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File: 1347639764112.jpg (640.69 KB, 1468x978)

 Chloë Thread #158 !3pjuTvkbJg 18485

One Corridor
The One Revenge
One Hero
A Death in the skirt.

 Anonymous (fffe) 18486

> 2012
> still not posting links in old thread

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18487

File: 1347641013696.png (74.09 KB, 220x250)

You damn newfags really need to learn how to count to

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 18488

File: 1347641170335.jpg (5.74 KB, 221x228)


 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18489

File: 1347641687619.jpg (422.99 KB, 1280x528)

Im going out bros
See ya in 4 hours…

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 18490

File: 1347641913775.jpg (24.48 KB, 407x476)

 Anonymous (8048) 18491

File: 1347642841437.jpg (769.04 KB, 1728x1296)

 Anonymous (8048) 18492

File: 1347642963549.jpg (540 KB, 828x1086)

Dou you mean there was a terrorist attack?

 Anonymous (b33f) 18493

File: 1347643743802.jpg (359.09 KB, 820x528)


 Anonymous (b33f) 18494

File: 1347643859393.jpg (85.57 KB, 820x528)

 Anonymous (b33f) 18495

File: 1347643951050.jpg (80.89 KB, 940x720)

 Anonymous (8048) 18496

File: 1347643956312.jpg (24.26 KB, 638x360)

Sup nuggah.

 Anonymous (5991) 18497

File: 1347644105674.jpg (56.18 KB, 262x394)

 Anonymous (b33f) 18498

File: 1347644114597.jpg (1.86 MB, 3000x1996)

I'm fine, my little brother is having his birthday party, and all the annoying little children just went outside, so it's nice and calm now.
How are you doing bro?

Also, has anyone seen Not Forgotten by any chance? Is it any good?

 Anonymous (5991) 18499

File: 1347644198139.jpg (36.78 KB, 512x344)

> Is it any good?

 Anonymous (b33f) 18500

File: 1347644232590.jpg (1.44 MB, 2530x3802)

I just realized this pic is god tier.

 Anonymous (8048) 18501

File: 1347644284519.jpg (512.36 KB, 1333x2000)

Kind good but crummy all the same, passed my exams and was supposed to go out to celebrate tonight but the folks I was supposed to go with pulled out so I guess it's another lonely friday night on chlomo.
I have never seen not forgotten, sorry.

 Anonymous (8048) 18502

File: 1347644345094.jpg (236.03 KB, 600x900)

Most pics are.

 Anonymous (5991) 18503

File: 1347644386288.jpg (335.32 KB, 1905x3000)


that whole set is goddess tier

and don't even get me started on those legs …

 Anonymous (8048) 18504

File: 1347644406414.jpg (504.61 KB, 1900x1417)

 Anonymous (8048) 18505

File: 1347644485587.jpg (41.72 KB, 508x557)

 Anonymous (5991) 18506

File: 1347644573409.jpg (18.31 KB, 239x410)


 Anonymous (8048) 18507

File: 1347644640865.jpg (791.75 KB, 1372x1021)

You just cropped my crop.

 Anonymous (5991) 18508

File: 1347644664883.jpg (142.62 KB, 357x630)


 Anonymous (5991) 18509

File: 1347644710387.jpg (18.56 KB, 444x473)


you're welcome

 Anonymous (8048) 18510

File: 1347644764169.jpg (718.58 KB, 1076x1444)

Thanks mister

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 18511

File: 1347644784869.jpg (64.76 KB, 267x512)

 Anonymous (5991) 18512

File: 1347644806121.jpg (557.18 KB, 2135x3000)

 Anonymous (5991) 18513

File: 1347644894485.jpg (89.07 KB, 612x612)

just in case blackchocolate is around

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18514

File: 1347645043931.jpg (172.24 KB, 600x401)

>dem eyes

 Anonymous (5991) 18515

File: 1347645058403.jpg (644.73 KB, 2344x3000)

 Anonymous (5991) 18516

File: 1347645157272.jpg (683.16 KB, 1891x3000)

 Anonymous (5991) 18517

File: 1347645257066.jpg (275.93 KB, 1860x2600)

how I'd wish she'd go lesbian

 Anonymous (8048) 18518

File: 1347645259548.jpg (48.63 KB, 451x557)

Problem mitigated.

 Anonymous (5991) 18519

File: 1347645571711.jpg (471.54 KB, 2040x3000)

 Anonymous (7267) 18520

Don't forget to post this on the official forums chiles

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 18521

File: 1347645733152.jpg (33.71 KB, 474x450)

 Anonymous (5991) 18522


Why would I do that?

 Anonymous (5991) 18523

wonder if this means Chloe will get in on the action


 Anonymous (7267) 18524

its lel funny, just do it XD

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 18525


>implying it would last more than 2 secs now that I'm expecting it…

 Anonymous (5991) 18526

File: 1347646007209.jpg (463.66 KB, 2176x3000)

hot duckling


File: 1347646021661.gif (244.96 KB, 315x263)

OH SHIT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH YES !!!!!!!!!!

 Anonymous (8048) 18528

File: 1347646028732.jpg (33.02 KB, 462x283)

What is your problem with getting more visitors here, it's a great site.

 Anonymous (5991) 18529

File: 1347646121995.jpg (99.84 KB, 777x600)

They don't allow links to this site plus I know there are a lot of young fans there. Same reason I won't post it on gochloe.com

 Anonymous (5991) 18530

File: 1347646213243.jpg (228.08 KB, 1817x2992)


 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 18531


I have no problem with this site getting promoted, but not via the forum, simply due to the general nature of this site.

 Anonymous (8048) 18532

File: 1347646487895.jpg (1.16 MB, 2100x3296)

I didn't reference that at you, I understand your position I just don't understand the people who don't want the site advertised elsewhere, where acceptable.

 Anonymous (8048) 18533

File: 1347646544582.gif (908.47 KB, 240x320)

 Anonymous (8048) 18534

File: 1347646613966.gif (378.92 KB, 202x202)

 Anonymous (8048) 18535

File: 1347646673127.jpg (89.95 KB, 1037x825)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 18536

File: 1347646715476.jpg (123.5 KB, 299x418)

 Anonymous (5991) 18537

File: 1347646847684.jpg (2.63 MB, 3128x2012)

the face of rape

 Anonymous (9f8a) 18538

File: 1347646875460.jpg (34.65 KB, 246x244)


Now with more etz

 Anonymous (8048) 18539

File: 1347646905531.jpg (1.16 MB, 1796x2256)

How many pop corns did she eat that time, was it 5?

 Anonymous (5991) 18540

File: 1347646920502.jpg (150.52 KB, 433x600)

damn you Donaghy

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 18541

I don't have a problem with the picture itself, why do you keep starting shit? I gave you feedback that you didn't like when you expected high fives, and you just can't take it.

 Anonymous (9f8a) 18542

File: 1347646988175.jpg (111.79 KB, 453x360)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18543

File: 1347647061074.jpg (233.63 KB, 1024x683)

Tomorrow's just an excuse…post Chloe naow!

 Anonymous (8048) 18544

File: 1347647128367.jpg (56.53 KB, 600x454)

 Anonymous (5991) 18545

File: 1347647466221.jpg (153 KB, 500x648)

> I gave you feedback that you didn't like when you expected high fives, and you just can't take it

The problem is not that you didn't like it. Is that you vehemently said no one will and in that regard you've been proven wrong.

But let's not digress. Tis' the time for posting chloe

 Anonymous (5991) 18546

File: 1347647698337.jpg (52.75 KB, 399x600)

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 18547

File: 1347647702244.jpg (18.38 KB, 480x360)

You ignored the main point I was making, ignored what I said about that kind of style of advertising, the problem I had with that irreverent stereotypical 4chan attitude and then some.

Every time you bring this up I just get a worse image of you.

 Anonymous (5991) 18548

File: 1347647909685.gif (5.15 MB, 419x303)

> Every time you bring this up I just get a worse image of you.
I'll just have to cope with it

Why don't you have any chloe posters on your wall btw?

 Anonymous (8048) 18549

File: 1347647970807.jpg (28.52 KB, 569x573)

>Why don't you have any chloe posters on your wall btw?
Did not expect that.

 Anonymous (5991) 18550

File: 1347647975561.gif (871.6 KB, 500x250)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18551

File: 1347648011673.jpg (83.53 KB, 665x632)

>not having the worst possible image of him

 Anonymous (5991) 18552

File: 1347648086676.gif (1.72 MB, 340x330)

le niggy butthurtello

 Anonymous (5991) 18553

File: 1347648168752.jpg (123.69 KB, 940x704)

 Anonymous (5991) 18554

File: 1347648255204.jpg (69.73 KB, 401x300)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18555

File: 1347648279708.jpg (10.88 KB, 225x164)

 Anonymous (98c7) 18556

File: 1347648332835.jpg (41.13 KB, 325x315)

 Anonymous (5991) 18557

File: 1347648349319.jpg (188.78 KB, 1024x650)

 Anonymous (5991) 18558

File: 1347648397259.jpg (40.45 KB, 276x226)


Now why did you do that?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18559

File: 1347648450676.jpg (114.17 KB, 250x358)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18560

File: 1347648477796.jpg (33.17 KB, 377x367)


I think Chloe would appreciate if you did, in fact, put mayo on it.

 Anonymous (8048) 18561

File: 1347648534484.jpg (9.11 KB, 236x367)

For all we know she despises mayonaise.

 Anonymous (5991) 18562

File: 1347648577849.jpg (102.83 KB, 707x449)


see what you did?


 Lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 18563

File: 1347648588466.jpg (104.6 KB, 615x707)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18564

File: 1347648689506.jpg (311.64 KB, 1035x690)


But…but..what about all those pictures of Chloe and her beloved mayonnaise?

 Anonymous (98c7) 18565

File: 1347648704643.jpg (73.74 KB, 333x399)

it was my pleasure to serve.

 Anonymous (8048) 18566

File: 1347648817121.jpg (366.14 KB, 810x786)

That was made up by some chlobros, she has never even mentioned mayonaise that I'm aware of ( maybe in a tweet or something ) but certainly it was a chlobro instigated thing unlike faboost.

 Lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 18567

File: 1347648824822.jpg (193.7 KB, 1176x939)

 Anonymous (5991) 18568

File: 1347648926174.jpg (56.19 KB, 250x358)

 Anonymous (98c7) 18569

File: 1347648933991.jpg (49.51 KB, 438x438)

what up lili!

 Lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 18570

File: 1347648957197.png (487.73 KB, 609x609)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18571

File: 1347648957508.jpg (171.21 KB, 846x800)


I guess my sarcasm didn't translate well,haha, but thanks for explaining anyways.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18572

File: 1347648961467.jpg (125.16 KB, 315x537)

You've been living a lie.

 Lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 18573

File: 1347649037663.jpg (30.54 KB, 333x500)

nothing, just chillin. what's up??

 Lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 18574

File: 1347649140921.jpg (1.18 MB, 2410x3600)

Hey Pomp, Hey Chedds!

 Anonymous (5991) 18575

File: 1347649162999.jpg (88.68 KB, 526x598)

 Anonymous (5991) 18576

File: 1347649299197.jpg (98.51 KB, 426x596)

words can not describe / 10

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18577

File: 1347649316313.jpg (128.84 KB, 1128x600)



 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18578

File: 1347649368950.jpg (241.22 KB, 457x566)

Hey hey hey

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18579

File: 1347649447590.gif (6 MB, 515x250)


Fonzie Moretz

 Anonymous (5991) 18580

File: 1347649473069.jpg (46.3 KB, 319x480)

 Anonymous (5991) 18581

File: 1347649537748.png (203.5 KB, 640x358)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18582

File: 1347649559192.jpg (92.25 KB, 335x717)

the death of meh/10

 Spoon | No trip cuz I'm cool (1359) 18583

I came.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18584

File: 1347649644811.jpg (128.53 KB, 566x754)

Serious question: What's everyone doing today, or already done today?

inb4 chlomo.org

 Anonymous (5991) 18585

File: 1347649667862.jpg (114.36 KB, 1348x899)

 Anonymous (5991) 18586

File: 1347649725668.jpg (19.9 KB, 274x276)

> What's everyone doing today, or already done today?

 Lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 18587

File: 1347649749561.jpg (124.47 KB, 977x750)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18588

File: 1347649818435.jpg (53.74 KB, 476x464)


You don't have to answer it anon. Jeez

 Lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 18589

File: 1347649841456.jpg (506.27 KB, 950x641)

going to a fashion show at 2:00. what about you?

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18590

File: 1347649896211.jpg (31 KB, 458x520)


That is cool as shit.

nice file name too ;)

 Anonymous (5991) 18591

File: 1347649985196.jpg (18.5 KB, 328x376)

that's not the point

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18592

File: 1347649992056.jpg (72.5 KB, 612x612)

Been chillin' and playing vidya games because I've got a sore throat. A little bit of chlomo.org but no one really posts in the daytime.

 Lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 18593

File: 1347650011851.jpg (156.31 KB, 1058x673)

I didn't make it. Pixel did. it was on the other thread.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18594

File: 1347650065630.jpg (184.98 KB, 1018x1600)


>going to a fashion show

Just in case we don't believe you're a girl, eh?

haha, na, That sounds cool.

My friends cousin is having her birthday party at a club, I don't know if I'm going to go though. Not a big club person. I haven't gotten drunk in a while, so it's a possibility.

 Anonymous (5991) 18595

File: 1347650072682.jpg (217.79 KB, 881x1329)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18596


 Lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 18597

File: 1347650130097.png (145.69 KB, 480x270)

I know, at maybe the evening is when it starts to get busy around here.

 Anonymous (5991) 18598

File: 1347650161844.jpg (196.75 KB, 960x829)

 Lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 18599

File: 1347650288019.png (137.17 KB, 480x270)

>Just in case we don't believe you're a girl, eh?

I didnt even think of that lol!

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18600

File: 1347650323469.jpg (37.53 KB, 500x312)


Nice, well not the sore throat part, but video games are cool. I miss highschool days where about 10 of my buds would get on Halo 3. Sometimes we would play Big Team Battle and piss off everyone by getting in a circle in the middle of the map and teabagging while everyone else would shoot furiously at us.

 Jack!Bouncy/X3o 18601

File: 1347650386669.jpg (274.67 KB, 1230x862)

Sitting alone in a park on a friday night, alone and only light i can see is a burning cigarette and stars sbove
it feels strange, i like this place,
it always makes me think, about the past, future, how this whole chloe thing is just another drop in the rain
sometimes i just wish i would get out of this chaotic shithole and live somewhere nice and quiet with no worries, with somone i love, someone perfect i would never get tired of
but that is just as realistic as meeting chloe
so i just gotta keep walking on the road i was placed on, pick the way and hope it's the right decision…
Funny, back in the winter i felt the same on the same place and posted it on /b/,
it turned into a baww thread…
So many ambisions, so little chances, so many failures, and after years im still in the same place thinking about the same things with chloe in my head, and im wondering where have i gone wrong or if i'll ever get somewhere, i envy people who never get to feel this way, it may be sad to see them live their same ster

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18602

File: 1347650499384.jpg (65.02 KB, 544x438)


She looks so FUYIN CUTE! ah!

Are those her little cousins or something?

 Anonymous (5991) 18603

File: 1347650502723.jpg (99.22 KB, 562x360)

> it turned into a baww thread…

 Anonymous (5991) 18604

File: 1347650567643.jpg (16.02 KB, 300x265)


is it me or does she seem to have pretty big feet?

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18605

File: 1347650684565.jpg (97.98 KB, 500x617)


Slightly big. Her hands too. I like it though. I don't know. I think her slightly large hands and feet look really good on her.

 Anonymous (5991) 18606

File: 1347650789515.jpg (334.61 KB, 1112x1204)


I don't have a problem with the hands but her feet look like man's there. Meh, I was never a footfag

legs on the other hand ….

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18607

File: 1347650881704.jpg (701.39 KB, 806x1214)

That's what a chlobro would say.

 Anonymous (5991) 18608

File: 1347650905021.jpg (334.61 KB, 1112x1204)


I don't have a problem with the hands but her feet look like man's there. Meh, I was never a footfag

legs on the other hand ….

 Jack!Bouncy/X3o 18609

File: 1347650907956.jpg (20.94 KB, 477x549)

i never intended it to turn into a baww thread, i was just thinking, not bawwing, i guess i wanted to see if they feel the same and what do they do about it

 Anonymous (5991) 18610

File: 1347650989436.jpg (21.57 KB, 362x379)


those sort of thoughts put into writing can only lead to bawwland

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18611

File: 1347651121778.jpg (125.15 KB, 1067x600)


I know what you mean, but it's not SO bad. I don't know you're situation but clearly you have enough to be able to afford a computer and/or internet connection. You're able to connect with people here who share similar interests to you, that have similar traits as you.

Think, 15, 20 years ago, this would've been impossible. You'd feel even more alone than you do now.

Look at the bright side. You're not a starving child in Africa. You're not someone in the middle of a warzone, thinking every day is going to be your last. You're not a slave in a factory, wishing you were dead. It can always be worse.

I know you can change your life though, I can change mine too, and I do realize the challenges that it takes to overcome certain obstacles. Take it slow. Step by step is our only choice in a walk.


File: 1347651198124.jpg (133.78 KB, 900x648)


 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18613

File: 1347651296363.jpg (209.36 KB, 950x1456)


I would like her soul and her sole.


hmm..Just a few minor calculations, and….Yup..It's confirmed..I AM a Chlobro

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18614

File: 1347651364050.jpg (85.63 KB, 500x466)


***I would lick her soul

 Anonymous (5991) 18615

File: 1347651515273.jpg (561.57 KB, 1928x3000)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18616

File: 1347651576645.png (78.19 KB, 360x374)

 Anonymous (5991) 18617

File: 1347651758699.jpg (39.59 KB, 375x500)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18618

File: 1347651992015.jpg (527.67 KB, 1442x982)


Dat pink streak.

If you could have a close, personal relationship with one of Chloe's characters, who would it be?

Mine would be a tie-breaker between Hit-Girl and Angie….Rachel is a runner-up.

inb4 why no abby

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18619

File: 1347652129979.jpg (40.95 KB, 433x391)

Oh well, last time it happened
I posted it from a phone
And it's not that im feeling lonely or depressed, im just not sure how to continue since nothing ever changes even though im trying
Im not a starving child in africa so why should i take them as an example of how it could it be worse instead of focusing on trying to make it better ?

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18620

File: 1347652229039.jpg (153.31 KB, 900x627)

 Anonymous (5991) 18621

File: 1347652298423.jpg (262.09 KB, 1175x965)


15yr old Hit-Girl would be the one to end them all for me

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18622

File: 1347652530448.jpg (26.8 KB, 451x442)


Ok. And clearly you have a very good phone. And probably a computer as well.

If you're not lonely or depressed, then why does your static life bother you? Why change something that's working? If you have some other issue that's bothering you, that's a different story.

>Im not a starving child in africa so why should i take them as an example of how it could it be worse instead of focusing on trying to make it better

Lol? Exactly. You know how fucking lucky you are to NOT be starving? 80% of the population lives on less than $10 a day.

That doesn't mean you stop trying to improve your life man. You've been giving an amazing opportunity, make use of it. You're the only motherfucker who could change your life.

 Anonymous (5991) 18623

File: 1347652551073.jpg (69.22 KB, 612x612)


 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18624

File: 1347652600315.jpg (212.99 KB, 722x1000)


Good choice.

 Anonymous (5991) 18625

File: 1347652768451.jpg (72.43 KB, 719x960)

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 18626

File: 1347653023651.jpg (98.29 KB, 612x612)

Pick up "The Art of Learning', it might gets your juices flowing.

 Anonymous (5991) 18627

File: 1347653239559.jpg (32.67 KB, 192x212)

> gets your juices flowing.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18628

File: 1347653292286.jpg (41.2 KB, 500x583)


Porn will suffice

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18629

File: 1347653499589.jpg (27.06 KB, 478x469)

What is it about ?

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18630

File: 1347653582839.jpg (171.21 KB, 846x800)


Learning how not to be a pussy

 Anonymous (8048) 18631

File: 1347653619044.gif (818.82 KB, 300x208)

 Anonymous (5991) 18632

File: 1347653695412.jpg (14.51 KB, 283x301)


I don't get it

 Anonymous (8048) 18633

File: 1347653751711.gif (688.05 KB, 200x243)

Either do I

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18634

File: 1347653770339.jpg (125.15 KB, 1067x600)


I've never once seen that gif used, and understood what the poster was trying to imply

 Anonymous (5991) 18635

File: 1347653879135.jpg (119.91 KB, 789x633)


the normal gif is has a pretty obvious purpose but the mirror one is riddle wrapped in an enigma to me

 Anonymous (8048) 18636

File: 1347653926290.jpg (190.54 KB, 450x636)

Autism knows no bounds, not even the internet can mask it.

 Anonymous (5991) 18637

File: 1347653964685.jpg (142.35 KB, 610x467)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18638

File: 1347654111265.jpg (312.77 KB, 1400x932)


What I mean is, it doesn't ever seem to be used properly. Chloe is clearly frightened in the clip, so you'd think it'd be used against a scary or weird post…but it never is.

 Anonymous (8048) 18639

File: 1347654203323.jpg (137.82 KB, 806x990)

>doesn't ever seem to be used properly

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18640

File: 1347654253529.jpg (792.17 KB, 1819x2729)


It masked yours pretty well.

 Anonymous (8048) 18641

File: 1347654309516.jpg (81.87 KB, 634x698)

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18642

File: 1347654347366.png (396 KB, 455x454)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18643

File: 1347654479987.jpg (119.58 KB, 625x937)


Sometimes I mock. But it is purely out of Chlobro love. I don't believe you are a pussy. It just seemed like a missed comedic opportunity, were I to have left it.

inb4 autism

 Anonymous (8048) 18644

File: 1347654486387.jpg (29.61 KB, 639x523)

Why not luli?

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18645

File: 1347654583258.gif (3.97 MB, 300x228)


Luli's a crazy fucking bitch, that would probably cheat on me, or ditch me.

She's cool and sexy, but I'd prefer hit-girl or angie.

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 18646

 Anonymous (8048) 18647

File: 1347654651169.jpg (157.47 KB, 1222x817)

But that everything

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18648

File: 1347654657253.jpg (56.14 KB, 350x526)

 Anonymous (5991) 18649

File: 1347654713390.jpg (99.84 KB, 777x600)


she was naive to say the least

 Anonymous (8048) 18650

File: 1347654794157.jpg (200.91 KB, 2589x1084)

But that everything else, plus I rather be with a naieve person than a cynic.

 Anonymous (5991) 18651

File: 1347654849998.jpg (41.84 KB, 300x481)

this set will be the death of me
I'll die looking for it

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18652

File: 1347654880474.jpg (44.1 KB, 522x536)


I know who you are. I know what you want. If you are looking for bread, I can tell you I don't have any mayo. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired as a Chlobro. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you tell me where you're filming, that'll be the end of it. I will look for you, and I will admire from a far. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will become your sister's lover.

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18653

File: 1347654898399.jpg (525.14 KB, 995x918)

Naive, dumb, slutty, snorts coke, steals…the list goes on

 Anonymous (8048) 18654

File: 1347654920990.jpg (80.82 KB, 1650x910)

If anyone can find it my money's on solar, that man could find a chloe in a haystack.

 Anonymous (5991) 18655

File: 1347654977316.jpg (231.33 KB, 1313x1065)

> I rather be with a naieve person than a cynic.

I wouldn't want to be with a naive person … period. I would feel like I'm taking advantage of her.

But you can have you Luli,, I'm getting my Hit-Girl and we'll each go our own separate ways

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18656

File: 1347655075843.gif (818.82 KB, 300x208)


Wait…how did you know that's 20 mins from me?

Are they going there tomoroow??? Holy Shit@@!!!1

 Anonymous (8048) 18657

File: 1347655087526.png (181.74 KB, 478x469)

Somehow I could over look all of that.
>I would feel like I'm taking advantage of her
God damnit maybe that's what I find so alluring, kinda sick really. Me and luli would kick you and hit girls ass fo sho.

 Anonymous (5991) 18658


well he hasn't found it either so tough luck

 Anonymous (8048) 18659

File: 1347655227153.jpg (109.65 KB, 640x960)

A man can dream.

 Anonymous (5991) 18660

File: 1347655245721.jpg (19.79 KB, 358x353)


> Me and luli would kick you and hit girls ass fo sho.

cool story redneck

 Anonymous (8048) 18661

File: 1347655267142.jpg (123.08 KB, 634x984)

 Anonymous (b33f) 18662

File: 1347655271772.jpg (470.77 KB, 456x1233)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 18663

File: 1347655327878.jpg (178.44 KB, 556x528)


No, I'm definitely not hoarding a HQ version of that set.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18664

File: 1347655385345.gif (6 MB, 515x250)


And what do you do when you find her fucking some scumbag redneck?…and it's not you

 Anonymous (8048) 18665

File: 1347655404137.jpg (35.81 KB, 480x360)

Our inbred hick genes would give us the edge.
Thank you.

 Anonymous (5991) 18666

File: 1347655414201.jpg (45.25 KB, 400x400)

that would be like chlobro genocide if you did

 Anonymous (8048) 18667

File: 1347655478655.jpg (59.97 KB, 784x658)

Join the party of course, down south this happens regularly. It's just par for the course 'round here boy.

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18668

File: 1347655570679.jpg (124.08 KB, 434x457)

I don't want luli because she's dumb and would cheat on me
and i can't stand either
I don't want abby because i want to keep my life
I don't want hitgirl because i would feel like a pussy next to her plus if we ever got into a fight, it could get ugly…
Angie : smart, hot, not a killer or a whore, da perfect option

 Anonymous (8048) 18669

File: 1347655607252.jpg (218.74 KB, 610x894)

 Anonymous (5991) 18670

File: 1347655652399.gif (3.34 MB, 295x280)

> Our inbred hick genes would give us the edge.
At a circus freaks contest

 Anonymous (8048) 18671

File: 1347655740930.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1038)

Forgetting about isabelle much?
Can't resist that anachronistic lure.

 Anonymous (5991) 18672

File: 1347655891922.jpg (335.33 KB, 610x894)

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18673

File: 1347655953977.jpg (31.64 KB, 331x299)

She would be the perfect option if i lived in 1931 in Paris and spoke french

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 18674

File: 1347655977335.jpg (1.36 MB, 1181x1906)

 Anonymous (8048) 18675

File: 1347656028509.jpg (36.24 KB, 572x586)

Well I like loli rednecks and moonshine fueled multi sex, Q.E.D

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18676

File: 1347656058519.png (196.35 KB, 296x306)

that's like the first time i see solar twallin
so cute

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18677

File: 1347656093350.gif (7.45 MB, 498x304)

Does anyone know when they're shooting here? Or if they even are?


 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18678

File: 1347656263945.jpg (1.08 MB, 2250x1416)



I said "when" not "what"

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18679

File: 1347656274250.gif (1.99 MB, 344x307)


 Anonymous (8048) 18680

File: 1347656300438.jpg (100.96 KB, 687x720)

Cheddar you're such a jerk wad.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18681

File: 1347656378460.jpg (89.84 KB, 333x500)

Curse you Cheddar!

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18682

File: 1347656396750.jpg (26.23 KB, 395x396)

>mfw 3 replies

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18683

File: 1347656686155.jpg (26.12 KB, 400x320)

 Anonymous (b33f) 18684

File: 1347656686963.jpg (1.43 MB, 2666x3999)

Fuck, it seems like I missed something again… Actually, I don't even wanna know.

Anyways, I'm going to sleep, tomorrow's gonna be a long day, and I'll only be just in time for the movie night. G'night bro's.

 Anonymous (8048) 18685

File: 1347656736157.jpg (224.11 KB, 621x546)

See you later anonymous.

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 18686


 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18687

File: 1347656806171.jpg (46.73 KB, 380x604)


lol Chedz…


later bro

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18688

File: 1347657006064.gif (452.57 KB, 188x176)


Holy shit. I'm there. What time?????

Dude, will I see you thar?

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18689

File: 1347657047643.jpg (40.87 KB, 359x291)

Why don't you ever post chloe ?

 Anonymous (8048) 18690

File: 1347657059575.jpg (77.75 KB, 492x330)

I'm mad jelly right now.

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18691

File: 1347657134451.jpg (43 KB, 400x392)

Don't be, something rather lulzy can come out of this…

 Anonymous (8048) 18692

File: 1347657203529.jpg (43.44 KB, 498x522)

But I just wanna meet chloe so darn bad ;-;

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18693

File: 1347657244668.jpg (81.24 KB, 418x337)


Do not jell my friend. In my death, will come you're ascension into Chloeaven.

Imma get mad Pomp pics. Pics of Chloe and post. I will try my hardest to bring the experience to you all.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18694

File: 1347657249045.jpg (174.5 KB, 768x1222)

>you will most probably never meet Chloe

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18695

File: 1347657320412.jpg (68.93 KB, 593x554)


move to toronto

Problem Amerifags?

 Anonymous (8048) 18696

File: 1347657410724.jpg (12.32 KB, 339x266)

Try not to scare her okay, that be my one fear if I was ever gonna get the chance to meet her, I just know I'd come off to intense or crazy or something. I'd find it nearly impossible to be chill.
If I was in america that'd be at least pretty close.
Feels terrible man.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18697

File: 1347657413775.gif (2.4 MB, 239x360)


Finally. I can say, "No Motherfucker! That is incorrect!"

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18698

File: 1347657457620.jpg (33.71 KB, 833x600)

>Imma get mad Pomp pics. Pics of Chloe and post. I will try my hardest to bring the experience to you all.

YEEES YEEES that's exacly what im hoping for!
you could also take your clown outfit and record yourself with her if you get the chance to meet her, and sing live for us with your special guest !

 Anonymous (8048) 18699

File: 1347657529898.jpg (113.19 KB, 471x448)

That might come off psychotic and or disrespectfull.

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18700

File: 1347657637332.png (145.75 KB, 291x288)

it will be perfectly normal. chloe understands her fans, let pomp do his shit
For her. For Him. For us

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18701

File: 1347657676160.jpg (40.76 KB, 350x525)


I won't scare her. Imma be all chill on the outside, but like, freaking out on the inside.

Not even sure the extent of our conversation, or if we'll even have one, but just to have her beautiful holiness bestowed before my eyes, will be enough to induce nirvana.

 Anonymous (8048) 18702

File: 1347657718195.jpg (166.99 KB, 423x495)

I just don't want chloe to feel any sort of fear or trepidation.
But it's up to pomp I guess.

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18703

File: 1347657775144.jpg (42.86 KB, 277x318)

She's used to much worse

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18704

File: 1347657802805.jpg (307.37 KB, 1034x1222)

>you'll never meet Chloe while she wears a full leather suit

 Anonymous (8048) 18705

File: 1347657836829.jpg (889.62 KB, 1760x1975)

If you're getting an upclose picture like pic related you've gotsta gor for a subtle hair sniff for some of that heavenly aroma.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18706

File: 1347657897445.jpg (1.08 MB, 2283x3000)


haha. i was actually thinking about that, but then I thought she might think I'm James Holmes, soo not so sure about the clown hair.

And I thought about playing for her too, and while I'd be totally down for that, you have to remember, they're there to shoot a movie. I don't think i'll be given the time of day to sing her a song.

Any tips are welcome on what I should do/say.

btw did anyone mention the general time frame they're shooting?

 Anonymous (8048) 18707

File: 1347657978167.jpg (413.41 KB, 560x933)

Advice: try not to scare her, that's it really.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18708

Get a pic of you kissing her. Do it fag.

>implying this get isn't mine

 Anonymous (8048) 18709

File: 1347658031428.jpg (133.81 KB, 400x602)

 Anonymous (8048) 18710

File: 1347658068821.jpg (1.89 MB, 933x1400)

 Anonymous (8048) 18711

File: 1347658129311.jpg (177.29 KB, 980x1331)

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18712

File: 1347658148677.jpg (147.6 KB, 673x580)


Fuck yea! Dat heavenly grapefruit!


That's shit advice cuz I already know that.

Damn. Nice quints.

I can't even kiss a 300 pound fat slutl, how dafuq you expect me to kiss a goddess?

 Anonymous (8048) 18713

File: 1347658173058.jpg (865.44 KB, 1996x3000)

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18714

File: 1347658234669.jpg (220.44 KB, 1274x945)

Be natural, sing, and record it for us, she doesn't have to stand next to you, start recording as soon as you spot her and try to approach her, i'd go for the clown hair if i was you, she will like it, will think it's funny and will want to speak to you more than others since you'll stand out, and don't care about that, im sure she'll find a minute or 2 to listen
implying you weren't waiting for a get

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18715

File: 1347658293594.jpg (79.2 KB, 443x360)

Force it

 Anonymous (8048) 18716

File: 1347658350545.jpg (963.89 KB, 1454x2048)

This guy is just looking for you to make a fool of himself so he can cop a cheap laugh.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18717

File: 1347658370893.jpg (138.22 KB, 300x450)


I'd rather not get kicked out for disturbing a movie set.

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18718

File: 1347658461498.jpg (115.03 KB, 1317x918)

It's not cheat, and im sure i wouldn't be the only one who'd lol

 Anonymous (8048) 18719

File: 1347658463254.jpg (61.97 KB, 594x623)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18720

File: 1347658530522.jpg (45.19 KB, 440x660)

Well…I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I could not kiss a 300 pound slut unless my life depended on it.

>It's only sexual harassment, don't make it rape

 Anonymous (8048) 18721

File: 1347658605930.jpg (681.62 KB, 2000x2683)

If it makes chloe feel awkward I'm against it, and I suspect it would. Yes cheap laughs would be had but st what cost.
Then again maybe she'd find it hilarious, who knows.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18722

File: 1347658709764.jpeg (45.22 KB, 260x266)


Don't worry bros. Despite the impression you may have derived of me, I'm not a fool.

Jack can suck a cack.

I will do the right thing! I will do the right thing!

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18723

File: 1347658899325.jpg (137.98 KB, 1271x703)

Im sure she'd laugh uncontrollably, isn't that good ? she would sure like to be entertained

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18724

File: 1347658915666.jpg (81.87 KB, 634x698)

If I get the chance to talk to her for long enough, should I give her the link to my "Oh Chlomo" video?

I hope to fuck that I get to talk to her. I'm afraid that Trevor, her entourage, + film crew will be barricading the set, to withhold crazy fans + paparazzi from interfering.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18725

File: 1347658932294.jpg (1.16 MB, 2046x3000)

Do you own a camera?

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18726

File: 1347659028123.jpg (976.32 KB, 2000x3000)


I do. I have a HD digital camera, and a crappy camcorder. The camcorder films in decent quality but it has terrible zoom and few features.

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18727

File: 1347659127451.png (101.06 KB, 217x291)

>should I give her the link to my "Oh Chlomo" video?
> I'm afraid that Trevor, her entourage, + film crew will be barricading the set, to withhold crazy fans + paparazzi from interfering.
*Climb the fense
*Break into chloe's trailer
you will get in trouble but you'll meet her and you two will be alone plus you could steal something that she owned/owns or at least touched her

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18728

File: 1347659158577.jpg (60.75 KB, 345x600)

You're quite young/look quite young don't you? Maybe you could ask to be an extra?

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 18729

Quite strict when it comes to people filming it seems:


 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18730

File: 1347659496672.jpeg (403.31 KB, 2087x1650)


I am quite young. And if they are allowing anyone who shows up to be an extra, I'll do it, for shizzle.


Yea, i figured. Hopefully I can get some pictures.

It pisses me off when people suggest that it'll be a walk in the park.

Like yea, I'm just gonna strut in there, whip out my camera, call Chloe over and she'll come running to me.

 Anonymous (8048) 18731

File: 1347659656157.jpg (332.26 KB, 600x806)

Bring some nutella for good measure.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18732

File: 1347659664911.jpg (118.44 KB, 926x501)

Blackchoc, you there?

Can anyone here tell me motha fuckin time range. I have shit to do tomorrow, and I can't just camp out there all day. Believe me, if I could, I would.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18733

File: 1347659718654.jpg (245.29 KB, 1155x560)


Thank you! I almost forgot nutella.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18734

File: 1347659741787.jpg (73.67 KB, 317x600)

Try to wait for the lunch break or any other break. Best to get down there at the beginning of the day though so you don't miss an opportunity.

>got shit to do

>you've got Chloe to do now

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18735

File: 1347659944715.jpg (272.37 KB, 1100x815)


That is what a Chlobro [i]would[i] say

So they're shooting during the day then?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18736

File: 1347660046739.jpg (2.03 MB, 2216x3000)

I've not read the comics, but people are usually in school during the day.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18737

File: 1347660202370.jpg (3.42 MB, 2400x3600)


That's true, it's most likely during the day, then.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18738

File: 1347660443435.gif (3.55 MB, 771x560)

Chedz, the thing that I'm worried about is a mad rush of fans that are all screaming Chloe's name, y'know?

I'm not gonna do that.

I want to find a way to talk with her without being all aggressive and rude, like most people will be.

I'd rather just see her, than treat her like shit just to get her autograph.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18739

File: 1347660857882.jpg (72.5 KB, 612x612)

I don't think there will be that many people there. I'm pretty sure it's not widely known information that they are filming in this place. Just wait for the right moment to be able to walk up to her (if you are an extra it might be easier since you are on set) and small talk then ask for an autograph and a picture with her. It's obviously not as simple as it sounds but I'm sure you can do it.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18740

File: 1347661018220.jpg (137.12 KB, 600x902)


Alright thanks. This makes me feel a lot better.

I'm gonna be absolutely, hand jittery, palm-sweatingly nervous, but I hope this works out.

mfw I try to talk to Chloe

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18741

File: 1347661109731.jpg (131.61 KB, 720x720)

Also, I think I'm gonna make a list of possible conversation topics..

lol, I know I'm a fucking loser.

 Anonymous (8048) 18742

File: 1347661159602.jpg (748.34 KB, 1996x3000)

Don't forget about the subtle sniff if possible.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18743

File: 1347661252991.jpg (516.39 KB, 1769x3000)

I don't think you'll have a chance to talk to her for a whole list amount of time. You don't want to bother her for too long.

 Anonymous (8048) 18744

File: 1347661280166.jpg (120.72 KB, 1511x944)

Well you know what they say : fail to prepare, prepare to fail.
If you get to have a convo with her that would be unusual they best you should go there hoping for is a picture with + possibly hug 'n sniff.

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 18745

Oh you are really going to go? Make sure you make up something related to the area, so it's not like you made a pilgramage to be on set.

I wouldn't refer to this place or the video either.

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18746

File: 1347661573414.jpg (212.82 KB, 1271x703)

Honest advice now, don't do that, it never works,
you'll create a convo in your head that is always very unlikely to happen and when she won't repsond as you thought you'll get stuck for a second but that is bad enough
Seriously, just be natural, don't act like she's a goddess

 Anonymous (8048) 18747

File: 1347661601713.png (56.39 KB, 172x227)

>I wouldn't refer to this place
Coming from you I would not have expected such advice.

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 18748

What are you on about? There have been exactly zero times that I've given any indication that treating anyone like a unicorn in real life is a good idea.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18749

File: 1347661833110.gif (2.98 MB, 328x269)


subtle sniff is a check


Yea I figured that too, but I don't want to be a lame ass like "Hey Chloe I'm a huge fan. I love your work-a-derp-derp"

I'd rather say something witty, and memorable, even if it is a quick exchange of words.


Yea. I don't expect it, but I have to anticipate it, like you said.


Hell yeah I'm going. You should too!

I never thought of what to tell her, I don't think she'll question my presence, as Im sure there'll be other fans too. But if she did ask, I would say that I read about it online, or maybe I can be non-chalant and be like "I was just strollin through the area"

 Jack!Nobody.2BI 18750

File: 1347661948333.png (108.74 KB, 438x268)

And i never said you did

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18751

File: 1347662043830.jpg (769.04 KB, 1728x1296)


Sorry Jack. I can't take any of your advice seriously.

But I never said I was going to treat her like a goddess. Maybe just think of something interesting to say instead of generic small talk. I'm not going to expect any particular response, or develop lengthy conversations in my head. I'm going to think of a few possible things that might be funny to mention.

 Anonymous (8048) 18752

File: 1347662086839.jpg (66.65 KB, 500x667)

Why'd you call me a faggot?
You're a big silly jerk wad.

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 18753

File: 1347662186166.jpg (18.38 KB, 480x360)

Sorry Jack, meant this faggot, and autist >>18747

Pic related.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18754

File: 1347662333661.jpg (2.99 MB, 4256x2832)

I'm just going to put this out there: Sniffing her could be a very big mistake.

He isn't the same guy as before, you realise?

 Anonymous (8048) 18755

File: 1347662348465.jpg (50.14 KB, 500x667)

You've got some pretty heafty attitude problems, I don't even understand what I did that set you off.

 Anonymous (8048) 18756

File: 1347662591172.jpg (30.65 KB, 625x600)

>He isn't the same guy as before, you realise?
How do you know this? Has someone been running their mouth again.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18757

File: 1347662956743.jpg (69.94 KB, 354x600)

The guy that tried to provoke you earlier with the ass pic is Chiles. He is basically a namefag since whenever he greentexts, he leaves a space inbetween the > and the writing. That's how to spot him.

 Anonymous (8048) 18758

File: 1347663100597.jpg (20.56 KB, 275x261)

Interesting theory, but that as picture is glorious so he can't post it now without it being deemed provacative?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18759

File: 1347663335166.jpg (854.25 KB, 2003x3000)

No but when he posts it excessively and says "just in case blackchocolate is around" then it's just shit stirring.

 Anonymous (5991) 18760

File: 1347663420279.jpg (110.7 KB, 730x414)

No. That is just soft trolling.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18761

File: 1347663444824.jpg (151.09 KB, 413x418)


Shhh…. the anons are happy

In all seriousness, I'm not gonna reach in and wiggle my nose through her hair. If I get in for a picture, I will rest my shaking arm across her hips, lean my head -ever-so-slightly towards her, and inhale like a motherfucker. I'm not gonna make it obvious, if I do attempt it.

 Anonymous (8048) 18762

File: 1347663447256.jpg (27.01 KB, 640x595)

That's a whopper pic you just posted btw, never seen it befeore.
But why is BC getting all angry at me and calling me a faggot.

 Anonymous (5991) 18763

File: 1347663496637.jpg (176.54 KB, 967x556)


Who the fuck is prod and what is that bitch doing on the /chloe/ board?

 Anonymous (5991) 18764

File: 1347663613289.jpg (1.77 MB, 2100x3821)

 Anonymous (5991) 18765

File: 1347663744214.jpg (43 KB, 400x392)

>why is BC getting all angry at me and calling me a faggot.
Because you are

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18766

File: 1347663799048.jpg (66.45 KB, 500x281)

>implying the same trolling is not just really annoying and starts shit

Looks to me like it was a misunderstanding. It's ok, anon. There's no need to be upset.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18767

File: 1347663833947.jpg (64.62 KB, 531x348)


The anons are turning on each other. Excellent…

 Anonymous (8048) 18768

File: 1347663861300.jpg (62.08 KB, 261x263)

Well I guess if more than one person thinks that then it must be fully warranted and justifiable and by extension I can't complain. Oh well.

 Anonymous (5991) 18769

File: 1347663904504.jpg (57.58 KB, 604x406)

> implying the same trolling is not just really annoying and starts shit
It's a funny pic that I'll post as many times as I please. Rustling a moralfag's jimmies in the process is just a bonus.

 PompLeMoose!1HFSrtFsSI 18770

File: 1347663939951.jpg (31.58 KB, 299x286)


Would you liek to nibble on my nurple for a sip of purple?

 Anonymous (5991) 18771

File: 1347663973244.jpg (304.59 KB, 1024x683)

 Anonymous (8048) 18772

File: 1347664029337.jpg (22.33 KB, 522x480)

Screw you and your crap.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 18773

File: 1347664045185.jpg (131.6 KB, 612x612)

Things are usually only funny once, especially when they are posted constantly.

 Anonymous (5991) 18774

File: 1347664075273.jpg (1.15 MB, 800x1200)

feels best, man

 Anonymous (5991) 18775

File: 1347664179726.jpg (80.58 KB, 671x387)

 Anonymous (5991) 18776

File: 1347664287237.gif (4.1 MB, 519x304)

mfw now I know how it feels to have bad net

 Anonymous (5991) 18777

File: 1347664477056.jpg (404.58 KB, 1224x816)


Did someone order fresh bread?

 Anonymous (e5ac) 18778

They also had two signs on set saying 'no photos'

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 18779

File: 1347704886793.jpg (11.59 KB, 316x384)

Nothing, practically. And are you?

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