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File: 1349571439824.jpg (136.1 KB, 1200x800)

 Chloë Thread #199 !F0s3L.0fFM 3072

Good night and goodbye chlobros, it was a pleasure posting with you.
Enjoy the 200# thread for me :)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3073

File: 1349571606149.jpg (17.78 KB, 210x230)

it's funny cause it's true

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3074

File: 1349571643222.jpg (139.57 KB, 543x506)


 Anonymous (d5b3) 3075

File: 1349571710925.jpg (232.05 KB, 1160x1201)

>Good night and goodbye chlobros, it was a pleasure posting with you.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3076

File: 1349571727567.gif (130.11 KB, 190x271)

So long Ben, we hardly knew you.

 Anonymous (0579) 3077

File: 1349571732925.jpg (160.03 KB, 634x745)

Phone shoop pumpkin = best pumpkin.
Xynche gone again so soon? Seriously though who is this?

 Anonymous (b83e) 3078

File: 1349571771183.jpg (46.19 KB, 760x363)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3079

File: 1349571819248.gif (49.33 KB, 310x319)

still being a moralfag I see

 Anonymous (1233) 3080

File: 1349571820698.png (142.22 KB, 288x291)

still can't into english
i see

 Anonymous (b83e) 3081

File: 1349571864549.jpg (18.12 KB, 87x110)

 Anonymous (0579) 3082

File: 1349571868515.jpg (98.61 KB, 960x540)

Still making spelling errors I see.
I know that you feel bro.

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3083

File: 1349571995788.jpg (76.09 KB, 398x600)

>dat size

 Anonymous (b83e) 3084

File: 1349572084915.jpg (49.36 KB, 700x525)

 Anonymous (0579) 3085

File: 1349572166472.jpg (130 KB, 818x960)

This is chloe giving a fuck about you giving a fuck about spelling.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3086

File: 1349572168155.jpg (61.2 KB, 720x462)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3087

File: 1349572219054.jpg (37.93 KB, 340x362)

then use a different picture

 Anonymous (b83e) 3088

File: 1349572256380.jpg (240.02 KB, 640x1226)

 Anonymous (0579) 3089

File: 1349572343469.jpg (100.21 KB, 425x271)


 Anonymous (0579) 3090

File: 1349572400998.gif (1.32 MB, 300x178)

>trippin balls
>gets trips

 Anonymous (b83e) 3091

File: 1349572467262.jpg (63.04 KB, 720x457)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3092

File: 1349572468536.jpg (64.62 KB, 531x348)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3093

File: 1349572481011.png (503.7 KB, 800x837)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3094

File: 1349572599787.jpg (56.98 KB, 720x470)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3095

File: 1349572641551.jpg (98.8 KB, 994x674)

Who cares? We won't get to see it just like past year

 Anonymous (0579) 3096

File: 1349572664850.gif (2.09 MB, 275x192)

Super sexy pumpkin.
*crosses fingers

 Anonymous (b83e) 3097

File: 1349572715990.jpg (50.72 KB, 720x462)

 Anonymous (0579) 3098

File: 1349572719537.gif (5.04 MB, 446x400)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3099

File: 1349572719365.jpg (365.36 KB, 3374x4598)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3100

File: 1349572765385.jpg (94.75 KB, 1011x527)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3101

File: 1349572802400.jpg (407.51 KB, 700x1050)

you're right
but I still want to see chloe's costume for her private Halloween party

last year she was supposed to go as one of the powerpuff girls, right? My body would have exploded from it

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3102

File: 1349572927559.png (194.54 KB, 324x475)

Crush my dreams why don't you.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3103

File: 1349572972577.jpg (56.92 KB, 720x470)

 Anonymous (0579) 3104

File: 1349572974709.jpg (91.4 KB, 640x361)

Their dad was a doctor who created the perfect children.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3105

File: 1349573009482.jpg (61.29 KB, 612x366)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3106

File: 1349573081451.gif (2.09 MB, 284x340)

I'm pretty sure she tweeted about going as one of the powerpuff girls

you're making so much sense right now

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3107

File: 1349573113599.jpg (306.63 KB, 1024x1641)

 Anonymous (0579) 3108

File: 1349573196132.jpg (43.44 KB, 498x522)

She is subtle but she is sending the message.
Trev was the failed end product almost there, he got chloe right though.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3109

File: 1349573224142.jpg (53.54 KB, 686x455)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3110

File: 1349573372075.jpg (212.95 KB, 729x1532)

We all know what she needs to be for Halloween.

 Anonymous (0579) 3111

File: 1349573378342.jpg (30.73 KB, 411x814)

 Anonymous (0579) 3112

File: 1349573423655.jpg (111.45 KB, 291x530)

Yeah a sexy pumpkin.

 Anonymous (c907) 3113

File: 1349573444076.jpg (37.56 KB, 412x300)

oh dear it's happening again

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3114

File: 1349573455079.jpg (153.22 KB, 823x743)

>>Chloë sees you, eyeing dat class

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3115

File: 1349573562572.jpg (91.81 KB, 600x412)


 Anonymous (0579) 3116

File: 1349573612616.jpg (56.41 KB, 453x501)

yfw she actually does it and looks sexy in a pumpkin suit somehow

 Anonymous (b83e) 3117

File: 1349573704467.jpg (56.51 KB, 720x432)

 Anonymous (c907) 3118

File: 1349573707583.jpg (62.56 KB, 612x612)

why does it look like she has coke around her nostrils in that pic?

 Anonymous (b83e) 3119

File: 1349573743030.jpg (28.63 KB, 760x363)

 Anonymous (c907) 3120

File: 1349573766921.jpg (26.21 KB, 209x191)


 Anonymous (0579) 3121

File: 1349573771409.jpg (362.88 KB, 1280x1723)

The 5 cups of coffee just wasn't doing it for her anymore.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3122

File: 1349573848070.jpg (45.04 KB, 700x525)

 Anonymous (c907) 3123

File: 1349573859133.jpg (203.62 KB, 808x1078)

dat milk crate brings on the bros to the yard

 Anonymous (0579) 3124

File: 1349573893647.png (106.75 KB, 260x350)

I come for the chloe, I stay for the milk crate.

 Anonymous (c907) 3125

File: 1349573902204.jpg (123.47 KB, 612x612)

brings *all

 Anonymous (0579) 3126

File: 1349573971586.png (1.16 MB, 1280x720)

It's the one bad thing about the auto updater. Our gaffes can't be hidden.

 Anonymous (182e) 3127

File: 1349574004101.jpg (209.53 KB, 2048x870)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3128

File: 1349574040683.jpg (51.25 KB, 720x470)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3129

File: 1349574052572.jpg (232.85 KB, 681x789)

interesting theory

 Anonymous (0579) 3130

File: 1349574102782.jpg (71.39 KB, 400x427)

Look up the word.
God only knows.

 Anonymous (0579) 3131

File: 1349574185568.png (1.86 MB, 1516x1033)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3132

File: 1349574196941.jpg (26.99 KB, 353x295)

You know, gaffes.

 Anonymous (0579) 3133

File: 1349574265433.jpg (110.31 KB, 612x612)

Chloe could dress up as a sexy gaffe for holloween.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3134

File: 1349574277454.jpg (42.92 KB, 691x511)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3135

File: 1349574305648.jpg (134.3 KB, 981x600)

take that shit to the Elle Fanning thread in /bros

 Anonymous (b83e) 3136

File: 1349574349245.jpg (53.36 KB, 625x528)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3137

File: 1349574416468.jpg (66.72 KB, 600x402)

 Anonymous (0579) 3138

File: 1349574420860.jpg (135.07 KB, 1280x720)

You don't think chloe'd look good dressed as a gaffe?

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3139

File: 1349574528118.jpg (19.43 KB, 451x389)

implying I'm not calm

 Anonymous (b83e) 3140

File: 1349574544632.jpg (32.73 KB, 760x363)

 Anonymous (0579) 3141

File: 1349574647908.jpg (65.37 KB, 767x604)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3142

File: 1349574729039.jpg (27.35 KB, 368x424)

>Not knowing wtf you're talking about
Missing the joke

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3143

File: 1349574870715.jpg (201.46 KB, 1000x1000)

I gaffed.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3144

File: 1349574961094.jpg (268.7 KB, 920x1069)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3145

File: 1349575167932.gif (3.03 MB, 485x200)

 Anonymous (0579) 3146

File: 1349575282560.gif (2.43 MB, 750x421)

 Anonymous (182e) 3147

File: 1349575387779.jpg (81.94 KB, 480x640)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3148

File: 1349575418732.jpg (125.42 KB, 552x488)

I watched three Chloë movies today.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3149

File: 1349575433077.gif (5 MB, 459x300)

 Anonymous (0579) 3150

File: 1349575477814.gif (498.07 KB, 500x191)

I took part in a world record attempt today. Will chloe love me now?

 Anonymous (b83e) 3151

File: 1349575503445.jpg (239.89 KB, 1160x1123)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3152

File: 1349575551823.jpg (111.63 KB, 480x830)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3153

File: 1349575574356.jpg (241.58 KB, 929x1222)

No one will ever love you.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3154

File: 1349575618072.jpg (198.48 KB, 879x844)

 Anonymous (0579) 3155

File: 1349575624658.gif (4.1 MB, 519x304)

Jeekers man that's rough.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3156

File: 1349575733018.jpg (61.29 KB, 612x366)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3157

File: 1349575802537.jpg (176.68 KB, 980x553)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3158

File: 1349575806966.jpg (62.94 KB, 524x594)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3159

File: 1349575973882.jpg (50.19 KB, 524x594)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3160

File: 1349576054243.jpg (246.58 KB, 2048x1365)

>Abby mania is coming

 Anonymous (0579) 3161

File: 1349576109252.gif (1.89 MB, 226x227)

Oc for the 200th thread is abby related?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3162

File: 1349576132243.jpg (29 KB, 183x156)

I feel bad. Can you please accept my apology?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3163

File: 1349576189177.jpg (58.01 KB, 363x279)

These past 100 threads have flown by, don't you think?

 Anonymous (b83e) 3164

File: 1349576222184.jpg (61.22 KB, 686x455)

 Anonymous (0579) 3165

File: 1349576238559.gif (667.27 KB, 500x268)

Yup, no need to appologise really. If you knew me in any way and said that I might get offended.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3166

File: 1349576256865.jpg (831.24 KB, 3080x2054)

No I mean next week is Let Me In for movie night.

 Anonymous (0579) 3167

File: 1349576357352.gif (5.03 MB, 345x425)

Silly me, it's past my bed time. Looking foward to eet.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3168

File: 1349576495524.jpg (81.94 KB, 346x398)

I'm sorry though.

 Anonymous (0579) 3169

File: 1349576515582.gif (94.72 KB, 190x164)


 Anonymous (b83e) 3170

File: 1349576566263.jpg (63.89 KB, 940x529)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3171

File: 1349576591332.png (99.26 KB, 185x212)

It was mean and you didn't do anything wrong.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3172

File: 1349576633744.jpg (353.24 KB, 1065x1513)

 Anonymous (0579) 3173

File: 1349576672945.gif (3.34 MB, 600x450)

I can't believe you lurked that whole time.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3174

File: 1349576775805.jpg (44.87 KB, 686x455)

 Anonymous (0579) 3175

File: 1349576833935.gif (1.44 MB, 640x360)

I kind of diverted from chloe talk and tried to shift attention to me and the world record attempt so that was kind of wrong. For that I deserved it.
Since you posted last.



What was it?

 Anonymous (0579) 3177

File: 1349576966756.jpg (176.95 KB, 960x1389)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3178

File: 1349576976989.jpg (55.92 KB, 720x486)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3179

File: 1349577058032.jpg (27.17 KB, 720x384)

 Anonymous (0579) 3180

File: 1349577120159.jpg (869.9 KB, 1890x2835)

Most times fapped to chloe in one day.
Nah I keed, it was a group effort, most coins flipped at once. I t was utter bollocks though and couldn't be verified for shit. I have another record though, group again. Something like story with most individual contributers or some shit like that done in college, that was at least legit and verifiable.

 Anonymous (0579) 3181

File: 1349577191666.jpg (78.87 KB, 1280x720)

That umbrellas self control. At least you had all that chloe to occupy yourself with.



>Most times fapped to chloe in one day.

>Trying to take my record.

How comes it couldnt?

 Anonymous (b83e) 3183

File: 1349577235980.jpg (65.6 KB, 691x511)

 Anonymous (0579) 3184

File: 1349577278777.png (268.48 KB, 336x411)

>How comes it couldnt?
Because your arm was stronger than mine.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3185

File: 1349577432664.jpg (51.62 KB, 720x432)

 Anonymous (0579) 3186

File: 1349577514846.jpg (50.38 KB, 279x362)

So much cute in that pic.
Why though? What do you loose in being here?

 Anonymous (b83e) 3187

File: 1349577611854.gif (4.52 MB, 404x300)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3188

File: 1349577669382.jpg (38.55 KB, 720x384)

 Anonymous (0579) 3189

File: 1349577717537.jpg (47.06 KB, 1062x600)

Nothing stopping you bro.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3190

File: 1349577884085.jpg (73.3 KB, 691x511)

 Anonymous (0579) 3191

File: 1349577949632.jpg (35.4 KB, 935x600)

You choose to do that though. If you really want to be doing something else just find a compromise otherwise just keep on trucking.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3192

File: 1349577958923.gif (2.72 MB, 381x300)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3193

File: 1349578079566.jpg (1015.78 KB, 3080x2054)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3194

File: 1349578103629.jpg (75.5 KB, 442x613)

You post on the forum?

 Anonymous (0579) 3195

File: 1349578306655.jpg (147.26 KB, 1428x600)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3196

File: 1349578323852.jpg (111.63 KB, 480x830)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3197

File: 1349578366738.jpg (247.8 KB, 838x1326)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3198

File: 1349578604675.jpg (145.68 KB, 900x704)

I'm probably older than most here, and I already know all that shit. I know exactly what my problem is and how to deal with it.

Knowing is the easy part… Doing something about it, on the other hand, has proven to be more than I can handle at the moment.

So I'll keep on trucking and posting Chloë untill I wake the fuck up.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3199

File: 1349578677377.gif (1.46 MB, 429x300)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3200

File: 1349578770495.jpg (216.39 KB, 1300x1305)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3201

File: 1349578838272.jpg (204.43 KB, 794x1161)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3202

File: 1349578908523.jpg (40.16 KB, 393x329)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3203

File: 1349579040656.jpg (79.09 KB, 720x486)

 Anonymous (bc61) 3204

File: 1349579049178.jpg (2.42 MB, 2400x2957)


First premiere of Chloe's chin

 Anonymous (b83e) 3205

File: 1349579103104.jpg (138.7 KB, 903x620)

 Anonymous (182e) 3206

File: 1349579182201.jpg (72.55 KB, 612x612)

Who dat

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3207

File: 1349579196581.jpg (116.51 KB, 600x902)

Isn't she in London? It's 4am…

 Anonymous (b83e) 3208

File: 1349579270844.jpg (40.4 KB, 720x384)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3209

File: 1349579315307.jpg (1.07 MB, 2039x2936)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3210

File: 1349579325533.png (95.32 KB, 258x360)

but Chloe isn't.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3211

File: 1349579422351.jpg (70.41 KB, 686x455)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3212

File: 1349579539536.jpg (80.75 KB, 691x511)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3213

File: 1349579585759.jpg (147.86 KB, 437x348)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3214

File: 1349579604039.png (155.76 KB, 227x259)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3215

File: 1349579637931.jpg (177.76 KB, 1146x944)

 Anonymous (bc61) 3216

File: 1349579646389.jpg (80.77 KB, 306x359)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3217

File: 1349579673387.png (136.32 KB, 200x247)


 Anonymous (b83e) 3218

File: 1349579685843.jpg (117.16 KB, 719x608)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3219

File: 1349579826940.jpg (65.75 KB, 720x432)

 Anonymous (182e) 3220

File: 1349579850453.jpg (231.14 KB, 919x863)

Nobody said it was Tabby

 Anonymous (b83e) 3221

File: 1349579983419.jpg (74.65 KB, 480x901)

 Anonymous (c907) 3222

File: 1349580006786.jpg (46.69 KB, 535x358)


 Anonymous (182e) 3223

File: 1349580022031.jpg (106.78 KB, 471x448)

Okay then..

 Anonymous (c907) 3224

File: 1349580179633.jpg (405.68 KB, 1934x1080)

post chloe or gtfo

 Anonymous (c907) 3225

File: 1349580847592.png (194.08 KB, 408x506)

order your own

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3226

File: 1349580881817.jpg (35.87 KB, 469x428)

She's in London right now.

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 3227

File: 1349580916349.jpg (24.1 KB, 249x272)

>dates two guys

 Anonymous (c907) 3228

File: 1349581208340.jpg (29.28 KB, 218x277)


 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3229

File: 1349588172464.jpg (26.23 KB, 395x396)

Anyone else awake?

 Sam (767c) 3230

This forum seems to have banned proxies from being used so I don't know how you have that kind of work around.

 Anonymous (c907) 3231

File: 1349590297143.jpg (29.28 KB, 218x277)

 ImportedItalianNylon!!hC5cQMNTks 3232

File: 1349591127864.jpg (747.12 KB, 1680x1396)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3233

File: 1349591345997.png (277.88 KB, 537x398)

Shh, everyone's sleeping.

 Anonymous (dbec) 3234

give me one legit reason for permabanning me and i will leave and never visit the site ever again.

don't just delete the post, that proves that i'm right and deserve to come back.

inb4 because you're earl
inb4 you're a troll.

if i was a troll why the FUCK would i still be trying to get back in after all this time.

im stupid yes, i am not a troll though.

 ImportedItalianNylon!!hC5cQMNTks 3235

File: 1349591894817.jpg (62.89 KB, 459x451)

Except for us…

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3236

File: 1349592075752.jpg (26.35 KB, 451x389)

Dude, it's 8:40pm.

 Anonymous (bc61) 3237

File: 1349592094742.jpg (594.68 KB, 1920x800)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3238

File: 1349592267518.jpg (219.32 KB, 816x1222)

 Anonymous (bc61) 3239

File: 1349592308540.jpg (297.84 KB, 1916x1064)

 Punish Me Chloe!!k42ULDLGYY 3240

File: 1349592399442.jpg (323.81 KB, 1331x2000)

 Punish Me Chloe!!k42ULDLGYY 3241

File: 1349592558638.png (4.03 MB, 1508x2262)

Dem wonderful green eyes.

 ImportedItalianNylon!!hC5cQMNTks 3242

File: 1349592695547.jpg (15.16 KB, 245x297)

Oh, so you're in Hawaii. Tell me, is it like the movie The Descendants where everyone is just a total cunt to each other and completely miserable despite living in one of the most beautiful places on earth?

 Ryan!!fO/vNY.k1w 3243

File: 1349592729319.jpeg (36.69 KB, 315x341)

 Anonymous (bc61) 3244

File: 1349592740171.jpg (413.41 KB, 1068x670)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3245

File: 1349592927696.jpg (43.56 KB, 398x426)

Actually never saw The Descendants. But isn't that about people dealing with death in the family? That might be why they're miserable.

No, everyone I know is pretty happy to be here.

 Ryan!!fO/vNY.k1w 3246

File: 1349593084961.jpeg (5.84 KB, 222x229)

exciting stuff, how many posts will this one be

 Anonymous (bc61) 3247

File: 1349593111352.jpg (142.35 KB, 610x467)



 ImportedItalianNylon!!hC5cQMNTks 3248

File: 1349593143700.png (108.92 KB, 153x373)

That's good to hear. The characters in that movie are unbelievably mean-spirited though.

 Ryan!!fO/vNY.k1w 3249

File: 1349593170507.jpeg (339.42 KB, 918x2237)

fucking YEAH

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3250

File: 1349593271408.jpg (146.72 KB, 600x600)

Epic thread will be epic.

 Punish Me Chloe!!k42ULDLGYY 3251

File: 1349593307994.jpg (920.59 KB, 2039x3000)

 Ryan!!fO/vNY.k1w 3252

File: 1349593335894.jpg (57.32 KB, 604x604)

so, do you surf
how do you like living there
whats it like with all the tourists

 Anonymous (c907) 3253

File: 1349593348409.jpg (78.74 KB, 642x390)

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 3254

File: 1349593372190.gif (544.92 KB, 428x185)

>tfw i'm probably going to miss most of the #200 thread.

 Ryan!!fO/vNY.k1w 3255

File: 1349593565229.jpg (217.87 KB, 1070x644)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3256

File: 1349593636455.jpg (195.91 KB, 1280x720)

 Punish Me Chloe!!k42ULDLGYY 3257

File: 1349593652309.jpg (1.08 MB, 4706x3361)

Maybe Chloe will make a special appearance for the 200th thread! Maybe it's what she's been waiting for!

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 3258

File: 1349593701727.jpg (49.83 KB, 500x481)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3259

File: 1349593787043.jpg (133.1 KB, 341x685)

I'm sure her much awaited vlog will make it's debut there.

 Anonymous (c907) 3260

File: 1349593967915.jpg (182.85 KB, 800x800)

the bubble is strong with this one

 Punish Me Chloe!!k42ULDLGYY 3261

File: 1349594383401.gif (2.8 MB, 550x360)


 Anonymous (a538) 3262

what if I make it on the 199th? ;)

Y'all rock!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 Anonymous (bc61) 3263

File: 1349594858251.jpg (19.18 KB, 275x355)

 Punish Me Chloe!!k42ULDLGYY 3264

File: 1349594900227.gif (4.1 MB, 519x304)

I don't believe you.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3265

File: 1349596608137.jpg (137.12 KB, 600x902)


File: 1349596980658.gif (470.84 KB, 500x281)

Chloë as Catwoman. That's all I ask. I want to see her in early 20's wearing this suit and doing all the sexy cat stuff Pfeiffer did.

Just imagine…

"I don't know about you, Miss Kitty, but I feel so much… yummier"

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3267

File: 1349597198148.jpg (193.78 KB, 1280x720)

Realistically, by the time they put Catwoman in another movie, she would probably be a prime choice.

 Anonymous (bc61) 3268

File: 1349597524901.jpg (98.12 KB, 400x329)


But I wan't to see her as that specific catwoman.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3270

File: 1349597790137.png (2.63 MB, 1920x1080)

What can I say? She starred in the wrong Tim Burton film.

Hey Forn, are you aware there are scenes with barefoot Chloë in both Texas Killing Fields and Let Me In?

 Punish Me Chloe!!k42ULDLGYY 3271

Hell yes Forn! Michelle Pfeiffer fuckin' killed it as Catwoman. I've nothing against Nolan/Hathaway, but when it comes just to Catwoman, Burton's version really shines.

"4-5….still alive"

 Punish Me Chloe!!k42ULDLGYY 3272

File: 1349598166787.gif (2.98 MB, 328x269)

Actually, if you mix Carolyn Stoddard, with a little bit of Hitgirl, you pretty much have a really good Catwoman (Or at least, an appropriate of Pfeiffer's version).


File: 1349598986376.jpg (813.34 KB, 1100x916)

What do you think? :3

When I was a little kid I used to have some weird feelings watching her Catwoman but I didn't know what was that until I got older. Pfeiffer was the first woman I felt attracted to. Back in the time I was 4 years old and used to dream with the girls I knew asking me to massage their feet.

You're so right!

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 3274

File: 1349599482636.jpg (101.82 KB, 1280x720)

Not that scene.
>This one.

 Punish Me Chloe!!k42ULDLGYY 3275

File: 1349600445962.gif (4.79 MB, 320x195)

Foot fetish at 4? Nice!

 Mr. Bean!!qVCz7BCtH. 3276

File: 1349601255746.png (158.16 KB, 400x518)

Cya Ben whoever you are.

 Anonymous (bc61) 3277

File: 1349602275550.jpg (186.53 KB, 500x500)


Ben is Chloe

 Anonymous (08a4) 3278

File: 1349603213542.gif (1.15 MB, 250x250)

>mfw I have not two shits to do today so I can spend the whole day toastin in the #200 bread

Just a matter of maxing out this thead now.

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3279

File: 1349603368363.jpg (245.29 KB, 1155x560)

go take two shits
it will take some time until the OC is ready

 Anonymous (08a4) 3280

File: 1349603540070.jpg (58.33 KB, 446x594)

Well I just realized I actually have something to do today, so I guess I'll be there around this afternoon.

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3281

File: 1349603586281.jpg (82.9 KB, 642x546)

 Zatoichi !3XEZrAveNs 3282

File: 1349607094358.jpg (211.02 KB, 1023x1533)

 Source (31f9) 3283

expect imminent announcement that will rock your world


 Anonymous (d5b3) 3284

File: 1349608001166.jpg (71.11 KB, 646x588)

 Anonymous (bc61) 3285

File: 1349608068488.jpg (104.74 KB, 838x536)


>failed troll has failed

 Anonymous (31f9) 3286

File: 1349608290888.jpg (18.61 KB, 350x233)

Tell us now!


File: 1349608353235.jpg (166.11 KB, 900x528)

I've tried to capture a good shot of this scene several times but I always fail. I wanted to see her soles in HD but the movie I have here is not in Blu Ray. That is my favorite foot scene of the movie. I'm happy you've notice this scene too.

My foot fetish was born with me, I guess. I love girls feet since before I could read and write.

Fuck those stuffed bras. Why does Chloë wear those things? That's really sad.

 Source (bc61) 3288

File: 1349608388806.jpg (113.06 KB, 752x1063)


Me and Keaton are gay lovers

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3289

File: 1349608428354.jpg (34.92 KB, 500x498)



File: 1349608475160.jpg (12.32 KB, 339x266)

This makes me feel bad 'cause Narwhal is not among us anymore.

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3291

File: 1349608634326.gif (7.84 KB, 151x133)

Maybe I can be your boyfriend tonight? #boss

 Anonymous (31f9) 3292

File: 1349608952344.jpg (403.57 KB, 946x389)

Hey dude,i love feets too….
But lets face it,Chloes feets aint her best part…that Mortons toe just freeks me out man!!


File: 1349609173307.jpg (71.43 KB, 288x280)

I know what you mean. But still, I love her and her feet. Just the fact they are Chlomo feet turns me on.

Sorry, Mr. Shroom. Tonight I'm all by myself.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3294

File: 1349610512963.png (1.2 MB, 1280x528)


 Anonymous (b83e) 3295

File: 1349610559553.jpg (130.29 KB, 600x711)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3296

File: 1349610630463.jpg (83.16 KB, 392x316)

 Anonymous (bc61) 3297

File: 1349610699226.jpg (127.45 KB, 550x367)


hurr durr I wonder who that could possibly be

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3298

File: 1349610781275.jpg (56.86 KB, 556x384)


 Anonymous (b83e) 3299

File: 1349610817307.jpg (21.85 KB, 760x448)

 Anonymous (bc61) 3300

File: 1349611181838.jpg (71.14 KB, 604x453)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3301

File: 1349611182294.jpg (50.94 KB, 463x464)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3302

File: 1349611248730.jpg (86.06 KB, 720x405)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3303

File: 1349611325884.jpg (170.21 KB, 657x929)

 Anonymous (bc61) 3304

File: 1349611373050.jpg (46.09 KB, 640x425)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3305

File: 1349611439598.jpg (64.6 KB, 720x433)

 Anonymous (bc61) 3306

File: 1349611508797.jpg (65.05 KB, 483x336)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3307

File: 1349611526709.jpg (61.12 KB, 400x400)

2 umbrellas? But which one's the real one?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3308

File: 1349611542894.jpg (855.71 KB, 2400x3600)

I had my first Chloe dreams last night.
I went to her house and we just chilled. We went on the computer, listened to music etc. This was our first time meeting on our own but we got on well and we seemed to be good friends. I don't think I ever wanted to try anything though. I just wanted to keep things normal and never lose this friendship. After a while, she then invited Cameron round. She told me that I'd like him even though I was already confident that he was a dick. He was actually fine to be around and pretty nice (probably to impress Chloe) but he was still the classic douche I expected. Chloe and Cameron were just friends though.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3309

File: 1349611659292.jpg (178 KB, 640x443)

I still have this

 Anonymous (b83e) 3310

File: 1349611752225.jpg (180.47 KB, 840x629)

And I still have this…

 Anonymous (b83e) 3311

File: 1349611798418.jpg (51.7 KB, 520x403)


File: 1349611838350.jpg (154.33 KB, 488x398)

>dat chin
>dat smile
>dat makeup
>dat sweat

 Anonymous (b83e) 3313

File: 1349611904439.jpg (77.52 KB, 720x482)


Who cares? Just rape them all.

 Anonymous (bc61) 3315

File: 1349611947770.jpg (85.41 KB, 640x441)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3316

File: 1349611992131.jpg (1.04 MB, 1997x2813)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3317

File: 1349612040835.jpg (79.25 KB, 640x441)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3318

File: 1349612065251.jpg (141.63 KB, 433x650)


File: 1349612079558.jpg (102.34 KB, 500x681)

What's that green Starbucks crap she keeps drinking?

 Anonymous (bc61) 3320

File: 1349612180412.jpg (84.09 KB, 720x405)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3321

File: 1349612201621.jpg (2.36 MB, 2529x3000)

I believe it's iced green tea

 Anonymous (b83e) 3322

File: 1349612260406.jpg (83.14 KB, 720x499)


File: 1349612291061.jpg (48.81 KB, 528x451)

Why does she drink this…thing?

 Anonymous (b83e) 3324

File: 1349612351111.jpg (34 KB, 720x396)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3325

File: 1349612400028.jpg (1.76 MB, 2400x3401)

 Anonymous (bc61) 3326

File: 1349612416906.jpg (101.73 KB, 546x548)

 Anonymous (0579) 3327

File: 1349612469659.jpg (410.7 KB, 1500x1125)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3328

File: 1349612541924.gif (2.65 MB, 296x450)

I've never had it but I think it looks pretty nice.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3329

File: 1349612573112.jpg (95.45 KB, 765x365)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3330

File: 1349612673802.jpg (826.21 KB, 1984x2913)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3331

File: 1349612683650.jpg (190.47 KB, 756x1222)

Impersonation isn't allowed, bro.

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3332

File: 1349612693821.jpg (104.61 KB, 1122x1150)


File: 1349612731225.jpg (97.85 KB, 423x600)

It looks like green dog semen, Ched. I think she's trying to act like a hipster who only drinks starbucks craps and green natural stuff. Coke is too mainstream.

The only good thing about it is that her piss tastes better when she takes this natural drinks.

 Anonymous (0579) 3334

File: 1349612732483.jpg (89.07 KB, 600x485)

Apparently it is.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3335

File: 1349612778141.jpg (2.47 MB, 3264x4677)

 Anonymous (bc61) 3336

File: 1349612814309.jpg (173.23 KB, 713x995)

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 3337

File: 1349612817201.jpg (169.31 KB, 768x1024)


File: 1349612893637.png (128.95 KB, 352x302)



What is that pink powder surrounding her lips?

 Anonymous (b83e) 3339

File: 1349612915056.jpg (181.2 KB, 1500x1000)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3340

File: 1349613104787.jpg (1.91 MB, 3264x4496)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3341

File: 1349613177169.gif (1.34 MB, 311x265)



File: 1349613254012.jpg (707.05 KB, 3080x2054)


I'm so sorry…

 Anonymous (bc61) 3343

File: 1349613288439.jpg (58.33 KB, 486x393)

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 3344

File: 1349613301393.gif (625.6 KB, 290x262)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3345

File: 1349613355401.jpg (81.96 KB, 720x482)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3346

File: 1349613452781.jpg (39.26 KB, 500x333)

Chloe is such a minx.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3347

File: 1349613514767.jpg (20.17 KB, 403x403)

 Anonymous (bc61) 3348

File: 1349613528568.jpg (90.7 KB, 564x414)


I'm sorry. I'll stop.

 Anonymous (bc61) 3350

File: 1349613615693.jpg (43 KB, 400x392)


it looks like she has cum on her face


For a second I thought that was a tube with Chloe's head in it. You scared the shit out of me, bro.

 Anonymous (b83e) 3352

File: 1349613704530.jpg (51.88 KB, 720x433)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3353

File: 1349613746372.jpg (222.54 KB, 1440x900)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3354

File: 1349613864236.jpg (95.65 KB, 564x800)

 Anonymous (bc61) 3355

File: 1349613889610.png (111.8 KB, 320x281)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3356

File: 1349613901798.jpg (87.41 KB, 564x800)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3357

File: 1349613971393.jpg (39.34 KB, 720x396)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3358

File: 1349614062366.jpg (79.6 KB, 576x564)

not bad
not bad at all

 Anonymous (bc61) 3359

File: 1349614407345.gif (425.24 KB, 163x172)

so is the oc ready for the #200?

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3360

File: 1349614413782.jpg (258.12 KB, 1680x681)

time for the 200th thread

 Anonymous (b83e) 3361

File: 1349614416824.jpg (195.16 KB, 504x336)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3362

File: 1349614568452.jpg (115.35 KB, 381x399)


 Anonymous (b83e) 3363

File: 1349614799818.jpg (173.18 KB, 771x1074)


Might be more on site, havn't checked

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 3364

File: 1349614932791.png (202.45 KB, 245x357)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3365

File: 1349615031616.jpg (348.88 KB, 480x688)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3366

File: 1349615263248.jpg (418.12 KB, 3000x2083)

Does this counts as Chloë?

 Anonymous (b83e) 3367

File: 1349615648094.jpg (102.94 KB, 1365x2048)

 Anonymous (b83e) 3368

File: 1349615814596.jpg (58.05 KB, 720x499)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3369

File: 1349615910275.jpg (116.43 KB, 700x775)


 Anonymous (b83e) 3370

File: 1349615927462.jpg (120.35 KB, 1040x494)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3371

File: 1349615968730.jpg (22 KB, 367x344)

in the new thread

 Anonymous (b83e) 3372

File: 1349616141284.jpg (47.3 KB, 720x396)

 Anonymous (d5b3) 3373

File: 1349616192289.jpg (74.28 KB, 643x671)

cool story human

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