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File: 1368380778590_215.jpg (1.02 MB, 1200x1468)

 Chloë Thread #487 !!UiOZhDG0cw 34579

Post your cutest and most badass Chloës.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34580

File: 1368380905316_Chloe_Happy_3.jpg (94.73 KB, 735x718)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34581

File: 1368380921512_Penguin_hat_23.jpg (30.78 KB, 293x326)

 -vik (5f80) 34582

File: 1368380923290_Chloe186.jpg (563.75 KB, 3080x2054)


 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34583

File: 1368380961344.jpg (39.71 KB, 475x357)

Newbro? Or anon turned namefag?

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34584

Well fuck this site. I wanted to post the new Chloë tweet, but it gave me 4 floodgates. So fuck it

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34585

File: 1368381008644_Chloe_Cute_40.gif (1018.91 KB, 300x367)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34586

File: 1368381029453_creepy_smile_closeup.jpg (74.33 KB, 444x430)


 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34587

File: 1368381031839_chloe_kiss.jpg (180.88 KB, 1366x738)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34588

File: 1368381048958_I_Know_That_Feel_2.jpg (107.79 KB, 630x411)

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 34589

File: 1368381088803.jpg (578.67 KB, 797x1000)

Cutest is this:

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34590

File: 1368381102264_Creepy_Smile_3.jpg (164.27 KB, 708x708)

 -vik (5f80) 34591

File: 1368381117175_Chloe97.jpg (61.03 KB, 600x800)

anon > -vik

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34592

File: 1368381118465_I_Will.jpg (68.93 KB, 593x554)

Okay, let's try it again.

This is the picture:
Probably that's the young Teri, and the funny thing is that the bear looks like Pedobear's father

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34593

File: 1368381158351_chloe_cute1.png (1.4 MB, 1366x738)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34594

File: 1368381167389_Chloe_Laugh_15.jpg (34.65 KB, 246x244)

 Anonymous (7220) 34595

File: 1368381221624.jpg (57.9 KB, 700x510)

You actually did post it and you got flood messages because you posted it again without checking first you dumbass
look at the previous thread.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34596

File: 1368381240601.jpg (40.38 KB, 447x326)

Oh. Hmmkay

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34597

File: 1368381250271_Chloe_Moretz_28.jpg (155.96 KB, 606x1222)


 -vik (5f80) 34598

File: 1368381273282_Chloe38.jpg (56.24 KB, 422x594)

Recent vine.co gifs?

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34599

File: 1368381305776_dumbass_breakfast.jpg (87.49 KB, 612x612)

Oh really? I know I posted there, but other guys always do this, that the post they made after the declaration of the new thread, they copy it there.



File: 1368381307064_chlo0.png (167.37 KB, 245x330)

So…how's everyones mother's day going?

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34601

File: 1368381367437_good.jpg (51.95 KB, 600x437)

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 34602

File: 1368381397291_ChloeBustaMove.gif (1.38 MB, 315x263)

Cute & badass

 Anonymous (7220) 34603

File: 1368381406677.jpg (40.45 KB, 276x226)

Mom died.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34604

File: 1368381455497_06df1b12a84211e2a7d422000a9e0846_7.jpg (94.3 KB, 612x612)

not sure if serious

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34605

File: 1368381466867_I_know_this_Nigga.jpg (87.89 KB, 800x459)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34606

File: 1368381570440_Chloe_Moretz_177.jpg (268.49 KB, 2048x1536)

Well for us in Lebanon it's on March 21st, always.
It went well back then, I remember how crowded it was at the flower shop down the street. There was a traffic jam on the main road to downtown Beirut because people were double and triple parking just to get some flowers for their mothers. I happened to know the owner's son so I managed to get mine quickly.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34607

File: 1368381640733.gif (9.06 MB, 473x360)

I find awkward, shy girls cute.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34608

File: 1368381687600_Carrie_5.jpg (34.84 KB, 600x282)

Me too.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34609

File: 1368381711064_smile54.jpg (29.16 KB, 333x369)

Me too. Sadly it's not true in reverse

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34610

File: 1368381713602_mothra_godzilla_500px.jpg (84.67 KB, 500x389)

happy mothras day

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 34611

File: 1368381713491.jpg (874.76 KB, 750x973)

Sure, you are my "brother from another mother"

Cute & badass

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34612

File: 1368381716064_chloe-moretz-dancing.gif (884.08 KB, 350x224)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34613

File: 1368381716397.jpg (111.79 KB, 453x360)


File: 1368381754534_Chlospider-Man.jpg (182.16 KB, 618x958)

You and everyone else.

Flowers? Interesting.

Give flowers to her corpse.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34615

File: 1368381803551_sm225jl1.jpg (52.1 KB, 355x360)

>you are my "brother from another mother"
When did we had sex? I can't remember it


File: 1368381813180_mah_negro.jpg (105.98 KB, 472x592)

Now we're talking.

 Anonymous (7220) 34617

File: 1368381828827.jpg (18.5 KB, 328x376)

You fucking assholes

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34618

File: 1368381874211_133798635804.jpg (74.11 KB, 538x439)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34619

File: 1368381883027_Hammer.jpg (100.17 KB, 720x540)

Ban them all for being disrespectful

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34620

File: 1368381990029_chlo_hitgirl.gif (1.4 MB, 614x529)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34621

File: 1368382065170_chloe-moretz_as-hit-girl-in-kick-ass_073.jpg (193.62 KB, 2784x1856)

cute and badass

 KissMyBass (9fda) 34622

File: 1368382068875_pay-attention-in-class.jpg (142.74 KB, 518x724)


 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34623

File: 1368382102773_chloe_cute.png (1.3 MB, 1367x706)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34624

File: 1368382129185_hahaha49.jpg (55.3 KB, 384x360)

 KissMyBass (9fda) 34625

File: 1368382177842_hi_shaman.jpg (24.53 KB, 281x211)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34626

File: 1368382229648_Hit_Girl_12.gif (4.51 MB, 457x207)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34627

File: 1368382232255.jpg (299.18 KB, 1600x1200)

Postin' dat cuteness.

The bad-assness comes from the scarf, because scarves are bad-ass.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34628

File: 1368382232460_and_that_makes_me_so_happy.jpg (74.56 KB, 521x494)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34629

File: 1368382312860_nagyfej369_ed.jpg (117.4 KB, 845x1208)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34630

File: 1368382387504.jpg (150.84 KB, 800x557)


File: 1368382418049_Texas_Killing_Fields_147.jpg (90.36 KB, 1920x800)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34632

File: 1368382435289.gif (257.62 KB, 752x1063)

<cute and badass

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 34633

File: 1368382501938_zzzzzzx.jpg (56.14 KB, 350x526)

Insane cute girl

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34634

File: 1368382535267_tumblr_mm8lv6z2D81qg20tno1_400.jpg (77.04 KB, 538x638)

Cute and badass.

 KissMyBass (9fda) 34635

File: 1368382607719_insert_coins.jpg (68.5 KB, 648x749)


>cute ass

 -vik (5f80) 34636

File: 1368382614150_Chloe283.jpg (118.6 KB, 612x612)


 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34637

File: 1368382656842_uuuuuuuuuu4.jpg (31.04 KB, 248x358)

You know who sits on the other side of the table?

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34638

File: 1368382671021.jpg (9.88 KB, 158x168)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34639


 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34640

File: 1368382783561_oh_boy_icon.png (23.52 KB, 100x120)

Guess again
If someone has the picture I think of, post it! It's black and white

 -vik (5f80) 34641

File: 1368382791912_Chloe39.jpg (34.42 KB, 286x382)


 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34642

File: 1368382832273_2.jpg (94.21 KB, 852x1136)

 KissMyBass (9fda) 34643

File: 1368382851641_vbn.jpeg (32.75 KB, 400x400)

you mean the young Teri's pics?

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34644

File: 1368382893722_ooh.jpg (23.33 KB, 230x275)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34645

File: 1368382942400_what_is_it.jpg (25.93 KB, 316x314)

Niet! Nein! No! Nem! Non! The answer is not Teri

 KissMyBass (9fda) 34646

File: 1368382994364_vbn.jpeg (32.75 KB, 400x400)

but….have you seen those pictures?

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34647

File: 1368383038743_ooooo2.jpg (105.11 KB, 681x713)

I saw one

 KissMyBass (9fda) 34648

File: 1368383097755_sc.jpg (86.59 KB, 610x451)

good genes in that family

 Anonymous (be51) 34649

File: 1368383113199_Chlone_Chloe_2.jpg (298.38 KB, 612x612)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34650

File: 1368383132577_Trevor_is_pretty3.jpg (77.86 KB, 566x569)

>dem good genes

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34651

File: 1368383163222_Chlone_Chloe_2_Triple.jpg (275.77 KB, 612x612)

 KissMyBass (9fda) 34652

File: 1368383209372.png (328.53 KB, 506x520)

not in that sense

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34653

File: 1368383227930_all_dem_chloes.jpg (286.25 KB, 800x1067)

 Anonymous (be51) 34654

File: 1368383261163_oh_you.jpg (66.5 KB, 445x465)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34655

File: 1368383271645_chlonion.jpg (101.56 KB, 400x409)

 KissMyBass (9fda) 34656

File: 1368383275350.png (351.23 KB, 545x523)

god….seems a tranny in this pic

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34657

File: 1368383277530_fabulous.jpg (146.19 KB, 612x612)

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 34658

File: 1368383352230_2010-August-17th-On-Set-of-Hugo-Paris-03.jpg (1.02 MB, 2142x3973)

Cuteness: **

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34659

File: 1368383430140.jpg (75.27 KB, 530x680)

and what would you rate chloe there?

 Anonymous (3e09) 34660

File: 1368383467867_a.jpg (312.59 KB, 524x788)

i'm not sure if this is an up scale or is actually higher res

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34661

File: 1368383508838_ChloePenguinHat1.jpg (18.29 KB, 302x302)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34662

up scale

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 34663

File: 1368383575600_hahaha.jpg (30.45 KB, 228x271)

I just discovering spoiler tags!!!

Me, dumb: * * * * * * * * * * *

 Anonymous (3e09) 34664

File: 1368383595445.jpg (52.01 KB, 415x553)

how could you tell so easily?
i spent time looking at them both and still wasn't sure
i was more leaning towards up scale though


File: 1368383606472_cutelittle.jpg (93.07 KB, 612x612)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34666

File: 1368383635956_pIi4IZmI2rI.jpg (72.27 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (3e09) 34667

File: 1368383713803_chloe_moretz_jameson_empire_film_awards_085.jpg (695.19 KB, 1918x3000)

the onlt time i can think when chloe was concurrently badass and cute was in kick ass

 Anonymous (3e09) 34668

File: 1368383852310.gif (2.66 MB, 400x353)

why do we even have access to that picture
maybe kaylie is badass ad cute

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34669

i could tell by the pixels and having seen many upscales in my time


File: 1368383926375_After_sex.jpg (89.43 KB, 720x540)

Because we are her best fans.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34671

File: 1368383966074_13475991641.jpg (43 KB, 400x392)

 Anonymous (3e09) 34672

File: 1368383966623.jpg (34.65 KB, 246x244)

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 34673

File: 1368384049514_Jennifer_Rocholl_Photo_Shoot_17.jpg (2.87 MB, 3744x5616)

Cuteness: * * * * * * * * *
Badassery * * * * * * * * * *

**testing tag spoiler, you fuckin bitch**


File: 1368384075360_hihi.jpg (1.6 MB, 3577x4757)

He's an expert on making very small things look bigger to fool people.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34675

File: 1368384093023_chloe_moretz_let_me_in_portraits_28.jpg (38.21 KB, 400x446)


 Anonymous (3e09) 34676

File: 1368384118669_image.jpg (630.8 KB, 1814x1824)

dat burn


File: 1368384151444_laughy.jpg (48.24 KB, 584x532)

 Anonymous (3e09) 34678

File: 1368384246067_chloe_moretz_Shigeo_Sugita_photoshoot_07.jpg (29.55 KB, 299x446)

cute and badass?

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34679

File: 1368384310804_Chloe_sees_my_junk.gif (450.1 KB, 245x180)

oh you

 Anonymous (be51) 34680

File: 1368384336424.gif (939.79 KB, 500x400)

the kaylie's were cute as fuck


File: 1368384373456_kisshim.jpg (20.33 KB, 360x206)

I'm just kidding, bro. <3

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34682

File: 1368384380569_chloe_moretz_288.jpg (67.48 KB, 350x435)

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 34683

File: 1368384397133_zzzzzzBKFfvO5CIAEUoTG.jpg (66.84 KB, 720x540)

Absolutely: Chloë in Japan is especially cute and badass

I haven't seen this yet

 Anonymous (3e09) 34684

File: 1368384428808_escape.jpg (32.18 KB, 371x432)

a right ball buster too

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34685

File: 1368384539755_Animation1.gif (5.43 MB, 420x200)


File: 1368384624517.png (145.33 KB, 496x501)

I can't stop staring at her nails. They look beautiful. I love women with natural nails like that. Not that big colorful bullshit.

 Anonymous (3e09) 34687

File: 1368384690007_fing.jpg (490.61 KB, 1100x1100)

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 34688

File: 1368384741628_oh_yeaaaah5.jpg (19.69 KB, 342x357)

Chloë's nose is the biggest treasure of mankind

 Anonymous (be51) 34689

File: 1368384790140_chloetongue.jpg (796.84 KB, 2000x1333)

and lips

 Anonymous (3e09) 34690

File: 1368384832360_Chloe_Moretz_Summer_of_Sony_Photo_Call_1.jpg (1.88 MB, 2187x3811)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34691

File: 1368384855947_oooo.gif (5.01 MB, 480x480)

It's all in the nostrils. Nostrils are key.


File: 1368384928361_Mr_Belly_Button.jpg (14.8 KB, 236x200)

Yes! I'm glad you think that too. Her nose is actually the reason why I became a chloefag/chlobro. I fell in love with her nose/mouth combination THEN I fell in love with her.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34693

File: 1368385034763_936full-chloe-moretz.jpg (274.5 KB, 728x1059)


File: 1368385084330_Texas_Killing_Fields_22.jpg (85.34 KB, 1920x800)

Horrible. I hate that shit and I hate how she loves that shit.

Girls with short and natural colored nails >>>>> bitches with huge and faggy nails.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34695

File: 1368385312546_22.jpg (996.59 KB, 2100x3150)

Adding to the things that we love about Chloë, I must say I like how she's able to change her look in so many ways.
hollywood stylists

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34696

File: 1368385330621_138774392783.jpg (32.97 KB, 441x434)

dat leg spread

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 34697

File: 1368385332475_649c8030550611e2ab3b22000a9f14cb_7.jpg (105.31 KB, 612x612)


…that nostrils…

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34698

File: 1368385384953_Sad_Belly.jpg (233.3 KB, 756x933)

happy belly vs:

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34699

File: 1368385440037_chloe-leg-spread.png (57.91 KB, 300x354)

it's tasty on wheat crackers


File: 1368385531946_nostrils.jpg (62.79 KB, 720x478)


Where were you guys when we had that nostrils thread? we need a new one

Speaking of bellys, it's been a long time since Cheetos last posted here. I wonder if he's ok.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34701

File: 1368385594392_132706371309420.jpg (18.74 KB, 205x172)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34702

File: 1368385642177_709583297.jpg (53.52 KB, 309x300)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34703

didn't you write him and ask about a bigger version?

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34704

File: 1368385754420.jpg (61.59 KB, 814x720)

that's exactly what I was thinking
let me check his tumblr

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34705

File: 1368385905102.jpg (49.6 KB, 738x600)

I see no bigger version
me made some cool Chloë ones but none as good as that one

I have to wash my mouth with some Chloë pics after seeing that giraffe there

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34706

File: 1368386041142.jpg (114.83 KB, 800x599)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34707

File: 1368386152202_teri2384832974829.jpg (77.74 KB, 380x515)


>I find awkward, shy, cute girls cute


Happy Teri Day everybodies

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34708

File: 1368386156490_13475_Preppie_Chloe_Moretz_arriving_at_her_hotel_in_New_York_City_1_122_489lo.jpg (901.03 KB, 2400x3300)


File: 1368386251109_thats_it.jpg (85.55 KB, 400x266)

I think you should show more respect to other teenage actresses. If you don't like when people call Chloë a pig I think it would be at least something honorable if you could avoid calling other actresses bad names. It's also something that might show some maturity. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, you know.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34710

File: 1368386272105_yes-there-is.gif (3.2 MB, 498x411)

>I see no bigger version

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34711

File: 1368386300372_48079_Hello_01.png (8.48 MB, 2832x4256)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34712

File: 1368386402694_e7689.jpg (10.73 KB, 205x193)

>I think you should show more respect to other teenage actresses
and I think you should mind your own fucking business and let me treat people however I see fit
keep your fortune cookie advices to yourself <3


File: 1368386481964_chlo_mo_can_cun_phot_cal_213_MoC_01.jpg (1.79 MB, 3456x5184)

Follow your own advice then.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34714

File: 1368386498742.gif (1.91 MB, 280x295)

If you're Chloë and you know it, clap your hands…

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34715

File: 1368386541771_spain4.jpg (131.61 KB, 1023x1306)




File: 1368386544279_seriously_serious.jpg (21.22 KB, 319x302)

>no one here will clap their hands

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34717

File: 1368386646343_chloe_moretz_306.jpg (244.69 KB, 765x1024)

>Follow your own advice then.

all my facepalms

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34718

File: 1368386650415_powerofyute.jpg (295.44 KB, 881x1174)


it's a tactic to summon Chloe

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34719

File: 1368386966975_003_2.jpg (147.47 KB, 333x500)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34720

File: 1368387060661_teri10.jpg (76.3 KB, 720x540)

If Teri were me mum, I'd smack up the Mac for her mother's day present.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34721

File: 1368387141863_Stolen_Hat.gif (3 MB, 300x349)

Do you have any hat gifs? I was just looking for some hat gifs I might have and only found a couple.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34722

File: 1368387212474_hmmm_2.jpg (109.07 KB, 1160x683)

Speaking of which, when you were requesting questions in case you ran into Chloë, someone should have said "ask her what happened with Mac". In the unlikely case she wouldn't have kicked you in the balls, that would have been some great info to have

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34723

File: 1368387220483_cBnxPoa.gif (953.51 KB, 245x190)

A few sadly.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34724

File: 1368387271912_13270637143421.jpg (176.6 KB, 650x605)

So what do you like more: a hat or hatless Chloë?

 Anonymous (3e09) 34725

File: 1368387392821_chloe_moretz_departing_from_toronto_002.jpg (224.08 KB, 1153x1598)

can't believe i never even thought of this.
anyone who says with hat is a moron and should be burned at the stake
it's like glasses it just concels her beauty to a degree although they are a nice novelty on occasion, in small doses.

 Anonymous (3e09) 34726

File: 1368387454192_qt.jpeg (463.05 KB, 968x1590)

matbe i was wrong x\

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34727

File: 1368387503548_nod1352496164874.gif (999.4 KB, 500x333)


Yea, that would be very interesting and i'd love to know the story behind it, but I would never ask her something like that.

 Anonymous (3e09) 34728

File: 1368387548390.jpg (202.44 KB, 794x732)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34729

File: 1368387559135_nylon_02.gif (2.7 MB, 500x469)

Can't decide. I felt the necessity of choosing a "fetish", so I chose hats.
But some of my fav "Chloës" are without them.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34730

File: 1368387563577_nod1353205201136.gif (2 MB, 480x368)


I agree

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34731

File: 1368387572007_awkward.jpg (20.9 KB, 400x340)

> I would never ask her something like that.
Ofc. No one here would, especially in person


File: 1368387670010_jelly.jpg (900.06 KB, 1600x1200)

> I felt the necessity of choosing a "fetish"

Just be yourself, bro.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34733

File: 1368387681651_chinrub.gif (996.17 KB, 500x250)


Who knows, we might get this type of info in like 5 or so years, when Chloe Grace Moretz is a household name and some reporter does a biography-style interview with her.


File: 1368387732431_Come_here_brod.jpg (86.66 KB, 600x414)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34735

File: 1368387770188_138074394582.jpg (45.21 KB, 517x543)

who can't agree with derpication preaching about maturity?

 Anonymous (3e09) 34736

File: 1368387778631_skin.jpg (192.23 KB, 600x600)

it's funny cos trevor does actually look jelly


File: 1368387919801_trevor_being_gay_as_usual.jpg (84.21 KB, 468x585)

Someone who has none.


 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34738

File: 1368387937770_iduno2.jpg (222.33 KB, 900x510)


I agreed with that particular statement he made. Whether or not he himself is mature is a different story, but it doesn't make his statement any less true in my eyes.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34739

File: 1368387975930_blink_182.jpg (15.18 KB, 245x247)

Sure; I just found it good looking and entertaining. :P

 Anonymous (3e09) 34740

File: 1368388011630_chloe_moretz_503.jpg (21.09 KB, 300x317)

he looks nearly twice her height thaere

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34741

File: 1368388121104_QTalert.jpg (164.27 KB, 708x708)

d-dat picture is so qt hnnnggg

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34742

File: 1368388134944_trevor9484.jpg (116.39 KB, 626x1024)


and then compare that to this pic


File: 1368388180660_GET_TO_THE_CHLOPPER.jpg (25.11 KB, 747x498)

>that face

 Anonymous (3e09) 34744

File: 1368388180055.jpg (2.69 MB, 2653x3979)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34745

File: 1368388249680_Roger_Kisby.jpg (619.66 KB, 1232x1600)

Another thing that I like, that coat.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34746

File: 1368388261659_powerofyouthgaming.jpg (1.1 MB, 2164x3000)


you could see all the paps waiting for her through the reflection in her sunglasses


File: 1368388340800_biebers.jpg (50.2 KB, 494x544)

And you can also see how pretty her thumb nail was.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34748

File: 1368388351510_cozy.jpg (1.09 MB, 1600x1170)

>dat cozy sweater appears

 Anonymous (3e09) 34749

File: 1368388365690_100801_shot04_00098-1.jpg (1.71 MB, 1500x2003)

imagine making your living by following chloe around just taking pics
weird feels

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34750

File: 1368388366835_chloe_moretz_05.jpg (9.67 KB, 229x236)

Well there's that thing called being a hypocrite which raises a big flag right out the gate.

Then there's the fact that it's a bunch of stupid crap written by and aimed at people with a
12 yr old's mentality.

>Let's all join hands and get along and sing kumbaya and make the world a better place.

>let's be nice and don't call other people names
I puke a little inside every time I read that crap.

How many times have you called trevor a faggot or made jokes about him being? That's just as worse as calling people names. What happened to respecting other people's choices including their sexual orientation? That would be a sign of maturity too

And I could bring more eloquent examples than that but the point remains: if that's the definition of maturity then neither you nor him fit the description so preaching that is pure hypocrisy

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34751

File: 1368388368341_airportchloe8328.jpg (103.34 KB, 584x600)



philosopher's blazer

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34752

File: 1368388469286_chloe_moretz_bafta_tea_party_002.jpg (623.42 KB, 2091x3000)

Poor Chloë's grandma, she must be missing her clothes

 Anonymous (3e09) 34753

File: 1368388471632.gif (264.21 KB, 500x375)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34754

File: 1368388479116_009.jpg (152.2 KB, 333x500)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34755

File: 1368388491604_Whats_Going_On_In_This_Thread_2.jpg (130.39 KB, 720x465)

 Anonymous (3e09) 34756

File: 1368388538220_chloe_moretz_hugo_premiere_london_033.jpg (835.26 KB, 2144x3605)

chloe's grandma be stylin as fuck yo!

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34757

File: 1368388565692_Chloe_Cupcakes_3.jpg (35.41 KB, 390x512)

Hi there.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34758

File: 1368388611873_forever.jpg (76.5 KB, 425x400)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34759

File: 1368388618533.png (204.49 KB, 343x385)

too bad that showing too much skin was considered a sin way back in her day

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34760

File: 1368388661953.jpg (52.1 KB, 355x360)

but at least she had class

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34761

File: 1368388710838_disney.gif (923.61 KB, 245x190)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34762

File: 1368388727150_Hi_8.jpg (13.25 KB, 287x278)

Helloz. Still collecting hat gifs/pics?

 Anonymous (3e09) 34763

File: 1368388758590_chloe_moretz_sportmax_fashion_show_017.jpg (592.9 KB, 1996x3000)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34764

File: 1368388771301_chloe_time_at_disneyland.jpg (30.46 KB, 544x553)

that makes mickey happy

 Anonymous (3e09) 34765

File: 1368388840900_chloe_moretz_versace_fashion_event_035.jpg (1.1 MB, 3000x3000)

is mickey ever not happy?
i'd be impressed if it made that depressive donkey happy

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34766

File: 1368388847655_hat_party.gif (190.03 KB, 635x430)

I could use some gifs, I only have like 20. But my hats folder is pretty much done I think. More than 600 files.

 Anonymous (3e09) 34767

File: 1368388923324.jpeg (55.62 KB, 720x540)

i always thought that was blake lively beside her
that chloe effect


File: 1368388930185_why_dot_jpg.jpg (102.39 KB, 513x700)

Why are people wanting to have "fetishes"?

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34769

File: 1368388933301_prodigy_was_here.jpg (237.71 KB, 1280x960)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34770

File: 1368388990266_rollseyes1347734206622.jpg (90.54 KB, 368x424)


>Well there's that thing called being a hypocrite which raises a big flag right out the gate.

mm, no

A statement is true or false, regardless of whether the person making the statement follows what he preaches.

>Then there's the fact that it's a bunch of stupid crap written by and aimed at people with a

12 yr old's mentality.

>Let's all join hands and get along and sing kumbaya and make the world a better place.

>let's be nice and don't call other people names

That wasn't his point at all. If anything, what you're doing is a 12yo mentality.

>teehee Chloe is da best, every1 else sux

Honestly, it's not even necessarily about being polite, it just makes you seem like a little kid when you go around bashing other actresses. I get it when it's all in good fun and you make funny macros and OC's. But still, it does come across as childish, especially if you do it on a consistent basis. It's like you have to justify your attraction to Chloe by mocking everyone else who doesn't have that same attraction.

>How many times have you called trevor a faggot or made jokes about him being?

I've never called him a faggot.

I may have made jokes about his sexuality. But that's all they were, jokes, and they were lighthearted.

>if that's the definition of maturity then neither you nor him fit the description so preaching that is pure hypocrisy

Again, the whole point isn't whether me or forn is immature. I was agreeing with the statement that mocking other actresses is immature. It doesn't matter if I'm a hypocrite. I don't believe I am and I try not to be, but my past actions have no bearing on the validity of a particular statement that I happen to agree with.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34771

File: 1368388997045_grace_mag.jpg (294.92 KB, 904x1203)

>is mickey ever not happy?
I was wondering myself the same thing when I was searching for mickey pics
I guess he never had a reason to be sad

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34772

File: 1368389077397_Penguin_hat_4.jpg (18.42 KB, 297x304)

Mickey never met Chloë.
That could be a reason…

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34773

File: 1368389081020_Penguin-Hat-Chloe.gif (2.02 MB, 300x228)

Probably have this already, but here's a Penguin hat/hood one for ya Hatman.

 Anonymous (3e09) 34774

File: 1368389090108.jpg (74.2 KB, 625x635)

because people like you ruined this site with your depravity and lasciviousness
look at that guy, he used to think footfags were retarded and now he asserts that he is one
peer pressure and shit


File: 1368389175702_deadsdsdsd.jpg (81.25 KB, 328x350)

And reason has spoken.

Also, it's not very clever to complain about people mocking Chloë when you do the same with other actresses and you call people hypocrites. Ha! Sounds like a joke.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34776

File: 1368389183717_angiesmiles.jpg (274.88 KB, 1920x1040)


haha that's so true

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34777

File: 1368389187760_Chloe_Approves_2.jpg (22.37 KB, 401x292)

>dat vapor

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34778

File: 1368389206822_Chloe-J-Mag1-3.jpg (186.15 KB, 800x800)

Already have it, but thank you anyways :D

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 34779

File: 1368389277577_hell_ya_motherfucker.png (79.02 KB, 205x175)

hell ya motherfucker

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 34780

File: 1368389302271.jpg (499.43 KB, 1613x361)


File: 1368389314310_ears.jpg (118.65 KB, 300x1269)

But..we…we just like her feet. We never said "Hey everyone, if you don't have any fetish you are ridiculous!".

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34782

File: 1368389333609_Hi_5.jpg (154.07 KB, 625x831)

Hello again


File: 1368389356709_sadog.png (230.68 KB, 400x386)

>he used to think footfags were retarded

Is this true?

 Anonymous (3e09) 34784

File: 1368389359356.gif (4.77 MB, 620x262)

i was an innocent moralfag until i started posting with fornication
now i masturbate to thoughts of bathing in chloe's bodily secretions.
help me pomp, HELP ME!

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34785

File: 1368389363896_chloe_likes_it.jpg (40.3 KB, 248x264)

Because a fetish is a sign of a healthy and well moderated interest of course.

What can Chlobros do against such reckless depravity and lasciviousness?

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 34786

File: 1368389365455.png (83.7 KB, 295x347)

Because mummy never loved them.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 34787

File: 1368389438271_grass_feetz.gif (2.99 MB, 521x515)


im pretty sure i was a footfag my entire life. it didn't just start now.

and i never said that. any other extreme things yes though. now i dont care.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34788

File: 1368389446665_58055_TLFAN.FF.W.VeuveGoldCupSussexJuly172011256_122_415lo.jpg (833.53 KB, 2832x4256)


File: 1368389484380_Imhotep.jpg (9.1 KB, 395x342)

I'm sure Imhotep has something to say about that.

 Anonymous (3e09) 34790

File: 1368389512147_chloe_moretz_let_me_in_japan_photoshoot_06.jpg (252.27 KB, 1280x960)

i'd believe you if you weren't such a renowned flip flopper.
all that matters is your a fan of chloe anyways.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 34791

File: 1368389516141_rocker_girl_chloe_is_best_chloe.gif (961.24 KB, 246x190)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34792

File: 1368389543359_kickassphotocall1.jpg (1.45 MB, 2850x4032)


really? I swear I remember you hating all the people posting feet pics back in the day.

 Anonymous (3e09) 34793

File: 1368389593062_alot.jpg (84.73 KB, 338x350)

i sense a long post incoming…
he did

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34794

>A statement is true or false, regardless of whether the person making the statement follows what he preaches.
well no shit
but coming from a hypocrite loses its value

>teehee Chloë is da best, every1 else sux

hurr durr derp
Who the hell said that?

>Honestly, it's not even necessarily about being polite, it just makes you seem like a little kid when you go around bashing other actresses

No more less than it makes you calling trevor gay, or the countless other stuff that gets posted here by everyone

>But still, it does come across as childish, especially if you do it on a consistent basis.

all my facepalms.jpg
shocking news: if you like or dislike someone it usually is on a consistent basis

> It's like you have to justify your attraction to Chloë by mocking everyone else who doesn't have that same attraction.

I do not like that chick. Last time I checked it was my right and I don;t have to justify my preferences

You didn't see me insult emma watson for example

>I've never called him a faggot.

I could bring out that "joke" you made which is by far the most disrespectful comment I've read about Chloë, coming from a 'fan'

>I may have made jokes about his sexuality. But that's all they were, jokes, and they were lighthearted.

And I'm joking about elle fanning too.

>. I don't believe I am and I try not to be, but my past actions have no bearing on the validity of a particular statement that I happen to agree with.

it's a nice statement
for a 12yr old watching the world from a bubble,

also, continue this in bros if you feel the need


File: 1368389626328_sad_hg.jpg (33.17 KB, 377x367)

I feel…backstabbed.

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 34796

File: 1368389661517.png (250.87 KB, 1280x798)

Being a huehue, do you actually know who your mother is?

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34797

File: 1368389664340_take_cover.jpg (40.34 KB, 540x720)

I sense your senses are sensible.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34798

File: 1368389663739_kickasspremyear1351547787676.jpg (1.27 MB, 4256x2832)


That's true but it's still an influence even if you didn't mean it to be. When everyone's like

"hell yea. Feet!"

then people feel inclined to be included in the celebration

 Anonymous (3e09) 34799

File: 1368389665980_chloe_moretz_juliane_more_carrie_photocall_010.jpg (64.58 KB, 395x594)

is there any chloe pics that derail threads?

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34800

File: 1368389667511_Chloe_Feet_6.jpg (572.62 KB, 2173x3000)

I really like her feet. But i'm not obsessed with them.
Does that count as a fetish?

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 34801

File: 1368389674800_mmm.gif (1.69 MB, 340x396)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 34802

File: 1368389679082_dance.jpg (243.59 KB, 382x651)


dat anuxinamoon

dont make up lies about me son.

i specifically remember not hating on that but hating all other extremities. why the fuck would i hate on my own fetish.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34803

File: 1368389850020.jpg (71 KB, 720x540)

Can a Chloë thread be derailed by posting Chloë? Or does it just shift the Chloë Express onto another set of rails?

 Anonymous (3e09) 34804

File: 1368389849989_chloe_moretz_chanel_little_black_jacket_event_034.jpg (148.16 KB, 1011x1516)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 34805

File: 1368389869550_die.jpg (24.36 KB, 300x273)

i specifically remember people telling me to shut up about annoying feet talk, but MMMMMM CHLOE JUICES AND PUMP IT YOURSELF CHLOGURT AND I'D SQUEEZE HER CUPCAKES are fine.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34806

File: 1368389879601_mmm-2.gif (1.66 MB, 333x396)

and the sequel

I heard the next one will be a threesome

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34807

File: 1368389890750_BG-1303-TeenV-HiRes-07.jpg (317.5 KB, 729x1000)

 Anonymous (3e09) 34808

File: 1368389929917_i.jpg (37.17 KB, 564x431)

i dunno
i suppose i meant attract a shit tonne of attention
i guess new pics usually have that effect

 Anonymous (3e09) 34809

File: 1368390006600_fa.jpeg (233.68 KB, 1500x1125)

look you're a fan and that's all that counts
foot idiot or not.


File: 1368390010323_badass_chloe.jpg (138.22 KB, 606x890)

I understand. Well, I don't think that was our intention, although it IS good to have people celebrating Chloë's feet. I just think it's sad when people are wanting to have fetishes when it's just not natural.

>hey now I'm the elbow guy

>I'm the hat guy now
>holy shit look at her ears


 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34811

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34812

File: 1368390075268_1a994df0bb4111e2a58122000a9d0ed5_7.jpg (111.19 KB, 612x612)


 Anonymous (3e09) 34813

File: 1368390084899_HGirl.png (176.62 KB, 369x255)

dem shorts

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 34814


Would be funny if someone did a version that had another gif in between the two Chloe ones, of something being inserted into something else (non sexually intended)… or is that too far….


File: 1368390133350_okay.jpg (11.86 KB, 209x200)

>Chloë will never be your wife cooking for you

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34816

File: 1368390207012_3A98F5260083A98F523144FF.jpg (47.41 KB, 333x500)


 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34817

File: 1368390207521_awkward.jpg (20.9 KB, 400x340)

Not sure if want

The only thing that needs to be inserted between two Chloës is another Chloë

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34818

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 34819

File: 1368390254890_0_02.jpg (242.86 KB, 400x406)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34820

File: 1368390307800_Chloe_Do_Want_1.jpg (90.29 KB, 489x360)

>The only thing that needs to be inserted between two Chloës is H.


 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34821

File: 1368390322557.jpg (19.18 KB, 216x239)

>denim top and cut off shorts

You know me so well Chloë.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34822

File: 1368390373439_reaction.jpg (10.31 KB, 303x330)


if only this shit wasn't so blurry

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 34823

File: 1368390404327.png (311.34 KB, 660x600)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34824

File: 1368390456705_1a994df0bb4111e2a58122000a9d0ed5_7.jpg (111.19 KB, 612x612)

Super casual.

Super hot.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 34825

File: 1368390472403_LOOK_AT_IT.jpg (284.17 KB, 960x1280)


fine lookin' chlo right there.

 Anonymous (0ba2) 34826

Why do all instagram file names always end with "_7"?

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 34827

File: 1368390521937_0001_131.jpg (1.4 MB, 2336x3420)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34828

File: 1368390533280_Chloe_Do_Want_2.jpg (82.44 KB, 337x586)

>gosh dem legs

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34829

File: 1368390638817_da1.png (138.11 KB, 245x350)

 Anonymous (3e09) 34830

File: 1368390704162_re6.jpg (274.88 KB, 1035x1056)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34831

File: 1368390708758_roissyairportparis4.jpg (124.52 KB, 500x800)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34832

File: 1368390805566_131572564158.jpg (24.2 KB, 300x347)

I don;t know but I could look at that pic for another hour and never notice the first letter in its filename, let alone the fact that it ends with a "_7"

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 34833

File: 1368390829905_chloe-likes-it-rough.jpg (53.43 KB, 681x658)

Any one pick up on the fact that she's hanging out with Julian Moraes?
>Inb4 dating thread

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34834

File: 1368390870255_138074322638.jpg (16.19 KB, 251x289)

for a few seconds I kept thinking
what the hell is "H", is he talking about heroin?

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 34835

File: 1368390891280_Just_One_More_and_Ill_Go_To_Sleep.jpg (386.08 KB, 1716x1049)

Good night Chlomo.
I have the last two weeks of my final year of school ahead (Which is pretty tough in the Lebanese schooling system as we have both finals and official exams to prepare for this month). So it's going to be pretty hectic. I will attempt to post occasionally (and will lurk from phone for sure).
Stay awesome and keep on posting dem Chloës.

 Anonymous (3e09) 34836

File: 1368390901177_re4.jpg (124.64 KB, 642x738)

don't rock my boat

 Chlobra Commander!jIhNAR4/e. 34837

File: 1368390952067_oooo.gif (5.01 MB, 480x480)

She really outdone herself.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 34838

File: 1368390973276_OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.jpg (108.72 KB, 584x954)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34839

File: 1368390981534.jpg (21.59 KB, 400x363)

see ya bro
good luck on the exams

Which one is he again? Let me take out my faggot chart
inb4 stop calling people names boo hoo

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34840

File: 1368390989890_Chloe_Bye_5.gif (2.69 MB, 355x500)

I smell friendzone.
Bye, good luck!

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 34841

File: 1368391022591_hitman_absoluton_render_by_ivances-d539v7h_copy.jpg (993.44 KB, 1860x1200)


see ya buddy and good luck.

 -vik (5f80) 34842

File: 1368391050588_Chloe301.jpg (111.19 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (3e09) 34843

File: 1368391066520_chloe-moretz-mtv-movie-awards-2013-04142013-06.jpg (237.44 KB, 968x1400)

exam time sucks hard, good luck

 Anonymous (cae5) 34844

I look at this, and I turn into an animal.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 34845

 Anonymous (3e09) 34846

File: 1368391205054_re.jpg (518.84 KB, 1692x1788)

i'll never be apart of her life…

 Anonymous (3e09) 34847

she sounds so cute

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34848

File: 1368391311577_surprised03.jpg (50.96 KB, 500x333)


her voice is raspy, sounds different

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 34849

File: 1368391330963_ba_dum_tss.jpg (170.22 KB, 1500x1292)


i wonder if the dogs film her and cam doing that

 Anonymous (8936) 34850

No she is not. She's making a joke about the chips being her monie with moraes because he made a similar one earlier.

Chloë is at home cooking with her mom and just invited Haley over.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34851

File: 1368391376330_smile2.jpg (32.73 KB, 500x333)


just realized this now, eh?

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 34852


 Anonymous (8936) 34853

Monie should have been homie you piece of crap auto correct. ..

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34854

File: 1368391453413_chloe_likes.jpg (12.15 KB, 244x198)

Goodbye Fozzi Bear.

>listening to that through headphones

 Anonymous (3e09) 34855

File: 1368391497774_wowie1.jpg (578.26 KB, 1024x1536)

it comes and goes in waves
hearing her voice there was like a hammer blow to the balls of realisation and the wave broke all over my feels
i'll be good in an hour or so.

 Anonymous (8936) 34856

She sounds like Miley Cyrus

 Chlobra Commander!jIhNAR4/e. 34857

Oh please don't say that

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34858

File: 1368391572438_hellyeah34111.jpg (146.01 KB, 800x623)


i always preferred the raspy/lower voiced Chloe over the high-pitched girly one.

That interview (mtv movies awards i think) where she had been talking a lot and her voice got raspy..

 Anonymous (3e09) 34859

File: 1368391595310_re9.jpg (208.4 KB, 632x579)

i wouldn't know what miley sounds like
i'll take your word on it
should i add her to my burgeoning list of waifus?

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34860

File: 1368391693301_trolls34.jpg (114.54 KB, 720x465)


professional jeffry razzler reporting

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 34861

File: 1368391712643_penguin_party.jpg (76.33 KB, 714x423)

 Anonymous (3e09) 34862

File: 1368391780731.gif (8.98 MB, 400x446)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34863

File: 1368391853430_133444885647.jpg (115.45 KB, 612x612)

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 34864

File: 1368391934116_1e1630c871be11e2a3d522000a9f13e2_7.jpg (163.06 KB, 612x612)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 34865

File: 1368392068715_lovemagbeauty.png (584.72 KB, 712x980)


Cam's heart was found on the ocean floor at that very moment.

 Anonymous (8936) 34866

Ain't trolling. That's honestly the first thing I thought when I heard her.

Come to think about it Chloë's voice have changed a lot in the last year to a deeper and fuller voice. The last videos with her, her voice even seems strained. Maybe from all the screaming she has done in Carrie

Inb4 fuller is cam and screaming because of cam not carrie

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34867

File: 1368392134905_1a994df0bb4111e2a58122000a9d0ed5_7.jpg (111.19 KB, 612x612)

I like this.

I said that because of some details I found between the picture and the vine video.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34868

File: 1368392232080.jpg (89.07 KB, 600x485)

>burgeoning list
>not practicing monochloism

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34869

File: 1368392620852_Chloe_Dance_4.gif (1.36 MB, 480x480)

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 34870

File: 1368392827082.gif (5.01 MB, 480x360)

 Anonymous (3b5e) 34871

File: 1368393032414_29.jpg (29.28 KB, 285x324)

hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is chloe but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me _… im 16 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my girlfreind (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite tv show!!! bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!!
DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ←- me bein random again _^ hehe…toodles!!!!!

love and waffles,

t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34872

File: 1368393062380_239.png (286.33 KB, 400x507)

New hot picture from Chloë
Suddenly… silence.

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 34873

File: 1368393156291_annistiredofyourshit.png (204.49 KB, 537x468)


File: 1368393212327_ihm.png (389.29 KB, 1291x1077)

What the actual fuck…

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34875

File: 1368393259058_15.jpg (31.74 KB, 307x320)

 Anonymous (cae5) 34876

She sounds like a 12 year old boy


File: 1368393967755_Chlo235mia_Raphsody.jpg (64.03 KB, 600x800)

>Chloë talking about making out

That actually hurts me a little.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34878

File: 1368394217362_138774695575.jpg (16.93 KB, 262x317)


 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34879

File: 1368394374785.png (100.67 KB, 182x254)


It's okay though, it's about cute dogs doing it so it's sweet and innocent.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 34880

File: 1368394690570_146.jpg (970.78 KB, 2293x3300)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34881

File: 1368394805428_132706371090.jpg (97.48 KB, 774x600)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34882

File: 1368395080235.jpg (42.81 KB, 432x441)

and that's what she said one day when she entered trevor's room and she caught him wrestling with collin

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34883

File: 1368395156521_O.jpg (19.92 KB, 274x302)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34884

File: 1368395429393.png (104.51 KB, 438x360)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34885

File: 1368395470410_so-many-feels.jpg (118.1 KB, 612x612)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34886

File: 1368395737070_the_fuck_am_I_reading.jpg (31.89 KB, 668x263)

WTF am I reading

I know they're fishing for keywords but niphloe, seriously?

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34887

File: 1368395766493_grrr14.jpg (59.65 KB, 533x497)

>mf after reading back 1 millon posts itt


File: 1368395971027.jpg (57.02 KB, 650x366)

Beautiful. Surface Of The Sun is definitely a masterpiece.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34889

File: 1368396389942_2005-2012.gif (2.98 MB, 340x340)

I like the remixed version for kick-ass more but maybe I'm just biased.

Is it me or has the guy not put put anything in a long time?

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34890

File: 1368396491620_6f412ed8bb2b11e2a8e322000a9f13d9_7.jpg (130.34 KB, 612x612)

so much for people saying 'teri looked EXACTLY like Chloë when she was young"

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34891

File: 1368396544495_pig_rump.jpg (111.87 KB, 806x688)

>dat nose
>dat bear

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34892

>dat troll

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34893

File: 1368396871170.jpg (21.59 KB, 400x363)

Hi there fruitmaster.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34894

dat wizardry

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34895

population of india etc etc

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34896

File: 1368398476923_tumblr_mloldafpnP1rbw50xo1_500.png (454.91 KB, 500x700)

Yes, yes they do, because No.7 is the greatest number there ever was or ever will be.


File: 1368399480339_eyes.png (206.54 KB, 667x176)

I like 7, but I think 8 has a bigger…power.

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 34898

File: 1368399879974.png (77.37 KB, 217x291)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34899

File: 1368400603070_chloe_moretz_532.jpg (9.55 KB, 215x261)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34900

File: 1368400686144_Chlovatar.png (121.17 KB, 228x361)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34901

File: 1368400736447_big_pusseh.gif (1.34 MB, 300x270)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34902

File: 1368400799616_oh_yeaaaah3.jpg (19.24 KB, 204x357)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34903

File: 1368401123541_Chloe_Fishy.gif (1.51 MB, 295x302)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34904

File: 1368401179258_ChloFish1.jpg (87 KB, 820x432)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34905

File: 1368401929049_13680374519779.gif (4.07 MB, 380x359)

Mmm, close to 400.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34906

File: 1368402050001_400_Pixel.jpg (2.52 MB, 2700x4000)


Let's post some Chloë to reach it!

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 34907

File: 1368402192748_Abby_3.jpg (348.92 KB, 1499x1000)

Bed time for me.
Cya later Chlobros. Lets dream with some Chloë.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34908

File: 1368402193941_107315179-chloe-moretz-and-emma-roberts-attend-the-miu-gettyimages.jpg (91 KB, 369x594)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34909

File: 1368402230617_am_i_driving_this_car_alone_now.jpg (53.36 KB, 620x414)


 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 34910

File: 1368402391606_bv252eee4.jpg (52.35 KB, 297x326)

I'm chickenshitting too.


 Anonymous (1776) 34911

File: 1368403445912_1a994df0bb4111e2a58122000a9d0ed5_7.jpg (111.19 KB, 612x612)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34912

File: 1368404817328_glowing_eyes.jpg (351.67 KB, 1224x1224)

And an eery silence settled over chlomo.org, as the bros took off in the night…

 Anonymous (1776) 34913

File: 1368404940273_Fullerton_002.jpg (113.66 KB, 1469x1100)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 34914

File: 1368404981888_Concert-Vine.gif (4.34 MB, 480x480)

I'm just getting started.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 34915

File: 1368405052529_Nylon-Shoot_2.gif (2.08 MB, 400x381)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 34916

File: 1368405168262_Chloe_Moretz_MoC__006.jpg (1.1 MB, 2100x3000)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 34917

File: 1368405309035_Dance.gif (7.13 MB, 480x480)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34918

File: 1368405575912.gif (1.95 MB, 249x273)

Posting Chloë.

…At night.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 34919

File: 1368405857840_Let_me_in_hug.jpg (10.25 KB, 500x210)

Nothing else like it. That's why I do almost all of my Chloë posting after the sun goes down.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 34920

File: 1368406047442_231138056_640.jpg (48.44 KB, 640x360)

Also because this place can get kind of hectic during the day.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 34921

File: 1368406552464_BG-1303-TeenV-HiRes-01.jpg (273.73 KB, 734x1000)

 Anonymous (bdd9) 34922

File: 1368407115200_10028c014c086e0631ea2c0303087bf40bd1cb57.jpg (100.7 KB, 612x612)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34923

File: 1368407163827_breathtaking.jpg (67.36 KB, 612x612)

fo realz tho

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34924

File: 1368407212821_chloe_moretz_I_am_number_four_premiere_047.jpg (949.16 KB, 2100x3433)

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 34925

File: 1368407228102.png (105.76 KB, 400x392)

The uppity cunts are asleep. Post Chloë.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34926

File: 1368407253539_dem_curves.jpg (145.19 KB, 725x1000)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 34927

File: 1368407763447_dsc_7357.jpg (2.99 MB, 4256x2832)


File: 1368408135235_cheetos.jpg (2.06 MB, 2400x3600)

I fucking love her teeth. I want to lick them.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34929

File: 1368408422737_166644339.jpg (79.63 KB, 395x594)

Somewhere out there is a dentist who knows what it's like to scrape these teeth with sharp metal objects.

 Anonymous (1776) 34930

File: 1368408496476_1a994df0bb4111e2a58122000a9d0ed5_7.jpg (111.19 KB, 612x612)


File: 1368408547560_sad_chloe.jpg (13.75 KB, 360x374)

And to smell her breath.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34932

File: 1368409079000_chloe-time_05.gif (1.44 MB, 250x200)


 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34933

File: 1368409254890_007.jpg (1.14 MB, 1655x1100)

>Cute & badass.


File: 1368409259837_hehe_hihi_haha.jpg (89.69 KB, 628x607)

If you change one letter…

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34935

File: 1368409270915_chlomo_timeclock.jpg (77.4 KB, 600x600)

A clock stuck on Chloë Time is never wrong.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34936

File: 1368409778442_smiley.jpg (27.41 KB, 263x291)

Just watched this. >>34845
Sounds like she blew out her voice at the concert.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34937

File: 1368410043224_chloe-moretz-gilt-package-delivery-04.jpg (186.61 KB, 875x1222)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34938

File: 1368410532058_happy-mothers-DAYYYYYY.gif (5.25 MB, 480x480)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34939

File: 1368410779627_132706371426.jpg (78.92 KB, 430x363)

Sounds it, I like it. Her natural voice has a bit of a smoky and sultry tone, the added slight graveliness is cool. Reminds me of a classy French girl.

She's also blond again!

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34940

File: 1368410851057_cfdec3c0b8ee11e2a8b522000a9f3cba_7.jpg (45.31 KB, 612x612)

She dyed it red for Carrie pick up shots. I wondered if she would go blonde afterward.

 Anonymous (1776) 34941

File: 1368411006828_8.jpg (33.51 KB, 348x512)

sounds like jb

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34942

File: 1368411243364_scream.gif (4.94 MB, 480x480)

This is how she blew out her voice.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34943

File: 1368411479580_shy-teri.gif (5 MB, 400x400)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34944

File: 1368411517690.jpg (238.04 KB, 2048x2048)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34945

File: 1368411608993_lechloeface.jpg (3.61 KB, 190x164)

That gif is mesmerizing…

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34946

File: 1368411695794_scream2.gif (946.87 KB, 271x265)

>So is this one.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34947

File: 1368411932297_mos.jpg (117.59 KB, 750x1000)

It's getting…


My… brain…

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34948

File: 1368411989465_136690965698.png (35.18 KB, 135x139)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34949

File: 1368412195189_obey.gif (464.98 KB, 500x617)

She has that affect on people.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 34950

File: 1368412288449_chloe_moretz_asos_01.jpg (138.32 KB, 800x1199)

 Anonymous (cae5) 34951

A new Nightmare reaction image classic.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34952

File: 1368412403147_chloespiketv_eyeprime_214-881x1322.jpg (204 KB, 881x1322)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34953

File: 1368412717258_seems-legit.gif (3.98 MB, 378x350)

true dat

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 34954

File: 1368413048056_YH1qibxw9o2.jpg (420.9 KB, 1280x854)

I'm out. Later bros. Post Chloë.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34955

File: 1368413173248_Wave.gif (156.97 KB, 345x433)

See ya.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34956

File: 1368413357733_wave2.jpg (149.93 KB, 1280x688)

Little Chloe says bye.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34957

File: 1368414393949_soul_cycle.jpg (321.63 KB, 1200x1800)

 Anonymous (7f25) 34958

File: 1368414835280_chloe_3.jpg (1.53 MB, 1800x1200)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34959

File: 1368415522346__hit_girl___carrie_style_by_ryuk124-d60gvxh.jpg (138.23 KB, 740x960)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34960

File: 1368416268241_baby-doll.jpg (261.93 KB, 585x855)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34961

File: 1368416721780_ChloeandtheBrain.jpg (61.66 KB, 411x960)

Ten hours in MSPaint.

 Chlobra Commander!jIhNAR4/e. 34962

File: 1368416787628_32YO.jpg (2.13 MB, 2859x4282)

 Chlobra Commander!jIhNAR4/e. 34963

File: 1368416828552.jpg (235.48 KB, 634x732)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34964

File: 1368416858193_oo.png (137.14 KB, 287x301)

Chloë hairstylez greatest hits.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34965

File: 1368416924253_Cupcakes_Make_People_Happy.jpg (75.77 KB, 718x472)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34966

File: 1368417417512.jpg (407.43 KB, 2048x1529)

You're standing at a hotel elevator when the doors open to reveal this cramped trio.

How do you make the most of it slochlomo?

 Chlobra Commander!jIhNAR4/e. 34967

File: 1368417609112_iFuYrabu5l66s.jpg (44.59 KB, 720x540)

Pretend I don't recognize them. Sweat like a pig and try to hide it. Have my heart attack as soon as I exit the elevator.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 34968

File: 1368417772947.png (196.35 KB, 296x306)

Time well spent.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 34969

File: 1368417912304.jpg (9.88 KB, 158x168)

H-hey c-c-chloe… Uh.. Big f-fan, uh.. Maybe p-p-pic? *faints*

 Anonymous (e2e6) 34970

File: 1368418103984_chloe_moretz_30rock.jpg (73.54 KB, 640x360)

Interesting what you find in a White Pages search. Seems Chloe lives with her mom and Colin while Ethan lives with his dad and McCoy's girfriend Taylor.

So the gossip and rumors that he got divorced from Teri for cheating seems like the probable reason with this new information. Explains why Chloe wants nothing to do with him and he wasn't invited to Brandon's wedding. They probably split the two juvenile children. Ethan probably had to go live with his father due to the divorce settlement while Chloe stayed with Teri.

Teri and family is page 1 and McCoy and family is page 2.


 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34971

File: 1368418247610_79091956bb8211e2a22022000a1fc78f_7.jpg (73.54 KB, 612x612)

is this some sort of gay reference or am I missing something?

 Chlobra Commander!jIhNAR4/e. 34972

Perhaps a ring to rule her army of gays

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34973

File: 1368418876490.jpg (477.7 KB, 1280x1920)

Gay ref.

>they are separated
>therefore Mac Daddy is a cheater

That's a pretty big leap bro.

Also I can't believe anyone can just look up Chloë's home address… I would have thought they'd be unlisted.

 Anonymous (734b) 34974

File: 1368419250348_Chloe_Moretz-030.jpg (127.08 KB, 675x900)

You have to pay money on that website to see Teri and McCoy's actual addresses. The information on there is real. All they will give you for free is the residents and the street.

McCoy cheating is the best explanation to why he has a girlfriend named Taylor and Teri is single.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34975

File: 1368419420850_132706371417.jpg (90.7 KB, 800x384)

well put

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34976

then post screencaps from it
(make sure you blur out their actual addresses or contact info since we don't want to show that)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34977

File: 1368419512606_28574.jpg (569.37 KB, 664x1000)

>Taylor S Polidori
>(Age 25-29)
Wow, so she got traded in for a much newer model.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34978

File: 1368419590580.jpg (97.08 KB, 300x308)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34979

I can see the full address without paying a dime on the site listed above, I have no idea what you're talking about.

 Anonymous (c5f7) 34980

File: 1368419835767_CG_LoveM2.jpg (82.73 KB, 800x1091)

So many cute Chloe picture. Don't know where to begin.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34981

File: 1368419959454.jpg (712.41 KB, 1800x2400)

Unless they listed a fake address to throw people off, I can see their address. Just not the phone number. Although if it had the phone number I would totally call up and say it was a wrong number just to possibly hear Chloë's voice answer. Worth the obscene long distance charges.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34982

File: 1368420115237_Chloe-Moretz_for-Love-Magazine_by-Phil-Poynter.jpg (879.49 KB, 1760x2336)

that scan has a terrible crease right across her beautiful lips ;_;
pls take this

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34983

File: 1368420484594_Chloe-Moretz_for-Wonderland-Magazine_by-Danielle-Levitt.jpg (1.29 MB, 1752x2325)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34984

File: 1368420928293_teens4jeans1.jpg (29.7 KB, 601x718)

 Anonymous (9959) 34985

File: 1368420976245_Chloe_Moretz-022.jpg (168.67 KB, 1100x825)

That must be Teri's address after the divorce because we know that Chloe and her mother live in a house not an apartment. They have moved since. Maybe McCoy has moved as well.

But WOW did McCoy ever trade in Teri for a younger model.

Guess Teri didn't get any money from the divorce since she had custody of Chloe and her potential major income. McCoy got to keep enough money for a young girlfriend. Quite rare since woman usually takes everything from the guy. Doubt McCoy cheated or he couldn't afford someone that young.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34986

File: 1368420993771.jpg (62.55 KB, 500x667)

pretty sure that's not Chloë

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34987

File: 1368421198276_v5AE3gKS5KI.jpg (32.12 KB, 500x650)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34988

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34989

File: 1368421282665_ihfoiah93y-2.jpg (52.21 KB, 348x443)

I sure would love to stare at that in high res

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34990

File: 1368421310680_13270637143418.jpg (39.27 KB, 296x250)

I wasn't being too harsh on the guy
I don't need no damn link
lust look in the mirror
looks nothing like her

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34991

File: 1368421383735_132706371458.jpg (21.5 KB, 190x256)

surprised we haven't got it already
shame since it's a 10/10 pic
dat beautiful face and hair
dat glorius leg and class

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34992

File: 1368421466410_ORG_20121113000401.jpg (53.44 KB, 450x300)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 34993

File: 1368421470330_7sp2Q.jpg (554.88 KB, 1308x1748)

close as we'll ever get is this kinda shitty scan ;_;

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34994

File: 1368421475490_harshworld.png (254.89 KB, 486x506)

Now I feel bad I didn't look at it enough when I saved it to realize. My trusting nature has betrayed me…

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34995

File: 1368421572071_411303_4017548678568_698867257_o.jpg (62.06 KB, 1360x578)

>My trusting nature has betrayed me…
it might not be just that
it looks a lot like her from that angle
but like I said nothing like her in the mirror

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34996

File: 1368421729820.jpg (109.15 KB, 800x433)

shitty indeed but beggars can't be choosers

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 34997

File: 1368421959063.jpg (750.3 KB, 2400x3000)

Yeah, that's what I thought too from the thumbnail. Figured: in Chloë folder, looks like Chloë, must be Chloë. Can't even trust my own folder, man.

>postin' actual Chloë this time

>dat non-form fitting dress still lookin' good

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 34998

File: 1368422076345_chloe_moretz_hick-premiere-050312-__19_.jpg (75.54 KB, 500x800)

wish she stopped wearing those dresses with absolutely no shape and went for more tight fitting ones

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 34999

File: 1368422228434_chloe_moretz_wonderland_magazine_19.jpg (164.67 KB, 1280x789)

Movie over, back to Chloë.

 Anonymous (1776) 35000

File: 1368422361700.jpg (109.08 KB, 894x894)

 Anonymous (1776) 35001

File: 1368422652358_4_18_2013_by_mythoughtsaredeep-d6211wv.jpg (201.33 KB, 1020x784)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 35002

File: 1368422670017_HG17.jpg (1.18 MB, 2560x1920)

 Anonymous (cae5) 35003

File: 1368422944980_Kick-Ass_BTS_41.gif (2.98 MB, 308x366)

Hope there is 2X more BTS training stashed away for dvd release.

 Anonymous (1776) 35004

File: 1368423033256.jpg (46.31 KB, 400x566)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35005

File: 1368423042444_chloe_moretz__chloe_moretz_arriving_kelly_z_grmq4kmehx.jpg (176.92 KB, 771x1024)

If you mean for kick-ass 2 we'll be lucky if we get half as much as the first

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 35006

File: 1368423228472_10.jpg (31.25 KB, 314x318)

Every time Chloë tweets a vine that doesn't contain any Chloë she kills me a little inside from the anticipation and then disappointment…

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35007

File: 1368423317710.jpg (169.4 KB, 900x498)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 35008

File: 1368423344280_055.jpg (176.6 KB, 650x605)

Yeah, the Kick-Ass DVD is overflowing with extras. If they're really making KA2 with a smaller budget, I expect the extras on the DVD/bluray would be minimal.

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 35009

File: 1368423420838_i_know_that_feel.jpg (32.52 KB, 434x326)

I'll take anything we can get.

Hurts every time.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35010

File: 1368423633218_ethan-loves--chlomo.jpg (71.3 KB, 480x480)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 35011

File: 1368423694090_2012-November-15th-Children-In-Need-Designer-Pudsey-Auction-London-07.jpg (309.86 KB, 1024x1538)

At least we got this today >>34938

I just realized Ethan has the Moretz tooth gap.

 Anonymous (cae5) 35012

I see her pic on the page and I just want to give her arm a squeeze.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 35013

File: 1368424010311_nightmare-02.jpg (96.02 KB, 716x960)


 Anonymous (1d3f) 35014

File: 1368424095471_NYCC_5.gif (2.92 MB, 410x419)

>cfw Ethan is a Chlobro

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35015

File: 1368424134460.jpg (162.59 KB, 661x619)

just realized it's the same laptop
the same they use to browse chlomo probably
now I know what to look for when looking at the traffic

 Anonymous (1776) 35016

File: 1368424193287.jpg (5.74 KB, 221x228)

you should of had this thread open on the computer screen

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35017

File: 1368424207363_132521328723975.jpg (156.7 KB, 720x482)


beware of cheap imitations

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35018

File: 1368424248533.gif (2.98 MB, 246x185)

ah come on

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35019

File: 1368424635660_chloe_moretz_362.jpg (11.35 KB, 300x265)

With the new Evil Dead having such a strong opening weekend, does Carrie have a chance to do the same?

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 35020

File: 1368424675716_hahaha29.png (209.85 KB, 427x461)

Chlomo should come with the warning, "Danger: Do not drink while browsing, may cause wet nose."

The plot thickens.

 AK_ChloeFan (950d) 35021

File: 1368424981373_chloe-moretz-and-denzel-washington-in-the-equalizer.jpg (313.39 KB, 800x989)

>Hope there is 2X more BTS training stashed away for dvd release.
we all do.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 35022

File: 1368425145234.jpg (4.36 MB, 3169x4754)

I dunno. Evil Dead's cult following is only rivaled by Rocky Horror Picture Show's. It was bound to have a huge opening weekend.

I wouldn't say Carrie has the same, but it's still based on a classic movie, it's a Stephen King story, it'll be PG-13, topical because it does deal with bullying, and of course it'll target two demographics by appealing to young people as well as older people who remember the first movie. I'm optimistic it'll have a big opening, seems like it has a lot going for it.

 Anonymous (cae5) 35023

Evil Dead has fun gore for everyone appeal, I don't think Carrie will do as well.

Would you watch it with people who are mostly going to laugh at all the scenes, as if they were watching SAW?

 Anonymous (a64c) 35024


 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35025

File: 1368425281172_hmmm_2.jpg (109.07 KB, 1160x683)

>y, it'll be PG-13, topical because it does deal with bullying
it will NOT be PG-13
it will be R
that's already been confirmed

There were talks that they moves this closer to halloween weekend but it will be launched 2 weeks before. I'm not sure if it's a smart move or not.

 Anonymous (a64c) 35026

new thread pls

 AK_ChloeFan (950d) 35027

File: 1368425396184_Hit_Girl_Then_n_Now_gif.gif (2.32 MB, 500x518)



 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35028

File: 1368425640572.gif (452.43 KB, 245x200)

Make it

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 35029

File: 1368426349481.jpg (1.72 MB, 3600x2400)

Did not know it was getting an R, but then again, I guess you can only murder so many teenagers on camera before the MPAA draws a line. Glad they're not trying to cut it to a PG-13 unnaturally then.

Looking at releases for that weekend, it doesn't seem like it's got any big competition. It's the blockbuster of its opening weekend, so that's good. There's a fantasy movie releasing then, but it looks more like a Jack the Giant Slayer fantasy than a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Also starring Julianne Moore though!

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35030

it will have paranormal activity 5 the next weekend so that could be some competition though I hope people got tired of that franchise
the second weekend (aka the halloween one) they have ender's game which might not do so well

there are a couple of more movies but like you said, nothing too impressive

 BigDaddy (d92d) 35031

Hey guize
Just a quick question:
Is this page really ChloMo?

60k followers, im not sure if its her or not.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 35032

File: 1368427206288_164.jpg (42.94 KB, 500x481)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35033

File: 1368427219071_child.jpg (24.73 KB, 295x354)

her account is private so no, it's not her

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35034

File: 1368427327215_132706371113.gif (1.92 MB, 325x263)

I'm still baffled by how many people fall for these fake accounts
even more baffled when they're in russian , indonesian or some other language besides english

 BigDaddy (d92d) 35035

File: 1368427348211_BCwg57nCQAEw91i.jpg-large.jpg (48.63 KB, 800x791)


Yah thats what I thought. Thanks fellas :)
(and yeah I know bout her private account) but having 60k followers on that other one I wasnt sure.

Keep up the awesome work fellas.

 Anonymous (b11f) 35036

No, that picture was not a new one. Trevor later added a comment that it was a #TBT picture (Trow Back Thursday)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 35037

File: 1368427705994_132.jpg (350.93 KB, 800x1004)

They need to believe.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 35038

File: 1368427712051_chickenshit_oclock.jpg (86.31 KB, 720x960)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35039

File: 1368427912220_132706371423.jpg (104.05 KB, 600x594)

I do too sometimes but still, that's way too much …


 Anonymous (b11f) 35040

That must be some office adress or the like, because if you look it up on Google maps which I did for research purpose, it's some 2-3 storey buildings on some busy street with apartments, and I'm pretty sure they live in a house.

 BigDaddy (d92d) 35041

File: 1368427963920_Desktop.jpg (5.01 MB, 3600x2025)

Hey Pixel,

Hows part 2 of the ChloMo story coming along? :)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35042

File: 1368427990040_chloe_moretz_by_emeraldchaossith-d652q5b.jpg (105.63 KB, 1024x751)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 35043

File: 1368428368216.png (123.85 KB, 295x347)


 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 35044

File: 1368428622296.gif (1.84 MB, 213x221)

I just had a strong sense of deja vu.

 BigDaddy (d92d) 35045

File: 1368428655420_images.jpg (5.08 KB, 196x202)


Cant wait for the finished product mate ;)

All the best

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 35046

File: 1368428931062_133114466916.png (342.88 KB, 500x500)

Hmm…still, she went to Toronto for pickup shots and came back blonde.

Yeah, we're working on it. Real life is taking up tons of my free time.

 Anonymous (1d3f) 35047

File: 1368428939940.jpg (65.83 KB, 960x720)

They captured her lazy eye well.

 Anonymous (1776) 35048

File: 1368429016980.jpg (106.27 KB, 800x500)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 35049

File: 1368429255230_aaaaa.jpg (10.14 KB, 202x220)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 35050

File: 1368429833379_chloe_moretz_out_with_trevor__16.jpg (245.79 KB, 1200x1800)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 35051

File: 1368430226911_chickenshit_04.jpg (140.86 KB, 1428x600)

 Anonymous (b11f) 35052

File: 1368430460020_343.jpg (135.54 KB, 650x778)

Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite you

 Anonymous (5792) 35053

File: 1368431434810_758281822.gif (787.81 KB, 300x169)

'Morning Chlomo.

 Anonymous (b11f) 35054

File: 1368431626829_hello_there.jpg (57.25 KB, 480x671)

Good morning

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 35055

File: 1368431710749.jpg (654.46 KB, 2400x3600)

actually it's not the same laptop..chloe is on a macbook air, ethan is on a macbook pro

 Anonymous (5792) 35056

File: 1368431890056.gif (3.57 MB, 500x404)

How are you doing fellow anon?

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35057

File: 1368431927068_13157783404106.png (196.35 KB, 296x306)

see ya chickenshit

mah bad
How could I mistake the fagbook air from the fagbook pro?

 Anonymous (b11f) 35058

File: 1368432087002_hands_off.jpg (134 KB, 634x811)

How could you even think a teenager would share a laptop with her brother?

She doesn't live in Romania, you know.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35059

File: 1368432253873_138774395575.jpg (26.24 KB, 397x433)

>How could you even think a teenager would share a laptop with her brother?
You heard of user accounts I assume. I thought ethan could use that mac mainly but she occasionally uses it too (with a different account) while most of the times she would use an iPad

>She doesn't live in Romania, you know.

mfw trying to hit me in my national pride

 Anonymous (b11f) 35060

File: 1368432438263_chloethestrange.jpg (47.05 KB, 600x400)

Haha, just poking you for fun, didn't mean anything bad about it :)

Anyway, I don't know any teenagers who would share a laptop in todays world of materialism. Especially not someone who has money coming out of her beautiful behind.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 35061

File: 1368432579440_chloe_moretz_283.jpg (12.1 KB, 300x306)

>Haha, just poking you for fun, didn't mean anything bad about it :)
I know, I was just saying that's not the best way to do it

>Anyway, I don't know any teenagers who would share a laptop in todays world of materialism. Especially not someone who has money coming out of her beautiful behind.

true, she would more than likely get one herself, money not being an issue and all

 AK_ChloeFan (950d) 35062

File: 1368433349404_trevor_cobain.jpg (63.34 KB, 612x612)

<I know someone who does.

 AK_ChloeFan (950d) 35063

File: 1368433470680_kurt_cobain_teen_spirit_1024x768.jpg (182.79 KB, 1024x768)

<pic related.. in more ways than one.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 35064

File: 1368433809092.gif (818.82 KB, 300x208)

 Anonymous (b11f) 35065

File: 1368433908831_look_at_the_camera_chloe.jpg (56.35 KB, 634x434)

Chloë, look this way. No, not at that camera. The camera the rest of your group is looking at. Chloë, Chloë… Claaaawwiiieeee!!!

 New thread gentlemen tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 35066

File: 1368434124450_oh_yeaaaah7.gif (3.31 MB, 340x184)













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