is…

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57721

File: 1377198407975_cute_vengeful_oh.jpg (69.23 KB, 838x797)

>That's still just as much of an assumption as the one I'm making.

Actually it's not the same, but well…

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57722

File: 1377198446602_chloe_moretz_055.jpg (455.09 KB, 900x704)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57723

File: 1377198480562_BSSRnJCCEAAr_le.jpg (78.96 KB, 581x1032)

Not sure if funny or terrifying

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57724

File: 1377198567557_new-2.jpg (114.9 KB, 538x540)

If you can't get the real Chloë, I guess a cardboard one should do.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57725

File: 1377198673874_choicest.jpg (1.35 MB, 1836x1224)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 57726

File: 1377198720372_Seventeen_Magazine_1.jpg (203.62 KB, 808x1078)

 Chloedevotee!A2XExGvB2w 57727

My vote… terrifying

 Chloefornication!!Fli6zyLoRE 57728

File: 1377199022204_dark_smoke.jpg (51.08 KB, 535x642)

That cardboard is missing a hole.

 Anonymous (9724) 57729

File: 1377199119302.jpg (26.71 KB, 288x193)

 Chloedevotee!A2XExGvB2w 57730

File: 1377199490856_168765034.jpg (84.37 KB, 433x594)

The power of Chloë

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57731

File: 1377199602189_doc-14156175_213420683.gif (1.01 MB, 245x300)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57732

File: 1377199673847_doc-14156175_213420565.gif (1.01 MB, 245x300)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57733


Was just about to post those.

Japan, you're awesome.

Unless it comes to photoshoots

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57734

File: 1377199812887_doc-14156175_213420616.gif (1.05 MB, 245x300)

They sure love their lolis

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57735

File: 1377200232264_hick_B2.jpg (2.71 MB, 2079x2940)

and lulis

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57736

File: 1377200586150.jpg (101.57 KB, 1212x806)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57737

File: 1377200609085.png (630.21 KB, 720x1000)

They do indeed.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57738

File: 1377200892444_blake-lively-chloe-moretz-hick-poster-07.jpg (201.42 KB, 1222x817)

 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 57739

File: 1377200970635.jpg (56.37 KB, 600x450)

I don't know what you guys were talking about
KA2 was fucking brutal in every known sense.
Not full of cheesy feelios like first one but that was compensated with adrenaline cutting to the chase like a knife trough a butter.

hi btw

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 57740

File: 1377201346304_30rock03.jpg (89.63 KB, 640x394)

Neat! I wonder if someone could join this into one gif of continuous movement.
It would be cool if we could get our hands on a Japan TV spot or something.

So, I just had another very brief dream with Chloe.
We were out shopping for a PS4. We had a child together. The worst part of the dream was that I lost her for a few minutes while parking the car becuz it was so crowded. I then saw her but she didn't see me. I rarely speak in my dreams so I frantically tried to catch up with her. When I did, I touched her shoulder and she looked back at me with a look of pure love. Like we had been together for a long time and that our souls were connected. All in all a good dream, but then I woke up.;____; Never did get that PS4…

She was wearing this

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57741

File: 1377201478631_Untitled-1.jpg (996.46 KB, 1100x951)

Got the KA2 HG figurine today.

Damn they could have done so much better with the face…

Pretty funny that they censored the title on both figures (Put a paint splatter on the "Ass" on KA1 box and just put KA2 on the newer one, you can't see it there as the flash is covering it) even though the title is used everywhere else with no issue.

 Anonymous (6c0f) 57742

Looks like Chinese

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 57743

File: 1377201723404_kick-ass-2-nuova-action-figure-di-chloe-moretz-a.jpg (157.53 KB, 620x929)

That's why I'm not even going to fuck with the official figure. It completely ruins the suspension of disbelief for me. I am curious how much it cost though…

I really want the Kumik or Play Toy version. Or maybe both…

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57744

File: 1377201758282_13270637141562.jpg (55.47 KB, 338x437)

What would you rate this and what would you rate the first?

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57745

File: 1377201812514_aah_what_omg.jpg (36.67 KB, 540x514)

>That's why I'm not even GOING TO FUCK with the official figure.

You… what.

 Anonymous (6c0f) 57746

File: 1377201971058_SaberCycleColored2_jpg_650x10000_q851.jpg (74.85 KB, 650x433)

Not worth buying a figure in my opinion unless it's uber quality.

If there could be a Hit Girl version of this figure, my wallet will be freely given.

 Anonymous (6c0f) 57747

File: 1377202052602_eb49480ca9fede61501f979a28c519321.jpg (227.7 KB, 930x620)

Better angle.

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 57748

File: 1377202098545_chloe_moretz_aeropostale_shoots_behind_the_scene.jpg (211.86 KB, 1280x854)

you read that correctly.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57749

File: 1377202320974_omg_aah.jpg (25.8 KB, 502x471)

So you wanted to f*** a figurine?


 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 57750

File: 1377202935564_78578527.png (664.21 KB, 592x730)

why the fuck aren't spoilers working

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 57751

File: 1377203002503.jpg (71.61 KB, 1151x719)

I'll admit, the thought has crossed my mind to have a full size "real doll" made using the 3D scans from Dark Shadows or someother life cast that has been made that actually uses Chloe's face and not just some approximation. But alas, I'm poor and while my mom knows of my Chloe addiction, I doubt she would be ok with me bringing my Chloe doll to family functions.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57752

one spoiler tag per line
either edit the post or move it to the KA2 spoilers thread pls

the discussion belongs there anyway

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57753

File: 1377203488884.jpg (25.8 KB, 502x471)

 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 57754

I thought so too so I edited it, still no spoilers.
Im not posting in a kick ass thread, it's dead.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57755

then delete your damn post because you're spoiling a lot of shit

 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 57756

Hey, I warned them.

Meh, whatever, it's not like anyone cares anyway.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57757

what kind of piss poor excuse is that?
We have a thread with spoilers specifically so we don't get assholes who ruin it for others
don;t be one of them and fix your post or delete it

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 57758

File: 1377203973561.jpg (922.19 KB, 2143x3184)

 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 57759

I was talking my opinion, not spoilers you fucktard.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57760

File: 1377204071918_chloe_moretz_072.jpg (52.66 KB, 514x406)

your "opinion" had SPOILERS FROM THE MOVIE

I'm not in the mood for a stupid argument
back to chlomo

 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 57761

>back to chlomo
for you
Im taking a break
see you in few months.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57762

File: 1377204237774.jpg (194.12 KB, 1200x675)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57763

File: 1377204299933.jpg (44.1 KB, 522x536)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57764

File: 1377204375954_chloe_moretz_114.png (285.09 KB, 431x428)

 Anonymous (ebfb) 57765

File: 1377204409423_000106380_01.jpg (1.76 MB, 1532x1654)

What's your opinion on this? I think I'm going to order her after a couple months of debate.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 57766

File: 1377204548997_notbad.gif (3.96 MB, 270x252)


not bad

 BritneyBitch! (2be5) 57767

File: 1377204632008_Second_hit_the_best_hit.jpg (81.62 KB, 486x600)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57768

File: 1377204648614_a2Hnx0gFiw0.jpg (63.69 KB, 604x473)

those russians found another lookalike

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57769

File: 1377204843144_0_03.jpg (131.63 KB, 450x443)


But of who…

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57770


Definitely the best looking so far, actually has a pretty decent resemblance to Chloe unlike any of the other KA2 figures (or Carrie ones for that matter).

Where's it from and how much?

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 57771

File: 1377204998074.jpg (540 KB, 828x1086)

Yeah, that one looks pretty good.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 57772

File: 1377205029164_smirk32432.jpg (130.53 KB, 881x1328)


put the left lady's hair on that right girl's head and you almost have Hit-Girl

 Anonymous (ebfb) 57773

File: 1377205281441_20130730wf23.jpg (171.11 KB, 542x800)



Another picture of the face as well (because that's what I was most iffy about)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57774

File: 1377205304089.jpg (83.13 KB, 344x451)

that could be arranged

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57775

File: 1377205513280_0_02.jpg (242.86 KB, 400x406)

Just watched the Brett Mason interview, dude spoils the Mother Russia/HG fight scene!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57776

File: 1377205980054_chloe_moretz_151.png (858.16 KB, 752x720)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57777

File: 1377206060985_13152345159.jpg (25.17 KB, 414x409)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57778

File: 1377206117914_0_04.jpg (102.48 KB, 400x398)


Broken link.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57779

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57780

File: 1377206267714_131290891142.jpg (116.51 KB, 600x902)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57781

File: 1377206297394.jpg (190.65 KB, 612x612)

the adventure of kick-ass and hit-boy

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57782

File: 1377206454911_hit_girl_2_by_shetheed-d6j7d2y.jpg (687.16 KB, 938x1131)

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 57783

File: 1377206752705.jpg (58.26 KB, 400x600)

 BritneyBitch! (2be5) 57784

File: 1377206910121_Fucked_up_hit-girl.jpg (63.41 KB, 575x383)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57785

File: 1377207409894_Chloe-J-Mag1-3.jpg (186.15 KB, 800x800)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57786

File: 1377207956910_chloe_moretz_jimmi_kimmel_10.jpg (68.41 KB, 592x1024)

dap cupcakes

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57787

File: 1377208104464_chloe_moretz_jimmi_kimmel_04.jpg (72.83 KB, 681x1024)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57788

File: 1377208163838_smile_pingu.jpg (28.59 KB, 282x319)

Dat one-handed research.

 Razor!HF52DJc9RE 57789

File: 1377208187844_000.jpg (79.32 KB, 760x1071)

she has a perfect profile

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57790

File: 1377208248664_article-0-0F684DD100000578-725_634x674.jpg (77.23 KB, 634x674)


 Razor!HF52DJc9RE 57791

File: 1377208565820_Chloefile.jpg (19.95 KB, 390x285)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57792

File: 1377208678323_now-kiss-2.jpg (38.92 KB, 328x206)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57793

File: 1377208801873_Let_Me_In_-_Chlo_amp_Kodi_-_Young_Hollywood_Network_HD.mp4_20130818_220944.jpg (98.89 KB, 610x645)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57794

File: 1377209046438_JG003.jpg (276.85 KB, 1024x682)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 57795

File: 1377209149700_chloe-grace-moretz-as-carrie-white-in-carrie-7.jpg (91.52 KB, 1919x799)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 57796

File: 1377209199634_chloe-grace-moretz-as-carrie-white-in-carrie-1.jpg (198.72 KB, 1919x799)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 57797

File: 1377209243574_chloe-grace-moretz-as-carrie-white-in-carrie-3.jpg (186.59 KB, 1919x799)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 57798

File: 1377209292888_chloe-grace-moretz-as-carrie-white-in-carrie-4.jpg (175.47 KB, 1919x799)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 57799

File: 1377209329284_chloe-grace-moretz-as-carrie-white-in-carrie-5.jpg (113.45 KB, 1919x799)

 WhoDat!!0Sah/skRRs 57800

File: 1377209336274_5.jpg (13.29 KB, 208x208)


I like that.

 !!.XgqeI3oug 57801

File: 1377209367568_julianne-moore-as-margaret-white-in-carrie-6.jpg (120.57 KB, 1919x799)

 Anonymous (385a) 57802

File: 1377209424701_132706371309420.jpg (18.74 KB, 205x172)

we all do
it's the traditional chlobro desert

 !!.XgqeI3oug 57803

File: 1377209424834_chloe-grace-moretz-as-carrie-white-in-carrie-2.jpg (132.91 KB, 1919x799)

 Anonymous (385a) 57804

File: 1377209520124_ChloeMoretz-AeropostaleShoot_66.jpg (145.91 KB, 1280x853)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57805

File: 1377209596542_hq-cupcakes.jpg (39.72 KB, 588x638)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 57806

File: 1377209663564_Love20cupcake.jpg (70.01 KB, 433x261)

 Mr. Black (23cd) 57807

File: 1377209929373_vlcsnap-2013-08-21-22h02m32s150.png (Spoiler Image, 241.56 KB, 640x320)

I love this face in KA2 so much

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57808

File: 1377210231684_BQ5faATCQAA6zV.jpg (111.21 KB, 1024x1024)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57809

File: 1377211343182_pJlTkgIfC0ME2hBL1cRth1t4eXw-m1.jpg (57.63 KB, 480x480)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57810

File: 1377211780533_105533420.jpg (49 KB, 317x317)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57811

File: 1377212202174_BCwAuckCcAAHhFG.jpg (54.09 KB, 577x577)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57812

File: 1377212867242_Come.gif (1.96 MB, 369x562)

Kick-Ass 2 was fuckin awesome.

Hit me with all the spoilers, bitchez!

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57813

File: 1377213203709_069.jpg (52.1 KB, 355x360)


You're too late to the party, we've moved on, it's all about Carrie now bro.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57814

File: 1377213242734_chloe20seventeen20covercam.jpg (66.59 KB, 640x480)

Looks like someone's back from the theatre! Good morning, guys!

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57815

File: 1377213569284_what_da_hell_man3.jpg (45.89 KB, 673x637)

From the money you've spent on these horrible looking things you could have got the RAH-figurine, which is greater in every sense imo

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57816

File: 1377213663926_061.jpg (43.36 KB, 293x262)


Both of those combined cost less than half of what the RAH figure costs.

Plus I bought the KA1 figure 3 years ago so…

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57817

File: 1377213798503_do_want3.jpg (27.8 KB, 216x239)

This. This is THE Hit-Girl Action Figurine. Too bad that she costs 200 $, cause she is fuckin awesome

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 57818

File: 1377213828770_092.jpg (41.62 KB, 569x416)

>Both of those combined cost less than half of what the RAH figure costs

BTW, don't get me wrong, it certainly shows.

I'm generally not into figurines though, so couldn't justify the cost of the more pricey ones.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57819

File: 1377213850446_feels-bad-girl.jpg (73.59 KB, 398x329)

>Both of those combined cost less than half of what the RAH figure costs.

That's why I can't buy her…

 Mr. Black (23cd) 57820

File: 1377214042033_vlcsnap-2013-08-20-21h26m43s192.png (Spoiler Image, 266.31 KB, 640x320)


K here you go

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57821

File: 1377214046438_best_lips_DP30.jpg (13.44 KB, 300x236)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57822

File: 1377214203524_Sleepy_2.jpg (52.01 KB, 699x819)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57823

File: 1377214220444_oh_boy_icon.png (23.52 KB, 100x120)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57824

File: 1377214341695_profile_lips.jpg (283.1 KB, 1020x1116)

 Mr. Black (23cd) 57825

File: 1377214381766_vlcsnap-2013-08-20-21h25m26s190.png (Spoiler Image, 344.41 KB, 640x320)


How would you rate it compared to the first?

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57826

File: 1377214398544_orgasm_face_do_want.jpg (88.01 KB, 667x527)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57827

File: 1377214491039_072.jpg (119.86 KB, 359x528)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57828

File: 1377214531674_Rock_On2.jpg (27.54 KB, 218x277)

Really close to it. I even liked the Union J sequence, only those disgusting and bad jokes twice, those are outrageously idiotic, but everything else was really cool.
Spoiler here
Though the defeat of Mother Russia was a bit too much

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57829

File: 1377214572141_chloe-moretz_mainstory1.jpg (44.65 KB, 468x396)

 Mr. Black (23cd) 57830

File: 1377214619503_disgusted.png (150.32 KB, 375x344)


>I even liked the Union J sequence

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57831

File: 1377214659984_hahaha_Hit-Girl.jpg (26.8 KB, 391x400)

It's really funny

 Mike (273b) 57832

File: 1377214745786_image.jpg (81.3 KB, 621x546)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57833

What it says in your spoiler made me think about this KA1 scene:
SPOILER (just so ppl don't get any ideas)
HG kicking the guy into the bathroom in Rasul's house

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57834

File: 1377214819440_smile.jpg (12.27 KB, 300x248)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57835

File: 1377214846820_clajzy51.jpg (18.14 KB, 365x438)

Not sure if I see the resemblance between them, but maybe

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57836

File: 1377214850712_jesus_christ_dem_lips.jpg (44.12 KB, 636x634)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57837

File: 1377214927357_good.jpg (35.12 KB, 360x387)


 Mr. Black (23cd) 57838

File: 1377214960763_vlcsnap-2013-08-19-18h22m19s159.png (346.83 KB, 640x320)


I have seen it three times in theaters so far (i have never even seen a movie in theaters more than one time before) but that scene is hard to sit through every time. I have no problems with the Mother Russia thing, unlike some people here….

The Mother Fucker, The Colonel and Mother Russia stole the show just as much as Mindy IMO. The only one on her level of awesomeness in KA1 was Big Daddy

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57839

File: 1377215048395_super_happy_fun_time.jpg (55.59 KB, 654x591)

 Mike (273b) 57840

File: 1377215126277_image.jpg (111.32 KB, 640x393)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57841

File: 1377215144315.jpg (8.91 KB, 206x230)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57842

File: 1377215167346_clajzy15.jpg (15.18 KB, 245x247)

I don't said I have a problem with it, at least it's better than KA1's über-unreal ending with the jetpack and bazooka

As for the others, Chris and Olga were really awesome, but SPOILER Jim's character died really soon, didn't had too much screentime, but during the attack on the brothel he is cool as hell

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57843

File: 1377215247530_okay.png (245.7 KB, 464x336)

I looked that word up, because I couldn't remember what the hell it meant. Yeah, you are right

 Mike (273b) 57844

File: 1377215259443_image.jpg (100.06 KB, 799x581)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57845

File: 1377215267619_oh.jpg (59.58 KB, 565x554)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57846

File: 1377215365171_4.jpg (1.08 MB, 2094x3144)

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 57847

File: 1377215376434.jpg (666.82 KB, 1800x2400)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57848

File: 1377215470751_thumbs_up.jpg (143.81 KB, 412x424)

 Mr. Black (23cd) 57849

File: 1377215491313_roflbot_7.jpg (85.13 KB, 960x408)


Yeah but i read the comic and knew he wouldn't last long, every second of screen time was awesome

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57850

File: 1377215534493_YES2.jpg (49.58 KB, 440x369)

I'll read them tomorrow!

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57851

File: 1377215584567.png (149.27 KB, 300x300)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57852

File: 1377215657434.jpg (14.44 KB, 300x295)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57853

File: 1377215720765_12312367432103.jpg (65.24 KB, 262x267)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57854

File: 1377215763846_now_that3.jpg (12.17 KB, 133x140)

>dat hole

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57855

File: 1377215766020_12312367432146.jpg (71.94 KB, 275x344)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57856

File: 1377215806886_SO_CUTE.png (132.64 KB, 307x341)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57857

File: 1377215913059_12312367432116.jpg (274.45 KB, 676x750)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57858

File: 1377215919273_thats_fuckin_bad.jpg (28.76 KB, 445x213)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57859

File: 1377216147669_12312367432185_tell_me_more.jpg (74.71 KB, 290x307)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57860

File: 1377216342113_12312367432182.jpg (77.54 KB, 261x343)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57861

File: 1377216526533_cute_legs_chloe.jpg (30.62 KB, 407x768)

Now I can post this!

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57862

File: 1377216774884_2.jpg (1.73 MB, 2059x3000)

A mobster Chlo fo you

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57863

File: 1377216779888_sexy_angry_chloe.jpg (106.18 KB, 1709x803)

You better start posting your Chloës Goddess damnit.


 Mr. Black (23cd) 57864

File: 1377216924811_chloe_moretz_wonderland_04.jpg (1.01 MB, 1564x2180)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57865

File: 1377216930974_kick-ass-0041.jpg (61.58 KB, 600x450)

I like Chloë in suit.

Have you realized that Chloë has dressed a lot of suits (or at least the top part) for events that are related with KA?

 WhoDat!!0Sah/skRRs 57866

File: 1377216979679_043_2.jpg (316.18 KB, 800x724)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57867

File: 1377217086028_chloe_moretz_kick-ass-2_london_photocall_19.jpg (619.32 KB, 1553x2364)


OFF: I don't like Jim Carrey's voice as CS&S. The hungarian dubbing guy was better. But maybe I'll have to see it in whole in English, this is just my first impression, after watching the trailers

 Buzz!wn22BnpRqs 57868

File: 1377217342004_Stare_8.jpg (40.56 KB, 669x635)

 Mr. Black (23cd) 57869

File: 1377217371181_Justice_Forevver.jpg (298.97 KB, 997x1000)


Wait, so you watched a dubbed version? so you couldn't actually hear Chloe's voice??

I loved The Colonel's voice.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57870

File: 1377217581874_feels_good2.jpg (22.05 KB, 262x301)

I wanted to see it in the movie theater, in my language or in english, didn't care. I will watch it in english when it will become available to pirate in good quality. And I'm thinking about buying a dvd of it too!

 Anonymous (2f81) 57871

File: 1377217724560_6760_1192543101674_936912_n.jpg (44.43 KB, 604x453)


My Snake go in that hole.

 Mr. Black (23cd) 57872

File: 1377217769853_vlcsnap-2013-08-19-20h28m27s51.png (323.86 KB, 640x320)


Did you get emotional in the final scene? "That was my first kiss."

 Anonymous (2f81) 57873

File: 1377217863093.jpg (197.87 KB, 634x887)


Hope that Chloe didn't have any options for Kick-Ass 2 or she might get a cheque for 10 cents.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57874

File: 1377217888124_cute_vengeful_chloe.jpg (69.23 KB, 838x797)

Nope, because you guys blew it for me, like at least 5 other moments

>mfw no surprise

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57875

File: 1377217990574_6.jpg (18.71 KB, 302x293)

That's a little snake you have there.

 Buzz!wn22BnpRqs 57876

File: 1377218050451_Nylon_Magazine_4.jpg (108.97 KB, 600x400)

 Mr. Black (23cd) 57877

File: 1377218063323_vlcsnap-2013-07-03-19h50m15s255.png (2.52 MB, 1920x800)


I meant when the "Flying Home" music starts up, it gave me so many feels

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57878

File: 1377218168074_1327032452.jpg (50.14 KB, 400x435)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57879

File: 1377218198344_I_hate_you4.jpg (13.67 KB, 285x357)

Good for you. I couldn't because I know what's gonna happen

 Anonymous (a6ae) 57880

File: 1377218225283_a9af1a0b6193113f6f45de567014fddb.jpg (421.06 KB, 2137x3000)

So another video of innocent virginal Chloe breaking into laughter when something dirty is mentioned in an interview. They had to cut her off it seems as she broke into such laughter over it.


 Mr. Black (23cd) 57881

File: 1377218336323_vlcsnap-2013-06-25-22h20m23s43.png (1.08 MB, 1920x800)


Actually, i only felt this way the SECOND time i watched it, lol. I think because i could process the movie properly that time, the first time it was surreal because i thought a sequel would never happen.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57882

File: 1377218405779.jpg (33.7 KB, 561x600)

She just laughed at a joke. You're making a big deal out of nothing, This doesn't come close to the Denzel interview

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57883

File: 1377218422789_derp11.jpg (21.75 KB, 640x640)

Time exactly, when it happens, maybe?

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 57884

File: 1377218589116_derp1.jpg (39.83 KB, 214x246)

Dunno if spoiler, but
Anyone knows why they have hired a new actor to play Todd in KA2? What happened to the original guy?

 Anonymous (8392) 57885

File: 1377218624159_chloe_moretz_jimmi_kimmel_10.jpg (68.41 KB, 592x1024)

mmm fresh cupcakes for brekky

 Mr. Black (23cd) 57886

File: 1377218658679_Cross_my_heart.jpg (82.03 KB, 638x640)


I think Evan Peters was filming American Horror Story, the new Todd was so retarded.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57887

File: 1377218679545_12082474.jpeg (31.46 KB, 480x360)

 Anonymous (fd5f) 57888

File: 1377218698615_aavN3X4l.jpg (166.48 KB, 817x1222)


It's the way she laughed. Exactly the kind of laugh during the Denzel interview. She's not used to anything naughty.

 Buzz!wn22BnpRqs 57889

File: 1377218707134_Justifying.jpg (35.97 KB, 461x333)

he is dead.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57890

File: 1377218807794_Chloe_signing.jpg (71.25 KB, 1280x720)

This is more like regular laughter
she also plays into the joke and discusses jamming foot up snatches instead of bursting into laughter like you're making it sound

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57891

File: 1377218858799_ArUwxqHCQAAc-jd.jpg (20.45 KB, 240x320)

plays into the joke .. up to a certain point

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57892

File: 1377218960510.jpg (89.89 KB, 791x683)

 Mr. Black (23cd) 57893

File: 1377219049354_vlcsnap-2013-06-30-02h41m39s241.png (2.49 MB, 1920x816)


Dat class

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57894

File: 1377219114524_kiss-it.jpg (42.33 KB, 366x281)

 Buzz!wn22BnpRqs 57895

File: 1377219138927_Honestly_2.jpg (8.58 KB, 166x271)

this movie… gun b good.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57896

File: 1377219207504_chloe_moretz_acting_goofy__03.jpg (43.88 KB, 609x701)

Im really liking Carrie's personality.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57897

File: 1377219250044_MoC_CGM_Carrie_2013_003.jpg (1.56 MB, 4256x2832)

I hope so
I have huge hopes for it
pretty much all the hopes I had for kick-ass 2 were poured into this one instead of having it turn to bitterness and shear disappointment

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57898

File: 1377219320161_chloobies.jpg (233.12 KB, 512x628)

me too

 WhoDat!!0Sah/skRRs 57899

File: 1377219484112.jpg (36.88 KB, 405x415)


Uh, Carrie.

 Buzz!wn22BnpRqs 57900

File: 1377219486667_Serious_7.jpg (30.08 KB, 191x214)

>I hope so
it will, and fuck critics.

 BritneyBitch! (2be5) 57901

File: 1377219578383_Normal_face_and_smile.gif (689.19 KB, 160x160)

I think you guys have a wrong idea about Carrie.. but yeah, this Carrie is more pretty than the others

 Anonymous (0b28) 57902

File: 1377219610299.jpg (55.7 KB, 720x540)


She did burst into embarrassed laughter as soon as the guy hinted that he has shoved his hand up women's cunts.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57903

File: 1377219612104_1399138224.jpg (47.74 KB, 700x477)

> fuck critics.
well critics pummeled KA2 into the ground
I'm hoping for the critics to love this
the more positive buzz the better, especially seeing how this is her first major leading role

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57904

File: 1377219752717_035.jpg (179.86 KB, 594x765)

and she was perfectly calm when he first brought up the foot jamming in snatches
if she was as prude as you're making her sound she would have burst into laughter from the get go

 WhoDat!!0Sah/skRRs 57905


Actually, there's been a lot of controversy on Chloë playing Carrie because she's "too pretty", but who gives a fuck.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57906

File: 1377219792590_044.jpg (90.75 KB, 410x246)

What interview is that from?

 BritneyBitch! (2be5) 57907

File: 1377219822253_Avengers_assamble_Asshole.jpg (10.7 KB, 200x200)

The critics totally ruined KA2… they are assholes, they were right is some points but the movie deserves more

Now we have Carrie..

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57908

File: 1377219868511.jpg (37.76 KB, 789x438)

>Wadlow totally ruined KA2

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57909

File: 1377219955434.jpg (169.03 KB, 400x501)

nvm, I remembered

 Anonymous (8392) 57910

File: 1377220088023.jpg (401.69 KB, 2000x2000)

Because you dumb cunts cant learn to use the right thread I'm not even going to bother seeing KA2 at the cinemas anymore.

 BritneyBitch! (2be5) 57911

File: 1377220155173_969836_596289200422840_1453236187_n.jpg (60.73 KB, 720x960)

A "lot" is nothing! fans hated the choice, then they "conformed" with the choice, the trailer came out and the critics were mixed, then fans kinda felt for her and now they are like: "Fuck! if she only were a little more uglier.. that's the only problem"

I have no idea

 Buzz!wn22BnpRqs 57912

File: 1377220157024_Explain_2.jpg (60.22 KB, 854x464)

>Wadlow totally ruined KA2
yes that is true, if only it was Vaughn, we would be still getting scenes with goosebumps like the saving Big Daddy scene.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57913

File: 1377220162884.png (21.86 KB, 1920x1200)

Sounds like you're making up excuses to not see it in cinema

 Anonymous (8392) 57914

File: 1377220286446.jpg (389.02 KB, 1200x800)

What's the point? Everyone says its shit anyway.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57915

File: 1377220293334.gif (1016.73 KB, 342x304)

mfw some reviewers were saying the action was just as good as the first

 Buzz!wn22BnpRqs 57916

File: 1377220305741_Creepy_Smile.png (142.22 KB, 288x291)

>there's been a lot of controversy on Chloë playing Carrie because she's "too pretty", but who gives a fuck.
that is the point. I think they envy her.

 BritneyBitch! (2be5) 57917

File: 1377220354273_Hey_man.gif (667.89 KB, 245x175)

Yeah but still… is not that bad… the script is fucking shit and the other stuff.. we already discussed this it's deserves better.. i like it and.. is a fun ride

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57918

File: 1377220390930_fce6d3f1fd9a4baab24eca4f1039f521.jpg (96.33 KB, 400x371)

It's not shit
It's an ok movie and a must see if you're a fan of Chloë or the original
just don't expect it to be as good as the first

When does it release there? Or is it out already?

 Anonymous (2272) 57919

File: 1377220427131_tumblr_mfjxxm017D1rv7cdvo1_500.gif (933.37 KB, 500x250)


Probably because she was coached for answering those kind of questions since it is part of what her character actually says in the film.

You still thinking she isn't a prude and making up excuses for her after that Denzel interview is funny. You must really want her to be as dirty minded as everyone on here likes to pretend that she is. LOL

 Buzz!wn22BnpRqs 57920

File: 1377220442182_Meh.jpg (15.87 KB, 265x269)

why do you bother yourself with reading reviews?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57921

I'm not putting her in either extreme (a prude or a very naughty girl; I think shes somewhere in the middle). But I don't see what you're seeing in this interview. She discussed foot jamming fairly naturally and then at the end she laughed at a joke … you know, like normal people

 Anonymous (8392) 57922

File: 1377220609536_hit_girl_by_gloriousryan-d6i2hlf.jpg (284.87 KB, 1920x1080)

yesterday, guess I'll go see it on the weekend

 BritneyBitch! (2be5) 57923

File: 1377220642983_Hit_girl_is_ready.jpg (201.65 KB, 508x640)

Guys KA2 is good! don't listen the reviews!! is not as good as the first one and there is more violence than heart in the movie.. that is one of the main problems.. people are offended.. but still is good

If you want to see Chloe owning a movie with such a weak material.. you have to see KA2 because she is simple amazing.. she owned! and the movie is good..i rally like it.. is the second of a trilogy

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57924

File: 1377220655778_cherry_flavored_cupcakes.jpg (104.65 KB, 839x915)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57925

File: 1377220675014_omg_silly.jpg (26.28 KB, 376x376)

I love reading reviews for stuff that I love. It feels like I'm re-experiencing it again (to a smaller extent ofc)

I've read shitload of KA2 review and I'll read way more for Carrie

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57926

File: 1377220788536_Dud9sH08pUU.jpg (51.5 KB, 604x604)

That's a good bro. We need to support this so we get a third one, and maybe they can afford a better mask for hit-girl too while they're at it

 BritneyBitch! (2be5) 57927

File: 1377220847409_Ahhhhhh.gif (486.76 KB, 250x178)

They don't envy.. Carrie is supposed to be ugly

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57928

File: 1377220921114_i_make_my_own_rules_so_i_dont_really_care.jpg (122.6 KB, 720x478)

 Buzz!wn22BnpRqs 57929

File: 1377220930244_Talk_5.jpg (21.54 KB, 534x561)

in my world, once I open the page that contains the review, I'm like tl:dr. in fact I let the movie do the magic with surprising me, because once I read the review, then I will only judge the movie by based what is written in the review.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57930

File: 1377220934986_kick_ass_and_hitgirl_by_francescoiaquinta-d6ja5wt.jpg (452.35 KB, 1024x1448)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57931

File: 1377220959133_Chloe20Moretz20at20the20201320Peoples20Choice20Awards.jpg (74.01 KB, 640x480)


I hope a btter copy of this appears! It's such a cute one.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57932

File: 1377221085610_120405_AeroLA-1522-X2.jpg (105.4 KB, 640x960)

Really cute and really sexy at the same time.

 Buzz!wn22BnpRqs 57933

File: 1377221115056_Sarcastic_3.jpg (52.1 KB, 355x360)

sorry, but I don't think the word ugly is written in Chloë Grace's lexicon.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57934

File: 1377221162404_kick_ass_2_by_roggles-d6in4wd.png (958.65 KB, 694x1000)

 BritneyBitch! (2be5) 57935

File: 1377221230322_Her_eyes.jpg (269.77 KB, 960x748)

There you go… that is the problem, but i believe that she can be ugly if she wants… but i think more people thinks that Carrie is hot..

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57936

File: 1377221254032_chloe-moretz-01.jpg (102.93 KB, 994x706)

 Anonymous (8392) 57937

File: 1377221404539___01.jpg (79.43 KB, 608x1080)

 Buzz!wn22BnpRqs 57938

File: 1377221474454_You.jpg (5.84 KB, 222x229)

there is a Russian Doppelgänger?!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57939


I found it on a russian site
I don't know if she's russian

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57940

File: 1377221951392_99evx.jpg (30.91 KB, 480x360)

 Buzz!wn22BnpRqs 57941

File: 1377221952694_Chlo_Grace_Moretz37.jpg (993.73 KB, 833x1250)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57942

File: 1377222013221_chloe-moretz-sweet-16-birthday-bash-with-julianne-moore-24.jpg (394.81 KB, 1145x1222)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57943

File: 1377222076498_chloe-moretz-sweet-16-birthday-bash-with-julianne-moore-02.jpg (357.53 KB, 1222x947)

 Anonymous (8392) 57944

 Buzz!wn22BnpRqs 57945

File: 1377222138718_1.jpg (335.63 KB, 2592x4000)

I don't know why, but I really like her armpits in this set.

 Anonymous (8392) 57946

File: 1377222286998_--01.gif (6.39 MB, 394x700)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57947

File: 1377222508289_hg1.jpg (109.18 KB, 602x1073)

nice find

 BritneyBitch! (2be5) 57948

File: 1377222821693_Fav_outfit_ever.jpg (236.35 KB, 579x800)

Wow.. what is that??

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 57949

File: 1377222892960.png (317.05 KB, 426x362)

 BritneyBitch! (2be5) 57950

File: 1377222983954_Carry_is_hot.jpg (31.24 KB, 186x282)

5 sec of something i don't understand… :) but is HG

 JigSaw (e844) 57951

File: 1377223921209_DrsxDzMrozE.jpg (78.14 KB, 569x591)

 JigSaw (e844) 57952

File: 1377224092527_qZUjl7QWfuY.jpg (91.33 KB, 960x622)

 Anonymous (6fdc) 57953


i hope that magazine is laminated for easy cleaning

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57954

File: 1377224177709_ff5120e85ac7f214_Chloe-Moritz.jpg (490.61 KB, 1100x1100)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57955

File: 1377224302928_Chloe20for20Seventeen20Mag.jpg (217.92 KB, 700x1000)

>Really cute and really sexy all at the same time
Yup, we can just say it's really Chloë!

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57956

File: 1377224446106_chlo_mo_aero_swee_16_birfdey_213_MoC_05.jpg (1.2 MB, 1998x2797)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57957

File: 1377224521474_CM000000-SC-TFLAN--TCF.jpg.jpg (761.7 KB, 2100x3000)

You just have to love this.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57958

File: 1377224553013_Versace.jpg (546.18 KB, 940x627)

 JigSaw (e844) 57959

File: 1377224682719_qZUjl7QWfuY.jpg (45.68 KB, 235x300)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57960

File: 1377224683859_Mansion_of_Celebs_2011Versace_Chloe_Moretz_006.jpg (1.01 MB, 1984x3000)

Gold set is gold.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57961

File: 1377224773653_tumblr_lug9hkAeN31qcq74zo1_1280.jpg.scaled1000.jpg (187.74 KB, 500x750)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57962

File: 1377224870884_116939.jpg (1.04 MB, 1807x3000)

 Anonymous (6c0f) 57963

File: 1377225359228_50.jpg (823.26 KB, 1229x795)

How is Chloe too pretty for Carrie again?

 Anonymous (6c0f) 57964

The comic was horrible and edgy. Dead kids, random raped people, animal cruelty + creative post mortem art.

Some of you guys need to give Wadlow more credit, not to mention Vaughn and Goldman were on this project too, i seriously doubt that they skipped on reading the script.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57965

File: 1377227085033_Chloe-Moretz---The-Equalizer-set-in-Chelsea-05-560x832.jpg (98.28 KB, 560x832)

I wanna name one leg "Dorris" and the other "Agatha". I do not know what's with the random thought….

 WhoDat!!0Sah/skRRs 57966

File: 1377227517823.jpg (34.49 KB, 275x275)


I hadn't seen this picture closely. Dem thighs!

 BritneyBitch! (2be5) 57967

File: 1377228128338_Agree.jpg (57.45 KB, 648x960)

I like the hair

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 57968

File: 1377228939350_000.jpg (101.05 KB, 303x431)

 Anonymous (8392) 57969

File: 1377229249233_Carrie-9d952713.jpg (4.44 MB, 3233x5000)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 57970

File: 1377229394847_cant-handle-faboost.jpg (31 KB, 540x367)

Even the mirror can't handle her beauty.

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 57971

File: 1377230114574_Rainbow.gif (5.83 MB, 540x304)

 Anonymous (8392) 57972

File: 1377230122307_270523915_1280.jpg (129.29 KB, 830x716)

 Anonymous (072b) 57973

File: 1377230138783_soulcycle.gif (363.53 KB, 387x987)

Chloe toned up that Class some more today with Soul Cycle.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57974

File: 1377230625463_DarrenBlackBerry.jpg (1.88 MB, 3264x2448)

I couldn't help it.

 Anonymous (64f3) 57975

File: 1377231903908.jpg (50.49 KB, 500x375)

Where am I?
In the Chlomo Village.
What do you want?
Funny face chloe pics….
What side are you on?
That would be telling….we want funny face Chloe pics….funny face Chloe pics….funny face Chloe pics….
You won't get them.
By hook or by crook….we will.
Who are you?
I am the new #2 anon.
Who is #1 anon?
You are #6 anon.
I am not an anon!! I am a free man!!
Hah hah hah haaaah hah ha ha ha ha……..

 Mike (273b) 57976

File: 1377231968903_image.jpg (97.76 KB, 640x640)

Funny faces edition she's looking good, I love this one

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 57977

File: 1377232012247_076.jpg (42.81 KB, 223x262)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57978

File: 1377232054381_oh.jpg (37.27 KB, 411x404)

 Mike (273b) 57979

File: 1377232117977_image.jpg (74.36 KB, 940x528)

We are all Anons

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57980

File: 1377232397164_fuck-the-police-chloe-moretz-pumpkin.jpg (195.12 KB, 652x421)

This anon is thinking of spending the long weekend tracking down the IP address of Chloë's iPhone, jumping out of the bush nearest her, and hugging her like hell.

P.S. I'm still staring at this.

When I die, I want to be buried with Chloë's face superimposed on the inner part of my casket's lid.

 Mike (273b) 57981

File: 1377232719481_image.jpg (83.49 KB, 938x515)

But you will be dead, you won't be able to see shit in that casket bro

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57982

File: 1377233032594_If_I_Must.jpg (23.06 KB, 386x410)

I did not think this through.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57983

File: 1377233250650_1.jpg (45.5 KB, 504x614)

 Mike (273b) 57984

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57985

File: 1377233756892.jpg (196.2 KB, 500x500)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 57986

File: 1377233769108_tiger_PJs.jpg (382.18 KB, 1388x1532)

 Mike (273b) 57987

File: 1377233830803_image.jpg (291.88 KB, 936x1404)


 !!H/EgWpNbWs 57988

File: 1377233863175.jpg (233.75 KB, 1411x1024)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57989

File: 1377233880668_I_Told_You_So.jpg (16.99 KB, 333x303)

You found that so funny didn't ya?

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 57990

File: 1377234090619_ill-allow-it.jpg (186.63 KB, 604x452)

Maybe you can get a coffin Chloë.

 Mike (273b) 57991

File: 1377234198240_image.jpg (1.59 MB, 2031x3000)

I did, but also my phone was fucking up haha

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57992

File: 1377234323802_I_Dont_Think_So.jpg (168.29 KB, 1240x884)

I imagined randomly finding Chloë in different places… but a coffin never crossed my mind.

 Mike (273b) 57993

File: 1377234407533_image.jpg (338.52 KB, 936x1405)

 Anonymous (7098) 57994

File: 1377234600711_bean.jpg (7.93 KB, 400x290)

I also imagined finding Chloë's different places

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57995

File: 1377234682557_Oh_No_You_Did_Not.jpg (296.78 KB, 1008x966)

 Mike (273b) 57996

File: 1377234758859_image.jpg (87.46 KB, 682x1024)

Now it has

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 57997

File: 1377234840919.gif (1.01 MB, 350x276)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 57998

File: 1377234931803_That_Aint_Right.jpg (99.63 KB, 731x885)

Yeah. Though, the thought was suddenly overridden by…

… this guy.

 Mike (273b) 57999

File: 1377235017774_image.jpg (82.96 KB, 594x446)


 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 58000

File: 1377235085412.gif (1.35 MB, 369x277)


 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58001

File: 1377235150486_Orgasm_Face.jpg (189.97 KB, 556x686)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 58002

File: 1377235284452.jpg (6.96 MB, 3288x4728)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58003

File: 1377235509134_The_Most_Heavenly_Legs_I_Have_Seen.jpg (520.9 KB, 1927x3000)

This means war!

 Mike (273b) 58004

File: 1377235512930_image.jpg (79.72 KB, 500x500)

 Mike (273b) 58005

File: 1377235679991_image.jpg (72.09 KB, 640x360)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 58006

File: 1377235684578.jpg (7.15 MB, 3516x4620)

That set is so high resolution, you can see the pattern of the cushion in her skin.

 Anonymous (9258) 58007

File: 1377235820507.png (230.34 KB, 222x262)


 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58008

File: 1377235826374_Hippie_Legs.jpg (258.25 KB, 828x1056)

I know! That's why I love it!

I knew this thread was going to get leggy. Threads always do.

 Mike (273b) 58009

File: 1377236019523_image.jpg (608.42 KB, 1052x1508)

 Anonymous!oey0q9KKJY 58010

I would steal Chloë's panties and use them to hang myself on the tree right outside her house

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 58011

File: 1377236148193_eee.jpg (29.73 KB, 240x240)

They gave the movie a smaller budget than the original so they could make a better blu-ray?

 Mike (273b) 58012

File: 1377236242096_image.jpg (167.42 KB, 1200x800)

That's fucked up

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58013

File: 1377236344854_Oh_Well.jpg (22.4 KB, 369x420)

Though, I wished that in that specific picture, Chloë was facing this way so that it would've been perfect!

But hey, you can't have everything.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58014

File: 1377236456588_Cute_and_Goofy.jpg (13.51 KB, 299x293)

Yeah, it is. I wouldn't be surprised though if some bros followed that guy to salvage the remains of that scene… if you know what I mean.

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 58015

File: 1377236692913_seems-legit.gif (3.98 MB, 378x350)

Yeah, what a creep.

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 58016

File: 1377236772872_follow-your-dreams.jpg (501.05 KB, 1162x1984)

 Anonymous (9258) 58017

File: 1377236895366_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_40.jpg (13.51 KB, 299x293)



 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 58018

File: 1377236970124.gif (4.84 MB, 450x354)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 58019

File: 1377237171014_2013-May-19th-Billboard-Music-Awards-Las-Vegas-09.jpg (564.3 KB, 2100x3150)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58020

File: 1377237767384_blue.jpg (624.7 KB, 2019x3000)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58021

File: 1377237845771_moretz_eyeprime_30_1.jpg (221.89 KB, 1200x1800)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58022

File: 1377237902292.jpg (948 KB, 2622x3790)

Ok sry, back to legs.

 Anonymous!oey0q9KKJY 58023

Someone could make a gif out of this with just her head in the first 2 seconds. Loop it around.

 Anonymous!oey0q9KKJY 58024

File: 1377238446954_Chloe.jpg (19.57 KB, 192x176)

Out in the open. I can't believe no one grabbed her and forced her to take blu-ray quality videos of her legs

 Anonymous (4315) 58025

File: 1377238541053_juggling_our_soulcycle.gif (363.53 KB, 387x987)


I am sure that the Blu-ray/DVD will be un-rated and they will add in the scenes like "take your tampon out dave" that they cut from the theater.

 Anonymous (7098) 58026

I need to chickenshit

 Anonymous (64f3) 58027

File: 1377239701757_demthongs.jpg (124.34 KB, 753x675)

I see your superb Chloe legs and raise you these delightful diminutive Chloe baby toes….

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58028

File: 1377239722013_Im_innocent_I_swear.jpg (125.2 KB, 1280x720)

 Anonymous (e0bc) 58029

File: 1377239907980_cgbdsm.gif (1.13 MB, 360x240)

Hope this helps

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58030

File: 1377240565331_BG-1303-TeenV-HiRes-04.jpg (265.7 KB, 1295x1000)

 Anonymous (7098) 58031

File: 1377240595549_its_chloes_fault_im_a_pedophile.jpg (118.3 KB, 942x528)

if you could touch yourself some chloe which would you first?

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58032

File: 1377240910043_I_Dare_You.jpg (21.61 KB, 310x306)

Alright! Enough of that fucking rape stuff. This isn't the place to do it!

Can't well all just go back to feet, legs, and lips again.

 Anonymous!oey0q9KKJY 58033

File: 1377241115555_Chloe.jpg (90.91 KB, 490x490)

Horny bastards

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58034

File: 1377241209006_This_is_Awkward.jpg (27.35 KB, 223x258)

I know, right!
They're kinda infectious at some point….

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 58035

File: 1377241843324_3.jpg (773.45 KB, 2100x2800)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 58036

File: 1377242449970_dark-side-of-the-grace.jpg (122.86 KB, 1920x1080)

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58037

File: 1377242822817_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_17.jpg (11.76 KB, 275x272)

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58038

File: 1377242976703_face.png (142.72 KB, 325x355)


 Anonymous (2597) 58039

I like it.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58040

File: 1377243906547_0001_93.jpg (1.47 MB, 2832x4256)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 58041

File: 1377243995667_061.jpg (43.36 KB, 293x262)

The panties rainbow makes it.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58042

File: 1377244022544_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_CHANEL_Pre_Oscar_Dinner_nITr2wozMRYx.jpg (296.3 KB, 678x1024)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58043

File: 1377244103938_Chloe-Moretz-attends-Cleopatra-Northern-Ballet-Press-Night-in-London-chloe-moretz-22138373-1370-2000.jpg (377.75 KB, 1370x2000)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58044

File: 1377244150670_article-0-197C7C1C000005DC-161_634x932.jpg (128.59 KB, 634x932)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58045

File: 1377244216671_vwill-ChloeMoretz-07_o.jpg (693.66 KB, 2000x1333)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58046

File: 1377244581266_526190.jpg (100.81 KB, 277x330)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58047

File: 1377244657786_heart_attack_cause_number_1_bites_lips.jpg (58 KB, 400x500)

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58048

File: 1377244718892_watc.jpg (19.69 KB, 342x357)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58049

File: 1377244757038_039.jpg (11.18 KB, 322x329)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58050

File: 1377244823894_118.jpg (12.98 KB, 275x355)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58051

File: 1377244841858_Chloe_vs_Sith.jpg (333.05 KB, 943x540)

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58052

File: 1377244888812_yeah.png (165.98 KB, 394x367)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58053

File: 1377244890514_040.jpg (21.71 KB, 147x191)

Oh Chloë… u so crazy
U no duck Chloë…

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58054

File: 1377244967684_096.jpg (124.07 KB, 415x466)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58055

File: 1377245000735_085.jpg (166.41 KB, 661x609)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58056

File: 1377245052204_104.jpg (166.99 KB, 423x495)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 58057

File: 1377245090051_yo.jpg (33.2 KB, 650x433)

It's getting about that time isn't it?

Batman for Batman/Superman has been casted now, and Episode VII is coming out that summer and should be in a similar stage of pre-production. The Chloë4StarWars campaign could be coming to a close some time soon.

Also funny face.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58058

File: 1377245096995_do_not_want.jpg (48.23 KB, 455x421)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58059

File: 1377245157072_124.jpg (115.35 KB, 381x399)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58060

File: 1377245338344_Yeah_You_Go_Do_That.jpg (94.63 KB, 623x919)

I just hope it pays off.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58061

File: 1377245405684_nigga-please.jpg (44.11 KB, 668x803)

reading it and writing it are two different things
the first comic wasn't that great either yet it turned into a fantastic movie

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58062

File: 1377245470549_Heaven_3.jpg (753.3 KB, 1100x734)

With a little faith, it will.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58063

File: 1377245573770.jpg (171.32 KB, 1265x681)

Damn dvt555
you're such a nightmare

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58064

File: 1377245611584_That_Excites_Me.jpg (21.21 KB, 382x387)

I hope so.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58065

File: 1377245799752_this_nigga.jpg (92.39 KB, 640x361)

Still alive? I thought you chickenshit or something

 Anonymous (27e8) 58066

File: 1377245856183.jpg (21.84 KB, 244x453)

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58067

File: 1377245950402_Kick-Ass_2_Stars_Back_for_More.mp4_20130802_154058.jpg (14.34 KB, 249x268)

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58068

File: 1377246129274_hi-guys.gif (3 MB, 294x222)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 58069

File: 1377246785426.gif (2.53 MB, 320x180)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58070

File: 1377247243409_CFW_Chlomo.org.jpg (96.02 KB, 716x960)

I don't remember you posting all that much recently
Will you see KA2 this weekend?

 Anonymous (2eee) 58071

File: 1377247271886.jpg (290.46 KB, 620x929)

Chloe Moretz Confesses She 'Kept Her Kick-Ass 2 Costumes' But Insists She 'Only Wears Them For Cam'


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58072

File: 1377247356584_13270637143423.jpg (80.11 KB, 800x447)


>August 23rd 2013

>still playing the Cam angle

 Anonymous (27e8) 58073

File: 1377247406001.jpg (33.17 KB, 377x367)

I've been on, just not as active. I already saw it when it premiered, yesterday.

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58074

File: 1377247483893_surprised4.jpg (32.91 KB, 309x290)

>For Cam

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58075

File: 1377247510060_13475991641.jpg (43 KB, 400x392)

>I already saw it when it premiered, yesterday.
I appreciated your lengthy review of the most anticipated Chloë movie to date

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 58076

File: 1377247513914.png (813.44 KB, 762x670)

>"I was at a Paul McCartney concert and a guy said, 'Dude! Are you Hit-Girl?' I said yes, and then he said, 'Will you punch me in the face?' and I shook my head. I made an excuse that I had to go see someone else."

It only would have taken a second to punch the poor man Chloë… It's a four knuckle autograph.

 Anonymous (27e8) 58077

File: 1377247583686.jpg (26.21 KB, 260x152)


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58078

File: 1377247672557.gif (3.47 MB, 374x270)

>writing more than a paragraph

seriously though make and effort and write your impressions

 JigSaw (e844) 58079

File: 1377248052493_2f6a6570a927ccf54120adfc81292772.jpg (198.5 KB, 1000x1500)


 JigSaw (e844) 58080

File: 1377248086737_3dd472ff996330cba5f6648ac2b2b5d8.jpg (241.35 KB, 1500x1000)

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58081

File: 1377248171094_creepy_tongue_is_creepy.jpg (10.04 KB, 185x201)

Dat face.
Dat button, so she is the Chlomedian.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58082

File: 1377248320375_132706371471.gif (4.19 MB, 360x221)

 Anonymous (8392) 58083

File: 1377248947063_otSS504ARXg.jpg (640.06 KB, 2000x2000)

 JigSaw (e844) 58084

File: 1377249157737_2f6a6570a927ccf54120adfc85292772.jpg (289.15 KB, 1000x1500)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58085

I found it on MoC

 JigSaw (e844) 58086

File: 1377251012663_ergg20130823164453.png (102.05 KB, 572x194)

Oh, I don't have an account of MoC , but I know lots of HQ's can be found on it .

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58087

File: 1377251304239_even_niggers_love_chloe.gif (315.71 KB, 320x320)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58088

File: 1377251543976_clajzy_high.jpg (44.95 KB, 433x405)

>Giovanni's answer

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58089

File: 1377252449415_Chlos_Beautiful_Smile_at_the_2013_Spring_Aeropostale_Shoot.jpg (201.13 KB, 1280x854)

Okay, so I took the train going home cause I didn't have my freakin' car. Sardines in a can felt way more comfortable than what I experienced. I was completely pissed…

… then I stared at this image again of this magnificently glorious being. Suddenly, my world was okay again.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58090

File: 1377252894791_holy2.jpg (35.35 KB, 698x212)

Holy fuck man, you have a car, all kinds of these stupid tablet or what devices and you are younger than me. WTF?

I have an important question, mainly to GG:
Wikipedia says Kick-Ass 2's budget was 28 million and by August 16th it grossed 23 million. This could make more, I mean it haven't opened in lots of countries and yesterday, on the screening I was, there where like 50 people there, despite the film itself has 0 marketing in my country.
So I guess it will make at least the amount of it's budget by the end of the running time and after that, dvd and blu-ray and merchandise sales, etc.

What do you guys think?

>mfw I saw Carrie trailer before KA2 yesterday in the cinema

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 58091

File: 1377253017469_3dfb15720b7c11e3945c22000ae90026_7.jpg (149.51 KB, 612x612)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58092

>So I guess it will make at least the amount of it's budget by the end of the running time
that means it lost money
it needs to make twice its budget to break even
I also worry about how much can make on dvd since this got very lackluster reviews and consequently word of mouth

 Anonymous (8fe4) 58093

I think Kick-Ass 2 will have profits, but no like first film.

So Kick-Ass 3 will be possible but not SURE.
($100M justify KA3, maybe 80, 90 too… KA2 probably nvere reach 70M)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58094

File: 1377253291024_Now_That_I_Come_to_Think_Of_It.jpg (363.98 KB, 1440x1080)

The car's a hand-me-down. The electronics are all part of an addiction… and have Chloë as a wallpaper.

As of now, it looks like they've made 5 million less than their budget. So, I assume with about 3 more weeks (estimate) of run time, and all the merchandise, they would make more than what they spent. Though, they'd have to make a lot more than just that if you're hoping for a Kick-Ass 3.

>it needs to make twice its budget to break even
What do you mean? Shouldn't it just make its budget for breakeven then the rest is already profit? Or, do you mean it should make twice its budget for there to be a Kick-Ass 3?

 Anonymous (9724) 58095

File: 1377253506683_better-answer.png (13.32 KB, 376x143)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58096

File: 1377253540024_what3.jpg (43.12 KB, 597x555)

What the hell does this mean:

> He suggests a Hit-Girl film would be preferable to "limp, unlikable results offered [by this film]".

 Anonymous (27e8) 58097

File: 1377253595172.jpg (60.36 KB, 1280x720)

 Anonymous (6c0f) 58098

Ill try one sec

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58099

File: 1377253965976_Thats_Disgusting.jpg (298.36 KB, 810x1080)

Mozilla's Download Helper doesn't work on it. What the hell….

 Anonymous (8392) 58100

File: 1377254013373.png (100.67 KB, 182x254)

 Anonymous (8392) 58101

you need rtmpdump

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58102

File: 1377254051954_Good_Job.jpg (12.75 KB, 367x303)

Nice. Thanks!

 Anonymous (27e8) 58103

File: 1377254151693.jpg (5.84 KB, 222x229)


 Anonymous (6c0f) 58104

File: 1377254197176_asdasd.png (365.36 KB, 1368x703)

What's this say?

 Anonymous (9724) 58105

ching chang ying yang zing zong kee kee taiwan

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58106

File: 1377254323663_hahaha25.jpg (111.45 KB, 291x530)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58107

File: 1377254351057_Good_One.jpg (90.91 KB, 490x490)

How about that! We went from the rapist thread to the racist thread!

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58108

File: 1377254390643_problem_nigger.jpg (46.99 KB, 347x588)

 Anonymous (8392) 58109

File: 1377254404818.jpg (80.28 KB, 375x329)

That's wasist

 Anonymous (2597) 58110

Chloë Moretz Followers Demographics
United States 42.0%
United Kingdom 16.5%
Brazil 6.3%
Indonesia 4.3%
Canada 4.0%
Japan 2.8%
Philippines 2.6%
Australia 2.4%
France 1.9%
Spain 1.5%
Mexico 1.5%
South Korea 1.0%
Russia 0.9%

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 58111

File: 1377254477145.jpg (139.12 KB, 1675x946)

Thanks. Another adorable interview. Um, since I can't access MEGA, could someone upload it to youtube?

 Anonymous (2597) 58112

A shame for Germany and Italy

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58113

File: 1377254604884_Oh_My_Gosh.jpg (15.51 KB, 140x137)

I wonder what our reaction might be like if a high majority was from North Korea.

 Anonymous (6c0f) 58114

I only ask because the interviewer asks if she has anything to say to the boys.

 JigSaw (e844) 58115

holy shit

 Anonymous (8392) 58116

File: 1377254703653.jpg (403.83 KB, 1600x1200)

 Anonymous (27e8) 58117

File: 1377254881921.jpg (71.3 KB, 591x537)

 Anonymous (6c0f) 58118

What's it say?

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 58119

File: 1377255558048_vlcsnap-2013-08-23-11h59m07s45.png (232.57 KB, 576x324)



2:48 is hilarious.

 Mgallo!k0LjndXi/6 58120

File: 1377256161364_woot_woot.jpeg (114.83 KB, 336x411)



 Anonymous (27e8) 58121

File: 1377256292907_Ass_grab.gif (2.87 MB, 570x530)

 Anonymous (8392) 58122

File: 1377256311934_PageImage-525261-4761658-chloe2print.jpg (609.79 KB, 1183x1500)

Something like…

There are boys in Taiwan
After watching the first one l love you
Even willing to wait for you to grow up.
I'm obsessed with you, you what do you think?

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58123

File: 1377256399870_hmmm_that_sounds_interesting.jpg (7.86 KB, 144x271)

Aaron is a sneaky motherfucker
So basically the question is "Boys are obssessed with you here since the first Kick-Ass, they are waiting for you to (become legal). What do you think of that?"

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58124

File: 1377256453074_131577834158.jpg (33.35 KB, 422x503)

feeling that ass would be worth having your nuts busted

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58125

File: 1377256683039_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_09.jpg (13.01 KB, 288x264)

she doesn't even come close to hitting him though

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58126

File: 1377256754784_cute_and_goofy_18.jpg (13.42 KB, 301x289)

Double whammy
>tfw he also felt cupcakes.

 Anonymous (8392) 58127

File: 1377256855653_vlcsnap-00001.png (2.37 MB, 1920x1080)

This one was close

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58128

File: 1377256948270_2123c6880be511e3858a22000a1f9711_7.jpg (68.02 KB, 612x612)

ahh, flowers on cupcakes

 Anonymous (8392) 58129

File: 1377257209105_hit_girl_fanart_by_hikashy-d6j8c8z.jpg (519.86 KB, 980x1000)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58130

File: 1377257320104_2.jpg (15.16 KB, 271x263)

you can see it on aaron's face

 Anonymous (8392) 58131

File: 1377257467860_big_head.jpg (495.16 KB, 1024x2552)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58132

File: 1377257648127_hha2.jpg (6.52 KB, 204x197)

A new big head Chloë!

YOu changed the head because of the hair?

 Anonymous (8392) 58133

not mine

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58134

File: 1377257738268_chloe_moretz_345.jpg (18.01 KB, 347x324)

 Anonymous (8fe4) 58135


 Mgallo!k0LjndXi/6 58136

File: 1377258100584.jpg (436.05 KB, 1146x1284)



 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58137

File: 1377258161594_LesboTwins.jpg (65.29 KB, 826x580)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58138

File: 1377258306524_orgasm_face2.jpg (88.01 KB, 667x527)

I'm imagining it right now

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58139

File: 1377258472044_naked-chloe-3.jpg (14.64 KB, 291x347)

me too
just like the Chloë on the right is undressing the Chloë on the left with her mind

 Anonymous (8392) 58140

File: 1377259226053_Carrie-dm722f46.jpg (292.29 KB, 1349x800)

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 58141

File: 1377259631534_BC11.jpg (445.09 KB, 2000x1333)

. . .

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58142

File: 1377259819585_Oh_Boy2.jpg (142.35 KB, 610x467)


 Anonymous (8392) 58143

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58144

File: 1377260011105_Thats_Funny.jpg (283.43 KB, 810x1080)

I think… why wait? She's good to go as it is.

I'm off to my game! See you guys at midnight… or before if reception doesn't suck at the gym.

 Anonymous (27e8) 58145

File: 1377260064913.jpg (60.95 KB, 600x450)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58146

File: 1377260100934_Gentlemen_Brilliant.jpg (46.96 KB, 344x297)

>She's good to go as it is.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58147

File: 1377260226954_chloe_moretz_chloemo567567etzfancom03.jpg (3.85 MB, 2672x4856)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58148

File: 1377260348985_chloe_moretz__aarp_magazine_11th_annual_w38a6eismx0x.jpg (169.29 KB, 683x1024)

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58149

File: 1377260601341_i-came.png (156.29 KB, 352x377)

GG…please…stahp…dem legssssss.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58150

File: 1377260666182_chloe_moretz_56d519cd4d4d.jpg (885.66 KB, 1748x2600)

not even posting the consciously

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58151

File: 1377260911339_legs.gif (2.99 MB, 224x410)

Now I'm in the mood for some legssss.

 Anonymous (8392) 58152

File: 1377260917840.jpg (30.53 KB, 460x338)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58153

File: 1377260994565_chloe_moretz_chloe_moretz_hick_whip_hair_10.jpg (388.03 KB, 608x1197)

 Anonymous (8392) 58154

File: 1377261030633.jpg (48.61 KB, 554x288)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58155

File: 1377261099586_chloe_moretz_131618476950.jpg (366.33 KB, 1143x1600)

you're almost there

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 58156

File: 1377261188467_IMG-20130815-00152.jpg (1.1 MB, 2560x1920)

Yay! Thank you.

So when I was at the theatre last week, I asked the manager about what they were doing with this Carrie poster once they were done with it. They said I could take it and that no one else has asked about it. I only have to wait 2+ months and I'll have another sick poster that will barely fit on my wall.

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58157

File: 1377261240234_You_will_never_get_to_touch_rainbowland.jpg (375.12 KB, 1489x2365)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58158

File: 1377261351586_132706371417.jpg (90.7 KB, 800x384)

nice moves bro

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58159

File: 1377261522664_surprised3.png (133.89 KB, 310x341)

That's what I was thinking on doing with the cinemas here too!

 Anonymous (8392) 58160

File: 1377261910807_Carrie-txless8.jpg (1.75 MB, 1500x2204)

 Anonymous (27e8) 58161

File: 1377262244773_Hick_417.jpg (80.08 KB, 1920x800)


 Anonymous (27e8) 58162

File: 1377262316980_Hick_385.jpg (77.61 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (8392) 58163


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58164

File: 1377264296677.jpg (14.23 KB, 284x318)

give a thumbs up to this so more people see it (and hopefully go watch the movie)


 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58165

File: 1377264464395_cm2.jpg (138.72 KB, 605x687)

I can't click on it

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58167

File: 1377264593584_0000.jpg (958.15 KB, 700x919)

Error 403

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58168

File: 1377264594344.png (149.27 KB, 300x300)

yeah, you need an account

inb4 but I don't have 30seconds

 Anonymous (8392) 58169

There goes my research time…

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58170

File: 1377264741752.jpg (37.95 KB, 1336x768)

in 30 sec you can register AND finish your research

 Anonymous (8392) 58171

File: 1377264876339.jpg (264.95 KB, 832x848)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58172

File: 1377264958480_good_bro.jpg (66.28 KB, 746x806)

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58173

File: 1377264973444_kissy.png (122.72 KB, 341x296)

Do you know how to fix my problem mister admin overlord?
Here's a kissy pic

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58174

clear cache
try a different browser

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 58175

File: 1377265625059.jpg (98.64 KB, 1221x1634)

It never hurts to ask. I recommend checking back periodically though, becuz they'll say that they'll call, but a lot of times they won't. Also, knowing someone who works there would be a big help.

 Anonymous (27e8) 58176

File: 1377265828425_ChloeMoretz_ChelseaLatelyAppearance_August19_2013__102_001.jpg (120.95 KB, 1920x1080)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58177

File: 1377265962904_131572556158.jpg (24.04 KB, 448x454)

armpit fags everywhere

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58178

File: 1377266084113_Oh_Boy_2.0_big.jpg (68.09 KB, 569x597)

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58179

File: 1377266204941_Armpits_Armpits_Armpits.gif (2.99 MB, 283x311)

They're wonderful.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58180

File: 1377266310344.jpg (1.71 MB, 5000x3333)

not an armpitfag myself but I would still give this some licks

 Anonymous (8392) 58181

File: 1377266321524.jpg (14.04 KB, 320x320)

Should we rig this poll?
5. Best comic book movie?

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58182

File: 1377266371124_armpit.jpg (303.32 KB, 960x540)

Wouldn't we all?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58183

fuck yeah
she's already winning the baddest babe one
all we need is the kick-ass 2 as best CBM

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58184

File: 1377266548924_bveee1.jpg (25.53 KB, 306x334)


Iron Man 3 42%
Kick-Ass 2 5%

 Anonymous (8392) 58185

I cant get the vote button to work with iMacros

RuntimeError: Can not locate element specified by selector "#yui_3_9_1_1_1377266666356_1332", line: 3 (Error code: -1001)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58186

it randomises them, just to avoid stuff such as imacros
however the order remains the same so doing it the other way where you record mouse gestures directly should work

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 58187

File: 1377267096629_Chloe20Moretz20Jennifer20Rocholl20Shoot.jpg (224.31 KB, 1600x1067)

Armpits everywhere! Too bad she didn't have a "photo op" after her last visit to Chelsea Handler.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58188

File: 1377268653101_1.jpg (55.51 KB, 517x403)

I like this conversation here

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58189

File: 1377268919769_vlcsnap-2013-06-21-22h01m27s139_orgasm.png (796.27 KB, 1280x720)

Would watch Olivia + Chloë in a movie/10.

Olivia shows a lot in 1 scene in that movie that Chloë mentioned

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58190

File: 1377269144137_clajzy31.jpg (74.2 KB, 625x635)

Okay, so to please Mr. I-Make-The-Rules, I came here to talk about Kick-Ass 2.

Anyone interested in this topic or I should fuck off to the Kick-Ass 2 or the spoilers thread?

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58191

File: 1377269335004_clajzy.jpg (16.27 KB, 200x217)

You asked a question.
Attention whore mode on.
Back to /bros.

Poor Chloë had to answer the same exact questions to like 10 diff guys for those KA2 1on1 interviews. How the hell do they even get that far without a little bit of creativity or imagination. (to ask diff questions)

 Chloefornication!!Fli6zyLoRE 58192

File: 1377269440974_discussion.jpg (39.28 KB, 848x480)

Hey, you! Stop attentiowhoring. Go back to /bros/. We're waiting for you there. Also, we already had several discussions about KA2. We can't talk about the same subjects all the time, bro.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58193

File: 1377269643671_haters.jpg (432.85 KB, 605x1222)

I really liked the movie. Because everyone here except Mr. Black said "it's a good movie but has it's flaws" and Bass said it's a bad movie, I was expecting it to be really bad and disappointing. But after the goosebump-inducing Carrie trailer, the Universal-logo came on screen and I've heared the old main theme's start and immediatley it felt awesome.
After like 15 minutes, I thought "it wasn't bad so far" and with every passed moment, I liked it even more!
The only things I didn't liked where the Sick Stick shtick and Mother Russia's defeat, which was a bit over-the-top imo, BUT IT WASN'T BAD!
And now that I've thought about it, it's so strange that this unbeliveable phenomenon has turned into a movie. I feel like I met Chloë yesterday…

Oh, and one more thing: After 4 trailers, I'm sure that the hungarian dubbing added a little bit to the movie, because the line "pants on fire" makes no sense to me, and in the dubbing, she says a funny pun with the word meaning hand; and also Jim Carrey's voice is a bit strange to me

 Anonymous (385a) 58194

File: 1377269670153.jpg (364.51 KB, 1680x1050)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 58195

File: 1377269921104_Knuckle_bite.jpg (59.56 KB, 469x517)

>because the line "pants on fire" makes no sense to me

The complete phrase is "Liar, liar, pants on fire". That's where it comes from.

 Anonymous (385a) 58196

File: 1377269961013.jpg (48.95 KB, 600x323)

>dubbed movies
>especially dubbing chloe

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58197

File: 1377269984764_hmmmm4.jpg (12.1 KB, 293x275)

So anyone who doesn't have english as a first language won't gonna understand it at first

 Anonymous (385a) 58198

File: 1377270010043_chloe_moretz_606.jpg (72.63 KB, 849x649)

I was surprised when that lined worked in my language too

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58199

File: 1377270054712.jpg (33.16 KB, 302x393)

 Anonymous (6c0f) 58200

Don't you have english language classes in whatever euro country you are from? How could they skip teaching William Blake?

 !!.XgqeI3oug 58201

File: 1377270127787_smile_super_happy_fun_time.jpg (55.59 KB, 654x591)

Well, now you know!

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58202

File: 1377270159734_I_hate_you8.jpg (29.35 KB, 747x479)

We are only learning grammar in school, nothing else…

 Anonymous (6c0f) 58203

I would hate to be the autist who stares at actors' knees during action sequences when watching a movie.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58204

File: 1377270467714.jpg (83.71 KB, 940x865)

Who was staring at knees?

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58205

File: 1377270537928_chloe_moretz_acting_goofy__02.jpg (33.42 KB, 507x546)

So you're telling me that you don't stare at Chloë's legs all the movie?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58206

File: 1377270699974_chloe_moretz_386.jpg (76.49 KB, 1280x720)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58207

File: 1377271320099_eye_see2.jpg (72.64 KB, 286x301)

I'm not sure what this is, but seems important


 Anonymous (8924) 58208

File: 1377271402913_bc682f404e2611e19896123138142014_7.jpg (73.01 KB, 612x612)

So does Chloe have a sleeping problem like we all thought?

I assume that it is the stress of the industry that keeps her up late and wakes her up early.


 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58209

File: 1377271516488_oh_god_why6.jpg (18.65 KB, 334x378)

I hope she is alright

 Anonymous (8392) 58210

File: 1377271564764_6e0012d9-e8cc-472f-a10d-bab5d4cc19ef.jpg (726.21 KB, 2000x3000)

got a jitbit script working at 10 votes/min, will run it over night

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58211

File: 1377271629518_what2.png (155.17 KB, 362x359)

Her body clock's probably all screwed up right now.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 58212

File: 1377271655814_Chlo_cat.gif (260.28 KB, 249x129)

She doesn't sleep so she has more time to flirt with… guys. If you can call 90% of them "guys"

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58213

File: 1377271664374_04.jpg (20.88 KB, 300x307)

This is the editor of the movie announcing that he will be at an event discussing the editing of kick-ass 2 and asking for any scenes or topics that people might be interested in

I'd be more interested in talking to the DP. I felt like this was a huge leap backwards

 Anonymous (40e0) 58214

File: 1377271689713_0a5fe8fb9e9656bf428bb27ea882341fcc609e93.jpg (774.37 KB, 1995x3000)


So that means that the original Kick-Ass was a complete failiure until the DVD/Blu-Ray sales made them a profit. Kick-Ass didn't even come close to doubling its budget in theaters,

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58215

File: 1377271752109_what_say_you_micro.jpg (9.23 KB, 190x163)

 Anonymous (8924) 58216

File: 1377271832843_chloe-grace-moretz-d_levels.jpg (155.6 KB, 609x1148)


Lucky guy definitely rubbed he ass on the way down.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58217

It made 3 times its budget in cinemas
do you even math?

DP = Director of Photography
I like Eddie Hamilton and he did a great job with the first movie in terms of editing (plus he seemed to really enjoy his work on the blu-ray extras). I'll have to watch this a few more times before commenting on the editing but it didn't bother me here so there's not much I can ask the guy (though left a question)

So I would rather talk to the DP since I wasn't too thrilled with the look of the movie, and a lot of that could have been made better if they shot more scenes at night, so I wanted to know who's bright idea was it to have so many scenes in day time

 Anonymous (8924) 58218

File: 1377272142720.jpg (568.99 KB, 1919x2720)


Any scenes where Chloe may have had a nip slip that was edited out I would like to discuss and see.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58219

File: 1377272162374_hmmmm2.jpg (11.26 KB, 282x264)

Because in the comics and in the first movie, the actions are happening at night ?

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58220

File: 1377272204243_creep.jpg (108.36 KB, 720x480)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58221

I don't care how they did it in the comics but yeah, in the first one a more of the scenes happened at night (especially the action scenes) and I feel that's one of the things that made it look so good on such a small budget

 Anonymous (8924) 58222

File: 1377272458282.jpg (197.87 KB, 634x887)


$48,043,505 gross is not 3x the $30,000,000 budget. Not even close to the $60,000,000 you claimed. Not sure what states you were looking at but Kick-Ass didn't make $90,000,000 gross.


 Anonymous (6c0f) 58223

They don't get much from international profits.

That's why there is such focus on the domestic market.

And you have to consider the aggressive marketing they did.

It likely barely passed the black if one is optimistic.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58224

File: 1377272480227_chlobro-lair.jpg (1.48 MB, 3080x2054)

Maybe…. I haven't felt that the first one looked better, this one is more colorful, more comics-like and that's not bad if you are seeing a movie that's based on a comic book

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 58225

File: 1377272675334_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_17.jpg (11.76 KB, 275x272)

 Anonymous (8392) 58226

File: 1377272718703.jpg (52.46 KB, 328x360)

worldwide gross of $96,188,903

 Anonymous (8924) 58227

File: 1377272747893.jpg (569.23 KB, 2365x3547)


She probably is out until 11:30pm with her friends most nights and then still has work related stuff to do like studying or reviewing scripts when she gets home. So that probably keeps her up until 2-3am most nights.

It is the seeing her back on Twitter early in the morning meaning she wasn't in bed long that is the thing to worry about.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58228

File: 1377272819184_hitgirl_the_movie.jpg (55.15 KB, 527x720)

Or maybe she is really Hit-Girl and saves her city at night

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58229

File: 1377273104464_132753151052.jpg (16 KB, 300x340)


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58230

>They don't get much from international profits.

Well how much or how little do they get from international marketa? and a source to go with it would be dandy

Bare in mind that the movie was british and it made a lot of money there too, even though that is not part of the domestic market

No matter how you spin it though, the movie is underperforming

 Anonymous (072b) 58231

File: 1377273689563_37.jpg (268.49 KB, 2048x1536)

If Kick-Ass 2 doesn't make enough of a profit. They won't even bother putting it out on Blu-Ray/DVD due to it being a low budget movie.

If it was big budget and the studio took major losses like with Hugo then I could see them releasing it on Blu-Ray/DVD.

 Anonymous (8392) 58232

File: 1377273760968_mindy_macready_hit_girl__by_chloe002727-d5nwkhz.jpg (1.48 MB, 3508x2480)

>The film's final gross in the U.S. was $48,071,303 and $48,117,600 outside of the U.S. with a worldwide gross of $96,188,903


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58233

File: 1377273835816.gif (2.5 MB, 322x363)

>They won't even bother putting it out on Blu-Ray/DVD due to it being a low budget movie.

That's ridiculous

 Anonymous (8392) 58234

File: 1377273845759.jpg (75.33 KB, 330x254)

>They won't even bother putting it out on Blu-Ray/DVD

 Anonymous (9724) 58235

File: 1377274213649_Fuck_this_thread.jpg (131.06 KB, 840x840)

>come to chloe thread
>oh, what's going on in here?
>immediately want to leave

 Chloedevotee!A2XExGvB2w 58236

File: 1377274216047_285748.jpg (569.37 KB, 664x1000)

Great poster

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58237

File: 1377274532524_132706371106.gif (1.26 MB, 150x155)

What's the problem?

 Anonymous (9724) 58238


 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58239

File: 1377274993898_yes3.jpg (18.12 KB, 87x110)

Though it's not my work

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58240

File: 1377275039954.png (91.91 KB, 243x284)

such as ?

glad you cleared out that confusion

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58241

File: 1377275138319_hahaha51.png (76.34 KB, 234x200)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58242

File: 1377275726918_smile_little_Chlomo36.jpg (56.83 KB, 358x572)

Can I make a new Hit-Girl themed thread?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 58243

File: 1377275974204_Ha.jpg (26.8 KB, 391x400)

As long as it's not in /bros/

 KissMyBass!AdkVmCDPAc 58244

File: 1377276048594.png (351.23 KB, 545x523)

lel yeah shaman,don't do it again

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58245

File: 1377276067084_really2.jpg (68.54 KB, 278x289)

I know… That perfectly good thread with a good theme is wasted on those casuals there…

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 58246

File: 1377276229844_2013-05-25_17.32.08.jpg (1002.22 KB, 2048x1366)

Follow me to the new thread, cocksuckers!



 Anonymous (85c9) 58247

File: 1377440699245_Olivia_Wilde.gif (1006.38 KB, 300x186)

Olivia Wilde, the chick from House? I tried to find a reaction gif of her from House, but this is all I could find.


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