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File: 1368588806874_radiant_Chloe.gif (773.59 KB, 245x190)

  Chloë Thread #491 !IfghsA0F6A 32520

Sequel to Chloe Thread #490, the ongoing epic of Chlobros postin' Chloë!

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32521

File: 1368588910082_scream.gif (4.94 MB, 480x480)


 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32522

File: 1368588961088.gif (3.23 MB, 455x612)

What would Chloë do for a Chlondike Bar?

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32523

File: 1368589035666_DS-LA-Premiere-2.gif (6.54 MB, 500x342)

I've always wondered this.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32524

File: 1368589073601_Chloe10.jpg (170.46 KB, 511x774)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32525

File: 1368589266966_e5a5ce3a_1364893211830.jpg (199.17 KB, 500x715)

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32526

File: 1368589278718_TELLING_CGM.bmp (480.14 KB, 434x377)

I have a question guys.. will she going to play Mia in If i stay??

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32527

File: 1368589404787_05.jpg (15.67 KB, 269x280)

No idea. I haven't heard of it. Check the news thread.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32528

File: 1368589594331_CHLO-RYU-KEN.jpg (69.88 KB, 368x594)

That's the plan. But she's lined up so many movies, who knows what's she'll feasibly be able to fit in her schedule?

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32529

File: 1368589842897_awkward.jpg (12.71 KB, 300x307)


>mfw not sure how to cross link to an archived thread

 Anonymous (3a1a) 32530

File: 1368589862118_28c0d4e0bd101.jpg (37.51 KB, 612x612)

Looks like we will get to see some new Chloe pictures tonight or tomorrow as Chloe's brother Colin said the Moretz family went to the Nylon Young Hollywood Party. They always take pictures of the celebrities at it. So I am sure we will see some new Chloe soon. :D

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32531

File: 1368589920105_Excitement.gif (2.94 MB, 307x264)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32532

File: 1368589970508_pointypoin.jpg (14.23 KB, 284x318)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32533

File: 1368590017882_huuuuh.gif (602.91 KB, 186x179)

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32534

File: 1368590040211_CUTE_CGM.bmp (438.21 KB, 412x363)


Yay! chloe's pics! i want comi con pics but this is something…

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32535

File: 1368590055292_it_is_beautiful_2.jpg (71.81 KB, 521x494)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32536

File: 1368590132921_whut_you_talkin_bout.jpg (28.68 KB, 464x404)

Did you pick the right song for that?

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32537

File: 1368590177946_Fuckyeah__CGMjpg.jpg (7.16 KB, 205x246)

I think she should play a roll like that.. at least once.. before grown up


File: 1368590238805_ironic_mode_ON.jpg (522.27 KB, 995x918)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32539

File: 1368590296261_smile2.jpg (32.73 KB, 500x333)


I didn't pick the right song. The right song picked the Chloe.

The breathing sounds, etc.


isn't it?

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32540

File: 1368590304961_131972740031.png (132.69 KB, 509x298)

Well dang, I guess that means I didn't win tickets to it. I wonder what fashionable garb she'll be in!

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32541

File: 1368590460922_huh.jpg (57.89 KB, 271x261)

Breathing sounds?

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32542

File: 1368590544127_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_Premiere_Dark_Shadows_.jpg (76.15 KB, 443x594)

she really dress awesome! has a great style

she can be a model in the future.. (she needs to be taller too but after seeing her brothers.. she will be taller)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32543

File: 1368590544513_angie83294.jpg (1.09 MB, 1400x933)


lol click on the link I posted. Don't you hear those breathing sounds in teh song "Greyhoundreaux"?? It sometimes falls in time with Chloe's open mouth.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32544

File: 1368591029965_voguefashionfund0.jpg (303.94 KB, 868x1222)


how tall do you think she is?

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32545

File: 1368591155056_surprised1.jpg (151.09 KB, 413x418)

why did the time just goof?

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32546

File: 1368591183546_63132_270739836362946_169986510_nMMM_CGM.jpg (7.41 KB, 160x160)

I don't know… 1.63 i guess…

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32547

File: 1368591243341.jpg (118.47 KB, 800x450)

so that's the event that a like guy (or gal) got to spent some time with clawie

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32548

File: 1368591326050_collar3.jpg (45.51 KB, 400x600)


give me it in terms of feet.

5'2, 5'3, 5'4 etc

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32549

File: 1368591487378_BKQ1UYjCUAAHbTr.jpg_large.jpg (50.88 KB, 720x557)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32550

File: 1368591530815_13232154739.jpg (27.35 KB, 368x424)

>give me it in terms of feet.
damn footfags

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32551

File: 1368591569497_family89327428394.jpg (930.73 KB, 3600x2733)


nvm actually. I'm not sure. Most places I've seen list her as 5'5. or 1.65m

I believe models are around 5'5-5'10 in height


File: 1368591609398_feet_16205_con4_122_51lo.jpg (1.32 MB, 3600x2400)

Let's begin with these ones.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32553

File: 1368591665758_smirk12.jpg (24.48 KB, 291x235)


>cracked toe nail


 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32554

File: 1368591676034_lx25f3Ak7p1qg5h4f.gif (429.04 KB, 500x222)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32555

File: 1368591814238_BKR26dkCcAA4sKX.jpg (74.67 KB, 600x600)


File: 1368591836315_feet_16201_con2_122_227lo.jpg (680.21 KB, 2108x3000)

I know. That's why I like this particular set. It shows all those imperfections. The imperfections among the beauty…that makes everything much sexier.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32557

File: 1368591855476.jpg (64.49 KB, 391x360)

cracked nails, toe jam and foot fungi probably gets him off

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32558

File: 1368591868893_surprised0.jpg (56.71 KB, 502x518)


good god in heaven almighty saviour from the heavens above our sacred plateua of jesus chrust

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32559

File: 1368591876034_13541472652226.jpg (52.3 KB, 880x807)

not feeling the hair but dayum, dat botty

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32560

File: 1368591894944_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_Premiere_Dark_Shadows_.jpg (76.15 KB, 443x594)

yeah.. i think 5'5 at most but she is sixteen… she will be taller, mark my words
She poses like a model

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32561

File: 1368591925826.jpg (3.61 KB, 190x164)

There are no breathing sounds. I hear water drops and cheesy synth.

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32562

File: 1368591998333_WHAT_CGM.bmp (602.05 KB, 597x344)

That is recent???

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32563

File: 1368591999349_laughfull.jpg (15.96 KB, 194x193)


imperfections, yea I like that too


Oh shit, you were right


File: 1368592015556_Doritos.jpg (17.65 KB, 347x309)

>that stuffed bra

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32565

File: 1368592062142_surprisedki.jpg (105.11 KB, 681x713)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32566

File: 1368592087414_chloe_moretz_wonderland_magazine_19.jpg (164.67 KB, 1280x789)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32567

File: 1368592187893_smile8293.jpg (134.7 KB, 493x750)





dude, i don't know what to say. I hear breathing sounds.

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32568

File: 1368592211266_Fuckyeah__CGMjpg.jpg (7.16 KB, 205x246)

Yay! i want more pics! i like the outfit

 Chlobra Commander!jIhNAR4/e. 32569

File: 1368592286518_BFJbsDfCEAAL0iM.jpg (59.99 KB, 577x1024)

WTF??? She raised the bar tonight…

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32570

File: 1368592336458_30rock00.png (332.03 KB, 720x404)


she actually raised your mom up in the air tonight and bench pressed her

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32571

File: 1368592379926.jpg (1.33 MB, 1171x1280)

>She raised the bar tonight
with just one hand
she's really strong

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32572

File: 1368592450096_chloe-moretz-ass-1.jpg (26.36 KB, 396x920)

need more kailey ITT

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32573

File: 1368592465610_mtv_on-second-thought.gif (2.51 MB, 330x274)

Not even Loki wants to mess with that.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32574

File: 1368592512949_30rockmmmgirl.gif (1.99 MB, 420x475)

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32575

File: 1368592515131_OOOOOOOOK_CGM.bmp (438.24 KB, 437x342)

Can we all of us agree that her body looks great??

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32576

File: 1368592570338_1691935-heimdall_elba_thor.jpg (59.14 KB, 600x400)

he would
but he's afraid of the asgardian chris hansen

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32577

File: 1368592598578_implying.gif (2.68 MB, 400x225)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32578

File: 1368592617644_radio1.jpg (94.43 KB, 561x577)

That's hard to do

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32579

File: 1368592675707_01.gif (1.04 MB, 300x281)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32580

File: 1368592792302_30r_eyebrows.gif (4.49 MB, 396x340)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32581

File: 1368592868438_30rockdrink.gif (3.85 MB, 445x435)


shit, we all kaylie now eh

ii. i got this

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32582

File: 1368592909029_chloe-moretz-5x-brow-combo.gif (4.47 MB, 450x360)

I feel like her eyebrows are the most underrated part of her gorgeous face
everyone is on and on about lips, nose, chin, eyes, ears, short hair, long hair
where's the eyebrows love?

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32583

File: 1368592970323_p-carrie.jpg (767.02 KB, 1500x2229)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32584

File: 1368592987287.png (118.09 KB, 238x223)

>dat Chloë

I sense a great new set to rival the best of them.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32585

File: 1368593075274_My_body_is_ready.jpg (280.37 KB, 1920x1080)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32586

File: 1368593151578_eye-brows.gif (2.99 MB, 407x421)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32587

File: 1368593154908_mtvmovieawards13cutestahh.gif (1018.91 KB, 300x367)

Her eyebrows are one of the biggest parts of the signature Chloë expressiveness. Would she even be Chloë without them?

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32588

File: 1368593164718_02.gif (2.65 MB, 296x450)

>would take on as arch-nemesis for life

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32589

File: 1368593228612_132706371473.jpg (76.23 KB, 328x530)


 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32590

File: 1368593300475_chloe_moretz_343.jpg (39.83 KB, 500x510)

it would be like _Chloe_ (without the umlaut) - it would lack the magic

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32591

File: 1368593302599.jpg (113.1 KB, 393x525)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32592

File: 1368593309542_dem-eyebrows.gif (203.29 KB, 400x401)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32593

File: 1368593395831_perfection.jpg (57.71 KB, 996x1013)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32594

File: 1368593572812_ibouUtaKwjbivj.gif (3.76 MB, 256x258)


File: 1368593708075_wats.jpg (19.69 KB, 342x357)

>those useless big pools

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32596

File: 1368594067766.jpg (29.7 KB, 334x188)

These pics are like the opening chords of the Jaws theme, the suspense they're creating is riveting. They're not showing Chloë, but we know she's there.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32597

File: 1368594417092_its-shark-season.jpg (206.3 KB, 640x1136)

nicely put

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32598

File: 1368594581672_even-bitches-love-chloe.jpg (287.96 KB, 1024x1309)

 Anonymous (07aa) 32599

File: 1368595790493_Mean.gif (7.65 MB, 500x417)

Fucking God. Her chest.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32600

File: 1368595861924.jpg (97.63 KB, 393x525)

Anyone have this without the A? It's getting in the way of a good Chloë…

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32601

File: 1368596091576_112.jpg (104.61 KB, 1122x1150)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32602

File: 1368596248992_aaronjohnsonhair.jpg (189.91 KB, 817x1222)


scary shit

 Anonymous (07aa) 32603

He's leveling up :3

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32604

File: 1368596446669.jpg (451.43 KB, 952x805)

Barking mad…

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32605

File: 1368596515900_GOM_2012-05-13_14-16-55-40.jpg (25.8 KB, 502x471)

I don't think that's a good thing

 Anonymous (2f09) 32606

File: 1368596641878_Screen_Shot_2013-05-15_at_12.43.03_AM.png (369.96 KB, 584x282)

>Spot Chloe

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32607

right in the middle of the pic
Where did you find footage?

 Anonymous (07aa) 32608

It's our mole at Nylon.

 Anonymous (2f09) 32609


 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32610

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32611

File: 1368596932839_13270637143419.jpg (92.04 KB, 474x350)

I looked at his file name and thought it was some screencap from a short video

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32612

File: 1368596973927_e77cd3febd2211e2912322000a1f933e_7.jpg (93 KB, 612x612)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32613

File: 1368597023443.jpg (50.73 KB, 211x273)


 Anonymous (07aa) 32614

I could kiss her brother.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32615

File: 1368597128824_surprised0.jpg (56.71 KB, 502x518)


holy shit. that's weird

definietly the weirdest chloe-face ive sen

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32616

File: 1368597161768_132230661952.jpg (149.11 KB, 960x617)

dat oh so lucky chair

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32617

File: 1368597181336_smirk12.jpg (24.48 KB, 291x235)


thanks for letting us know bud

 Anonymous (07aa) 32618

Sweet kisses on the back of his neck man

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32619

File: 1368597298970_omg.gif (2.97 MB, 330x296)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32620

File: 1368597321298_redbNKx3.jpg (221.97 KB, 874x1280)



which one?

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32621

File: 1368597527000_O.jpg (19.92 KB, 274x302)

Chlomo is going to implode with this set.

That is one form-fitting dress.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32622

File: 1368597629454.jpeg (17.56 KB, 347x395)

More likely explode.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32623

File: 1368597657831_chloe_thinks_you_are_a_nightmare.jpg (118.33 KB, 720x580)

He's growing. Embracing the ernesto inside of him that's locked up, but slowly creeping out and rearing its ugly head.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32624

File: 1368597724505_131577834158.jpg (33.35 KB, 422x503)

I feel the yogurt will fly off the shelves today

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32625

File: 1368597740328_061.jpg (43.36 KB, 293x262)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32626

File: 1368597745249_do_want.jpg (130.35 KB, 813x720)

All my do wants.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32627

File: 1368597787253_Hugo_Premiere_NYC_J0001_002.jpg (2.46 MB, 2615x3920)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32628

File: 1368597868956_500daysz.jpg (191.59 KB, 1013x797)


why does her face look like that?

Chloe, stay off the drugs pls.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32629

File: 1368598021952.jpg (11.62 KB, 309x296)

>gets pictured as she makes a certain facial expression
>pomp immediately makes the connection to drugs

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32630

File: 1368598152929_lick_01.jpg (47.75 KB, 372x372)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32631

File: 1368598198301_smirk5.jpg (59.56 KB, 469x517)


that's one hell of an expression

>implying sobriety

 Anonymous (dda0) 32632

File: 1368598254888_102949151.jpg (168.79 KB, 357x500)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32633

File: 1368598402852_tongue_of_love.gif (2.64 MB, 457x350)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32634

File: 1368598494580_tasty.gif (1.74 MB, 431x476)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32635

File: 1368598623868_birthday.jpg (84.33 KB, 718x669)

she only drinks lemonde and water

 Anonymous (dda0) 32636

File: 1368598669088.gif (871.6 KB, 500x250)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32637

File: 1368598707683_3242.jpg (139.27 KB, 2048x1365)

…and cherry orange juice.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 32638

File: 1368598846618_tvyoungholly7.jpg (79.04 KB, 424x600)


+ apple juice

 Anonymous (dda0) 32639

File: 1368598850936.gif (1.88 MB, 300x300)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32640

File: 1368599022458.gif (1.83 MB, 258x352)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32641

File: 1368599107575.gif (2.53 MB, 320x180)

and coke

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32642

File: 1368599169443_132706371309421.gif (1.62 MB, 248x285)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32643

File: 1368599277395_36aa5b08adfc11e2b97522000a1f97e9_7.jpg (164.22 KB, 612x612)


and cream soda

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32644

File: 1368599450738_article-2324735-19C8A870000005DC-479_634x918.jpg (151.42 KB, 634x918)

here we go

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32645

File: 1368599482738_cc_drink.gif (2.99 MB, 240x310)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32646

File: 1368599561858.jpg (13.89 KB, 300x311)

It begins.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32647

File: 1368599661832.jpg (180.52 KB, 377x406)

I need to see the other angle for research purposes

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32648

File: 1368600008712_chloe-moretz-nylon-young-hollywood-party_002.jpg (74.67 KB, 600x600)

i fear this is the best we'll get

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32649

File: 1368600052322_depositphotos_4137793-Picnic-tablecloth.jpg (371.35 KB, 1024x698)

>You'll never have a picnic with or on Chloë

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32650

File: 1368600424496_132706371309414.gif (1.48 MB, 258x316)

I would put that blanket she's wearing on the grass, and Chloë on top of it as the main dish

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32651

File: 1368600425376_ontsukatiger.jpg (179.57 KB, 1600x1174)

 Anonymous (780b) 32652

File: 1368600460327_BKSXInDCMAA_kok.jpg (91.13 KB, 634x918)

The best is still yet to come. Chloe did the usual pictures with the press photographers for this event tonight.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32653

File: 1368600766462_739029c4bd2b11e29b2522000a9f13d5_7.jpg (74.53 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (c1d5) 32654

File: 1368601209442.png (241.25 KB, 430x321)


 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32655

File: 1368601817121_BKSd-pbCEAAiwe6.jpg (88.55 KB, 1024x765)

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32656

File: 1368601990049_132706371309404.jpg (116.75 KB, 784x640)

the good kind of pouting

 Anonymous (07aa) 32657

File: 1368602313384_mf.jpg (88.01 KB, 667x527)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 32658

File: 1368602722997_chickenshit_24.jpg (60.39 KB, 687x482)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32659

File: 1368602816251_Chloe_Bye_Also_Hi_Works_Too.gif (2.69 MB, 355x500)

Night pixel

 Anonymous (c1d5) 32660

File: 1368602829435.jpg (46.68 KB, 541x402)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32661

File: 1368603303902_chloe-moretz-nylon-young-hollywood-party_001.jpg (59.69 KB, 306x728)

I just noticed that in this OP image for the Young Hollywood Party thread you can very clearly see the outline of Chloë's body at the skirt part… It's so thin that it's darker where it's not touching her and lighter where it is. That's some pretty light fabric to use for a dress, or clothes in general.

Not sure if lewd…

 Anonymous (071a) 32662

File: 1368603593046_33372288bd0d11e285b022000a9f15de_7.jpg (202.88 KB, 612x612)

>Not showing Chloë
Casuals, Casuals everywhere…

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32663

File: 1368603715071_seems-legit.gif (3.98 MB, 378x350)

That was the equivalent of the shark fin in the water.

 Anonymous (071a) 32664

File: 1368603925134_Look_A_Casual_Get_Him.jpg (111.63 KB, 720x480)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32665

File: 1368603998347_sadchloe.jpg (12.32 KB, 339x266)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32666

File: 1368604095850_941522_579175455450169_783416750_n.jpg (44.59 KB, 612x612)

Hanson bro

 Anonymous (071a) 32667

File: 1368604103132_hug.png (163.11 KB, 309x218)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32668

File: 1368604228389_3.jpg (404.31 KB, 600x900)

Hanson bro? Like from that 90's band?

And up early or late Pingu?

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32669

File: 1368604412779_BKSd-pbCEAAiwe6.jpg (88.55 KB, 1024x765)

>Hanson bro? Like from that 90's band?

>And up early or late Pingu?

I was going to go to bed hours ago, but then I got caught up looking for pics.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32670

File: 1368604799995_chloe-moretz-nylon-young-hollywood-party_003.jpg (93 KB, 612x612)

dear lord

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32671

File: 1368605148638_Chloe_Sleep_3.jpg (83.56 KB, 1057x589)

 Anonymous (57bb) 32672

File: 1368607233372_168757177.jpg (71.65 KB, 400x594)

ooooooo mah ggggAd

 Anonymous (c1d5) 32673

File: 1368609681390_168758290.jpg (60.4 KB, 352x594)

Tight dress is tight.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32674

File: 1368610584915_4p58akdf5c9r.jpg (510.2 KB, 2266x1616)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32675

File: 1368610844312_ymsfs232z2ne.jpg (365.4 KB, 1616x2156)

 Anonymous (20b8) 32676

File: 1368610941658_168758220.jpg (77.32 KB, 372x594)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32677

File: 1368612041412_holy.jpg (22.71 KB, 379x168)

Dem pics. Dem beautiful, beautiful pics.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32678

I seriously don't see the point in screen capping reaction pics to post them as reactions unless your name is tvshaman

 Anonymous (c1d5) 32679

File: 1368612347864.jpg (66.23 KB, 720x540)


 Anonymous (dda0) 32680

File: 1368612462068_dream_flower.jpg (97.23 KB, 752x1063)

my nigga

 Anonymous (3c7e) 32681

File: 1368614545958_e77cd3febd2211e2912322000a1f933e_7.jpg (93 KB, 612x612)

Plz someone make this "you'll never be Chloe's back of the chair" from pic related.

 Anonymous (c1d5) 32682

File: 1368614704543.jpg (96.24 KB, 612x612)

Sounds like a job for GG.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32683

File: 1368614998538_evil_Chlo.jpeg (202.33 KB, 1600x1205)

This picture is epic beyond words

 Anonymous (071a) 32684

File: 1368615262640_e77cd3febd2211e2912322000a1f933e_7.jpg (184.42 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32685

File: 1368615534810.jpg (84.79 KB, 204x384)

New boyfriend I take it.

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 32686

File: 1368615561749.png (156.94 KB, 464x336)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32687

bc it's much quicker to modify a url than it is to ctrl c/v it

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 32688

File: 1368615794665_iokjhbgfvc.gif (499.64 KB, 470x296)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32689

File: 1368616005692_055.png (114.64 KB, 234x200)

lol, your not allowed to post that while i'm trying to give you shit

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32690

File: 1368616028091_oh_yeaaaah.jpg (12.15 KB, 244x198)

You jelly because the newfags like muh style

 Anonymous (dda0) 32691

File: 1368616110528.jpg (25.03 KB, 182x163)

no, newfags missing the point that you have no point.

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 32692

File: 1368616231128.gif (586.21 KB, 408x225)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32693

File: 1368616232940_nigga_pls14.png (460.22 KB, 745x572)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32694

File: 1368617082845_lokis-ultimate-goal.jpg (126.8 KB, 1076x720)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32695

File: 1368617416948.png (366.27 KB, 720x304)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32696

File: 1368617629924_ThumbleChloe.gif (2.14 MB, 320x240)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32697

File: 1368617727654_nylon_hat4.png (454.62 KB, 689x424)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32698

File: 1368617812856.jpg (164.57 KB, 820x576)

shit oc makes chloe sad

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32699

File: 1368617876733_really.jpg (33.99 KB, 306x350)

Shit OC? How can you say that? That's so funny!

 Anonymous (071a) 32700

It's funny and creepy at the same time

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 32701

File: 1368618016234_heh.png (298.38 KB, 500x416)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32702

File: 1368618139293.jpg (50.38 KB, 279x362)

I think it's funny.
How is that creepy?

 Anonymous (dda0) 32703

File: 1368618140868.jpg (153.59 KB, 400x381)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32704

File: 1368618196708_great.jpg (21.2 KB, 300x204)


Chlobug wins

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32705

File: 1368618372958_I_have_the_weirdest_chocolate_banana_now3.jpg (79.65 KB, 720x960)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32706

File: 1368618570997.jpg (37.37 KB, 129x145)


trust me they are the pride of my Chloë folder


 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32707

File: 1368618620307_i_dont_like_where_this_is_going_2.jpg (283.33 KB, 1156x1136)

 Anonymous (071a) 32708

File: 1368618731258_tvshaman_knock-out.gif (1.53 MB, 400x225)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32709

you know where it's going

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32710

File: 1368618918160_this_thread_seems_a_bit_hostile_to_me.jpg (88.8 KB, 720x480)

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 32711

File: 1368618951832_successfergie.png (265.48 KB, 522x605)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32712

File: 1368619009844.png (214.35 KB, 400x266)

 Anonymous (24ca) 32713

File: 1368619194698_Chloe-Moretz.jpg (86.2 KB, 1024x768)

Chloes taste in music is getting better and better it seems…

 Anonymous (dda0) 32714

That tweet wasn't about music.

 Anonymous (24ca) 32715

File: 1368619403813_chloe-moretz-bonnie-wright-dior-02.jpg (252.5 KB, 844x1222)

Thats not what I meant…

 Anonymous (dda0) 32716

File: 1368620004081_1da4512aadc211e29f2e22000a1fb36d_7.jpg (95.23 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (071a) 32717

File: 1368620169491_24982_115165921828802_4486123_n.jpg (4.32 KB, 160x160)

Dating drama!!!

ThatGuy is gonna be thrilled about this kiss

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32718

File: 1368620748458_168765033_Hii.jpg (161.15 KB, 424x594)

Hello people.
How is it going?

 Anonymous (071a) 32719

File: 1368620752419_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_NYLON_Onitsuka_Tiger_Celebrate_aOArMKs24b2x.jpg (225.4 KB, 682x1024)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32720

File: 1368621154217_136690965698.png (35.18 KB, 135x139)

Dat stuffed bra.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32721

File: 1368621358978_M019-df-00212.jpg (709.95 KB, 3080x2054)


Expert are we?

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32722

File: 1368621459636.png (74.09 KB, 220x250)

Not really. Its just that they aren't usually that big.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32723

File: 1368621822986_168765041.jpg (86.29 KB, 396x594)

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 32724

File: 1368622014546_meanwhile....png (17.89 KB, 502x315)


Fucking captcha 2 times.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32725

File: 1368622148964_168758285.jpg (77.32 KB, 372x594)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32726

File: 1368622154421_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_NYLON_Onitsuka_Tiger_Celebrate_DetUilQhJf1x.jpg (172.71 KB, 674x1024)

 Anonymous (5d2b) 32727

who's the nigga?

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 32728


 Anonymous (dda0) 32729

File: 1368622492802_168764899.jpg (327.95 KB, 694x1209)


 Anonymous (2369) 32730

File: 1368622618387_pondering.jpg (31.64 KB, 331x299)


The luckiest guy on earth, perhaps?

He's obviously gay, though. He can't even fully appreciate what just happened.

BTW, can someone please kill Cloudflare? It's approaching Google-level omnipresence, datamining, as well as sheer annoyance with the "ATTENTION REQUIRED!" shit.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32731

File: 1368622703198_168765762.jpg (74.87 KB, 396x594)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32732

File: 1368622773850_168765065.jpg (88.34 KB, 459x594)

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 32733

Dat pixel.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32734

File: 1368622806618_168765087.jpg (84.37 KB, 433x594)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32735

File: 1368623048154.jpg (1.63 MB, 2000x3000)

 Anonymous (357e) 32736

File: 1368623477631.png (109.98 KB, 187x202)

Fucking niggers

 Anonymous (2369) 32737

File: 1368624017947_u_jelly_whiteboy.gif (1.36 MB, 200x224)


That's a perfectly reasonable reaction.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32738

File: 1368624152608.jpg (287.32 KB, 721x540)

So is this.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32739

File: 1368624201996_get_that_shit_away_from_me.jpg (67.66 KB, 396x573)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32740

File: 1368624259395.jpg (50.38 KB, 279x362)

Dafuq man that's disturbing.

 Anonymous (07aa) 32741

What a man T_T. Who is he?

 Ol' Hickory !XBurrFBZLA 32742

File: 1368624361458_FuckThisGayEarth.png (356.7 KB, 694x556)

I wish I never knew she even existed ;_;

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32743

File: 1368624444136_hmmm_2.jpg (109.07 KB, 1160x683)


I don't get it. What's the big deal here?

 Anonymous (dda0) 32744

File: 1368624484859_image.png (293.68 KB, 417x500)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32745

File: 1368624599219_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_never_kiss_chloe.jpg (480.77 KB, 682x1024)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32746

File: 1368624779693_1.jpg (13.4 KB, 300x300)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32747

File: 1368624802543.jpg (22.56 KB, 320x320)


You will never see Chloë with a hat irl.

 Anonymous (071a) 32748

File: 1368624936882_tumblr_mb5bkdgRCN1rehdvio1_500.jpg (56.37 KB, 500x550)

Thanks for reminding me

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32749

File: 1368624976424_doublecheck.jpg (229.67 KB, 592x889)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32750

File: 1368625022986_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_NYLON_kiss_chloe_laugh.jpg (482.18 KB, 682x1024)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32751

File: 1368625055859_Awesome.gif (1.2 MB, 280x221)

 Anonymous (357e) 32752

File: 1368625099550_water-powered-jetpack.jpg (137.17 KB, 1500x958)

Fuck this gay ass thread

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32753

File: 1368625143299_Thank_You_1.gif (626.89 KB, 245x307)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32754

File: 1368625279901_i_sense_your_weakness.jpg (75.52 KB, 614x435)

 Anonymous (357e) 32755

Go to hell

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32756

File: 1368625514218_fing.jpg (490.61 KB, 1100x1100)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32757

File: 1368625560101_hahaha14.jpg (16.21 KB, 145x152)

The name of that picture means fart in my language

 Anonymous (dda0) 32758

File: 1368625655191.jpg (143.81 KB, 412x424)

Achievement Unlocked*

pissed off anon

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32759

File: 1368625777409_Party_Time.jpg (130.61 KB, 338x479)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32760

File: 1368625978271_1368247134cam.jpg (98.85 KB, 348x344)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32761

File: 1368626112341_huuuuh.gif (602.91 KB, 186x179)

Maybe that's him.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32762

File: 1368626122369_omg3.jpg (7.39 KB, 208x224)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32763

File: 1368626557647_chloe_moretz_late_night_jimmy_fallon_014.jpg (279.17 KB, 1015x1222)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32764

File: 1368627081490_chloe-moretz-nylon-young-hollywood-party-11.jpg (248.2 KB, 875x1222)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32765

File: 1368627167314.jpg (1.9 MB, 2415x3000)

That must hurt.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32766

File: 1368627388397_omg9.jpg (108.56 KB, 720x960)

She must pay the price to be fashionable

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32767

File: 1368627995271_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_NYLON_Onitsuka_Tiger_Celebrate_DetUilQhJf1x.jpg (172.71 KB, 674x1024)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32768

File: 1368628066621_do_want3.jpg (27.8 KB, 216x239)

Dat shape

 Anonymous (07aa) 32769

File: 1368628214450_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_NYLON_Onitsuka_Tiger_Celebrate_lnc5F-1XDORx.jpg (228.58 KB, 683x1024)

Is that the guy who kissed Bar Rafaelli?

 Anonymous (dda0) 32770

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32771

File: 1368628450500_11.jpg (1.63 MB, 2000x3000)

This is a tough world to live in.

 Anonymous (07aa) 32772

The guy on the right with curly hair.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32773

File: 1368628670170_225225225225225225225225225225225225225225225225225225225225225225225.png (191.12 KB, 305x291)

Why? Not enough beautiful women to look at?

 Anonymous (dda0) 32774

post an image of what you're talking about bc i have no clue

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32775

File: 1368628826799_BKUDfJuCUAADFNQ.jpg (52.71 KB, 768x1024)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32776

File: 1368628878153_grrrr14.jpg (9.92 KB, 273x225)

Just wanted to post that

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32777

File: 1368628907004_131325105114.jpg (26.61 KB, 267x400)

Too many Chloës just to LOOK at.
forever alone

 Anonymous (07aa) 32778

File: 1368628974786_jesse-heiman-nylon-magazine-young-hollywood-party_36641811.jpg (53.23 KB, 500x639)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32779

File: 1368628989842_i_am_sorry2.jpg (126.15 KB, 600x568)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32780

I get that's him… I want to see him kissing Bar Rafaelli? so I know what ur going on about

 Anonymous (5d2b) 32781

File: 1368629334848_aa1368627248878_5.jpg (1.04 MB, 1975x3000)

venus mons?

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32782

File: 1368629420728_ooooo3.jpg (25.66 KB, 332x369)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32783

File: 1368629477053_21.jpg (94.43 KB, 561x577)

That is a nice Chloe you got there.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32784

File: 1368629516691_168765033_Hello_nylon.jpg (186.05 KB, 424x594)

 Anonymous (5d2b) 32785

bye bye little cute girl, hello beautiful woman

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32786

File: 1368629608422.jpg (149.95 KB, 573x528)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32787

File: 1368629663737_oh_yeaaaah5.jpg (19.69 KB, 342x357)

You don't like beautiful women?

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32788

File: 1368629939954.jpg (17.56 KB, 347x395)

Oh I do. Believe me I do.

I just miss little Chloe is all.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32789

File: 1368630007806_52602766-actress-grace-moretz-attends-the-film-gettyimages.jpg (43.38 KB, 481x594)

Don't we all. She was a ball of cuteness

 Anonymous (07aa) 32790

File: 1368630025570_ibelAKK977fW3Y1.jpg (853.17 KB, 3171x3000)

Reminder, she looks like this.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32791

File: 1368630040945_chlo_more_dar_shado_l_a_212_MoC_01.jpg (1.26 MB, 2299x3000)

 Penguin!ChloeG2xkw 32792

File: 1368630071398_article-2324735-19C9F228000005DC-562_634x841.jpg (188.1 KB, 634x841)

Hi H.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32793

File: 1368630158779_Nope.jpg (466.4 KB, 846x800)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32794

File: 1368630171586_daffaq.jpg (25.08 KB, 443x360)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32795

File: 1368630597192.jpg (3.85 KB, 64x95)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32796

File: 1368631062038_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_NYLON_Onitsuka_Tiger_Celebrate__wj6YFMbu9gx.jpg (282.48 KB, 683x1024)

I finally know what she meant by meat twerk

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32797

File: 1368631212881_heart-attack.jpg (14.69 KB, 378x301)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32798

File: 1368631351895_oh_boy_nagy_ikon.jpg (80.34 KB, 441x423)

What a beautiful landscape

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32799

File: 1368631579518_5.jpg (1.04 MB, 1975x3000)

all of my population of indias
every. last. one.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32800

File: 1368631694730_big_pusseh.gif (1.34 MB, 300x270)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32801

File: 1368631807494_070.jpg (224.03 KB, 674x600)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32802

File: 1368631865808_spanish_mac.jpg (81.65 KB, 367x445)


 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32803

File: 1368631908389_1.jpg (1.62 MB, 1882x3000)

>"Lick it up baby, Lick. It. Up"

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32804

File: 1368632002006_Smile_2.jpg (24.48 KB, 407x476)

HAHA I knew that was coming :P

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32805

File: 1368632290349_dont_shoot.jpg (114.84 KB, 459x594)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32806

File: 1368632316259_i-came.jpg (19.5 KB, 400x400)

too late

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32807

File: 1368632371931_dont_shoot1.jpg (45.39 KB, 449x361)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32808

File: 1368632490821_168765034.jpg (84.37 KB, 433x594)

I was the anon

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 32809

File: 1368632492539_saycheese.jpg (83.84 KB, 600x900)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32810

File: 1368632527721_laughingqueen.png (631.05 KB, 730x538)

I was about to post that too.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32811

File: 1368632546619_10.jpg (1.86 MB, 2000x3000)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 32812

File: 1368632635778_LET_THERE_BE_ROCK.jpg (3.58 MB, 1932x2415)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 32813

File: 1368632691676_feel_the_rainbow.jpg (122.6 KB, 800x600)


hes clearly gay so meh.

and chloe feels are at an all time low.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32814

File: 1368632779563_hi.gif (156.97 KB, 345x433)

What up TG.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32815

his butt hurts

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32816

File: 1368632879167_creepy_smile_closeup.jpg (74.33 KB, 444x430)

>low Chloë feels
Let's help him get back high again

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32817

File: 1368632884458_QT-hhnngg2.jpg (127.11 KB, 521x563)

Karim Abay - Associate Publisher at Nylon Magazine
in case anyone is curious

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 32818

File: 1368632890695_hi.gif (156.97 KB, 345x433)


hey bud!!


 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32819

File: 1368632972580_Hi.jpg (34.19 KB, 386x271)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 32820

File: 1368633041681.jpg (29.2 KB, 398x398)


hello. i don't believe we've been introduced.

good luck. i just think its a rollercoaster of feels and it'll rise up again soon.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32821


so rude… you never introduced to me

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32822

File: 1368633102303_magyar_mac1.jpg (8.3 KB, 121x153)

822 hours in Paint.

>don't click on it

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32823

how many hours in rolfbot?

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32824

File: 1368633255372.jpg (21.59 KB, 400x363)

Oh, didn't realize that.
Fast intro so I don't get "goto/bros"
As you can see im H. (some people here already call me the hatmaster, tho the H. is not because of that) Im 21, male, from Argentina.
Nice to meet you.

Dat hungarian.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32825

File: 1368633360309_hih237237237237.png (91.91 KB, 243x284)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 32826

File: 1368633387851_colorful.gif (87.08 KB, 635x430)


im earl. that name is pretty famous here.

im 20 a virgin and from canada. all wimmenz hate me

i've been a chlobro for a damn long while. i do believe you are the first Argentinian namefag.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32827

File: 1368633457924_smile46.jpg (735.34 KB, 936x1386)

Liar! SK likes you

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 32828

File: 1368633541787_1_2.jpg (143.39 KB, 533x800)


oh i forgot about that.

shes great :3

oh and my name really isnt earl obviously.

 Anonymous (357e) 32829

File: 1368633565878.jpg (32.14 KB, 480x480)

that's not good for earl, that's bad for SK.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32830

File: 1368633564960_86286_Preppie_Chloe_Moretz_at_Veuve_Clicquot_Gold_Cup_2011_West_Sussex_1_122_121lo.jpg (2.09 MB, 3032x4587)

Yeah, I think I am. And a few days ago we got a girl (not confirmed) from my country too. Britney something.


 Anonymous (2369) 32831

File: 1368633601880_tongue.gif (369.91 KB, 175x187)


>all wimmenz hate me

All women love me just not in that way. It's SO much worse than outright hatred.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32832

File: 1368633763261_clajzy33.jpg (24.72 KB, 230x253)

>It's SO much worse than outright hatred
You should talk to Bass, he is interested in psychos

 Anonymous (dda0) 32833

File: 1368633933270.jpg (26.21 KB, 209x191)


>mfw i'm trying to teach you in a a Diploma of Psychos

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32834

File: 1368634057468_clajzy32.jpg (30.57 KB, 198x257)

I'm not a psycho, I'm just immensly immature

 Anonymous (2369) 32835

File: 1368634083839_chin_as_big_as_my_boobs.jpg (93 KB, 612x612)


I'm not psycho, just continuously heart broken.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32836

File: 1368634142832.jpg (20.79 KB, 153x194)

I'm not a psycho yet.


 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 32837

File: 1368634306884_scratches_bum_smells_fingers..jpg (901 KB, 2447x3364)


oh….oh my.

i can confirm that that pic had brought back some chloe feels and a stiffy

 Anonymous (dda0) 32838

File: 1368634380562.jpg (17.33 KB, 576x324)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32839

File: 1368634393420_oh_noes3.jpg (124.23 KB, 528x652)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 32840

File: 1368634424185_ba_dum_tss.jpg (170.22 KB, 1500x1292)


then i'm definitely accepted here then.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32841

File: 1368634524919_wow3.png (190.63 KB, 480x360)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32842

File: 1368634545410_001.jpg (165.63 KB, 435x470)


No, that just means you're on the same path as dante. Pedos aren't welcome here, and they fuck off as she gets older.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32843

File: 1368634580477_1367314693471jailbait_tongue_play.gif (3.57 MB, 500x404)

Don't blame him lol

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32844

File: 1368634603951_creepy_smile_fekv337_bal.jpg (40.42 KB, 333x274)

16 is old enough to repell pedos, no?

 Anonymous (dda0) 32845

File: 1368634689821.jpg (22.56 KB, 320x320)


 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 32846

File: 1368634762498_evolving.jpg (47.56 KB, 612x612)


hahahaha you sound like early me circa 2012. someone is moral. and i'm not a pedo. shes 16 which is legal in canada.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32847

File: 1368634801397_creepy_smile2.jpg (23.26 KB, 288x291)

And in Hungary too

 Anonymous (2369) 32848

File: 1368634906187_chloe_worships_satan.gif (624.56 KB, 245x245)


And in 39 of the 50 states in America.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32849

File: 1368634952949_aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw_yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah2.jpg (24.5 KB, 400x352)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32850

File: 1368634991083_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_NYLON_Onitsuka_Tiger_Celebrate__wj6YFMbu9gx.jpg (282.48 KB, 683x1024)

getting this pic in HQ would surely be the death of meh

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32851

File: 1368635045070_Chloe_43360063_original.jpg (1.55 MB, 2000x3000)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32852

File: 1368635063053_c.h.l.o.e..jpg (84.33 KB, 595x594)

Dat one is kinda big

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32853

File: 1368635078228_Chloe_43360146_original.jpg (1.51 MB, 2000x3000)


 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32854

File: 1368635092925_CUTE_CGM.bmp (438.21 KB, 412x363)

You remember me… i'm argentinian of course.. how you guys doing?

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32855

File: 1368635121387_huge.jpg (142.41 KB, 831x600)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32856

File: 1368635134521_Chloe_sees_my_junk.gif (450.1 KB, 245x180)

that's what she said

 Anonymous (dda0) 32857

File: 1368635153476_PK-026_M_012__MSD_1I9Y1929.jpg (1005.63 KB, 3000x2000)

>shes 16 which is legal in canada.

You should of got your dick wet a lot earlier than when legalities come into it.

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32858

File: 1368635160661_wink.jpg (59.1 KB, 332x404)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 32859

File: 1368635163992_Chloe_Time_3.gif (775.95 KB, 245x216)

Hello everyone. How's it going?

Awesome new pics. They are sex.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32860

File: 1368635178710_yeeeeaaah.gif (7.16 MB, 450x640)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32861

File: 1368635213361_hi_Bonjour.jpg (106.33 KB, 590x400)

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32862

File: 1368635242420_HOTHOT_CGM.jpg (7.26 KB, 205x246)

Those are news?? you guys must be dying right now, she looks awesome and she is in great shape

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32863

File: 1368635290381_2252252252252252252252252252252252252252252252252252252252252252253.jpg (10.14 KB, 202x220)

A healthy piece of fresh illegal meat

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32864

File: 1368635446969_Hi_there.jpg (74.74 KB, 512x492)

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32865

File: 1368635452969_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_Premiere_Dark_Shadows_.jpg (76.15 KB, 443x594)

LOL and with that dress she can be the "picnic"
Fresh illegal meat for everyone

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32866

File: 1368635494648_feels_good3.jpg (48.06 KB, 612x612)

I like your way of thinking sis

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32867

File: 1368635562079_11aa_yeah.jpg (1.63 MB, 2000x3000)

Right there, in the heart

 Anonymous (dda0) 32868

File: 1368635595947_168765045.jpg (74.87 KB, 396x594)

Take Britney for example. How old we're you when you lost your virginity bub?

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32869

File: 1368635826837.jpg (149.95 KB, 573x528)

Man everybody's here when I can't post.

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32870

File: 1368635833762_COOLER_CGM.bmp (465.97 KB, 489x325)

Thanks!…and sorry for the inappropriate question but Her chest is more bigger, right?? …. i mean..

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 32871

File: 1368635884320_Blinking.gif (140.46 KB, 248x315)

And why are you assuming that she already lost hers?

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32872

File: 1368635951170_smirkz.png (753.69 KB, 610x725)

1) Tight dress.
2) Something else? (push-up, girls stuff)
4)Bigger breast

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32873

File: 1368635962689_13669047018.jpg (43.36 KB, 293x262)

Stuffed bra me thinks.

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32874

File: 1368636004738_CUTE_CGM.bmp (438.21 KB, 412x363)

He is assuming correctly.. but i won't post a date… i mean, i still new here.. i'm like fresh legal meat LOL i'm kidding

 Anonymous (dda0) 32875

bc most 16yo bitches are also teeny boppers looking for a fuck

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32876

File: 1368636106568_TELLING_CGM.bmp (480.14 KB, 434x377)

I think the same.. they can't grow up so fast.. but you know.. she always use loose dresses

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32877

File: 1368636131350_Eh.jpg (45.07 KB, 445x445)

Wow, that's some way of talking about girls right there.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32878

File: 1368636140226.jpg (17.56 KB, 347x395)

Not tonight she don't.

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32879

File: 1368636277126_TELLING_CGM.bmp (480.14 KB, 434x377)

I'm a %100 sure that Chloe is still virgin.. she shows cuteness and sexiness at the same time.. but she is more cute

 Anonymous (dda0) 32880

File: 1368636341736.jpg (8.27 KB, 392x341)

Don't worry, I'm generalizing. But some of the girls at my highschool used to make it a competition to see how many fucks they could get before going to uni. Just like we used to keep a black book of how many we screwed.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32881

File: 1368636358232.png (74.09 KB, 220x250)

Nobody really knows if rainbowland has been unlocked. But most of us here are betting it's not. Mostly.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32882

File: 1368636441785_1creepy_smile_upside_down.jpg (41.07 KB, 274x333)

And where are you from my dear anon brother? It's for research purposes.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32883

File: 1368636462199_chloe_moretz_nylon_young_hollywood_party_7.jpg (1.28 MB, 3000x2000)

D-D-DAT panties

*faints from blood loss to brain

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32884

File: 1368636515100_chloe_moretz_54.jpg (10.73 KB, 218x220)

That's some school you went lol.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32885


 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32886

File: 1368636554065.jpg (3.61 KB, 190x164)

You must be seeing things. I don't see it there.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32887

File: 1368636641657.jpg (48.52 KB, 495x646)

Oh. Somewhere near Melbourne?

 Anonymous (dda0) 32888

Frankston, da pines

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32889

File: 1368636889024_BG-1303-TeenV-HiRes-04.jpg (265.7 KB, 1295x1000)

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32890

File: 1368636952289_Creepy_Smile_3.jpg (164.27 KB, 708x708)

Close enough. Gotta book a flight to my cousin there soon.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32891

File: 1368636955632_for-research-purposes.jpg (479.63 KB, 805x1431)

sorry about your poor monitor bro

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 32892

File: 1368636959939_Chloe_Moretz_640.jpg (1.28 MB, 3000x2000)

>Karim Abay
He seems to be Moroccan.
My Arab bro.

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32893

File: 1368637023268_yyyt.jpeg (202.33 KB, 1600x1205)

hello guys

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32894

File: 1368637099448_yaaaaaay.jpg (69.44 KB, 595x594)


 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 32895

File: 1368637102959_Chloe_Army_3.jpg (732.89 KB, 2052x1129)

If that was in Lebanon we'd be in civil war number 7 by now.

 Anonymous (f7e9) 32896

Wishful thinking tricked by shades, or would you like to explain the bulge in the middle?

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32897

File: 1368637164827_Hello_nylon.jpg (186.05 KB, 424x594)

Sup Bass.

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32898

File: 1368637165449_Fuck_Yeah_2.jpg (95.82 KB, 357x360)

Checked my watch, and guess what time it was!

Probably the most eloquent summary of the teenage psychology I've ever seen.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32899

File: 1368637181809_Szenenbild_04_1400x933_.jpg (1.09 MB, 1400x933)

Hi there :)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 32900

File: 1368637190148_Hi_5.jpg (154.07 KB, 625x831)

Hey there man. How are you?

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32901

File: 1368637272810_5555.png (195.35 KB, 484x403)

hey bros!
>it's time to tweet something

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32902

File: 1368637333994.jpg (194.91 KB, 881x860)


File: 1368637346009_767687.png (259.21 KB, 395x400)




 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32904

File: 1368637411821_rocker_girl_chloe_is_best_chloe.gif (961.24 KB, 246x190)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32905

File: 1368637419248.jpg (129.29 KB, 402x581)

>Probably the most eloquent summary of the teenage psychology I've ever seen.

Glad to see there is someone on my level.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32906

File: 1368637508326_chloe-time_02.gif (775.95 KB, 245x216)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32907

>explain bulge
lol…anatomy 101
I only adjusted contrast, brightness and saturation

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 32908

File: 1368637555975_Chloe_Time_5.gif (1.44 MB, 250x200)

 Anonymous (218e) 32909

File: 1368637670449_CUTE_CGM.bmp (438.21 KB, 412x363)

when will she start dating? she is in that age right now

 Anonymous (dda0) 32910

File: 1368637765345.jpg (30.87 KB, 665x750)


2 years ago

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32911

File: 1368637784999_028.jpg (422.55 KB, 1155x1419)

 Anonymous (2369) 32912

File: 1368637845720_shes_mocking_you.jpg (65.28 KB, 395x594)


It's the mons pubis aka the love mound.

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32913

File: 1368637848350_OK_CGM.bmp (809.71 KB, 761x363)

really? and she don't have a boyfriend? mmm… that can't be true..

 Anonymous (12ce) 32914

File: 1368637855082_83489_chloe04_122_1164lo.jpg (618.3 KB, 1892x3000)

Chloe is definitely not a virgin. It is obvious that she was wearing a thong or g-string last night. Probably in case she met the right guy at that party for a little fun in the closet.

 -chlo.!CpLyCLiq/w 32915

File: 1368637857239_chickenshit_24.jpg (60.39 KB, 687x482)

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32916

File: 1368637857488.jpg (49.88 KB, 246x361)

>2 years ago

probably yes

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32917

File: 1368637933467_chloe_time2.png (662.86 KB, 620x608)

Bass, my brother! That picture you made is beyond awesome /I'm talkin bout that one you just posted <-/

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32918

File: 1368637943718_Cyndi_Lauper.jpg (53.71 KB, 358x521)

>Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32919

File: 1368637948173_5.jpg (1.04 MB, 1975x3000)

indeed it is

 Anonymous (b084) 32920

Still say it's just how the dress cling to her body crotch that makes she shades.

Anatomy 101 lesson from an internet nerd, lol. You're funny.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32921

File: 1368637992348.jpg (51.67 KB, 604x424)

No, but seriously this is Chloë we are talking about not a dirty slut from Frankston High. I think Chloë is smart enough to wait for the right bloke.

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32922

File: 1368638026638_hi_shaman.jpg (24.53 KB, 281x211)

>köszönöm shaman

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32923

File: 1368638086798_later_chickenshit.jpg (247.8 KB, 838x1326)

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32924

File: 1368638097448_Hot_CGM.jpg (7.27 KB, 284x177)

I love little fun in the closet… she has her innocence and how do you know that she is wearing a thong?

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32925

File: 1368638121538_grrrr12.jpg (32.17 KB, 312x309)

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32926

File: 1368638208999_YOUAWESOME_CGM.bmp (409.54 KB, 389x359)

You are right.. she is a smart chick, that is why i love her

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32927

File: 1368638210808_chloe_moretz_I_am_number_four_premiere_006.jpg (78.63 KB, 504x594)

>she has her innocence
no one is iinnocent
especially at her age

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32928

File: 1368638213118_oh_boy6.jpg (17.22 KB, 209x226)

I think we have a new SPG here

 Anonymous (2369) 32929

File: 1368638224406_gtdat_nervous_Please_dont_rape_me_smile.jpg (77.39 KB, 594x396)


Most anons first thought she was dating Cameron in November of 2010 thanks to certain tweets.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32930

File: 1368638236700_168765034.jpg (84.37 KB, 433x594)

Cool bro. One day you might figure out what happens to many types of fabric when hit with a camera flash at the right angle.

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 32931

File: 1368638374142_CUTE_CGM.bmp (438.21 KB, 412x363)

You know what i mean.. she is still adorable

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32932

File: 1368638403384_1.jpeg (188.42 KB, 945x723)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 32933

File: 1368638445529_Chloeman.png (1.26 MB, 953x953)

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32934

File: 1368638454208_222222.jpeg (40.09 KB, 500x476)

but she still adorable and she still virgin are 2 different things

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32935

File: 1368638568449.png (193.94 KB, 354x434)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32936

File: 1368638600494.jpg (76.21 KB, 178x320)

c'mon bros, you know this dating and virgin discussion has it's own thread

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 32937

File: 1368638619989_Chlocaine_2.jpg (123.73 KB, 740x517)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 32938

File: 1368638632099_00.gif (466.61 KB, 320x240)

>this thread

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32939

File: 1368638729008_i-fucking-love-chlocaine.gif (1.53 MB, 300x250)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32940

File: 1368638730475_hahaha8.jpg (81.08 KB, 643x671)

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32941

File: 1368638817338.jpg (198.84 KB, 1280x720)

2013 guys,you don't need dating for lose your virginity
but sometimes requires having money LoL

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32942

File: 1368638826139_whats_going_on_in_this_thr.jpg (174.64 KB, 594x765)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32943

File: 1368638881015_derp.jpg (25.43 KB, 217x276)

no shit…but it still belongs in that thread

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32944

File: 1368638902742_215.jpg (129.9 KB, 330x637)

 Anonymous (2369) 32945

File: 1368638907411.jpg (93 KB, 540x720)


I know "smell 'em" is a meme here.

Now it's time for "spread 'em"

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32946

File: 1368638938465.jpg (14.44 KB, 300x295)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 32947

File: 1368638979477_000002.jpg (157.52 KB, 371x352)



>people still posting that pic

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32948

File: 1368638993048_what_is_that_mr_moral_is_that_bro_scaring_you.jpg (106.66 KB, 759x516)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32949

File: 1368639045651.jpg (41.44 KB, 640x443)

I hope that she has already hooked uped with Cam rather than some some Hollywood douche for the wrong reasons. You guys need to keep your butthurt in check, and think that maybe someone like Cam, who she has known her whole life is what she needs.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32950

File: 1368639048421_b4d844c6bd8411e2971f22000a1f8c25_7.jpg (110.02 KB, 612x612)

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32951

File: 1368639151004.jpg (11.96 KB, 300x251)

'evening GG

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32952

look at /site/ !!!!!!

 Anonymous (dda0) 32953

File: 1368639174380.jpg (272.46 KB, 970x571)

>you still cant prove it's not Chloë

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 32954

File: 1368639240579_1234245555.jpg (40.92 KB, 235x263)


The proof I have that it's not Chloe is about as solid as the proof you have that it is.

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 32955

File: 1368639242279_brb_gonna_buy_something_to_eat.jpg (326.11 KB, 880x1103)

Brb, keep posting Chloë.


 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32956

File: 1368639285524_9.jpg (24.67 KB, 217x277)

the lack of moles in the proper spots seemed good enough proof to me

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32957

File: 1368639292130_chloe-moretz-nylon-young-hollywood-party_001.jpg (59.69 KB, 306x728)

hi bass

 Anonymous (dda0) 32958

trust me it's her

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32959

File: 1368639382710_44343434343.jpg (38.6 KB, 522x448)

for all chlobros fans of horror movies:
support #Chloe4EvilDead

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 32960

File: 1368639401235_hey.png (80.79 KB, 213x222)


Sure it is.. sure it is.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32961

so stupid… think about the time frame

 Anonymous (2369) 32962

File: 1368639433650.jpg (1.08 MB, 2040x2128)


>son of a wealthy movie producer

How can you think Cameron is NOT a Hollywood douche?

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32963

File: 1368639445618_anon_please.jpg (187.91 KB, 680x701)

>some Hollywood douche
Implying Cam isn't one of them…Anyways you're right

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32964

File: 1368639459679.png (241.25 KB, 430x321)

sure, i'll get right on that

 Anonymous (dda0) 32965

File: 1368639538098_bubble_boy_2-7543792.jpg (96.7 KB, 449x685)

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32966

File: 1368639550418_i_like_that.jpg (50.14 KB, 432x392)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32967

File: 1368639617918_soap_bubble_bursting_bokeh-t2.jpg (45.33 KB, 510x330)


 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 32968

File: 1368639672926_No_Twerking_2.jpg (399.14 KB, 1251x960)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32969

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 32970

File: 1368639687383_00000000001.jpg (101.08 KB, 330x313)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32971

File: 1368639747577_images.jpeg (7.21 KB, 227x222)

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32972

File: 1368639772478_okay.png (254.89 KB, 486x506)

>dat sarcasm

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32973

File: 1368639844058.gif (117.26 KB, 340x256)

user posts gore pics
mods don't give a shit

how about you stop posting this pic >>32738 ?

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32974

File: 1368639879482_11aa_yeah.jpg (1.63 MB, 2000x3000)

op-op-op-op-op oppan gingham style!

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32975

File: 1368639911353_taps.gif (484.26 KB, 250x210)

 Anonymous (dda0) 32976

wow tell me what other macros u want banned from Dangers folder u lil bitch

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32977

I'll let you know when I see them but for now how about we don't put Chloë and gore in the same picture? Does that sound reasonable?

 Anonymous (dda0) 32978

that's fine but DON'T single me out

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32979

File: 1368640078103_5555.png (195.35 KB, 484x403)

like this?

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32980

I'm not. I'll tell everyone who does the same

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32981

File: 1368640097239_QT-hhnngg1.jpg (136.23 KB, 521x563)

dis gon be gud

 Anonymous (dda0) 32982

bitch pls

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 32983

File: 1368640182139.jpg (1.61 MB, 2095x3045)


 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32984

File: 1368640193519.jpg (22.99 KB, 300x300)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 32985

File: 1368640193949_Burj_Chloe.jpg (1.23 MB, 3000x1993)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 32986

File: 1368640210123_chloemoretzdaily008.jpg (29.83 KB, 395x594)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32987

File: 1368640211928.jpg (75.27 KB, 530x680)

he said 'gore' not 'retarded'

i kid i kid

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32988

File: 1368640311255_images.jpg (7.66 KB, 272x185)

it's only game..

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32989

File: 1368640328978_sc.jpg (86.59 KB, 610x451)

come on,i post this stuff to her,i don't wanna post more blood and guts….

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32990

real vs fake/movie

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 32991

File: 1368640454612_Hislop.png (107.87 KB, 269x343)

Sorry, I was away and my naughty post alarm didn't go off.

 Anonymous (dda0) 32992

Me being able to post Chloë is not a game.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32993

File: 1368640496511_132442455674.jpg (72.99 KB, 316x313)

messing with my thing

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32994

File: 1368640548642_1.jpg (1.62 MB, 1882x3000)

i hadn't even read those posts yet, I was too busy looking at this

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 32995

File: 1368640563108_hurrrrr2.jpg (67.01 KB, 385x445)

But I want a hungarian version
So you are a mod

 KissMyBass (9d55) 32996

File: 1368640582248_1111.jpeg (57.63 KB, 544x471)

uh,if you talk about real gore i have nothing to say….
since I've seen a snuff movie i don't search that shit anymore

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 32997

File: 1368640602790_QT-hhnngg2.jpg (127.11 KB, 521x563)

>messing with my thing

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 32998

File: 1368640644446_132753151052.jpg (16 KB, 300x340)

use a different pic with mac

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 32999

File: 1368640670738_Youll_Never_Be_Chloes_Deodorant.jpg (296.33 KB, 1010x761)


 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 33000

File: 1368640703348.gif (787.92 KB, 245x220)

no, it doesn't appear that way since you aren't even posting chloe

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 33001

File: 1368640880063_smile46.jpg (735.34 KB, 936x1386)

Would you pwease make a hungarian version for me, mister?

 Anonymous (dda0) 33002

File: 1368640893489.jpg (860.22 KB, 2000x1333)

I just need to relax, and take a deep breath of Chloë.

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 33003

File: 1368640928712_chloe_moretz_657.jpg (14.83 KB, 369x329)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 33004

File: 1368640949217_168765034.jpg (84.37 KB, 433x594)

that's a good bro

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 33005

File: 1368640969258_chloe_moretz_nylon___onitsuka_tiger_celebrate_the_annual_may_young_hollywood_issue_in_hollywood_2013.jpg (1.35 MB, 2000x3000)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 33006

File: 1368641017029_happeh.png (34.52 KB, 1013x1002)

d'awww who could say no to that lil cutie

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 33007

File: 1368641166658_Chloe_Moretz_642.jpg (1.62 MB, 1882x3000)

>dem little little colorless hairs on her face

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 33008

File: 1368641220914_Identify_Yourself.jpg (123.51 KB, 450x343)

 KissMyBass (9d55) 33009

File: 1368641298919_sb.jpeg (12.4 KB, 300x228)

hell yeah

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 33010

File: 1368641392282_Why_PM_Mikati_Resigned.jpg (242.1 KB, 512x1667)

>still pissed off by the release date

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 33011

File: 1368641396444_132706371309420.jpg (18.74 KB, 205x172)

upcoming interview will be a video

 Anonymous (357e) 33012

File: 1368641555662.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080)

tfw you'll never party with chloe

 Anonymous (b821) 33013

File: 1368641569808_chloe_moretz_2007_with_mole.jpg (2.26 MB, 2618x4000)

 KissMyBass (9d55) 33014

File: 1368641643307_chloe_moretz_never_say_never_premiere_002.jpg (454.71 KB, 1494x2099)

anyone here have a pic of chloe's face in sepia effect?

 Anonymous (dda0) 33015

File: 1368641661206_buthurt.jpg (18.35 KB, 360x326)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 33016

File: 1368641666701_So_Much_Win.jpg (65.02 KB, 544x438)

fuck yeah

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 33017

File: 1368641747411_nope.png (250.02 KB, 540x720)

flip picture
zoom in on her face
looks NOTHING like Chloë
Chloë's nostrils are bigger - definite proof
/end of bullshit

 Anonymous (dda0) 33018

File: 1368641819708_043.jpg (53.48 KB, 300x273)

looks just like Chloë zoomed in

 KissMyBass (9d55) 33019

File: 1368641829177_a_clockwork_orange_large_012.jpg (27.78 KB, 701x511)

right right right

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 33020

File: 1368641902733_DUHH_CGM.bmp (251.56 KB, 291x294)

That bitch is not Chloe

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 33021

File: 1368641918644_131466488068.jpg (52.06 KB, 347x588)

you're trying too hard bro
just because you rubbed one out to her doesn't make her Chloë

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 33022

File: 1368641960075_13426535754370.jpg (12.6 KB, 219x207)

it takes a bitch to know a bitch so you're 100% right

 Anonymous (dda0) 33023

File: 1368642005324.jpg (34.02 KB, 252x221)

Been trolling you guys with this image for over a year and i'm not gonna stop now…

 BritneyBitch! (218e) 33024

File: 1368642033484_THUMBSUP_CGM.bmp (754.15 KB, 433x594)


 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 33025

File: 1368642243834_Carolyn_Dancing_1.gif (1.98 MB, 218x295)

>oh yeah

 GG!PT7cKdNGCY 33026

File: 1368642315814_Chloe_Grace_Moretz_NYLON_Onitsuka_Tiger_Celebrate_-UQFGn1q01tx.jpg (201.69 KB, 1024x683)

I'm not sure I want to hear that story

 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 33027

File: 1368642364516_cupcakes_I_see_them.jpg (160.55 KB, 422x594)

 H.!!VPhBjCLCnQ 33028

File: 1368642399860_Chloe_Sad_9.jpg (13.75 KB, 360x374)

tfw you could have won a ticket to that place. (considering you are from USA)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 33029

File: 1368642494509_Check_Out_Dem_Cupcakes.jpg (86.97 KB, 354x717)

 ChlondikeBar!IfghsA0F6A 33030

File: 1368642583132_I_Know_That_Feel_1.jpg (131.55 KB, 1067x600)

I had my e-mail inbox open constantly watching for the (1) to appear which might hold my Golden Ticket…

 KissMyBass (9d55) 33031

File: 1368642605946_dug.jpeg (1.29 MB, 4056x2835)

dat cupcakes are becoming big cakes

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!!UiOZhDG0cw 33032

File: 1368642722327_Chloe_Moretz_649.jpg (1.55 MB, 2000x3000)

They sure are

 Chloedevotee!d.rSWgfMhc 33033

File: 1368642785276_10_2.jpg (1.86 MB, 2000x3000)

How many pictures took black guy with Chloë?
I can't blame him, Chloë shined last night

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 33034

tell you what..you post the face you want in sepia and I will deliver it

 Mastër Bëan!QMOd.BeanU 33035

New thread and stuff.



 tvshaman!!aV7OOzgwxs 33036

File: 1368643018438_really2.png (68.84 KB, 207x208)

 KissMyBass (9d55) 33037

File: 1368643035003_oh_boy_nagy_ikon.jpg (80.34 KB, 441x423)

thanx,I have to think carefully…I have an idea for an OC

 Anonymous (3b09) 33038

File: 1368644946089_ef5369e8f73d636f30ad93619fe9d0e9.jpg (175.31 KB, 1284x1924)

That picture 100% isn't Chloe. She has had that obviously recognizable mole on her left leg her whole life. It would be very easy to see that mole if it was her. She also has a mole just under her eye and beside her nose on the right side of her face. Easy to know the real Chloe from a fake.

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