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File: 1348386517397.jpg (155.04 KB, 716x960)

 Chloë Thread #176 (bcfa) 11537

Taking Chloë to new levels

previous thread:

I can't count

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11538

File: 1348386721595.jpg (129.49 KB, 1200x800)

>Dat eye freckle.


File: 1348386885159.png (135.94 KB, 192x273)

This is my face while I look at the horizon hoping to see her soles exposed in a photoshoot or something like that.

 Anonymous (f4af) 11540

File: 1348386989612.jpeg (102.24 KB, 600x450)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11541

File: 1348387263178.jpg (36.02 KB, 473x442)

Not sure if Chloë…

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11542

File: 1348387980927.gif (2 MB, 377x490)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11543

File: 1348388484103.gif (4.79 MB, 320x195)

For you Forn.

 RealHumanBeing!s4jsf1HzKo 11544

File: 1348389223078.jpg (208.24 KB, 535x800)

 Anonymous (ce5d) 11545

File: 1348390910045.jpg (71.73 KB, 245x295)

>Not sure if Chloë…

Yup, that was Chloe. Out playing with her friends and shot right before she headed out to shoot Hick and Dark Shadows.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11546

File: 1348394307272.jpg (181.2 KB, 1500x1000)


What a fucking cunt.

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 11547

File: 1348394747612.jpg (32.45 KB, 331x413)

He went a bit over the top with that one, not sure what bought it on.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11548

> a bit

A BIT? I'm pretty sure it's more than 'a bit'. We all made jokes about incest but it usually involves chloe making LOVE to trevor not chloe getting GANG RAPED by all her brothers

This place is supposed to allow jokes and more edgy material but it should also be respectful to her. That shit so so far beyond that line it's not even funny.

I don't care why he did it but the next time he does he's getting a serious ban and his post deleted.


File: 1348395387952.jpg (66.37 KB, 628x552)

>be respectful

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11550

File: 1348395432252.jpeg (213.84 KB, 722x1000)


File: 1348395600291.jpg (40.39 KB, 614x600)

Respectful = Respect ful = Respect full = Full of respect


 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11552

File: 1348395739452.jpg (97.34 KB, 400x378)

>mfw when catching up on the last thread
>mfw Pomps retarded long ass "hurr im a top chlobro post"
>mfw Pomps even more retarded "gang rape" post

 Zatoichi !3XEZrAveNs 11553

File: 1348395997148.jpg (2.74 MB, 2832x4256)

leave to go to work.
come back 6 hours later.
>mfw new Chloe pics

 Anonymous (68fa) 11554

File: 1348396064413.jpg (92.97 KB, 1200x800)


and not just new chloe pics
goddess-tier chloe pics

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11555

So, does anyone know where those pics of Chloe asleep on the chair came from?

 Anonymous (68fa) 11556

File: 1348396274474.gif (814.94 KB, 230x231)



 Zatoichi !3XEZrAveNs 11557

I think someone said Facebook. Seems legit

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11558


Ah OK, thanks bro?

Which brother, Colin?

 Anonymous (ce89) 11559

File: 1348396858637.png (129.28 KB, 300x300)

Nah, Ethan.


My couch.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11561

File: 1348397117746.jpg (95.93 KB, 1200x800)



 Anonymous (ce89) 11562

File: 1348397192538.png (131.28 KB, 300x300)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11563

File: 1348397304992.jpg (140.96 KB, 1200x800)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11564

File: 1348398884481.jpg (109.97 KB, 1200x800)

32 pictures of chloe's gorgeous face

loving this set

 Anonymous (5639) 11565

File: 1348400345859.jpg (29.93 KB, 360x480)

But his second statement is legit. I've asked the question before.
Would you pretend to be Trevor's boyfriend and take it up the but every night just to be close with Chloe? Would you?

 Anonymous (68fa) 11566

File: 1348400552858.jpg (109.97 KB, 1200x800)

my head hurts
from all this perfection

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11567

File: 1348401265570.jpg (85.33 KB, 405x600)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11568

File: 1348401464613.jpg (944.61 KB, 2157x3000)

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11569

File: 1348401812805.gif (1.93 MB, 302x326)

>my head hurts from all this perfection

too fairytale, m… my eyes!

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11570

File: 1348401986795.jpg (81.42 KB, 557x741)

 Anonymous (f4af) 11571

File: 1348402294862.gif (4.61 MB, 485x200)

mmmmm, great pic. the first time I see it hmm

 Anonymous (68fa) 11572

File: 1348402367528.jpg (71.28 KB, 350x268)


make sure you don't miss the full set then

 Anonymous (f4af) 11573

File: 1348402372493.gif (603.35 KB, 325x183)

umm, its max size?

 Anonymous (f4af) 11574

File: 1348402563789.gif (950.35 KB, 500x281)

in previously thread?

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 11575



 Anonymous (68fa) 11576


index page
what's hot list

oh well ….


 ImportedItalianNylon!!hC5cQMNTks 11577

File: 1348402674701.jpg (274.55 KB, 2000x1333)

Goddess-tier Chloë is best Chloë.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11578

File: 1348402693955.jpg (194.91 KB, 881x860)

 Anonymous (f4af) 11579

File: 1348402836312.jpg (41.36 KB, 856x600)

thx its beautiful

 Anonymous (68fa) 11580

File: 1348402861689.gif (4.7 MB, 235x205)

>succulent lips justice

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11581

File: 1348404014921.jpg (138.57 KB, 242x403)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11582

File: 1348404129756.jpg (54.72 KB, 631x675)


the dark shadows set is brilliant
shame there aren't many pics of it

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11583

File: 1348404301121.jpg (712.41 KB, 1800x2400)


Yeah, usually ends up being the case. Amazing set, very few pics.

Thankfully not for the newly discovered photoshoot though.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11584

File: 1348404529309.jpg (129.49 KB, 1200x800)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11585

File: 1348404609378.jpg (159.2 KB, 1068x600)


I can't help but wonder how many hundreds of chloe pics will never see the light of day

they take dozens of them in a shoot and only use a handful of them. If only there was a way to get them

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11586

File: 1348404739707.jpg (496.69 KB, 648x864)


Yeah, it sucks.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11587

File: 1348405375392.jpg (53.65 KB, 1200x800)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11588

File: 1348405649306.jpg (95.93 KB, 1200x800)

 Anonymous (ce89) 11589

File: 1348405706186.jpg (109.15 KB, 800x433)

I always think about that. Feels bad man.

Just think about how many photos Chloe has taken of herself and friends with a proper HQ camera. No instacrap 612x612, but glorious HQ unedited Chloe pics.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11590

File: 1348405707455.jpg (71.36 KB, 1200x800)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11591

File: 1348405714827.jpg (341.62 KB, 2000x1333)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11592

I'm curious. Does instacrap allow for high res pictures or does it make all the images 612x612?

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11593


I've never seen bigger images posted from there (from other peoples accounts too I mean, not just Chloe's) so I assume it automatically makes the pics that size.

 Anonymous (ce89) 11594

File: 1348406003102.jpg (70.9 KB, 612x612)


 Anonymous (68fa) 11595

File: 1348406292849.gif (1.01 MB, 350x276)


I can't believe how some shitty services became so popular

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11596

File: 1348406326790.jpeg (43.06 KB, 375x375)

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11597

File: 1348406667764.jpg (591.98 KB, 702x935)

God just look at this shit. I could imagine the photographer:

"Okay Chloe lick those fucking lips baby"

 Anonymous (68fa) 11598

File: 1348406740569.jpg (37.04 KB, 600x490)

Hey, buddy, how about you start posting chloe pics for once?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11599

File: 1348406856921.jpg (95.93 KB, 1200x800)

Did anyone else shiver and have inconsistent breathing when looking at these new pics? She is insane.

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11600

File: 1348406913073.jpg (120.61 KB, 1280x706)

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11601

yeah. These are so good, it's almost obscene. Based photographer.

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11602

File: 1348406989024.png (68.84 KB, 207x208)

144h + 09:30:00 until the real party starts

 Anonymous (68fa) 11603

File: 1348407019830.jpg (100.84 KB, 1055x536)


true dat

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11604

File: 1348407039463.jpg (548.13 KB, 2400x3600)

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11605

File: 1348407084163.png (821.67 KB, 853x480)

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11606

File: 1348407097913.jpg (53.13 KB, 405x600)

photographer sure wasn't being subtle when taking nice lip photo's

 Anonymous (68fa) 11607

File: 1348407187997.png (235.45 KB, 333x384)

sitting so close to Chloe's bare legs
you're the man, derick

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11608

File: 1348407293546.png (934.65 KB, 851x477)

She just don't care. I like that.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11609

File: 1348407368309.jpg (37.13 KB, 713x597)

That lucky sonovabich

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11610

File: 1348407508792.jpg (63.93 KB, 1200x800)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11611

File: 1348407513746.jpg (53.65 KB, 1200x800)

>not putting this full screen and kissing it

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11612

File: 1348407552366.jpeg (100.32 KB, 650x650)

he's gonna want her for future roles so he needs to get a good relationship going and also the fact that he wants to get close to chloe… derick you so sneaky

 Anonymous (ce89) 11613

File: 1348407639976.jpg (70.45 KB, 531x348)

Is she in a bathrobe?

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11614

File: 1348407718032.jpeg (339.42 KB, 918x2237)

ernesto is watching

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11615

File: 1348407769187.jpg (17.8 KB, 285x285)

shit shit shit

 Anonymous (68fa) 11616

File: 1348407804919.jpg (84.9 KB, 582x443)

and is that a thigh?

 Anonymous (68fa) 11617

File: 1348407870189.jpg (36.9 KB, 600x450)

young chloe is watching you fap to old chloe

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11618


For those wondering, the girl she's with here is Holli, the owner/creator of ChloeMoretz.com

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11619

File: 1348408050822.jpg (1.27 MB, 2400x3617)

She's not bad, Solar. You could totally get her.

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11620

File: 1348408052721.jpg (24.26 KB, 638x360)

being a big fan and getting to know/meet chloe, she has it good

 Anonymous (68fa) 11621

File: 1348408070264.jpg (39.3 KB, 412x400)


Cool. Didn't know that. She seems like a nice girl.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11622

Does anyone have the higher res versions of those pics btw?

They're tagged with "ChloeMoretz.Com" and used to be in the gallery that's no longer on the site, but I don't think I ever saved them.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11623

File: 1348408777281.jpg (93.97 KB, 1200x800)

>those pics
Which pics? These pics?

Someone made a couple higher res pics of these but I never saved them.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11624


I think he means these pics


 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11625


Why was the image deleted?

But yeah, I meant the pics of Chloe and Holli, there's higher res versions that have "ChloeMoretz.com" on them, they used to be up on the site, but since the gallery doesn't exist any more I can't get them from there, thought I saved them, but it seems not.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11626

File: 1348410329167.jpg (8.17 KB, 169x207)

because I posted it by accident

 Anonymousss (8595) 11627

File: 1348410359901.jpg (21.16 KB, 400x395)

yesssssssssssss finally a movie night i will join.

always wanted to watch a chloe movie and point out certain things with chlobros

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11628

File: 1348410696369.jpg (2.79 MB, 1920x2560)

Never mind, I found them. Only a few of them were higher res.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11629

So who's idea was the site? Did Holli propose to Chloe to make one or … ?

 Anonymous (ce89) 11630

File: 1348411153238.jpg (402.51 KB, 1529x2048)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11631

File: 1348411199582.jpg (1.3 MB, 2832x4256)


I'm not sure tbh, I guess Holli offered though.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11632

File: 1348411281861.jpg (83.13 KB, 344x451)

that awkward moment when you're sitting in front of the store, looking furiously for your keys in the pocket with people swarming around everywhere

 Anonymous (ce89) 11633

File: 1348411393615.jpg (103.52 KB, 406x481)

that awkward moment when you're standing in front of the store with a box on your head with people swarming around everywhere

 Anonymous (69a2) 11634

File: 1348411508510.jpg (3.61 KB, 190x164)

They're equally ugly

 Anonymous (ce89) 11635

File: 1348411717122.jpg (93.31 KB, 687x600)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11636

File: 1348411784353.jpg (47.06 KB, 500x485)

 Anonymousss (8595) 11637

File: 1348411814031.gif (490.06 KB, 390x210)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11638

File: 1348411856693.jpg (42.94 KB, 500x481)



 Anonymousss (8595) 11639

File: 1348411934714.jpg (762.51 KB, 1800x2700)

dat little cute chiny chin chin :3333333333333333333333

 Anonymousss (8595) 11640

File: 1348412083158.jpg (1.22 MB, 2695x3552)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11641

File: 1348412168535.jpg (262.09 KB, 1175x965)

 Anonymousss (8595) 11642

File: 1348412280493.jpg (101.47 KB, 612x612)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11643

File: 1348412461557.jpg (97.77 KB, 1200x800)

 Anonymousss (8595) 11644

File: 1348412613795.jpg (139.74 KB, 750x1000)


what are those dots implying? huh, HUH?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11645

File: 1348412707226.jpg (130.48 KB, 1000x667)

How breathless I am at the pictures.

 Anonymousss (8595) 11646

File: 1348412773825.jpg (150.9 KB, 1024x682)


i know, im just messin with ya.

the pic is great

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11647

File: 1348412893806.jpg (92.97 KB, 1200x800)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11648

File: 1348412945848.jpg (253.84 KB, 979x1222)

 Anonymous (69a2) 11649

File: 1348413242036.jpg (855.15 KB, 2360x3110)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11650

File: 1348413280997.jpg (215.61 KB, 1183x1400)

 Anonymous (69a2) 11651

File: 1348413442963.jpg (66.14 KB, 1428x600)

Does anyone here have any experience with google drive ?

 Anonymousss (8595) 11652


nice batman costume chloe

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11653

File: 1348413451534.jpg (165 KB, 774x567)

 Anonymous (ce89) 11654

File: 1348413459085.jpg (130.2 KB, 960x539)

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 11655

Question time. Probably been asked before.

But, you walk into a hotel room and see this.
What do you do?

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 11656

File: 1348413719256.jpg (254.95 KB, 1060x235)

Image didn't upload..

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11657

File: 1348413957927.jpg (341.96 KB, 1366x768)

I'd probably look around for the hidden cameras that obviously would have been planted around the room and to be put on the new TV show "Chlobros Do the Funniest Things"

 Anonymous (69a2) 11658

File: 1348414023160.jpg (43 KB, 400x392)

1. Mask on
2. Chloroform
3. Rape
4. Take pics
5. Steal panties
6. Walk out
7. Get something to eat
8. Go back
9. Mask Off
10.Walk in
12. Rescue her
13. Hero
14. Date her
15. Marry her
16 Grow old together
17. Live happily ever after with a horrible secret

 Anonymous (68fa) 11659

File: 1348414041135.gif (3.95 MB, 225x227)

look around
close door
pinch myself
sit on bed
ask her name
gently put my hand on her ankles and then slowly start moving up, between her legs
and then depending on her reaction either make love to her with the force of 1000 virgins or set her free

 Anonymous (68fa) 11660

File: 1348414109118.jpg (18.28 KB, 328x298)


best plan so far

 Anonymousss (8595) 11661

File: 1348414119886.jpg (69.16 KB, 405x594)


they are all creepy looking, my god.


free girl, beat the shit out of the guy who did this to her, take her with me, teach her morals, and how to not be a redneck white trash slut. she will then be an upstanding citizen.

if she was that from the beginning of the movie, i would have actually enjoyed the film, & she wouldn't be tied to a bed in the first place.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11662

File: 1348414258214.jpg (97.77 KB, 1200x800)

You aren't falling anyone with your morals so shut the fuck up

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11663

File: 1348414309307.jpg (79.97 KB, 378x363)

 Anonymousss (8595) 11664

File: 1348414369297.jpg (75.88 KB, 612x612)


but that is what i would really do.

i hated hick, and luli was just a white trash slut. if i had the chance, i would change that. let her have a better life and not turn out like that lady she hung out with.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11665

File: 1348414430757.jpg (87.6 KB, 787x659)

Are you a bondagefag?

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11666



 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11667

File: 1348414753224.jpg (40.98 KB, 428x640)

That might be what you want to do but there is no way in hell you could/would

 Anonymousss (8595) 11668


of course i would help her if i had the chance too.

what am i gonna do, rape her like the rest of you guys wrote? lolol no

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11669

File: 1348414871607.jpg (28.13 KB, 500x800)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11670

File: 1348414900970.jpg (113.5 KB, 900x498)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11671

File: 1348414925297.jpg (57.48 KB, 245x245)

>help her
>beat the shit out of the guy who did this to her, take her with me, teach her morals, and how to not be a redneck white trash slut. she will then be an upstanding citizen

 Anonymousss (8595) 11672

File: 1348414931124.jpg (59 KB, 540x720)

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11673

File: 1348414947982.jpg (24.76 KB, 419x468)

>i hated hick, and luli was just a white trash slut.

I don't think they are the right words, her character was brought up around people who are like that but she is different

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11674

File: 1348415258803.jpg (24.84 KB, 488x511)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11675

File: 1348415282278.jpg (81.24 KB, 418x337)

I wonder how many new visitors this site will get the day she turns 16/18

 Anonymousss (8595) 11676

File: 1348415316722.jpg (3.7 MB, 2100x3150)


if you saw the guy who tied her up and possibly hurt her, you wouldn't severely hurt him?

why couldn't i help her get on the right track in life? if you think that is absurd, you are in a motel room with a 15 year old tied to a bed. thats absurd.

shes not that different. and she was going down the wrong path. she enjoyed hanging out with all the bums in the movie.

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11677

File: 1348415455528.jpg (106.78 KB, 471x448)

what are you implying

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11678

File: 1348415569513.jpg (508.35 KB, 1993x3000)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11679

that moralfags exist

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11680

File: 1348415661395.jpg (90.66 KB, 654x670)

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11681

The only 'hot' part of the film was when they focused on her face in that mirror scene.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11682

moralfags will be moraling

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11683

File: 1348415763636.jpg (1.28 MB, 2000x3000)

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11684

File: 1348415891656.jpg (71.05 KB, 317x331)


I hope they do, maybe they will slow down all the other stupid bullshit about sexualising her too much

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11685

File: 1348415947666.png (116.9 KB, 295x292)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11686

File: 1348415955468.jpg (181.13 KB, 1280x720)

dat stance

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11687

File: 1348415967859.jpg (948 KB, 2622x3790)

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 11688

File: 1348415976351.png (193.55 KB, 194x479)

What about this scene?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11689

File: 1348416025540.jpg (115.35 KB, 381x399)

>implying I'm not watching that scene right now

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11690

File: 1348416028010.jpg (142.91 KB, 532x480)

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11691

File: 1348416075576.png (100.67 KB, 182x254)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11692

File: 1348416136644.jpg (665.68 KB, 1014x1010)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11693

File: 1348416234198.png (508.75 KB, 796x734)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11694

File: 1348416365287.jpg (129.3 KB, 286x581)

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11695

File: 1348416424434.jpg (57.29 KB, 1280x528)

Are bikni's hot to you? That's essentially what it is so no. That was just really funny to me, rainbow underwear? Why the fuck are they talking about the 45?

And this was what I was talking about. Man I can't even think of her when im watching these scenes, she' s good.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11696

File: 1348416581599.png (297.93 KB, 600x351)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11697

File: 1348416600213.jpg (153.41 KB, 1080x600)

if chloe in rainbow panties is not hot to you then you are undoubtedly a homo

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 11698

File: 1348416678146.png (100.82 KB, 343x256)

So you wouldn't find Chloe in a bikini hot?

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11699

File: 1348416687876.jpg (151.38 KB, 486x629)


>Are bikini's hot to you?

Uhm… yes?

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11700

That's the thing. I don't feel like it's her in rainbow panties. It's just this funny girl in funny underwear. Do I lack imagination or do I have too much of it?

 Anonymous (69a2) 11701

File: 1348416786492.jpg (116.46 KB, 344x421)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11702

File: 1348416819228.jpg (220.44 KB, 1274x945)

> Do I lack imagination or do I have too much of it?
You simply lack a penis

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11703

It would be very hot, but only because it's her.

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11704

File: 1348416886245.png (1.04 MB, 719x808)

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 11705

File: 1348416926885.png (193.55 KB, 194x479)

But you said that's essentially what this is.
And yet you didn't find that hot.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11706

File: 1348416995059.gif (8.08 MB, 300x169)

Anyone wanna go and get a Reuben sandwich? They say it's the celebritiest sandwich, so you could be a celebrity.

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11707

File: 1348417033773.jpg (157.98 KB, 1920x1080)

This creepy ass but touching scene. Even if someone hated the rest of the film, they would have to admit that this is really good.

>Subtle back touch which is totally not what a daughter would do

>Rubbing his face TOTALLY NOT WHAT A DAUGHTER WOULD DO *oh shit moment*
>Him nuzzling her hand like it was a holy offering *alright shit's not right*
And all of this without being overt, it's truly a great scene.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11708

File: 1348417038623.jpg (102.45 KB, 612x612)

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11709

But I don't see that image as her. It's the character. The setting, the acting, convinces me enough that it is not her.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11710

File: 1348417104490.png (190.14 KB, 400x400)

> Even if someone hated the rest of the film

Why would anyone hate LMI (except LTROI tards)? What have you been drinking today?

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11711

File: 1348417133273.jpg (81.39 KB, 1017x458)

 Anonymousss (8595) 11712

File: 1348417173588.jpg (496.69 KB, 648x864)

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11713

LMI had such an overbearing soundtrack for one, LTROI used stillness very well. That's one thing people could really hate.

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 11714

File: 1348417190852.jpg (21.17 KB, 561x590)

But it's her body you fool.

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11715

That's what I'm saying, do I lack imagination or do I have too much of it to be entirely convinced it is the character?

 Anonymous (68fa) 11716

File: 1348417281037.jpg (18.12 KB, 300x309)

> That's one thing people could really hate.
But you didn't talk about one aspect, you talked about the movie as a whole so are you telling me some people might hate it because of the soundtrack?

 Anonymousss (8595) 11717

File: 1348417287409.jpg (228.43 KB, 1222x1101)

love sitting back and watching people internet fight.

best part is when you are not involved.

i might have to intervene though, don't want anyone to get hurt.

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11718

File: 1348417307180.jpg (170.14 KB, 1000x667)

LOL I like how some guy posted these photos on the forum after I discovered them but gives credits to some totally unrelated person when the only real credit should simply be given to Chloe, Allure mag for funding the shoot, the photographer and anyone else who worked on the shoot.

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 11719

Too much.

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11720

File: 1348417378339.jpeg (61.85 KB, 480x640)

logic is strong with this one

 Anonymous (68fa) 11721

File: 1348417411004.png (813.44 KB, 762x670)


Where did you find them?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11722

File: 1348417460778.gif (4.61 MB, 485x200)

Shut your god damn mouth, nigga. You've got no high horse to sit on.

Everything goes to the photographer. He is truly a god among men.

 lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 11723

File: 1348417521079.jpg (283.16 KB, 2000x1333)

morning guise! what's the buzz today?
← these beautiful pics, of course.

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11724

File: 1348417533724.jpg (247.47 KB, 2491x1050)

Yeah why couldn't they hate the movie because of it? Playing super saccharine music when she has just killed her 50 year old lover? It taints the characters' acting because of it, and has a great effect on the perception of scenes.

I never called anyone a faggot. Someone's getting mad at me for criticising a movie though. Seriously whoever scored LMI and Hick should be shot.

 Anonymousss (8595) 11725

File: 1348417615004.png (1.05 MB, 1920x1080)


hey lili

nothing new this morning, except more bitching. you know, the usual.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11726

File: 1348417624847.jpg (27.35 KB, 368x424)

> Yeah why couldn't they hate the movie because of it?
Because the script, acting, story etc … you know, the other elements that compromise a movie. But I guess that a bad soundtrack could overcome those

 Anonymous (69a2) 11727

File: 1348417747564.jpg (59.95 KB, 267x290)

The soundtrack was good

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11728

File: 1348417758525.jpg (59.39 KB, 210x290)

 lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 11729

File: 1348417764334.gif (775.29 KB, 500x281)

Hey Mouss
good to know things haven't changed.

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11730

the photogs website

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11731

File: 1348417773804.jpeg (306.35 KB, 1920x803)

that reminds me time to watch LMI again

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11732

File: 1348417841715.png (109.96 KB, 400x400)

>LMI had such an overbearing soundtrack

To be honest, so far, i cant listen LMI soundtrack to the end.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11733

File: 1348417929189.jpg (111.14 KB, 338x285)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11734

File: 1348418013650.jpg (96.6 KB, 452x600)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11735

File: 1348418076111.png (270.99 KB, 594x456)

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11736

File: 1348418148294.jpg (126.63 KB, 500x800)

hey lil. how are you?

 Anonymous (69a2) 11737

File: 1348418162609.jpg (483.44 KB, 2048x1529)

this is just asking for OC…

 Liam!bIE8MTpYm6 11738

File: 1348418222676.jpg (532.25 KB, 850x1094)

I'm going to bed, farewell.

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11739

File: 1348418243224.jpg (21.91 KB, 167x238)

 Anonymousss (8595) 11740

File: 1348418253751.jpg (69.94 KB, 460x416)

does everyone in spain glue pube soul patches to their face?

 lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 11741

File: 1348418289570.jpg (1.15 MB, 2652x1950)


I'm Good , you?

 Anonymousss (8595) 11742

File: 1348418344762.jpg (71.54 KB, 612x612)


bye bye chickenpoop

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11743

File: 1348418360312.jpg (40.51 KB, 568x532)

Sweet Dreams bro.

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11744

File: 1348418385225.jpeg (34.65 KB, 246x244)

 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11745

File: 1348418414534.jpg (254.27 KB, 1920x1080)


Just an opinion ofcourse. There is a huge reason why directors go over very carefully what music, and background noise to use in their movies, because movies are an audio-visual experience and have a big impact on the audience's perception.

I've never said the other parts of a movie were negligible, you just want to put words in my mouth. But you do seem to say that music is a nonfactor in anyone's perception of a movie.

All I wanted to say in the beginning of this, is that even in the most extremely cynical movie watcher that the scene was excellent and rises above personal taste.

 lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 11746

File: 1348418468599.jpg (75.31 KB, 512x492)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11747

File: 1348418568781.png (1.05 MB, 1084x1302)

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11748

File: 1348418702577.jpg (52.21 KB, 640x480)

Im fine

 Anonymous (68fa) 11749

> But you do seem to say that music is a nonfactor in anyone's perception of a movie.

There's huge difference between a non-factor (which I didn't say nor imply) and one so important that it could eclipse everything else (which is what you seemed to say).

It's important ofc but hating a movie for it, especially one that is good in pretty much every other area? That seems to much

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11750

 lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 11751

File: 1348418800259.jpg (1.18 MB, 2410x3600)

hi Chedz!

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11752

File: 1348418866256.jpg (49.82 KB, 261x341)

Hey hey

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11753

File: 1348418892930.gif (1.63 MB, 236x249)

Let's give the photographer a hug.

 lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 11754

File: 1348418947869.jpg (10.95 KB, 245x243)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11755


I only see 9 pics there
were the others hidden or am I not looking in the right place?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11756

File: 1348419038878.jpg (88.65 KB, 560x494)

He could've totally look down her top then

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11757

File: 1348419058329.jpg (104.6 KB, 615x707)

 Anonymousss (8595) 11758

File: 1348419081478.jpg (164.03 KB, 676x900)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11759

File: 1348419151126.jpg (33.85 KB, 600x463)

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11760

Look again closely, she's actually wearing some type of top under that dress that covers her arms and comes up to her neck.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11761

File: 1348419255042.jpg (81 KB, 548x458)

> Everything goes to the photographer

How about no? Maybe some credit should go to the guy who found them because otherwise we wouldn't have seen them

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11762

File: 1348419317249.jpg (273.25 KB, 1100x815)

Of course, that's the photographer for the Flaunt shoot, not Allure. Same difference.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11763

File: 1348419404353.gif (1.68 MB, 325x299)

"I've literally got to be mad at everything and everyone" - Chiles

Ahhh yes. Oh well.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11764

File: 1348419428951.png (341.57 KB, 594x560)

 Anonymousss (8595) 11765

File: 1348419466924.jpg (38.46 KB, 588x401)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11766

File: 1348419470285.jpg (65.52 KB, 500x281)

"I literally have to be an ungrateful prick" - Cheddar

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11767

File: 1348419514775.jpg (113.02 KB, 1200x800)

Nah, I found them but I don't expect credit. Anyone could have taken the time to look back and find the name of the Photographer for the Allure shoot, search his site, find the pics, think what if maybe there's more and start digging then find more. Like I said here:
Real credit should go to Chloe, Allure, Photog and crew, but I found it weird that the guy who posted them on the forum soon after I found and posted them here credited someone totally unrelated. Oh well.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11768

File: 1348419517502.jpg (103.41 KB, 332x308)


 blackchocolate!!eC1lSqdpCU 11769

File: 1348419548716.png (471.35 KB, 604x407)

fresh off instagram

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11770

File: 1348419639811.png (213.17 KB, 594x396)


I actually thought it was you that posted them at the forum too, so even though I have no idea who Holt is, I just went with it.

Who is Holt?…

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11771

File: 1348419694501.jpg (92.97 KB, 1200x800)

No, I don't even have a forum account bro.. no idea who holt is either lol.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11772

File: 1348419737195.jpg (11.96 KB, 400x334)

Maybe we should be checking all her photographer's websites. There may be other treasure to find.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11773

File: 1348419793112.jpg (281.48 KB, 500x652)

> Nah, I found them but I don't expect credit. Anyone could have taken the time to look back and find the name of the Photographer for the Allure shoot, search his site, find the pics

But they wouldn't necessarily have found them all, specially since the chloe gallery has 9 pics. So props to you for that. Who knows how many pics might be waiting for us

As for the guy on the forum … he couldn't exactly give credit to someone who posted them here

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11774


Yeah, it is actually worth checking photographer's websites after a few months/weeks, because a couple of times now there's been a few extra photos found from doing that (Never as great a find as with this shoot, but usually a couple more).

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11775

File: 1348419865241.jpg (52.69 KB, 1200x800)

I always do every time I or someone else discovers a shoot on a photogs site. This is the first time I found more hidden. Most times the site is set up to not allow browsing directories, other times there's simply just not any more on there. This was a lucky find for sure…goldmine really.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11776

File: 1348419874565.jpg (25.93 KB, 316x314)

a lot of them received this treatment, but you're right. There easily could be more

 Anonymousss (8595) 11777

File: 1348419877483.png (339.61 KB, 396x594)

 Anonymousss (8595) 11778

File: 1348419960178.jpg (99.24 KB, 600x800)


someone please re direct me to the entire set please.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11779

File: 1348420016679.jpg (94.9 KB, 633x527)

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11780

File: 1348420022474.jpg (274.55 KB, 2000x1333)

Yeah I agree and I try to keep a mental log of the sites and do return from time to time and see if more are posted as well.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11781

File: 1348420043674.png (341.57 KB, 594x560)


One thread below this one….


 Anonymous (69a2) 11782

File: 1348420092152.jpg (121.93 KB, 740x693)

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11783

File: 1348420094499.jpg (93.97 KB, 1200x800)

trolling isn't your best look

 Anonymousss (8595) 11784


lol i never go to the homepage or any other threads except these numbered ones.

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11785

File: 1348420271159.jpeg (37.47 KB, 670x528)

please spare his soul

 Anonymous (68fa) 11786

File: 1348420285960.jpg (202.82 KB, 1200x674)

god forbid you go to the other threads with chloe pics, videos, news etc

 Anonymous (68fa) 11787

it's not his soul that's the problem, it's what's between his ears


 Anonymousss (8595) 11788


everything eventually makes it to these numbered threads.

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11789

Then you don't deserve shit. Think for your fucking self for once. We are not here to spoon feed a retard.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11790

File: 1348420451553.jpg (348.08 KB, 752x742)

Or simply click the link in the "What's Hot" section.

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11791

File: 1348420457591.jpeg (41.18 KB, 453x604)


 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11792

File: 1348420475971.jpg (40.87 KB, 359x291)

Calm down

 lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 11793

File: 1348420478369.jpg (190.82 KB, 500x702)

Does anyone own or have played Kick Ass the game?

 Anonymous (68fa) 11794

no they don't
not the pics, not the vids, not the news

some do. a lot more usually don't and I could make some pretty big lists to serve as examples

that's like living in one room without realizing there's actually an entire mansion outside the door but if some people want to be locked up idiots then so be it

 Anonymous (68fa) 11795

Nope. But I heard it's shit plus it looks like shit so i can't say I'm interested. On the other hand if they were to put chloe in a marvel vs capcom game I'd be all over it

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11796


Yeah, I bought it as soon as it came out.

It sucks.

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11797

File: 1348420695606.jpeg (37.38 KB, 600x450)

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11798

I wasn't talking to you fuck face. Stay out of it.

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11799

File: 1348420789420.jpeg (2.49 MB, 2912x3920)

hey be mad at me as well

 Anonymousss (9d40) 11800

christ in heaven why was i banned!?!?!

what did i do??????

 lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 11801

File: 1348420842503.gif (775.29 KB, 500x281)

I have the game and It is shitty. Chloe does the voice acting on it though, if anybody was wondering.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11802

File: 1348420852205.gif (1.75 MB, 638x264)

>if they were to put chloe in a marvel vs capcom
oh man, Hit-Girl in MvC3? I'd be all over that.

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11803

File: 1348420994582.jpeg (37.83 KB, 604x310)

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11804

File: 1348421036457.jpg (764.6 KB, 2000x3000)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11805

File: 1348421053743.png (114.64 KB, 234x200)

Saying that you stayed in numbered threads, you evil bastard. Well deserved ban


 Anonymous (6ff3) 11806

I ain't even mad. Just sick of a few attention whore retards that only join the circle jerk number threads then expect everyone else to spoon feed them anything they desire to know more about. There's a what's hot right at the top. It's simple to also look quickly at the /chloe/ board for anything new. I specifically place certain things into categorized threads on this site for the purpose of making them easier to find and so do many others. The number threads are a mess, nobody should just rely on them only for getting info.

 lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 11807

File: 1348421220963.jpg (26.21 KB, 209x191)


the game is so repeatitive
and the bad thing for me was that I was almost finished with the game, I was on the level with the fat black guy and the bazookas. but my ps3 got corrupted so I had to erase all of my game data so, now I have to start all the way at the beginning.

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11808


That sucks, but yeah it is repetitive as fuck. I finished playing through it once and haven't played it since, that was over 2 years ago.

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11809

File: 1348421406379.jpg (82.9 KB, 642x546)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11810

File: 1348421583081.jpg (176.6 KB, 650x605)

99% of all licensed games suck. They're just made to make the release date, most are basically unfiinished.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11811

File: 1348421635645.jpg (46.21 KB, 462x292)

>I ain't even mad
You clearly are mad.

If people want to get there information from the numbered threads then they will. It shouldn't matter to you and you definitely shouldn't be throwing insults around because of it. It's completely irrelevant to you.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11812

File: 1348421695587.jpg (52.1 KB, 355x360)

the defender of the weak and protector of the innocent

 Anonymous (6f4b) 11813

Anyone else having problems with the site loading slow and 503 errors at the moment?

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11814

File: 1348421781718.jpeg (17.22 KB, 402x303)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11815

File: 1348421810839.jpg (107.79 KB, 630x411)

Right here

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11816

File: 1348421813698.jpg (24.48 KB, 395x385)

I've been getting a few of those throughout the weekend.

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11817

yeah images aren't loading properly for me

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11818

>Continuing to prove your status as board idiot.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11819

it's in development mode now so it will be "jiggy" for an hour or two but the 503 errors on the other hand are a constant problem and I'll look into them soon.

 Anonymous (69a2) 11820

File: 1348421931035.png (100.67 KB, 182x254)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11821


a few refreshes should fix it
will be resolved soon once I'm done with the new changes

 Anonymous (69a2) 11822

File: 1348422071247.jpeg (107.35 KB, 957x600)

Would someone land this faggot a brain please ? anyone…? ?

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11823

File: 1348422124979.jpg (130.61 KB, 338x479)

Gettin' jiggy with it!

 Anonymous (69a2) 11824

File: 1348422233769.gif (452.57 KB, 188x176)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11825

File: 1348422260471.jpg (34.98 KB, 272x238)

Shit, nigga. I'm truly hurt.
Don't reply with any real argument, just call me an idiot.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11826


What argument he needs to provide? Mousss is acting like an idiot, that's plain to see for everyone. Maybe you could have helped him in a polite way instead of defending his stupidity
"hey friend, if you are a chloe fan like you seem to say or imply then it would be in your best interest to step outside the numbered threads once in a while, there's a full world of chloe waiting for you"

 Anonymous (69a2) 11827

File: 1348422443167.jpg (5.74 KB, 221x228)

>Don't reply with any real argument, just call me an idiot.
Idiots can't comprehend real arguments, he would continue wasting his time

 Anonymous (68fa) 11828

File: 1348422530052.jpg (65.89 KB, 551x388)

> does he need *

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11829

File: 1348422624821.jpg (46.99 KB, 347x588)

No, I already made a perfectly clear and concise argument. Myself and others work hard to categorize info on this site and few of you consistently act like those threads don't exist and expect to be spoonfed info in the numbered threads. It does matter to me because doing so is spitting in the face of others work. So fuck you and your zero intelligence, just fucking stop already with getting into the middle of shit you were not even a part of to begin with. Take your own advice and if you don't like what I'm saying then just keep out of it as well. I have never seen someone this consistently dumb and boy you take the crown here.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11830

File: 1348422825772.jpg (1.93 MB, 5311x3793)

>hey friend, if you are a chloe fan like you seem to say or imply then it would be in your best interest to step outside the numbered threads once in a while, there's a full world of chloe waiting for you
If everyone talked to each other like that then it'd be fine and dandy but that is different to:
>Then you don't deserve shit. Think for your fucking self for once. We are not here to spoon feed a retard.

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11831

File: 1348422830044.jpg (121.16 KB, 1153x720)

 Anonymous (69a2) 11832

File: 1348422930868.jpg (81.49 KB, 399x600)

Maybe you should make the first step instead of permanent bitching
also, has it ever occured to you that not all anons are the same fucking person ?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11833

File: 1348423127665.jpg (31.16 KB, 352x528)

 RealHumanBeing!s4jsf1HzKo 11834

File: 1348423220784.png (299.04 KB, 500x375)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11835

> If everyone talked to each other like that then it'd be fine and dandy but that is different to:

Not everyone has the patience to feed spoon people. This site and the people who contribute with the content is made in such a way that's as serviceable and easy to use as possible.

And mouss is more or less shitting on other people's job and some don't take kindly to that so maybe instead of going "leave mousss alone, he did nothing wrong" you could actually point out to him what he did wrong as you might have the patience that others lack

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11836

File: 1348423329730.jpg (201.46 KB, 1000x1000)

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11837

You're too stupid like your pals to realize that it's not the first time ss (several times in fact) has been politely pointed to other threads when he's acting lost. So when he comes in and still says this again then maybe it's time to get rude because it seems that's the only thing that really gets the attention of the few who just don't get it. Also, anyone who is only here for numbered threads are just here for circle jerking anyways and as far as I'm concerned they can go kill themselves.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11838

File: 1348423535405.gif (3.47 MB, 374x270)


buh, buh is it safe to go outside the numbered threads?

> Also, anyone who is only here for numbered threads are just here for circle jerking anyways and as far as I'm concerned they can go kill themselves.

That's a very good point

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11839

File: 1348423591453.jpg (105.24 KB, 612x612)

Show's over mother fuckers!

 Anonymous (68fa) 11840

File: 1348423769999.gif (7.19 MB, 387x270)

Hit-Girl and Small-Daddy

 ChloFro!Gaysexl0yc 11841

File: 1348424013669.jpg (25.2 KB, 431x375)

Don't fight guys

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11842

File: 1348424118896.jpg (250.94 KB, 968x690)

 ChloFro!Gaysexl0yc 11843

File: 1348424161894.jpg (114.69 KB, 412x366)

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11844

File: 1348424342700.jpg (1.38 MB, 2048x1362)

Don't fight guys, fight girls.

 RealHumanBeing!s4jsf1HzKo 11845

File: 1348424346687.jpg (97.22 KB, 952x579)

le shiggy cheddartello

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11846

File: 1348424353363.jpg (83.76 KB, 612x612)

If only you were the real Fro ;___;

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11847

File: 1348424479251.jpg (49.82 KB, 261x341)

>maybe it's time to get rude
It's never time to get rude

 ChloFro!Gaysexl0yc 11848

File: 1348424572938.jpg (1.66 MB, 3000x3000)

This thread needs more feet

 ChloFro!Gaysexl0yc 11849

File: 1348424641086.png (255.38 KB, 352x409)

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11850

File: 1348424688890.jpg (30.99 KB, 318x331)

 ChloFro!Gaysexl0yc 11851

File: 1348424901325.jpg (545.36 KB, 1993x3000)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11852

File: 1348424935408.jpg (219.42 KB, 533x800)

inb4 banned for trolling Dante

 Anonymous (68fa) 11853

File: 1348425033258.jpg (45.25 KB, 400x400)

You just can't stop … can you?

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11854

File: 1348425075463.jpg (67.11 KB, 368x594)

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11855

File: 1348425084646.jpg (61.74 KB, 250x358)

 Anonymous (6f4b) 11856

File: 1348425149641.jpg (1.43 MB, 3031x2383)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11857

File: 1348425154122.jpg (59.29 KB, 704x400)

>implying that would actually stir shit
>implying me and Dante aren't best buds

 RealHumanBeing!s4jsf1HzKo 11858

File: 1348425173772.jpg (92.07 KB, 297x333)

 Anonymous (68fa) 11859

File: 1348425261838.jpg (85.63 KB, 500x466)

> implying me and Dante aren't best buds
I guess that's why the last time he asked to make you guys cut it out

 ChloFro!Gaysexl0yc 11860

File: 1348425269898.jpg (18.56 KB, 444x473)

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11861

 Anonymous (6f4b) 11862

File: 1348426017038.jpg (105.04 KB, 291x530)

 RealHumanBeing!s4jsf1HzKo 11863

File: 1348426099191.jpg (27.96 KB, 482x448)

I haz Neurosis?

 Solar!!JaE3DH33zQ 11864

File: 1348426321870.jpg (43.94 KB, 500x663)

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11865

File: 1348427289803.png (161.76 KB, 500x213)

I haven't more what tell to you. You 21 old guy, but your behaviour is child's. You killed me, i more dont want to show my face.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11866

File: 1348427416291.jpg (98 KB, 598x550)

What did we do?

 RealHumanBeing!s4jsf1HzKo 11867

What are you talking about, man? i killed you? really? why dude?

he's talking about me

 Anonymous (68fa) 11868

File: 1348427654073.png (91.91 KB, 243x284)

 Anonymous (ea47) 11869

File: 1348427735420.jpg (170.14 KB, 1000x667)

I will never be angry at you again baby. KA2 set photo's made me so jealous, but here you are days later feeding me again!

 RealHumanBeing!s4jsf1HzKo 11870

Hey man come on, just talk to me, please

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11871

File: 1348428338910.jpg (213.84 KB, 722x1000)

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11872

File: 1348428687705.jpg (96.13 KB, 500x607)

rough translation: you are a fuckass

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11873

File: 1348429493602.jpg (436.05 KB, 1146x1284)

I've basically been reloading, watching that "What's Hot" bar evolve. It looks awesome.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11874

File: 1348429511058.jpg (93.89 KB, 612x612)

never forget

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11875

File: 1348429636620.jpg (68.82 KB, 500x811)

And yes, thank you for site updating.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11876

File: 1348429719482.jpg (45.63 KB, 483x362)


It needs a little more polishing and potentially bug fixing but its more or less done.

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11877

File: 1348429799773.jpg (111.65 KB, 600x400)

In the what's hot section, why not update the dark shadows deleted scene link to the superior 1080p rip instead?

 Anonymous (68fa) 11878

sry, I had forgotten about it

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11879

File: 1348430026358.jpeg (29.2 KB, 398x398)

cool, thanks

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11880

File: 1348430089922.jpg (541.66 KB, 800x1027)

New changes looking good btw.. thanks for them.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11881

File: 1348430466197.png (311.15 KB, 328x443)

Some guys were fighting in the bar and she held on to me

 Anonymous (68fa) 11882

File: 1348430469365.jpg (260.71 KB, 921x1222)

mandatory daily cuteness

 Anonymous (68fa) 11883

File: 1348430711944.gif (5.27 MB, 390x409)

 FadedLinesOnYellowedPaper!3pjuTvkbJg 11884

File: 1348430911641.jpg (51.59 KB, 604x453)

NNight bros.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11885

File: 1348430984153.gif (496.42 KB, 245x230)

later bro

 Anonymous (68fa) 11886

File: 1348431061669.gif (315.71 KB, 320x320)

A black chlobro appears


 Anonymous (b447) 11887

File: 1348431251022.jpg (89.04 KB, 604x452)

why he is so skinny lol?

 Anonymousss (9af9) 11888

soooooooo why was i permabanned again?

christ i did nothing wrong for real this time.

 RealHumanBeing!s4jsf1HzKo 11889

Can somebody please tell What did i do to Fairytales? we were even talking via SoundCloud, what happened?

 Anonymousss (9af9) 11890

i got banned for asking to be re directed to the new photoshoot set.

nice, real nice mods.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11891

File: 1348431457242.png (98.07 KB, 175x197)

It might be Echo abusing his powers again. He also permabanned me.
mods are gods

 Anonymous (68fa) 11892

File: 1348431535105.jpg (13.57 KB, 299x349)

> He also permabanned me.
you requested it

 Anonymousss (9af9) 11893

emailed chiles, he will get to the bottom of this. (hope he doesnt ignore me)

i'm at my cousins house at the moment, hence being allowed to post.

i just want to re join the community again.

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11894

File: 1348431724884.jpg (133.41 KB, 200x600)

What are you talking about?

This was like 1 hour ago.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11895


were you given a reason?

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11896

File: 1348431876075.jpg (90.1 KB, 464x406)

The reason was "forever".

 Anonymousss (9af9) 11897

my reason was "GO TO HELL"

 Anonymous (c0ed) 11898

File: 1348431971228.gif (688.05 KB, 200x243)

>mfw the new news bar

 Anonymous (c0ed) 11899

File: 1348432028281.jpg (42.81 KB, 223x262)

>mfw Kick-Ass is next
>mfw not sure if I can make it

 Anonymous (68fa) 11900

File: 1348432087096.jpg (12.32 KB, 339x266)


make an effort

 Anonymous (c0ed) 11901

File: 1348432168990.jpg (61.79 KB, 336x528)

Missing it isn't really an option I'm afraid, so I'll try my best.

 Anonymous (68fa) 11902

File: 1348432325679.jpg (362.55 KB, 1384x2080)

 Anonymous (c0ed) 11903

File: 1348432377122.jpg (57.9 KB, 700x510)

I can look at this pic for hours.

 Anonymous (c0ed) 11904

File: 1348432476922.jpg (166 KB, 352x704)

Not surprising, Chloë has always looked older than she was.

 Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 11905

File: 1348432588115.jpg (212.24 KB, 783x1026)

>Damn…just found out that lil bitch @ChloeGMoretz is 15…. Fuck. Now I feel like I need to go to #jail….

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11906

File: 1348432841592.gif (1.97 MB, 498x436)

>303 images
tiem for evrywun to panik abut need new bread

 Anonymous (68fa) 11907


I'll make one, there's a thing we need to address

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11908

>calls chloe a bitch
how about no

 lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 11909

File: 1348433579752.png (1.19 MB, 614x777)

New Thread

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11910

File: 1348433721352.jpg (150.34 KB, 1200x800)

Lili is master troll

 lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 11911

File: 1348433798393.jpg (703.8 KB, 2012x3000)

that's what i get for not reading the thread

 Anonymous (6ff3) 11912

File: 1348433893221.jpg (105.8 KB, 1200x800)

dat lipz dem mouf
becuz dat lipz and dem mouf

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11913

File: 1348433896722.jpg (136.1 KB, 1200x800)

in the meantime

>tfw natural Chloe

 Anonymous (68fa) 11914

new bread

 lilirochefort!!eGMakPsOug 11915

File: 1348433951445.jpg (92.97 KB, 1200x800)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11916

File: 1348435144295.png (149.32 KB, 400x399)

chlomo.org nowadays

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11917

File: 1348435374760.gif (1.64 MB, 300x309)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11918

File: 1348435527845.jpg (92.25 KB, 335x717)

 Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 11919

File: 1348435710955.jpg (285.74 KB, 600x600)

 Anonymous (dbe9) 11920

File: 1348469027844.jpg (262.4 KB, 420x615)

haha ha hahahaha hah hahahaha……hahaha.

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