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File: 1365394570701.jpg (115.21 KB, 541x480)

 Chloe Thread number 435 !GgdHHvLHBA 12837

I'm back and better than ever.

 Anonymous (e5d9) 12838

File: 1365394919584_creepy_smile.jpg (44.89 KB, 274x333)

What's going on in this thread?

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12839

File: 1365395322680_132706371425.jpg (18.74 KB, 205x172)


 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12840

File: 1365395480681_emotional.gif (697.15 KB, 245x253)

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12841

File: 1365395487722_138074324536.jpg (6.81 KB, 142x210)


Fuckin' forgot to put my name on again.

 Anonymous (524a) 12842

File: 1365395534036_Hick_30.jpg (134.29 KB, 1920x800)

You also forgot to link the new thread.

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12843

File: 1365395631996.jpg (67.43 KB, 612x612)


I didn't make the thread, broskeee.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12844

File: 1365395686389_doitfaggot.jpg (359.35 KB, 1600x1067)

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12845


And I was just about to link it, then I noticed someone else did.

 Anonymous (524a) 12846

File: 1365395806709.jpg (65.89 KB, 551x388)

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12847

File: 1365395820168.jpg (109.23 KB, 472x592)

open this video again and give a thumbs up to the Chloë being the queen of 4chan comment (let's get that up to the top)


 Anonymous (524a) 12848

File: 1365395893624.jpg (8.2 KB, 157x183)

You should have used a different account.

 Anonymous (14c3) 12849

File: 1365395905223.jpg (82.32 KB, 392x600)

Your butthurt is showing again

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12850

File: 1365395948723_dance.jpg (243.59 KB, 382x651)


i did it mastah :D

but YOLO? seriously?

 Juf !dHZ5xm5xoA 12851

File: 1365396004116_426895_372079149527038_1244971702_n.jpg (41.58 KB, 612x612)

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12852

File: 1365396011927_awkward.jpg (20.9 KB, 400x340)

Ok, I deleted it. Someone else here make that comment and let's vote it up

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12853

File: 1365396112977_.......jpg (25.7 KB, 449x594)


ok i did mastah.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12854

File: 1365396170286_chloe-moretz-cutest-thumbs-up-ever.jpg (4.58 KB, 102x135)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12855

File: 1365396225418_look_at_cool_chloe.jpg (52.48 KB, 1141x466)

good one Leo. if you made it

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12856

remeber to vote down the other highrest rated vote (if it has more or close to as many votes as ours)

 Anonymous (524a) 12857

File: 1365396330550.jpg (15.67 KB, 269x280)

Don't downvote the 4 years ago comment though..

 Juf !dHZ5xm5xoA 12858

File: 1365396380653_049.jpg (110.5 KB, 1271x703)


 Anonymous (524a) 12859

File: 1365396704332.jpg (38.56 KB, 500x375)

 Anonymous (524a) 12860

File: 1365397036240.jpg (45.04 KB, 480x640)

 Juf !dHZ5xm5xoA 12861

File: 1365397210124_25.jpg (38.49 KB, 500x667)

Whoops read that wrong.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12862

File: 1365397369634_chloe_moretz_chloemoretzfancom114.jpg (60.89 KB, 408x600)

 Anonymous (524a) 12863

File: 1365397380134_2012-November-15th-Children-In-Need-Designer-Pudsey-Auction-London-16.jpeg (862.17 KB, 1280x1920)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 12864

File: 1365397464881_beach-mia.gif (5.69 MB, 480x480)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12865

File: 1365397846053_dat_head_nodding.gif (1.32 MB, 300x178)

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12866

File: 1365397929052_chloe_moretz_chloemoretzfancom11.jpg (2.34 MB, 3000x2100)

 Anonymous (524a) 12867

File: 1365398169000_2012-May-29th-Departing-LAX-For-Toronto-Los-Angeles-10.jpg (842.72 KB, 2100x3000)

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12868

File: 1365398212904_chloe_moretz_chloemoretzfancom13.jpg (2.44 MB, 2100x3000)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12869

File: 1365398213402_dat_no_shoes_on.jpg (806.93 KB, 2100x3000)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12870

File: 1365398290881_deargodwat.jpg (3.61 KB, 190x164)

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12871

File: 1365398329130.jpg (6.18 KB, 154x208)


I just noticed that she shows off a little bit of sole.

The footfags will be pleased I'm talkin' to you, TG

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12872

File: 1365398352008_13270637143416.jpg (26.93 KB, 461x473)

>one second too slow

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12873

File: 1365398403931_soles_beach.jpg (45.5 KB, 480x480)


you're damn right i love it.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12874

File: 1365398430426_ancient-faggots.jpg (64.77 KB, 484x484)

>her sweet ass in all its glory
>notice the sole

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12875

File: 1365398519081_Bubble_Feet_01.jpg (540.37 KB, 1500x1500)


damn right.

a sole shot is rarer than a clASS shot too

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12876

File: 1365398544518_grrrr10.jpg (8.48 KB, 188x198)


>thinks I didn't notice ass


I was just pointing out the soles for da footfags.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12877

File: 1365398598091_soles.jpg (458.98 KB, 1920x1200)

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12878

File: 1365398604069.jpg (349.46 KB, 1333x2000)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 12879

File: 1365398616526.jpg (59.76 KB, 625x541)

He's referring to the airport photo >>12869

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12880

File: 1365398736786_feet.jpg (502.22 KB, 2000x2000)


the ultimate OMG.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12881

File: 1365398773682.jpg (112.19 KB, 665x1024)

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12882

File: 1365398775311.jpg (65.83 KB, 960x720)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 12883

File: 1365399003629_huh.gif (3.19 MB, 432x352)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12884

File: 1365399104772_PS3FABOOST.png (2.16 MB, 1657x1137)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 12885

File: 1365399167062.jpg (29.18 KB, 302x350)

Jeff Wadlow is at the top of the list to direct Fast and the Furious 7.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12886

File: 1365399265381_imcool.jpg (39.17 KB, 720x404)


there's gonna be a 7?!?!?!?!

DO WANT. no matter how bad and how far they are straying from the original.

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12887

File: 1365399328660_Do_Not_Want.jpg (70.15 KB, 646x588)


>Fast and The Furious.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12888

File: 1365399468330_chloe_moretz_45626_chloemoretz_northern_ballet_press_night_022_122_431lo.jpg (836.98 KB, 2283x3432)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 12889

File: 1365399471409.jpg (9.11 KB, 236x367)

I've never seen any of those movies honestly. But I have to assume that's a step down from Kick-Ass 2.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12890

File: 1365399602651_banging-gearz.jpg (64.88 KB, 603x607)


the first 2 are cult classic to carfags like me. must have watched them over 4000 times.

obviously they aren't oscar worthy, but i love them all.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12891

File: 1365399604364_108564240.jpg (46.32 KB, 500x333)

those movies might be considerably worse than kick-ass but they're far more popular and way more commercially successful

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 12892

File: 1365399649221_2013-01-30_001.jpg (115.26 KB, 612x612)

Justin Lin left because they're rushing 7 into production.

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 12893

File: 1365399864391_tongue_of_love.gif (2.64 MB, 457x350)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12894

File: 1365399868670_deLoreanchlo.jpg (73.39 KB, 972x477)


lol dat pink c6. chloe don't get a pink car please.

and i think she should take over for the 7th movie. oh god imagine that.

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12895

File: 1365399969101_chloe_moretz__kick_ass_star_chloe_moretz_duqrmiqawycx.jpg (115.67 KB, 570x1024)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 12896

File: 1365400113935_Moretz__9_.jpg (1.1 MB, 2550x3568)

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12897

File: 1365400797918_chloe_moretz_chloemoretzfancom294.jpg (3.53 MB, 2256x3384)

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 12898

File: 1365401249350.jpg (3.42 MB, 2400x3600)

 Anonymous (524a) 12899

File: 1365401377249_back-to-the-future-1985.jpg (266.42 KB, 1307x1991)

Has there been any back to the future OC before?

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12900

File: 1365401425968_chloe_moretz_176.jpg (24.52 KB, 332x387)

don't think so

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12901

File: 1365401488188_2.jpg (32.17 KB, 312x309)

but I can see Chloë's face in there, looking shockingly at the watch going "oh no, I've missed the Chloë thread"

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 12902

File: 1365401671166_71.jpg (232.2 KB, 1280x1024)

I was thinking about doing one when TG posted that DeLorean pic a couple days ago. It would work because of the giant sunglasses too.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 12903

File: 1365401759708_bloody_hell.jpg (549.45 KB, 1920x800)

 GG!a3dKSVA5Rc 12904

File: 1365401882030_chloe-moretz-256.jpg (13.29 KB, 328x332)

dem cgi eyes

 Anonymous (524a) 12905

File: 1365401992840.png (149.27 KB, 300x300)

y-you can make it then.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 12906

File: 1365402247375_Woah_Woah_Woah.jpg (79.46 KB, 716x636)

If you want to make it go ahead. I wasn't staking my claim on it or anything.

 Anonymous (524a) 12907

File: 1365402331961_2012-May-29th-Departing-LAX-For-Toronto-Los-Angeles-31.jpg (170.15 KB, 576x630)

Nah, it'll turn out better if you make it anyway.

 Anonymous (524a) 12908

File: 1365402470915_2012-May-29th-Departing-LAX-For-Toronto-Los-Angeles-38.jpg (151.69 KB, 455x630)

 Anonymous (524a) 12909

File: 1365402830378_3242c9809fea11e2b22b22000a1f96e2_7.jpg (66.64 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (e49b) 12910

Great work scaring off others from doing OC, Pixel. You and your fansy pansy skills are intimidating others from expressing their creativity.

just kidding -.- or am I? o.O yes

 Anonymous (e49b) 12911

File: 1365403088891_dd2e99c29a2d11e2a49722000aaa05c4_7.jpeg (110.99 KB, 612x612)

Do NOT patronize Chloë!

 Royce!rGkWQbgOkg 12912

Hi everyone at school again

 Royce!rGkWQbgOkg 12913

Guys can someone create for me an Image with Chloe as a cashier

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 12914

File: 1365404032557.jpeg (17.56 KB, 347x395)

Art school?

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 12915

File: 1365404066042_im-sorry.jpg (126.15 KB, 600x568)

 Anonymous (524a) 12916

File: 1365405411489_2012-May-23rd-Arrives-In-South-Korea-Incheon-19.jpg (653.18 KB, 1280x851)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12917

File: 1365409457761_omg_dat_is.jpg (30.72 KB, 229x321)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12918

File: 1365409894841_Evil.jpg (113.15 KB, 400x559)

And this guy
gets all the Chloë…

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12919

File: 1365410834406_big_pusseh.gif (1.34 MB, 300x270)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12920

File: 1365411727612_icecreamhead.jpg (20.25 KB, 188x246)

 Anonymous (524a) 12921

File: 1365411860084_2012-May-23rd-Arrives-In-South-Korea-Incheon-18.jpg (1.38 MB, 1280x851)


 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12922

File: 1365412180527_oh_yeaaaah5.jpg (19.69 KB, 342x357)

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 12923

File: 1365416943012_aaf85e389e6b11e2ac5022000a9f18b3_7.jpg (32.67 KB, 612x612)

Once again, if someone could possibly upload these, I'd be gratefull, preferably as mp4 because I know my PS3 will play mp4s. I can't even watch them on my PS3, just my tiny phone.
I like her hair like that. Very spring time.

 KissMyBass (b02b) 12924

File: 1365417404527.png (142.22 KB, 288x291)

so…Scumeron is back in the "drama" thread

 Anonymous (5118) 12925

File: 1365417487060_wat.jpg (53.87 KB, 700x565)

Was browsing 9gag when suddenly I went full wat

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 12926

File: 1365417731921_20130404_carrie_trailer2_4000.mp4_snapshot_02.22.jpg (277.37 KB, 604x1073)

A girl's period has never stopped me. I won't say I have a fetish for blood or anything, but I certainly don't mind it.

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 12927

File: 1365419972288.jpg (99.8 KB, 685x743)

>browsing 9gag

 Anonymous (b395) 12928

File: 1365420115967_Beach_dance.gif (1.13 MB, 195x233)

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 12929

File: 1365420876429.jpg (974.48 KB, 1600x2128)

Thank you. It's beautiful

 Anonymous (b395) 12930

Also, For you.

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 12931

File: 1365422030169.jpg (922.19 KB, 2143x3184)

I don't think I've ever typed lol before, but I definitely lol'd at that.

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 12932

File: 1365422313644.jpg (64.36 KB, 720x544)

>like sex on the beaches

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 12933

File: 1365423130448_chloe-grace-moretz-cover-03.jpg (122.29 KB, 600x900)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 12934

File: 1365424004119_chloe-grace-moretz-cover-05.jpg (129.25 KB, 600x900)


File: 1365424283396_chlonana.png (169.49 KB, 550x585)

Beautiful feet.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 12936

File: 1365424769316_chloe-grace-moretz-cover-06.jpg (93.17 KB, 750x900)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 12937

File: 1365425224358.jpg (3.08 MB, 3600x3600)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12938

File: 1365429497006_hih23723723723710.jpg (171.46 KB, 1280x720)


 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12939

File: 1365430372380_nagyfej369_ed.jpg (117.4 KB, 845x1208)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12940

File: 1365430636540_fight_me_brah.png (379.53 KB, 420x521)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12941

File: 1365430772022_ladies.jpg (90.72 KB, 612x612)

 Anonymous (c1d2) 12942

Why is everything Chloë does so hypnotic, that you take yourself in watching the same two second looped gif forever, listening to her voice saying stuff as mundane as "Hey guys, it's Chloë and this is my first official audio feed" or just stare at the same pictures day after day for years?

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12943

File: 1365430882702_demon_succubus.jpg (555.82 KB, 1680x1050)


shes a succubus or an angel

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12944

File: 1365431222166_eyes5.jpg (29.7 KB, 334x188)

I have a question:

This beach-video is not the first that leaks and finds it's way to the fans. The question is: Chloë obviously makes these as private things, isn't she bothered about the leakings? And why is it, that these videos are always related to Mia? (webcam singing, etc.)

Sorry for my lack of knowledge and information

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12945

File: 1365431409898_finalform.png (247.5 KB, 399x405)


those 2 beach vidz were leaks? not really….

im not that familiar with vine so i may be wrong, but weren't they public?

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 12946


Well Mia posted the beach video on Twitter, publicly, so not really a "leak".

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12947

File: 1365431807289_really5.jpg (86.77 KB, 405x594)

Okay… I don't follow her, so didn't know this

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12948

File: 1365432081401_i_enjoy_this.jpg (14.41 KB, 500x208)

 Anonymous (df88) 12949

Mia's twitter is not public. She made it private. But her vine account is public (untill Vine makes it possible to make private accounts)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12950

File: 1365432456194_fashionista.jpg (169.23 KB, 1280x1064)


what does a private account mean? i'm still following her and have the option to tweet her.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 12951


It's not really "private" (in the same way a personal FB is) though, you can still follow her but she has to accept it first before you can see her tweets.

She accepts loads of Chloe's fans. This isn't the same as a personal video being posted on FB, which wasn't intended to be seen by fans.

 Anonymous (524a) 12952

If new people try to follow her they have to get Mia to confirm it. Kind of like adding someone of Facebook.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12953

File: 1365432587087_deathgrip.jpg (699.73 KB, 1632x1216)


oh, i see.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12954

File: 1365432711868_damn_right.jpg (1.06 MB, 2929x1723)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12955

File: 1365433016111_double-trouble.jpg (2.03 MB, 2828x1885)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12956

File: 1365433128747_wtf1.png (95.78 KB, 203x250)


So this beach video was made for… the great public? Because what the hell would be the purpose in making a video and posting it where a lot of strangers can see it?

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12957

File: 1365433220091_cutesmile.jpg (767.59 KB, 1772x2416)


why not?

its a fun little clip of a beach day. whats wrong with that?

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 12958


Surely that logic can be applied to most Twitter related things…


File: 1365433612571_nigga_stole_my_fur.jpg (363.94 KB, 1200x800)

Because they are teenagers and they were having fun. That's what they do. They act like retards, they think this is funny and they release that on the internet. No problem at all.

 Anonymous (df88) 12960

No. It's most likely made like most teen girl stuff for fun and out of boredom meant for themselves and their friends.

But it's not exactly private either as many fans, who made it to Mia's twitter account before she made it private, can see it. Not to forget any who has an iphone and can find Mia's account on Vine.

I highly doubt this was made for the public or fans, but it's also a safe and completely adorable little video, which does no harm.

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12961

File: 1365433643394_oh_noes4.jpg (61.06 KB, 363x624)

Kinda… But for example Trevor's pictures of the alcoholic bewerages he consumes and the pics he mades during his running sessions are obviously made for the great public, and there's no other explanation, than he wants attention
I didn't said it's a bad thing, but it's strange…

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12962

File: 1365433800336_LEL.jpg (486.93 KB, 647x864)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12963

File: 1365433999790_chlotallica.png (1.49 MB, 1016x1024)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12964

File: 1365434336854_ahhh2.gif (2.99 MB, 302x273)

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12965

File: 1365434502739_Chloe_Moretz_7.jpg (16.46 KB, 288x291)


 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12966

File: 1365434793754_creepy_smile5.png (142.22 KB, 288x291)


 Crackerer (e5d9) 12967

File: 1365434934570_0245_1.jpg (88.19 KB, 1200x800)

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12968

File: 1365435032762_creepy_smile.jpg (44.89 KB, 274x333)


What's up?

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12969

File: 1365435101659_creepy_smile4.jpg (46.4 KB, 277x326)

We are talking about the Chloë beach video

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12970

File: 1365435440759_icrushyou.png (196.18 KB, 400x300)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12971

File: 1365435604650.jpg (14.05 KB, 328x360)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12972

File: 1365435694069_cute_here.jpg (200.69 KB, 640x1155)

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12973

File: 1365435829609_creepy_smile2.jpg (41.07 KB, 274x333)


Cool, cool.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12974

File: 1365435852558.jpg (75.27 KB, 530x680)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12975

File: 1365435896351_h369ha.jpg (40.93 KB, 685x572)

Cool! A new Cute Face!

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12976

File: 1365436115701_creepy_smile.jpg (40.42 KB, 333x274)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12977

File: 1365436282764_oh_boy_icon.png (23.52 KB, 100x120)

Gimme more!

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12978

File: 1365436383709_hitgirll.jpg (17.66 KB, 634x266)

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12979

File: 1365436395675_creepy_smile.jpg (41.12 KB, 333x274)


I might need an entire folder for all my creepy faces.

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12980

File: 1365436453169_Win.jpg (65.02 KB, 544x438)

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12981

File: 1365436621632_Laugh_with_me.jpg (32.8 KB, 486x531)


Christmas came early for Shaman this year

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12982

File: 1365436682410_chloberry.jpg (73.43 KB, 1016x902)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12983

File: 1365436726773_1.jpg (19.2 KB, 401x400)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12984

File: 1365436738962_2.jpg (19.13 KB, 400x401)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12985

File: 1365436749705_3.jpg (20.85 KB, 401x400)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12986

File: 1365436761160_4.jpg (20.75 KB, 400x401)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12987

File: 1365436775609_5.jpg (25.38 KB, 401x400)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12988

File: 1365436785519_6.jpg (23.77 KB, 400x401)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12989

File: 1365436795501_7.jpg (23.74 KB, 401x400)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12990

File: 1365436805581_8.jpg (25.42 KB, 400x401)

 Crackerer (e5d9) 12991

File: 1365436810912_ooooo3.jpg (25.66 KB, 332x369)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 12992

File: 1365436821329_chlo_cycle2.gif (1.4 MB, 600x600)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12993

File: 1365436871271_Chloe-spin1.gif (889.26 KB, 400x400)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 12994

File: 1365436887562_lenny.jpg (91.77 KB, 639x463)



how in the name of god did you manage to pull that off?

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12995

File: 1365436889755_Chloe-spin2.gif (888.94 KB, 400x400)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12996

File: 1365436923060.png (342.62 KB, 1098x768)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12997

File: 1365436952594_Chloe-WEEEEEE-Colors.gif (1.23 MB, 600x600)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12998

File: 1365436972871.jpg (44.23 KB, 401x400)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 12999

File: 1365436986661.png (243.32 KB, 401x340)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13000

File: 1365436997716.jpg (24.73 KB, 388x352)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13001

File: 1365437017633_Chloe-WEEEEE-shirt.jpg (20.35 KB, 335x363)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13002

File: 1365437031482.jpg (93.01 KB, 738x726)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13003

File: 1365437051955_balls.jpg (100.21 KB, 425x271)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13004

File: 1365437086344_1.jpg (28.56 KB, 540x540)

 Crackerer (e5d9) 13005

File: 1365437096535_chlabbo.jpg (171.44 KB, 447x704)

This thread full of fuck.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13006

File: 1365437097236_2.jpg (28.58 KB, 540x540)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13007

File: 1365437107598_3.jpg (28.37 KB, 540x540)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13008

File: 1365437117863_4.jpg (28.64 KB, 540x540)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13009

File: 1365437128143_5.jpg (28.52 KB, 540x540)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13010

File: 1365437137647_6.jpg (28.48 KB, 540x540)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13011

File: 1365437147475_7.jpg (28.53 KB, 540x540)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13012

File: 1365437157157_8.jpg (28.61 KB, 540x540)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 13013

File: 1365437169665_not-too-shabby.jpg (134.01 KB, 600x425)


it reminds me of when this started on /b/

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13014

File: 1365437174121_Chloe-FLIPS.gif (1.14 MB, 540x540)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13015

File: 1365437191022_Chloe-FLIPS2.gif (1.14 MB, 540x540)

 Crackerer (e5d9) 13016

File: 1365437255744.gif (117.26 KB, 340x256)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13017

File: 1365437279461_Chloe-spin-invert2.gif (886.11 KB, 400x400)

lol i was the one that started it on /b/

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 13018

File: 1365437318679_thumbs.jpg (45.24 KB, 410x604)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13019

File: 1365437361858_ChloeRoll.jpg (64.8 KB, 559x455)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13020

File: 1365437378008_ChloeRoll2.jpg (63.55 KB, 559x455)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13021

File: 1365437393606_ChloeRoll3.jpg (63.73 KB, 559x455)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13022

File: 1365437410257_ChloeRoll4.jpg (64.57 KB, 559x455)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 13023

File: 1365437472859_chlapple.jpg (8.09 KB, 249x229)

the great combo of 2013

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13024

File: 1365437512499_wasted.jpg (116.17 KB, 1428x600)

Let's celebrate!

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 13025

File: 1365437711517_ok_2.jpg (444.33 KB, 900x680)

wooooo party!

i'll bring the water and crackers!

 Anonymous (1fd2) 13026

File: 1365437738439_055.png (114.64 KB, 234x200)


She just gave this a RT loooool

 IchiTheKiller !3XEZrAveNs 13027

Chloe just tweeted this.
>she fucking knows man.

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13028

File: 1365437790085_WTF.jpg (222.05 KB, 720x1073)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13029

File: 1365437792421_No7.jpg (107.21 KB, 710x500)

I'm bringing JD and cigars.

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 13030

File: 1365437921127_chloemoretz_manon_okami_05.jpg (520.62 KB, 1984x3000)


i must be following a fake chloe, because im not seeing shit.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13031

File: 1365438018467_kick-ass_movie_poster_propaganda_03.jpg (291.84 KB, 1012x1500)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13032

File: 1365438034368_This_Nigga.jpg (68.35 KB, 688x464)

 ThatGuy!!RbMiik.X5M 13033

File: 1365438054506_derp.jpg (41.99 KB, 438x360)

oh nevermind.

 Derp tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13034

File: 1365438133067_derp4.jpg (25.45 KB, 333x345)

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13035

File: 1365438235359_31.jpg (75.58 KB, 489x523)

Heil mein bros

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13036

File: 1365438312425_smile54.jpg (29.16 KB, 333x369)

Guten Tag Kamarade!

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13037

File: 1365438373731_hi_shaman.jpg (24.53 KB, 281x211)

mein mann

 Crackerer (e5d9) 13038

File: 1365438374091_use-the-force.gif (2.35 MB, 777x398)



 KissMyBass (c33d) 13039

File: 1365438426387_sm225jl1.jpg (52.1 KB, 355x360)


 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13040

File: 1365438472822_clajzy19.jpg (19.33 KB, 238x365)

What is happening here?

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13041

File: 1365438528813.jpg (12.48 KB, 300x247)

so,Scumeron went to the beach yesterday?

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13042

File: 1365438612143_chlo_beach.gif (5.69 MB, 480x480)

Not only he did

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13043

File: 1365438670571_vbn.jpeg (32.75 KB, 400x400)

oh,there was also Mia

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13044

File: 1365439005409.png (328.53 KB, 506x520)

maybe they have did a threesome

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13045

File: 1365439109954_Hurrrr.jpg (98.3 KB, 600x566)

Strange taste in women boss

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13046

File: 1365439192181.jpg (31.59 KB, 494x524)

is the springtime bro


File: 1365439298031_bitch_please.png (317.05 KB, 426x362)

>implying Mia isn't good

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13048

File: 1365439344817_sm225jl1.jpg (52.1 KB, 355x360)

Mia is so good


File: 1365439424568_oh_yeah_dude_oh_yeah.jpg (19.18 KB, 216x239)

Look at that…

Before she started dancing she was showing us her sole. And I thought I wasn't going to fap today…

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13050

File: 1365439555311_Perfect_Ear_Canal.jpg (1.16 MB, 1872x1506)

look at that perfect ear canal she is showing us and i thought i wasn't going to frappe today

 Anonymous (14bc) 13051

File: 1365439610077.jpg (10.49 KB, 300x265)

Now now now now now wait a second
Nikemaster Cam was there too?

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13052

File: 1365439687882_01.jpg (17.4 KB, 287x300)

yeah,Scumeron Fucker was there

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13053

File: 1365439696142.jpg (70.4 KB, 435x600)

ear canal

 Razor!HF52DJc9RE 13054

File: 1365439716745_creepy.gif (1.07 MB, 150x176)

 Anonymous (14bc) 13055

File: 1365439762739.jpg (7.62 KB, 190x164)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13056

File: 1365439805305_chlo_more_18_baft_awar_MoC_cyc_06.jpg (1.44 MB, 2000x3000)

ear canal

 Anonymous (14bc) 13057

File: 1365439816330.png (388.81 KB, 500x455)

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13058

File: 1365439835471.jpg (99.84 KB, 777x600)

maybe because they are all friends


File: 1365439843271_ear_.jpg (21.65 KB, 479x607)

Moar, please.

Seems like Mia is a voyeur. Now we have enough material to write a fanfic.

>Chloe/Cam/Mia beach vacations

 Anonymous (14bc) 13060

File: 1365439872731_I_m_glad_I_m_not_the_only_person_who_thought_of__1aade91c6fc00484bdc38cd5e5ce961b.jpg (17.87 KB, 554x382)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13061

File: 1365439884781_Dc_Chloe_Moretz_Let_Me_In_028.jpg (811.55 KB, 1608x3000)

maybe because ear canal

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13062

File: 1365439918569.png (436.49 KB, 745x527)

>Cam and Mia
>Cam on Mia
wanna change a vocal?

 Anonymous (14bc) 13063

File: 1365440008571.png (190.65 KB, 409x334)

You should collab with spg on that and post it straight to lulz thread


File: 1365440101511.jpg (18.98 KB, 420x392)

I wish I was good at english so I could write a sexy fanfic and post here. SPG could help me. Actually I think we need a thread to post fanfics and every bro should write his own tale. I'd like to see your creativity.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13065

File: 1365440326562_pfa-hick.1080p.mkv_snapshot_01.03.39_2013.04.04_17.59.18.jpg (85.38 KB, 1920x800)

i will write one about being a microorganism living happily inside her ear canal.

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13066

File: 1365440342495_I_lik_It2.jpg (104.14 KB, 543x515)

Small thing: it would be better if it would be focusing on her eye


File: 1365440468446.jpg (27.06 KB, 478x469)

That's ridiculous. Her feet, vagina and mouth are much better places to live. Maybe her rectum. And you know I'm right.

 Anonymous (14bc) 13068

File: 1365440539785.png (104.55 KB, 258x257)

Yes, being walked on and fucked by cam must feel truly amazing.

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13069

File: 1365440560391_my_god2.jpeg (7.59 KB, 141x135)

I think he said rectum

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13070

File: 1365440648733.gif (3.83 MB, 250x366)


File: 1365440711190_bb41ae764c1211e2bcd822000a9f129c_7.jpg (50.09 KB, 612x612)

>implying I wouldn't live in parts of her mouth Cam could never reach

>implying i wouldn't die before cam could penetrate her

I'd have a short lifespan.


File: 1365440894956_problem.jpg (65.78 KB, 347x501)

 Anonymous (14bc) 13073

File: 1365440899286.jpg (37.51 KB, 480x522)

You sure would
>implying I wouldn't live in parts of her mouth Cam could never reach
You're underestimating the nikemaster.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13074

File: 1365440917770.jpg (16.27 KB, 197x187)

>cam could penetrate her
>penetrate her

it's time to start the #FuckYouFuller campaign

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13075

File: 1365440983446.gif (629.94 KB, 245x300)

go gather support for it in the dating drama thread…for the lulz


File: 1365441030751_angrymob.png (112.65 KB, 302x275)

If he did, he would die. I'd be lethal to him.

She would "step on the soapbox" on twitter again telling people to stop harassing her dog.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13077

File: 1365441105120.png (981.29 KB, 1043x694)

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13078

File: 1365441476537.jpg (12.66 KB, 300x240)

Millar vs Schwarzenegger on twitter
the match of the century

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13079

File: 1365441535431_hih2372372373.png (235.45 KB, 333x384)

Kill him, you filthy microorganism!

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13080

File: 1365441635928.jpg (26.66 KB, 324x328)

Cam's penis looks like the Nike's logo?

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13081

File: 1365441800149_show.jpeg (44.97 KB, 402x603)

show us your genital Fuller

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13082

File: 1365441857764_1349270797462-2.jpg (12.15 KB, 103x145)

Could there possibly be something other than the shape of cam's penis which you would rather discuss?

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13083

File: 1365441938156.jpg (49.88 KB, 246x361)

wanna talk about my penis?

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13084

File: 1365441944460_what_the_friggin_fuck2.jpg (60.96 KB, 382x373)

How should I know?!

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13085

File: 1365442001855_sm225jl1.jpg (52.1 KB, 355x360)

ohh,i bet that you know it

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13086

No, but I'd prefer a different topic or at the very least take it to the dating drama thread. There's even others in there chatting. Why can't you?

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13087

File: 1365442053284_Whats_Going_On_In_This_Thread_2.jpg (130.39 KB, 720x465)

Hai guise. What's up?
I've seen the tweets and the vine vids

This thread is like the funniest shit I've read in a while.


File: 1365442085049_lolichloe.jpg (42.91 KB, 486x521)

I like that.

We know that you know.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13089

File: 1365442116346.jpg (58.61 KB, 320x331)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13090

File: 1365442156291_Chlobro_Fist_1.jpg (120.02 KB, 479x392)

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13091

File: 1365442182160.jpg (12.02 KB, 300x245)

the dating drama thread is too much serious for this shit

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13092

File: 1365442385071.jpg (104.75 KB, 300x269)

Fascinating. You are truly the king of off topic. I can't imagine anyone wanting to talk about his dick unless you're a faggot. Anyway, that's your clue to swing this convo back towards Chloe now please.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13093

File: 1365442392921_chloe_moretz_reaction_picture_8.jpg (13.04 KB, 316x304)

c'mon guys,shoot another topic

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13094

File: 1365442397302_Oh_God_Why.jpg (15.17 KB, 400x361)


You think I'm homosex?


File: 1365442465028.jpg (578.32 KB, 1128x632)


 KissMyBass (c33d) 13096

File: 1365442469511_cool_story.jpg (357.85 KB, 635x581)

sense of humor a go-go today?

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13097

File: 1365442531073.jpg (1.46 MB, 3168x4752)

Yeah guys, hurry up, Bass's brain is all cocked up and he can't think of anything else.

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13098

File: 1365442562311_Are_You.jpg (148.66 KB, 700x676)

Dafuq gave you dat impression?

 Anonymous (2414) 13099

File: 1365442600831.gif (732.5 KB, 250x166)

As evidenced by her brothers, you can be homosex and still love Chloe. Nothing wrong with it.

 Anonymous (14bc) 13100

File: 1365442611802.png (302.47 KB, 427x240)

Did you guys know Chloe likes this one guy from One Direction?

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13101

File: 1365442621908.jpg (65.83 KB, 960x720)

I think they are joking.

how about that Chloe?

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13102

File: 1365442637540.jpg (49.02 KB, 429x361)

>You are truly the king of off topic
only when there's not a topic
>he can't think of anything else.
if you can do better shoot a topic

 Anonymous (2414) 13103

File: 1365442669228.gif (1.64 MB, 320x180)

Every teenage girl on the planet likes a guy from One Direction.

 Anonymous (14bc) 13104

File: 1365442696514.jpg (12.6 KB, 219x207)

Not just girls…

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13105

File: 1365442697881_Chloe_Laugh_15.jpg (34.65 KB, 246x244)

>mfw reading this thread

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13106

File: 1365442698098_feet1.jpg (102.09 KB, 1064x1600)

Then let's posz Chlofeet and Chlolegs. Everyone loves those

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13107

File: 1365442729129.png (142.22 KB, 288x291)

>I think they are joking.
and i've joke with you too :P

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13108

File: 1365442747657_bv252eeee3.jpg (52.13 KB, 617x314)

 Anonymous (14bc) 13109

File: 1365442782628.jpg (77.2 KB, 1477x949)

Now now…what's the matter…not a fan?

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13110

File: 1365442787592_Chloe_Legs_14.jpg (96.09 KB, 1280x720)

For your consideration, dear sir.


File: 1365442838360_feet_killing_fields.jpg (99.85 KB, 1920x800)

Yes, please. And I don't think you are gay.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13112

File: 1365442884971.jpg (11.96 KB, 300x251)

he's not gay,just like girls with balls

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13113

Listen, you've been told a million times that if there's not a Chloe related topic you don't have to post. The last thing you want to do is just start talking about random shit either. This isn't your little chat room, this is the /chloe/ board and we are trying to keep it somewhat on topic. If you want to "hang out" and "chat about anything with your bros" that's what
is for for fb if that's your thing. Can you respect this? Please? or what's the next step, because I know I'm not the only one tired of repeating this.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13114

File: 1365443088907.jpg (49.88 KB, 246x361)

i see thet u have not read the post i've wrote after
read the spoiler



File: 1365443158425_wtf_am_i_reading.jpg (151.38 KB, 486x629)


Yeah, I know. She loves teenage idols.

 Anonymous (14bc) 13116

File: 1365443236547_Clap.gif (540.38 KB, 400x300)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13117

I know bro, but jokes aside, why can't you just respect this as a courtesy to others? Are you here for 1. Chloe or 2. just to hang out and talk about anything that come up? If 1. you are in the right place, if 2. then /bros/

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13118

File: 1365443374319_stop_it.jpg (30 KB, 507x217)

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13119

File: 1365443542282.png (981.29 KB, 1043x694)

so…everyone here joke about Cam's shit and only because i've use the word "penis" i'm the bad man and out of topic (have u read other posts before including yours?) bu it's ok bro,i don't give a fuck

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13120

We all go off topic at times. That's not my point. I have watched you take things off topic right in the middle of on topic discussions…in fact I can't remember the last time I ever witnessed you having a serious on topic discussion about Chloe. You also just said above that you felt there wasn't anything on topic to talk about so you thought it was a good idea to talk about Cam's dick. WTF bro. WTF. I'm trying to ask you nicely and explain things to you, but it's just not sinking in at all. I'm not going to further this because it's disruptive just to explain to you over and over, but seriously think about what I said.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13121

File: 1365444003161_Creeper_Sees_Us_1.gif (536.29 KB, 882x619)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13122

You got singled out this time, for reasons stated, but you're certainly not the only one with these issues. Their time is coming too.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13123

File: 1365444107417_31.jpg (75.58 KB, 489x523)

i told you,i don't give a fuck.I have nothing against you

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13124

File: 1365444166781.gif (5.73 MB, 500x423)

I don't see these gifs posted nearly often enough.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13125

File: 1365444195984.jpg (31.59 KB, 494x524)

don't worry
but Lol
the problem are others and out of this site

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13126

File: 1365444219031_Chloe_Snow_1.gif (749.2 KB, 245x190)

They're cute.

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13127

File: 1365444225411_sort_of_want.jpg (73.24 KB, 646x588)

Too much makeup there

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13128

File: 1365444226299.gif (4.69 MB, 600x337)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13129

File: 1365444303948.gif (4.1 MB, 400x464)

nigga pls, too cute4u


File: 1365444371148_deal_with_cigarette.jpg (218.4 KB, 720x540)

Because they suck.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13131

File: 1365444372986.gif (3.86 MB, 378x647)

classy gal, that one

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13132

File: 1365444425789.gif (3.63 MB, 400x342)

gtfo, deal with that

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13133

File: 1365444486697.gif (4.1 MB, 229x400)

surprise motherfucker!

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13134

File: 1365444539881.gif (3.45 MB, 575x324)

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13135

File: 1365444553160.jpg (49.6 KB, 738x600)



File: 1365444554991_M171-df-03910.jpg (190.94 KB, 744x420)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13137

File: 1365444589283.gif (3.27 MB, 575x324)

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13138

File: 1365444604732.jpg (13.89 KB, 300x311)

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13139

File: 1365444636867.jpg (45.78 KB, 328x287)

is empty


File: 1365444693271_chloemoretz_by_paulmccall-d5t2f3a.jpg (198.62 KB, 700x467)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13141

File: 1365444707248_Spongebob_2.png (359.84 KB, 450x380)

Oh yes.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13142

File: 1365444707878.gif (4.95 MB, 350x197)

>she will never touch your bulb

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13143

File: 1365444854977.gif (4.03 MB, 307x475)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13144

File: 1365444898841_Chloe_Moretz_152.jpg (1.78 MB, 3167x2141)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13145

File: 1365444913988_i-believe-in-chloe-grace_1355019767.jpg (108.84 KB, 1280x894)

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13146

File: 1365444937327_BFJbsDfCEAAL0iM.jpg (59.99 KB, 577x1024)

it's time to say goodbye

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13147

File: 1365444990562_Chloe_Bye_4.gif (130.11 KB, 190x271)

Farewell, my friend.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13148

File: 1365444995913.jpg (56.54 KB, 1274x532)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13149

File: 1365445286871.jpg (297.81 KB, 480x1000)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13150

File: 1365445326671_Chloe_Moretz_382.jpg (483.11 KB, 1124x1414)


File: 1365445330110_ob.png (198.49 KB, 322x412)


 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13152

File: 1365445414345_tumblr_mepv7o48pi1rmztwvo1_500_1355002379.jpg (45.05 KB, 500x500)

>shine bright like my forehead

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13153

File: 1365445537775_shot0003.png (4.41 MB, 1920x800)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13154

File: 1365445542099_Chloe_Moretz_357.jpg (510.64 KB, 1338x1591)

Too bad only one photo exists from this set.
It's so damn cute.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13155

File: 1365445831365_Chloe_Surprised_5.png (25.23 KB, 114x126)

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13156

File: 1365445840131.gif (4.09 MB, 960x400)

It's not really a set, it's just a photo taken for the New York Times..but yeah I wish there was more.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13157

File: 1365446013731_Spongebob_1.jpg (41.67 KB, 640x480)

Thanks for this scene in good quality :)
research purposes


File: 1365446178946.jpg (793.78 KB, 1816x2192)

She looks a f.cking angel, probably photographer died of an overdose of cuteness and the set was unfinished

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13159

File: 1365446222465_Chloe_Moretz_110.jpg (74.13 KB, 429x562)

Exactly my theory.

 Anonymous (e5d9) 13160

File: 1365446504900_Do_Not_Want.jpg (70.15 KB, 646x588)


Too young.


File: 1365446777184_age_is_just_a_number3.jpg (149.55 KB, 500x375)

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13162

File: 1365446825734_sm225jl2.png (101.06 KB, 217x291)

And here she already let visitors into Paradise?

 Anonymous (e5d9) 13163

File: 1365447119800.jpg (6.18 KB, 154x208)


Dude… She was 11 and she didn't even have tits.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13164

File: 1365447171422_Chloe_Is_an_Angel.jpg (115.34 KB, 994x517)

A long, perilous journey must be made along the river Styx in order to reach Chloë heaven.
A wrong turn will lead you to the gates of Tartarus, where all the failed bros who chickenshitted reside in pain and misery.
A few wanderers will also stumble upon the river Lethe, making them forget all Chloë related things, and are thrust into oblivion.
The journey is treacherous, my friend, but it is worth it.

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13165

File: 1365447193631_Oops.jpg (65.89 KB, 551x388)

Thought it was from the Hugo-times where that Max-interview originated. I judged it from the short hair

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13166

File: 1365447284028_No7_pump_it.jpg (412.04 KB, 710x2000)


 Crackerer (e5d9) 13167


Forgot my name again… Fuck.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13168

File: 1365447354424_Chloe_Laugh_1.gif (613.85 KB, 245x210)

This is awesome.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13169

it's a set photo from let me in

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13170

File: 1365447408570_clajzy18.jpg (83.98 KB, 357x369)

So she didn't let them in

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13171

File: 1365447559950.gif (6.77 MB, 386x345)

>I judged it from the short hair
she also didn't have short hair, wtf o_0

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13172

File: 1365447611300_balls.jpg (100.21 KB, 425x271)

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13173

File: 1365447625950_Chloe_Moretz_333.jpg (875.37 KB, 1800x3000)

One of the best sets.

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13174

File: 1365447716992_do_want3.jpg (27.8 KB, 216x239)

Really do want


File: 1365447720802_sad_chloe.jpg (13.75 KB, 360x374)

She still doesn't.

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13176

File: 1365447758969_cupcakes3.jpg (77.54 KB, 903x990)


 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13177

File: 1365447833837.jpg (567.84 KB, 520x3840)

 Crackerer (e5d9) 13178

File: 1365447893689_dd2e99c29a2d11e2a49722000aaa05c4_7.jpg (110.99 KB, 612x612)


Are you kidding me?

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13179

File: 1365447953886.jpg (519.89 KB, 1280x1707)

just ignore his faggotry, it's for the best.

 Anonymous (1c5c) 13180


File: 1365448060106_4.jpg (1.14 MB, 3782x3782)

That's what you call tits? Nigga, please.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13182

File: 1365448084954_carrie3.gif (4.07 MB, 850x385)

time for bloody cupcakes

 Anonymous (14bc) 13183

File: 1365448230214.jpg (43.44 KB, 498x522)

Ew…ew jesus…

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13184

File: 1365448322654_demotivational-posters-hmmm.jpg (47.09 KB, 492x426)

Well she's not that type, but I like smaller breasts too

 Crackerer (e5d9) 13185

File: 1365448347834_Maxi-Mounds-6.jpg (37.91 KB, 400x400)


She has beautiful breasts, sorry that they are not your favorite kind.

 Ol' Hickory !XBurrFBZLA 13186

File: 1365448371782_RyanNewman.jpg (97.66 KB, 612x612)

Ryan Newman's tits are a hundred times bigger than Chloës and she's only 14.
Chloë will probably end up getting a boobjob, she already said she'd consider having plastic surgery in the future.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13187

File: 1365448417725_Chloe_Cupcakes_18.gif (1.27 MB, 464x744)

Same here.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13188

File: 1365448436660.gif (140.46 KB, 248x315)

fuck off, she's perfect

 Anonymous (2414) 13189

File: 1365448574460.jpg (402.51 KB, 800x1200)

Ariel Winter is a year younger and outclasses grown women in the bust category.

But Chloe looks good with her size, I hope she never does anything to alter it. I don't think she ever would.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13190

File: 1365448621025_Chloe_Cupcakes_9.jpg (1.04 MB, 1600x1198)

Chloë is perfect.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13191

File: 1365448660243.jpg (19.87 KB, 240x320)

this isn't post your favorite fatty time btw



File: 1365448703028_Delicious_Flat_Chest.jpg (275.13 KB, 720x540)

That's what I'm talking about. Chloë has no tits. She's flat-chested. People here are saying that 11yo Chloë and 16yo Chloë are very different when it comes to breast size. They're not.


File: 1365448734865_arrives-at-the-world-premiere-gettyimages.jpg (56.26 KB, 594x396)

Seems like someone slept with Chiles today.

 Drunkën Mastür!No.7//JDvE 13194

File: 1365448780378_Cam_mad.jpg (159.72 KB, 523x535)

 Anonymous (14bc) 13195

File: 1365448802485_096611.1-lg_1_.jpg (71.75 KB, 397x438)

Oh yeah, those tits are huuge

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13196

File: 1365448816773_Chloe_Cupcakes_13.jpg (292.22 KB, 1661x762)

Cupcake fest?


File: 1365448845448_cupcakes.jpg (86.97 KB, 354x717)


 Crackerer (e5d9) 13198

File: 1365448867517_rooney-mara-19.jpg (48.71 KB, 1210x778)

I don't know, to me the perfect kind of breasts are like Rooney Mara's and that might be how Chloe's will turn out.

But Chloe's breasts look find right now anyway.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13199

File: 1365448961709_Chloe_Cupcakes_1.jpg (973.77 KB, 2133x3200)


File: 1365448989706_chloe_moretz_blackberry-z10-launch-party_012.jpg (70.87 KB, 427x594)

I hope no.

 Crackerer (e5d9) 13201


Shit, I forgot to ask. Is it ok if I post a pair of tits on here?

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13202

File: 1365449190221_Now_That2.jpg (4.12 KB, 158x148)

My girl is not fat
tits+wrong= these two words in the same sentence is baaaad


File: 1365449295961_chlold.jpg (34.13 KB, 480x800)

You want to fuck her, don't you? :3

 Crackerer (e5d9) 13204

File: 1365449324636.jpg (38.43 KB, 800x391)


Sha-my-man, I never used the word, "wrong" in that sentence.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13205

File: 1365449723049_Chloe_Legs_7.jpg (828.61 KB, 1804x2948)


 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13206

File: 1365449885131_i_cant_see.jpg (123.87 KB, 511x500)

I can't read today, sorry
I've read about her here before, everyone used her as a negative example, but I never knew how she looks. That's über-jailbait


File: 1365450007357_safasasasasssxsds.png (35.02 KB, 123x147)

She is. And she's the dangerous kind of jailbait. She would tease you, let you fuck her and then she would sue you and say that you raped her. That bitch…

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13208

File: 1365450065632_hih2372372372.png (65.4 KB, 175x158)

I bet it would worth it

Okay, I quit offtopic talk


File: 1365450239053_laughable.jpg (25.29 KB, 437x409)

Nah, I don't know. If she was Chloë THEN it would be worth it.

See how I used Chloë in a sentence to stay on topic, my pupil?

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13210

File: 1365450251610_My_Mind_is_Full_of_Fuck.jpg (120.89 KB, 399x317)

She looks tempting, but I'll stick to Chloë.
Inside our mad minds this sickness dwells, it burns the very essence of our soul.
Chloë is the eye of that storm, a raging blizzard of emotions and insanity.
Holy shit, I'm so poetic today.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13211

File: 1365450265781_blade-runner-036-roy-batty.jpg (30.21 KB, 700x394)

I have seen things….


File: 1365450302797_hair_hand.jpg (111.76 KB, 782x717)

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13213

File: 1365450398694_pay-attention-in-class.jpg (142.74 KB, 518x724)

i men in other places,but same argument


File: 1365450458192_wat_po.jpg (416.69 KB, 1218x1080)

>i men in other places

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13215

>i men
i mean -_-

 tvshaman!lhWKbMXRXI 13216

File: 1365450674713_dat_pic.jpg (411.01 KB, 1280x720)

I'm off, time for the new episode of GoT


 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13217

File: 1365450687924_Chloe_Moretz_159.jpg (687.19 KB, 800x1200)

So I've known this girl for four years. She looks a bit similar to brown-haired Chloë: same eye color, hair color, almost the same nose, just not as perfect and talented as Chloë. We've been good friends for some time. I've tried my luck, but she doesn't want to be in a relationship with anyone. But I'm leaving the country for good in a few months.

I guess Chloë will remain the ideal to which I set my standards by; I wish I find a girl as half as beautiful as her.

Oh well, Chloë…

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13218

File: 1365450813158_Chloe_Moretz_192.png (1.4 MB, 931x1280)

Yeah I'm watching that too now, but downloaded from piratebay.

 Anonymous (beee) 13219

get out

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13220

File: 1365450850570_okay.png (254.89 KB, 486x506)

>she doesn't want to be in a relationship with anyone

o'm sorry for this bro
when iagirl say something like this,when she's all alone
she probably ride every cock she met

 Anonymous (e5d9) 13221

File: 1365450952518_MPW-60401.jpeg (47.79 KB, 500x747)





File: 1365451065591_crycry.jpg (81.87 KB, 634x698)


 KissMyBass (c33d) 13223

File: 1365451139870.png (436.49 KB, 745x527)

u know,the solution is Justin Timberlake

 Crackerer (e5d9) 13224

File: 1365451233037_problem.jpg (8.66 KB, 100x165)





File: 1365451398284_Choro.jpg (25.53 KB, 260x263)

That movie reminds me of my ex.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13226

File: 1365451437480_chloe_moretz_reaction_picture_6.jpg (12.65 KB, 362x333)

out of topic - important question

some bros does movie reviews out there?

 Crackerer (e5d9) 13227

File: 1365451502423_138074324536.jpg (6.81 KB, 142x210)


Ooo… Sorry to hear that bro.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13228

File: 1365451519876.jpg (11.96 KB, 300x251)

and texas chainsaw massacre reminds me what I want to do to my ex

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13229

File: 1365451532254_Chloe_Moretz_109.jpg (3.85 MB, 2672x4856)

I see where you're going, but she is the kind with strict parents. Not the slutty type at all; she's more of the studious, innocent,and unpopular type. Also, I'm living in a society with an Eastern culture with a few Western elements, so I don't think that applies here as generally as it does in the West. I'm probably the only arabfag/levantfag here too
But I do understand you guys.

Oh well, back to Chloë.

 Crackerer (e5d9) 13230

File: 1365451621910_007.jpg (26.71 KB, 288x193)

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13231

File: 1365451646551.jpg (15.25 KB, 300x311)

not for disappoint you bro
but my ex was a good girl like your,and last week i've discover that she have fuck with one of my "friends" for two months.


File: 1365451771281_Hole.png (107.49 KB, 246x237)

>that forehead

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13233

File: 1365451821681_Chloe_Moretz_44.jpg (35.77 KB, 425x607)

Hehe don't remind me of my ex, she's a hypocrite. That's why I left her and found this heavenly gift Chloë a week later
Come to think of it, what type of girl do you think Chloë is? In social terms.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13234

whit this "makeup holes" looks like tha face of the moon -_-

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13235

File: 1365451916154_Chloe_Moretz_254.jpeg (189.9 KB, 1023x1259)

The magic of high-res and natural sunlight and faboost

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13236

File: 1365452071011_Texas_Killing_Fields_3.jpg (167.66 KB, 1277x850)

What the hell is this "Soul Cycle" thing anyways?

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13237

File: 1365452086906.jpg (49.6 KB, 738x600)

better not, lately I have not a high opinion of women

i know,is about Chloe,but try to understand,i've call my ex with the worst epithets that i know and broke my "friend" nose.
Ihave to digest the fact.


>if SoulCycle is what I think it is… I WANNA TRY IT! :)

What a fag.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13239

File: 1365452217251.jpg (49.88 KB, 246x361)

you pedal with the power of soul?

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13240

File: 1365452426944_Chloe_Cute_30.gif (1.1 MB, 300x281)

Women. I guess we cannot put Chloë in a category, at all.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13241

File: 1365452650538_30_Rock_Eyebrows.gif (4.49 MB, 396x340)

Possibly, what about gingers who go on this Soul Cycle?

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13242

File: 1365452709290.jpg (16.27 KB, 197x187)

if you want to be tax u have right.
And have right also who said that we are sick
because we dont really love Chloe
but the idea that we have of her.

And it's better because people always disappoint in the 9o% of cases

 Crackerer (e5d9) 13243

File: 1365452997206_00325.jpg (37.71 KB, 600x300)


>mfw I'm a ginger


 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13244

File: 1365453167510_Chloe_Moretz_146.jpg (30.57 KB, 504x336)

Exactly. Much like Philosophy: spend years seeking the ultimate truth yet only reach close to it, but never to it itself. I guess its a philosophical matter, perhaps she is the ideal we want, the dream to which we set our standards upon. Of course, she is unattainable (highly unlikely at that) by any of us, but the seeking of the ideal is what fuels us.
Past all the antics and jokes, there is always that deep obsession we have for her, I'm sure.
Regardless, I believe she deserves it.
It's all a matter of perspective, acceptance, dreams, and ideals.
Oh Chloë how you've changed my world, forever

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13245

File: 1365453517618_okay.png (254.89 KB, 486x506)


or maybe the idealized image that we have of Chloe its just a refuge from our shitty lives,and a reason for not think about what surrounds us.
I was an heroin addict for years,i know what i say.

 Anonymous (b392) 13246

File: 1365453569641.jpg (12.27 KB, 300x248)

now you're a chloe addict

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13247

File: 1365453607394.jpg (49.88 KB, 246x361)

yes, it costs less

 Anonymous (b392) 13248

File: 1365453680880_10.jpg (31.25 KB, 314x318)


 KissMyBass (c33d) 13249

File: 1365453766410.png (436.49 KB, 745x527)

yeah,devotion is the same

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13250

File: 1365453808188_Chloe_Drugs_1.gif (6.75 MB, 535x250)

That's highly plausible. Glad you got out of it man.

We all are, I guess.

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13251

File: 1365453889000.png (123.85 KB, 295x347)

until i can

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13252

File: 1365454390188.jpg (11.96 KB, 300x251)

I think they are all run away

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13253

File: 1365454621781_Chloe_Moretz_136.jpg (835.74 KB, 4256x2832)

Not everyone :)

 Anonymous (1937) 13254

File: 1365454795850.jpg (681.07 KB, 2048x1365)

I like to think Chloe represents something different and special for each and every Chlobro.

Speaking in philosophical terms like you said though, it's like Plato's Allegory of the Cave. There is truth, and then there is Truth which gives all truths their truth. The world of appearances versus what actually is. In his analogy, we're in the cave, seeing only shadows moving on the walls before us,caused by light filtering in from the opening of the cave. We don't know anything more than these shadows and so we think they are reality. If we're released we will approach the mouth of the cave and see the sun illuminating reality as it truly is when we emerge. We had visions of the sun, but only small amounts before. We see the true nature of the world.

We're presented only with visions of Chloe, what we see in the media, because that is all that is available to us. The source of those visions is Chloe, but they are only a small dimension of the person. The Chloe that gives all chloe its chloe, if that makes sense. If we ever escaped from the "cave," by meeting and truly getting to know Chloe, rather than the chloe that we've constructed from the visions of Chloe, we'd have achieved nearly full enlightenment.

We've constructed a Chloe, based on "shadows on the wall." In each of those shadows is a real piece of Chloe, but we don't nearly have all the pieces and they're distorted for us so much. There's the chloe that we have, who is formed by every bit of information we get from the source Chloe, and that's the best we can do. Unless by some miracle one of us gets out of the cave and reaches enlightenment.

But Plato also talked about how the enlightened individual may return to the cave, and see now how foolish he was to begin with. If someone actually met and got to know Chloe, then came back to Chlomo.org, they'd see all of us back here again seeing only the shadows. And if they tried to enlighten us, we might accept or refuse it based on disbelief or uncomfortable knowledge. Only if we saw for ourselves could we be fully convinced, not just by the words of an enlightened man alone, because how could you explain the Sun to someone who has never seen sunlight?

But yeah, Chloe is great. this is probably my fav Chloe pic and from my favorite movie of hers.

 Anonymous (b392) 13255

File: 1365454932048_19.jpg (40.71 KB, 372x354)

wise words there bub


File: 1365455054724_penguin_pondering_life.jpg (43.03 KB, 374x372)

/r/ this video

 KissMyBass (c33d) 13257

File: 1365455151721.jpg (59.67 KB, 594x395)

Plato jerk off his mind a lot
but the metaphor is clear

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13258

File: 1365456245401_Chloe_Moretz_213.jpg (987.8 KB, 2560x1440)

Well put and well explained. Exactly what I was thinking, in a sense. You're absolutely right.
Thank you for this wonderful piece, probably one of the most eloquent ones I've seen around here.
It elucidates much of the matters that I have been trying to discuss here.

 Fawzi Bou Lawzi!F.UY7vg2RI 13259

File: 1365456364639_Chloe_Sleep_2.jpg (86.31 KB, 720x960)

Well, I'm off to sleep everyone. I'll hopefully be around in a day or two (still would lurk from phone).
Stay awesome!

 Anonymous (b392) 13260

File: 1365456401476.gif (130.11 KB, 190x271)

 Anonymous (b392) 13261

File: 1365458242211.gif (1.32 MB, 300x178)

this silence
feels good man

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 13262

File: 1365458253242_Chloe_Moretz__12.jpg (1.08 MB, 2100x3150)

 KissMyBass (db65) 13263

however makes me happy that in this fan board there are people that use their brains and try to do intelligent conversations sometimes. God save chlomo.org

 Anonymous (b392) 13264

File: 1365458736368_chloe_moretz_david_lavene_photoshoot_27.jpg (3.06 MB, 4134x2756)

there is no place for pseudo intelectualism on chlomo.org
frabnkly why would there be
being basically obsessed with an actress isn't exactly intelligent so why try to put an intelligent twist on it, there really is no need

 Anonymous (b392) 13265

File: 1365458832629_cvbn.jpg (20.43 KB, 420x200)

it's just so easy

 Anonymous (b392) 13266

File: 1365458889377_chloe_moretz_versace_fashion_event_015.jpg (1.28 MB, 1984x3000)

 KissMyBass (b810) 13267

File: 1365459164471_chloe_moretz_reaction_picture_8.jpg (13.04 KB, 316x304)

was a normal-discussion, perhaps more "earnest" than usual.i didn't say that we're genius and….was a compliment,what the fuck.

 KissMyBass (b810) 13268

File: 1365459288279_okay.png (254.89 KB, 486x506)

and are anything but an intellectual

 KissMyBass (b810) 13269

 Anonymous (b392) 13270

File: 1365459391071.png (389.77 KB, 386x467)

i was just giving my opinion on the matter, i think we could all sit here and go into an in depth analysis of the mentality behind it all but in the end we'd still just be here posting chloe so why not forgoe philisophical lamentations and keep it easy
it's best if it's easy
you taught me the word polemic which i'm greatful for, i also find it ironic that someone i find hard to understand a lot of the time knows the word polemic

 Anonymous (b392) 13271

File: 1365459492881_art_gallery.jpg (83.31 KB, 700x465)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 13272

File: 1365459746231_132102669861.gif (490.06 KB, 390x210)


New Thread.

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