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File: 1376810175563_2012-May-23rd-Arriving-Incheon-Airport-South-Korea-20.jpg (697.42 KB, 1280x851)

 Chloë Moretz Thread #568 (e195) 25244

>Profile Edition

 Anonymous (a558) 25245

File: 1376810935663_2011-Jun-2nd-Royal-Academy-Summer-Exhibition-London-67.jpg (1.05 MB, 2500x3523)

 Anonymous (a558) 25246

File: 1376811094093_2012-Jan-10th-National-Board-of-Review-Awards-New-York-72.jpg (819.74 KB, 2262x3000)

 Anonymous (a558) 25247

File: 1376811384996_2012-Jan-11th-Peoples-Choice-Awards-Los-Angeles-98.jpg (615.99 KB, 1943x3000)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25248

File: 1376812449326_00873.jpg (355.01 KB, 2680x4000)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25249

File: 1376812536080_chloe-moretz-korea-bound-with-brother-trevor-10.jpg (248.72 KB, 816x1222)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25250

File: 1376813821092_chloemoretz_moma2_okami_1.jpg (448.52 KB, 2048x1828)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25251

File: 1376813931242.jpg (78.48 KB, 1280x736)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25252

File: 1376814118027_Hick_135.jpg (125.77 KB, 1920x800)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25253

File: 1376814150846_Hick_173.jpg (123.75 KB, 1920x800)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25254

File: 1376814215395_Hugo_29.jpg (125.8 KB, 1920x1080)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25255

File: 1376814406804_Hugo_366.jpg (135.3 KB, 1920x1080)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25256

File: 1376814614107.jpg (212.96 KB, 682x1024)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25257

File: 1376814643363.jpg (154.62 KB, 900x598)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25258

File: 1376814782810_120405_AeroLA-0470-X2.jpg (223.51 KB, 1280x853)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25259

File: 1376815000534_49592_Tikipeter_Chloe_Moretz_Let_Me_In_World_Premiere_002_123_93lo.jpg (949.89 KB, 3000x2725)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25260

File: 1376815593196_chloe_moretz_lunch_dec14_1.jpg (1022.28 KB, 2400x3600)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25261

File: 1376815638567_Chloe_Moretz__3.jpg (827.3 KB, 2241x3600)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25262

File: 1376815719694.jpg (314.06 KB, 1280x960)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25263

File: 1376815809864_Preppie_Chloe_Moretz_running_errands_in_LA_12.jpg (846.18 KB, 2400x3600)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25264

File: 1376815935484_11143_Chloe_Moretz_Hugo_Premiere_London_J0001_001_122_244lo.jpg (818.93 KB, 3000x2000)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25265

File: 1376815979874.jpg (47.85 KB, 698x679)

one of my all time favorites

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25266

File: 1376816199697_chloe_moretz_arriving_at_lax_36.jpg (906.14 KB, 2024x2527)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25267

File: 1376816467102_chloe_moretz_sweet_16_party_025.jpg (1.02 MB, 3600x2400)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25268

File: 1376816609025_JG003.jpg (276.85 KB, 1024x682)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25269

File: 1376816833505_article-0-0F684DD100000578-725_634x674.jpg (77.23 KB, 634x674)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25270

File: 1376817298499_56262_Preppie_Chloe_Moretz_on_Carrie_set_11_122_113lo.jpg (1.4 MB, 1734x2600)

Two hours of Chloë every day. Sounds good.

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25271

File: 1376817453743_chloe_moretz_peoples_choice_awards_2013_49.jpg (1.35 MB, 3000x2095)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25272

File: 1376817493014_BR8HzShCEAAASfQ.jpg_large.jpg (80.79 KB, 1024x768)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25273

File: 1376817629961.jpg (48.81 KB, 604x453)

You could surf that hair.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25274

File: 1376817686384_132706371069.jpg (159.97 KB, 400x405)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25275

File: 1376817846504_feels.jpg (20.67 KB, 1127x535)

 Chlobra Commander!!w7eW7BOJmI 25276

File: 1376817961710_Chloe_Moretz_leaves_the_salon_in_West_Hollywood_022113_20.jpg (728.28 KB, 2083x3000)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25277

File: 1376818142581_moretz_eyeprime_2174.jpg (200.75 KB, 1331x2000)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25278

File: 1376818152989_I_Would_Kill_for_a_4K_Copy_of_Kick-Ass_2.jpg (1.93 MB, 1512x2016)

Also, I know there are:
- foot people
- face people (duh)
- legs people
- cupcakes people, &
- feet people
here. But, I wonder if there are any ear people. If there are, here's to you!


Oh wow! Why don't I remember this one?

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25279

File: 1376818256479_Chloe_Moretz_TruTV_4.jpg (509.35 KB, 1920x1080)

>- foot people
>- feet people

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25280

File: 1376818653497_13158063221.jpg (32.67 KB, 530x353)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25281

File: 1376818898001_2010-October-14th-Let-Me-In-Premiere-London-13.jpg (4.45 MB, 4288x2848)

 Cubia (cf86) 25282

File: 1376819270595.jpg (261.3 KB, 1440x900)


Their really is a difference a person might just like a foot while the others like feet.

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25283

File: 1376819313697_chloe-moretz-ian4-premiere-17.jpg (208.12 KB, 816x1222)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25284

File: 1376819887287_Chloe_Moretz_on_the_set_of_The_Equalizer_in_Chelsea_071513_12.jpg (844.34 KB, 2323x3000)

 Mr. Black (9450) 25285

File: 1376821767583_Dat_nose.jpg (101.33 KB, 609x610)


File: 1376822675353_zzzzprofile.jpg (557.06 KB, 1415x1440)

← Glorious profile

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25287

File: 1376823116247_Chloe_Moretz_at_the_2013_Billboard_Music_Awards_3.jpg (939.23 KB, 1804x2652)

Was the Billboard Awards the only event Chloë was blonde and 16? :-/

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25288

File: 1376823176734_BR8fGCzCQAE8bce.jpg_large.jpg (169.39 KB, 1024x1024)

I want this pic in higher res so badly

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25289

File: 1376823390525_Chloe-Grace-Moretz-Vogue-30Jul13-Rex_b.jpg (580.53 KB, 1280x1920)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25290

File: 1376823957695_Dem_Lips.jpg (132.78 KB, 618x960)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25291

File: 1376824153638_kick-ass-2-nuova-action-figure-di-chloe-moretz-alias-hit-girl-5.jpg (49.84 KB, 620x454)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25292

File: 1376824322454_Shocked_3.jpg (12.17 KB, 133x140)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25293

File: 1376824432654_kick-ass-2-nuova-action-figure-di-chloe-moretz-alias-hit-girl-9.jpg (157.53 KB, 620x929)

have one more

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25294

File: 1376824640944_Honestly.png (241.25 KB, 430x321)

seems legit, but I don't like the face structure.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25295

File: 1376824906792_Aropostale_Campaign_3.jpg (106.26 KB, 512x768)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25296

File: 1376824937223_kick-ass-2-nuova-action-figure-di-chloe-moretz-alias-hit-girl-4.jpg (56.25 KB, 620x457)

it's very hard to get her face right so I don't expect any doll to look exactly like her any time soon (if ever)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25297

File: 1376825110799_Teen_Vogue_1.jpg (357.4 KB, 1500x1000)

sure doll will be a little complicated, but what about wax? they actually need to make a Kick-Ass wax museum.

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25298

File: 1376825178664_chloe-moretz-kick-ass-2-nyc-promo-05.jpg (204.86 KB, 817x1222)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25299

File: 1376825232874.jpg (92.25 KB, 335x717)

that's actually a good idea
it would be the closest I'll ever get to taking my picture and sitting next to her
as long as they keep her inside a glass dome so freaks don't get too close to it, I would totally go see it

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25300

File: 1376825513199_Disappoint.png (254.89 KB, 486x506)

it is a good idea, but too bad it won't happen anytime soon.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25301

File: 1376825623245.png (208.28 KB, 411x463)

yeah, it will be a few years before she becomes a huge star

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25302

File: 1376826010900_Feels_Good_4.jpg (9.23 KB, 239x251)

if she becomes a huge star, they should build her own wax museum, just imagine walking into a hall filled with every set, like the Marie Claire set which shows Chloë Grace doing the photoshoot, also when she is attending an event e.g the Billboard Awards showing her posing but all in wax, I would steal a figure.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25303

File: 1376826242054_so-much-want.jpg (56.09 KB, 337x390)

a gallery with all her looks and movie characters
getting a chance to take your picture with hit-girl and abby

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25304

File: 1376826438030_Disappoint_2.jpg (17.4 KB, 287x300)

then again, it won't happen.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25305

File: 1376826519755.gif (348.34 KB, 201x190)

why you have to give a guy a dream just to piss on it?

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25306

File: 1376826723556_Laugh_5.jpg (40.81 KB, 834x600)

it feeds me, anyway moving on.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25307

File: 1376826863425_Aropostale_Campaign_29.jpg (228.25 KB, 1280x854)

 Anonymous (a558) 25308

File: 1376827164624.jpg (68.65 KB, 1280x720)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25309

surprising how we've got no chinfags

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25310

File: 1376827400268_Asos_Magazine_2.jpg (595.01 KB, 1178x1601)

 Anonymous (a558) 25311

File: 1376827418060.jpg (60.91 KB, 1280x720)

Everybody already loves her chin though.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25312

File: 1376827672117_4.jpg (15.87 KB, 265x269)

I guess you're right

 Anonymous (a558) 25313

File: 1376827895035_Let_Me_In_-_Chlo_amp_Kodi_-_Young_Hollywood_Network_HD.mp4_20130818_220944.jpg (98.89 KB, 610x645)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25314

File: 1376827926354_zzzchloecute.jpg (88.85 KB, 419x475)

very nice

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25315

File: 1376828075784_Aropostale_Campaign_6.jpg (108.44 KB, 929x768)

who doesn't? it's one of her unique features.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25316

I've seen quite a few people disliking her chin

 Anonymous (a558) 25317

File: 1376828343310_2010-Jul-24th-Comic-Con-San-Diego-80.jpg (155.58 KB, 645x430)

 Mr. Black (9450) 25318

File: 1376828645488_dat_profile2.jpg (489.25 KB, 500x750)


Crazy bastards

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25319

File: 1376828757740_Boring.jpg (8.58 KB, 177x245)

typical casuals.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25320

File: 1376829012899_Bikini_Pic.jpg (410.95 KB, 1007x1300)

>I'll make a better one tomorrow when I'm not this groggy.
And so, I did.

Note: "Better" is a subjective term.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25321

The anatomy needs more work
Why is the belly button so close to her crotch? That's totally wrong. Her hand pretty much reaches her knee
she's not a gorilla

 Anonymous (a558) 25322

File: 1376829347547_Kick-Ass_2.jpg (128.14 KB, 761x1196)

My Hick-Girl pic doesn't look so bad now after seeing that.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25323

File: 1376829474214_be8252a2a511f2dadc723da1838fd894_the-angry-mob.png (44.03 KB, 327x217)

you people trying to mess with perfect genetics by making your frankenchloes

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25324

File: 1376829480934_Chloe_Comic-Con_Carrie_2012.jpg (1.39 MB, 3456x5184)

You're right. Hey, at least it was better than last night, right?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25325

File: 1376829529818.jpg (143.81 KB, 412x424)

>at least it was better than last night, right?

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25326

File: 1376829663114_Chloe_Moretz_at_Dark_Shadows.jpg (369.89 KB, 1636x900)



At least it wasn't like this guy….

 Anonymous (a558) 25327

File: 1376829682253_Combined.jpg (430.83 KB, 940x1774)


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25328

File: 1376829743344.jpg (52.1 KB, 355x360)

so you got lucky once


File: 1376829818400.gif (312.38 KB, 250x259)

 Anonymous (a558) 25330

File: 1376829848640_U_mad_HP_fags.jpg (263.34 KB, 1434x706)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25331

File: 1376829976722_Laugh_7.jpg (30.78 KB, 293x326)

>she's not a gorilla

 Anonymous (a558) 25332

File: 1376830068706_2011-May-17th-Northern-Ballet-Press-Night-London-27.jpg (660.4 KB, 2000x3000)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25333

File: 1376830207512_Happy.jpg (151.47 KB, 400x600)

they sure are, speaking of which, my theory says there is a Chlobro conspiracy going on in that day.

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 25334

File: 1376830570184_168511_436677269749758_84071987_n.jpg (39.69 KB, 600x800)


Link to buy? It's not the same mold as this one, right?

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25335

File: 1376830619605_Laugh_3.jpg (56.86 KB, 556x384)

and I find it ironic that she is the only American in the nominees, and acted as a French girl with British accent.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25336

yes, totally different one

see >> 301420

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25337

File: 1376830759674_Chloe_Moretz_TruTV_2.jpg (305.61 KB, 960x1280)

She's Chloë. She's even better pretending to be something than the original something she's pretending to be.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25338

File: 1376830908786_Talk_6.jpg (33.71 KB, 474x450)


 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 25339

File: 1376832452971_Dc_Chloe_Moretz_Let_Me_In_028.jpg (811.55 KB, 1608x3000)

Nice. I'll probably have to wait till closer to my birthday (october) but I definitely want that!

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 25340

File: 1376832643859.jpg (1.38 MB, 1280x851)

So, Chloe is on Chelsea Lately tonight or tomorrow?

I don't have the E! channel so hopefully there's a bro out there who's able to record it.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25341

File: 1376832771403_Talk.jpg (76.49 KB, 1280x720)

tomorrow, speaking of which, anyone knows a site that livestream Chealsea Lately?

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25342

File: 1376833137259_Talk_8.jpg (12.87 KB, 300x269)

wait what is the last episode of Chelsea Lately? who was the guest?

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25343

File: 1376834148264_Screenshot_2013-08-15-22-44-22.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080)

Yes, are there any links? Also, what city would that be in and what time would it be on in that city? Finally, is this live or is it just "live" like in Conan & Kimmel? Thanks!

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 25344

File: 1376834151227_chloe_moretz_aeropostale_shoots_behind_the_scene.jpg (277.99 KB, 1280x854)

Don't know about live stream. See, one thing I hate about late night talk shows is it says Chloe will be on monday's episode which airs at 12:30 am (edt) but that's fucking tuesday!

Anyhow, I gotta get outa here. Going to see KA2 again. I'm going to try to record the "first look" featurette of Carrie. I'll let you all know if it was a success.

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 25345

Pretty sure it's in L.A. and it's not "live" live.

 Anonymous (a558) 25346

File: 1376834647624.jpg (114.69 KB, 412x366)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25347

File: 1376834654276_Screenshot_2013-08-14-22-42-23.png (790.62 KB, 1920x1080)


Enjoy! Don't get caught! I really should learn how to do that thing where what I say is covered by a grey censor until a mouse is hovered over it….

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25348

File: 1376834806719_Talk_4.jpg (13.66 KB, 572x312)

before a phase you should add ** and also after it.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25349

File: 1376835250307_ThirdNail-009.jpg (253.57 KB, 618x412)

Thank you!

I'm watching The Third Nail now. Oh my gosh! Did they really burn his little Chloë to death?!? :(

 Anonymous (a40d) 25350

File: 1376838668825_ptg00886791.jpg (94.46 KB, 396x264)

there's some nice ear canal pics in this thread

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25351

File: 1376839287104_Darth_Gayder.jpg (214.87 KB, 626x427)

Just a thought for the people who support the #Chloe4StarWars campaign: tag @starwars in the Tweets! It's their official Twitter and the people there are active!


Good night!

Third Nail was so freaking sad!

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25352

File: 1376840366671_super_happy_2.jpg (65.44 KB, 242x300)

Your pic is funny again.

I used to add #StarWars in the tags. Is that effective or not?

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25353

File: 1376841403074_Hick20Screen20Shot.jpg (205.87 KB, 1280x528)

If people search #StarWars, all posts with the hashtag will be seen. If people Tweet @starwars, the Star Wars people will be notified of your Tweet!

I'll have to sleep (imagining that my long pillow is Chloë) for real now! I'll be waking up in 6 hours. See you guys then!

 Anonymous (1205) 25354

File: 1376841512231_chloe_moretz_j-magazine_03.jpg (112.17 KB, 675x900)

So SteveD is so retarded and desperate for another retweet from Chloe so bad that he just ruined part of the movie for all his followers that also follow Chloe.

His spamming campaign was going to eventually cause some major problems.

He has decided not to remove the tweet I guess still hoping for a retweet.

But why would Chloe ruin the movie for everyone by retweeting for favoriting that?

Don't read his tweet to Chloe unless you have seen Kick-Ass 2. Major spoiler. What a jerk!


 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25355

File: 1376841680465_nooo.jpg (82.94 KB, 765x365)

I know someone else who does the same, but he is not a jerk… Sadly I can't avoid the spoilers on twitter and it's frickin annoying

 GG (5dcf) 25356

File: 1376841776347_shit_just_got_real.jpg (244.7 KB, 541x877)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25357

File: 1376841872061_okay_spring_edition.png (63.86 KB, 167x149)


>The people behind chlomo (coming soon)


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25358

File: 1376841924814.jpg (57.89 KB, 271x261)


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25359

great pic
shaman should add it to the gallery too

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25360

File: 1376842021715_congratulations_tvshaman.jpg (280.29 KB, 800x500)

On my way!

 Anonymous (d678) 25361

Dick move by him wow…

But still, the onus is on the viewer to stay off twitter, 4chan, whatever till you see the movie.

And absoolutely NO TRAILERS lol.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25362

File: 1376842240746_yes_sir.jpg (135.09 KB, 600x711)

It is done.

 Racine!8IJ/erCFf2 25363

File: 1376842303476_evenjamesdean.jpg (412 KB, 1200x1200)

Sup mah bros

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25364

File: 1376842381249.jpg (106.84 KB, 865x790)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25365

File: 1376842392693_You_Dont_Know_What_You_are_Talking_About.jpg (313.08 KB, 1220x915)

Not sure if dick move, or just retard.
I'd put my money on retard. Knowing how he acts, he has some kind of problem up there for sure.
And im saying this from a serious point, not because im mad or anything, I haven't read any kind of spoiler.

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25366

File: 1376842392894_UuEPutQRdjk.jpg (42.97 KB, 395x594)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25367

File: 1376842455145_Oh_God_Why.jpg (15.17 KB, 400x361)

> I haven't read any kind of spoiler.
I envy ye

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25368

File: 1376842708434_this_gun_b_gud.jpg (75.99 KB, 419x451)

Another episode in the never ending adventures of SteveO

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25369

File: 1376842736907_chloe-moretz-aaron-taylor-johnson-kick-ass-2-promo-work-03.jpg (238.24 KB, 750x1222)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25370

File: 1376842793656_come_on_chloe_tweet_to_me.jpg (99.54 KB, 500x366)

Meanwhile, at SteveD's house…

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25371

File: 1376842814303_009_2.jpg (77.1 KB, 250x248)

Damn, and we nearly made it half a day without whining about Steve.

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25372

File: 1376843044916_00_00_Chloe_3.jpg (1.81 MB, 3024x4216)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25373

File: 1376843116373_Chloned_Godesses.jpg (988.25 KB, 1894x2732)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25374

File: 1376843184195_Versace_For_HampM_Fashion_Show.gif (2.93 MB, 297x505)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25375

File: 1376843726903_6_.jpg (1.62 MB, 2163x3258)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25376

File: 1376843756913_Twins.jpg (65.29 KB, 826x580)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25377

File: 1376843803910_MoC_CGM_Carrie_2013_003.jpg (1.56 MB, 4256x2832)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25378

File: 1376843998468_Neat.jpg (68.22 KB, 433x445)

 Mr. Black (9450) 25379

File: 1376844016425_k.jpg (8.45 KB, 246x234)


Are you talking about me?

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25380

File: 1376844101846_derp4.jpg (25.45 KB, 333x345)

Nope, FlamingSpade

i've just realised that the picture you've posted wasn't a spoiler, I just haven't watched KA more than 3

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25381

File: 1376844234809_MoC_CGM_Carrie_2013_001.jpg (4.93 MB, 6208x8262)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25382

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25383

File: 1376844300672_Best_gif_Carrie.gif (2.99 MB, 301x304)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25384

Weird, it won't let me post one of the Carrie pics from MoC.

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25385


What video is that from?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25386

yeah, I noticed
too big it seems

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25387

File: 1376844718262_omg_what.jpg (15.8 KB, 271x269)

Tried to post this one
and it broke my chlomo.

Too much Chloë, don't try this at home kids.

 Racine!8IJ/erCFf2 25388

File: 1376845127924_vlcsnap-2013-07-23-12h44m08s92.png (321.97 KB, 1280x720)


Lord… that picture… Carrie will be too intense for my heart.

I hope the best movie and best performance of Chloë.


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25389

File: 1376845174644.jpg (66.5 KB, 621x405)

 Anonymous (e140) 25390

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25391

File: 1376845674273_15299254.jpg (103.64 KB, 416x600)

cut as fuck and horrible quality but great to see a glimpse of it nonetheless

 Racine!8IJ/erCFf2 25392

File: 1376845885442_wut.jpg (129.33 KB, 652x637)

Are good these data?
I hope so

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25393

File: 1376846022040_97924_Preppie_Chloe_Moretz_at_the_special_screening_of_Hick_in_NYC_4_122_357lo.jpg (1.73 MB, 3110x4916)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25394

>Are good these data?
No, they are absolutely horrible. They were estimating to do as much as the first which was not that much all things considered. At worst case scenario I expected it to be in second place with 18 mil

but third place with 13 is disastrous

 Anonymous (a40d) 25395

File: 1376846145233_xqefEH.jpg (20.86 KB, 400x298)

these new carrie pics..

 Anonymous (a40d) 25396

File: 1376846337799_are_you_trying_to_make_me_cry_2.jpg (66.3 KB, 720x515)

 Anonymous (a40d) 25397

File: 1376846468893_I_like_what_I_see.jpg (20.78 KB, 308x335)


 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25398

File: 1376846596565_Untitled-1.jpg (51.98 KB, 507x88)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25399

File: 1376846636692_this_is_Chloe_wins.jpg (70.62 KB, 442x700)

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25400

File: 1376846682864_05.jpg (15.67 KB, 269x280)

I think I read something similar about bacon once…

 Anonymous (a40d) 25401

File: 1376846767740_i_know_that_feel_bro_2.jpg (134.85 KB, 720x496)

 Anonymous (a40d) 25402

File: 1376846866455_trolling_hit_girl.jpg (247.85 KB, 618x503)

but what about one joint?

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25403

File: 1376846934569_Hurrrr.jpg (98.3 KB, 600x566)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25404

File: 1376847128757_chloe-moretz-la-conversation-lunch-08.jpg (205.56 KB, 899x1222)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25405

File: 1376847592184_600784_574004899317937_1507225360_n.jpg (64.57 KB, 889x480)

If Carrie bombs I'll rage like a the motherfucker

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25406

File: 1376847690997_12312367432173.jpg (73.69 KB, 284x295)

 Anonymous (a40d) 25407

Unfortunately it's got a lot riding against it by just being a "remake"..even if it's not really a remake, it doesn't matter because some people are not willing to give it a chance regardless.

I'm pretty confident it's going to be incredible, but I'm not holding my breath for it to get critical acclaim.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25408

File: 1376847787674_faboost3.jpg (76.97 KB, 600x400)

Me too. But if it's good, then I will be happy anyways

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25409

>I'm not holding my breath for it to get critical acclaim.
Actually I'm confident it will get 3 star reviews or more on average. I'm talking about commercial success mainly

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25410

File: 1376847983014_793de83a845e0bc22d32573eeb5a7ac9-d6ijw9p.jpg (310.87 KB, 518x800)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25411

File: 1376848085863_BR5K7BQCUAIOOVK.png (504.81 KB, 600x600)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25412

File: 1376848087955_holy_mama_walking.jpg (82.41 KB, 529x1045)

 Anonymous (16e2) 25413

File: 1376848182203_chloe_moretz_jaylenolkick017.jpg (182.94 KB, 1273x707)


Definitely has a problem with his head. Tweeted Chloe directly that he went to see Kick-Ass 2 again like he has every other time he sees it. Guess the guy has no Twitter friends that he just tweets Chloe and not his followers like a normal person. So expect him to tweet her another movie ticket trying to get it retweeted. Can't take a hint I guess as Chloe hasn't retweeted the other ones.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25414

File: 1376848240264_133795601547.jpg (124.93 KB, 898x554)

we seriously need a Steve thread to keep that shit separated

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25415

File: 1376848381903_050.jpg (124.08 KB, 434x457)

Or people could just stop posting here everytime Steve wakes up.
(waking up for Steve means twitting and spaming till he falls sleep on his keyboard again)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25416

File: 1376848524886_kick-ass-2-chloe-grace-moretz.jpg (5.26 MB, 3821x2832)

Seriously cannot wait until KA2 is out on BluRay, simply for the epic Chloe screencaps.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25417

File: 1376848604394_132843962363.jpg (231.33 KB, 1313x1065)

Plus the behind the scenes footage and making of documentary

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25418

File: 1376848934661_and_now_we_wait.jpg (37.16 KB, 349x301)

It's been quite some time since I asked you guys something but here it comes.


For example:
"When she laughs" "When she does derpy faces"
"When she does a 360 no-scope"

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25419

File: 1376849054604_hahaha5.jpg (40.42 KB, 252x221)

Her childish cuteness

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25420

File: 1376849089266.jpg (59.76 KB, 625x541)

According to this, Kick-Ass 2 will finish 4th for the week.(Domestic for USA)

With global box-office it's estimates are at $19,868,000. It will technically turn a profit, as it's budget was $28M but I highly doubt Kick-Ass 3 will ever be made with results like this.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25421

File: 1376849257843_cry_sad_oh_noes.jpg (124.23 KB, 528x652)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25422

File: 1376849564526_pukes_invisible_vomit.gif (1.59 MB, 392x285)

I can't believer We're The Millers did better than Kick-Ass 2.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25423

File: 1376849581552.jpg (107.35 KB, 957x600)


 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25424

File: 1376849729494_I_hate_you4.jpg (13.67 KB, 285x357)

Stupid comedy with stupid actors, and it's everywhere. Shame, that today Jennifer Aniston's name is still enough to sell any idiotic movie…

 Anonymous (a40d) 25425

File: 1376849826751_an-hero.gif (822.18 KB, 274x199)

>I highly doubt Kick-Ass 3 will ever be made with results like this.
alright, i'm out.

 Anonymous (a40d) 25426

Right, but I can't help but to think that some of the box office issues with KA2 isn't related to all the rotten reviews.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25427

What do you think it was related to then and what does that have to do with carrie?

 Mr. Black (9450) 25428

File: 1376850012523_NOOOO.jpg (46.08 KB, 960x400)


This greatly annoys/disappoints/saddens me. If that's it. If we never get an end to Mindy and Dave's story's. =(

 Anonymous (17bb) 25429

File: 1376850109074_1.jpg (113.49 KB, 533x520)


>(waking up for Steve means twitting and spaming till he falls sleep on his keyboard again)

 Anonymous (a40d) 25430

I'm afraid carrie will get rotten reviews from these fucking idiot reviewers just because they think it's a "remake" and will never give it a real chance to stand on its own.

 Anonymous (a40d) 25431

ooops, I mean to say IS related to

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25432

I got that the first time
but kick-ass 2 didn't suffer from that and I still don't see the connection to the box office part which was my main interest

 Anonymous (a40d) 25433

File: 1376850280103_oops.jpg (65.89 KB, 551x388)

sorry for the confusion

 Anonymous (17bb) 25434

File: 1376850364492_chloe_moretz_jaylenolkick017.jpg (182.94 KB, 1273x707)


You are forgetting about the DVD and Blu-Ray sales which were extremely successful for the first one.

The first one was considered a complete failure at the box office as well since it didn't make a lot of profit.

DVD sales were the only reason that Kick-Ass 2 happened. Kick-Ass 3 will depend on how much they make of DVD/Blu-Ray/PPV sales.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25435

well it's beyond certain that there will be some of those remake snobs but I still think that if the movie itself is good a lof of those wil let that pass saying "it's not as good as depalma's classic but it still stands on its own legs"

either way it looks like kick-ass 2 wasn't the kick that we were hoping her career would have

carrie might be that and I'll be worried as hell for it until the results will be in

 Anonymous (a40d) 25436

and that was a case of people just not having a clue about what KA1 was or why they wanted to see it at the theater…but once they discovered it then it was very successful…and this time around those fans should have hopefully carried over and not made the same mistake twice of missing it in the theater…but they didn't show up again…even less showed up than the first. We can hope for strong dvd/blu sales, but this is not a good sign at all.

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25437

File: 1376850534716.jpg (48.88 KB, 465x700)

I think Carrie will get the respect it deserves. It deals with some current issues affecting teenagers, so it's relevant with it's themes. It's also made by a respected director.

As much as I like Kick-Ass 2, it's a comic book movie that doesn't take itself all that seriously. I'm sure Carrie will and in turn will get it's due credit.

 Anonymous (b5d0) 25438

File: 1376850542281_shit_just_got_real_3.jpg (67.93 KB, 428x345)

>this is brutal
I kinda saw it coming but I didn't think the KA2 pounding would be this fierce. Too bad they didn't stick to their original release date plan for The Butler or that the legal battle over the title didn't drag out enough to force them to do so.
>“We looked at the release calendar and realized that even though it was very crowded, there wasn’t really another film that played to adults,” Lomis said. This weekend’s other wide openers are the young-skewing “Kick-Ass 2,” the Steve Jobs biopic "Jobs” and corporate espionage thriller “Paranoia.”
>Friday Box Office: 'Lee Daniels' The Butler' Soars, 'Kick-Ass 2' And 'Jobs' Stumble

And it looks like we've already got some Chlomo prognosticators on the chances for KA3.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25439

>The first one was considered a complete failure at the box office as well since it didn't make a lot of profit.
No, it wasn't. It was considered ok. This is a complete failure.

>You are forgetting about the DVD and Blu-Ray sales which were extremely successful for the first one.

and with little interest in the cinema release it's safe to assume that the interest in the blue-ray will be proportional, especially with those scores which won't translate in the best word of mouth and buzz for the movie once it comes out on dvd

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25440

File: 1376850648682_Gentlemen.jpg (96.93 KB, 405x608)

And also the overseas markets could bring in lots of dosh still.
If it will be more realistic than the first one, and by realistic I mean the now popular trend of films like Nolan's Batman-trilogy, then it will get praise. And it's a readaptation of the book and because I think at leats as many people read the book as many saw the first movie, they could appreciate it, because the actors/creators say it's a faithful adaptation of the book.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (b5d0) 25441

Didn't mean to post as ANON

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25442

File: 1376850833304_1327024257.jpg (104.19 KB, 1209x803)

The classic case in this type of thing happening was Austin Powers. The first movie didn't do all that well at the box office, but it had phenomenal home video sales. Then Austin Powers 2 hit the theaters and was a huge hit.

If Kick-Ass really reached a lot of new fans through home video sales, the audience would have shown up this weekend. Instead, the results were worse than the original. Not a good trend. I blame Union J.

 Anonymous (17bb) 25443

File: 1376850929914_0a5fe8fb9e9656bf428bb27ea882341fcc609e93.jpg (774.37 KB, 1995x3000)


Sounds like Kick-Ass 2 can be added to the many complete failures that Chloe unfortunately has always been in so far.

Hopefully when she is 18 there will be a better selection of movies for her to choose from so that she doesn't have to deal with all these box office failures. Can't do any good for her confidence.

Out of all the movies she has done there are only a few even worth mentioning as everything but Chloe's acting in all of them is just horrible.

Many reviewers even said this time that Chloe's acting was the only good part of Kick-Ass 2.

 Anonymous (a40d) 25444

File: 1376851001480_RageFace.jpg (76.12 KB, 562x453)

>I blame Union J
new twitter campaign #MurderUnionJ

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25445

File: 1376851023673_1.jpg (53.01 KB, 533x520)

>I blame Union J.

I kinda do too, seriously, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to add a fag band to a movie where 99% of the viewers hate those kinds of bands like One Dickrection, Justin Gayber etc etc.
Ofc im not sure how much it affected the actual movie, but im just saying it was a BAD idea.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (b5d0) 25446

File: 1376851026103_laugh_2931.jpg (180.08 KB, 650x605)

> I blame Union J.
I blame Jim Carrey. jk

 Anonymous (e3ca) 25447


RIP Chloe as Hit Girl.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25448

As long as she plays her part well that's the most important aspect. If the Equalizer isn't good then I don;t know what will.

Carrie will be the most important movie of her career. It's her first major lead role and based on how that performs her career could change a lot

 AK_ChloëFan47 (b5d0) 25449

File: 1376851471813_Carrie_Approves_This_Post.jpg (924.12 KB, 1888x2838)

>Carrie will be the most important movie of her career. It's her first major lead role and based on how that performs her career could change a lot

This is what I've been counting on since I heard news of the project. Great director, Iconic writer, lead role and the chance to establish a 21st century film as the gold standard for Stephen King's book. There's risk with it being viewed as a remake but also the opportunity for great reward on multiple fronts.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25450

File: 1376851560549_do_not_want_4.png (356.38 KB, 604x452)

 Anonymous (e3ca) 25451

I personally don't expect it to do that well. The hounds are already circling…people want to shit on it for being a remake.

Unless it's incredible….which I have my doubts about.

 Mr. Black (9450) 25452

File: 1376852049069_crying.gif (1.98 MB, 259x221)


Kick-Ass is amazing. Let Me In is a masterpiece. Hugo is a great movie. Kick-Ass 2 is a great sequel. She's only 16.

She's getting great movie/role offers right now and is working with people like Julianne Moore and Denzel Washington, her career is fine. Chances of Kick-Ass 3 are not.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25453

he's strictly talking box office performance and he does have a point

 Anonymous (d678) 25454

File: 1376852098987_chloe_moretz_davis_factor_24.jpg (864.45 KB, 2000x1333)

They should stop marketing the sexy Carrie angle if they want people to respect the film come October. Seriously, that's the main criticism, and they just reinforce their beliefs anyway?

 Anonymous (8748) 25455

File: 1376852258535_ChloeMoretz_DavidArmstrong_2013__6_.jpg (205.36 KB, 1000x1150)


I just don't see Carrie being a Blockbuster. Few remakes of books to movies are successful. Main problem is everyone has already seen the story on screen or read the book so won't want to see the movie. Few bother to want to see it again just with different actors. Carrie will have this problem.

Denzel Washington isn't the draw that he used to be and his last movie 2 Guns actually has lost the studio $15 million so far. Maybe it will break even with DVD sales.

Can't see The Equalizer or Carrie being the blockbuster that will launch Chloe to super stardom.

 Mgallo!k0LjndXi/6 25456

I agree that people tend to trash it because its a remake. The fact that Carrie already had some shitty remakes make the situation even worse. Carrie is a fantastic character though. And im confident Chloe will do an outstanding job and will be recognized for that.

 Anonymous (8748) 25457

File: 1376852528153_eed1ce3f84912a6db3bfbf1610d6efe4.jpg (827.33 KB, 2386x3945)


The amount of young guys that Chloe follows just to flirt with just keeps increasing.

Wish there could be a Twitter war for Chloe's affections between them all. I would get me some popcorn and enjoy seeing them all fight over her after she wrapped them all around her little fingers for her personal enjoyment.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25458

Carrie could be a hit depending in their budget (do we even know what that is) and it's a horror movie release close to holloween so it will have a fighting shot though I agree that it's an uphill battle.

As far as Denzel goes you might be right. I heard that the movie has a $50 mil budget 20 of which is his paycheck. If he's not that big of a draw and he takes such a huge cut of the budget then it may be likely that the movie won't make its money back.

Poor Chloë. All I want is to see her in that good and comercially successful movie that she deserves

 Anonymous (a40d) 25459

File: 1376852839805_i_cant_handle_dem_feels.jpg (50.32 KB, 720x480)

>Poor Chloë. All I want is to see her in that good and comercially successful movie that she deserves

 Anonymous (8748) 25460

File: 1376852877046_image.jpg (94.86 KB, 351x724)


>Poor Chloë. All I want is to see her in that good and comercially successful movie that she deserves

Everyone wants to see that. She deserves that $100+ million profit Blockbuster that gets her in the public spotlight.

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25461

I'm sure she'll get that epic win of a movie at some point, hopefully it will be Carrie, but we'll have to wait and see.

At least through all of the negativity, very very rarely does Chloe ever get a negative write-up. Even when a movie she does tanks she's nearly always singled out as being a good part.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25462

File: 1376852930834_Oh_Boy2.jpg (142.35 KB, 610x467)

 Mr. Black (9450) 25463

File: 1376853049503_star_wars_episode_vii_chloe4starwars_34.jpg (1.59 MB, 1920x1200)

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25464

File: 1376853140122.jpg (11.83 KB, 312x304)

If Star Wars follows on in anyway way from the prequels, it could be a catastrophe

 Anonymous (8748) 25465

File: 1376853150921_chloemoretzchloemoretzs.jpg (73.75 KB, 396x594)


>Hugo is a great movie.

Yes Hugo is a great movie. Only problem is that nobody watched it. It's high budget that it couldn't make back in the theaters actually cost the studio $100 million at the box office.

I'm thinking that it's box office failure might have been one of the reason's it was nominated for so many Academy Awards. Maybe the studio paid the Academy off to try and get interest in it.

 Anonymous (a40d) 25466

File: 1376853239366_Yoda_chloe4starwars2.jpg (240.87 KB, 1024x700)

Yes, but the wait for some type of confirmation will be the death of me.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25467

File: 1376853258277_Chlo_Wars37.jpg (357.8 KB, 1016x1536)

But at least those were commercially successfull and a new Star Wars will gross loads of moneeeeeeeey for sure, despite any fan or critic-hate.

 Anonymous (d678) 25468

File: 1376853267406_eye.jpg (38.72 KB, 400x659)

Older people will likely have read it. But the younger people probably haven't.

And considering the fact that Halloween time caters particularly to that kind of crowd, their decision to open during that period makes sense.

There's an almost male-centric version of Carrie (I know, not exactly) called Chronicle, and it managed to do well in a dead time of year (feb).


So while I don't think it'll do massively well like a popcorn flick such as Cabin in the Woods, I also don't believe that it will be dead in the water.

Just my slightly optimistic thoughts.

 Anonymous (716a) 25469


the chronicle thing is a bit of a stretch outside of telekinesis they aren't very similar

i agree with the rest of the post however

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25470

File: 1376853618284_58141_Chloe_Moretz_Hugo_Premiere_London_J0001_029_122_124lo.jpg (555.99 KB, 2400x1535)

>All I want is to see her in that good and commercially successful movie that she deserves

That was actually a perfect description of Joss Whedon. Just about every one of his projects was artistically successful, but couldn't find an audience large enough to be a profitable success. Then he was hired as writer/director for The Avengers.

Chloë will get that hit, I know it. She keeps choosing interesting roles from both big budget and indie films. If it doesn't happen with Carrie it will happen eventually. She's too talented and becoming too well known from the right people to not get that chance.

 Anonymous (d678) 25471

The essence is the same in my opinion.

Telekinetic cathartic release

Chronicle ofcourse has that whole 'bro" dynamic and playful happy stage which Carrie won't have, but still.

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25472

File: 1376853864014_sad.png (155.83 KB, 392x359)

True, but if I could see into the future and saw two things
1. Star Wars would make a tonne of money
2. That it would be a catastrophe, almost universally ridiculed

I would then rather that she not appear in it at all, leaping to well known fame in a movie that everyone thinks is shit is not something good. If she gets really famous before Star Wars, then it would dampen the blow, but at her current level of fame, it might not.

Let's put it this way, assuming she was accepted for Star Wars, it could either make or break her career in one short sweep. It's a big risk

 AK_ChloëFan47 (b5d0) 25473

File: 1376853878613_Carrie_Know_her_Name_BanBnXkFtZT.jpg (20.55 KB, 214x317)

I don't know about blockbuster but I'm hoping they get #1 BO on the Oct 18th release weekend and she garners a lot of critical acclaim. I think there's more riding on Carrie than KA2 in terms of Chloë's career trajectory.
>The Buzz: It's unsurprising to see Brian De Palma's creation applied to modern times, the age of heightened awareness of peer-to-peer bullying. I'll spare you any commentary on the remake trend and say: at least the casting choices are ace. Though it will be completely different in tone, I will use Chlöe Moretz's performance as Carolyn Stoddard in Dark Shadows as the litmus test for her stepping into a character immortalized by Sissy Spacek.

 Anonymous (716a) 25474


yeah and i forgot about why the end happened the way it did which is kinda similar to Carrie you're right (how many times has this happened on the internet?)

 Anonymous (db3a) 25475

The new Star Trek is a piece of stinking shit and it got like 85% on RT and great box office

Star Wars will be fine even if it's a genuine 0/10, don't forget that the critics even loved the prequels

 Anonymous (d678) 25476

Why Carolyn? Haha.

It would be smarter to look at:

Let Me In
Angry moments from Kick Ass1/2

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25477

>Why Carolyn? Haha.
That part had my scratching my head too. it's her worse role in recent years

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25478

File: 1376854195026_k.jpg (8.45 KB, 246x234)

I am a massive fan of Star Wars. If Chloë were to get part in Episode VII I'd probably die from happiness. I cannot possibly see how it can be anything but good for her career.

 Anonymous (db3a) 25479

I can't wait until they finally announce the casting for star wars, or any news for that matter

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25480

File: 1376854342870.jpg (29.95 KB, 217x199)

and have the dream die?

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25481

But a lot of people who weren't really Star Trek fans liked the recent Star Trek. I don't think I've met anyone who really liked the prequels, and the only one that didn't get mediocre reviews (Especially in hindsight) was Episode III, even then it was only decent, I don't think anyone would describe it as good.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (b5d0) 25482

File: 1376854516843_Red_Carrie_6187_n.jpg (60.73 KB, 720x960)

>Why Carolyn? Haha.
I just quoted the IMDB source from the release calendar which is read by a lot of people. There are obviously others which aren't necessarily seen by as many people.

>However, Chloë Moretz, who is replacing Spacek from the older version as Carrie, may be a different story. Her recent performances in movies such as “Let Me In” (2010), in which she portrays a vampire, show that Moretz could be ready to take on a classic horror film remake.

automated post my ass

 Anonymous (db3a) 25483

I know a lot of people who like the prequels, in fact most people who say "I like star wars" mean the prequels nowadays

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25484

File: 1376854626582.jpg (48.53 KB, 637x806)

Exactly, you're a fan of Star Wars, I never jumped on to that hideous train wreck of a franchise as child. So no lingering nostalgia from me

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25485

File: 1376854707534.png (350.52 KB, 395x594)

Oh wow, you must know a lot of people under 15

 Anonymous (db3a) 25486

No, just people with shit taste ;_; That's why I have to go online for film discussion

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25487

File: 1376854781484_HG_poster_Kick-Ass_2.jpg (290.63 KB, 682x1024)


Anyone who likes EP1 should be shot.

I hadn't watched it for a few years and then I went to see the 3D release last year (or the year before?) and it was even shittier than I'd remembered it.

Haven't seen EP2 since it was first in cinemas, but I did like EP3 a little, mainly because it had less of the political/senate crap that plagued the other 2.

 Anonymous (db3a) 25488

Episode 2 is definitely the worst one, but the entire trilogy is a pile of shit

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25489

File: 1376855007484.jpg (33.16 KB, 302x393)

star wars would be a commercial hit and as much as I dislike jj abrams, there's no way that movie would turn out as bad as the prequels

 RussianMaster!kO.fRezxz6 25490

File: 1376855065668_hi_5.jpg (34.19 KB, 386x271)

test ==header==
Hai gaiz

 Anonymous (db3a) 25491

I don't know the scripts but there's potential to be better than even the OT, which isn't really as great as people say

 RussianMaster!kO.fRezxz6 25492

File: 1376855149149.png (297.34 KB, 342x389)

test Chloe => Chloё
Why GG still did not change replacer?

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25493

As long as George Lucas has as little involvement as possible in it, then yeah, there is absolutely no way that it could be worse than the prequels.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25494

if you want to use the header you must not put any other text on the same line. try
and replace "+" with "="
as for adding the umlaut on all Chloës, who said that was a feature?

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25495

File: 1376855592297_dadsdad2.jpg (59.44 KB, 687x613)

All of this is Star War talk pure speculation. At this point, I'd be very surprised if she was in Star wars. They will be shooting it early 2014, and we already know Chloë has a ton of movies beginning production in early 2014.

 Anonymous (409e) 25496

File: 1376855703278.jpg (168.98 KB, 1920x800)


Don't forget that all the movies with a massive budget that part of that budget is paying off all the major critics to give your movie 4-5 star reviews.

Most people are idiots that can't think for themselves and listen to the critics. That is happening right now with Kick-Ass 2. The well known critics have given Kick-Ass 2 two stars on average. Few will go to it with those kind of reviews. So nobody even is giving it a chance.

 Anonymous (db3a) 25497

>shooting in early 2014


 Anonymous (db3a) 25498

Man of Stool had a big budget and was received poorly by the critics

 Anonymous (409e) 25499

File: 1376855857366_tumblr_m62908nNmE1rzqynco1_1280.jpg (485.13 KB, 1155x1920)


The studio didn't pay off the critics. Maybe they had high moral standards.

 Mr. Black (9450) 25500

File: 1376855889661_hmmm_2.jpg (109.07 KB, 1160x683)

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25501

Wikipedia says it's scheduled for release in summer 2015, so production would have to be next year

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25502

File: 1376856190984.jpg (5.84 KB, 222x229)

Quote from J.J. Abrams:
"Most likely we are going to be moving to London at the end of the year for the 'Star Wars' movie,"

I'd guess 3-4 month production time for filming and 1-year+ on post production for a May 2015 release.

 RussianMaster!kO.fRezxz6 25503

File: 1376856244222_Tongue_Out_2.jpg (14.25 KB, 390x293)

test ++header++
Okay about "+'
just change your "/home/chiles/public_html/chan/inc/config.php" with:
"$config['wordfilters'][] = array('Chloe', 'Chloё');"
and "$config['wordfilters'][] = array('chloe', 'Chloё');"
after that lines:
// For a normal string replacement:
// $config['wordfilters'][] = array('cat', 'dog');"

 Anonymous (db3a) 25504

I think there's a possibility that Star Wars could get pushed to 2016 or 17, they don't seem like moving particulatly fast with the project and in 2015 you have like 20 big budget productions. It will be the busiest year in ages

avengeres 2, new terminator, new pirates, batman vs superman

Are only some of them

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25505

thanks for the effort but I already tried that and it does not work

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25506

File: 1376856409124.jpg (33.7 KB, 561x600)

 RussianMaster!kO.fRezxz6 25507

File: 1376856570085_26074_Preppie_Chloe_Moretz_on_the_set_of_Hick_in_North_Carolina_14_122_383lo.jpg (1.49 MB, 2400x3600)

just bad try, but it's not my problem

 Anonymous (bb9f) 25508

File: 1376856589203.jpg (294.15 KB, 2048x1363)


They didn't spend enough time promoting it in the U.S market and that is what killed it.

They didn't promote it in Houston or Chicago. Sure they promoted it in L.A and New York but that was only 2 of 4 of the U.S major markets.

If you scale it down to states I bet that nearly nobody went to see Kick-Ass 2 in Texas as they didn't even know what it was about or that it was coming to theaters. Considering Texas is one of the biggest populations in the U.S that is a huge amount of people they lost seeing it.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25509

File: 1376856635219.jpg (55.09 KB, 900x858)

it wasn't a bad try and it's not a problem either

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25510

File: 1376856780274_huh.jpg (57.89 KB, 271x261)

This probably belongs is >>>/site/

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25511

File: 1376856830497_Hick_172.jpg (97.82 KB, 1920x800)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25512

File: 1376857166294_Hick_138.jpg (117.53 KB, 1920x800)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 25513

File: 1376857320052_ka2_03.jpg (385.75 KB, 895x800)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 25514

File: 1376857366844_ka2_02.jpg (273.8 KB, 1124x800)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 25515

File: 1376857536655_chloe_moretz_aeropostale_shoots_behind_the_scenes_086.jpg (252.78 KB, 640x960)

 Anonymous (c3a5) 25516

The White Circus is the only "Chloe" movie that start production in early 2014. And she have never anounced this movie like she have done with Sils Maria, Dark Places and If I Stay.

 !!.XgqeI3oug 25517

File: 1376857621021_120405_AeroLA-1939-X2.jpg (159.28 KB, 640x960)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 25518

File: 1376857728652_chloe_moretz_aeropostale_shoots_behind_the_scenes_185.jpg (182.12 KB, 640x960)

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25519

File: 1376857849403_Chloe_and_NBHD_bloke_04f9_7.jpg (53.55 KB, 612x612)

>I blame Union J
pic related.. Chloë's choice to replace the UnionJ Boy Band video in KA2

What do you think??? Better or worse?


 Anonymous (e464) 25520

File: 1376858247983_1BBC6EABB65.jpg (35.96 KB, 428x500)


That is because Chloe has never been officially announced as being in the movie. The last article said that she was in talks to star in it. So the deal hasn't been made yet. She never talks about projects she hasn't signed the contract for.

Like Star Wars. Until she signs a contract she won't actually say that she is in the movie or acknowledge the rumors.

 RussianMaster!kO.fRezxz6 25521

File: 1376858383518_Hick_253.jpg (123.25 KB, 1920x800)

 Anonymous (f27a) 25522

File: 1376858602863_204B2770F0D.jpg (36.36 KB, 500x333)


The Neighborhood is at least a real band like Green Day, Aerosmith, U2, etc.

Union J is a "Boy Band" that doesn't come close to having the talent of One Direction.

At least One Direction actually has talent. Their music sucks but they have talent that has to be admitted.

 RussianMaster!kO.fRezxz6 25523

File: 1376859008684.jpg (136.16 KB, 623x621)

Solar, are you still here?
in which section of the forum I can post a topic on a trip to the premiere of Carrie?

 Mr. Black (9450) 25524

File: 1376859103102_Pull_over.jpg (94.21 KB, 1229x527)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25525

File: 1376859270736_chloe_moretz_let_me_in_portraits_83.jpg (35.55 KB, 400x457)

>pull over
pube face
that line made me chuckle

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25526


You could just make a post in the "Carrie" topic?

 RussianMaster!kO.fRezxz6 25527

File: 1376859574447_sleep_2.jpg (49.85 KB, 640x382)

Ok, I will.
Cya gaiz. I have 1.00 am, and good night.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25528

File: 1376859778031_beats_by_Chloe_Copper.jpg (79.18 KB, 612x612)

>The Neighborhood is at least a real band
No argument here. I wouldn't have posted it otherwise. Just kinda curious what the ChloBros thought because some of her music choices seem to make a lot of people go insane.
←– We are still in the Profile Edition. Correct?

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25529

File: 1376860564849_Aropostale_Campaign_45.jpg (64.97 KB, 800x533)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25530

File: 1376860577874_time_to_get_wasted.jpg (116.17 KB, 1428x600)

I'll have a glass of what she's having

 Mgallo!k0LjndXi/6 25531

File: 1376860792133.jpg (73 KB, 462x501)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25532

File: 1376860866370_Clipboard012.jpg (40.74 KB, 525x637)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25533

File: 1376860938049_hot-girl-2.jpg (51.58 KB, 770x878)

godly profile is godly

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25534

File: 1376861047758_Excited_3.png (239.57 KB, 640x350)

tomorrow she is in Chelsea Lately, hope it tops the Conan O'Brien.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25535

File: 1376861206843_chloe_moretz_portraits_by_lickerish_07.jpg (54.76 KB, 620x413)

Can someone post the higher res version of this because I don't know where I saved it

I'm pretty sure she will

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25536

File: 1376861275075_Let_me_think_about_that_2.jpg (83.71 KB, 940x865)

I guess my definition of success was too lofty.

 Anonymous (365c) 25537

File: 1376861335043_mb5bkdgRCN1rehdvio.jpg (56.37 KB, 500x550)


If you calculate a conservative ticket price of $8 per ticket. That means that 2,483,500 people saw Kick-Ass 2 out of the 400+ million that could have went to see it.

That's successful right? I mean 0.006% of the available customers that it was put out to went to see it. So that is good right?

Depressing and quite sad those kind of numbers. Not funny at all.

 Anonymous (365c) 25538

File: 1376861486595_ChloeMoretz-AeropostaleShoot_266.jpg (202.19 KB, 1280x931)


Chloe needs to wear a short skirt and uncross her legs in front of the camera then it will be better then Conan.

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25539

File: 1376861573476_chloemoretzorg001.jpg (238.7 KB, 599x900)


I only have this, wasn't aware there was a better version, if there is I'd appreciate someone posting it too.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25540

File: 1376861748753_Smile.jpg (262.4 KB, 420x615)

you have a wide fantasy, my dear Anon.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25541

File: 1376861773322_chloe_moretz_portraits_by_lickerish_06.jpg (172.91 KB, 676x900)

yeah, I have that one
on second thought the one I posted was the newer one but I had the impression it was bigger
oh well

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25542

File: 1376861819886_godly_profile.jpg (62.18 KB, 905x883)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25543

File: 1376861885457_smile_perfection2.jpg (86.48 KB, 1024x1024)

This post with a hashtag could go into the #chloe4starwars campaign

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25544

File: 1376861953088_hot-girl-4.jpg (66.38 KB, 975x942)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25545

File: 1376862286846_574544.png (242.58 KB, 720x400)

That didn't take long.

 Anonymous (db3a) 25546

Cam on tpb? I was looking for it with no results

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25547

File: 1376862405124.jpg (29.67 KB, 608x608)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25548


I don't know if it's on TPB yet, it's on a private tracker I use at the moment, usually ends up on TPB not long after though.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25549

File: 1376862513820_soulcycle_profile.jpg (388.07 KB, 855x1212)

>godly profile

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25550

File: 1376862560203_vlcsnap-2013-08-18-22h47m31s84.png (485.86 KB, 720x400)

I'm not gonna grab this version though, it's not bad for a cam, but as you can see it's filmed at an angle, and from the sample, the audio is really hollow.

 Mr. Black (9450) 25551

File: 1376862595822_120405_AeroLA-1970-X2.jpg (234.06 KB, 1280x853)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25552

File: 1376862728358_Shocked_4.jpg (26.23 KB, 395x396)

that image doesn't look… right.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25553

File: 1376862829944_13270637509429.jpg (6.74 KB, 184x211)

it looks all sorts of right

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25554

File: 1376862885724_put-that-back-in-your-pants.jpg (271.5 KB, 800x911)

 Anonymous (dea4) 25555

File: 1376862914275_1d79d08376f000f3e41d1ce6de4c4406.jpg (1000.04 KB, 1959x3000)


It worries me that it isn't on TPB yet. Right now it is like most other movies that few people care about and not being put up there.

At least if it went up on TPB right away that means people on there were desperate to see it and it was requested. Nobody wants to see it and that is why it didn't go right up on there.

With popular movies the cam rip goes on there as soon as it makes the internet. Pirates don't even want to watch it for free and that is bad news.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25556

File: 1376862928701_132815195097959.jpg (357.31 KB, 700x1023)

 Mr. Black (9450) 25557

File: 1376863045973_mindy_02.jpg (507.6 KB, 1473x799)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25558

File: 1376863072144_smile_not_really_sure_about_it_2.jpg (42.1 KB, 379x600)

>Pirates don't even want to watch it for free

I "know" at least 2 guys who saw the movie in cinemas for 3 times! Are they blindly zealous or the pirate ships are guided by the critics' lighthouse?

Sorry if it doesn't makes any sense

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25559


Nah, I don't think it's anything to do with that.

TPB is arguably the most popular torrent site, but the stuff comes from other private places and isn't usually encoded by a group specifically for TPB.

The CAM source of KA2 was from a German video, so groups had to sync English audio to it, most groups then post it to private trackers/newsgroups and then eventually someone puts it on TPB.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25560

File: 1376863113472_Talk_9.jpg (12.02 KB, 300x245)

to you.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25561

File: 1376863226700_Omg.png (118.09 KB, 238x223)

she has a little blonde mustache.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25562

File: 1376863304917_132706371309372.jpg (42.29 KB, 500x350)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25563

File: 1376863319140_Gentlemen2.png (54.69 KB, 191x173)

Rather unsual, I say!

 Mr. Black (9450) 25564

File: 1376863416366_mindy_01.jpg (579.29 KB, 1570x799)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25565

what clip is that from?

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25566

File: 1376863527075_Talk_11.jpg (9.63 KB, 256x260)

no, it shocked me and caused panic at the same time.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25567

File: 1376863595508_hmm_semi-profile.jpg (43.39 KB, 472x449)

The release pattern's a little different for KA2. e.g. It doesn't open in Russia till Sept.
It's easy for pirates in the US to sit down in the handicapped chairs and get the audio–not so the video. So if someone from another country gets the vid from an empty theater then a TS can go up quick once someone mates them.
btw - I don't advocate piracy of Chloë's films.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25568

File: 1376863623767_05.jpg (21.61 KB, 310x306)

it's pretty common tbh

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25569


There was a Mindy McReady Featurette video, I don't remember where it was posted though. Sure it was that.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25570

File: 1376863703205.jpg (44.72 KB, 400x473)

yeah, I just searched on youtube and found 2 clips that should be it
if only YT wasn't so slow lately

 Mr. Black (9450) 25571

File: 1376863720806_ka2_02.jpg (273.8 KB, 1124x800)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25572

File: 1376863726450_You_Dont_Say.jpg (37.22 KB, 622x616)

no shit GG, I didn't knew girls had mustaches.

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25573

File: 1376863728164_vlcsnap-2013-08-18-23h08m35s181.png (339.03 KB, 900x506)


Yeah, it is. But I don't have a HD version.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25574

File: 1376863792644_Explain_2.jpg (60.22 KB, 854x464)

do you have a link?

 Mr. Black (9450) 25575

File: 1376863841891_120922_AeroSpring_LA-2-45-X2.jpg (190.37 KB, 1107x960)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25576

File: 1376863900354_feet_aeropostale_collection.png (986.37 KB, 1081x640)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25577

 Mr. Black (9450) 25578

File: 1376863948822_i_like-what-i-see.jpg (55.64 KB, 549x433)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25579

File: 1376864006780_Thumbs_Up_2.jpg (30.1 KB, 173x174)

cheers Solar.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25580

if you'd zoom in that close on their face you'd be surprised

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25581

File: 1376864039936_cute_dorky_choe.jpg (41.59 KB, 567x531)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25582

File: 1376864099863_Worried.jpg (36.87 KB, 487x444)

I just broke the mouse for clicking zoom a lot.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25583

File: 1376864102834_cute_happy_chloe.jpg (37.35 KB, 648x542)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25584

I'm noticing there's the option to download some YouTube HD vids in either MP4 or WEBM format now, the WEBM file is slightly bigger.

What's WEBM?…

 Racine!8IJ/erCFf2 25585

Please guys don't be so pessimistic about the box office
This just started.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25586

File: 1376864167376_cute_surprised_chloe.jpg (25.93 KB, 796x542)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25587

File: 1376864223819_yes3.jpg (18.12 KB, 87x110)

I believe in the power of our european market!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25588

File: 1376864258363_2ddfa534ff0311e287c922000aeb0d21_7.jpg (106.27 KB, 612x612)

>Please guys don't be so pessimistic about the box office
>This just started.
The weekend just ended. The numbers are in. It fell well below anyone's expectations. Even the studio said it was disappointed. Let's not fool ourselves here …

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25589

File: 1376864374296_cute_dorky_chole_2.jpg (82.55 KB, 917x792)

what a doll…

 Mr. Black (9450) 25590

File: 1376864413627_HGKA1andKA2.jpg (63.97 KB, 738x327)


It truly fucking sucks if we never get a Kick-Ass 3. Like, we NEVER find out what happens to Mindy??? that's it??

 Racine!8IJ/erCFf2 25591

File: 1376864443731_00_00_Chloe_9.jpg (705.95 KB, 2512x3088)

Where Studio says that?

Anyway, I read (I don't remember where) the expectatives for first weekend were between 10-15 millons

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25592

File: 1376864485519_cute_chewing_gum_chloe.jpg (66.75 KB, 932x798)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25593

the expectations were for this to be on par with the first which grossed 20 mil domestically

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25594

File: 1376864574741_cute_leggy_chloe.jpg (30.62 KB, 407x768)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25595

File: 1376864642810_omg_oh_noes.jpg (15.35 KB, 300x272)

Omg, stahp!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25596

File: 1376864659968_cute_new_queen_b_chloe.jpg (71.3 KB, 769x798)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25597

File: 1376864663284_Upset.jpg (84.73 KB, 338x350)

even if Kick-Ass 2 failed or whatever, let's just hope now Carrie talks the headlines.

 Racine!8IJ/erCFf2 25598

File: 1376864688271.jpg (79.63 KB, 484x536)

Thanks for the info.

Finally if movie gets 40-45 millions we'll have KA3
Maybe in 1 month we will know it.

 Mr. Black (9450) 25599

File: 1376864690285_4fced718fff411e2acce22000a9f15d8_7.jpg (118.18 KB, 612x612)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25600

File: 1376864755313_cute_vengeful_chloe.jpg (69.23 KB, 838x797)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25601

File: 1376864822634_gif_279x337_a4acfa.gif (1.63 MB, 279x337)

dat flip.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25602

>Finally if movie gets 40-45 millions we'll have KA3
Where do you come up with these numbers? The first one made almost 100$ in total and it barely got a sequel with the same budget. If this one grosses 40-45 the only sequel it will get is straight to dvd

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25603

File: 1376864847083_Chloe_007.jpg (136.52 KB, 800x800)

>youTube HD vids in either MP4 or WEBM format
Pick the mp4. It's more universally playable.

 Racine!8IJ/erCFf2 25604

I read the first one made only $48M

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25605

and the first one also opened to almost 20, not 13

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25606

and it came in first at the box office, not 4th

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25607

File: 1376865016385_Chlohnnnng.jpg (409.24 KB, 1165x788)

 Racine!8IJ/erCFf2 25608

Ok, so all depending about how works the movie in the international market.

Maybe, depending the next releases of other movies KA2 will get recover itself in the domestic market.

 Mr. Black (9450) 25609

File: 1376865183333_Justice_Forever_Group_photo.jpg (171 KB, 927x510)


To be fair KA1 did fall to Number 2 after one day of release though, and How To Train Your Dragon took the Number 1 spot.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25610

File: 1376865276294_Laugh_4.jpg (42.81 KB, 432x441)

>and How To Train Your Dragon took the Number 1 spot.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!0/u1Q/yMKk 25611

File: 1376865281094_Its_Beautiful_1.jpg (87.15 KB, 641x478)

Good Goddess…

 Mr. Black (9450) 25612

File: 1376865307853_Amazing.gif (486.56 KB, 500x250)


That face

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25613

or maybe it will do exactly as project and do just as poor internationally since there's no reason for it to magically become a huge hit overseas

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25614

it ended the weekend on #1 not #4

 Racine!8IJ/erCFf2 25615

File: 1376865525404.jpg (40.36 KB, 452x374)


Please, don't be so "aguafiestas". Try to be more positive,

Only If you want ;)

 Mr. Black (9450) 25616

File: 1376865604066.png (22.65 KB, 114x126)

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25617

File: 1376865641123_skirt_and_hat_3710.jpg (73.66 KB, 467x512)

>Try to be more positive
I'm positive that Chloë gave a great performance.

 Anonymous (a72d) 25618

File: 1376865659303.jpg (30.73 KB, 411x814)

Here is the cam of the Carrie First Look video that is being shown before Kick-Ass 2 in AMC theaters in the U.S. Thanks to Maria for finding it on Facebook.

Hopefully it will make its way onto Youtube after the studio finishes using it in the theater so we can see a better version of it.


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25619

File: 1376865683424_chloe_moretz_371.jpg (75.56 KB, 586x557)

>Try to be more positive,
Try to be more realistic

 Mr. Black (9450) 25620

File: 1376865683767.jpg (13.06 KB, 201x254)


Anyone have a big version of this?

Chloe tongue is always great

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25621

File: 1376865742771_Chlo_Grace_Moretz_Berlin_Photocall.jpg (271.87 KB, 1200x797)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25622

>15 sec
thanks but I'll wait for the full version from Ichi which should come any moment now

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25623

File: 1376865818934_Oh_Boy_2.0_big.jpg (68.09 KB, 569x597)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25624

File: 1376865840476_132215526924.jpg (71.67 KB, 400x600)

Speaking of Ichi …. come on … how long?

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25625

File: 1376866161370_HG_7379.jpg (35.12 KB, 360x387)

>Maybe, depending the next releases of other movies KA2 will get recover itself in the domestic market.
Studios in the US view the 1st weekend BO as critical. Especially for a sequel. Original material can build word of mouth in the weeks to follow but I wouldn't bet on that taking place for KA2 in the US.
>"We were disappointed we didn't match the opening of the first movie," said Nikki Rocco, Universal president of distribution. "The good thing is that it represented very minimal risk for the studio, and the first film did very well in ancillary markets, so we'll see where this goes domestically and internationally."

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25626

File: 1376866278607_clajzy31.jpg (74.2 KB, 625x635)

 Anonymous (17bb) 25627

File: 1376866368563_chloe_moretz_hick_screening_206.jpg (421.27 KB, 675x900)


Oh didn't know that person recorded it wrong. Good that a better version is coming.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25628

The people getting "Your request looks automated" error messages should try refreshing the page before posting

it's longer (about 2m and 30s probably) but the quality might not be better. Still, I want to see the whole thing not snippets

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25629

File: 1376866497904_evil_chloe_scheming_TSA.jpg (2.6 MB, 3000x2100)

>I believe in the power of our european market!
I hope you're right - if it means the difference between a KA3 or not. with a different director

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25630

File: 1376866515804_Stoned.jpg (71.43 KB, 288x280)

I thought I had Deja Vu, either that, or I'm tripping balls.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25631

that cam rip is not that bad in terms of video
the audio could use a better source though plus it's slightly out of sync

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25632

File: 1376866658313_8_miles_high.jpg (19.69 KB, 342x357)

>I'm tripping balls.

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25633

File: 1376866935137_Kh5taGj.jpg (84.05 KB, 1024x593)


There's an Italian video source that looks much better, I'm waiting on that.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25634

File: 1376867171110_Chloe_profile_5406.jpg (51.6 KB, 525x575)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25635

these cam rips coming out so soon won't be good for the movie, especially as the first one was the second most pirated movie of 2010

 Anonymous (2be2) 25636


dat complexion

dem m&m nails

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25637

File: 1376867266911_Awkward_profile_SDCC_011.jpg (25.17 KB, 461x333)

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25638

File: 1376867279284_gif_650x273_4d794f.gif (3.16 MB, 650x273)

me gusta this Gif.

 Buzz!/g8r30dUUk 25639

File: 1376868122113_Aropostale_Campaign_24.jpg (158.18 KB, 640x960)

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25640

File: 1376868221663_Meditative_profile_HG_KA2.png (266.94 KB, 487x374)

 Anonymous (cb87) 25641

why is everyone worrying about box office numbers kick ass 2 will do great on DVD just like the first one….

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25642

File: 1376868871684.jpg (139.57 KB, 543x506)

What is it with you people? How hard is it to take a cold hard look at facts? Do you always have to day dream or hope some magical pixie will swoop in and save the movie?

The first one barely got a sequel and that made ok numbers at the box office. This is fairing to do much worse. For this to make as much money at the first to even remotely have a chance at a third movie it will have to do way, way better on dvd/blu-ray sales than this to make up for the lackluster boxoffice numbers. What on earth makes you think that will happen? The overwhelming bad reviews and the consensus that this is inferior to the first … yet it will magically make way more money than it on dvd/blu-ray?

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 25643

File: 1376868872194.jpg (65.87 KB, 960x720)

I uploaded the First Look: Carrie Featurette to youtube

It's shit quality. I don't know what happened with th =e focus, but hopefully it will get officially released at some point.

And now, I sleep.

 Anonymous (2be2) 25644


chloe's work is always best suited for home viewing

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 25645

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25646

Would you mind sharing the actual link?

 Mr. Black (9450) 25647

File: 1376868947851_vlcsnap-2013-06-24-22h58m09s227.png (595.98 KB, 1920x800)


Because the reason Universal picked it up is that the DVD sales made them think that the second one was going to make more than the first, that it gained more fans on home video. And then it opens, and makes less money than the original. I don't think it will work twice, i'm trying to stay optimistic, but i don't think we will ever see the end to this story =(

The only chance for a sequel i can see right now is if Matthew Vaughn funds the movie himself like he did with KA1 and writes and directs, as he very clearly loves this franchise and characters, and maybe he will feel like he needs to end the story now they have continued it and left it open. Chloe seems to want him to come back and direct the final installment, so there's always a chance.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25648

thanks a lot
Chloë looks gorgeous in that interview

 Anonymous (cb87) 25649


lol if you were expecting an opening of 40 million+ you are a fool

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25650

File: 1376869159597_Pretending_to_be_Interested.jpg (215.78 KB, 846x792)

THAT RIGHT THERE is the reason I want a 4K version of Kick-Ass 2!

I had to wake up at 6am today just to declare cancelation of "classes" in the office today. The Philippines is going all Atlantis again. Now, I've 3 choices:
- Stay awake and watch an early showing of Kick-Ass 2.
- Start work on multiple #Chloe4StarWars material today.
- Go back to bed and hug my pillow that I love to imagine is Chloë.

I think I'll pick the 3rd. Good "night" again, guys!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25651

who the fuck said 40+? I was expecting this to make as much as the first at the very least, and somewhere in the upper 20s at the very best

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25652

File: 1376869215903_srsly4.jpg (25.43 KB, 260x287)

>why is everyone worrying about box office numbers
Because we want to see Chloë on the big screen.
if KA2 bombs then less chance of KA3. We can hope for 2 things:
1) It does well enough worldwide BO and DVD sales to warrant a KA3.
2) "Someone" with very deep pockets see's the potential and is willing to take a risk. Give KA3 a much bigger budget and invest in a true proven screenwriter/director team to elevate the material.
Make KA3 have a fitting end to the trilogy on a big scale. and if an actor with over 10 million twitter followers is involved they are contractually obligated to participate in film promotion.

 Anonymous (cb87) 25653

considering, if i remember right, the first one did like 13 million the first weekend and like 25 over the whole movie theater run…i think it is doing quite well.
oh so you are a kick ass fan…i am a chloe fan and she will never run out of work with her talent

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25654

File: 1376869366754.gif (1.79 MB, 320x180)

youtube is such a fucking drag lately

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25655

File: 1376869427013_Martie_laughs_at_you.jpg (169.72 KB, 553x534)

>chloe's work is always best suited for home viewing
Have you seen her on a big screen?

U can see her at home too if your main goal is to fap

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25656

File: 1376869584427.jpg (175.84 KB, 800x800)

the first one grossed 20mil in the first weeked so get your numbers straight

>i think it is doing quite well.

And I think you are delusional (no disrespect intended).

The first one opened at #1 with 20 mil
this opened at #4 with 14
the first one got great reviews
this got horrible ones
the studio already came out and said it was disappointed by its box office performance

in the name of Chloë what further proof do you need. What fantasy world you live in where this is doing well?

Don't get me wrong … I wished the movie got better numbers but come on, snap back to reality for a second

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25657

File: 1376869674329_chloe_moretz_194.jpg (11.56 KB, 228x312)

>U can see her at home too if your main goal is to fap
implying it's hard to pry a hole in a bucket of popcorn

 Anonymous (2be2) 25658

just release carrie already

everyone knows chloe looks better in that one

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25659

File: 1376869803875_No_Chloe_for_Old_Men.png (1.32 MB, 800x1178)

>oh so you are a kick ass fan
Nope. Never even read the comics.
I'm a Chloë and Trevor fan.
But I do want one of her movies to have real financial success so she can be even more selective in her film choices.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25660

File: 1376869943768_embarressed_laugh_5344.jpg (27.66 KB, 372x438)

>implying it's hard to pry a hole in a bucket of popcorn
Good point. Tell him or her that.

 Anonymous (2be2) 25661

File: 1376870055591_D82104359.gif (934.87 KB, 500x273)


>or her

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25662

File: 1376870076712_Trevor_Chloe_thumb_up__03158.jpg (37.04 KB, 600x600)

>just release carrie already

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25663

File: 1376870256113_oooh_dem_toes.jpg (450.64 KB, 1600x1200)

>or her
Do you ask for butter on your popcorn?
Use your imagination.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25664

File: 1376870257774_040.jpg (111.79 KB, 453x360)

>I'm a Chloë and Trevor fan.

there's another thing we didn't factor in
Trevor was a producer on KA2
this can't be good for him either

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25665

File: 1376870407713_Trevor_London_08_2013_1886_7.jpg (79.24 KB, 612x612)

>Trevor was an Executive Producer on KA2

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25666

File: 1376870892904_Chloe_and_Trevor_with_a_lot_on_their_minds.jpg (42.51 KB, 644x800)

>this can't be good for him either
I started getting nervous about the BO for his sake too when I learned this last week.
And he's been getting a lot of hate spam over the last few days from people who must be clueless.

 Anonymous (f7f3) 25667

File: 1376871068891_ChloeMoretz-AeropostaleShoot_38.jpg (156.79 KB, 1280x853)

He tweeted Chloe a picture of his three tickets as expected. Forth time the charm for getting that retweet? LOL


 Chlobra Commander!!w7eW7BOJmI 25668

File: 1376871120050_d4664ebe086111e38a8922000a1faffc_7.jpg (69.67 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (d678) 25669

What the fuck is with this Steve obsession?

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25670

File: 1376871159073_001_5.jpg (67.57 KB, 280x277)


>watches his every move

>calls HIM a loser

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25671

File: 1376871394013_laugh_with_me_5437.jpg (50.76 KB, 634x384)

>What the fuck is with this Steve obsession?
>watches his every move
>calls HIM a loser

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25672


You can't miss it when he posts here about it every day, but he has to go looking for Steve's tweets.

Can we start banning people for posting about Steve? not even joking, it's seriously fucking tedious.

 Anonymous (d678) 25673

Consensus of 'movie expertz' you mean. Audience ratings say otherwise.

Critics eat up safe movies like Avengers and Iron Man. Nice light quirky humor and no consequences. Something you can take anyone from 10 years old - 50 to see.

Same goes for stories that borrow ideas from edgier material then make it 'safe' ala Hunger Games.

It's like their movie palate is so delicate that anything too divisive and shocking is instantly too much for the senses and therefore must be either exploitative or 'senseless'.

 Anonymous (d678) 25674

It's the same fucking guy too lol. He talks like he's giving a PSA or something. Holy fucking shit.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25675

File: 1376871624583_lets_be_serious.jpg (112.99 KB, 1271x703)

>Can we start banning people for posting about Steve? not even joking
You'd get no argument from me.
I don't understand the fascination with his activities.

 Anonymous (cb87) 25676

me delusional? nah, i'm not the one that expected the movie to pull 25+ and is "disappointed" it didn't. after all its a rated R and its only "star" disowned the movie. im pretty sure they will get their budget+advertising money back.

 WhoDat!!0Sah/skRRs 25677

File: 1376871867177_218.jpg (61.79 KB, 350x451)

Oh shit! I've been out almost all day and I couldn't get any Chloë. Finally I'm here.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25678

File: 1376871923433_Im_Jelly_fbc49_7.jpg (70.43 KB, 612x612)

>It's the same fucking guy too
It's sounds like you've got the magical ANON vision where you can tell them apart. Wish I had that power.

 Anonymous!oey0q9KKJY 25679

File: 1376872617962_Chlomonnaise.jpg (Spoiler Image, 272.23 KB, 698x486)

you will never be raped by Chloë
rape implies you didn't enjoy every second of it

 Anonymous (273d) 25680

File: 1376873049559_Hick_607.jpg (160.47 KB, 1920x800)


Maybe he is just a SteveD fan who supports his spamming to Chloe and believes that there is just one person that doesn't like him. LOL

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25681

File: 1376873767746_Captain_pirate_Chlo.jpg (89.62 KB, 456x355)




 Chloefornication!!Fli6zyLoRE 25682

File: 1376874867651_it_begins.jpg (18.87 KB, 267x274)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25683

File: 1376875444939_Chlo_hit_girl_KA2_holyshit.jpg (1.77 MB, 1602x2286)

Those who watched KA2.
Is there any good song that you would recommend?

 Anonymous (26d2) 25684

File: 1376876205583_331103339_640.jpg (19.97 KB, 640x360)


I find it strange that The Butler was a horrible movie from the audience's point of view but it did great at the box office.

But Kick-Ass 2 was a great movie from the audience's point of view but did horrible at the box office.

The IMDB ratings are completely different from the box office results.



 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25685

File: 1376877463065_2013-07-14-002.jpg (58.96 KB, 612x612)

I've seen the movie twice. Honestly, nothing from the soundtrack or score really stood out to me. Unless you count that Union J song as something to avoid at all costs. I likely won't buy the score/soundtrack.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25686

File: 1376877498286_Chlo_hit_girl_KA2_holyshit_8.jpg (369.2 KB, 1078x808)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25687

File: 1376877597934_Hit_girl_yeaah_no_mmm.jpg (65.04 KB, 386x399)

 Chloefornication!!Fli6zyLoRE 25688

File: 1376877723718_jack.jpg (83.11 KB, 556x604)

It depends on which audience you are talking about. There are several people who didn't like both of those movies. KA2 is not impressing many people.

Speaking of bad movies that makes money, yesterday I saw Iron Man 3. Kevin Feige should go fuck himself with a cactus.

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25689

File: 1376877831859.jpg (41.21 KB, 570x583)

>Can we start banning people for posting about Steve? not even joking, it's seriously fucking tedious.
Yeah, I'm starting to feel the same. He spams Chloë, then people start spamming us about him spamming Chloë. If she grew tired of it, she can block him.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25690

File: 1376877952496_Trevor_bd_86_09_13_cwOTM1NDUz.jpg (10.66 KB, 214x314)

>I find it strange that The Butler was a horrible movie from the audience's point of view
RE: BO-Look at the IMDB sample sizes.
You can find 83% to 77% viewer ratings in favor of The Butler elsewhere.
I don't want to depress KA2 fans with the critics scores

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25691

File: 1376878071443_pffff.jpg (65.11 KB, 469x463)

I'm a Star Wars fan. It sucks, but I'm used to critics shitting on my favorite films.

 Chloefornication!!Fli6zyLoRE 25692

File: 1376878121594_wutl.jpg (32.45 KB, 331x413)

You mean the prequels?

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25693

File: 1376878218314.png (123.85 KB, 295x347)

 Chloefornication!!Fli6zyLoRE 25694

File: 1376878345304_Iiih.jpg (12.71 KB, 300x307)

 Anonymous (f719) 25695

File: 1376878695543_Carrie_destroying_everything.gif (682.65 KB, 500x372)

Umbrellas got lucky getting a retweet after replying to canadajoe about Carrie. Guess you never know when Chloe is going to check her mentions and she will see your tweet.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25696

File: 1376878924675_HG_Youre_Done_74644.jpg (66.5 KB, 621x405)

Or when she just wants to get cheered up and look forward to the next release.


 Anonymous (d678) 25697

The last one on the soundtrack you can find on youtube.

 Anonymous (302c) 25698

File: 1376879623085_Bloody_Carrie.jpg (66.8 KB, 562x789)


That could be true as well since she did technically I guess also retweet canadajoe talking about her next release. Since everyone that checked what Umbrellas was replying about would see canadajoe's tweet about Carrie.

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25699

File: 1376882586167_gap.jpg (57.32 KB, 277x782)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25700

File: 1376883914661_happy_funny_Chloe.jpg (14.91 KB, 202x192)

I just heard a true chlobro talking like a fking badass against a random dude omfg HAHAHA

"Listen mate, im trying to record this (KA2 movie) so if your…. can't be more quite im gonna fucking rip your eyes off"
(the other guy didn't say a word)

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25701

File: 1376883971860_flowers.jpg (2.23 MB, 1920x2400)

>You will never know how beautiful you are to me.

Q: How can you resist Chloë's charm?
A: You'd have to be dead inside.

 Anonymous (d678) 25702

File: 1376884363033_EXample1.jpg (1.05 MB, 1181x1833)

I'd say it's because the target demographic of KA2 is more inclined to vote on sites like those. Not to mention this movie is literally made for fans, so those who saw it on average have liked it.

Butler has more general appeal and it probably doesn't put people off as much in trailers as KA2 does (what with cheesy costumes and 'juvenile' look) which explains higher box office.

The lower audience score might be because it' isn't particularly entertaining. Alot of biopic movies kind of 'phone it in' in terms of creating a rousing movie, and instead just adapts 1:1 the book/biography of the reference individual.

 JigSaw (66d4) 25703

File: 1376884465331_20120406015758643.jpg (315.94 KB, 871x1280)


 Anonymous (d937) 25704

File: 1376884597655_CHLOE-MORETZ2.jpg (166.48 KB, 817x1222)


If I ever met Chloe and she did a giggle laugh I would probably go into a coma. That's how much charm that girl has got.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25705

File: 1376885005123_Cello_f3c64_7.jpg (60.04 KB, 612x612)

see >>25690

The sampling size for the IMDB scores is too small. You have to look somewhere like RT to find statistical significance.
They've got the scores at 83% to 77 in favor of the Butler. The audience probably found it entertaining enough - even if it is considered more of an awards worthy film.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25706

File: 1376885229513_hippy_chic.jpg (438.73 KB, 993x1023)

Awesome pic.
Is your question mark re: the source?

 JigSaw (66d4) 25707

I don't know the thread which that picture released .

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25708

File: 1376886181011_chloe_and_teri.jpg (36.18 KB, 640x480)

>I don't know the thread which that picture released.
Wish I could help you but I'm still a Newbie/Casual.
If it was a Pixel version the resolution would probably be good enough to at least get a location idea from the license plate.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 25709

File: 1376886585507_chloe_moretz_travelling_from_ny_to_la_088.jpg (696.87 KB, 1379x2027)

 Anonymous (1120) 25710

File: 1376886717573_Untitled.png (878.67 KB, 899x619)

got me up all night, all im singing is love songs

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 25711

File: 1376886770636_029.jpg (73.88 KB, 815x471)

Looks great. Lots of good stuff in there.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25712

File: 1376887013273_Teri_Thug_Life.jpg (108.1 KB, 612x612)

you da' MEN

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 25713

File: 1376887960309_120922_AeroSpring_LA-8714-X2.jpg (170.01 KB, 1280x854)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25714

File: 1376888506764_Kick-ass_2_now_with_more_umbrella.jpg (156.54 KB, 621x622)

I just watched KA2, really liked it, apart from being a camrip and not having the chance of watching it the way it should be watched. I hope it gets released in the cinema here so I can go watch it again.

 Anonymous (a8f2) 25715

File: 1376888924545_chloe_moretz_03.jpg (9.05 KB, 235x221)

hi every1 im new!!!!!!! *holds up spork* my name is chloë but u can
call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!!
thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me ^_^… im 16 years old
(im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my girlfreind
(im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite tv show!!! bcuz its
SOOOO random!!!! shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random
ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make
alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!!

DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ←- me bein random again ^_^ hehe…toodles!!!!!

love and tubby toasts,

* ~t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m~*

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 25716

File: 1376889169274_Hit-Girl.jpg (130.46 KB, 1523x1426)

>I hope it gets released in the cinema here
Is there a chance that it won't?
Who would be evil enough to deny people of HG on the big screen?

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 25717

File: 1376889291558_true_story.jpg (245.29 KB, 1155x560)

There's only room for one penguin around here.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25718

File: 1376889388084_holy_mama_walking.jpg (82.41 KB, 529x1045)

Well, I don't live in the capital, and there aren't so many cinemas on this city (like 3), plus the comic it's pretty much completely unknown here, as far as I know. I fear it's a huge possibility.

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25719

File: 1376889394314.jpg (18.56 KB, 444x473)

 WhoDat!!0Sah/skRRs 25720

File: 1376889411796.jpg (1022.62 KB, 3543x2358)


Now that you mention that. Today I talked with one of my cousins and she said last time she went to the theater she saw a KA 2 trailer, so I have hopes, but it's nothing sure.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 25721

File: 1376889590454_fingers-crossed.jpg (91.03 KB, 664x575)

Well I hope it works out for you.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25722

File: 1376889618889_hit_girl_badass.jpg (21.2 KB, 753x329)

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25723

File: 1376889838817_Penguin-Hat-Chloe.gif (2.02 MB, 300x228)

>There's only room for one penguin around here
Unless they're good penguins.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25724

File: 1376889907744_penguin_party.jpg (76.33 KB, 714x423)

>Unless they're Chloë penguins.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 25725

File: 1376889922562_pengu.jpg (302.83 KB, 826x516)

Or Chloë penguins.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25726

File: 1376889948344_omg_what.jpg (23.67 KB, 316x315)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25727

File: 1376889976467.jpg (37.27 KB, 411x404)

Chloë hive mind at work.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25728

File: 1376890022980_OOPS_Penguin.jpg (18.42 KB, 297x304)

>Unless they're Chloë penguins.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 25729

File: 1376890031873_Sequence_01.Still006.png (260.07 KB, 375x394)

 DrChloe!UchloeyNiE 25730

File: 1376890090324_chloe-technicolor.jpg (63.96 KB, 454x555)

Muh 1st ever attempt at sketching Chloë.

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25731

File: 1376890344057_seems-legit.gif (3.98 MB, 378x350)


 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25732

File: 1376890927191.gif (3.48 MB, 500x456)

 Anonymous (e32e) 25733

File: 1376891213723_Mermaid.jpg (123.25 KB, 557x750)

Seems that fan art of Chloe as a Mermaid is obviously the right way to go as she is more obsessed with the idea of it then I would have thought.

She recently posted this video on her Facebook about real life mermaids. Saying that it is amazing.


She has also mentioned in recent interviews that she would like to breath underwater.

 Anonymous (a071) 25734

File: 1376891342033.png (91.99 KB, 328x360)

Greetings, everyone. I am new. (One second – let me get this mayo out of the
way.) My name is Chloë, but you can call me the Penguin of Doom. (I’m laughing
aloud.) As you can plainly see, my actions are faboost. That is
why I have come here. To meet similarly faboost individuals, such as myself.

I am 16 – mature for my age, however! – and I enjoy watching Invader Zim
with my brother Trevor. (I am faboost. Please approach this subject maturely.)
It is our favorite television show, as it adequately displays the faboost
manners of behavior such as we possess.

He behaves faboostly – of course – but I wish to meet more individuals
of his and my kind. As the saying goes, “the more, the merrier.”

Ah, it is to laugh. Anyway, I hope to make many friends here, so please
comment freely.


That is simply one of many examples of my faboost actions. Ha, ha. Fare
thee well. I wish you much love and tubby toast.


The Penguin of Doom.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25735

File: 1376891414858_omg_aah.jpg (25.8 KB, 502x471)

It's evolving!

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25736

File: 1376891541986_Chloe_Comic-Con_Carrie_2012.jpg (1.39 MB, 3456x5184)

She's so pretty! Again, I miss her blonde.

Please release Carrie already!

 WhoDat!!0Sah/skRRs 25737

File: 1376891662054_chloe_moretz_reaction_picture_2.jpg (12.2 KB, 324x311)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25738

File: 1376891816320_Epic.jpg (124.95 KB, 460x739)

That reaction almost cracked me up as much as this!

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25739

File: 1376892047484_057.jpg (26.21 KB, 209x191)

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25740

File: 1376892856430_asdadsadsds.jpg (19.16 KB, 291x285)

I feel proud that Chloë was THE star of Kick-Ass 2 and basically stole the show again. but totally bummed that the film didn't do nearly as well as expected. Roller coaster of emotions for a Chloë fan.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25741

File: 1376893029123_derp6.jpg (408.69 KB, 997x1354)

>Roller coaster of emotions for a Chloë fan.
I know that feel.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25742

File: 1376893424634_Screenshot_2013-08-15-22-44-22.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080)

How many forms of internet connection do you freaking have?

My roller coaster emotion was that she's so pretty, so lovely… yet so far away that I may never even get to see her!

 Anonymous (3064) 25743

File: 1376894006990_ChloeMoretz-AeropostaleShoot_203.jpg (140.78 KB, 640x960)


>like me _… im 27 years old (i still live w/ my mom tho!!)

If you are going to pretend to be Trevor at least get your facts right. He doesn't live with his mom. LOL

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25744

And, he doesn't turn 27 until this September.

 WhoDat!!0Sah/skRRs 25745

File: 1376894259364_099.jpg (21.84 KB, 244x453)


 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25746

File: 1376895808897_ThirdNail-007.jpg (313.65 KB, 616x925)

I still can't get over The Third Nail. That has got to be the biggest injustice ever done to a Chloë character.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25747

File: 1376895977857_IMG_0108.jpg (1.42 MB, 1536x1022)

Also, why the hell is there a huge lack of theatres showing the movie in Metro Manila?!?

 Anonymous (e464) 25748

File: 1376896393200_ChloeMoretz-AeropostaleShoot_41.jpg (143.27 KB, 1280x853)


PMSL trolling this website makes you more of a loser then you think that we all are because of our love of Chloe.

 Anonymous!oey0q9KKJY 25749

File: 1376896513766_chloe-moretz-looks-bleeding-terrifying-in-carrie-remake.jpg (31.1 KB, 620x333)

Any HQ of this little cutie?

 Pixel!!yjxMNVH8/6 25750

File: 1376896578424_bubble.gif (597 KB, 246x166)

That movie could not hold my attention.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25751

>me delusional? nah, i'm not the one that expected the movie to pull 25+ and is "disappointed" it didn't. after all its a rated R and its only "star" disowned the movie. im pretty sure they will get their budget+advertising money back.

I'm disappointed it didn't match the fist like everyone was expected and I'm not the one said it's doing quite well when it opened at NUMBER FOUR and even the studio said it was disappointed with it
So who is the delusional one here?
pro-tip: it's you

 Anonymous (33d0) 25752

File: 1376896685683_McLuvin.jpg (83.23 KB, 500x667)

>What endeavors do you undertake, other than “admire rainbow panties”?
That;s pretty much it 24/7. None of us have jobs or a RLIn your mind. Sounds like you'll fit right in.

 Anonymous!oey0q9KKJY 25754

File: 1376897011111_That_Beautiful_Angel.jpg (85.52 KB, 500x750)

No one wants to watch Kick-Ass 2 with me today!

I watched it 'til the end, hoping that "everything would be okay".

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25755

File: 1376897144639_Screenshot_2013-08-14-22-46-30.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080)

It got my attention especially after what they did to her.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25756

File: 1376897432442_smile_super_happy_fun_time.jpg (55.59 KB, 654x591)

> If I wasn't a fan and didn't know a bit about this site I wouldn't have made any of these references
It'd help if you didn't post as an ANON.
It's like a family. As you can probably tell we beat up on each other pretty good but it's mostly all in fun.
But if an outsider comes in, who isn't a Chloë fan, they better be ready to be ripped by the ChloBros if they start talkin' S&it.
e.g. If you'd done that same post as Shaman we'd all just laugh.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25758

File: 1376897769787_You_Dont_Know_What_You_are_Talking_About.jpg (313.08 KB, 1220x915)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25759

File: 1376898011277_264.jpg (158.25 KB, 379x308)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25760

File: 1376898369354_FFN_DefaultLightbox_51025937-841x1280.jpg (200.77 KB, 841x1280)

Every time her name is mentioned, my heart pops.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25761

File: 1376898866000_wanna_drink_water_ok_2.jpg (444.33 KB, 900x680)

What I mean is — when a post is troll like.
I have no problem with people posting as Anon's for their own personal reasons if they're obviously Chloë and/or Trevor fans. We get some great material from anon's. e.g. I'm pretty sure DM still helps out.
But when a succession of anon's post and there's a troll mixed in it gets confusing.

 AK_ChloëFan47 (33d0) 25762

File: 1376899827263_KA2_HG_Bedtime_Soup.gif (3.16 MB, 640x360)

Good Night ChloBros.
Have a good week.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25764

when you come here and all you post is that penguin of doom crap, don't be surprised when some mods treat you like a spammer

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25765

File: 1376900766127_Carrie_Being_Bullied_4.jpg (367.48 KB, 1920x816)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25766

File: 1376900901661_Carrie_Being_Bullied_3.jpg (382.72 KB, 1920x816)

 Anonymous (4192) 25767

File: 1376901182366_BCwCkd4CYAA4_5F.jpg_large.jpeg (143.64 KB, 640x960)

I can't understand why do you like 4chan threads about Chloë.
Boring, stupids, so casuals…

 Anonymous (b054) 25768

File: 1376902735973_Chloe_Moretz_arrives_2013_Billboard_Music_8y4_D2ZVFZsx.jpg (209.26 KB, 682x1024)

Great, I didn't see Chloë's fav to Chlomo on 16th august

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25769

a retweet would have been better but that's great too

because a lot of us and a lot of the chlomo culture started there

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25770

File: 1376903343299_i-have-the-weirdest-boner-right-now.jpg (234.18 KB, 720x894)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25771

File: 1376903407397_disgusting.jpg (70.74 KB, 259x296)

How can anyone find the girl on the right attractive? Look at her face…

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25772

File: 1376904052154_get_eeeeem.jpg (77.84 KB, 221x342)


 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25773

File: 1376904198671_faboost3.jpg (76.97 KB, 600x400)

So? She is a 16 year old girl, practically still a kid. Girls like princesses and mermaids and to be honest, who doesn't wanna breath under water? That would be so awesome!

 Anonymous (4192) 25774

File: 1376904781633_016__.jpg (435.03 KB, 800x600)

Wut? Claudia is a pretty girl. Does she pales beside Chloë? Yeah, like everyone.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25775

File: 1376904926074_mmmmmmmm.jpg (8.69 KB, 177x250)

I don't find her pretty at all, next to Chloë or not

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25776

File: 1376905657029_Do_Want.jpg (90.29 KB, 489x360)

This is amazing.
If this movie won't blow the critics' minds, then they are bigger dumbasses than we all think.

And she looks so pretty in the interview!

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25777

File: 1376906096433_You_Will_Know_Her_Name.jpg (109.67 KB, 883x290)

I just have to leave for dinner out. See you guys in a bit!


 Chlomopedia TheConman (58d1) 25778

File: 1376906144543_tumblr_mrmtcpllmB1rbw50xo1_500.png (659.17 KB, 500x630)

Hey, does anyone know how to request words to be added to the Chlomopedia, cos it just says do it in the numbered threads, but does that mean just reply the word or do we have to have a separate discussion about it?

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25779

File: 1376906269199_Chloe_Bread.jpg (261.15 KB, 700x467)

Vader has a hole in his chips bagh or what the hell that is. The background is visible through it
Do it here, make a simple post like "Hey guys, could you add this and that to Chlomopedia"?
By the way the most effective way would be to wait for GG, he is the maker of it

 TheConman (58d1) 25780

File: 1376906397193_Untitled5.png (829.72 KB, 590x588)

How do I know when GG is watching?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25781

File: 1376906449584_zzzchloecute.jpg (88.85 KB, 419x475)

he's always watching

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25782

File: 1376906472704_Gentlemen2.png (54.69 KB, 191x173)

He is not here now I guess, but he reads back all the time, so he will see your post

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25783

File: 1376906512144_Oops.jpg (65.89 KB, 551x388)

 TheConman (58d1) 25784

File: 1376906588389.png (109.98 KB, 187x202)

I actually have nothing to add to Chlomopedia atm. But I was just asking as a reference for the future.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25785

File: 1376906627934_I_hate_you5.jpg (58.04 KB, 778x922)

 TheConman (58d1) 25786

File: 1376906740643.png (26.41 KB, 126x126)


 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25787

File: 1376909519574_7.jpg (206.42 KB, 400x426)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25788

File: 1376909615724_hmmmm2.jpg (11.26 KB, 282x264)

Guys, those who have seen KA2 already and read the comics as well:

Did you felt that maybe Jim Carrey's presence was shorter than it should have been? Is there a chance that they've cut out some of his scenes?

Is this the appropriate thread to ask this? I haven't seen it yet, so no spoilers please

 Anonymous (b054) 25789

File: 1376909858729_tumblr_ljjalncpQo1qbww9xo1_500.jpg (54.59 KB, 500x667)

Please bros, a brief prayer for the people who doesn't know Chloë yet.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25790

File: 1376909978710_Jesus.jpg (36.05 KB, 262x372)

What kind of life they are living

 Anonymous (4192) 25791

File: 1376910563539_BPyjYYwCUAAtlK7.jpg (35.25 KB, 539x521)

That is not "life"

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25792

File: 1376910769843_quick-shoop.jpg (262.83 KB, 466x1200)

How about "painfully dull existence"?

 Anonymous (4192) 25793

Jesuschrist, Chloë da queen…

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25794

File: 1376911407415.jpg (12.32 KB, 339x266)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25795

File: 1376911535794_cry_sad_oh_noes5.jpg (21.27 KB, 535x505)

Stupid Butler, stupid Elysium, stupid critics!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25796

File: 1376911718475_138074395537.jpg (39.54 KB, 428x493)

it's not their fault

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25797

File: 1376911819443_hurrr_durrrr.jpg (32.15 KB, 424x344)

Umm… Stupid Union J?

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25798

File: 1376912414529_Carrie_Being_Bullied.jpg (336.27 KB, 1920x798)

How the hell did I not notice that. Maybe she jammed her foot up his… st'mach?

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25799

File: 1376912576004_Carrie_Being_Bullied_2.jpg (335.36 KB, 1920x816)

Chloë's characters this year are awesome! I just hate that it seems like a bully-poor-little-Chloë year.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25800

File: 1376912581617_.jpg (166.41 KB, 661x609)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25801

File: 1376912702421_132689229178.gif (1.5 MB, 243x418)

>it seems like a bully-poor-little-Chloë year.
But she gets her revenge
Chloë ain't nothing to fuck with
only figuratively

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25802

File: 1376912807983_Chlobro_Dreams.jpg (152.43 KB, 600x428)

We're all the same here. No one would fuck with the queen literally or figuratively.

But if she asked me to, I'd puke and cry rainbows!

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 25803

File: 1376912815694_um-hm.png (166.71 KB, 377x375)


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25804

File: 1376912881828.jpg (20.25 KB, 209x271)

> No one would fuck with the queen literally
Now wait a second …

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25805

File: 1376912934584_you_gay.jpg (83.46 KB, 600x464)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25806

File: 1376912956824_015.jpg (40.26 KB, 238x253)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25807

File: 1376912963424_Chloe_Moretz_at_the_Jimmy_Kimmel_Interview.jpg (1.65 MB, 2100x3000)

Read the censored part.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25808

File: 1376912984694.jpg (84.94 KB, 600x338)

>talking about making love to a girl

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25809

File: 1376913051403_bee.gif (1.03 MB, 387x365)

Not you, the other nigga

And it was a joke.


 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25810

File: 1376913105343.jpg (65.89 KB, 551x388)

>Not you, the other nigga
oh, ok

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25811

File: 1376913157794_That_Reeks.jpg (413.78 KB, 1440x1080)

In an attempt to watch Kick-Ass 2 again, I asked my dad if we could all go as a family cause it's a great movie! I was like, "Dad, can we watch Chloë?"
"I mean, can we watch Kick-Ass?"
"We'll see."

I hope he didn't get any ideas or research on Chloë. It'll be the end of me.

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 25812

File: 1376913229466_cute_and_goofy_04.jpg (15.37 KB, 293x300)

What a great family movie.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25813

File: 1376913250131.jpg (34.65 KB, 246x244)

That awkward moment when you're sitting in the cinema next to your dad and you see popcorn jumping out his bag left and right

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25814

File: 1376913282457_omg_Solar.jpg (66.93 KB, 694x689)

>I hope my dad won't gonna make research on Chloë
>research on Chloë

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25815

File: 1376913342451_You_Dont_Know_What_You_are_Talking_About.jpg (313.08 KB, 1220x915)

My dad pretends not to be interested but he enjoys these things. I caught staying up one night to watch my Dragonball Z downloads.
My brother is pretty psyched to watch it but has examinations tomorrow (that's why we didn't get to go).
My mom is not pleased with anything but always likes going out with us boys cause she values "family bonding".

It would've worked well!

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25816

File: 1376913433088_jesus6.jpg (124.49 KB, 651x579)

>My dad pretends not to be interested but he enjoys these things.

You're just making things worse

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 25817

File: 1376913453604_Kick-Ass_2_Stars_Back_for_More.mp4_20130802_154058.jpg (14.34 KB, 249x268)

Classes didn't get suspended in your place? It's pouring pretty hard.

 Anonymous (4192) 25818

How old are you?

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25819

File: 1376913537724_0_01.jpg (84.19 KB, 350x333)

Had a dream last night that we got pics of Chloë wearing a bikini….

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25820

File: 1376913661261_do_want4.jpg (58.33 KB, 486x393)

Was it a wet dream?

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 25821

File: 1376913663784_sad.png (155.83 KB, 392x359)

What a letdown huh.

 Mgallo!k0LjndXi/6 25822

File: 1376913671341_120922_AeroSpring_LA-2-72-X2.jpg (236.74 KB, 1280x854)


Pretty sure that chloverdose would kill me.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25823

File: 1376913679194_5.jpg (35.36 KB, 376x380)

Aren't you a bit old for wet dreams?

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25824

File: 1376913715724_Chloe_Moretz_at_the_2013_Billboard_Music_Awards_3.jpg (939.23 KB, 1804x2652)

I don't even know what you guys mean by "research" but I think I'm beginning to get the idea.

>You're just making things worse.

Well, it's a good thing I have my own popcorn. Otherwise, they'd find it kinda weird I have mayonnaise in mine….

I had to declare cancellation of operations in our office.

23 years, 7 months and 28 days, why?

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25825

File: 1376913853394_008.jpg (54.49 KB, 206x206)


Not where Chloe's involved.


Yeah, I was pretty disappointed when I woke up and found it wasn't true.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25826

File: 1376913858741_oh_boy_nagy_ikon.jpg (80.34 KB, 441x423)

Read your comments again like this
>My dad pretends to be not interested in these things, but he enjoys them.

 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 25827

File: 1376913877804_happy-derpy.png (143.03 KB, 342x349)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25828

File: 1376913968027_Chlo_Moretz_for_J_Magazine_2.jpg (98.48 KB, 675x900)

Well, it turns out I wasn't thinking the same thing but it was pretty close.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25829

File: 1376914230607.jpg (87.69 KB, 746x620)

all my jelly

 Anonymous (d678) 25830

No one feel differently about Chloe after seeing the movie KA2?

She was so insane but cool, and talking like a real person at some points.. These interview shots just seem like bullshit now.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25831

File: 1376914300214_Chlo_as_Mindy_McReady.jpg (352.96 KB, 1621x2267)

Being Chloë aside, Mindy had me falling in love with her mostly out of pity.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25832

File: 1376914329817.jpg (37.04 KB, 600x490)

> and talking like a real person at some points
Almost like she was one, right?

 Anonymous (4192) 25833

File: 1376914369963_aa1368627248878_5.jpg (1.04 MB, 1975x3000)

I thought you around 15 hahaha…

God… poor Chloë

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25834

File: 1376914504042_Screenshot_2013-08-15-22-44-22.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080)

People think I'm younger than 20 when they see me (assuming I've shaved my face that day), so it's all good!

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25835

File: 1376914799644_Screenshot_2013-08-15-22-47-13.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080)

>God… poor Chloë

 TheConman (58d1) 25836

File: 1376915342823.png (23.51 KB, 122x126)

28% on Rotten Tomatoes. What a load of b-s.

 Anonymous (d678) 25837

Just look at viewer ratings. Works most of the time. I haven't seen such a divergent score tho.

 JigSaw (66d4) 25838

File: 1376918718067_SFX-238-Kick-Ass-2-feature.jpg (76.82 KB, 610x391)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25839

File: 1376918753094_KA-sfx-intro.png (1.41 MB, 967x1186)

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25840

File: 1376919137854_Hitgirlsex_with_Kick-Ass.jpg (753.67 KB, 1000x1282)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25841

File: 1376919312168_Chlohnnnng.jpg (409.24 KB, 1165x788)

 JigSaw (66d4) 25842

File: 1376919572584_SFX-238-Kick-Ass-2-feature.jpg (578.53 KB, 610x784)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 25843

File: 1376921929904_SFX-2.jpg (910.73 KB, 2560x1650)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 25844

File: 1376921993431_SFX-3.jpg (1.18 MB, 2560x1636)

 JigSaw (66d4) 25845

File: 1376922930703_chloe_moretz_film_society_of_lincoln_center_luncheon_008.jpg (282.8 KB, 968x1452)

 Solar!!vjfzMbAPXs 25846

File: 1376923064604_gif_320x159_8d196b.gif (3.47 MB, 319x159)

Colours went weird, but I think it still gives a kick in the feels.

 Anonymous (1120) 25847

File: 1376923093003_cryluli.gif (5.85 MB, 488x304)

welp looks like anyone can get a favorite from chloe now…feels caught :(


 Chloefornication!!Fli6zyLoRE 25848

File: 1376923240814_Hilarious.jpg (90.16 KB, 385x417)

>Nico Suave


 -chlo.x!C2YfnfHdpM 25849

File: 1376923286298_cute_and_goofy_04.jpg (15.37 KB, 293x300)

Anyone who's shirtless maybe.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25850

File: 1376923351603_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_40.jpg (13.51 KB, 299x293)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25851

File: 1376923464937_4.jpg (83.72 KB, 623x655)

You disappoint me Chloë… a lot.

 JigSaw (66d4) 25852

File: 1376923500703_BRlP1VgCAAEpubV.jpg (117.19 KB, 656x1024)

 Anonymous (2adc) 25853

File: 1376923664816_okay.png (149.85 KB, 330x186)

I was expecting it to be more intimate.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25854

It's actually very sweet in the movie (the full scene)

 Anonymous (2adc) 25855

File: 1376923840493.jpg (61.83 KB, 531x596)

Based Wadlow.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25856

File: 1376923883544_hahaha_my_role_is_provocative.png (244.71 KB, 640x360)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25857

File: 1376923924393_Chloe_in_Paris.jpg (127.71 KB, 500x732)

Maybe she just favorited it to be nice? I mean, she didn't reTweet it after all.

Then again, she's growing up to fast. Quick, some vampire, please bite her!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25858

File: 1376923939277_Let_Me_In_Interview_1.gif (536.7 KB, 285x285)

>Based Wadlow.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25859

File: 1376924120514_1737492893.jpg (44.95 KB, 433x405)

it's just those chlormones acting up again

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25860

which reminds me
I haven't seen this yet today

 Anonymous (2adc) 25861

File: 1376924194226_Movie_43_1.gif (2.99 MB, 403x260)

In terms of the kissing scene, I'd say so.

He could have gone for something like this, with little to no meaning behind it.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25862

File: 1376924235924_whaaaaaaa3.png (92.08 KB, 243x259)

It's that gif again!

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25863

just because he handled a scene well doesn't excuse him for the whole movie

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25864

File: 1376924275201_Chloe_on_the_Floor.jpg (234.06 KB, 1280x853)


Kinda awkward when Depp's kids watch her commenting about their dad's sex appeal.

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25865

File: 1376924320657.jpg (38.11 KB, 431x439)

>talking like a real person at some points.. These interview shots just seem like bullshit now.

Wait, what?

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25866

File: 1376924389044.gif (379.58 KB, 250x267)

I haven't though of that but yeah, it would make for an awkwardly hilarious scene

 Anonymous (2adc) 25867

File: 1376924647663_133029616948.jpg (250.46 KB, 1116x945)

Go re-watch the first Kick-Ass or something.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25868

File: 1376924707021.jpg (199.14 KB, 1271x703)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25869

File: 1376924820597_You_Will_Know_Her_Name.jpg (109.67 KB, 883x290)

Now, I noticed the hole. This is embarrassing. I'ma delete it right now.

 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 25870

File: 1376924855241.jpg (56.37 KB, 600x450)

 Anonymous (2adc) 25871

File: 1376925002113_now_thats_gangsta.jpg (39.38 KB, 480x480)

 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 25872

File: 1376925042788.png (235.58 KB, 360x423)

I don't think movie would loose anything if they made it fucking shorter.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25873

File: 1376925138380_nylon_tv_1280_41.jpg (365.48 KB, 1280x720)

 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 25874

File: 1376925168144.jpg (51.22 KB, 344x311)

should've been ATL

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25875

File: 1376925376161_Bikini_Pic.jpg (410.95 KB, 1007x1300)

It wasn't a dream. It wasn't a bikini or a real image either.

 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 25876

File: 1376925604284.jpg (20.13 KB, 145x151)

In my dreams, Im with her in the same room, in your dreams, we get new pics on the chan…and here I was thinking Im spending too much time here…

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25877

File: 1376925813042.jpg (129.58 KB, 500x667)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25878

File: 1376926203228_60.jpg (964.12 KB, 2550x3127)

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25879

File: 1376926246494_15869447f5500f8e9692deb2da6935e5.jpg (64.68 KB, 600x600)

I love how millar changed his Carrey background image
unfortunately, I he went with some cheap HG knock-off

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25880

File: 1376926253057_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_NYLON_Onitsuka_Tiger_Celebrate_DetUilQhJf1x.jpg (172.71 KB, 674x1024)

 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 25881

File: 1376926517024_785785.png (502.61 KB, 433x675)

luckily 3/4 of her face is covered.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25882

File: 1376926650824.jpg (58.08 KB, 579x620)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 25883

File: 1376926683104.jpg (169.73 KB, 873x773)

yep! Aaron Taylor-Johnson is one lucky bastard.

 Anonymous (d678) 25884

The movie was enjoyable. Deal with it.

As in uninhibited

 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 25885

File: 1376926737962.jpg (422.99 KB, 1280x528)

Fuck it, Im outta here.

 GG!Mu5DJ1d1S. 25886

File: 1376926804374_1327032452.jpg (50.14 KB, 400x435)

>The movie was enjoyable. Deal with it.
I'm glad you enjoyed it

>As in uninhibited

When was she inhibited?

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25887

File: 1376926819434_12312367432207_disgusting.jpg (70.74 KB, 259x296)

Unless you scroll down… then you can see it.

 ɉⱣ!AWEsomEEEE 25888

File: 1376926924643.png (34.89 KB, 283x201)

I didn't need to know…

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25889

File: 1376927007874_12312367432192_trollface_kinda.jpg (65.72 KB, 235x303)

 Anonymous (5dcf) 25890

File: 1376927092993_BSCrmRSCMAAaaQE.jpg_large.jpg (98.07 KB, 768x1024)

 Anonymous (1120) 25891

File: 1376927315259.jpg (85.33 KB, 978x550)


id put money on her just favoriting it cuz it was complimenting her but its not ok because:

-hes black (nothing actually inherently wrong with that but i want white chloe kids lol)
-hes obviously faggat for his background, name, picture, everything he says
-not respecting women in what he posts
-i say its not :)

yes i care

 Anonymous (ad01) 25892

File: 1376927318293_686995344.jpg (27.66 KB, 372x438)


Yes…um…research on Chloe. While you and the rest of the family are out of the house of course. He will make sure he has the tissues and hand lotion ready.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25893

File: 1376927341244_neatberry.png (337.16 KB, 594x442)

 Anonymous (5dcf) 25894

File: 1376927398463_317790_399945383409769_403773476_n.jpg (41.73 KB, 403x403)

>-hes black (nothing actually inherently wrong with that but i want white Chloë kids lol)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25895

File: 1376927443234_hit-girl-is-amused-not-that-it-makes-any-difference.jpg (136.85 KB, 420x927)

This is what I was talking about when Fawzi said he didn't wanna go to watch KA2 alone.

Like a true Chlobro.

 Anonymous (2adc) 25896

File: 1376927530773_Kick-Ass_-_Chlo_amp_Aaron_-_NRJ_Radio_HD.mp4_20130820_014610.jpg (62.56 KB, 447x531)

 Anonymous (5dcf) 25897

File: 1376927570823.jpg (31.44 KB, 508x481)

> he didn't wanna go to watch KA2 alone.
Nothing wrong with that … as long as he sees it. But personally, this movie, and Chloë movies in general I'd rather enjoy alone, at least on first viewing

 Anonymous (5dcf) 25898

File: 1376927637383_132706371419.jpg (55.81 KB, 600x329)


 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25899

File: 1376927745709_YH1qibxw9o2.jpg (420.9 KB, 1280x854)

 Anonymous (e32e) 25900

File: 1376927767370.jpg (58.3 KB, 716x960)


You forgot to look at the guy's profile picture I guess. He is a shirtless douche bag. That always catches Chloe's attention. If a real fan said that Chloe would just ignore it. LOL

 Anonymous (2adc) 25901

File: 1376927805328.jpg (213.84 KB, 722x1000)

 Anonymous (5dcf) 25902

File: 1376927908113.jpg (67.95 KB, 478x720)

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25903

File: 1376928049374_kiss.jpg (68.54 KB, 1280x720)

As I said before, it really disappoints me that Chloë does that kind of stuff (you all know what im talking about) but I hope she'll learn from her movies (KA2 & Carrie) and go for the nice guy instead.

 Anonymous (5dcf) 25904

File: 1376928134773.jpg (18.59 KB, 437x441)

unless she starts dating such a guy don't let it get to you

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25905

File: 1376928346944_-Chloe-Moretz-The-Veuve-Clicquot-Gold-Cup-Final-chloe-moretz-23809847-1333-2000.jpg (305.67 KB, 1333x2000)

Yeah, I know. I completely trust my Goddess, and im sure I'd do the same in that position (like the hottest man in hollywood)

 Anonymous (e32e) 25906

File: 1376928593186_File5175.jpg (285.34 KB, 1023x1351)


That's the day that the Chlobros need to get together and beat the douche bag out of that lucky/unlucky guy. Then if he ever goes all douche bag again beat him until he learns to treat Chloe with respect.

 Anonymous (2adc) 25907

File: 1376929663588_Im_okay_with_this.jpg (71.78 KB, 822x398)

 Mr. Black (d737) 25908

File: 1376930106369.jpg (80.56 KB, 960x795)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25909

File: 1376930218846_Zuckerburg.jpg (162.32 KB, 679x726)

I hope no one does this to Chloë (someone comes to mind but apparently that name is taboo here). It's kinda funny though.

 !!.XgqeI3oug 25910

File: 1376931077754_chloe_moretz_arriving_lax_24.jpg (778.46 KB, 2100x3000)

Just to add a little class to this thread….


File: 1376931196401_tumblr_mn9wucj9J71rbw50xo1_250.gif (608.29 KB, 245x300)

Hey, dudes!
Just read the new Chlomo user Guide,
finally sorted out your site! No, before that I also versed in it, but worse.
In short, thank you!

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25912

File: 1376931206137_desodor.jpg (78.87 KB, 945x1260)

 !!.XgqeI3oug 25913

File: 1376931333787_90004_chloe_moretz_out_and_about_in_toronto.jpg (1.26 MB, 2456x3968)

a bit more class

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25914

File: 1376931464214_Thats_Interesting.jpg (331.57 KB, 1347x1010)

When I saw this, I somehow felt my great grandmother rise from her grave….

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25915

File: 1376931521204_.jpg (37.27 KB, 411x404)

SHe had such great legs?

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25916

File: 1376931576234_13157782404423.jpg (17.73 KB, 277x288)

 Chloedevotee!Ff6fhLZipc 25917

File: 1376931626554_zzzthanks.jpg (18.73 KB, 264x278)

Thank you bro.
Very pleased with this positive article

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25918

File: 1376931659766_Chloe_Moretz_Equalizer_Set_2.jpg (1.69 MB, 2109x3000)

I wouldn't know. She was in her 90s at the time I was born… but was still strong enough to drive me to preschool.

Though, those Chloë legs have enough "oomph" in them to wake the dead is all I was saying.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25919

File: 1376931731836_oh_boy_nagy_ikon.jpg (80.34 KB, 441x423)

Your posts are so funny, nearly all of them could be interpreted in a perverted way

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25920

File: 1376931760294_13157783404281.jpg (74.28 KB, 643x671)

>to wake the dead

Nice timing, somebody just came back to life, right after you said that.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25921

File: 1376931822282_Chloe_Moretz_at_Dark_Shadows.jpg (369.89 KB, 1636x900)

>in a perverted way

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25922

File: 1376931901131_31.jpg (75.58 KB, 489x523)

Not sure, but I get that vibe too. Although I admit it's possible that I interpret everything as perverted because I am perverted.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25923

File: 1376931932333_feels_good2.jpg (22.05 KB, 262x301)

Ask yourself that

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25924

File: 1376932053214_14th-annual-costume-designers-guild-awards-23.jpg (433.43 KB, 1300x1889)

 Mr. Black (d737) 25925

File: 1376932089853_vlcsnap-2013-08-19-18h06m07s170.png (266.92 KB, 640x320)

THE FEELS in this scene…….

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25926

File: 1376932128925_Big_Daddy.jpg (14.24 KB, 320x192)

But, I'm not. The closest thing to a wrong-doing here is loving a girl almost a decade younger than I….

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25927

… and sometimes wishing she stops growing up.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25928

File: 1376932199281_Chlo_hit_girl_KA2_holyshit_8.jpg (369.2 KB, 1078x808)

Dem feels, I felt like droping a tear like a man

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25929

File: 1376932226255_derp9.jpg (12.88 KB, 301x280)

>all the time

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25930

File: 1376932267524.gif (972 KB, 245x220)

Now I can't see Big Daddy as anyone other than a creepy pedophile because of your post

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25931

File: 1376932553134_Screenshot_2013-08-19-16-04-16.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1080)

Okay. The creepy part, maybe a bit. But, I don't think there's anything perverted about that.

>creepy pedophile
Now, now. Let's not get hasty.

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25932

File: 1376932667086_hmmmm4.jpg (12.1 KB, 293x275)

I dunno m8. Wanting an underage girl to stay underage forever? Denying her of blossoming into a woman?
Doesn't sounds like a nice thing to do

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25933

File: 1376932673454_chloe-grace-moretz-christopher-mintz-plasse-gq-magazine-comedy-issue-june-2013-03.jpg (207.42 KB, 628x434)

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25934

File: 1376932761867_You_Dont_Know_What_You_are_Talking_About.jpg (313.08 KB, 1220x915)

It's not perverted. Besides, I just meant that I think even right now, she's just all too perfect!

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25935

File: 1376932830854_orgasm_face_high.png (163.83 KB, 268x354)

Two more years and she will be perfect

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25936

File: 1376932845044.jpg (5.74 KB, 221x228)

You just shouldn't have used that picture, it made what you said hilarious

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25937

File: 1376932959464_Screenshot_2013-08-15-22-44-22.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080)

I'm not saying she won't blossom. I'm just saying that even as is, I already see the perfection. Next topic please….

 Anonymous (5dcf) 25938

File: 1376933062633_chloe_moretz_armani_exchange_store_004.jpg (23.02 KB, 300x415)

>Next topic please….
What do you think of this?

 tvshaman!!5TtP/BbCFQ 25939

File: 1376933073613_kissy_vertical.jpg (6.82 KB, 123x196)

How bout lips?

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25940

File: 1376933135704.jpg (565.1 KB, 1920x1200)

Yes, two more years, and once she crosses the arbitrary line, she will be perfect.

 !!H/EgWpNbWs 25941

File: 1376933175555_I_suppor_this_post.jpg (287.43 KB, 1109x800)

Don't worry my friend, that's the power of the faboost, perfect is not enough to describe Chloë, she was perfect before, she changed a lot, and she's still perfect. It's her unique power

 Anonymous (5dcf) 25942

new thread

 Chloedevotee!A2XExGvB2w 25943

File: 1376933229968_zzzI_hate_you.jpg (159.93 KB, 778x922)

Take that bro, I hate these beautiful Chloës in minimal quality

 !!.XgqeI3oug 25944

File: 1376933255654_Oh_well.jpg (92.04 KB, 474x350)

I don't think tvshaman would enjoy being here if he wasn't allowed to stir the pot every once in a while, and it's funny too how quickly others will jump on the band wagon. Gotta love it.

 dvt555!!oUI0PLI4G2 25945

File: 1376933301116_Chloe_Moretz_TruTV_4.jpg (509.35 KB, 1920x1080)

Haha. Very funny. Check out my posts, they're RARELY pics of her below 15. It's not that I didn't like how she was then.

Well, they're perfect. I don't think there's a more apt description.

 Chlopium!!B/U2Cvffb. 25946

File: 1376933313664.gif (1.46 MB, 338x300)

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